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  1. I'd love to, but it appears sold out Too bad, because I could totally go otherwise.
  2. Love the analogy! I totally get what you are saying. Kids these days will never know how it felt to grow up when many of us here did - without an internet connection. I did get one when I was a teenager and discovered DPF - and it totally changed my world.
  3. 52% here. Sums me up perfectly. Half-baby, half-adult. Which I am currently depends on the mood/day.
  4. Gotta shout out to LynnK2104. A frequent of many diaper sites, but somebody I got to know through the old AOL Diapers chatroom. RIP.
  5. I like laying down on my bed for my diaper change with my feet dangling over the bed. I lay down on the diaper, and apply baby oil, Johnson's Baby Powder, and then tape my diapers up tightly from the bottom to the top.
  6. I LOVE IT! But I don't start playing it until after Thanksgiving.
  7. Haha, so I just had an interesting experience. Flying back from a long international trip where I visited several different countries for days at a time, I got flagged for secondary screening at London Heathrow. This consisted of them opening up all of my bags. One of my bags was FULL of Crinklz diapers (in addition to the one I was wearing at the time). The contract "security" worker looked at the diapers and said "nappies for children?" Yes, I said. He promptly closed up my bag and sent me on my way. Haha what a joke. Security theater indeed.
  8. Totally agree. And because they say it is important to drink lots of fluids while sick, I make sure to wear even thicker diapers while sick and of course usually a footed sleeper 24/7. As nice as that part of being sick is, I still don't want to get sick though. I get NASTY colds (though knock on wood, thankfully haven't had one for over a year) that involve huge watery eyes and some pretty bad sore throats. Its miserable, but the diapers sure do help!
  9. I was diapered at night until age 6, and loved every minute of it. Sadly, I was taken out of day diapers at age 2. I have distinct memories of stealing my younger brother's diapers after I was out of them during the day, and then later from the daycare my mother worked for. For the record, I was either a Huggies or Luvs baby, which explains why I like the thick, bright white diapers today!
  10. I'm on vacation in Vienna. I was at a bar when all of the sudden my stomach cramped up and I let loose. I was SO thankful that I was in a thick Bambino Bellisimo today. It smelled pretty awful. What's worse is, I didn't have a change with me (all my diapers were back in the hotel in the suburbs) and I had to stay in that wet and messy stinky diaper for about 8 more hours until I made it back to the hotel! I couldn't wait to change!
  11. I discovered my roommate in college was a fellow DL. Too bad he was also an ***hole, or it could have been something really cool!
  12. I feel your pain. I have Global Entry, so I am largely spared the interrogation at customs. But, despite having TSA Pre-Check, I have been exposed to some awful experiences thanks to the bureaucracy that is the US Government. In Puerto Rico, I was made to strip, and the TSA poked and prodded my Bambino Bellisimo/Luvs Size 6/ABUniverse Super Dry Kids Combo. In Albuquerque, I didn't have to go quite as far, but the agent did indeed feel my waistband. Both experiences were humiliating. I've learned since then to always travel in a dry diaper, change before security and/or customs (i.e. before landing on the international leg of a flight). This seems to have helped. Still, the security theater in the US is ridiculous. Target those who are likely to do us harm, not us diaper wearing AB's!
  13. I wear very thick diapers. Right now I am in 10 diapers. I stay in them until they leak, which is usually about 24 - 36 hours or so.
  14. I LOVE thick diapers. I'm in a Rearz Safari in the moment...by far my favorite diaper.