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  1. The only one that I’ve seen and that stands out was literally just by complete accident, I was browsing another website when I clicked a link to YouTube. The video was a clip from Greys anatomy. It had two of the nurses wearing diapers for surgery. I don’t know what their names where because I don’t watch the show. What happened was one of the nurses was going to help with a long surgery. So she’s sat in the staffroom looking and debating if she’s going to wear a diaper. However she’s caught holding the diaper by her friend I assume. After a little laughter the nurses friend insists she’s wears it because it was a good idea. You then see the first nurse heading down to surgery with an obvious diaper on because of the shape of her butt. She’s constantly trying to adjust it although the crinkling didn’t help because her male colleague hears the crinkling and notices her fidgeting. Anyway after she’s finished in surgery her male colleague try’s to joke about her diaper. And the nurse literally acts proud of the fact that she wore a diaper. In the end you see the nurse who caught the other nurse holding the diaper both heading down to another surgery in obvious diapers under their trousers. I think I like the fact that the nurse who originally wore the diaper just didn’t care what another person thought. It’s literally like yes I wore a diaper so what it’s not affecting you. It’s always stuck with me because of how confident she was, and the fact that her friend also was willing to wear one. Here’s a link to the clip on YouTube,
  2. Cd-Layla

    More than she expected (rewrite)

    I needed a lecturer/teacher that would be Victoria’s main lecturer/teacher. So rather than referring to them as the teacher/lecturer I figured I’d just just her a name. She’s just a very minor character though so she’s not playing a big part. On on a side note I’ve nearly finished the next chapter so it’ll be uploaded soon. I’m throwing around verious ideas that contain Victoria and her best friend Leah. Without spoiling anything I’m probably going to add additional chapters when compared to the original. Although I’m still to come to a decision. As there still in the idea stage
  3. Cd-Layla

    More than she expected (rewrite)

    So I was asked why I rewrote this story and to put it simplely I just wanted a fresh start. I still have the original but yes I just wanted to re write it. It was now seven in the morning and Victoria’s mom Gabby was busy getting breakfast ready for them both. Gabby was annoyed partly because she was tired and, she was also concerned about seeing Victoria looking at the diapers the previous day. “Morning” Victoria yawned as she sat down she was still in her boy short, but she was wearing an oversized football jersey over them. “Morning and how did my wittle baby girl sleep” Gabby smiled as she placed a plate of toast on the table. Victoria raised a confused eyebrow. “Wittle baby?” Victoria repeated. “I popped my head in last night and saw you sucking your thumb. I guess even though your eighteen I still like to look after you” Gabby replied as she sat down with Victoria. Gabby began eating the toast. Victoria began blushing as she hadn’t expected her mom to have done that. “Oh I erm I don’t know why I was doing that?” Victoria reluctantly admitted. “Hey I’m playing with you” Gabby laughed. “But seriously Victoria is there anything you want to talk about?” Gabby asked as she took her daughters hand. Victoria shook her head in a no motion. As she watched her mom get up and walk out of the kitchen. Victoria sat and looked at the freezer that had her college timetable on. She smiled as her lessons wasn’t going to be too boring. Victoria suddenly froze as she saw her mom dropping her tattered bag on the table. “So are you sure there’s nothing you want to talk about? Only your body language tells me differently” Gabby asked as she sat down. Still, Victoria shook her head in a no motion as she was starting to breathe slightly faster as she knew that the pull-ups that Bethany gave her were still in her bag. “Well explain this and don’t you dare think of lying!” Gabby angrily replied as she opened Victoria’s bag and pulled out the two pull-ups. “Come on then why do you have pull-ups are you wetting the bed? Are you wearing a diaper or pull-up right now?” Gabby demanded. Victoria swallowed hard as she felt tears trickling down her face. “I-I can’t” Victoria stammered. “Can’t or won’t?” Gabby demand. But then it dawned on Gabby that Victoria was genuinely upset it wasn’t just a case of a normal argument as Victoria hardly ever cried in an argument. “Oh Victoria don't cry look I’m sorry but I’m frightened, first I see you looking at diapers now you have pull-ups what the hell is going on?” Gabby asked as she got up and squatted next to Victoria and took hold of her hands. “Do you promise not to shout or think I’m a disgusting freak?” Victoria softly asked. “I promise” Gabby replied. “Well can I go back to wearing diapers?” Victoria quietly asked. Gabby who was still squatting finally started to understand why Victoria was looking at the diapers. However she wasn’t entirely sure what the pull-ups had to do with it. Gabby sat thinking if deep down Victoria was just using wanting to wear diapers just as a mask for something else she wasn’t entirely sure. “Listen sweetie I don’t know I mean aren’t you a little old to be wanting to wear diapers?” Gabby quietly asked. “Yes but I c-ca-can’t help it if I want to wear them” Victoria sobbed. Gabby now faced a dilemma she didn’t like seeing Victoria crying her eyes out but at the same time she really didn’t like the thoughts of her daughter wanting to go back to wearing diapers. Gabby bit her lip as she pulled a chair up. “Look how about we talk to someone say your teacher Mrs O’Brien?” Gabby suggested as she flat out didn’t know what to do. “No she’ll think I’m a freak” Victoria