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    Win of these adult-sized pacifiers. To enter: Like this post and reply with a comment on why you like being here! Open to those 18 and over anywhere in the world. Ends 12/10/2016. Value of prize: 8.99 - Odds vary based on number of entries. Prize supplied by Mikey. A new study says most people stop reading fine print after the first few lines, which is why I feel confident calling you a stinky-poo.
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    WARNING: this story contains wetting, heavy soiling, and some sexuality. This is more of a self-contained short story, so I probably will not be adding more to it. At 22 pages I think it is a nice length for this type of tale. In this story a young woman in her early 20s becomes infatuated with her female boss. There's accidents, on-purpose messes, spankings, and even a failed attempt at potty training! ~ The Boss And Her Baby a story by AMRose ~ Part 1: Fresh Start Eileen was always a short girl. Even as an adult everyone towered over her. Her shoulders and chest were narrow and her hips were wide, making her bottom heavy. She always styled her hair into a tight bun in the back, preferring to keep most of it out of the way. Her bangs in the front were cut just above the eyebrows. Less than five feet tall, even in heels, she was determined to prove herself. She didn't want to just be seen as some cute little waif. She knew she was valuable and her work would speak for itself. During high school she had attempted to make friends with the other girls. It was a constant struggle to keep up with them. Being a late bloomer in middle school she had wanted to use high school as a fresh start. Things did not go so smoothly for her though. In her first year, during history class, she was not allowed a bathroom break, and she wet her pants. People jokingly called her a baby before because of how small she was, but after that incident the teasing was relentless. She would forever be known as the girl who pissed her pants in history class. It was terrible for her self-esteem, but it strengthened her resolve. She would reinvent herself the moment she was out of high school. She would make something of herself. Eileen walked down the hall of the massive building. She made it through her first year of engineering school being generally unnoticed, but now it was time for her to start her internship job at this new company called Leafletter. She had heard that the company was founded and still being run by a ruthless businesswoman, Ms Lenore Mayweather. Perhaps she would make good at the company and catch this woman's attention. Naturally, Eileen thought, a hard-nosed feminist like Mayweather surely understood another woman's struggles in the business world. Sometimes she would see Ms Mayweather while walking through the long hallways of the building. The woman was tall and imposing. Being over six feet tall she had dwarfed little Eileen more than most people did. Eileen was afraid to admit it, but she found this strong woman appealing in more ways than one. Sure, she respected her for everything she had done in the competitive business world, but she was also astoundingly attractive. Eileen was a curious girl, but she never thought she might be gay. Ms Mayweather is someone she would not mind having a homosexual experience with though. Having low self-esteem she figured a woman like that was out of her league anyway. Besides, she never really gave off this vibe like she was a sexual creature anyway. She just looked hot. One chance with her would be thrilling, but how could she ever get that chance? No, for now she just stuck to herself. Relationships, with anyone really, would have to take a backseat to her professional career. Eileen was starting at the bottom, and her manager at this level was an insecure little man that thought little of her. This new life was safe, but it was also boring. Unfortunately it would not be boring for long. Despite her best efforts, Eileen was having too many close calls during the day. She was getting a little cocky, thinking she could hold it in better than she could when she was a kid and teen. Still, she'd be rushing down the hallways at the last moment, only just making it in time and going in the toilet. The fancy suit she wore was her mother's. It was out of fashion, but that wasn't the point. It meant something to her. If she ruined this suit it would be devastating and not just because of the humiliating accident. She had to be more careful. One unfortunate morning, Eileen had overslept and arrived to work about two minutes late. She was not able to go through her morning routine. Her hair had not been done, so instead of the tight bun it was a lazily pulled back ponytail. She had to eat a cold pop-tart while she drove to work and drink a bottle of warm water. The worst part is that she did not even get to use the bathroom. She resolved to use the women's bathroom first thing when she punched in at work. The only problem was her mild tardiness was noticed by the weary manager on her floor. Instead of getting a break, the man ordered Eileen to her desk and to get started. She didn't feel like she was in any position to argue. It was just two minutes, but she still felt bad about it. She tried to simply concentrate on her work, frantically typing away at her desk. She wiped her brow, feeling anxious. Her body began to tense up. Someone was looming over her. Taking a cautious turn of her head she saw that beautiful woman, Ms Mayweather. "What happened today, Eileen?" the woman kept a strict but caring tone as she spoke to the little lady. "You're usually so punctual." "Just overslept." Eileen responded, looking back to her screen and avoiding eye contact. "Um, I'm sorry." "Well there's no need to apologize. Just do your job." "Yes ma'am, miss, uh uh, Ms Mayweather." Hearing Eileen stammer like that caused Lenore Mayweather to crack a smile. She silently left the young woman's work station, but she allowed her gaze to linger as she walked away. She would be keeping an eye on this girl. Time seemed to move slowly now. Eileen was becoming visibly agitated. She crossed, uncrossed, and re-crossed her legs, over and over. The pressure on her bladder was building. Some stray drops of urine leaked out, dampening her panties but not becoming visible on her dark skirt just yet. It was getting urgent and if she waited too long now it would be too late. She figured she got enough work done to take her bathroom break now. She stood at her desk and looked about like a prairie dog. Great, no one was looking. She slipped away from the work station and made her long walk down the hall to the women's bathroom. By now Eileen was walking funny. Her thighs were pressed together as she took small but quick footsteps. She didn't want to have an accident, not here, not now! She didn't want to have an accident after all she had done to this point, building herself up. It started to happen anyway. First it was a small trickle. The piss dribbled out from her slit, dampening her panties more than they already were. Eileen had no choice but to run now. Piss was flowing down her legs, rivulets streaking her pantyhose. Her footsteps made wet squishing noises as they became filled with her piss. She was leaving a dotted trail behind her of stained carpet. She shoved some other girl out of the way as she raced into the women's bathroom and made a beeline for the first stall. She yanked down her panties around her ankles, spraying piss everywhere and even getting it on her skirt. She raised her skirt and sat on the toilet. By the time she was on the toilet though the stream was but a mere drip. She felt like crying, but she held back those tears. She sat on the toilet, looking at her panties. There was an unmistakable yellowish stain from the bottom of the crotch to the back. She slipped her feet out of her boots. Raising her butt off the toilet slightly she poured the piss out of each boot into the bowl. Eileen sobbed, not knowing what to do. There was piss all over her clothes, making visible stains on her pantyhose and skirt. Maybe she could just sit in the bathroom until her clothes dried? Before she knew it, the sound of high heels were clacking into the bathroom. "Did somebody piss on the floor?" it was Lenore, her boss! She followed the wet trail into the bathroom. Eileen got quiet as she stood in the stall, frozen in fear. "I know someone's in there." her voice was just outside the stall door. "Come on, I can see your feet. Just come out here so we can talk." The woman's tone made Eileen feel strange. It was commanding, but at the same time there was a familiar comfort that came with hearing it. A warmth was spreading through her even as she pulled the now cold wet panties back up. She bashfully opened the stall door to look out at Ms Mayweather. "Ah, the new one. Eileen, is it? Is this going to be a continuing problem?" she asked bluntly. "N-no!" the shocked girl said, ducking slightly behind the door like a scared child, "I was in a rush this morning and I didn't even get to use the bathroom before I left otherwise I would have gotten here even later and I'm really sorry this wont happen again!" Lenore smirked at the long run-on sentence. She sighed and rolled her eyes back. "Why don't I believe you?" As the tall woman said this, Eileen's heart sank. She was being chewed out like some small child! Her face was turning redder by the minute. Lenore could see the shame washing over the girl, which only seemed to make her smile more. "Look, come with me. I might have some spare clothes for you in my office." This all seemed so unexpected for Eileen. She was sure that she would be making the walk of shame back to her car and would probably be fired. Lenore took off her jacket and tied it around Eileen's waist. It was the kindest anyone had ever treated her, besides her own mother. "Jesus," Eileen thought, "she is like my mother." Though this made her more embarrassed there was a comforting feeling to having someone care this much. She didn't fight it. She followed right behind the taller woman as she lead her through the building, heading for her private office. For the most part people ignored the two women walking through the hallways and work stations of the building. Coming to the large office at the end of the building Lenore locked the door behind them. She untied the jacket from around Eileen and took a good long look at her. "Just look at you. You're soaked!" Lenore started, "Why didn't you go use the potty?" "Wha- what?" Eileen stammered. "You heard me. The potty was right down the hall. You could have gone and saved yourself the embarrassment, but now you're covered in pee pee!" "It wasn't my fault! Seriously!" "Whose fault could it be? No one was holding you down and forcing you to wet your pants, were they?" "No..." "Then explain yourself." Lenore made good points. Just as a mommy would. Eileen got quiet. Her face was red. She could feel a warm blush that touched her cheeks and even down to her shoulders. This was the most shame she felt since she was a child, but now that she was an adult there were other feelings coming over her. Having a tall sexy woman chew her out must have been some deep dark fantasy she never knew about. Her pussy was warming inside the cold, damp panties. After a while of not hearing a response Ms Lenore Mayweather grabbed Eileen's arm and pulled hard. Eileen let out a tiny gasp as she watched her boss sit down. Lenore set Eileen over her lap, ass raised. Suddenly there was a loud smack as her hand came down upon Eileen's bottom. Eileen tried to say "no" or "stop" but all that came out was a breathy gasp for air. She was spanked more. Each smack to her bottom was a sensual experience. She never had any girlfriends or boyfriends. She never felt this way before at all! She had tears going down her face from the shame and pain of it all, but she was secretly enjoying it. Lenore left one more hard smack on Eileen's butt before she stopped. She helped Eileen stand and looked into her eyes. "Take off your clothes, young lady. I will have them washed and returned to you later." Lenore held out her hand, expecting to be given the clothes. Eileen found herself timidly undressing in front of the woman. First her top came off, then her skirt, pantyhose, and panties. She slipped out of her soggy boots as well. Lenore stood there and continued to hold each article of clothing until Eileen was only in a bra. "All of it." barked Lenore. Eileen reached behind herself, unhooking her bra. Lenore walked away, carrying the soggy clothing, underwear, and boots to a nearby closet where she set them inside. Eileen just had to stand in the middle of the room, which had a comfortable temperature, but it was still awkward to be completely naked at her place of work. She crossed her arms over her little tits. Wisps of pubic hair decorated her crotch, just above her slit in a V shape, like they were pointing towards her privates. Her shoulders and chest were weak and by comparison her rear and thighs were larger. After what felt like forever Lenore finally came back with a new stack of clothing in her hands. She set them on her desk. The statuesque woman sauntered over to Eileen and swept her arms under her, carrying her like a bride towards the top of her desk where she set her down. Eileen's eyes were wide. No one had ever carried her like that since she was a toddler! Eileen heard a ripping noise and soon realized what it was when she felt something cool and soothing against her wet skin. It was baby wipes. Lenore was wiping down the pissy girl with such gentle care. She then lifted a large white cloth, letting Eileen look at it and soon figure out what it was. This was a diaper. "Wait a minute-" Eileen was about to speak. Lenore put one finger to the girl's lips. As if by magic that made her turn quiet right away. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the ankles and lifted her, making it simple to slip the diaper under the girl's butt before setting her back down. Lenore parted the girl's legs and then applied a generous powdering of talc around the crotch and butt. She used her hand to rub the baby powder into Eileen's skin. She dusted her hands off, clapping them together. She then pulled the front of the diaper up over Eileen's crotch and taped the tabs together at each side. Eileen was now in a thick adult diaper, but it wasn't over yet. Lenore pulled a T-shirt over Eileen's head. She then put on a pair of lavender colored overalls. Eileen was just going with this for now. Her new outfit looked so cute! Lenore put the finishing touches on, knit socks with tiny kittens on them, and some clunky red sneakers that were a bit too big. Lenore muttered something about having to get shoes to fit Eileen's tiny feet. She helped the big diapered girl stand and look at herself. "You're going to stay in my office from now on. When you come in I expect you to head right over here and do your work right beside me so I can keep an eye on you. I know you'll be a much better asset to this company if you have fewer distractions." As Lenore spoke in her stern but caring tone Eileen just nodded along. When the lecture was finished Eileen rushed to Lenore and hugged her. Lenore pat the girl on the back. "O-kay, o-kay." Lenore sighed, letting the girl hug her. "Well since you don't have your desk in here right now why don't you just sit in Mommy's lap while she does her work?" Eileen felt a jolt of pleasure travel through her body when Lenore called herself 'Mommy.' She didn't argue. Once Lenore sat down, Eileen got right in her lap. She had to lean to the side. Despite being small, she was still adult-sized. Lenore smiled as she felt Eileen nuzzle into her neck while she worked. "Sorry about everything." Eileen muttered. "There's no need to apologize. You're just a little girl and you couldn't hold it." Lenore said back. "The important thing is that now you know to stay with Mommy so there are no more accidents on my nice carpets." Eileen couldn't help but smile. The day seemed to move much faster now. She cuddled her new "Mommy" while wiggling around to feel the thick diapers rubbing against her. It made her feel a bit awkward, but she had to give in to these new desires. It just felt too good. Eileen stayed in her boss's office for the rest of the day. It was safe there, and she felt better than she ever felt before. Could this really be her life now? Had she really worked this hard only to end up right back where she started? Just an overgrown baby girl that needs diapers. Part 2: Going Home By the time the work day was over Eileen had fallen asleep in Lenore's lap. Lenore jostled Eileen awake. Eileen's eyes shot open and she looked nervous. She fell asleep and that meant she probably wet herself! She reached down, grabbing her crotch and feeling the damp diaper between her legs. Lenore threw her head back and chuckled. "Relax. That's what your diapers are for. I figured you must be a bedwetter." Lenore stood and set Eileen back on her feet. "Do you wish to go home by yourself, or do you want to come back to Mommy's place?" She asked so casually. Eileen had to think about it. She stared at her feet before finally speaking up. "Could I change my diaper first?" she asked. "Well that depends on whether or not you're going home by yourself." Eileen kept her gaze down. Going home with Ms Mayweather sounded like a dream come true. She just never thought her first time sleeping over with someone would be like this. Lenore was growing impatient, tapping her foot as she waited for an answer. Finally Eileen agreed to have the woman drive her home. Lenore smiled, grabbing her coat and briefcase. She nodded in the direction of her personal closet. "I had someone wash your suit and clean out your boots. Go grab them would you?" Eileen's face turned red again. Some stranger saw her accident! She just hoped no one recognized the clothing as hers. Her anxiety faded when she felt Lenore's hand on her back, guiding her. The motherly touch was just what she needed. Eileen picked up the bag that had her things in it and followed Lenore out. The office was mostly empty at this time of day, but some people still saw them walking towards the parking lot. Eileen was grateful that they didn't have to walk far. The boss always got the best parking spot, naturally. Lenore opened the passenger side door, having Eileen step in. The woman then locked Eileen into the seat, clicking the belt buckle for her. Lenore got into the car herself and drove off. As Eileen looked out the window watching the world zip by she got the urge to suck to her thumb. It was something she did a lot as a child whenever she became overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by things like having a big public accident. She resisted, thinking about all the times she was called a baby. Her thumb was inches from her mouth before she let her hands rest back in her lap. Even though she was dressed in overalls and a thick diaper she still asserted that, in her mind, she was an adult, not a child. Lenore had played some lullaby music on the stereo. Combined with the view of the window and the gentle motion of the car Eileen fell asleep again. Eileen awoke when Lenore opened the door on her passenger side. Lenore unbuckled the girl's seatbelt and lifted her out of the car. She carried her like a small child towards the quaint looking house. Eileen wondered why someone as rich and powerful as Lenore Mayweather lived in such a little home, but when she looked around she noticed just how secluded the land was. Lenore apparently owned all this land and kept to herself. It was a quiet, peaceful place to be. Once inside Lenore set Eileen down on her feet and motioned with her hand. "Go ahead and explore. I'm just going to bring some things in and then I'll get that diaper changed." When Lenore said this, Eileen blushed a little. She had forgotten that she peed herself. She felt her crotch and wondered if she wet herself more during her nap. The diaper did feel kind of warm again. She waddled her way through the house, poking around into the kitchen first and then going down the hall. She found the bathroom. Dare she use it now? She took a few steps in when she was stopped by Lenore's strong arm, pulling her back. "ah ah ah," Lenore warned, "the toilet is only for big girls." With that she lifted Eileen up again, carrying her away from the bathroom. Eileen whined and pouted as she was carried off. Lenore opened a door, revealing an adorable pastel colored room. It was like some little girl's room with pictures of unicorns on the walls, a bunch of stuffed animals, a princess bed with bars on the side, and in the middle of the room was a table with a cushioned top. Beside the table was a diaper pail and an adult-sized potty chair. Eileen was taken out of her overalls and then sat on the table. Eileen had heard that Lenore was single and childless. In all her years there was never a mention of her having any kids. Eileen figured that an independent woman like Lenore just didn't need children, but perhaps having adult children was something that helped filled that having-it-all space in her life. Before she knew it her diaper was open and she was being wiped. "Someone just couldn't resist using their new diapers, huh? So much pee pees." Lenore commented as she slid the baby wipes over the girl's butt. She used some more wipes to clean off her crotch. Lenore's hand lingered for a bit too long over Eileen's privates. She finally let go of her, dropping used wipes into the used diaper before crumpling it up. She opened a tall metal cylinder and put the pissy diapers into it. It must have been the diaper pail. Lenore grabbed something from under the changing table. She showed it to Eileen, a pretty and pink pull-up, sized for a girl Eileen's height and build. It was decked out in Disney princess decorations across the front panel. "Now Eileen, darling, we are going to start from square one and try potty training you again. You'll wear these training panties while at my house and at the office. Instead of going to the toilet you will be starting at the potty chair. If you manage to do well with the potty training only then will you be allowed to use the toilet again." Lenore finished her speech by pulling the training pants up Eileen's waist. Eileen never felt more ashamed of herself in her life. She was grateful that Ms Lenore Mayweather was the only one who knew about this right now, but all of this was a major step back for Eileen who worked so hard to be taken seriously. Eileen was dressed back up in her overalls and set back down on the floor. Lenore smiled, patting the girl on the head. "I think we're going to get along just fine, little girl." Lenore showed Eileen through the rest of the house, explaining where she could and could not go. She stopped at the living room, having Eileen sit down in front of the television. She turned it on and then placed a DVD into the player. Eileen watched a cute and colorful cartoon playing, showing a ballerina dancing around in what looked like a diaper. The title read "Potty Training For Teens And Big Girls." Eileen frowned. She usually liked cartoons but now she was going to be forced to watch this? Lenore pat Eileen's head again. "Be a good girl and watch the movie while Mommy makes dinner." Eileen pouted, looking at the screen. It was just like any other potty training video except all the characters were adults. The narrator explained scenarios that seemed all to familiar to Eileen. Ignoring her body's urges, holding it for too long, laziness, and even stubbornness to use the potty. That last one brought back some memories. She did seem to recall that when she was three, almost entering her fourth birthday, her parents were still struggling to potty train her because she refused to give up her diapers. Eileen blushed as he thought about this. Was she really that much of a big baby? Why was she such a late bloomer? On the video the narrator explained that many "big girls" refuse the potty because of the pleasurable sensation of a dirty diaper. Eileen perked up at this. She felt her face warming with blush at the thought that she might enjoy how her diapers felt. Was this really something she longed for this whole time without knowing it? No, she couldn't accept that. She was a big girl! She just had accidents. As the video