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    He did get where he could eat regular dry cat food after his jaw healed but his mouth was a bit open always on one side from the injury. The vet said given how badly he was hurt when a kitten that he could just drop one day to hidden trauma, he did develop kidney issues and was put on special prescription only cat food which was very similar to the kind our other very elderly cat, which he liked to steal from his dish so we had to separate their bowls and feed them in different rooms. In retrospect, I think he was eating the other food so much because he either was having issues with his prescription food either not working anymore as he aged or maybe he just needed more of the stuff, because the vet had said after we'd told them about the food wars thing that he could probably be moved onto elder cat's food, since he didn't seem to be having a problem with his current food so we didn't. Elderly cat Mittens died last year and two weeks later, Loki was dead in the morning. I think he needed more medicated food/different food, on hindsight, cause Loki wasn't visibly hurt or anything from falling or anything he just had passed some time in the night in his litter box. He was very active and playful; we all loved him. it was hard when he died, Mittens though was expected he was 15 and had been having escalating issues the last year or two, so there was at least that feeling that at least he isn't hurting anymore.