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  1. "Daddy bought some different kinds of diapies, honey," Andy said.
  2. "It's wakey time, sweetpea," Andy said, patting Mays diaper.
  3. Andy wrapped his arms around May and felt her burrow up into him.
  4. Andy nodded and held his little May May tightly, carrying her to the bedroom.
  5. Andy knew what all this meant, as little girls used their toys to say what they really meant, and Pooh being sleepy meant that May was sleepy.
  6. Andy smiled and picked up his little May May, taking her to the playpen where he'd told May to leave Pooh when they played outside.
  7. "Ok, sweetheart, Daddy will save it for num nums later," Andy said, swapping the corner of Mays bib for her pacifier, and understanding why one ear of her Pooh bear was more well-worn than the other.
  8. "Well, Daddy outranks the pasta May May," Andy said with a smile.
  9. Andy was eating slowly, and nudged Mays stomach.
  10. Andy sat May down in her chair while he served up the two plates.