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  1. What a heartwarming story of shame and acceptance! Thanks for sharing this with us. I too wet the bed into my teens and beyond. Even in college every few weeks. Occasionally in graduate school. I enjoyed bedwetting while I was doing it in a half-awake state but, like you, I was ashamed of myself for doing it.
  2. Enigma03

    Just Diapers Or Pajamas Too?

    Plastic Backed diapers in the winter/Cloth backed diapers in the summer and always with some basketball shorts over them to be discreet.
  3. Enigma03

    Masturbation Problem? (Need Advice)

    As everyone else has said, if it's not interfering with your daily routine, you should be good to go. Once a day is definitely a very 'acceptable' number as far as things go.
  4. I'm in Las Vegas, NV currently and have enjoyed Diapers since I was 5 (even though I wouldn't openly admit it sometimes )
  5. I've definitely caught myself wondering on more than one occasion if someone I go past in my daily affairs is trying to do some incognito crinkling. It's definitely fun to think about once you realize how large the community is.
  6. Accepting bedwetting to the level of enjoyment definitely takes certain things coming together (At least for myself, everyone experiences things in their own way.). When I was young (3-7), bedwetting was just something you dealt with growing up or so I understood anyways. Then it stopped for a bit and when I hit puberty it came back. This time it was an inner battle between what I thought and what I thought society thought about bedwetting. I always carried a lot of shame when I was bedwetting in my teens. It stopped at around 15 and I thought I was good to go. After that I entered the military, had one embarassing night while in basic training and then was good for another couple of years. After coming back from Iraq, I started wetting again much to my horror. The doctor could only tell me originally that they had no idea why I was wetting. Eventually I ended up getting a sleep study and they connected the bedwetting to my sleep apnea. I harbored a lot of shame and self loathing for myself, mainly because -I- enjoyed my condition but was overly concerned with what society would think, not thinking of the rational implication that they'd have to see me sleeping or I'd have to out myself, both situations which would be unlikely.
  7. Enigma03

    Just Diapers Or Pajamas Too?

    When I was in my teens and having my bedwetting phase, I'd usually end up in bed with a disposable and PJ's.. and it worked because it wasn't warm out really where I lived.. Now a days when I'm dealing with nerves/stress I usually end up with a disposable and my basketball shorts.. but with the summers out here and not wanting to pay outrageously for AC it gets warm at night.. so a lot of the times I'd like to just sleep in a diaper but instead I just stick with my norm to not bring any undue attention from the roommates.
  8. Enigma03

    Sometimes I really hate my life...

    Pizza is one of those foods for me that is definitely a "I've not planned a meal today.." or "I don't have the ingredients I need" type of things for me.. but oh is it such a great quick solution when you need one!
  9. Enigma03

    Hey Everyone :)

    Although I've had this account for a while, I've never quite got to posting with it or introducing myself.