showed a grown woman getting her diaper changed Eileen felt a warmth distributing from between her legs. Her pussy tingled at the thought of being changed by Lenore just like the woman in this video. She tried to shake these feelings, but she couldn't. All her life she just tried to grow up, not grow down. Maybe she was being made to realize these feelings always existed deep inside her, and maybe Ms Lenore Mayweather was just more knowledgeable about these things. "I hope you learned something, little girl." Lenore said, surprising Eileen by appearing right behind her. She turned off the DVD for now. She puts her hands under Eileen's arms and helped her stand back up. She walked her to the kitchen. It smelled so good in there. On the dining room table was a big meal laid out for her. Eileen never really learned how to cook herself. She was the type of person to just microwave something. Eileen thought Lenore was amazing. She ran a whole business and still had time to be a mom. Still blushing from earlier Eileen sat at the table and felt the deepest gratitude towards her boss. "Thank you, Mommy. This looks really good." Eileen kept her gaze down. "I'm glad you think so, but it still looks like something is bugging you, kiddo." Lenore said, sitting across from Eileen and holding her hand. "It's just that... I could never do what you do. You're like my hero. I wish I could be you." Eileen bit her lip. "Hey..." Lenore leaned in and raised Eileen's chin with her thumb, "you're just a kid, and I don't just mean that because you're not potty trained. I will admit I've accomplished a lot for my age, but people like me are one in a million. You still have your whole life to accomplish all your goals." Eileen's heart fluttered. The encouragement from Lenore had her over the moon. Now unable to contain a large smile growing on her face Eileen felt she could get through this momentary hurdle. She ate her dinner quietly, sitting across from her hero, and actually feeling good about herself. After dinner, Lenore cleaned up and let Eileen wander around to do whatever she wanted, as long as it was within the house rules. Eileen knew that meant to stay out of certain rooms of the house. She waddled around, crinkling loudly underneath her clothes. She entered her adorable bedroom and looked for something to occupy her time. Searching through the stuffed animals she found a stuffed giraffe and a kitty with a frilly dress on. She sat on the floor and started playing with the stuffed animals, imagining a whole back story where they started dating and were in love with each other. As she made kissy sounds and pressed the animals' faces together she looked across the room at the changing table. She noticed that there were several pairs of diapers and pull-ups all stacked neatly. If she ever wanted to take one they were right there. She then looked at that plastic potty chair. She had never seen one that big before. It was a smaller and lower to the ground than a toilet, but it was still obviously bigger than a normal child's potty chair. Eileen stood up and walked towards the potty, lifting the lid and putting her hands all over it to inspect it. She realized how badly she had to pee just then. Normally she'd be holding it until the last minute, but with Lenore in the house she wanted to show her that she could use the potty like a big girl. "Mommy!" Eileen called out. She heard Lenore's footsteps coming to her room. "What do you need, baby?" Lenore looked down at Eileen standing by the potty chair. She smiled, "You want to try your potty?" Eileen gave a nod. Lenore got on her knees and helped Eileen out of her overalls. She pulled them down around her ankles. "Okay, show me what you learned from the video." Lenore said, watching. Eileen wasn't paying attention to the part where the girls were actually using the potties, but she was smart enough to know this part anyway. Eileen pulled down her training panties. She stood there, naked from the waist down now, just looking at the seat of the potty. She lifted the lid and then sat down. She was worried she might have a hard time going with Lenore standing there. It turned out to not be a problem at all. A jet stream of piss was erupting for her, making a loud piddling noise as it went into the bowl of the potty. The sound of pee hitting hard plastic echoed inside the potty chair. Eileen blushed a little, but part of her was proud to show her new mommy that she was going like a "big girl." Lenore clapped her hands "Good girl, Eileen! I'm going to put a happy face on your potty training chart!" Lenore kissed Eileen on the head. Once the stream died down Lenore put her hand on Eileen's shoulder "All done? Don't have to go anymore?" Eileen shook her head. Reaching under the changing table, Lenore handed Eileen the toilet paper. Eileen stood up and wiped her privates and then put the used paper into the potty chair. She then put the lid back down on the seat. It felt funny to be proud of something she already knew how to do, but considering the accident she had at work this was a small victory today. Perhaps going back to potty training was going to be good for her. The rest of the day Eileen was so happy and proud. She was so enthusiastic as she played with her toys. Any feelings of shame and inadequacy were washed away by Lenore's kindness and encouragement. As the day was coming to a close Lenore stripped Eileen out of her current outfit and got out her onesie. Eileen actually liked the onesie. It was comfortable. Lenore showed Eileen over to the princess bed, pulling the crib bars down on one side so she could climb in. She showed her how to pull the bars up and down just in case she needed to potty in the middle of the night. "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Eileen asked boldly as she climbed into the bed. She looked up pitifully as Lenore pulled the covers up to Eileen's chin and tucked her in. "You're too young for that, baby. Maybe when you're older. Besides, you and know both know how much of a bedwetting risk you are." Lenore kissed Eileen on the forehead. "Now goodnight, my baby girl. We have a big day at work tomorrow." Eileen was sad that she couldn't get closer to Lenore just yet. God, she loved her. She wanted to kiss her, touch her body. She was pretty sure now she was gay, at least for her. Her light was turned off and the room was only lit up by the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Sitting in bed and trying to sleep she thought about all the things she would like to do to Lenore. She put her hands under the covers and started to rub her crotch through her pajamas and pull-ups. In the quiet of the room all she could hear was the crinkle of those training panties as she played with herself. ~ Eileen awoke the next morning. It was still dark and according to the kitty clock on the wall it was way too early. All that napping she did yesterday must have helped her wake up early today. Normally she was the type of person to oversleep. She thought about going right back to bed when she suddenly felt a pain down below. She had to poop and it had to come out right now. She reached for the bars of the little converted crib bed and was about to get out when she got an idea. Maybe just this once she could mess her diaper and pretend it was an accident. She remembered back when she was four years old, deliberately going poop in her pants because it felt so good. She remembered how much trouble she got into for doing that too. Well now she was an adult, and no one was going to stop her. Even if she got in trouble with Lenore she could still try to pass it off as an accident. Her heart was pounding as she thought about what she was about to do. Sitting up straight in the bed she used her arms to raise her bottom up slightly. She scrunched up her face, pushing. She felt the poop as it came out, going into the back of her training pants. The sensation of having that warm, lumpy mess touching her crack and cheeks flooded her with nostalgic feelings. She lowered her bottom back down onto the bed and felt the poop getting smashed around inside the pull-up. She still had to go, so she pushed out the rest of the logs, feeling them creep up the back of her training panties. She worried now that she was going overboard, but it was too late to stop now. She sighed and laid back on the bed, enjoying her messy panties. As a child, the sensation of pooping her pants was just comfortable and satisfying, but as an adult pooping her pants there was a surprisingly erotic quality to it. Her privates tingled excitedly. She just had to reach down and play with herself. She placed her hands over her crotch and grinded the soft material of her trainers against her flesh. She much preferred completely outer stimulation when masturbating, so she didn't even have to undress. This was even better than when she played with herself last night. The feeling of a mess on her ass gave her some extra stimulation. After what felt like only ten minutes she heard the door to her bedroom click. She pulled her blanket back up and pretended she had been sleeping. Lenore walked into the room, wrinkling her nose. "Hey, stinky, get up." Lenore said in a commanding voice. "What? What is it?" Eileen muttered, pretending she just got up. "Don't play that game with me, sweetheart. I know you've been awake. Now get out of bed and let me see those panties." Lenore's tone was really stern right now. How much did she know, and how could she possibly know it? Eileen pulled down the bars on the side of her bed and crawled out. She stood in front of Lenore as the woman unzipped the onesie and yanked it off. Lenore shook her head. "There's poop everywhere!" she shouted. Eileen gasped. She looked down, genuinely surprised. The poop has indeed come out of the leg bands and coated her thighs. It also got on the inside of the onesie. "I didn't know, honest! It was an accident!" Eileen tried to excuse herself. "Little lady, this is no accident. There was a potty chair right there and you chose to poop yourself instead of using it!" Lenore did not raise her voice. She just sounded disappointed. Eileen actually felt guilty. Damn, Lenore was even good at guilt tripping like a mom does! Lenore sighed and pulled down the soiled panties carefully. "These are only meant for small accidents, but you just completely shit all over them." Lenore dropped the soiled training panties into the diaper pail. A teary eyed Eileen grabbed onto Lenore's night gown. "Mommy, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to..." Eileen whimpered. "I'm sorry too, because now I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Lenore grabbed Eileen, spinning her around. She wiped her ass clean roughly with the baby wipes as Eileen stood there naked. Once she was clean enough Lenore sat on the bed and pulled Eileen over her lap. The smaller girl's eyes went wide. No way, Lenore isn't really going to do this, is she? Just then she felt the woman's open palm smack against her bare bottom. Eileen howled at the first impact. She kicked her feet and begged Lenore to stop, but she continued. SMACK! the hand came down again. "Are you going to fib again?" Eileen shook her head. SMACK, another contact with her bottom. "And next time you'll try and poop in the potty?" Eileen nodded. She was spanked two more times before Lenore let up. Eileen's cheeks were red and burning now. She wouldn't soon forget her lesson. Lenore squirted baby oil onto her palm and then rubbed it over Eileen's cheeks and between her crack. Eileen winced a little at the feeling. Her bottom was still stinging from the spanking. Lenore patted down Eileen's crotch with some oil, reminding the girl of how she was just masturbating earlier. Eileen was mortified, but she still wished she had the chance to finish playing with herself. Lenore tugged the new training panties up around Eileen's waist. "Next time you poop your panties on purpose you are going back to diapers for a month, got it?" Lenore warned the girl. Eileen nodded quickly in agreement. Lenore started dressing Eileen again. She still gave her a childish T-shirt and overalls instead of her conservative suit she usually wore to the office. Eileen wanted to resist, but given how much hot water she was in the girl wasn't about to kick up another fuss. Lenore gathered the clothes from last night as well as the dirty onesie, sending them to the laundry room. She started up the washing machine. "As soon as the wash is done and the clothes are in the dryer we are leaving." Lenore told the girl. She lead Eileen to the kitchen and heated up a toaster pastry for her. She set it on a plate. "Let that cool and don't burn your mouth, sweetie." Eileen didn't need to be told that, she thought. She shouldn't have needed someone to tell her not to poop her pants either, but she still did that. Eileen sighed, blowing on the pasty and taking careful, tiny bites. ~ The ride to work was a little tense. Lenore seemed upset still, despite keeping her cool. The woman looked over at the girl, all decked out in her cutesy kiddie clothes. She smiled a little. "Sorry, honey. You know I'm just trying to help... Sometimes when you are bad Mommy needs to spank. You know I love you, right?" Eileen was surprised. Did she really say she loved her? Even if she meant like how a mother loves a daughter that was still enough for her. Eileen swallowed and then nodded in Lenore's direction. Lenore chuckled and reached over to pat Eileen's head. Coming into work today felt weird. Not just because of the night she spent with Lenore, but also because of the fact she was dressed like a toddler, walking past her old employees. Eileen ducked her head down and walked close to Lenore, not wanting anyone to see her. They might still notice she's not at her usual desk though. Maybe they'll think she is simply a niece of Lenore's as long as they don't see her face. She was short enough to pass as a teenager or a tween. Lenore shut the door behind them and sat at her desk. She picked up her phone. "Kathy?" Lenore spoke to her administrative assistant, "Ah there you are, could you bring in the potty chair from storage? Yes, I have a little one visiting again. Thank you so much." Lenore pressed another button on her phone. "Tony? Could you bring in that pink learning desk from the loading station? Uh huh, the cute one with the flowers on the side. Thanks." She then hung up the phone. Eileen gulped, looking nervous. People were going to come in here. Worse yet, one of them would be coming with a potty chair! Eileen scampered behind Lenore. The woman looks over her shoulder. "Now now, why don't you say hello to Aunty Kathy when she gets here..." Lenore stands and brings Eileen back around to the front of the desk. "And make sure you tell her thank you." Eileen stood there, anticipating more ridicule and humiliation. Of course Kathy was the first person to enter the private office, putting the larger than normal potty chair down in the middle of the room. "Why hello there, little girl, what's your name?" Kathy said. She clearly knew this was an adult. Eileen blushed and looked away. "Her name is Eileen." Lenore answered for her "Eileen, honey, what do we say?" "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen mumbled. Kathy bent forward. "Don't be embarrassed. I had a little sister that was a late bloomer too. Didn't stop wetting the bed until she was old enough to drive." Kathy assured Eileen. It didn't really make Eileen any less embarrassed, but it was kind of Kathy to try. Almost as soon as Kathy had left, Tony came in, wheeling the childish looking desk into the room. It was pink with flowers painted on the side just like Lenore said there would be. There were little distracting buttons and knobs on the desk too. They didn't do anything useful other than make noise and look cute. The desk was essentially an adult-sized busybox. Tony tipped his hat to the two ladies and winked at Eileen before leaving the office. Lenore got out the spare laptop from her desk and put it on Eileen's new desk. She pulled up an extra chair for her and had her sit down. "Now I expect you to work hard today, sweetie! Make Mommy proud." Lenore kissed Eileen on the head and went to her own adult desk. Eileen started up the laptop and began her work, logging into her company account. This new environment was perfect for her. Eileen was able to get a lot of work done today. When she needed to pee all she had to do was walk right over to the potty chair which was only a couple feet away from her. Whenever she was bored and waiting for something to process, she could play with the interactive things on her desk. Work was actually fun now! By the middle of the day Eileen had a large grin plastered on her face, swinging her feet from her chair. Eileen had finished more work today than she had before. There was clearly something to this treatment that Lenore was giving her. ~ When the work day was done, Lenore praised Eileen for being such a big girl. She made sure to point out the marked improvement in her workload as well as the greatly improved potty skills. Lenore showed Eileen the potty chart app on her phone which, despite one frowny face, had some other smiley faces on it for the times she managed to go in her potty chair at work. Eileen blushed, but she still felt proud. Lenore picked up Eileen and carried her out of the building. Eileen has happy to be carried after such a long day. She still buried her face into Lenore's shoulder, worried people might see her. She didn't really hear any murmuring or gossip though. During the car ride, Eileen had noticed they were not taking the usual way home. Confused and a little nervous she looked at Lenore for an explanation. Lenore just gave a sly look and winked at her. Soon enough the car was parked outside a building. A large colorful sign displayed the words "Klasky's Ice Cream." Lenore helped Eileen out of the car. It was one thing to be dressed like this at home or in her boss's private office, but this was a public place! Still, Lenore was also showing a kind gesture by taking Eileen out for ice cream. She did like ice cream. The shy girl stood behind Lenore as they entered the shop and stood in line. Lenore pulled Eileen out front. "Now Eileen, you have to tell them what flavor and toppings you want!" Lenore cooed, patting her butt to usher her forward to the front counter. Eileen got a bowl of vanilla and ended up asking for lots of different candy toppings. She went a little overboard, but she figured that she should get a treat considering what she had to endure. Lenore laughed and kissed Eileen's cheek. "Someone's got a sweet tooth!" she teased. Lenore got a more sensible small cup herself with no toppings. She sat at a booth with Eileen, watching her eat her ice cream and get it on her face. Lenore used a napkin to wipe around Eileen's mouth which made her whimper and whine, turning her face away. She sat still once she realized that resisting like that would only make her look more childish so she sat still the next time she got her face wiped clean. "Before we go, do you need to use the toilet, sweetie?" Lenore asked point blank, right in the middle of the shop where anyone could hear her. "No! Geez, why'd you have to ask me that right now?" Eileen's face was red hot. "I had to make sure. You know how hard it can be for you to hold it." Lenore said, not caring about discretion. Eileen groaned, lowering her head into her arms. She looked around to see if anyone had been listening in. Naturally a couple at a table across from them was looking over. They must've heard something! Eileen continued to feel embarrassed. Lenore held Eileen's hand. "You want to go home?" she leans in close. "N-not yet. I'm going to finish my ice cream." Eileen went back to eating, trying to pretend the humiliating exchange never happened. Naturally, she did have to pee, but she wasn't about to let Lenore be right. Not now after she just humiliated her like that. The car ride home wasn't so bad at first, but the longer they were in traffic the more pressure Eileen felt on her bladder. She squirmed in her seat, trying not to look like he needed to pee. She tried to subtly put her hands between her legs, bending forward as she did. The attempt to hide her desperation only drew more attention to her, making her look more childish. Lenore smirked. "You shouldn't play with yourself in the car, Eileen." Lenore teased, knowing full well the girl just had a full bladder. When Lenore parked in front of her house, Eileen darted out of the car. She waited outside the front door, groping her crotch and bouncing in place. Lenore took a medium stride up the door and opened it. Before Eileen could rush by though, Lenore grabbed her for a big hug. She spun around, holding Eileen close. "Thank you for a very productive and fun day, Eileen!" Lenore praised the girl, squeezing her against her body. Eileen whined. "Peeee!" she cried out. A loud hissing came from her pants as she soaked her pull-ups. Lenore set Eileen back on her feet and looked at the girl as she helplessly peed on herself. The pull-ups did their job this time, holding back the piss from soaking into the overalls. Still it was obvious from Eileen's face and body language what she was doing. Also the faint sound coming from her crotch was a dead giveaway as well. Eileen pouted at Lenore. "All right, sweetie. That one was my fault, I won't count it." Lenore smirked and patted Eileen on the butt. Eileen did a funny waddle to her bedroom, which made Lenore giggle. The woman followed her wet little girl to the room to change her into a clean pair of training pants. Part 3: Getting Naughty Eileen woke up feeling fresh. Her training pants were actually dry this morning! She walked up to her potty chair, pulling off her onesie and then tugging down her trainers. She lifted the lid and sat on the potty, sighing as a peed into it. She couldn't wait to tell her mommy! There was another reason for her to be happy. It was the weekend. Now she could spend all day just being a little girl and not having to worry about anyone looking at her or judging her. The bedroom door opened up and Eileen smiled excitedly, pointing at the potty to indicate she actually used it this time. "Hey, Eileen, I'm sorry but I need to come into work today." Lenore said. Eileen's heart sank and she slouched on the potty chair. "Oh baby, don't be sad. It'll only be for a couple hours. I just need to take care of an emergency. I have to run a tight ship, you know." "But, Mommy, I don't wanna go today! It's my day off." Eileen stood up, wiping herself. Lenore's face twisted as she thought. She rubbed her chin. "Well, Eileen. I can't really get a babysitter here on such short notice. Are you sure I can trust you to be all by yourself today?" "Yes, of course!" Eileen said. "I didn't become a total baby, I'm still an adult here." "Yeah, you say that, but I've changed your diapers a lot in the past couple days." Lenore remarked. "Fine. Just this once you're on your own. You call me if anything happens though. You can have a cold Pop Tart for breakfast, but I don't want you using the toaster." Eileen pumped her fist once Lenore turned away and whispered a quiet "yes" to herself. As Lenore walked out the front door, Eileen raced after her. She opened the door and shouted from the doorway. "I went on the potty this morning! Don't forget to put that on my chart!" Lenore waved from her car and then got in. Eileen watched her mommy pull away to head back to work and leave her all alone for a few hours. She hoped that Lenore would remember. Eileen sighed. She looked around the empty house and then shouted "paaaar-tyyy!" she ran up and down the hallways, yelling like a hyperactive child. She knew exactly how silly this looked, but she was alone so she did not care. She hopped on the couch, dancing around wearing nothing but pull-ups. She held her hands over her little breasts so she could bounce as much as she wanted to without her bra on. She looked over at the television set, seeing that potty training DVD just resting on top of the DVD player. Eileen thought for a moment. This was the closest thing to porn in the house. There were naked girls in it! Sure they were mostly sitting on potties and having their diapers changed, but she got to see their privates. Yes, Eileen was sure she was gay if this is the kind of thing she was going to watch to get off. With