cried even more. “OK we won’t tell her then” Gabby replied as she pondered what to do next. “Well can you tell me why you want to wear diapers?” Gabby asked. Victoria shudder as she felt utter disgust and embarrassment wash over herself. “You promise you won’t laugh?” Victoria sniffled. “I promise” Gabby replied as she got up and closed the kitchen door, so they’d have a bit of privacy. Victoria swallowed hard. “I don’t know mom I really don’t.” Gabby rubbed Victoria’s hand. “There must be a reason sweetie just try and think, you’ve been so brave so just try and think” Gabby sweetly suggested. Victoria sat thinking before finally making eye contact with her mom. “Well I’ve been having dreams about wearing diapers I can’t explain it. I’ve gone over it hundreds of times in my head I don’t know why I want to wear them” Victoria said as she fought back tears. “Well that’s understandable I guess, but can I ask you something?” Gabby asked. “OK” Victoria quietly said “Your not have any problems with your erm privates are you like dribbling or wetting yourself, or suffering with discharge?” Gabby asked. “No I’m fine down there” Victoria replied. Gabby sat thinking before she had idea. “Tell you what how about we make a deal” Gabby suggested. “Why don’t you go to college in one of the pull-ups instead of your boy shorts? The pull-ups are practically like a diaper” Gabby said as she began wiping away Victoria’s tears. “Give me some time to think it over. Now I’m not saying you can but I’ll think it over and if and it’s a big if but is I say yes you can start wearing diapers.” “Really you’ll let me?” Victoria asked. “I might, I’ll pick you up at lunchtime, and we can have a burger or something, off campus” Gabby replied as she saw Victoria trying to hide a smile. “So is it a pull-up to college?” Gabby asked as she picked the pull-up up and looked it over. Victoria nodded her head as she took the pull-up from her mom. “Thanks mom” Victoria quietly said as she hugged her mom before kissing her cheek. “No problem sweetie now go get ready” Gabby replied. Once Victoria had left to go and get washed and changed Gabby sighed to herself and placed her head in her hands. She couldn’t believe the conversation she’d just had. What was worse was she was to still make her mind up about letting Victoria go back to wearing diapers. A short time later and Victoria was stood in her bedroom dressed in a black tank top and blue chequered shirt she looked down at the pull-up. She lifted the pull-up and placed her hands in the two individual leg holes before stretching them out with her hands. “Victoria if you need a hand just give me a shout” Gabby called from the other side of her bedroom door. “It’s OK mom” Victoria replied as she lowered the pull-ups and placed her legs inside. She then began pulling and wriggling to get the pull-up on right. Thankfully Victoria had a very slim waist and very slim legs, so she knew the pull-up wouldn’t rip. Victoria couldn’t help but smile to herself as she felt the soft material hugging her slim frame. She couldn’t believe she was actually wearing a pull-up and having a butter fly on made her feel kind of childish, but she felt right. Now she reached for her jeans and pulled them on. Victoria left her room and went back into the kitchen but stood in the doorway looking down at her jeans. She was so nervous because she didn’t want anybody to know that she had a pull-up on. Gabby turned around and walked over and examined Victoria. Gabby instinctively knew that Victoria was worried her pull-up would be on show. “It’s fine you can’t tell your wearing a pull-up” Gabby replied as she felt Victoria giving her a hug. “I guess your right you can’t even tell” Victoria repeated. “I’ll see you later” Victoria said as she left for college. Victoria left and headed down to the corner of the street where she’d wait to be picked up by Leah. Victoria stood waiting, and she started getting curious as to what it would be like to wet the pull-up. Obviously that was something she’d have to wait until she got home to try. It was a simple choice either wet the pull-up and switch over to her boy shorts or act as though she was wearing panties and use the toilet. She suddenly smiled and started laughing as she saw Leah pulling up in her moms old convertible that now belonged to Leah with its radio blaring. “Hey your laughing and smiling for once what gives?” Leah smiled as she leaned and opened the door. Victoria threw her bag on the back seat and shrugged her shoulders. She knew she couldn’t tell Leah that she might be going back to diapers but, ever since she talked to her mom Victoria had felt as though a giant weight had been lifted of off her shoulders. “Well your wearing sunglasses and it’s not even sunny” Victoria laughed. “Eek it’s a boy isn’t it let me guess your getting laid sometime this week?” Leah squealed with excitement as she drove off. Victoria blushed as she felt ever so comfy in her pull-up. “No I’m happily single and besides even if I had a boyfriend I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep with him it’s a matter of purity.” Victoria quietly spoke. “Wait-wait so your still a virgin?” Leah laughed as she gave Victoria’s cheek a squeeze. “Awe that’s so sweet you haven’t popped your cherry, I lost mine as soon as it was legal” Leah cooed to a blushing Victoria. “Yes I am a virgin” Victoria replied. “And it’s partly to do with my family they're not totally religious or anything, but they believe in some tradition. And One of them is the whole sex before marriage thing” Victoria explained. “So I’d prefer to lose mine when I’m married. It’ll be to somebody I love I always hear people saying your first time should be a special moment. Also I’ve never even kissed a guy, so I want it to be extra special when I eventually lose it” a now embarrassed Victoria said. “That’s really sweet you know and who ever you marry they’ll be very lucky to have you. You're