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  1. Diapers4Ever

    Hiding Diaper Pictures

    I remember one year when my girlfriend was visiting from the U.S., she has a curious nature so, when she saw several blank CDs, she was going through them.
  2. Diapers4Ever

    Choose Your Own Adventure!

    Wikipedia defines a keg stand as the following: Keg stand is a popular drinking game using a beer keg. An American college student interviewed by Time defined a keg stand as, "Two friends suspend you by your ankles over a keg, and you guzzle as much cheap beer as quickly as you can." I've actually seen this happen very recently on an episode of "The Vampire Diaries" where one of the main characters did this on her own [by doing somewhat of a handstand and keeping her body stiff while she drank. It was rather impressive. :-D
  3. Their roommate during the drug trial suffered from "relentless urination" so we're led to believe that the diapers that the girls bought were for the roommate and not for neither Max nor Caroline (unfortunately).
  4. On tonight's episode of the CBS sophomore sitcom "2 Broke Girls" starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, the episode opened with a robbery. Max (Dennings) told Caroline (Behrs) and she froze and got this unusual look on her face. Shortly thereafter, we found out that, when Caroline is scared enough, she urinates continuously...and she can't stop it. After Max sees this, word of Caroline's accident spreads like wildfire with Max and Sophie (played by Jennifer Coolidge, whom some of you may remember as Stifler's Mom from the "American Pie" movies) both taking shots at Caroline over the incident. Later, Max and Caroline snuck into a theatre to see a movie and saw their boss Han (played by Matthew Moy) in the same theatre sitting with a guy and a girl...then the three got up and left, to which Max and Caroline, being the curious people they are, chose to follow. Caroline and Max followed Han into the washroom and then, as they heard him coming, left quickly. Max walked past the approaching usher very fast, leaving Caroline there to deal with the problem herself, with the reason for Max's desertion of Caroline being that, during the robbery at the diner, Caroline tried to use Max as a human shield to protect herself. The usher asked Caroline for her ticket and she was flustered, but, as luck would have it, Han exited the bathroom and Caroline, thinking quickly, pretended that she was with Han. The usher asked Han for his ticket and Han didn't have it so he began to urinate out of fear, which, naturally, led to pee jokes from Sophie and Max later on. I gotta admit, after that episode with the drug trial and the "relentless urination", I'm surprised that Max or Caroline didn't suggest diapers. lol Especially with a perfect setup line where Max talks about Caroline treating her as "disposable". If I was the writer of that episode, I would've had Max say, "Oh, and speaking of disposable, I thought you might need these..." and hand her a pack of Pampers.
  5. Diapers4Ever

    Diapers In Non-Diaper Films....

    It's actually "Bad Girls From Valley High". Not trying to be picky, I just don't want anyone to get the wrong information.
  6. Diapers4Ever

    Las Vegas Rerun

    I am a HUGE fan of this series (still can't believe the way they ended it) and the second I saw your topic title, I knew that's what you were gonna be referencing. hehe I absolutely LOVED the way Molly said that line, but, in particular, the (momentarily) accent totally turned me on. Ordinarily she doesn't have any kind of a Southern accent (even though the actress is from Kentucky), but, for some reason, when she said that phrase, the accent just shone right through...and it was totally hot. I completely agree...she could totally do anything to me that she wanted...especially that.
  7. Diapers4Ever

    Diapers In Non-Diaper Films....

    Glad I could help! I loved the scene myself [short as it was], but I would've loved Lindsay to have been holding a baby diaper instead. hehe
  8. Diapers4Ever

    Diapers In Non-Diaper Films....