a happy grin she put the DVD into the player and started it back up. She sat on the floor in front of the TV, queuing the video up to the part where they show the adult women pulling down their pants. Eileen licked her lips and then stuck her hand down her trainers, using her middle finger to tease her clitoral hood while her other fingers just massaged around her mons. She didn't like to stick things inside herself, but she loved to stimulate herself on outside of her pussy. Maybe that's why it felt so good when she was wet? She was caught up in the moment, feeling mesmerized by the video. Suddenly a new chapter started, one she didn't see last time. "When your girl is being dirty." Eileen sat up straight to attention. What were they going to show this time. The video went on to explain how sometimes your baby girl will refuse to go on the potty. They showed a girl purposefully using her pants, showing a close-up of her face at first and then panning down to show her pants darkening around the crotch. The back of the girl's pants began to droop as well. Eileen paused the video. She was feeling awkward. She had another urge to mess herself, but she remembered what happened last time. She tried to think of a way she could get away with it. She remembered there was a stack of diapers just sitting there under the changing table in plain sight. Eileen stood up and rushed down the hall. She pulled out one of the large adult diapers and held it up. She had never put a diaper on anyone before, let alone herself. She pulled off her training pants and then set the thick diaper on the floor. She sat on the diaper and pulled it up around herself. She taped the sides shut and was surprised at how well of a job she did. It felt so snug on her, just like when Lenore put her in one! She tried to think if there was anything she missed. "Oh yeah!" she thought, grabbing the baby powder. She pulled the waistband back and puffed a generous amount down her diaper. Satisfied with the job she did, Eileen waddled back to the living room to continue watching the video. She started it up again, seeing the girl on the screen continue to wet and mess her pants on purpose. She looked pleased with herself. Eileen knew that look well. As Eileen watched and listen to the voice over chastising the naughty girl she relaxed her muscles and let the poop just slide out of her bottom as she sat there on the floor. The instant the poop made contact with the diaper it became smashed against her butt. Because she was sitting down the poop had little room so it just squished all over, spreading across her cheeks. Eileen felt so good after her accident. She rocked back and forth on the floor, feeling the poop get spread more. Eileen wasn't even paying attention to the video anymore. She was so content, having her poop smear all over the inside of her diaper. She was making such a mess of herself and she was getting away with it! She gasped, feeling her pleasure peaking, and she slowed down. She actually had an orgasm without even touching herself. She sat in silence, thinking about what just happened. Stopping the video and turning off the TV, Eileen stood back up, feeling diapers droop heavily from the weight of her messy load. As fun as it would be to stay in the diapers she knew she had to hide the evidence now. Eileen waddled back into the bedroom. She grabbed the baby wipes and climbed onto the changing table. She tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. The mess was everywhere on the inside, even coating her crotch. She knew it would be bad though. Digging lots of wipes out of their box she began to wash away the poop. It took a while and she wasn't sure if she was getting it all. She pulled the diaper away from her butt and got on all fours, trying to wash the mess away from her cheeks by reaching behind herself. She finally climbed down from the table and threw her used diaper and all those wipes down the diaper pail. She looked at her butt in the mirror really quick, just to make sure it didn't have anymore lingering mess on it. Sighing after the long deed was done she pulled her training pants back on. As Eileen got herself dressed she felt real proud of herself for basically getting away with something so naughty. She just had to smile about that. Eileen put on a fresh pair of overalls for the day and headed to the kitchen to grab a Pop Tart and then wandered into the living room to sit on the couch. Cocky and complacent Eileen kicked up her heels onto the coffee table and put the television back on, turning it to the cartoon network. She ate the cold pastry, getting crumbs on her chest as she laughed at the cartoon playing. After about an hour Lenore had finally come back home. Eileen dusted the crumbs off of her shirt and overalls and then ran up to her mommy. She almost knocked her back as she pressed against her for a big hug. "Oh my, someone sure missed Mommy! You didn't get into any mischief was I was away, did you?" Lenore combed her fingers through Eileen's hair. "No Mommy, I've just been watching cartoons." Eileen let go and skipped back to the couch. "Wait a minute, little lady, get back here." Eileen said, pointing down at the floor in front of her. What could Lenore want? Eileen took a nervous step forward, heading over to her mommy. Lenore spun Eileen around. "Surprise inspection." She announced as she undid the overalls and pulled them down around Eileen's ankles. Lenore tugged back the waistband of the trainers and wrinkled her nose. "Hmmm." She pulled the trainers down next. Eileen was getting nervous. Did Lenore know something? Was it just her motherly intuition? Lenore grabbed Eileen's cheeks and spread them. "Eileen, honey, did you go poopies today?" Lenore asked, tilting her head as she looked at Eileen's face. Eileen had to say something. "Um, yes Mommy..." Eileen said, "I went in the potty." Without asking for further details, Lenore held Eileen's hand and made her do an awkward walk with her pants around her ankles. She brought Eileen into the bedroom and looked at the potty chair. Lenore lifted the lid and looked inside, only seeing the pee from earlier this morning. "Eileen, have you been fibbing? Your potty doesn't have any poopies in it and yet your bottom looks like it's been wiped poorly." Lenore stood straight, staring down at Eileen from her full height. "No! No way, I mean um..." Eileen tried to think of a lie. "I used the toilet! Sorry, Mommy. I know you said I wasn't allowed on the toilet yet but I thought I might be ready!" "How did you go in the toilet? Why don't you show me?" Lenore said plainly. Eileen wasn't sure what Lenore's point was, but she tried to walk down the hall to the closed door of the bathroom, trying to pull her pants back up at the same time. Attempting to open the door, she found it was locked. "Well imagine that, the bathroom is locked. I wonder how you got in there without a key." Lenore leaned against the door, looking down at Eileen. She caught her. "All right, poopy butt, what really happened today while I was gone?" "Nothing! I don't know. I just had a dirty bottom today..." She tried to shrug it off, struggling to get the straps of her overalls back over her shoulders. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the wrist, dragging her back down the hall to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and once again pulling Eileen over her lap, holding one hand firmly on her back to keep her still. She got two hard spanks onto her bottom before Eileen cracked. "Wait, stop!" The girl sobbed, "I pooped in one of the diapers!" she finally confessed. "Tell me everything that happened." Lenore sat Eileen up on her lap and looked her dead in the eyes. Eileen sniffed, feeling guilt and shame over what she did and how she lied about it. "I w-wanted to be a dirty girl, like in the video..." Eileen admitted through her sobs. "I took one of the d-diapers and I put it on. Then I p-pooped and I played around in my poopy diaper." Eileen felt as if her whole body was blushing as she gave her confession. "And then what did you do, Eileen?" Lenore held her still in her lap, her voice calmer but still stern. "After I made myself feel good I tried to change myself and hide the evidence. I put it in the diaper pail." Eileen sniffled and rubbed her nose. Lenore set Eileen down and walked over to the diaper pail, opening the lid and looking inside. Sure enough there was the used diaper under some very messy looking wipes. She turned back to Eileen. "You've been a very very naughty girl." Lenore told her. "I thought you were interested in getting potty trained but I guess that was another fib you told me." "I'm sorry..." Eileen mumbled, chin tucked to her chest. "That's not good enough this time. You're in diapers for the rest of the month, got it?" Lenore stated strongly. "No no no, I wont do it again, Mommy! I promise! Please, I want to keep my big girl pull-ups!" Eileen started pleading. "I don't think you do. I think you want to pee and poop your pants and play with yourself." Lenore said, pretty much stating facts. Eileen knew it was true, but she couldn't admit it. "And you want Mommy to clean up after you. If that's what you wanted then you should have just been honest. Now because you weren't you are getting your privileges and your privacy taken away." Eileen whined and wanted to complain more, but Lenore just smacked her butt. She wasn't having any of it. She took Eileen by the hand and brought her into the bathroom. She took out her key chain from her purse and opened the door to the bathroom, letting both of them in. The bathroom was shimmering and clean. It was so spotless. No wonder Lenore never let Eileen in here. Lenore stripped Eileen of her clothes. When she pulled off the training panties she put them right in the trash. "Say bye bye to your big girl panties." Lenore got on her knees and started to draw a bath, adding bubbles. Eileen stood timidly in the bathroom, completely naked and shivering. She sniffled, feeling bad. She was left to think about what she had done and how she disappointed her mommy. She might have even gotten a lesser punishment if she didn't lie about it. Lenore pulled Eileen towards the tub and helped her in. "It's about time you had a bath anyway." Lenore said, lathering up a sponge. She scrubbed down Eileen's naked body, just working it like it was a job. It wasn't sensual or anything, though it did feel nice. "Hey, don't look so glum." Lenore said as the sponge dipped into the water and started to get scrubbed between Eileen's cheeks. "You'll be allowed to be as messy as you want and play with yourself in your dirty diapers all day until I decide you need a changing. Don't act like you aren't going to enjoy it." Eileen kept her mouth shut. Of course that part was going to be fun. The only problem was that now she might be totally exposed. Lenore said she wouldn't get anymore privacy. If she was granting the girl privacy before, then what was she planning to do to her now? She dreaded everyone at the office finding out she was a diaper using baby. Lenore pulled her hands out of the tub and dried them on a towel. She walked to the toilet and lifted her skirt. She then shimmied out of her tight panties before sitting onto the toilet. "I didn't get to do this since I got home. I had to deal with your naughty butt." Lenore complained. Eileen looked over at her mommy and heard her tinkling. The stream hit the water in the toilet bowl loudly. Eileen was actually jealous of this woman because she got to use the toilet while she wasn't even allowed on a baby potty. Sure, it was her own fault she couldn't use the potty, but she wanted to be a baby on her terms! Lenore stood up and dabbed her soft bush with toilet paper. She tugged her perfectly, pure white panties back up and pulled her skirt back down. "Up and out." Lenore reached into the tub and pulled out the drain plug. She helped Eileen stand up and then wrapped her in a large towel. Eileen stood still as she felt the towel rubbing all over her body to dry her off. Lenore lead the girl back to her room, raising her up onto the changing table. She pulled out one of the thick diapers from under the table and placed it under Eileen's butt. She sprinkled the baby powder all over and then rubbed it in with her hand. After dusting her hands off she folded the thick pampers around Eileen's waist and taped them shut. Lenore indeed does the best job when it comes to diapering up Eileen. Lenore pulled Eileen back to her feet and sent her to the closet. She picked out a very frilly pink and white dress. It looked like the kind of old-fashioned dresses babies wore in black and white photos, only sized for an adult. The dress did not even go down all the way, leaving Eileen's thick diapers completely exposed. The opened a drawer on the night stand by the bed and took out a large pacifier on a string. She put the string over Eileen's head and then stuck the pacifier into her mouth. "Don't you take that out now until I tell you that you can." Lenore picked up a little stool from the floor and took Eileen by her other hand, walking her out to the living room. She set the stool in the corner and then made Eileen sit on it. "You're in time-out for ten minutes." Lenore told her. She left her alone and walked away, getting on her phone. Eileen sniffled, tears rolling down her cheeks as she sucked on her binky. This was by far more embarrassing than what she experienced before and it was all her fault. To make the situation even more awkward she was feeling very aroused, the crotch of the diapers heated up nicely. The ten minutes of corner time seem to stretch out longer than expected. Time went so slowly, as if she really was a little kid again. She remembered how excruciatingly long these kind of time-outs felt when she was younger. "All right, Eileen." Lenore came back to her once the time-out was over. She had her stand up. "Aunty Kathy is going to be here soon to help me watch over you tonight." It looked like Eileen's punishment was just beginning. Eileen wondered who else would find out she was a diaper wearing baby. It was a mortifying experience and yet she still felt all tingly between her legs. Eileen waddled across the room. She sat on the couch, lazily watching the television as she didn't know what else she could be doing right now. Kathy eventually showed up. She lived a half-hour away but she didn't mind coming over. Eileen heard the two women talking to each other in the next room. She tried not to listen to what they were talking about, but Lenore was just so loud. "Yeah. She's been pooping herself on purpose. I really think putting her back in diapers for a while is a good call." Eileen's ears burned as she heard her mommy talking about her. She sucked hard on her pacifier and sank into the couch. She tried to turn up the volume on the television so she didn't have to hear anymore of her mommy's insulting and candid comments about her. Kathy walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Eileen. She put her arm up on the back on the couch and inched closer to the big baby. "So, your mommy caught you being a dirty girl, did she?" Kathy smirked. Eileen pouted and spit out her pacifier. It dangled around her neck on its string. "Leave me alone." Eileen crossed her arms tight across her chest. "Hey, I know this punishment seems harsh, but you can get through it." Kathy patted Eileen's knee. "They key is to always be honest with Lenore. She appreciates totally transparency above all else. You give her that and she'll treat you right." Eileen thought about what Kathy said. It seemed to be the right way to go. Kathy let her arm hang down lower until it was draped around Eileen's shoulders and she pulled her in close for a hug. Kathy stood up and was about to walk away. "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen spoke up. Kathy smiled at her as she slid off into the next room. Kathy and Lenore talked for what seemed like a long time. Eileen was no longer paying attention, having gone back to sucking on her pacifier. She could hear pots and pans scraping around in the kitchen. The two women must be cooking something. Eileen kind of wished she could help, but Lenore would probably just remind her that she's too much of a baby. Eileen spread her legs and relaxed, pissing all over herself. She sighed and let a smile creep up her face. If she was going to be forced to wear diapers she thought she might as well enjoy them. The thick diapers quickly absorbed her pee so she didn't feel too wet for long. "Eileen, honey, dinner's ready!" Kathy called for the girl. Eileen got up from the couch, letting her pacifier fall out of her mouth as she waddled to the dining room table. A fancy adult-sized high chair was at the table now. Lenore lifted Eileen up and put her into the high chair. The tray in front locked her in place. Kathy tied a bib around Eileen's neck while Lenore handed her a plate with all her food cut into very tiny bites. She also got a tall baby bottle filled to the brim with milk. She did not get a fork though. Eileen realized that Lenore must want her to eat with her hands. While Lenore and Kathy talked as if Eileen wasn't even in the room the girl began to pick up her food with her fingers. She tried her best not to make a mess, but her hands and face were covered by the time she was halfway through her plate. She picked up her bottle and practically chugged the milk. Kathy and Lenore's conversation was suddenly interrupted by Eileen letting out a loud burp. The two women giggled and Eileen let out a nervous laugh herself. After dinner was finished the two women helped clean up Eileen's face and hands. They lifted the girl out of the chair and Lenore carried her to the adorable bedroom. "I'm not sleepy..." Eileen whined. "That doesn't matter. Your new bedtime is 8pm." Lenore informed her. Eileen was set in her bed. This time when the bars were raised Lenore put a padlock on them. Eileen could probably still climb over the bars, but she knew that the lock was mostly just to send a message that she shouldn't get out of bed. Lenore gave her some plush animals and toys to play with while she was in the crib. She then set a baby monitor on the night stand. Eileen sat in her crib and watched the glowing stars light up the ceiling as the light went off. She sighed and figured that tomorrow would be a better day. Soon she began to hear voices. It was Kathy and Lenore, and they were apparently coming through the baby monitor! Lenore must have set the monitor to go both ways. "So the baby's in bed?" Kathy said, the sound of bed sheets rustling behind her voice. "Yeah. I think she's learned her lesson, but I'm still going to keep her in diapers for a month." "Well she's your baby. I sure you know what's best for her." "Damn right I do. I love that little brat." The two women giggle. "You know who else I love?" Lenore said in a raspy whisper. Eileen listened closely now. She heard the faint sound of lips smacking. There was heavy breathing that intensified. Eileen got a warm blush all over. She was actually hearing her mommy and aunty making out through the little monitor. She rolled over onto her tummy and listened closer. She heard the soft moans of love making. Eileen was so jealous of Kathy right now. She knew her chances with Lenore were slim, but still, she wanted that woman so badly. For now she could only enjoy her vicariously. Lying on her tummy she began humping against her bed through her diapers as she listened to the two women pleasure each other. Eileen was having trouble stimulating herself through the layers of thick diapers so she forced a little more pee out. Feeling the hot wetness on her crotch she began to hump against the bed again. It felt much better to grind her crotch against the soggy material. She wondered if the two women could hear her movements. She tried not to think about that. When she heard Kathy climax Eileen tried to imagine herself feeling the same release with the help of Lenore. She closed her eyes, imagining Lenore licking her. She shuddered and accidentally moaned. She pressed her face to the pillow to quiet herself. She looked up from her pillow and stared at the monitor. She heard the women whispering lower. Eileen rolled onto her back and got quiet. She picked up her pacifier and stuck it into her mouth. Sucking on the pacifier helped her get to sleep. ~ The next morning as Lenore lifted Eileen out of the crib and made a comment about Eileen being a stinky baby. She carried her to the table and set her back. Lenore tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. As Lenore was cleaning up Eileen's mess the girl thought it would be a good time to be transparent with her like Kathy told her. "Mommy?" Eileen spoke up in a weak, barely-awake voice. "Yes, my little one?" Lenore responded, smiling down at her. "I really like my diapers." Eileen admitted. "I know you do." Lenore said back. Eileen bit her lip and looked off to the side. She turned her gaze back to her mommy. "I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about using one of my diapers yesterday." Eileen said, twisting her dress in her hands. "It's just, well, I never really had these feelings before. I've always been kind of a baby though. I used to poop my pants a lot until I was five years old, and I wet my bed almost every night. When I was in school everyone called me a baby because I there were a couple incidents where I wet my pants. It only happened a couple times though! I thought I could leave all that behind when I got my job at Leafletter, but then you noticed my accident and then all of this started all over again." Eileen sniffled, her voice started to tremble as she bared her soul. "Then when I was given the option of diapers again I guess it sort of made some feelings come to the surface that I didn't know I had. I liked going pee and poop on myself. I just didn't want anyone to know. I wanted you to think of me as a big girl." Eileen pouted and looked down. "Well, you're not a big girl." Lenore finally said after some seconds of silence, "but that's okay." Eileen looked back up into Lenore's eyes. She saw a loving expression. A look of pure motherly adoration. It wasn't the affection of a lover though. "I know, but..." Eileen sighed, "I wanted to be on your level. Maybe not equals, but someone you could respect enough to go out with and kiss and make love to." Lenore pursed her lips. "Aw, poor baby." she said. The comment cut through Eileen's pride, hurting it more than it already was. "Well, tell you what, you keep telling me the truth and maybe after lots and lots of begging I'll finally give you what you want." It wasn't a great deal, but Eileen was desperate enough for Lenore's approval to take it. Eileen giggled and smiled at the thought that, some day, she might get to do sexy stuff with Lenore like Aunt Kathy did. "You think I'll ever graduate from diapers, Mommy?" Eileen asked, feeling the cool wipes now rubbing over her sensitive privates. Lenore looked down at the girl. She was always perceptive enough to know that Eileen liked being touched like this during her diaper changes. "I highly doubt it. I think you might be in diapers forever, or at least as long as I am around." Lenore said. She sprinkled baby powder onto Eileen's butt and crotch and then leaned forward as she rubbed the powder in. "But don't let that stop you from trying to reach your other goals. There's no rule that says you can't be a big success while wearing a big diaper on your butt." Eileen sighed contentedly. Lenore knew exactly what to say, and she did it while giving her a pleasurable diaper change too. Lenore folded the fresh diaper around Eileen's waist. She picked up the little girl from the changing table and bounced her in her arms. "I see great things coming from you." Lenore said with a wry smile. "And I will be there every step of the way to cheer you on, even as you're dropping loads in your pants." Eileen had to giggle at this. She hugged Lenore and kissed her on the lips. Lenore turned her head away and laughed. She then turned back though and gave Eileen an innocent kiss right back on the lips. "Hey, don't you two go hogging all those kisses now!" Kathy poked her head in through the doorway. She walked between Lenore and Eileen, letting the both of them kiss either cheek of her face. The three ladies laughed, sharing this moment and hugging each other.