a really sweet and caring person” Leah said in a more serious tone. “So that’s what that ring you always wear is for it’s a purity ring isn’t it?” Leah asked as she eyed the plain silver ring. Victoria nodded as they continued driving. Leah couldn’t help but admire her best friend. Leah knew Victoria was adopted there was no denying that but in reality it was still amazing. Victoria had no Puerto Rican blood in her, but she acted as though she was a native of Puerto Rico and followed her families traditions even though she could have refused to as she got older. In fact Victoria was born somewhere in Chicago before being dumped in a trash bin on a cold and very snowy winters night by her birth mother who sadly had never been tracked down. Although Gabby had offered to try and help find Victoria’s real mom. However Victoria would always say that Gabby would be wasting her time because her real was sitting right in front of her. Personally although Victoria never admitted it she figured if the woman who did give birth to her thought she was nothing but a piece of trash that you could just throw away then she didn’t want to know anything about her birth mother. Thankfully it was Gabby Dawson who just happened to be working as a paramedic that night that found Victoria who was only one or two hours old freezing and crying with nothing but a blanket wrapped around her while she lay on a pile of rubbish bags. Gabby took her to the hospital and fought to adopt the then baby Victoria. Ever since then Gabby and her family some of whom lived in the United States and others who lived in Puerto Rico but still visited Chicago had taught Victoria all the traditions of Gabby’s heritage, as well as Gabby personally teaching Victoria Spanish her families home country’s native tongue. So Victoria was now bilingual being able to speak English and Spanish which still amazed Leah to this day. “Talk in Spanish please I like hearing it” Leah asked as they waited in traffic. Victoria shook her head before speaking in Spanish while Leah tried guessing what was being said to her. Doing this managed to try and take Victoria’s mind off of the possibility of going back to diapers. It wasn’t long before Victoria and Leah got to campus and headed off to class. “Morning” Sylvie called as she walked into the front room. “Oh Hey Sylvie, what time is it” Gabby replied as she rubbed her eyes. Instead of going back to bed Gabby had decided to lay on the couch and have a nap. Sylvie looked down at her watch “eleven forty-five. I’m going to get a coffee would you like one?” Sylvie replied. “No I’m good thanks, I erm I spoke to Victoria this morning” Gabby replied. Hearing this made Sylvie get her coffee before quickly sitting in an armchair. “That’s great isn’t it?” Sylvie asked. Gabby shrugged her shoulders. “Honestly I don’t know. What do you do when your daughter albeit adopted daughter, cries her eyes out and tells you she wants to go back to wearing diapers?” Gabby reluctantly admitted. “I honestly don’t know what to do or who to turn to. If she was your daughter Sylvie what would you do?” Gabby softly asked. “Look Gabby I’ll be honest you know deep down in your heart that I can’t answer that. Your Victoria’s mom and this is a decision only you can make” Sylvie softly said. “However I will support both Victoria and yourself with whatever you decide, but if you do say yes I’d set some rules I mean diapers aren’t cheap” Sylvie replied. Gabby sat back and sighed to herself. She knew Sylvie was right this was only a decision that she could make. Gabby didn’t like seeing her daughter crying her eyes out but at the same time, she thought she was finished with the nighttime feeds and diaper changes. Although it only now crossed her mind was Victoria actually expecting to be changed by her mom. Gabby swallowed at the thought of it, if she wanted to change adult diapers then she’d have taken a job in a care home or in a hospital. “Your right Sylvie” Gabby said as she pulled her laptop off of the table. Gabby figured she’d do some research into the pros and cons of diapers. Meanwhile, over in Victoria’s college class Victoria was sat bored as their tutor Mrs O’Brien had guest speakers lecturing the class. The guest speakers included a man and woman from the navy and a man and woman from the Air Force. Victoria had the upmost respect for everybody who served their country but this just wasn’t a career she wanted to do and no lecture would charge her mind. She was thinking about three possible careers they included either going to join the fire department and become a firefighter paramedic like her mom. Option two become cabin crew for an airline. Or option three was join the police department and try and work her way up to become a detective like her uncle Antonio. However she wasn’t entirely sure which career was right for her. Unlike Leah who was actively taking notes and asking plenty of questions because she knew she was destined to join the some branch of the military. Her first choice was to follow in her late fathers footsteps and join the army, and even though the odds were stacked heavily against her she hoped to become a Ranger just like he was. Although a career in the navy didn’t seem as bad either now that she’d heard firsthand from an active servicewoman, but her mind wasn’t made up yet all she knew for a fact was that she would end up in one branch of the armed forces when she finished college. “Mrs can I please go to the bathroom!” Victoria pleaded as she was now desperate for a pee. “No now be quite class ends in five minutes” Mrs O’Brien warned. Another five minutes passed and when Mrs O’Brien dismissed the class Victoria grabbed her tattered bag and went running to the toilet. Victoria barged past numerous people as she went racing to the ladies' bathroom. When she finally made it she went racing into a cubicle where she was practically dancing on the spot as she tried to unbutton her jeans. Suddenly