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  1. I would love to rp with you
  2. Jaye, your 23 year old daughter has just come home drunk, her panties wet. This hasn't been the first accident. Jaye was trying to hide her wet pants from her mother, hoping to sneak back into bed.
  3. "Okay," Jess blushed as she got used to the pull up. "Can I have some water?"
  4. "Diapers mommy?" She said with a blush as the other had changed her out of her wet pullup.
  5. "Yes mommy," Jess said with a blush as she squirmed more in the wetness, knowing that the wetness indicators were disappearing.
  6. "Okay mommy," she said with s nod of her head, her cheeks warm. She squirmed in her wet pullup.
  7. "Yes," she said with a blush, her pullup growing wet. "But i didn't mean to," she blushed.
  8. "Okay!" Jess giggled, running her fingers through her hair. Jess blushed as the other cleaned up the mess that she had made. Once she was clean, she pressed her thumb to her mouth. "All clean now, mommy!"
  9. "Thank you," Jess drank immediately as the other handed her the sippy cup filled with juice. She had been very thirsty, but she put her sippy down after a couple of seconds so that she could finish off the rest of her food. "Okay," she said with a shy blush as she finished off the rest of her food, before returning to her sippy.
  10. Jess ate her lunch happily, definitely making a little mess in the process. "Yummy," she nodded, her plate practically empty at this point in time. "Can I have a drink?" She asked the other, pressing her thumb to her mouth, taking a small break.
  11. Jess blushed as the bib was wrapped around her neck. "Nuh uh," she said with a nod if her head as she took a bite from her sandwich, grape jam dribbling down the corner of her mouth. "Yummy."
  12. Jess went into the kitchen for lunch, she was definitely hungry. Her pull up crinkled as she walked into the kitchen, sitting down at the table.
  13. "Okay'" she said with a nod of her as she laid down onto the couch, changing the channel to Disney jr. She watched, looking completely like a toddler to anyone who was watching.
  14. "Sounds yummy," she said with a nod of her head. Jess played with the ends of her hair. "TV?" she said, pressing her thumb fully in her mouth.