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    This story is based of a roleplay between me and KWOceans. The roleplay is ongoing, so chapters won’t always be rapidly posted, but we’ve taken the responses and converted/altered them to flow as a story rather than roleplay responses. We’ll probably both be posting chapters, and will definitely be active in the thread. Since there is two main characters, the chapters will vary in POV, so we’ll state the POV at the beginning of the chapter by bolding the character’s name at the top. Mid-chapter POV changes will likely be rare, but may happen, in which case, we’ll bold the new name on a line, after a decent space in writing. One thing that Oceans thought up was a part of the Diaper Dimension world where a law had been passed so that Littles couldn't just be snatched off the street with no defense. So we thought of a state within the Diaper Dimension that had passed a very weak Little protection law and worked from there. We hope you enjoy our little experiment. P.S: Feedback is absolutely welcome! It's definitely not easy to have two authors. So hopefully we can make this work and it remain stable and coherent as we continue working together. Disclaimer: We hold no rights or ownership to the diaper dimension world or original concepts and ideas within it, those belong to PrincessPottyPants and anyone else who may have been involved in the creation of it. Thank you. Section One: The Hunt Chapter I: Diana I smile behind the newspaper I’m skimming, though not truly reading, as I listen to the interesting event going on just across the street, where an eccentric looking Little is shouting to a small crowd from the raised podium of an old fruit crate flipped upside down. Her vivid violet hair, cropped short just a little below her ears, flashes in the light as she shakes her head, piercing sky blue eyes narrowed slightly in a glare. "No more slavery! Little liberation now!" she shouts to the small cluster of Littles standing before her. Obviously followers of her rally that are brave enough to gather due to the rather frustrating law recently passed that protects them from simply being scooped up off the street. They have to give permission, though the term is loose. We have to gain permission from them to take them home. For how long or what happens there needn’t be specified. Still, it can make it rather difficult to acquire a Little, and this one I shall definitely be pursuing. I continue to watch her from afar as she shouts to people on the streets. To Littles, she calls for them to rise up, while shouting derogatory terms to my people. I’ve been watching her for a while now, Miss Clara Small, and her little rallies have done nothing more than amuse me, despite how angered I should be. She’s a curious creature; brave and stubborn, though misguided in my opinion, and inexplicably and extraordinarily adorable, more so than any other Little I’ve seen, despite her punkish style and off-putting attitude. She’ll be a challenge, but I find that to my liking, part of the appeal. I continue to keep an eye on her from the bench, until finally the rally disperses and Clara hops down and begins walking down the street towards a nearby hotdog stand. I fold up my newspaper and discard it in a nearby public recycle bin before I follow her down the street, keeping a safe distance that’s close enough to let her know I’m following her, but far enough back that she shouldn’t feel too threatened. After a few minutes, she seems to notice me and her gaze darkens slightly as she turns around to face me, a smug grin on her face as she pats her rear and calls, “Sorry sister, but it’s only underwear; no padding under these jeans.” I pull back slightly, startled that she’d make such a brazen and bold comment in public. Really, it’s asking for trouble. Then I begin to laugh. No, but there will be soon, Little one. Sobering, I catch up with her, taking her addressing me as an invitation to walk with her. “Actually, Miss Small, I’d just like to talk. I don’t intend to steal you away to a prissy nursery today by any means. You’re quite safe.” For now, I add to myself. “Besides, you don’t strike me as the type of soul to play that little game and be tricked into giving me the permission to do so, so I’m quite incapable of diapering you even if it were my intent. I have to admit, I’m here because you’ve caught my attention. To be honest, it isn’t often one comes across such an active protester of a rather....unique view that really isn’t popular at all, much less that protester being a Little who’s fighting against the very root of our society for generations. You’re very brave. Nursery or no, you’re life could be made a hell if you tick off the wrong person. But despite that, you’re sticking with it. It’s rather impressive. I’ll admit I’m rather curious and if you’ve got the time, I’d like to hear more.” The Little eyes me warily, but seems to relax slightly regardless. “Oh, umm, thanks,” she mumbles slightly. “Sorry about that stand offish reaction. Most of you Giants have one track minds when it comes to Littles if you know what I mean...No offense.” “None taken,” I assure her. Clara brightens a bit. "So you're interested in Little Rights? You look like a fairly wealthy Giant though. What do you have to gain from giving Littles rights and abolishing the forced baby system?" She asks, her head tilted with curiosity. "Because if you're interested we could use all the help we can get. And to have an Amazon in our group would really add a lot of credibility to the cause." “Woah, hang on a minute. Take a step back. I said I was curious, not that I’m signing up for a member’s badge and a date of the next rally,” I state, refusing to get too involved in that side of things. “But I am interested in learning a bit about your goals and ideals, Miss Small. Diana Evans, by the way,” I introduce, extending a hand. “I may be of wealthy origins, but that doesn’t mean I have to follow every ideal and tendency of society. I happen to hold a deep respect for any woman willing to stand up for herself and fight for her dreams, and you happen to fit the bill quite well. So I’d like to talk with you some more if you don’t mind the company. Is there a park or cafe or something you like to frequent that we could go to and talk?” Being called a woman causes the Little’s chest to puff a little with pride, tickling her ego as I’d hoped it would. "Why thank you! I'm glad to meet a like minded Amazon. I never expected to find one honestly,” she admits happily, the tension in her shoulders relaxing slightly. “And I happen to know a great little cafe not to far from here where we can go.” Her glee is not hard to detect as she practically skips along the path, leading me towards whatever cafe she’s referring to. We arrive, about ten minutes later, at a quaint little outdoor cafe. More of a booth really, with a serving window and a fenced around area of umbrella topped tables and chairs, a few of which have little steps attached to a raised seat in order to accommodate Little customers. It makes sense then, why she’d like this place, given that few places actually take the steps to properly cater to Littles and I’m surprised such a small establishment like this would put the money into something so specific. Regardless of why, I cannot help but feel a twinge of disappointment that we won’t be having a booster seat brought out for her. She smiles up at me and offers to pay for whatever I like, to which I shake my head. “Not a chance. I’m taking up your time, the least I can do is cover the bill,” I refuse with a wave of a hand. “Go ahead and order.” She opens her mouth, looking like she wishes to argue, but appears to decide against it and walks up to the window and requests a chocolate, caramel mocha. I smile slightly. Despite her punk exterior and standoffish attitude, the drink suits her in a way. The sweet do like their sweets. I think to myself, only to nearly choke as she attempts to guess my own preference and manages to arrive at espresso. I shake my head. “Tea is fine, please,” I say to the cashier, offering up the money to cover the expense; not that it’s much. We take our drinks to a table with one of the Little friendly chairs, to which Clara wastes no time taking a seat in. I sit opposite her and take a sip of my drink before resting my chin on my fisted hand, elbow propped on the table. “So, you were going to enlighten me?” There’s a slight pause as Clara swallows a mouthful of her mocha before setting the cup aside to address me. “Yes. So my group is tentatively called the ‘Littles Liberation Movement’ or ‘LLM’ for short,” she begins. “We’re a grassroots organization dedicated to liberating Littles forced to live as babies by giants and amazons. Littles have next to no rights in the given system, seeing as the system automatically assumes that the Little must be cared for by a Giant and that we are incapable of taking care of ourselves. Employment is nearly impossible outside of some form of self-employment. Rights are limited if you lack a ‘Parent’ figure, which isn’t a desirable thing to have. It's a completely unfair system of exploitation. Tantamount to slavery I argue. Did you know that less than thirty percent of the Littles in this city have managed to avoid being forced back into diapers? Can you imagine how humiliating that must be?" The girl breaks off and shakes her head. One could argue she’s simply frustrated and upset by this truth, but she’s more likely kicking herself for bringing up the specific taboo topic of diapers. Clever, but you’re safe for now. “I didn’t know the number was quite so low,” I admit, finding the statistic to be interesting. “You hold many valid points in your views, but I have to say that I only agree with you part of the way. For the sake of debate, which is both healthy and enlightening in situations such as these, let’s say you were to ask me if I believe that Littles need care. My answer will always be yes. Because I do think that you require assistance in many aspects of life. After all, Miss Small, you exist in a world where everything is sized much larger than yourself and because of that, I can imagine that there are many tasks in everyday life that must be quite the chore for you, such as getting onto a normal chair, or reaching things in the top cupboard for example. Both of which hold little effort for me to perform. Other tasks that are daunting, if not downright impossible, such as reaching a payment box on a bus, heaven forbid you have to stand on public transportation when you’ve no hope of reaching the overhead support bars, or driving to work when you’ve no way to reach the pedals. Jobs that would be far more dangerous for you that me. This is just hard truth, not discrimination,” I state. “So I do believe that if there were someone to assist you in performing certain tasks, if not just doing them for you, such as carpooling or reaching the top shelf for you, then I think they are fully in the right to do so, regardless of whether or not you actually desire the assistance. However, it needs to be said that it should not be taken to extremes. You are still an individual and that should be respected. You should not be torn from your life and family against your will without the certainty of seeing them again. Your opinion should be valued and you should not be tormented with diapers, bottles, and babyish attire, publicly humiliated, punished or cruelly abused, without any consideration or thought towards your feelings on the matter. I do believe there should be an uncrossable line that does not, at this point, quite exist. And I feel we should be far more accommodating, providing jobs and assistance where possible rather than just completely taking over whenever we feel like without true reason, again without consideration on how it affects the Little in question at the time." I say, enjoying a long sip from my tea. “I imagine this isn’t quite the point of view you were hoping for, but I don’t feel it’s an unreasonable position for me to hold, and it is far better than what many of my peers would tell you.” The annoyance that had started out on Clara’s face gradually fades and her expression softens with a kind of begrudging tolerance almost approaching acceptance. “Those are valid points. You’re right, biologically we are quite different and you easily beat me, and any other Little, in terms of size, strength, and capability in our world. We are pretty powerless, and if not for the Little’s Agreement Law that was passed, there would be absolutely no way for me to stop you from ferrying me off to some prissy nursery prison, for example,” she admits. “I can respect your opinions, though you never actually gave your opinion on the use of diapers and bottles,” she points out with a raised eyebrow giving me a sly and wary look. “Regardless, I feel we deserve complete independence. I’m twenty three years old, recently graduated with honors from college. I should have just as much right to drive, for example, and take care of myself by myself. The only reasons Littles need ‘care’ as you put it, is because society refuses to accommodate us. The system is designed solely around Amazons and such accommodations for Littles, such as our own supermarkets and road lanes, should be made. It’s doable, but not being worked on or even considered.” I nod in agreement. “It is doable. However, those are very expensive changes to make, Miss Small, and while I understand the merit, you said so yourself; the system is designed around the Amazons, not the Littles. So if there’s no benefit to the Amazons, who hold the power in this city; the voting rights, the money, the authority, then you’re just shouting to air because no one will pass those bills. You just have to take what you can get, piece by piece, and hope it amounts to something. Take me for example; I’m sitting here, talking to you, and listening to your beliefs. If I were to up and decide I like the old ways better, it may seem like a blow, like you’ve lost something, but in fact, you have gained something, though tiny. Because you’re ideas and philosophy will always stick in my mind, and later on down the road, circumstances could cause me to see the merit in it. That holds power in and of itself, Miss Small.” I take another sip of my tea and lean forward slightly, lacing my hands together on the table. “You want my advice? I’ve been in the business world a long time, and I’ve become rather adept at swaying people. Don’t just shout in their faces, because they won’t like it and it will get you nowhere. The reason I’m still here is because you haven’t shouted in my face and have instead taken the time to sit down to talk and reason with me. At first you started out as an amusing thing to observe for a while before I began to respect your courage and determination enough to approach you about it. Finally, I find your company to be both enjoyable and intelligent and it’s why I’m taking the time to hear you out and try to see eye to eye. If you want Amazons to back you up, you have to give them a reason to want to. There’s got to be something in it for them, because at the moment they just lose by supporting you. You need to convince them that they don’t want a Little in their nursery, and perhaps offer them an alternative such as a place we can go to satisfy the powerful parental instinct we have, but where the Little is in no danger. Or something else entirely that everyone can find enjoyable. You have to be more subtle and peaceful in your approach. Gently poke the ideas into people's’ heads in a desirable manner so that when it amasses, people will believe the idea came from them rather than an insignificant Little attempting to prove her place in an adult world. Give them a reason to follow the idea that doesn’t throw all their beliefs and desires back in their faces, make sense?” Clara’s silent as she finishes scribbling down notes, which she started partway through when I caught her rapt attention and instead of seeming bristly and mature, took on an air of a child hanging off her mother’s every word. A comparison that makes me smile. “That’s good...That’s really good actually. My original thought process was that no one would take me seriously unless I stirred up attention. Got them to see me but maybe you're right. Shouting might only do so much. Alternatives...That's a wonderful idea,” she exclaims gleefully. “Thanks, Diana. I really appreciate it. Not many Giants would take the time to listen to a Little's concern. So I really, really respect that." She offers me a handshake, which I accept, my hand completely enveloping her much smaller one. It takes all of my willpower to force myself to then release that soft, tiny little hand of hers. "Oh! And if you like you can sign this petition. It's a petition to change the public Little changing station in the park to something more useful. We're proposing an open air theater. Something everyone can enjoy,” she says, echoing my earlier statement, as she rummages around in her bag and produces a sheet of paper with a few signatures on it already. I smile, but shake my head. “Not yet,” I say. “If you don’t mind, I think I’d prefer to remain a backstage supporter for now. But I’ll tell you what I will do. I’ll provide the funds for your next few rallies as well as fund this project of yours if you can get it to go through. However, I do this at a price. Firstly, I remain an anonymous benefactor; I run a large company with a lot of powerful Amazon clientele. They won’t support this any time soon and I cannot afford to butt heads with them. Secondly, you meet me at least weekly, whether it be for coffee, a movie, shopping, whatever. Like I said, I rather enjoy your company and I would like to see more of it,” I say, offering her my business card with my name, number, and email on it. “I’m not happy, Miss Small, and I think having few friends outside the business circle and no true outlet away from work plays a large part in that. I believe we can help each other quite a bit if you’re interested.” Clara looks completely stunned as she stares at the card, turning it over in her hands as though she’s unsure if it’s real. ‘Job offers’ and other methods are often well used tricks to get the permission necessary to take a Little home, where you’re free to never let them leave. But business cards and legitimate deals are rarely offered between our two people and it’s easy to see that she’s struggling with this notion. After a few moments, however, her face lights up and she grins broadly, erasing any hint of the standoffish protester with her mile long smile. “Yes! Definitely! I would love that. I don’t have a card, but here’s my URL to my website, it has my number and email on it,” she says, scribbling down a web address in the corner of her notebook and tearing it out for me. I accept it and tuck it away in my purse. “This is great! My group has a benefactor!” she exclaims before sobering. “Of course, as promised, any support you offer will be strictly confidential. I respect your privacy.” I can see the gears turning in her head as she reviews all the possibilities and newly opened doors and barely contain a chuckle as she completely misses the nursery door creeping open. It will of course be the one she walks through with each oblivious step closer to me she takes. “Wonderful. Just let me know the details about your upcoming rallies and I’ll get the budget set up. Now, I’m getting off work early on Friday for an afternoon at the spa. Not sure if it’s up your alley, but you’re welcome to tag along if you want, my treat. I can pick you up or meet you there, whichever makes you comfortable,” I offer. Clara’s smile gets wider. “That actually sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to a spa,” she admits. “So I guess it’s a date. Where is it? I’ll meet you there.” “I’ll email you the information,” I tell her. “And if you need a ride, I can arrange a taxi to pick you up and drop you back off later, at your current place of residence of course; you’ll have full control of where you’re taken,” I assure her. I stand from the table, having finished my drink. I offer my hand to her this time for another handshake, that again takes me a moment to bring myself to release her from. “I’m afraid I do have to run now, so I’ll see you Friday then. Oh, and Clara?” I pause, glancing back at her and taking a slightly bolder step by abandoning formalities. “You’ve got a very beautiful smile and you should wear it more often.”