she felt her body release a little trickle. Victoria knew if she didn’t get her jeans down then she’d wet the pull-up. Sadly for Victoria when she got her jeans down the trickle turned into a complete flood. Victoria stood there looking down as she felt her pull-up tighten and drop a little with the weight of her pee. Victoria shivered as she felt the warmth spread over her as her pee spread over the pull-up. She grabbed her phone and took a selfie of herself in her wet pull-up, just in case she wanted to upload it to her blog. Victoria ripped the sides of the pull-up and quickly placed it on the toilet seat before pulling a few wet wipes out of her bag and drying in between her legs. Her mom hadn’t given her the wet wipes but Victoria always carried them on her, she figured she’d rather have them and not need them than rather not have them. Once Victoria was dry she put her boy shorts on and pulled her jeans up. She made sure nobody was around before quickly walking to the bin and placing her wet pull-up into it. Once that was done she left the toilet but bumped straight into a very angry Mrs O’Brien. “How dare you!” Mrs O’Brien angrily spoke, but she refused to raise her voice. “Next time we have guest speakers and you need to go to the bathroom then you wait until I decide, if we have a break or if we’re approaching the end of class then you wait. Do I make myself clear Victoria?” Mrs O’Brien warned. “Yes Mrs sorry” Victoria replied. “That’s fine apology accepted now get out of my sight!” Mrs O’Brien warned as Victoria walked off. Victoria walked off and smiled as she saw her mom waiting for her. Victoria was now sweating a little as she was slightly worried about what her moms decision would be. Victoria climbed into the car and tried to avoid the conversation she knew would come up eventually as her mom drove to the nearby mall. Fifteen minutes had passed when her mom broke the ice. “So how is the pull-up?” Gabby asked as she turned in to the parking lot. Victoria started blushing. “I had a accident I couldn’t hold it” Victoria replied before explaining about the guest speakers. “Well I’m afraid your going to have to get used to wetting your pants so to speak, that also includes messing in them” Gabby replied Victoria raised an eyebrow. “What are you saying?” Victoria asked confused. Gabby patted Victoria’s leg. “What I’m saying is this. If you want to go back to wearing diapers then you can” Gabby replied. After a lot of humming and harring Gabby had very reluctantly decided to allow Victoria to go back to wearing diapers. It wasn’t an easy decision but Gabby was hoping that she was making the right one. “Yes thanks mom!” Victoria excitedly replied. She couldn’t believe it her mom was actually going to let her wear diapers. “Just hold your horses Victoria” Gabby said calmly. “There’s going to be some rules your going to have to agree too. I’ve also talked to Sylvie, but she said she’d support our decisions” Gabby warned. “Like?” Victoria asked. She was happy that Sylvie was supporting whatever decision that was made, although it did make Victoria fell a little self-conscious. Gabby bit her lip and folded her arms. “Well the first one is this if you go back to wearing diapers then you wear them for the whole week. And I mean the whole week anywhere you go you’ll be diapered at all times” Gabby calmly explained. “So when we go to watch the Cubs at Wriggly Field tomorrow you’ll be diapered and that’s including going to college it’ll be in a diaper which sadly means your going to have to wet them. I know it will sound disgusting but your also going to have to physically mess in them. Bottom line for a whole week your going to be banned from the bathroom and that means I’ll be carrying a diaper bag with me.” Gabby said before rising an eyebrow as she tried to judge Victoria. “So that...” Victoria began but started immediately blushing. “So that means you’ll be changing me?” Victoria asked. Gabby raised an eyebrow. “Erm would you like me to change you?” Gabby asked as she wasn’t entirely sure about the changing process. “Erm I’m not sure, I mean it would be weird if you did change me, but I sort of want to know what it’s like to be changed by someone” Victoria admitted. Gabby swallowed as she prayed Victoria would say she’d change herself. “OK sweetie well I’ll try changing you once” Gabby answered as she rose a finger to stop Victoria from interrupting her. “I will try changing you once to see how we both feel and if we both feel comfortable then I’ll continue changing you. Although that means I’ll be randomly pulling your pants down to do random diaper checks. And you’ll have to get used to public changes, but we'll cross that bridge later ” Gabby warned. “But what if people find out I’m back in diapers?” Victoria asked. “Not my concern, you wanted to go back to diapers so that’s up to you to explain” Gabby bluntly replied. “I’m only going to say this once though if you do go back into diapers there’s no changing your mind mid week you see it through to the end. So you can cry and moan but it will fall on death ears” Gabby explained. Victoria bit her tongue. “Well I guess if I don’t try it then I guess I will never know what it’s like” Victoria replied. “So yes mom I will go back to diapers” Victoria replied. Gabby and Victoria then walked into the store and headed down to the diaper section. They both stood looking at the diapers with Victoria thinking all eyes were on her. “I will buy you one pack of diapers, if you decide to keep wearing them after the week is up then you buy your own.” Gabby whispered as she gave Victoria a little push. Victoria squatted and looked at the various packs of diapers she was unsure which to buy. Victoria remembered seeing adult baby themed diapers on her blog, and they seemed so much nicer than these types of diapers. Victoria eyed two packs but decided to get the cheaper version in case she didn’t like them. “Here you go