    The movie you two are thinking of is "Georgia Rule".
  9. Diapers4Ever

    Defining Diaper Moments

    I realized I've brought this topic back from the dead; my apologies in advance if that wasn't allowed. Feel free to either close this topic after my post or, if my resurrection of the topic was okay, keep on posting. 1. Earliest diaper memory I have no actual memories of being changed [though, later in life, I do remember my mom mentioning to someone (I'm thinking a doctor or psychiatrist) that I never cried while she was changing my diapers], but one memory that sticks out is when I was around 6 or 7. I was at my babysitter's and she was babysitting a girl (I'm not sure of her age, but I do remember her first name). She wanted to play "House" with me and I started to say "no", but she begged. I, true to form (i.e. never being able to say no to a woman...lol), gave in and asked her what she wanted to do. She told me I was the baby and that she would change me. I lied on the couch and she began miming the actions of a diaper change. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but that moment is, I believe, the single defining moment of this aspect of my personality. 2. The first time you realized you liked diapers I couldn't tell you the age, but I know that the defining moment was definitely when I was young. (read above. hehe) 3. Unique or memorable diapers sightings Over the years, I've actually had quite a few. I remember one time where my mom and I were swimming in my apartment's outdoor pool and we were getting ready to race from the deep end to the shallow end. Just before we started, I heard a diaper tape rip. I looked over for a split-second and saw a mother changing her baby. I looked back, shook my head [to try to avoid thinking about it] and kept going as I would had I never seen it. Another time I was at my great-grandmother's birthday party (I think it was her 90th) and there were many people there including one mother with her baby. I was outside in the hall [probably just due to boredom] and the woman came out with her baby and laid him on the couch, beginning to change his diaper. I grabbed a book and was trying to make it look like I wasn't interested in what she was doing; thankfully that worked. When my cousin came over to visit with her daughter (about 10 and a half years ago), I remember being in the living room while I could hear her daughter screaming and crying in my bedroom. Late at night, I'd asked my cousin, casually, why her daughter was so upset. She'd told me that her daughter hates it when she gets her diaper changed; she thinks it's a game and she was trying to run. I'll admit, it's kinda funny to have that memory in my head and then see how her daughter's grown and matured. Another time I remember is when my mom and I were shopping and she'd gone into the bathroom. Before she came out, there was a young woman having a conversation with her daughter (she might've been around 2; I'm no good at guessing kids' ages. lol). She was asking her if they should change her diaper, but the daughter didn't want to. Eventually the mother took her into the family room for a diaper change, though. Last August, my girlfriend was visiting from the U.S. and her and I went to the movie on Wednesday. Ordinarily the day wouldn't matter to me, but I'd found out that Wednesday was their "Stars & Strollers" day. When we came out of the first film [at around 3 PM], there were three (that's right, I said three) different diaper changes going on (simultaneously). Thankfully all the children being changed seemed to be well-behaved, though. When we walked all the way to the end of the theatre, I'd realized that we'd gone the wrong way, so we walked back. As we were walking back, I could smell the aroma of baby powder and I heard diaper tapes rip open; by then, we'd found the theatre and gone inside. Since then I've deliberately tried to avoid attending the theatre on a Wednesday because of that. Most recently [it was this year, but I'm not sure when], my mom and I were at IKEA and were in line to pay for our items. As the woman in front of us was paying, I'd heard crying. I looked around and saw that a woman was beginning a diaper change on her daughter (I'm assuming it was her daughter given the fact that she was dressed in a pink jacket). Apparently she really didn't like to be changed because the mother hadn't even taken the jacket and the daughter was crying very hard [though not screaming or anything like that]. One thing I thought was interesting (though unhygenic) was that the changing table was practically two or three feet away from the tables where people eat. I can totally get that, after a meal, a parent has to change their child in a hurry, but it's one thing to be in a rush, but it's another thing to deliberately put the changing table near where people have their lunch. 5. When you have told or confessed to someone else I told my best friend (who was also into the same thing as me so he was totally cool with it) and I told two of my ex girlfriends and my current girlfriend. My first ex was a little taken aback by it, my second ex thought it was cute and my current girlfriend told me that, not only did she understand, but she told me that she's known guys that used to do the same thing. She was eleven or twelve and she would be changing the diapers of her father's girlfriend's children and they wouldn't stop staring at her which, as she put it, drove her nuts. lol He told her that they were just watching. She knew better, though. lol 8. Discovering that there are others like you Well, I knew my best friend was into this, so that was a load off my mind, but knowing that there are other people out there who get aroused by women changing diapers makes me feel happy that I'm not so alone and such a sick freak. lol
  10. Diapers4Ever

    Seinfeld Reference, Sort Of...

    Interestingly, I read that as "listened" and didn't realize I read it wrong until you mentioned it. hehe
  11. Diapers4Ever

    Seinfeld Reference, Sort Of...

    I remember that part [and the episode]. The funny thing is, if you've got closed-captioning (or the DVD subtitles) on, during that scene, we can see that Estelle (George's mother) told little George to "stop squirming!" as she changed his diaper.
  12. Diapers4Ever

    An Interesting Observation

    Absolutely. I order a lot of DVDs online and the minute they get here, I'm rippin' into the package like a kid on Christmas morning. lol
  13. Diapers4Ever

    Lost Girl On Syfy

    Hmm, good point. lol I never thought of it like that.
  14. Diapers4Ever

    Lost Girl On Syfy

    Similar to how some people with no Russian background lay it on thick for a role? [for example, Kristen Johnston in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cAz3vXyMCk
  15. Diapers4Ever

    Raising Hope

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm guessing Virginia did the spanking? (and not Sabrina as my mind was thinking...hehe)