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    In a few weeks I'm going to leave to travel for a month, so I'm posting an extra chapter today! Chapter 11: DAD REACTED FIRST saying “Oh my God!” and looking like he was trying not to laugh and horrified at the same time. Mom looked at me silently for a moment before saying, “Stacy?” I nodded. “Well at least you do make an adorable little girl…” Mom said after staring at me speechless for a long moment. I sighed, “Yeah I guess I do.” Mom’s eyes seemed to narrow at my image like I had just been busted for lying to her about something, “What happened to your cheeks though?” Amanda waved at them and said, “I apologize, that’s a side effect of a process we thought we had in hand to make her able to stay in school here.” “What did you do to our son?” Dad asked angrily, less inclined to be blasé about the new detail. “Dad, Mom, it was something I agreed to. And she said we thought we had it in hand…” I groaned and wrung my hands for a second before continuing, “I told you in that last e-mail that my name caused problems. Both the Westerfields and Emerson believed I was a girl.” “I still can’t believe you and your dad convinced me to name him that…” Mom glanced angrily at Dad. “Sorry, if three generations of us had already been stuck with the name what was one more?” I sighed and said, “Look what was done eighteen years ago doesn’t matter now…” They both looked skeptically at me, but I continued, “Things were dangerous when we were here last… but it was nothing compared to the way things are now. Littles are in much more peril of being adopted and turned into brainless drooling infants now...” My parents both looked more worried but I pressed on, “Because I’d been registered as a girl it would only take one person to lodge a complaint and claim I was in violation of the university's honor code and I’d lose my scholarship.” I paused for a breath and shuddered, “I would probably at the least be shipped to a preschool instead… Or worst case I would be removed from Amanda and Fred’s care and sent to an orphanage.” Mom looked through the screen, “Is this true?” I turned and looked at Fred who nodded, “Yes it is, as soon as we realized the mistake I quietly made some inquiries and found that several littles have been shipped off for violations like this.” “I knew this was a mistake Stacy…” Dad said before asking, “So just what did you do to him?” “One of the departments at our hospital is using a new technology with nanites to be able to deliver care to littles and make changes without things being quite so invasive…” I shifted uncomfortably and just came out with it, “We edited the coding heavily first, but we used the nanites to make me a girl so I can remain in school.” “You what?!?” Dad asked. “I’m now a girl Dad, complete with the correct plumbing for those people who change my diapers to know I am. I told you in the e-mail we might have to do something…” “But…” he stuttered. “Is this permanent?” Mom asked. I watched Amanda in a little video monitor box at the bottom corner of the screen nod, “In theory you could inject Stacy with the nanites again, but I’m pretty sure that to do so would be really dangerous. Some of the nanites will still remain from the first batch like a set of T Cells keeping watch for invaders. It’s quite likely that the two sets of nanites would battle inside of Stacy and kill her in the process.” Both of my parents looked at me with horrified expressions for a long moment. Mom snapped out of it and asked, “You’re okay with this Stacy?” I shrugged, “Fifty-percent of the world including you make it just fine as girls, I can do it too.” “You’re okay though… other than that?” She asked. I shrugged, “Other than having a different set of parts nothing else is different than I expected. We knew babying was going to come with the territory…” I pulled at my skirt nervously; “at least if I’m stuck wearing dresses I know I belong in them now.” Mom looked at me before saying, “Did it do anything else?” “I insisted on editing the file myself, with some help from Stacy, so that we could avoid surprises. We used the coding as a chance to also improve her concentration, motor skills, and staying up on our longer days better. As far as we know the only thing we missed was a routine in the programming that changed the placement of fat to her face. She’s got those adorable looking baby cheeks now,” she squeezed one of them gently, “but other than that Stacy’s fine.” “Actually it is probably a positive change here, as it should help her avoid being picked on as much by other Amazons,” Fred added, “as a lot of people assume she’s actually our real baby.” Dad looked dumbfounded and Mom just looked worried. “You’re really okay Stacy?” “Mostly… I mean there’s no denying that taking a step back to infancy is one of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen… but in the short time I’ve been able to play with even their home technology I’ve already learned a lot. I knew this was a risk when I came here…” “But a girl?” Dad asked. I shrugged, “It’s not like I was having wild sex every night anyway Dad.” “You’d better not have been…” He told me with a stern look. “How complete…?” Mom asked, semi-changing the subject. Fred fielded the question, “She’s not going to have periods for now as her body is behaving as a pre-pubescent girl about age four hormonally,” he paused and added, “but if she is given a large dose of estrogen she will begin developing breasts and menstruating as a normal girl her age would. I can give her that before she leaves.” “So she can get pregnant?” Dad asked nervously. “Yes,” Fred said, “well… at least once she receives the shot and enters puberty.” “You’re okay with that?” Dad asked incredulously as he glared through the screen at me. I shrugged, “It beats one of the other options where I wouldn’t have been able to have kids. As drastic as this was I still have options.” As I stood there I couldn’t help but feel like I really needed to pee and ended up just letting go. Mom stared at me and asked, “Did you just…?” I turned red and grimaced, “I agreed to it.” “Yes you did…” she said. I turned to Amanda and Fred, “Would you be able to use those headphones like you offered?” They nodded and Fred said, “Actually I’m going to go walk down the hallway, Amanda is more than enough here to meet the guidelines of watching you.” He looked down at his watch and added to me, “You have about thirty minutes and then our time is up…” “Thanks,” I told him. Amanda meanwhile turned a chair around away from the screen and put some headphones on. I could hear the music coming out of them by the time Fred turned to leave. “Can you hear me Amanda?” I asked. With no reaction I turned back to my parents, “I really am fine.” “No you’re not,” Mom told me, “You are exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome or something. How in the world could you have willingly agreed to mutilate your body?” “I didn’t mutilate it,” I told her, “I look like a normal girl,” I told her. “A normal baby girl maybe…” she told me before sighing. “That dress is adorable though…” I blushed, “I didn’t pick it out…” “I kind of figured that…” Mom said before sighing, “So are you doing anything else besides peeing and pooing your diapees?” I blushed some more, but nodded, “I’ve been studying for that test that I have to take next week –the CAREs exam.” “What is that one?” Dad asked. I proceeded to tell him about it and he said, “That doesn’t sound so bad, you do great on tests!” I shook my head, “The test portion isn’t, but it’s a six-hour test that you’re not allowed to leave until you complete it or the time runs out.” “Bathroom breaks?” Mom asked. “Not as necessary with a diaper… but if you poop it you’re done.” “And if you fail?” Dad asked. “Then it assigns you to the level of education you should be in…” “Meaning?” Mom asked nervously. “Meaning if it had been the practice test I took earlier today I would have been in big trouble. When I had a messy accident Amanda had me stop to see what the results would be. I would have been sent back to preschool for maturity even though my scores on everything else were almost perfect.” Mom looked at me and I could see tears in her eyes, “Stacy why don’t you just come home? I bet we can still get you into a state school here this year…” I shook my head, “I know this is crazy Mom, but I don’t want to give up!” Both of my parents stared at me worriedly for a moment before Mom said, “Can you get Amanda’s attention?” I nodded and walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. She looked at me and I mimed taking the headphones off. She did so and looked at my parents, “You’re done talking with them?” “They want to talk to you,” I told her as she looked at them. “Something wrong?” She asked hesitantly. I guessed she probably was wondering what I had told them if she had been honestly not listening to our conversation. “I’m a worried mother,” Mom told her, “If Stacy fails this test, will you be able to send her back home?” ‘Huh?’ I wondered for a moment. ‘Wasn’t one of the provisions…?’ I looked at Amanda and she said, “I would try… but if she ends up with that restriction they may not allow me to send her back through. My husband and I are trying to be very careful so we can’t be accused of neglect…” Mom nodded, “Please help him… er… her pass the test. I really do want my baby back home.” She looked at my questioning glance and said, “Figuratively of course. I don’t really want to change diapers again. I think you’re nuts to actually have a desire to do that one… I was so excited to have him finally potty trained the first time!” Amanda laughed, “Changing her diapers is kind of fun actually... Besides she’s a good girl and doesn’t fight me with it like I worried she would.” With that Mom looked at me and said, “Look Stacy you decided to go to this world and be her baby girl, you better behave or she has our permission to punish you…” I felt my face redden, “I’ll be good without that threat Mom.” “I hope so,” Dad said, “You realize you have absolutely no room for error, right? All it takes is one mistake!” He shuddered, “I was so glad to make it home with my body intact from that crazy world… I just can’t believe you’d be okay with all of that… and willingly go back.” I felt like his words were semi-accusing as a timer on the screen warned of three minutes remaining. My parents had seen theirs too and Mom said, “Look Stacy I love you very much.” “Love you too Mom, Dad,” I told them. Tears were in my eyes now. “Amanda, could we do this again in two weeks?” Dad asked. I looked to her and she nodded, “I don’t think that will be a problem.” “Thanks, talk to you then,” Dad said. “I love you Stacy,” Mom and Dad said almost as one. “I love you both too!” I said, and then the connection cut off. Amanda let me sit with my tears for a moment before gathering me up and saying, “Let’s go change that wet diapee and go get din-din.” I leaned against her and enjoyed the calming feeling of her arms around me. Outside Fred waited with the diaper bag over his shoulder and they walked down the corridor to the desk and checked out. “Do you need anything else?” The lady asked us. “We need a reservation for two weeks from now,” Amanda told her. The lady looked suspiciously at her, “Why such regular calls?” “We’re working on getting our little girl some playmates,” Amanda said as I stiffened. The lady giggled, “Now isn’t that a smart way to do it! With everything locked down so much with the free littles I think the last chance for many of us is the dimensional visitors. Unfortunately by the time I see them at this desk they’re already claimed!” Amanda squeezed me slightly, “It does take some work…” she kissed my head and said, “So two weeks from now?” “Yes ma’am, you’re all booked Mr. and Mrs. Westerfield.” “Thanks,” she said before asking, “Where’s your nearest bathroom or changing room? Our princess here needs a change.” “Down the hall to the right is a bathroom, there are also some changing tables outside if you want. It’s not like they need any privacy for their cute little parts anyway…” “Thanks,” Amanda said and they walked down the direction she was given before Fred handed her the bag. “Let’s go inside,” she whispered to me. Even as she did so though I saw two littles being changed on the tables outside. One was kicking and screaming, “I’m not a baby! You can’t do this to me!!!!!!” On the other table a naked woman had her foot improbably in her mouth sucking on her toe as an Amazon woman wiped her disgusting poopy bottom. The sight made me shiver as the door closed them from view. “It’s okay Stacy,” she told me as she gave me a quick hug. “That was just a way to make it seem okay for us to be calling…” There was a convenient hook for diaper bags next to a fold down changing table that she pulled down and made a face at. I looked and saw remains of poop all over the table. “That’s gross,” I said aloud. “Yes it is… I think I’ll just change you in the car…” Given the only other option was in full view of the rest of the airport I nodded. She picked up the bag and we left the room as quickly as we had entered. We walked right past the man who was now in tears and being dressed in a onesie with a large pacifier had been stuffed in his mouth, effectively muting him. I could tell it was one of those locking ones and felt terrible for the poor guy. The little girl was being hoisted on her ‘mommy’s’ hip and waved at me. For my part I waved back… Thankfully Amanda and Fred were able to walk back to the car quickly and Amanda popped the back open. “Daddy can you hold your princess for a moment?” She asked him as she handed to me. “Sure,” he said and gave me a quick squeeze. “I thought you were changing someone’s wet diapee?” He asked. “The changing table in the bathroom was a mess… I wanted to throw up from it – there was no way I was putting my baby on it!” She said assertively. “I could have taken her into the men’s?” He suggested. She paused and I could tell she hadn’t even thought about it. “Why didn’t I think of that? Well I guess I’ll have to remember Daddy isn’t helpless, huh?” She asked as she turned back to me and I could see she’d laid out a soft changing pad on the back cargo area of the SUV. She laid me down on it and proceeded to pull down the diaper cover before I realized I might as well have been getting changed in the airport with as many people were passing our car. Just as she undid the tapes I saw the lady and the little girl from earlier walk by and get a full view of my naked bottom. I blushed and turned my head to the side to try to pretend no one was looking at me. For her part Amanda was thorough, but quick with the diaper change. She used a couple of wipes to quickly clean me, put a new diaper on me, and then sat me up without the diaper cover. “What about my panties?” I asked her embarrassed. “Your diaper cover got a bit wet sweetie,” she put it to the side as she picked me up, “I should have changed you a little earlier.” “Oh,” I said as she held me and I knew my diaper pronounced my status to the entire world with or without the cover. “It’s okay sweetie, you’re just a baby!” She hugged me and whispered, “You look more normal in a diaper than you would ever look in panties. People will just smile at you like this and move on. In panties you would really draw way more attention to yourself.” She put me inside the harness of my car seat and handed me my teddy bear from somewhere. “Here’s your bear Princess.” I hugged Elena tightly and listened as the door stayed open and she talked to Fred. “What about going to Elevated tonight?” “I guess that works. Don’t they have a pretty strict policy though?” “She’ll be fine. It’s some of the best food around either way, meet us there?” I heard Amanda say as she closed my door. When she got in the door I asked, “What’s their strict policy?” “Well… little’s have to eat umm… differently.” “Like?” “Like you probably won’t like the looks of it, but it’ll taste good?” She suggested before pausing and adding, “If you’re a good girl there I’ll let you have another of your special morning babas each day of the week the rest of the week?” My caffeine addiction overrode my common sense, but I did ask, “It’s going to be that bad?” She stiffened from what I could see of her in the mirror, “For you maybe, but for Mommy and Daddy it’s one of our favorite places to eat? You might even be okay with it?” “Two weeks,” I told her. She was at a stop sign and turned to look at me through the mirrors, “Deal.” “Somehow I feel like I didn’t negotiate hard enough…” I muttered. I squeezed Elena tightly and sat as we continued down the road with the green light. It must have been about a fifteen-minute drive before she pulled into a parking space and came to the door to get me. Fred was right there to grab the diaper bag. I had been about to leave Elena in the car when she said, “Bring your bear with you.” “Okay,” I told her. “Did you name her yet?” I looked up at her and squeezed my bear tighter, “Elena,” I told her. “What a pretty name for your bear,” she told me with a squeeze as we walked inside. I looked around the upscale restaurant and noted the name, ‘3lev4t3d’ used leet speak for some reason. ‘Was Elevated already taken? Or does the 343 have some significance?’ I wondered to myself. A man dressed in an expensive suit stood as the Maître’D. “How many tonight?” “Two plus our little girl here,” Fred said. “Please follow me,” he said a moment later after fiddling on a computer screen. We were led to a small table with booth benches on either side. I watched as a waitress appeared from the side and placed a very nice looking wooden high chair next to the table. Amanda placed my feet in the appropriate holes and cinched the waist strap down before placing a bib on me. I was still holding onto Elena then when Amanda gently pulled her from my grasp and sat her next to my diaper bag. “She’s able to behave properly?” The waitress asked nervously while glancing at me. “Yes, she’s not going to be a disturbance to other guests,” Fred said to her. “Very good sir and ma’am,” the lady said and I watched as a basket of bread was placed on the table far out of my reach. Amanda and Fred both munched on pieces in front of me and I couldn’t help but have my stomach grumble and feel this was unfair. Iced teas were brought for them upon their request, but I remained ignored still other than an occasional pet on the head from Amanda. “Have you decided?” A waiter appeared and asked about ten minutes later. “Yes, I’ll have the Veal Parmesan,” Amanda said. “And I’ll have your New York Steak,” Fred said. “How would you like that cooked?” “Medium rare please,” he told him. “And which meal would you like your little girl to share?” “She’ll have the Veal with me,” Amanda said. “Very good ma’am.” I sat there squirming a bit and thought about begging for a piece of bread or something but thought better of it. Something about her warning before… and something else just left a niggling in my brain that made me worry. I looked around and noticed there were only two other babies or littles present. One seemed to be an actual baby though, and the other might have been a little. Both seemed to be getting fed from a bowl next to their mothers. As I continued to look around Amanda presented a bottle to me and said, “Here, let this take a little bit off of that grumbling stomach.” I looked at the bottle and knew instantly it was breast milk and began nursing it. It wasn’t as good as straight from the source, but it was still pretty tasty so I nursed at it without a word. I wondered about the rest of dinner while I sucked at the bottle, something about the restaurant just seemed ‘off.’ About the time I had finished my bottle they turned up with two delicious looking plates for Fred and Amanda. Fred’s steak was one of the tastiest looking meats I had ever seen cooked. It was also the largest piece of steak I’d ever seen on a plate! I believed I had seen prime rib roasts smaller than the steak on his plate was… It came with a baked potato and my mouth watered at the sight of it. I looked at Amanda’s plate and saw a nice looking plate of veal parmesan with a pasta covered in a red meat sauce that would make any Italian restaurant proud. Then I noticed the bowl. Inside the bowl looked to be a red pasty mush with little bits of white sticking out. There was a little bit of a liquid consistency to it, but mostly it looked like something that had been put through a blender… or was on the bottom of the little I had just seen. My stomach turned as I now understood what she meant about the meal. A baby spoon was pulled out of the diaper bag and she asked, “Ready to give your din-din a try?” I made a face and she whispered, “It’s exactly what I have, it’s just been pureed.” My glare seemed to not affect her as she gathered a spoonful up and said, “Open up for the train Princess.” I debated about not doing so, but I remembered that this mush would be worth two weeks of coffee… ‘Was it worth that?’ I thought to myself. Amanda gave me a look that can only be given by a mommy… so I opened my mouth and she smiled at me, “Good girl!” As the mush landed on my tongue I had a flashback to the little bit of the disgusting stuff I’d tried from Elena’s meal back home and nearly gagged, but fortunately this only had the texture in common. The truth was that if you could get past the mushiness of the bite the flavor was fantastic! I didn’t have anything to chew so I just kind of swirled it around my mouth for a moment and swallowed. “Is that good?” She asked me in a singsong voice. I shrugged and nodded, “It’s weird.” I said quietly. Somehow the restaurant felt like a place that didn’t want littles speaking whatsoever. “The chef here is one of the best in our region… He believes littles should be fed well… but just that they can’t be trusted not to choke on their food whole,” she told me as she spooned another mouthful of the mush into my mouth. The texture clashed with the taste so much I just forced myself to pretend I had chewed it to that consistency myself. One bite at a time I was given the goop from the bowl until Amanda said, “What a good baby girl, you ate it all!” I glared at her because I swore the bowl was bigger before. I was still hungry and felt my stomach grumble in complaint. Just as I was about to say something though the waiter came back and asked, “Was the meal to everyone’s satisfaction?” I looked longingly at the eighth of a huge piece of veal that still lay on her plate. “Yes it was thank you.” Amanda said before asking, “This is our first time here with our little, is it alright if I nurse her here?” The man laughed, “Of course it’s okay. It’s the natural order of things, and we wouldn’t expect anything less here!” “Thanks,” Amanda said somewhat red. “Would you care for dessert while you provide dessert for your daughter?” I squirmed in my own embarrassment now. “Please, I’ll have the chocolate dessert you have listed here,” Amanda said. “I’ll take the slice of cheesecake,” Fred said from the other side. “Right away! Would you like me to box the rest of that for you?” He asked Amanda looking at the same leftovers I wanted. “Or I can puree it and put it in a jar for your daughter to have for another meal? “Just box it please,” she said, “it’d make a nice snack later after I put her to bed.” The man took the plate with him back to the back. As soon as he had the plate clear Amanda unsnapped the buckle at my waist and picked me up. “I know you’re still hungry sweetie, nurse from me and I’ll let you have the rest of the leftovers at home later.” I looked up at her and said, “Thanks.” She presented me with the fleshy orb and my mind went to a halt while my mouth did all the thinking I was capable of at that moment. My hunger at least seemed to take a back seat after her first breast had given all it had. I was zoned out from the milk as she burped me and placed me at her other breast. As I nursed she must have received her dessert because other than an occasional pet of my hair or pat to my back her right arm seemed to be on the table. “You have one of the best behaved littles I have ever seen come in here,” a deep mans voice different from the waiter sounded in my ear. “She is a good girl,” Amanda agreed. “How did she like her meal?” “I think she liked the taste of it… but honestly I don’t normally puree her meals or feed her baby food - so I think the texture was a battle for her.” “She normally eats solids? Are you sure that’s wise?” I kept nursing at her breast trying to contain my embarrassment. I felt Amanda nod, “We know she needs some care, but we see no reason to rub it in her face by pretending she isn’t a little bit of an adult. Normally I wouldn’t bring her here and subject her to that, but I knew that you would be pureeing the same thing I was eating… I knew it wouldn’t be the disgusting jarred food at least.” “You have some interesting views Madame,” the voice said. “But I can’t deny you have a beautiful and well behaved little there. Next time you are here let them know I said she could have the preschool version of the meal.” “Umm… thanks,” Amanda said. “Anytime, I hope to see you dine with us again.” Her breast ran out just then and I kept nursing for a moment. She broke my suction and placed me to her shoulder, saying, “He’s gone Princess.” I let out a burp then as she burped me and she added. “You seem to have made an impression somehow though…” She placed a pacifier in my mouth and then settled me back into the crook for her arm as she reached for another bite of her dessert. “That’s all I can eat I think Fred, you ready to go?” “Sure sweetheart, see you at home?” Amanda stood up and moved me to a position against her shoulder where I could just see behind her. A new little and his family had been seated and had just received their food. “Matty you need to eat your din-din,” the woman said to him. “No I’m not eating that disgusting ass…” I just spotted the little being ripped from the highchair, and his diaper was removed to bare his naked butt to the entire world. I heard the first smacks of a painful spanking as we cleared the dining area. ‘This place is crazy…’ Back at the car I was feeling sleepy from the breast milk as Amanda checked my diaper. “Hmm… better change you now…” she said before repeating the process of opening my diaper up in a parking lot along a crowded street. It caused my face to turn red knowing that any stranger who passed by was getting a free view of my new parts that I had barely seen. She didn’t waste time changing me into one of my thicker diapers. “There, all dry!” She told me and I just kept nursing the pacifier as she lay me in the carrier, moved my arms into the harness, and decided to take a nap on the way home. BACK HOME I woke as Amanda had just pulled into the garage. I stretched in the seat as much as I could and waited for her to come get me. “Oh so you are awake?” She asked as she opened the door. I nodded, “I don’t seem to be falling in quite as deep of a sleep from your milk every time now.” “You hungry now?” She asked me. I shook my head, “I do want to try that meal in a non-pureed form, but I’m pretty full right now.” “Just let me know later if you get hungry and we’ll heat that up for you,” she said as she carried me into the kitchen and then set me down on the ground. “Thanks,” I told her looking up at her face seemingly way above me. “So…” “So what?” I asked. “Want to see if Mommy made the right adapter for the TV to play your video games?” She asked just as Fred came in. He laughed, “I really am going to have to watch you two, you’re going to feed off of each other!” “You’re just jealous!” Amanda said. “Of what?” “She likes video games and not boring things like watching football…” “What?” I asked. “I like watching football too…” She looked at me and stuck her tongue out at me, “Traitor,” she muttered and suddenly picked me up. She tickled me mercilessly for a moment before letting up. “So video games?” I nodded, “Okay.” She sat me down on the couch and went upstairs to her work area before returning with the two consoles in the bags I had brought them in. “Which one should we try first?” She asked me. “What kind of games do you like?” “Shooters?” She asked hesitantly. “So you’re okay with me playing them?” I asked hopefully. “I won’t tell your Granny if you won’t?” She suggested with a smile. I laughed, “Okay, get it hooked up and I’ll get the game going.” I was kind of trapped on the couch with the floor looking a long ways down. ‘Real babies manage to climb and jump just fine!’ I reminded myself at the drop and crawled to the edge and took a leap down. It was almost scary how long I felt like I was in the air on the way down but I landed safely with an ‘oof.’ “Stacy!” Amanda looked at me, “Are you okay?” She asked worriedly. “I’m fine, real babies get around just fine when they’re this size,” I told her. “Not really, when they’re your size they can usually barely sit up…” “Are we going to play or not?” I asked her as I dug through the consoles bag I brought and found the case of games I brought with me. She shook her head, “I must be crazy…” It was then that I noticed we might have a problem though as the controllers seemed just a smidge larger than back home for my hands, but positively tiny for hers. “Umm… we might have a problem,” I said as I held up the controller. “Nope!” She said as she held up her own controller that looked identical but sized for her hands. “I made one for myself so no excuses for your butt getting whupped on the game.” I looked at her like she had grown another head… “Are…?” I started to ask but shook my head and said, “Okay, put this in the disc tray and we should be good to go.” I looked at the patch of wires and the adapter she had assembled and it looked like something that could have been purchased at the store. The same was true of her controller as she sat next to me and mine and hers connected to the console wirelessly. “How did you make those?” “I have a printer upstairs that can make just about anything if I give it the plans to do so. From the plastic all the way down to circuits,” she told me. “Cool!” I said. She gave me a sideways squeeze and kissed my head, “So what’s this game?” In the end I had settled on the latest Call of Duty game that had come out just before I had packed. I hadn’t played much, but it was similar enough to all of the past titles that the little I had played I felt confident I could beat the newbie. We settled on a team match at first and I was more than slightly surprised how confidently she played. In the end I won over her in points, but not by as much as I should have. “Okay you two, Daddy thinks it’s time for Stacy to have her bath and Mommy needs to go night-night.” I heard as we had finished another round. “Huh?” Amanda asked at the same time as me. “Oh boy… you two are going to have to have some limits set, you’re both way too alike,” he muttered. I looked at the clock and said, “Oh, we’ve been playing that long?” Amanda stiffened, “Oops… Sorry honey,” she told him with a smile as she held her hand out for my controller and placed both of ours on top of the TV before powering down the PlayStation. She gathered me up and said, “Good thing you have a thick diapee on! I guess I probably need to go myself before I need those!” She giggled as she tickled my feet and carried me upstairs to the bathroom. Amanda set me down on the floor and pulled the skirt of her dress up and then removed it all the way leaving only her underwear on. I watched morbidly as she pulled her panties down and sat down on the toilet and felt jealousy over being able to do so. She didn’t take long to begin sending urine into the toilet bowl and I had to wonder if she wasn’t joking about nearly having an accident of her own! “Ahhh,” she said contentedly. I watched her wipe, flush, then wash her hands before she turned her attention to the bath tub. She turned the nobs and added some bubble bath before turning to me and saying, “Turn around for Mommy.” I did as she asked and she undid the buttons that held the back of my dress closed and untied the ribbon at the back as well. I felt her fiddle with my hair for a moment before she used her fingers to get the braids completely loose. While I was still standing she reached and undid the tapes of my diaper leaving me now naked. With a quick grab under my arms she sat me in the tub that was already filling. I noticed that it was fuller than it had been the last time. I watched as Amanda undid her bra and froze as she climbed in the tub with me. She sat down with her back to the wall of the tub and I found myself picked up and sat down on her legs that stretched out now. “Mommy wants to take a bath with you,” she told me with a smile and a touch of my nose. I was kind of dumbfounded at this point, and couldn’t help but have my eyes drawn to look at her body. A couple days before I was pretty sure that I would have been aroused at this sight, but now I just looked at an adult body and wished I wasn’t as small as I was. She really was pretty I decided. Before I could really see anything through the bubbles though she began washing me from top to bottom. Especially my bottom found itself getting plenty of attention, as she seemed determined to have a clean baby… She washed my hair gently and I sat with my hair dripping as she began soaping up her own body and washing herself. I contented myself with playing with some bath crayons on the side of the tub when she began to go lower on her body. It didn’t mean as much when I had the same parts… When she was done she hugged me to her body and said, “I’m so glad you came here…” “Thanks… I think,” I told her with a smile. She laughed and squeezed me before turning me in her arms to present me with her breast. “Three times a day, huh?” I asked. “Please?” she asked. I sighed, “I’m going to get fat…” With that though I turned my head and latched on to nurse. A few moments later I felt my bladder lose control and knew I had to have just peed on her. As if to confirm that I heard Fred’s laugh. I squirmed a bit but she held me there saying, “It’s just a little pee, Mommy doesn’t mind,” she said. I shrugged and kept nursing hoping that a little pee wouldn’t become something else… at least for her sake. As I finished I was in that drunken state as she washed herself and me off one more time and carried me down the hallway to the nursery. I was barely aware of my surroundings as I was diapered and placed in another nightgown. Sometime between the change and the crib I found myself asleep. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This chapter concludes what I consider to be Act I of the book. Hope you enjoyed this one. Thank you to everyone who has commented/or liked the story posts. I appreciate the feedback!
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    73.) …I'd had worse afternoons. I mean, I didn't like being treated like a goddamn baby, but… but the thoughts were gone. Temporarily. The memories didn't bother me. I was too lost. I watched Dora and let Anni play with my hair for hours. When Nora finally made an appearance, I had just gotten the strength to move again, but walking was still out of the question. I sat up and looked at her as she came into the room. I pouted. "Hello, Princess." Nora was looking very well-rested, which was a well-deserved feeling for the woman who'd been up all the previous evening, and much of the morning. "Marta tells me that you've been a very good girl today, and it looks like you had fun with Anni — did she do your hair?" The pigtails were uneven and sloppy, but still pretty amazingly cute. "…I wanna go home," I muttered, trying to pull myself to my feet. Ultimately, though, I only got as high as my knees before giving up. I didn't like her towering over me like this… it made my words sound less powerful. And what was worse: I'd let myself get this way. Stupid milk… stupid, stupid milk... The woman smiled down at Josie and then motioned to the walls of the living room. "This is your home for a while now, princess. Until you're better. You asked for my help, and I'm going to make sure that you get all the attention you deserve." Marta had taken Anni out of the living room discretely during the conversation, and that just left the two of them together for now. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head. I tugged myself up to my knees again, and with great effort pulled myself onto the couch. I was so exhausted from all of it, though. I couldn't believe I'd let myself get like this. "I'm not staying here. You can't keep me here." Jeeze, everything was so hazy… "My sweet, you asked to stay here, you asked for my help. And I'm going to do just that, and once you're properly treated, you'll be allowed to go, just as Rissa did this morning." Luzy knew just how things worked here, though, but not how it began, not what the early stages were like. Not the progression from autonomy to eventual dependence. She just saw the end results. "I'm not like Rissa! I am not a child!" Rissa left…? I didn't even notice… but I supposed she wasn't out here. She should have been out here… "Rissa's still…" I had to take a breath. Breathing was as hard as staying focused when you had so much to say… "Rissa's still got problems. She should be here. Not me. I have school. I have work." Okay, I didn't have work. But I needed work! "I have an apartment, and furniture… I'm not staying here!" "Everything is taken care of, princess. Rissa is going to stay with Koi for a spell, and then she'll take care of your apartment. Don't you worry too much about school, that's what Mom's are for." The word Mommy was still tenuous to the woman, she knew that it would be okay, logically, but she didn't want to rush the girl into things. She'd come to call her Mommy in the natural course of things. "…Rissa's staying with… with Koi?" Rissa. The girl who literally put her entire hand in my ass. The girl who had me lick her pussy ten times a day. The girl who basically took every ounce of my sexuality. Was living with the girl who kissed me? MY BEST FRIEND?! "I AM LEAVING!" The yelling didn't do me justice. It brought stars to my vision… "You must remember that Rissa is not the girl that she used to be. She's Ister, for the most part, now as an adult. You mustn't worry so much about others at the moment, princess. The sooner you can focus on your own recovery, the sooner you'll be cleared to leave." There was paperwork for Josie, things that had been lodged, treatment manifests, school forms, and legal custodianship. She quite literally could stop the girl from leaving, but that was a fact that didn't need to be shared right now. "…how long? A week?" The woman shrugged her shoulders. I looked harshly at her, or as harshly as I could with looking like I was going to cry. "I have class. I'm close to graduating. If you want me to start being happier and dealing with things, I need to move on, right? So I need to graduate." I'd put so much work into this program, to keep me on track despite my setbacks… "You're here under emergency medical suspension. You won't forfeit any of your classes, and you will be able to complete your current classes upon leaving the program, be that in a week or a month or more. The paperwork has been lodged, and the approval given. Your apartment is being taken care of, your school is handled, and you lost your job at Subway, so unless there's something else you'd like to worry about, I think we're safe to move on to your treatment program, don't you?" This would be the first of her twice-per-week talks. At first they'd be very direct and adult, but over time they'd become much more abstract. "I AM NOT STAYING HERE FOR A MONTH!" I went to stand, to yell more, to hit her, maybe! To fight for my right as an adult. But my legs gave out and I fell onto my hands and knees. I exhaled harshly, closing my eyes tight. Everything was spinning… everything was falling apart… "…I'm not… s-staying here…." "You're going to stay here as long as it takes for you to get well, princess. And our first step in that goal is to give you your new name." The woman reached into her pocket and took out a plastic-beaded bracelet with letter-block charms that read Josie. She fastened the bracelet around Josie’s wrist and smiled, allowing Luzy the opportunity to look at it, read it, understand what it meant. I ripped at the little beaded plastic, to snap it, to shoot stupid block letters across the room like I did the cookies. But it didn't move. The bracelet was familiar. Very familiar. Ister had one on her wrist, too, when I'd gotten here, and Anni had one on her ankle. I never paid them any attention before… but the bracelet didn't come off. It didn't snap. It didn't even budge. It just left marks on my wrist where the beads pushed into the skin. Josie…? I… I wasn't… "Josie. You will be Josie until you're ready to leave, at which point you get to choose who you become. Josie is a four year old girl, a sweetheart who enjoys playing with her sister, and very much enjoys her milk. Josie is aware of what has happened in the past, and doesn't hide from it, or ignore it. She understands, however, that her Mom knows best, and her Mom will tell her when it's okay to think about those things. Josie is pretty." Josie is pretty. At first, those words would be followed by something to cause positive feelings, an external tool — a shot, in this case, one to bring a sense of warmth and contentment — but in time, the association would be made, and those three words would trigger happiness all on their own. I pulled at the bracelet again, but for whatever reason, it didn't come off. I looked for a clip or a latch, but I didn't find anything. How had she put it on? I should have been paying more attention… "I'm… my name is Luzy…" I muttered, biting my lip. I pulled myself off my hands and knees, on just my knees, and looking up at the woman. She was so much taller than me… "I'm not… not staying here…" The shot, under her bracelet, the warmth, it was had a similar impact as the milk as most pure contentment would, in that it made the world seem quite a bit more lovely than it was. "Josie, you'll be praised for accepting your real name, because your old name is hurt, it needs time to recover and heal. You don't want to be in the way of that healing, do you?" "…cut it out…" I rubbed my eyes a little, but things felt weird. I felt weird… I felt… calmer… "…you can't…" I fell back on my bottom, rubbing my eyes a little more. Everything was hazy, but it was bright. I knew I was blushing, but I didn't know why. I looked at my feet, playing with my fingers… "Why don't you try saying it? I know it seems a little bit new right now, like a new pair of socks, but maybe you hearing your voice say it will help. Go on, now, tell me your name, Josie." Of all the things at work in the program, it was often the imprinting of a new name that people resisted most — even more so than doing all their bathroom, helplessly, in diapers! "…it's not… that's not my name…" I pouted, rubbing my eyes. I looked up at the woman and blushed. She smiled down at me, on my level now, kneeling, perhaps. She put her hand on my cheek and I fell into it, curling up against her fingers. I didn't feel right... "Isn't it possible you only feel that way because you haven't heard yourself say it in your voice, princess? Isn't it possible that… it is your name, and you're just not used to it, yet?" Josie was putty, barely able to move, nuzzling into the woman’s affectionate touch. She was prime for this sort of therapy, even chemical influence aside, she was such a naturally affection-starved girl. “It's not…" But my tone was a little lost. I couldn't even remember what I was arguing anymore. I'd never been in such a state, such blatant… disarray. I bit my lip and rubbed my eyes again. "Just say it one time.” One time. I could do that. I mean… why not? It didn't change anything… "…Josie…" "Josie is Pretty." The delivery mechanism for the chemical was ingenious — two nubs on the inner side of the bracelet that wouldn't break the skin, pressed lightly and the cocktail would be pushed through the girls skin, an instant rush of warmth and happiness. No pain, no needles, no obvious external influence. "It's such a pretty name, and even prettier in your voice, such a good match, doesn't it make sense to be yours?" "…I…" I couldn't even see things right anymore. Everything was a blur of colors and noise and prettiness and I couldn't remember any of those memories that haunted me. I nodded my head, slightly, and closed my eyes to regain some thought. "… I guess it's.. it's fine…" What was fine? What was I even saying…? "Tell me your name, Josie. Names are such funny things, you need to hear yourself say that it's your name, and soon it starts to be truth." Over the coming days, the woman would teach the girl the differences between Josie and Luzy, about how they shared memories, but Josie was going to protect Luzy and learn how to handle them for her, and keep her safe. For now, it started with the name. "…name is… Josie…" The woman played with my hair and helped me up on the couch. Honestly, I couldn't tell up from down. Nora pulled my head into her lap. She played with my hair for a long while while she reiterated, over and over: "your name is Josie". Sometimes I'd repeat her. Sometimes I'd enjoy the colors. All in all, it wasn't a bad afternoon.
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    aliens disappeared time to change..
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    Chapter 6: Playing Nicer London shifted around a bit in her diaper. Her pleasantly plump bottom was made even more so by the thickness of the diaper. Despite what Myles might or might not have thought, she wasn't quite used to diapers. She was a big enough girl for pull ups, that much she was sure of, and she usually made it to the bathroom on time. The diapers were only there, as her mother reminded her many times, in case of accidents or situations when London couldn't easily get to the bathroom on time. As if on autopilot, London easily introduced Myles to each and every one of her stuffies, both by name and by personality, each time with a brief snippet of their voice, usually in a friendly greeting. As she did so, she kneeled and rested her pampered bum on the heels of her feet. "And this little guy is Professor Star. He's a real smart professor guy, so he uses a lots and lots of big words," she finished, showing off her last stuffy, a large plush starfish with a smiling face, to Myles, who seemed, at least, to be relaxing. "So these are my friends," London said, scooping them up into her arms again and hugging them tight. "London," Myles began, "Can I ask you something?" There was a tentativeness in his voice that London picked up on at once. "Of course, Myles. You're my friend, too." At this, Myles felt a twinge in his heart. Here he was with a girl he barely knew, having embarrassed himself by pissing himself like an infant, and she was so kind to him. "Do you have...other friends?" he asked, trying to couch his invasive question in a degree of sympathy. London thought for a moment on how she would respond. She did not appear angered or upset by the question, but it did seem to throw her off. "Not many friends at school right now," she said. "New girl has a hard time. Plus I guess I'm not cool like the other girls." There was a hint of sadness in her statement, but only a hint. "But that's okay," she said, "I have my momma. And my stuffies. And my imagination." She exhaled. "And myself," she said, a look of peace on her face. Myles paused for a moment before shaking his head. "No," he said, "This isn't normal. I'm not judging you, I just..." He stared down at his diaper. Hard to judge anyone when you looked like you were about to film a Huggies commercial. "...this isn't normal." London looked at him for a few seconds before letting out a laugh. "What's 'normal', silly?" she asked in a accusatory tone. "Starving yourself thin so you can look like the models on TV? Saving up all your money so that you can buy whatever expensive, uncomfortable new clothes are in style?" "Well, no," Myles said, trying to regain his dignity, "But you're a high school senior and you wear diapers." "No, I only wear diapers sometimes. Before today, it had been weeks since I needed a diaper. And you're a high school senior in a diaper too, mister." Myles blushed. There was the rub -- how could he take his high and mighty tone like this? "I know I am. And I'm sorry, for..." he searched for the right words, "...for having...an accident on you." "Oh, you poor baby," she said. "It's okay! We all have them sometimes." She paused. "It can be hard, being big." With these words, she fell and flopped on her back. Her somewhat curvy midriff was now exposed as her Adventure Time T-shirt had ceased to provide full protection. She looked very childish, Myles mused, laying on the floor with her diaper and belly exposed. "Real hard, sometimes," she said. There was another moment of silence as Myles wondered what he should do. Should he lie down next to her? "Myles!" yelped London. "Come over here and play with me!" Myles walked over, towering over her. "What is it that you..." he trailed off. "It would be very dastardly of you to tickle me right now. Now that I'm just laying her defenseless with my tummy exposed. Real dastardly." She flashed him a smile and a wink. A playful sensation seized Myles. Here he was, and a cute girl was asking him to tickle her (more-or-less). If it weren't for the diaper, this would be prime flirtation time. He dropped to the ground. They were parallel to each other now. "Are you talking about..." Myles began, moving his left hand to a point in the air just above London's navel. "This tummy right here?" She batted her eyes at him. "Maybe," she said, smiling. In a flutter of fingers, Myles's hand went to work, every fingertip at his disposal moving about across London's soft, fair stomach. London erupted in giggles, her face the very image of delight. Myles couldn't help but enjoy it. God, ticking? He didn't realizes this was something he was into. But he felt his manhood grow and harden in the white and innocent confines of his diaper. The thought briefly popped up in his mind, wondering if diapers were meant to hold erections, but it was soon banished -- the curiosity and questioning -- by the sheer sense of happiness he got from tickling her. He moved to use his right hand, too. This was a double-barreled tickle, alright. "Hahahaha, Myles, stop it, now, st-st-stop it," London sputtered out. He acquiesced, knowing not to push his luck. He might be a tickler, but he wasn't gonna be the guy who got too handsy with a girl who still wore diapers. "You're a good playmate, Myles," London said, sitting up and covering up her tummy with her shirt. Myles, unknown to himself, grinned. "See," London said, "It's not so bad being my friend, is it?" Myles looked at her, taken aback, but quickly regrouped to find his words. "No, London, it's not. I like being your friend." "Good," she said with a smile, bolting up onto her feet. Quickly, she grabbed him by the arm. "Come on, little boy," she said. "Let's play Doctor."