mom” Victoria said as she held the diapers out to her mom. “Oh no” Gabby smirked. “I said I’d buy you a pack of diapers with my money but your the one that’ll be handing over the cash” Gabby replied. “But mom!” Victoria pleaded. Gabby couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Are you sure these are the ones you want?” Gabby asked as she took them. Gabby figured she’d pay for them just this once and it was a big if but, if Victoria continued to wear diapers after the week was up then she’d be buying them. Gabby paid for Victoria’s diapers, and they also got a burger before Gabby took Victoria back to college. “So there’s no chance of me wearing a diaper tonight?” Victoria asked hopefully. “Not a chance I said Saturday and I mean Saturday besides it’ll be something to look forward to” Gabby replied. Victoria was slightly disappointed as she had expected to start wearing diapers that day. Although the more she thought about it the more she realized she was going to have a good weekend. She had a Chicago Cubs baseball game to attend, and she got to wear diapers what could go wrong? “OK mom” Victoria said as she lent over and hugged her mom. “Oh and mom” Victoria quietly said. “What is it sweetie?” Gabby asked. “Thank you for letting me go back to diapers, I know it couldn’t have been easy to say I could” Victoria softly said. “And I’m sorry I had you worried” Victoria finished as she let go. “It’s OK sweetie, but in future don’t keep secrets like that from me OK” Gabby warned. “Now get outta of here Leah and Bethany are waiting for you” Gabby kindly said as she kissed Victoria’s head. Victoria got out of the car and bent down to see her mom one last time. “Seriously mom thanks your the best” Victoria smiled before leaving.
  4. So this is a rewrite of my original story more than she expected, same characters just slightly more different. There might be a few small grammar mistakes but I’ve used this website linked down below so hopefully it’s all good. Oh and some words are wrote in American English and British English https://www.online-spellcheck.com/ Victoria Dawson was sat in her college lecture hall bored out of her mind she was in her double math class. The lecture hall that Victoria was Sitting in was tiered and capable of holding one hundred and twenty people but today Victoria was estimating that there must have been about forty-five or at a push fifty. Eighteen year old Victoria had decided she’d sit right at the back in row eight with her best friend Leah Manning who was only six months older than Victoria sat in front of her in row seven that way they could discreetly pass notes to each other but since Leah need to get the best possible grade in this class she’d told Victoria to leave her alone. So since Victoria was bored she pulled out her phone and sighed to herself as she logged onto her blog and started viewing who she was following. All of the blogs that Victoria was following all had the same thing in common and that was centered around adult babies and diaper lovers or as it was more commonly referred to as ABDL, adult babies were simply adults who liked to regress and act as babies. This was simply because it relived the stresses of everyday life or because they might have had a bad childhood and simply wanted to have a childhood they missed out on. As for diaper lovers they were simply adults who liked to wear diapers and some even used them for their intended purposes. Although Victoria had never worn a diaper since she’d been potty trained she’d been wanting to wear them since she was thirteen years old, but she’d never had the confidence to tell anybody about her dreams as she would often think they’d label her as a disgusting freak. “OK class I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning, and remember I want your assignments in next lesson and costume day is fast approaching, so I expect to see all of you dressed up no exceptions” Mrs O’Brien their teacher called. Victoria brushed a strand of her dark brown hair out of her face as she quickly locked her phone and packed her books up. “So you gonna come back to my cousins she lives on campus? We can decide what we want to dress as” Leah who was a blonde asked as she walked with Victoria to the end of the rows of seats then down the tiered steps. “I can give us a lift home later” Leah said. “I’m good thanks my moms picking me up” Victoria sighed again. Hearing this sigh Leah immediately picked up on. “You OK? Only you seem quieter than normal if it’s the calculus assignment your worried about then I can help you with it” Leah suggested as she wrapped an arm around Victoria and gave her a squeeze, as she was no of the wiser about Victoria wanting to wear diapers. “Night girls” Mrs O’Brien smiled as she cleaned the board. “Night Mrs” both girls said in unison as they left the class and walked down the hall. Victoria bit her lip as wanting to wear diapers was really getting to her, and she really wanted to talk to someone about it. “I’m fine seriously I’m just tired really but thanks for the offer” Victoria replied as she put a fake smile on just as she saw her moms red SUV. Victoria hugged Leah and said her goodbyes before they both went their separate ways. “Hey mom” Victoria smiled as she threw her bags on the back seat before climbing up front. “Hey sweetie good day?” Gabby Dawson asked. Gabby had adopted Victoria when she was only eight weeks old and despite gabby having a slightly more tanned skin color because of her families Puerto Rican heritage nobody would have even known that Gabby had adopted Victoria. “It was OK” Victoria replied. “You’re still in your uniform?” Victoria quietly spoke. Gabby who worked as a paramedic for the Chicago Fire Department smiled as she patted her daughters leg. “Well done captain obvious” Gabby laughed. “I couldn’t be bothered changing, now is there anywhere you need to go before we go home?” Gabby asked. Victoria sat thinking for a second