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  1. Good morning to all. Thank you very much for answering Mr. Mee. You are a crack and I totally agree with your opinion about your short story, "in the office" since I also consider it One of the best stories on the web and I still don't understand how readers have not asked for a massive expansion. Mysteries of life. Feel free to do what you deem appropriate. With his talent and disposition he guarantees quality moments to the reader, so Whatever you do, we will follow you carefully. I share a feeling of grief that gave me the knowledge that you do not plan to make a continuation / expansion of that short in question, since what he created there are the seeds with the greatest potential to create a masterpiece since GFOP (may he rest in peace) gave us his two works literary several years ago. Right now, the only writer who has the chance to create something eternal is you. I hope my feelings don't cause any pressure and if this happens, send my opinion to the devil without mercy. You are building a formidable reputation and you just let them know. Take your time before publishing, as your stories are being followed by the community and expectations are increasingly high. And I encourage you again, and I ask users to read this post to also encourage Mr. Mee to pay the seeds planted in that story that we mention here. Whoever has not read it, look for it, since we are talking about a majestic work. And thank you for leaving the door open to change your mind. That tells me that you are wiser than the average that is not to say little. This Christmas I will ask the wise men to give you a disease that has you in bed for a week .... you already understand me grace .... ^ _ ^
  2. Good morning Mr. Mee. First of all, congratulate yourself on the great quality that your stories treasure, for your time and dedication. I have been waiting for a long time to continue the story "in the office" (short). That story is an atomic bomb. It has all the potential of the universe to become an iconic story, especially for the characters in it. Develop these characters, the situations that you can create thanks to the motivations that beat in those characters, are fantastic. Especially if the approach of the ralato focuses on discovering what can be the best way to make it happen to the main character. I understand that you have two main stories that have been very well received and that there is a lot of interest in them from the audience. It is not my interest to deviate from these works. I think it is convenient for an author of your level to finish his works. My interest is to remind you that That story has the essence of a future masterpiece and it would be very interesting if you spend some time in the future. I don't like to ask the authors for anything, or direct them with my illusion. I like that the authors do what they want at all times. But I would not like it to happen to you like many other authors, that there comes a time when they end up getting tired of writing and abandoning it. everything, without you developing that particular story since it oozes a special essence. Sorry to write this here, but I wanted you to read it and I didn't know where to put it. I see that you usually respond to everyone and that's why I ventured to put it here. I hope it doesn't bother anyone, that doesn't make you feel pressure, or hurry. I just try to let you know that there are many people waiting for a continuation and a deep development in the day to day of the characters that you created in that story. I have the feeling that you are going to create one of the best stories on the web, exploring your most perverse, mischievous, masochistic, bastard side, etc., trying to bring Alex's life to the greatest possible degradation, causing him to suffer all kinds of indignities, squeezing to the fullest His humiliation on the part of Sarah, Mrs. Boona and all those future characters you believe. I had lost faith in the stories until I read that story several months ago ... and the wait has been long ... and although I wanted to write to you After reading it ... I preferred to be patient to leave you continue to deepen your creation ... but I could not take it anymore and before You get tired, at least remind yourself that a long time ago, you had a brilliant idea that for things I don't understand, it didn't have the welcome it deserved. Much encouragement for all, that you enjoy reading stories and creating them. A hug to everyone and sorry if I bothered someone writing this here, far from me was that intention.
  3. Hello again, it is that I wanted to mention a story that is also very well written. It is called Mama's girl, whose first episodes are terribly good. This story is dead tamb
  4. Hello everyone !! Without wishing to disrespect anyone, just I wanted to say I'm still pretty forum, see if you find one story this subject. For me, the best story on page did GFOP. It's a shame not to continue with the saga of Jackie, nor initiated another project. So there are very few writers. And you choose that subject, let alone. See if someday, reprises the saga of Jackie, I am more than convinced that more than one would be happy to return. For other writers, there is a big gap to cover stories making good, serious, coherent and credible with respect to this subject. Cheer up and see if someone creates an epic, more than a year ago, I have not seen anything comparable to the above story. Go for them!!