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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I'm excited to continue with it. Chapter 2! Chapter 2 “Come on, honey”, said Jennifer. “We don’t want to be late to the airport.” “I’m almost ready”, replied Katelynn. “I’m just putting on a fresh diaper for the trip!” “Make sure to put some spare ones in your carry on. It’s a long flight to Tokyo.” “I did!”, answered Katelynn. She finished taping up her diaper, then slid on her pants. She picked up her old diaper and carried it out of her room. “What should I do with this?” “Why don’t you just put it in the can in your room?”, inquired Jennifer. “I already emptied it, and seeing as I won’t be needing it for a while, I didn’t want to put this in it.” “I guess you can take it to the bin on the curb. I don’t think the trash truck has come, yet.” Katelynn carried her diaper out to the curb. She lived in a nice suburb of town, but none of her neighbors were walking around. But she walked quickly, just in case. She went back in her house to grab the last of her things. Her family had already loaded the car with her stuff. Katelynn felt the cushion of her diaper as she sat down on her seat. Because of the long flight, she was wearing a thick diaper. A Bambino, to be exact. Her diaper was dry, which was fine with her. Sometimes it just felt good to be in a dry, comfortable diaper. It would be wet soon enough. “Are you sure have everything, Katy?”, asked her mother. “Double check before we get too far away.” Katelynn looked around her family’s car. Multiple suitcases occupied the space that wasn’t taken up by passengers. She had two checked bags, a carry on suitcase, and a diaper bag. It was more of a day pack, really, but she would be using it as a diaper bag. She was hoping to explore as much of Japan as possible, which meant a lot of walking. Spare diapers would be necessity. “I think so, Mom. And if I absolutely need something I can buy it when I get there. I do think they have stores in Japan.” "I don’t know”, said her dad. “Japan is a whole new world”. “Yeah, but they have stores. Everyone has stores.” “With all the technology and robots over there, you never know. Maybe a drone just delivers everything.” “This conversation is not worth continuing”, laughed Katelynn. “On a different note”, continued her father, “I saw Grace at work, yesterday. Her dad had her come in and personally apologize. Which is appreciated, considering what she did and the pain she caused you. Her apology wasn’t very convincing, though. But, and here is the interesting part, She was absolutely wearing a diaper. Having been around you, I can tell when someone is sporting one.” “Ha!”, smiled Katelynn. “Yeah, and any doubts about her selection of underwear went away when she stumbled walking out of my office and her shirt rode up, exposing the waistband of a diaper. I think her dad punished her by making her wear them for a few days.” “That’s hilarious”, said Katelynn. “I mean in a way, I kind of feel bad for her. I’m not at all forgiving her or downplaying what she did to me, It’s just that being forced to wear diapers probably really sucks. I wouldn’t know, because I always want to be in them. But, if you don’t like to wear diapers, having to do so does not seem fun. I wonder if she has to use them. I don’t know. Hopefully it will teach her to keep her hands to herself.” “Yeah, Mr. Harris didn’t say anything about it. I can’t imagine he’ll make her wear them when she goes back to Yail. I don’t think he could, she’s three hours away, after all. But I see her around the office sometimes, so I’ll keep an eye out for signs of diapers.” “You okay back there, sweetie?”, inquired Jennifer. “Diaper wise, I mean.” “I can’t complain.Why? You don’t usually ask that.” “No reason. It will just be weird not having diapers be a part of my life for a few months.” “It’s not really a part of your life. I pretty much change myself all the time.” “Well, I know. But I see you in diapers a lot. You don’t always hide the fact that you’re wearing them when we’re home. Not to mention that I can smell your diaper half the time.” Jennifer winked at her daughter. Katelynn blushed. “I’ll only be gone for a little while. And, if you really want, when we Skype I’ll stand up so you can see my diaper.” “I’m not saying I’m going to miss them. Just that it will be strange not seeing them. It’s complicated.” “Why?” “You know that I don’t really get why you want to wear diapers, but they’re a part of who you are.” “I guess”, said Katelynn. “More importantly, I’m going to miss the cute little girl who is in those diapers.” “I’m not really your little girl anymore.” “It’s a cliche, but you will always be my little girl. I’m really going to miss you.” “And of course I’ll miss you guys, too”, said Katelynn. “But I don’t want you to be too sad.” “Just make sure to Skype”, added her father. The family finished the rest of the drive to the Boston airport in about an hour. Surprisingly, Katelynn’s diaper remained dry for the length of the journey. Her parents helped her carry her luggage to the check-in-counter. “You guys don’t need to stay”, said Katelynn as they approached the check-in line. “We’ll stay with you until security”, said Paul. “We’re in no rush”, added Jennifer. Katelynn noticed a tinge of sadness in her mother’s voice as she spoke. “Ok”, smiled Katelynn. In all honesty, she was happy her parents weren’t leaving yet. They waited in line for fifteen minutes before reaching the counter. “May I please see your passport and ticket?”, asked the attendant. “Here you go”, responded Katelynn. “Okay, it looks like you will be departing from Gate 39 in just over two hours.” “Thanks”, Katelynn replied. “Do you have any liquids, firearms, flammable materials, or sharp or blunt objects with you?” “No.” “Then you are good to go. Enjoy your flight and have a nice time in Japan.” Katelynn and her family walked to the entrance to security. “I guess this is where we leave you,”, said her mother. Tears were already forming in her eyes. She hugged her daughter. “I love you so much, honey. We’re so proud of you. Please, please, be safe and please, call.” “I will, Mommy”, sniffled Katelynn. She had begun to cry, as well. “I’ll miss you guys. I love you.” “Goodbye, Katelynn”. He joined the group hug. Paul wasn’t overly affectionate, but he cared for his daughter, and Katelynn knew he would miss her. The hug ended, and Katelynn’s parents started to leave. As she walked into security, she could see them waving at her. She waved back. And so her journey began. Katelynn had never left the country before, except for a couple of visits to Canada. Which doesn’t mean much if you’re from New Hampshire. A couple of hundred miles was nothing compared to thousands of miles and the Pacific Ocean. This being said, she was much more excited than scared. Katelynn liked challenges. She liked confronting them and conquering them. “I like your suitcase. The polkadots are super cute.” Katelynn looked up. A girl around her age with long brown hair stood in front of her. “Oh, thanks. I love polkadot things.” “I’m Emily, by the way.” “I’m Katelynn.” “So, where ya headed, polkadot girl?” “Japan. I’m studying abroad.” Emily started to grin. “Hey, that’s so cool! I am, too.” “You’re studying abroad?” “Yeah, in Japan. Tokyo. At the music University.” “No Way! Same! Do you go to NYCU? I’m going as part of the Music Composition Exchange Program.” “I am, too. This is so crazy! So, what do you play?” “Piano. I’m in the NYU Performance Ensemble.” “I thought you looked a little familiar”, said Emily. “I think I saw you at the Winter Concert.” “Yeah, I played at that”, answered Katelynn. Not only did Katelynn play at that concert, she also pooped her diaper halfway through her performance. And she still didn’t miss a single note. “Wow, you were really good.” Katelynn blushed. She liked Emily already. It didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous. “Thanks. So, what about you? What’s your instrument?” “I play the trombone.” “That’s” “Different?”, Emily cut her off. “I was going to say unusual.” “My mom thought it would be good for me to play a lesser known instrument. There’s not much competition if you play the trombone.” “That makes sense.” “Eh. So, do you have a roommate yet?” Emily started a new topic of conversation. “I’m actually going to have a singe room. I’m not really used to living with anyone.” Katelynn had a roommate. She shared an apartment with her best friend, Caleb, while they studied together at NYCU. But saying she wasn’t used to living with someone was easier than saying she needed her own room to store diapers, wear diapers, use diapers, and dispose of diapers. Wearing around others out in public was easy. But there is a certain amount of maintenance involved in wearing diapers, maintenance which requires privacy. “Oh, suit yourself. I’m still looking for one.” By this time they were halfway through line. Katelynn hadn’t peed in a few hours. She thought about breaking the seal and yellowing her nice, clean Bambino. “I’m sure you’ll find one”, said Katelynn. “There are a lot of people in the program.” If she wet now, she would need to do so while continuing to talk to Emily. She had wet herself while carrying on a conversation countless times. “I hope so”, said Emily. Katelynn started to release a stream of warm pee into her dry diaper. A hot sensation spread over her rear. She didn’t realize how much she needed to wet. She continued peeing and carrying on her conversation.“So, where’s your hometown?” “I’m from L.A.”, said Emily. “But I decided to go the East Coast for school.” “That’s a long way away”, responded Katelynn. At the moment she was much more vested in finishing up her massive wetting than being a good listener. Slowly, her stream began to subside, became a trickle, then stopped. Katelynn smiled. “What are you laughing at”, chuckled Emily. “Oh, nothing. That’s just really cliched.” Actually, Katelynn was smiling because Emily had no idea that her new friend had just finished soaking the adult diaper concealed under her jeans. “I guess so. If it makes any difference I like New York way more than Los Angeles.” “I’ve never been to L.A.” “You’re not missing much. On a totally different note, I really have to pee. This line better hurry up.” The irony of the situation was not lost on Katelynn. “If only you knew,” thought Katelynn. “We’re almost up”, she replied to Emily. Katelynn and Emily made small talk for a few more minutes before it was their turn to go through security. Katelynn loaded all of her stuff on the conveyor belt, then walked through the security scanner. DING! DING! DING! “Excuse me miss,” said a security guard. “Could you try again.” “Yeah”, answered Katelynn. DING! DING! DING! “Ok, can you please step over here?” Katelynn did as she was told. Before she could get too far, the security scanner went off for Emily. DING! DING! DING! “Sarah and Bree, could you take these women into the security room and do a manual search?”, asked the security guard. “Okay”, the ladies answered. “Please follow us”, they said to Katelynn and Emily. “I have a few screws in my leg”, Emily whispered to Katelynn. “It might be that”. “Yeah”, answered Katelynn. “I don’t know why I would have trouble. No metal in my body.” Katelynn had her suspicions as to why she would have issues going through a scanner, but she hoped they weren’t true. “This is going to be so embarrassing. There’s no way security won’t see my diaper”, she thought to herself. “Okay, it’s just in here”, said one of the agents. “We need to have two people perform the search, so one of you will need to wait a minute.” “I guess you can go first”, said Emily. “Okay”, Katelynn gulped. There was a curtain partitioning the room. Katelynn followed the two women behind it, while Emily waited on the other side. “Is there any reason why the security scanner would go off?” one of them asked. “Do you have any metal in your body?”. “No”, replied Katelynn. “Well, sometimes these full body scanners can act a little strange.” “Umm...”, said Katelynn, sheepishly. “There is one thing, maybe”, by this point she was almost whispering. “I wear…uh…incontinence products.” “You’re gonna have to speak up, hon. We can’t quite hear you.” “I have to wear incontinence protection”, stammered Katelynn, only slightly louder than before. “oh”, replied the guard. “Yeah, that happens sometimes. Diapers have been known to set it off. I think it’s the extra bulk. No worries, we’ll just do a quick manual search and you can be on your way.” The security agent made no effort to lower her voice when she said this. “Yeah, sure”, said Katelynn. That curtain might hide her from view, but it did nothing to keep out sound. There was no way Emily hadn’t heard what just transpired. One guard began to pat down Katelynn, while the other stood and watched. “Could you lower your pants?” “Umm…yeah”, replied Katelynn, nervously. She obliged, undid her belt, and lowered her jeans, exposing her yellowed diaper. A dry diaper would be bad enough, but a wet diaper was even worse. She had wet her diaper a lot in the security line, and it was discolored and sagging. It was obvious to everyone who saw it that she had used it. The guard took a quick peak, then told Katelynn she could raise her pants. “All done. You can go. Thanks”, said the security agent. “Yeah”, Katelynn answered. She drew back the curtain. Emily looked at her, blushed, then quickly looked away and walked behind the curtain. Katelynn left the room to go find a place behind security. She thought about trying to avoid Emily, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to avoid her forever. A few moments later, Emily walked up to her. “It must have been the screws in my leg,” she said to Katelynn. “Oh, yeah, I bet so.” Katelynn waited for the diaper questions to start. But Emily didn’t say anything. “So, do you want to head to our gate? Or we could grab some food. I’m not starving, but if you are”, Emily asked Katelynn. “I’m not super hungry. I’m cool with just finding our gate.” Maybe Emily hadn’t heard about Katelynn’s diapers after all. Or maybe she just didn’t want to embarrass her. Either way was fine with Katelynn. It took them a few minutes to walk to their gate. Afterwards, they sat down and got to know each other better. Katelynn really liked Emily. She was kind, thoughtful, and very funny. Unfortunately, Katelynn was pretty sure Emily was straight. She had a knack for inferring sexual preferences. “Now boarding Group three for Sky Lines flight from Boston to Seattle”, projected a voice on the intercom. It would take two flights to get to Japan. One from Boston to Seattle, the other from Seattle to Tokyo, with a two hour layover in between. “Hey, I think we’re sitting together on the flight from Seattle to Tokyo,” said Emily. “What are the chances of that?” “Awesome!”answered Katelynn. “That will make the flight go buy so much faster,” she smiled. “Yeah! Well, I’ll see you in Seattle. I board in group four”. “See ya.” Katelynn boarder her flight and took her seat. She had a window, which made her happy. She could enjoy the view, and it’s not like she needed to get up to use the restroom. Apart from issues with security, she thought airplanes were one of the most convenient places to wear diapers. And she was pretty sure she wasn’t the only one who would be utilizing a personal restroom on the plane. She read that a relatively high number of people wear some form of protection on flights. A gentleman in his mid forties sat down in the seat next to her. He was dressed in a suit, and already had out his laptop. Soon, the plane was in the air. Katelynn sat back and enjoyed the flight. It was uneventful, unless wetting a diaper thirty thousand feet in the air is considered eventful. When they were about to land, the man sitting next to her turned and commented, “You must have a steel bladder. I could never make it five hours without going to the bathroom.” “Yeah,” Katelynn replied, awkwardly. “I guess so.” Katelynn had gone to the bathroom on the airplane, twice. But instead of having to get up from a cramped window seat and wait in a long line, she could stay in the comfort of her chair and wet herself. For the countless time, Katelynn wondered why more people didn’t decide to wear diapers. Katelynn’s flight arrived in Seattle, and she departed to meet Emily. “Hey, girl. How was the flight?” asked Emily. “Fine. I just had some guy next to me who didn’t really talk much.” “That’s better than me. I was sitting next to some teen boy. He just stared at my boobs the whole time.” “Eww”, Katelynn chuckled. “Yeah, so it was awkward.” “Well, I’m going to go to the bathroom before we go to our next gate”, said Katelynn. Her diaper was very wet. Three wettings was a lot, even for a Bambino. She was hoping to change now, then not need to put on a new diaper on the flight to Tokyo. “Oh, okay,” said Emily, her voice sounding surprised. “What?”, Katelynn inquired. “It’s just, I thought” “So, you heard that whole thing with the security guard?”, Katelynn cut in. “I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to embarrass you.” “It’s okay”, answered Katelynn. “I’m not embarrassed.” Katelynn really wasn’t that embarrassed. Normally, she was very worried about people finding out about her diapers. But Emily had already found out. And, more importantly, she seemed like a really nice person, a person who Katelynn could trust. “So, you really wear diapers?”, asked Emily. She still seemed embarrassed. “Yeah”, Katelynn blushed. “I’m sure you have tons of questions. But, right now, I need to hit up the ladies room. We can talk more about it on the flight if you want.” “Okay,” said Emily. “I mean, I don’t want to intrude, but I am curious. I’ve never met anyone who wears diapers.” “You’d be surprised. You just might not know about them”, Katelynn winked. “Maybe”, Emily laughed. “I need to go to the bathroom, too.” Both girls walked to the nearest restroom. It was busy inside, but stalls were open. Katelynn opened her bright blue backpack and took out a diaper and some wipes. She had gotten over the lack of privacy involved in public changes long ago. Emily was in the stall next to her. Katelynn pulled down her pants and looked at her diaper. By now, it was completely soaked in the back, as well as most of the front. She squished it a little, smiled, then undid the tapes. A loud tearing sound shot through the restroom. Her diaper crinkled as she set it down on top of the toilet. It was obvious to those next to her what she was doing. She wiped down her bottom. Even more noise ensued as she opened up her new diaper. She took a stuffer out of her packpack and put it in the diaper, then put the diaper under her and pressed her bottom against the wall. She brought the diaper up to her waste, lined up the tapes, then fastened them. She had decided to go with another Bambino. She didn’t want to take any chances on the flight. She washed her hands, then took a quick look at herself in the mirror. Her relatively tight jeans did little to hide the fact she was diapered. Wearing a thick Bambino with a stuffer didn’t help much, either. This didn’t bother Katelynn as much as it would have in the past. More and more people were beginning to find out about her diapers, including Emily. It didn’t seem as big of a deal, anymore. She walked outside to meet Emily. “Any trouble in there?” Emily asked. “I’m pretty good at it by now”. “I’m sure I would be awful at it.” “It’s really not that hard. Anyways, I’m starving, and I saw a good looking Chinese place here. Are you hungry?” “Yeah,” replied Emily, “I could eat.” They headed to the restaurant and had dinner. By the time they finished, their flight was about to board. This time they were in the first boarding group. Katelynn made sure to keep her backpack close to her on the plane in case she needed to change. She felt pretty confident her diaper could hold up, though. This time, Emily was next to the window, and Katelynn was in the middle of the row. An older lady was sitting next to her in the aisle seat. The flight to Tokyo would take just over ten hours. Katelynn had a book, her headphones, and her new friend to keep her company. For the first couple of hours, Emily didn’t bring up Katelynn’s diapers. But after every tuned in to watch the in flight movie, she broached the subject. “You know, you’re not doing a lot to hide your underwear choice, if you know what I mean.”” “I guess it is pretty obvious,” answered Katelynn. “But nothing let’s people know you’re wearing a diaper quicker than leaks.” “Oh my god, has that happened to you?” “Yeah. If you wear all the time then they’re bound to happen.” “Oh, so you wear pretty often? I just assumed for the flight and all, small bladder.” “I always wear them, actually.” “So you’re incontinent?” “Not exactly, no,” answered Katelynn. This is wear the conversation could get awkward. Katelynn wondered how Emily would react when she found out Katelynn didn’t actually need to wear diapers, but rather wore them out of desire. “So, why do you wear them?” Katelynn paused for a moment. She needed to tread lightly. “I don’t actually need to wear them. I wear them because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to them.” Katelynn looked up at Emily. She didn’t look disgusted, only curious. “They just feel right. I am happier and more confident and just feel better about myself and life. They are a part of who I am, now. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense, but that’s honestly how I feel.” Surprisingly, Emily didn’t look like she thought Katelynn was crazy. She waited before responding. “I think people should do whatever makes them happy, as long as they don’t harm anyone else. And I don’t see how diapers hurt anyone. I say go for it.” Katelynn smiled. “It’s good to hear that. I try to avoid telling anyone I know because I’m scared they’ll think I’m a freak.” “I don’t think you’re a freak. I mean, it’s a little weird, but a little weird is good. I think it’s kind of cute, actually.” “It is cute!”, smiled Katelynn. “And so convenient.” “I can imagine! I hate waiting in line for the girl’s room.” “I don’t miss that,” replied Katelynn. “Speaking of the little girl’s room, I am about to burst.” “I went a few minutes ago.” “Wait, really?”, Emily looked really surprised. “In your diaper? I couldn’t even tell!” Katelynn laughed. “Well, that’s kind of the point.” “I guess so,” Emily smiled. “If I don’t go to the bathroom soon, I’m going to wish I had on a diaper. I’ll be back in a minute.” Katelynn gathered her thoughts. Her conversation with Emily actually went really well. Katelynn had never told a friend about her diapers. It felt good to be open about them. A weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. The plane wouldn’t be in Japan for another eight hours. She decided to try to find something to watch. After a few minutes of browsing, she decided to watch an episode of a show about a transgender teenager. After a while, Emily sat back down. “Hey, I love that show!” “I’ve never seen it before, but so far I really like it.” “My sister and I watch it a lot. She’s transgender.” “That’s so cool. I’m part of the LGBT social group on campus, so a lot of my friends are trans.” “Yeah, she’s a little older than me. We get along really well. Especially since she transitioned.” “It’s so nice when people support you. My parents were awesome when I came out to them and it made so much of a difference.” “Are you gay?” “Yeah,” Katelynn replied. “Well, I guess I really am the boring one. I’m just a straight girl who wears panties instead of diapers!” Emily and Katelynn burst out laughing. “Damn, I was really hoping she was at least bi”, Katelynn thought to herself. “I don’t want to keep you away from your show. I’ll try to find something to watch, too,” said Emily. “Okay”, answered Katelynn. Katelynn continued watching TV, but a growing urge to poop was distracting. “Oh man,” thought Katelynn. “I was really hoping not to have to change on the plane.” But she knew she couldn’t hold it for eight hours. She was going to have to mess herself on the airplane, something she wasn’t exactly excited about. In such close quarters, it would be obvious, and she didn’t want to intrude on other people. And then there was Emily. There was no way Katelynn could hide a messy diaper from her. And what would she think? Peeing yourself was one thing, but how would she respond when Katelynn messed herself on purpose? Katelynn pushed the thought out of her head. She could at least hold it for a little while longer.
