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  1. Things had gone downhill very quickly. Why was she treating her like a kid? Seriously time out? That had to be a joke. "So it's going to be like this huh? Fine." She didn't want to cause trouble this early on.
  2. Abby felt her eyes start to droop as she was rocked. How could she be so tired?
  3. "I'm 16 I am an adult." She didn't say it in a way that would broke an argument, but more of a simple statement.
  4. "What do you mean?"
  5. Abby grumbled as she was once again diapered. She was worried that diapers were starting to feel a bit more normal wrapped around her waist. "She wants you downstairs," Abby said not even looking at Gabe. She was more angry at Gabe than anyone else. Shortly after both of them came downstairs to the living room.
  6. While Hailey was upstairs, Abby changed the channel to Comedy Central. So far it seems like Hailey was pretty nice. She just wished she haven't forgotten her bag.
  7. Abby sighed. "Sounds like them. Fine. Well can I just watch tv now? I know this is going to be a very dull weekend for us both."
  8. Abby jumped at the slap and a realization came to the forefront of her mind; Hailey was much bigger than her. "I'm sorry," she said meekly. "Can I please get out, it's getting cold." The bath water was in fact getting cold and she saw her finger tips had become wrinkly.
  9. "But I had to eat baby food!" Abby's voice grew louder as her anger did the same. "That stuff probobly messed with me. He got normal food. Why?"
  10. "Why do you have...". Abby stopped mid sentence. "Never mind it's not important. I'll be okay for now and I don't want to be difficult. So what what did my parents tell you. I'm assuming they are being strict with me." She didn't like the situation but she shouldn't be mad at Hailey when it was her parents doing this to her.
  11. "Matoko," Batou said sternly. "Stop. I know you are used to being 'the major,' but that's not you anymore. Right now you don't have full control of your bodily functions. Drop your pride or else tou are going to have a hard time with all of this." Batou grabbed a pink and white nappy out of her the package and held it out in front of her. It had My Little Pony on the front and frilly pink leg gathers. "With how things are going I would be suprised if you didn't wet the he bed." He grabbed her legs and lifted them over her head. Next, he grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled I all over her bottom. Before setting her down, he unfolded the nappy and slipped I under her bum. Grabbing the powder again, he spread it all over her privates then brought the nappy up between her legs, spreading them about an inch apart. Last he brought the tapes around and secured her in the nappy. "That's not so bad huh?"
  12. "It's not fair!" Abby splashed her hands down in the water. "He looks like he is the same age as me." Abby wouldn't admit it but a tantrum was brewing.
  13. "What do you mean by that?" Abby felt like is wasn't a good start to the week.
  14. Abby stepped in and looked around. "Is oh have a nice house." "I uh... I forgot it at home and didn't remember I was missing it until just now. I don't know what I'm going to do honestly."
  15. "But why," she said whimpering. Abby felt she was just saying this to pacify her. "I've seen that treat him older than me."