before swallowing hard. “Can we go to the 24/7 store I need some stuff” Victoria sighed. “OK” Gabby replied. Both women continued the drive before they reached the store. Gabby had said Victoria could go in on her own as there was nothing she really needed. Victoria soon found herself down in the diaper section of the store. Victoria was twiddling with her fingers as she looked at the various diapers on display. She didn’t know there was so many different sizes and brands that could be brought. Victoria eyed a pack of medium Attends that would probably just about fit her although she wasn’t entirely sure after all wearing diapers and underwear where two completely different things. Victoria squatted down and pulled the Attends diapers towards herself. She was now seriously thinking about buying a pack of diapers but her thoughts were interrupted when a voice spoke to her. “I’d personally go with Abena they tend to hold more or you could try pull-ups anything that’s cloth backed is the best for discreetness” the female voice suggested. “I don’t wear diapers!” Victoria embarrassingly spoke as she turned to face a woman dressed in red doctors trousers and a Cookie Monster nurses scrub T-shirt that was covered by a black fleece. The woman was Leah’s mom who was also a friend of Victoria’s mom. The friend was doctor Natalie Manning, and she was very surprised to see Victoria down in this part of the store. Natalie gave Victoria a sympathetic smile. “Look Victoria it’s OK don’t be embarrassed” Natalie spoke as she rubbed Victoria’s arm. “Listen I’m not judging you” Natalie spoke as she looked around “keep it to yourself but I’m wearing a diaper right now” she said as pulled the tip of her red doctors scrubs down to expose a cloth backed diaper. Seeing Natalie in a diaper came as a bit of a shock to Victoria. “W-why are you wearing a diaper are you not worried people will think your weird?” Victoria stammered as she was totally amazed that Natalie was openly saying she had one on. Natalie who was now picking up a pack of pull-ups and a pack of diapers shrugged her shoulders. “It doesn’t bother me what people think look working in the emergency department we sometimes get rushed off our feet so wearing a pull-up or a diaper can help if your busy and don’t tell anybody this but ever since I have birth to Leah I’ve had a bit of a weak bladder” Natalie replied. Natalie brushed a strand of hair out of her face as she strolled off to pay for her things. Once Natalie had paid for her things she walked out and saw Victoria’s mom Gabby sitting in her car. “Hey Gabby” Natalie smiled. “Oh hey Nat” Gabby groggily smiled as she rubbed her eyes. Just finishing a twenty-four-hour shift was really taking its toll on Gabby so since Victoria was in the store Gabby had decided to try to rest her eyes for five or ten minutes since she’d only had five hours sleep in work. “Hey Gabby look I know it’s not my place but I think Victoria might be in need of her mom” Natalie spoke she didn’t want to openly tell Gabby she caught Victoria looking at the diapers but being a mother herself Natalie was just going off of her motherly instincts. Gabby rolled her eyes “what’s she done now?” Gabby sighed with great annoyance in her voice. “Well I think it’s best if you look for her she’s down aisle twelve” Natalie said before leaving. Gabby soon got out and went straight into the store and headed straight for aisle twelve. Once she got there she saw Victoria holding a pack of diapers. Gabby stood watching Victoria looking at the diapers. Gabby was now totally confused as to why Victoria was even looking at them she thought herself and her adoptive daughter had a great relationship, but she couldn’t connect the dots as to why Victoria was here, she waited until Victoria put the diapers down before making her move. “Hey honey” Gabby smiled. “Oh hey mom” Victoria smiled awkwardly. “Anything I can help you with?” Gabby asked as she walked down the aisle and looked at the rows of diapers in front of them. Victoria bit her lip she wanted to try diapers and her mom was right here, so she could easily get a pack now. However it dawned on her that her mom might think she was a freak and a weirdo if she said she wanted to go back to wearing diapers. “I needed some more tampons just looking for them” Victoria tried smiling. “Well they're in the next aisle” Gabby replied, “you go get them I’ve got to pick some stuff up” Gabby replied as she watched Victoria walk off. Once Victoria was gone Gabby squatted down and picked up a pack of diapers and bit her lip as she looked in the direction that Victoria had walked off in, Gabby for the love of her couldn’t understand why her eighteen year old daughter would be looking at diapers. She sighed to herself and put the diapers back Gabby assumed there must have been a logical explanation, but she’d let Victoria decide if she wanted to talk. Victoria and Gabby were soon back home and Gabby was busy talking to her housemate and fellow paramedic Sylvie Brett who also happened to be one of Gabby’s closet friends. “So I don’t know what to do seriously do I confront Victoria and ask her why she was looking at diapers or do I let her explain in her own time?” A slightly worried Gabby asked. “I mean no normal eighteen year old looks at diapers” Gabby sighed. “Maybe it was for this costume day the college has?” Sylvie suggested as she sipped a coffee as herself and Gabby watched Victoria who was on her phone and listening to music. “Maybe gah I don’t know Sylvie I’m supposed to be her mother and I can’t even figure out why she was looking at diapers in the first place, I’m a terrible mother I can’t even tell if something is wrong with my daughter” Gabby said sadly as she went back into the kitchen. Despite Gabby only being Victoria’s adoptive mom she still liked to treat Victoria like her own flesh and blood. Sylvie placed a gentle hand on Gabby. “Hey don’t you dare say that!” Sylvie comfortingly