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  1. Not Quite leeds but East Yorks lol sorta Withernsea way, just sayin "hello!" and seeing whos nearby ? Always up for a meet !! lol
  2. ironiclly yes, never started out this way being incontinent I obviously had unplanned and indeed unwanted accidents in my underwear when I 1st became incontinent which back then I hated simply for how defeated and degraded it made me feel but as times gone by, just like being in nappies Ive learnt to love it all including panty pooping, even tho Im incontinent I do know at some point in the morning I will end up pooping, bi*ch is I never know exactly when until its too late to do anything about it, however on days when I know I dont have to go out I will have what I call "free time" of sorts out of nappies and will don a pair of panties and wear them until the enevetable happens, sure Ill wet them a couple of times too but being at home its no real biggie to clean up and my pc chair has a vynil covering so its not a big problem to wipe clean, but have to say now (never would of guessed Id like this before becoming incontinent or even thought of doing it !" theres definately something exhillerating to hearing that soft crackling squelch as my panties fill then feeling that heavy load back there, then of course the ultimate feeling of it spreading like a warm hand caressing my butt etc.. when I sit down but then hearing it squish and squelch as I get up and walk, dont know why ? but it can drive me wild !!. of course having a dirty nappy can be ok too and over the years Ive more than become accustomed to having a full nappy but you only feel things moving about in a nappy not hear them also like you do in pants or panties. Either way havent made it sucessfully to the toilet full stop in 7 years so if sh*ts gonna happen I might as well make the best and enjoy it !!
  3. Yes, she does thru her own choice not mine ! hates seeing me struggle with them on my own so Im told !
  4. not me personally but relates to my full nappies, wife tells me Ive gotta "squelchy bum" when I need changing
  5. Cannesten HC cream always does the trick for me when I get rashes down there, had a particularly bad 1 last week I went to the docs with that sounds similar to what you are experiencing, everything I tried did nothing for it. In the end I was prescribed some anti biotics to take 4 times daily and given 2 tubes of Dakacort cream to use when I changed. The cream had to be kept in the fridge which made it a bit of a shock applying it as i was cold !, but within 48 hours I was pain free and back to my normal wearing habits. All signs of the rash had gone and cleared up within 4 days. If you do try the Cannesten HC cream make sure its the blue/white tube and not the red/white tube which it thrush cream as I found that made matters 10 times worse than better !!. Other 1 Ive used which is cheaper (about
  6. As for potty training ?? pffffftt no chance !! besides its all too overrated ! lol Happy Campers, wear their Pampers !! thats my motto !! lol
  7. Can relate to this all too well, being double incontinent I never know when Im wet by feel at all, only way I know is with a visual inspection ! lol had many a time Ive thought, ah great ! for once im still dry !! only to look down and be told a totally different story by my nappy !! Guess with time you just get used to things and "go with the flow" excuse the pun ! I couldnt help myself ! lol Hugs Inco
  8. This morning, same as every morning, time differs from day to day to cant be exact as........ I honestly dont know ! lol 1st Im aware of it is when I sit down and feel it squelch or when walking about can tell as my nappy feels pretty squishy and heavy. Never know when the "dirty deed" itself is taking place, I only know after its taken place !
  9. Ive already said my most memorable embarassing moment on other posts here but will say it again here It was when I 1st started having to wear for incontinence, me being the stubborn sod I am decided I knew best and didnt need to wear Nappies !. So even though in the past other accidents had happened decided I would and could cope without and went shopping unprotected for the weekly food. All was well until it came to queueing at the checkout. I didnt feel anything untoward nor had any real warning, all I felt stood there was the back of my pants expanding and what I can only describe as a warmth spreading across my bum !!. That twinned with the soft crackling/squelchy sounds coming from me told all I had just had without any warning or control a big poo in my pants !. I was horrified !, did my best to hurredly pay for my shopping and get out of there but everyone in that queue saw and heard what I had done, to make matters worse as I was leaving I started to wet as well. My pants luckily held up to their punishment and did their best to hold everything in but with my hurry to leave and the wetness from my front end accident by the time I got home I had a very noticable wet brown stain and bulge at the back !. Needless to say since that day the underwear has gone in the bin and its been nappies all the way for me!. Found out the hard way its no fun having to walk home in wet and dirty pants for 20 minutes squelching all the way with everyone looking at you!. OK point taken its not much different having to do the same in a full nappy but at least theres no wet spots or humilliating brown stains to let others know what youve done. Id sooner waddle a bit at worst and have a nappy bulge from it all than be wet for all to see etc...!! Irony of this story is I refused to wear nappies because I was afraid and paranoid of what people would think. In fact since wearing nobodys said anything to me even when Ive had a dirty nappy etc... and those who have been told I wear so far have had nothing but a positive attitude to it all !. So the 1 time I was embarrassed it was when I really needed a nappy and due to my own stupidity, didnt have one !! Hugs Inco
  10. Never used the Tranquility ......... where abouts are you if in US would have to look into shipping costs etc.... as Im in UK
  11. cant say I "like" the smell of my dirty nappy, but being double incontinent dont have a lotta choice about them happening either, Regards actually being in or having a dirty nappy ?? at 1st when I became incontinent I used to hate it and want out! but then I was like that over having to wear in general !! lol Now ? Im not so bothered, guess over time like anything being poopy you get used to it, have times now where Ive had a dirty nappy and not even known anything about it till its come to change time !! lol Hugs inco