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  1. Good evening, thank you very much for answering. I already knew that the group was closed for a long time, hence I tried to get those stories through this and other sites. A user of another forum recommended that I contact Satan_Klaus through his page at [email protected] And I emailed him a couple of days ago. I have not received a reply yet. If someone has direct contact with him, it would be interesting if they asked for the stories and published them on this website, so that they would not get lost, since they are of very good quality. If someone is encouraged to send you an email
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for the stories of an old yahoo group, where the stories of the politech institute were written. I understand that the group has been closed for years and that finding these stories is very difficult right now. Maybe someone has compiled them and wants to share them. I found this pdf, a long time ago and I share it. If someone who knows how to search the internet can find these stories, they would be very useful to the community. the+Politech+shorts.pub.pdf
  3. Good morning to all. Thank you very much for answering Mr. Mee. You are a crack and I totally agree with your opinion about your short story, "in the office" since I also consider it One of the best stories on the web and I still don't understand how readers have not asked for a massive expansion. Mysteries of life. Feel free to do what you deem appropriate. With his talent and disposition he guarantees quality moments to the reader, so Whatever you do, we will follow you carefully. I share a feeling of grief that gave me the knowledge that you do not plan to make a continuat
  4. Good morning Mr. Mee. First of all, congratulate yourself on the great quality that your stories treasure, for your time and dedication. I have been waiting for a long time to continue the story "in the office" (short). That story is an atomic bomb. It has all the potential of the universe to become an iconic story, especially for the characters in it. Develop these characters, the situations that you can create thanks to the motivations that beat in those characters, are fantastic. Especially if the approach of the ralato focuses on discovering what can be the best way to make
  5. Hello again, it is that I wanted to mention a story that is also very well written. It is called Mama's girl, whose first episodes are terribly good. This story is dead tamb
  6. Hello everyone !! Without wishing to disrespect anyone, just I wanted to say I'm still pretty forum, see if you find one story this subject. For me, the best story on page did GFOP. It's a shame not to continue with the saga of Jackie, nor initiated another project. So there are very few writers. And you choose that subject, let alone. See if someday, reprises the saga of Jackie, I am more than convinced that more than one would be happy to return. For other writers, there is a big gap to cover stories making good, serious, coherent and credible with respect to this subject. Cheer up and see i
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