said. “Look Gabby I’ve known and lived with you and Victoria for five years and I can tell your a fantastic mom, but how about I talk to her?” Sylvie suggested as she saw Gabby rising an eyebrow. “I mean she does think of me as a big sister she’s practically admitted that loads of times” Sylvie suggested. “You think she’ll talk?” Gabby asked. “Couldn’t hurt to try and if that doesn’t work we could get Leah to talk to her” Sylvie suggested. She put her mug down and went to see Victoria although she didn’t have a clue what she’d say. Sylvie sat and smiled at Victoria as she watched her remove her headphones. “Listening to anything good?” Sylvie asked. Victoria smiled as she paused her music “Satan's Slit Sack Army, there a death metal band” Victoria replied. “So how are you?” Sylvie replied. “I’m good thanks, why?” Victoria replied. Sylvie smiled back “just asking” Sylvie replied. “Listen is there anything that you’d like to talk about?” Sylvie asked. Victoria sat thinking while she was browsing her phone she’d been browsing various adult baby blogs and visiting online stores to look at diapers. Victoria was thinking about talking to Sylvie about her diaper dreams but it was more like a double-edged sword. On the one hand Victoria classed Sylvie as a big sister despite neither of the two women actually being family related, Victoria knew that Sylvie was caring and understanding and probably wouldn’t judge her but on the other hand she was worried that Sylvie would think she’s a pervert and disgusting freak because Victoria knew wanting to wear diapers wasn’t normal. But suddenly her thoughts were interrupted. “Your mom said she saw you looking at a pack of diapers?” Sylvie sensitively asked. Victoria turned bright red and had to think of something quick. “Oh I needed baby diapers, Mrs O’Brien said that we’d be getting an assignment in health class with those baby dolls you know the ones that can be connected to a computer to track your progress they sleep, cry and need feeding just like a real baby only they’re like a simulator doll?” Victoria quickly explained. OK Victoria knew it was a lie but it was better than nothing. “Oh I know the doll your talking about they’re called Realcare baby, is that all? Then why are you blushing, me and your mom had them when we were in college” Sylvie laughed as she wrapped an arm around Victoria. “If that’s all then why didn’t you say? You had us worried” Sylvie questioned. “I didn’t want to worry mom if she saw me looking at baby diapers she’d think I was pregnant” Victoria didn’t like lying, but she didn’t know exactly how to broach the subject of wanting to wear diapers after all it wasn’t exactly a topic you’d casually talk about while having dinner or just making general chit chat. Victoria suddenly felt her phone vibrate with a text from Leah. “Leah’s visiting her cousin on campus can I go back over to the college and see them?” Victoria asked as she figured that Leah and her cousin would take her mind off the whole ABDL situation. “Sure you can you don’t have to ask after all it’s only quarter to five” Sylvie said as she watched Victoria grab her purse and college ID card before walking into the kitchen and kissing her mom. “Going to see Leah and her cousin on campus I’ll be back later” Victoria called out. Gabby smiled back as she watched Victoria getting ready but it still plagued her mind as to why Victoria was looking at diapers. “I'll be at Molly’s from seven, so I won’t be home until three in the morning I expect you to be home by ten no later than that, love you sweetie” Gabby sweetly warned as she would be working in a bar called Molly’s that she co owned with some of her friends from work. Once Victoria had left Sylvie started to tell Gabby why Victoria was looking at diapers although Gabby didn’t believe a word of it because she knew that Victoria was looking at adult sized diapers and Gabby also remembered when she had to look after one of the Realcare dolls the college supplied the bottles and diapers. Gabby knew Victoria had something on he mind, but she couldn’t understand what. She figured that she’d either sit Victoria down and try and get her to talk or and Gabby didn’t want to but if she had to then she’d phone the college and get either the college nurse to talk to Victoria or she’d try and get Mrs O’Brien, Victoria’s form tutor to talk to her. Either way Gabby knew that Victoria wasn’t her normal self. —————————————————————— Victoria soon arrived at Leah’s cousins dorm and was patiently waiting she’d picked up an extra large ham and pineapple pizza and a large bottle of Pepsi max for them to enjoy. Victoria was thinking about diapers, but she hoped that she’d forget about the diapers, but she was picturing herself wearing one right now which didn’t help, but she soon snapped out of it when Leah came to the door. “You came and you brought food” Leah smiled as she took the bottle off Victoria. As Victoria walked in she noticed that Leah’s cousin had her laptop that was on a desk next to the window hooked up to her TV, so they could watch movies. “Long time no see” Leah’s cousin who was called Bethany smiled as she got off her bed and hugged Victoria. Bethany was twenty-one years old and like Leah she was also a blond. Bethany had known Victoria since she became friends with Leah but Bethany had been busy, so she hadn’t seen Victoria in a good while. “I didn’t know it was a PJ event I would have brought some” Victoria replied as she saw Bethany who was dressed in PJ’s that were obviously too big for her. “It’s OK, I’m only dressed like this because it saves me changing later” Bethany replied. “I’ll go get some cups and some plates” Bethany said as she left. Victoria looked around Bethany’s messy and untidy room. There were books and papers thrown all over the floor and scattered around the desk but what caught Victoria’s eye the most was a pack of pull-ups that were just underneath Bethany’s bed. Victoria