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  1. diaperlover

    As someone who has worn in the past and is still a supporter of anyone wanting to wear, welcome. Having lived in Central Florida for over 10 years I have seen wearing a diaper here can be great or not great. First make sure you keep an eye on your skin. With the humidity here if you stay in a wet diaper and it's humid it can cause rashes bad for at least me. So I recommend using a good ointment and powder. Second when it comes to changing it depends on your relationship with your husband. Hopefully he won't see it as a chore, rather as a way to help his wife feel happy and it grows the bond between the two of you. Third your choice to wear out in public is your choice. Pick a safe place the first time and as you grow comfortable into wearing you will just wear and not care if someone sees or hears your diaper. After all your a grownup and it is not someone else opinion of what you wear unless you allow them to influence your thoughts. I agree with other Florida diaper wearers that there is lots of us and it's great to see another one.
  2. I don't ever comment but I am here. We have here a 22 year old who decided she wanted to promote her being a little girl to the world. She did what this generation does and did not play the tape through when it comes to what are the possibilities if she goes public telling about her and her daddy. No one wants the story of two twenty something year olds who live together, but hey if we can show they have something different about them, they will. If you look at her video she posted after the story came out you can see she never thought about what could happen or what they would say. She may have done some good, and I am all for the promotion of our lifestyle, we just have to be careful of what we say and how people will look at us.
  3. Just getting back to the forums looking to meet new friends and maybe find a baby

  4. 3

    What a cute pic and shirt, I bet your daddy loves you
  5. Hey curious, Here is my biggest hug *HUG* and I hope you feel better. It will be fine and your strong and that will get you by when things get really bad. Daddy Donavan