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  1. Age of Onset?

    I would say that I always had an interest even after I didn't need them. It bordered on obsession in some of my younger years. I discovered the made bigger diapers at some point during High school, at which point I set out to acquire some. I wear on on and off as the mood strikes me, although recently it has been waning.
  2. Any Good Diaper Art Sites?

    If you are looking for a pay site I might suggest www.cushypen.com They have perhaps some of the best diaper artists on the net, but it is a pay site. If you are looking for free pics maybe check out daily diapers coppermine account you can find that in the photos part of the main page. They have many pics from their various updates.
  3. Diaper Conspiracy?

    Gizmo. Your reasoning is good. Yes I would imagine that the sizes are getting bigger and that Obesity is getting to be a major problem (I recently had a friend pass away because of it. He was younger than I am. It sucked) My point was more that they have products that are designed and marketed to teens where such a product was not readily available before, also with having "normal people" or "Sports heroes" try on adult diapers is attempting to erode the stigma that diaper wearing is bad. Also I'm not really a "Crazy conspiracy guy." I believe that the diaper companies are really no more nefarious than other big corporation attempting to expand it's market and pad it's bottom line (You may interperit this as a diaper pun if you wish). I really started this thread as a fun way to get a discussion going, and there have been some quite insightful responses. *shrugs* So yeah interesting conversations ahoy.
  4. Diaper Conspiracy?

    Everyone has made some very awesome points. Another point I had considered is along the lines of how with the better diaper technology it has been argued that it makes toileting harder, because they feel dry and there really isn't that much embaressment to it if it's all contained in the diaper and not showing on the pants themselves. Now I recall a few years ago Pullups advertised that they had a "Cooling sensation" that let a person know when they were wet (Playing on uncomfort to encourage training.) I really don't recall them continuing that. Perhaps it was too effective and actually helped with the training rather than feeling dry and secure. So I suppose people will start to follow any trend that 1) doesn't embaress them, 2) is comfortable, and 3) make their lives easier. As was mentioned hygene issues with public toilets I could also see them try to market it for long trips. Less stopping and using questionable gas station washrooms. It really is a fun thought excercise.
  5. Diaper Conspiracy?

  6. Diaper Conspiracy?

    PS please forgive the awful spelling, I found the errors after the fact
  7. Diaper Conspiracy?

    Let me start by saying I watch a fair amount of TV, I pay attention to comercials and think about what I see(Which is probably not what the companies want. Thinking is the anti advertising). Depend has an interesting marketing tactic at the moment; they are getting people to try on their new products. Starting with celebrities/sports people, "I know you don't need one but would you try on one of our new fitted undergaments to bring awareness about *Insert charity here I believe it was cancer* " This is designed so the people who after the surgery have bladder weakness don't feel embarressed about having to rely on for lack of a better term diapers. Showing a fit that looks like underwear and helps with an active lifestyle etc. They are trying to destroy the Adult diaper stigma. While this is good for it's intended audience. It occurs to me that it could have a secondary purpose. I have seen articles that children are having harder and harder time potty training which is why they make pullups bigger and bigger. I have also seen that it may have something to do with the way our modern diapers are constructed. Feel dry, and take away moisture from the skin, quiet etc. Also removing the stigma for older kids, saying it's OK to wet the bed etc. So if Depend is reducing the stigma for older people and Pullups are slowly for kids into their teens could it be possible that Kimberly Clark/P&G are slowly attempting to phase toileting out so that they can make more revenue from dispoible diaper products from people for their entire lives? Ok. Let's be realistic a bit here. While I don't think potty training will ever really phase out completely. I certainly belive that companies like P&G and Kimberly Clark would love it if they could get people wearing diaper products for longer and longer and thus generating more revenue (Cause we know that diapers aint cheap) Just random thoughts I have considered and patterns I have noticed, might be a little conspiratorial but yeah. What are your thoughts Elven
  8. Little Known Facts

    The creator of Wonder Woman also invented the Lie Detector.
  9. Turkey Day Fun

    While I'm Canadian and did the thanks giving thing last month I wish you and all of yours a happy turkey day. I am thankful for all my friends and Family.
  10. New Diaper Slogans

    Like I said on my Samus/Masterchief Tuggies "Ad" Because Power armor takes a LONG time to remove.
  11. Alter Ego?

    I wear several "masks" depending on the situation. Any of them could be construed as an alternate personality I suppose....
  12. Anyone Flood?

    Yes I have leaked once. That being said Avoid the new Attends like the plague they leaked durring the first wetting.......... Very weak, good thing I was at home at the time.
  13. I Want To Hear From All The Concert Goers!

    Oz Fest Iron Maiden Inflames Night Wish Apocalyptica Fear Factory Blind Guardian Poison There are others that I can't remember
  14. Wiccans And Pagans? Are They Here?

    I believe more or less. Sadly I also believe some christian beliefs. Yes I'm a pagan christian. Yes that makes no sense. Both have elements that make sense from a spiritual stand point, one just makes more sense because it has fallen less prey to the general mass media (and I'm not talking about the wicca when I say that) Religions are guide lines No one is going to be perfect, take the good ideas discard the bad. Magick does exist. Even the Bible says so.
  15. Bed Time

    A long time ago...like early teens... Although I TRY to be in bed around midnight, doesn't always happen. Oh yes I hate birds when I have trouble sleeping, damn things wake up far too early (just about as I'm falling asleep)