was now so desperate to try and take one home with but it did get her thinking why Bethany had them. “Yo Vic you OK?” Leah asked. “I’m fine honesty” Victoria replied. “Well OK then but I have an idea for costume day how about me and you go as the Disney princesses you can dress as Jasmine and I can go as Ariel from the Little Mermaid” Leah excitedly said. Victoria raised her eyebrow but continued thinking about diapers. “Seriously that’s a tad babyish don’t you think? I mean we’re eighteen the Disney princesses are for little girls” Victoria replied uneasily. Leah looked a little disheartened at her friend as whenever they dressed up in costumes whether it be for a Halloween party, birthday parties or just plain old costume parties they both really liked to go all out and stand out from the crowd like when they went as two of the characters from Baywatch earlier in the year they both turned up with a in their normal clothes before stripping down to their red swimming costumes. “Seriously Bethany said she’d do our hair and makeup please say yes” Leah pleaded with big puppy dog eyes. “Fine I’ll dress as princess Jasmine” Victoria sighed because the more she thought about it the more childish she seemed to be about wanting to wear diapers. “Yay!” Leah squealed. “I’ll go tell Bethany” Leah excitedly as she went off excitedly. As soon as Victoria was alone she bent down and picked up the pull-ups. She looked at the pack before pulling one of them out. She noticed they were pink and purple with a butterfly on them they felt ever so soft in her hands. Suddenly though Bethany came back and caught Victoria holing the pack and pull-up in her hands. “What are you doing?” Bethany said with a shocked tone of voice as she put the plates on her bed before taking the pull-ups off of Victoria. Victoria shrugged her shoulders as she blushed. “I saw them underneath your bed, and I was curious, in fact why do you even have them?” Victoria asked. “Nightclubs” Bethany replied. “Me and my friends” Bethany said but paused. “Well when we go to the clubs we wear them because the line for the toilets can be very long and sometimes we get a bit drunk and it basically saves wetting the bed or our panties, but we only use them as a last resort thankfully I’ve never actually wet mine well actually I have but that’s only when I’ve come back here and passed out on my bed because I’ve partied a bit too hard” Bethany laughed. “Look it’s more common than you might think lots of girls do it only most won't admit to it” Bethany replied. “Look when we wear the pull-ups we don’t talk about them or anything we just carry on as though we’re wearing panties please don’t tell Leah though you know how immature she can be at times besides I haven’t been clubbing in like four months, so I haven’t worn them” Bethany pleaded. “I won’t don’t worry, but-” Victoria said as she eyed the pull-up. “Well can I borrow a pull-up only I’m going to go clubbing at the weekend and your idea sounds good” Victoria said as she hoped that Bethany would say yes. OK it wasn’t a diaper but it seemed as though this was the closest Victoria would get to trying one. Bethany smiled and picked up a black clutch bag and handed it and two pull-ups to Victoria. “Take that clutch bag it’s great for holding a pull-up and keep the second as a spare” Bethany said as she watched Victoria placing them into her tattered backpack that Victoria classed as her lucky bag. Just then Leah came in as Victoria put her bag down. The three girls then poured some Pepsi and grabbed some slices of pizza and settled down to watch the movie. Although Victoria couldn’t concentrate on the movie as she just wanted to look at her blog but that was an obvious no since Leah was to her right and Bethany to her left. Time passed quickly and Victoria felt herself being shaken awake by Leah. “Yo Vic wake up its eleven forty-five we need to get home” Leah groggily said as she shook Victoria. “Oh fuck Sylvie's going to kill me!” Victoria cried as she came to her senses. Victoria knew that Sylvie didn’t go to bed until near the one am mark, so she was now worried that she’d end up in trouble with Sylvie. Victoria quickly helped tidy up before running with Leah to her car. “Shit it’s twelve in the morning we’ve got a class at nine” Victoria cried. Leah who was just as tired as Victoria shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t worry I’ll have you home in thirty minutes tops don’t worry about Sylvie just say we both fell asleep, you’ve got Bethany’s number so ring her in the morning and get Sylvie to ask her” Leah suggested as she started her car and drove off. Just as Leah had said she would Victoria was dropped off outside her apartment block and headed inside towards the lift. Once Victoria got to her floor she braced herself to be shouted at by Sylvie. “I can explain why I’m late” Victoria called out to a dark and silent apartment. Victoria flicked the hall light on and kicked her shoes off before reading a note on the hallway table. “Gone to Molly’s see you later xx Sylvie” Victoria breathed a sigh of release hopefully Sylvie had left before ten. Victoria threw her bag down next to the table and walked off to her bedroom turned her lamp on and pulled her blinds before stripping completely naked and grabbing a set of grey boy shorts off from her underwear draws. Victoria would often sleep in just a set of boy shorts, pjs or on occasion completely naked which didn’t bother her in the slightest because she was eighteen all her mom asked was if she was either sleeping without a top on or naked then she was to put her sign on her door handle that read please knock. She’d never even gave it a thought about trying a pull-up on at this point she was just so tired she just wanted to sleep because she’d have to be up early. She climbed into bed and unusually popped her thumb in her mouth before going to trying to sleep.
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