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    Chapter 2: Diana I lounge out on one of the, admittedly rather comfortable, public benches positioned just outside the spa as I wait for Clara, a giddy eagerness swelling in my heart at the thought of seeing the Little girl again. Again, I find myself wrestling with the almost crippling desire to just scoop her up and never let her go the second she comes within sight, but I manage to force those feelings back. I need to remain a little distant. Treat her like a friend, and an equal, and keep an air of supporting her even as I gradually slip babying treatments into our meetings when the opportunity arises. One slip up, and I know I’ll lose her. She’ll lock up and pull back, never to trust or meet me again. I’ve myself under control once more by time a taxi pulls up and the driver steps out to lift a rather flustered looking Clara out of the car seat in the back of the car. She looks ready to blow a fuse as she glares at him and I decide to intervene. I step forward to thank and pay the man. “Is there any way you could leave the car seat at home when you return to pick her up?” The man snorts. “Fat chance, Lady. It’s against the law to let a child ride in just the backseat like that; I’d lose my job for sure.” “A booster seat then,” I decide. “Surely that’s not unreasonable? You’ll enjoy the tip.” “I suppose a booster will be alright, then,” he agrees. “If you insist on it anyways. Have a nice day.” I watch him climb back into the vehicle and drive off before I turn to Clara and shrug. “Sorry about that, Clara. The company wanted to know if they were picking up a Little or an ‘adult’ to use their words...I honestly didn’t even think about the fact that they’d probably bring a carseat. I’m sorry you had to deal with that,” I apologize with no true hint of remorse, though I manage to feign displeasure. Clara shakes her head a bit, obviously trying to hide her blush. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Nothing I’m not used to anyway,” she says with an obviously flustered voice. “So anyway, what’s the plan again? Spa day right?” I nod my head as I lead her past the large, somewhat ornate double-doors into the foyer of the spa. I cannot help but smile as I see her face. It is a known fact that Littles like Clara very rarely get to visit such prestigious establishments. I walk to the front desk, my heels clicking on the marble floor as Clara occupies herself by sitting in a large, padded sofa. “Hello. I have an appointment for two under the name Diana Evans,” I say to the young woman behind the desk. The woman quickly types in my name into her computer and smiles as the appointment comes up. “Yes, Miss Evans. I’ll wait if you want to collect your daugher real quick,” she says amicably. I cannot contain my smile. “Oh yes absolutely. Let me just go fetch, Clara,” I agree without denying her assumption. I walk up to the Little girl and try to contain a laugh as she sits there, legs crossed, with a magazine in her arms. Trying so hard to look ‘grown up’ while the sofa dwarfs her tiny frame. The day was worth it just for that image alone. “Hey, Clara, it’s our turn now so we have to get changed into the robes,” I say touching her shoulder to rouse her from her magazine. “Hmm? Oh, it’s our turn already?” she inquires, setting the magazine aside and hopping down from the sofa. I pass her the fleece spa robe, sized for her, and lead her into the rather elegant change room. “Get changed, okay? We can put our clothes in a locker before heading to the first activity on our itinerary, which is a mud bath, I believe,” I say as I enter one of the change room stalls, the fact that Clara won’t be able to reach the lock on the other stall completely slipping my mind. “Mud bath? Why would anyone want to bathe in mud? I mean, is it actual mud or just a term for some sort of concoction?” she asks, sounding slightly strained for some reason. “No,” I reply with a frown. “As far as I know, it’s actually mud, but it;s supposed to be good for the skin or something, though I don’t know for sure seeing as I’ve never had one. I guess we’ll find out. So how have you been since I saw you last?” “I’ve been alright, thanks,” Clara replies. “I’ve been working on that petition, got a few more signatures, though we’re going to need a lot more. I’ve mainly just been trying to implement a few of your ideas, trying to be less of the louder speaker, and have a more olive branch approach," she reports with a huff, the sound of her jumping rapidly following. My frown deepens. “Clara is everything okay?” I ask as I step from the change stall and notice her problem. “Oh. Clara, I’m sorry. You should have said something.” I reach up and hold the door shut. “You can get changed now, I’ll hold the door.” I hear her mumble an, “I almost had it,” under her breath and I smile, but pretend not to notice. “So you’ve told me about how the cause is going, but not really how you’re doing. Tell me you have more going on in your life, Clara. I know this is important to you, but you have to remember to balance it. Get out and do things for yourself, like seeing a movie or even just taking a walk. You have to remember to take care of yourself as well as your organization,” I comment lightly. Soon enough and you won’t have to worry about that. I’ll be happily doing it for you. The thought sends a trill of pleasure shooting down my spine and again I’m overcome with the intense urge to scoop her up here and now. This would be a hell of alot easier if she weren’t so damned adorable. Still, I force down the desires and compose myself once more as Clara taps on the stall door. “Alright, I’m done.” I release the stall door so she can step out, clade as I am in just her robe. The irony that she could pass as a little girl trying to match her mommy, even just in bathrobes, isn’t lost on me, and while the robe is longer than a baby dress, falling to her knees; it’s still so small and cute that I want to squeal, which I do a little on the inside. I don’t show the joy, however, instead offering her a polite smile and a nod. “Shall we go, then?” We’re led to a smallish room with walls painted a limestone white, will cool, stone tiled floors and a wide, circular in-ground tub of mud. A soft forest themed music of rustling leaves and bird calls plays in the otherwise silent space. I smile and shrug, shedding my robe long enough to slip in and under. “Huh, it actually feels really nice,” I comment as Clara hesitantly slides in on the opposite side, only to nearly slip right under. I move fast, leaning forward and grabbing her by the arm to hold her up. “Careful. I can’t imagine drowning in a pool of mud is the way you want to go,” I tease. “Now I asked for a-ah, here it is.” I fumble with the small wooden bench I requested be provided for her. It’s tall enough to allow her to sit properly without being chin deep in the pool. Once I’m sure she has her footing, I relax and lean back. “Are you alright?” Her face is brightly flushed with embarrassment likely both from the slip and from being forced to accept help from an amazon when she’s trying so hard to prove her independence. Her blushing face forces me to bit my lip a bit. It’s impossible. No one could be so utterly adorable on accident. “I’m fine. I’m fine,” she says in an overly flustered voice to match her reddened cheeks. “Just surprised me was all. I caught myself. Didn’t need any help” She pauses for a few moments after that curt reply and follows up with a small, “Thank you.” I chuckle a little and nod. “You’re welcome. I’m sorry I grabbed, I just didn’t know whether or not you could swim and I just sort of reacted. My fault really, I should have warned you about the depth and given you a heads up about the bench. I’m sorry for that,” I admit genuinely, mentally kicking myself for not being more careful with the poor child. I take a deep breath and try to diffuse the awkward atmosphere that’s settled over the room. “I find it rather odd, admittedly, that soaking in mud actually feels quite nice. Maybe pigs are on to something,” I tease as I lean back as slide just a little deeper. “It does,” Clara agrees with a sigh, propping her elbows on the side of the pool, hair strewn about the tiles as she leans back as well. “So this is what it’s like to be rich, huh?” Her tone takes on a slightly sarcastic edge to it. “I wonder if this is going to ruin my street cred if I am seen cavorting with an amazon.” This time it sounds like she’s teasing, but I can’t stop the sharp twinge of hurt that flares in my chest at the words. I brush that aside, however, certain she meant no true harm by the comment. “What does street cred do for you anyways?” I retort. “After all, isn’t the whole point of your cause to put Littles and Amazons on equal ground? I would think that communication and interaction would be crucial steps to accomplish that, right?” “That’s the goal,” Clara agrees. “But it’s not easy. Most Amazons won’t give me the time of day; they simply refuse to listen. It would be nice if more of them were as open and understanding as you are, but honestly, I just feel like there’s a long line of them who are itching for the chance to tug down my pants and give me the spanking they think I deserve,” she admits with a shudder. I on the other hand find it difficult not to picture what she’d look like bent over my own knee. Not that I’d ever spank her without good reason, but the image...to have it a reality would mean she really is mine, and that’s a reality I can’t wait to have brought into existence. “I can understand why you’d feel that way; you probably aren’t wrong either.” Clara nods. “I’m also having a problem with the other Littles. They see me being too friendly with you Amazons and they’ll think I’ve gone soft or am being paid off. Many of my followers think it’s a bad idea to trust you too. I don’t really care much, what others say, it’s just...well nobody appreciates rumors, you know?” “Yes, I do,” I agree, feeling slightly like a wolf in sheep’s clothing after her comment. They’re right of course, in the context they speak of, that she shouldn’t trust me. But I’m going to take such good care of her that I also believe she’s fine to put her trust in me. I’ll make her life a lot better, easier. Clara shrugs. “Who knows; maybe one day I can reveal you as an open contributor, present my first official Amazon supporter...that would certainly shock the world,” she states with a chuckle. “Maybe one day,” I murmur, despite knowing that will never happen. The mud bath was more relaxing than I thought it would be. Now I find myself stretched out on a massage table, feeling quite content as a very skilled masseuse works out the tension in my lower back. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation. I do, however, allow myself a peek over at Clara’s table. The little looks about ready to fall asleep, eyes closed and a small, pleased smile on her face as her shoulders are massaged. “Mmm...I could so get use to this,” she says in a relaxed, almost husky voice. I smirk a bit and offer a low, pleased grunt of agreement. To my surprise and utter delight, I soon hear very soft snoring coming from Clara’s table. I open both eyes and feast my eyes on the now sleeping little. The two masseuses and myself are unable to contain our chuckles, and I am nearly unable to contain my desire to scoop her up and spirit her away to a nursery for the rest of her days. I smile softly at the sight. “Looks like this Little cutie pie may need a nap time,” one of the masseuses giggles. I nod. “It would seem so...But not quite yet.” “So you ARE claiming her,” the other woman comments. I shrug. “Not really. She’s too clever to play that game. I have to get up under her walls a bit better first. You could say I’m hunting her.” “She’ll have a good mommy then,” the masseuse rubbing Clara’s back comments. “Thank you,” I reply. I’m hit with that same powerful need as Clara releases a little snort and a snore, stretching in her sleep before falling slack with a sigh beneath the skilled Amazon’s hands. If there weren’t laws preventing me from doing so, that would have been it, then and there she’d be coming home with me. I force myself to hold back that overwhelming desire and pad over to the sleeping little. I take her gently by the arm and shake slowly. “Clara. It’s time to wake up, honey,” I say, allowing myself a small affectionate nickname while she can’t quite hear me in her drowsy state. Clara stirs and grumbles something in her sleep, curling into a tight ball on the table and I laugh. “Clara. Clara come on now, wake up. We’re going to the hot tubs next and I doubt you want me to leave you here.” At my words, the girl stirs and then jumps a bit when she notices me towering over her. “Hmm? What? Oh! Oh, did I fall asleep?” An adorable blush tinges her cheeks as she sits up and stretches. “It’s okay. I very nearly fell asleep too,” I say. “That was just what I needed I think, because I feel fantastic; newly energized.” “It did feel really nice,” Clara agrees softly, her face flushing once more as I help her down from the table. She’d been quite embarrassed when she’s had to be lifted up onto it by the masseuse, but since the woman is gone, the task of lifting her up and lowering her to the ground falls to me. Not that I’m complaining, in fact, I very nearly hesitate to release her. Luckily, I manage to get myself under control before she notices anything amiss. “Thanks,” she whispers, staring at the floor her feet have just been reconnected with. “You’re welcome,” I reply, forcing my tone to sound kind, but neutral as though it was simply a bit of friendly help, which it is...for now. “Well, the hot tubs await. Shall we go?” “Sounds good,” Clara agrees, seeming to brighten at the prospect as she follows me down the hall. I smile down at her. “Hey, Clara...It’s best you stick close to me, okay? The hot tubs are enclosed, but they’re outdoor pools, and they’re public. Any Littles that may be there...well, they’ll be in swim diapers,” I state. “So stick close. I don’t want some mommy or daddy getting too handsy and full of themselves, deciding they want to see what you’d look like in the spare one they brought, okay?” Clara’s reaction is instantaneous and adorable as she scoots closer to me. Any closer and she’d be touching me. I get an amusing image in my head at the knowledge that she’s sticking to me like a child hanging of her mother in an unfamiliar place. I resist the urge to pat her head reassuringly. “Umm, thanks for the warning,” she mumbles. “I think I’ll definitely stay closer to you then. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the pools will be empty?” she asks hopefully as I stop at our locker to collect our swimsuits. I hand her hers as I lead her to the changerooms. “I don’t think that will be the case, Clara. The spa has been picking up this past hour. It’s the afternoon on a Friday; everyone’s getting off of work. Be sure to leave your robe on over top. You change first and I’ll keep hold of the door for you,” I offer, not asking for permission as I pull the stall door shut. Surprisingly, the child offers no complaint as she changes quietly. Nervous, maybe, to be around others like this. After a few moments, she taps on the change room door. “You can let go now, Diana. I’m finished.” I smile and release the door to let her out. “I’ll only be a moment,” I assure her as I slip into another change stall. True to my word, I’m out as fast as humanly possible. Once more, Clara takes to remaining close as we head out to the pool decks, were the tubs aren’t crowded, but they are populated, a few of the customers sporting Littles on their hips or in their arms as they dunk their children’s toes into the water. No sooner than we’ve slipped into the water, then bench being tall enough for Clara to stay above the water if she sits on her knees, we’re approached by a woman looking to be in her mid thirties. She’s got a Little boy on her hip, bare but for the swim diaper around his waist and a wide blue sunhat sitting atop curly blond tresses. “You have such an adorable Little,” she compliments me. “I mean, the purple is a little over the top in some ways, but it’s rather endearing in a unique way. She really ought to be in a diaper though, don’t you think? Wouldn’t want her peeing in the pool and ruining the experience for everyone. Hang on, I think I’ve a spare one of Timmy’s she can borrow for now,” she states, as she passes her Little off to a woman on the shore, a nanny no doubt, and is handed a swim diaper. She reaches forward and grabs Clara around the waist, dragging the girl to her as she prepares to diaper the violet haired Little. Clara immediately begins to kick and struggle. “Hey! Woah, woah, woah, stop it! Stop it. Don’t you dare put me in a diaper. I don’t need them. I’m just as capable of using the toilet as you are. Back off! Stop it, get your grubby hands off me,” she shrieks in a higher pitched voice laced with fear. “I’m not a baby, damn it.” While her pitch is adorable, the tone in her voice, that fear, causes a surge of motherly protection in me. It’s then that I intervene before Clara’s behavior makes the woman decide to spank her as well. I lift the Little out of the woman’s grasp and settle her into my lap, glowering sternly at the woman. “Calm down, Clara, it’s okay. In the future, though,” I direct this at the woman. “Refrain from grabbing, please. She’s not your Little to diaper, so back off. If I felt she needed a diaper, she’d be in one, but she doesn’t, so she isn’t,” I snap. For now. The thought flashes through my mind before I can stop it. Still, I remain focused on my task of defending Clara. When this girl goes into her first diaper, it is going to be at my hand and no one else’s. “We’re not looking for a hassle.” The woman seems to take a hint and backs off with a mumbled apology. I relax once she’s gone and release Clara back onto the bench beside me. “Sorry about that, Clara. Are you alright?” “I’m okay, I guess,” she grumbles. “But do you see what I mean? This is what I was talking about. This is why there needs to be changes to the law, so crap like this doesn’t happen. It needs to be made illegal.” She crosses her arms with an angry huff, the comparison to a cranky child isn’t hard to make. After a few minutes in the warm water, however, she seems to calm herself down. “Thank you, by the way,” she whispers. “If not for you I'd be stuck in a diaper right now. I appreciate the help.” I smile. “Of course. What are friends for after all? Besides, you’re my friend and no one is going to be putting any friend of mine in a diaper, especially so publically. There will be no mommy for this Little,” I decide, poking her in the ribs teasingly. No one except me of course. “Or daddy for that matter.” The Little seems a bit taken aback at being called a ‘friend’ and another one of her cute blushes, that I’m finding oddly irresistible, races across her pale cheeks. Clara smiles at me and nods, “Thanks, Diana. Really. Today was really nice,” she says in a tender almost introspective voice. I wonder what she might be thinking about; what gears might be turning in that adorable head of hers. I’ll have plenty of time to find out once she’s mine. At the end of the day, when we’re dressed once more and ready to depart, I stand with Clara to wait and ensure she isn’t hassled again by the taxi driver. “Thank you for coming today, Clara. I had a really nice time,” I say. I pause for a moment to rummage around in my purse, removing a check from it and handing it to her. “I promised to offer support funds for the LLM, so here.” Clara takes the check and reads it over silently. “This is more than we agreed on By two thousand dollars.” I nod. “Yes. The rest is for you personally. For whatever you need or want. Consider it bonus for entering a partnership...and my way of saying ‘thank you’ for actually agreeing to meet with me. I know that it probably wasn’t easy, considering the common unease between our people.” She looks up at me, almost warily at first. The girl has a reason to be suspicious. Any knowledgeable Little would immediately be seeing warning signs. Amazon fishing some call it. Lull the Little into a false sense of security with gifts and treats. Yet, as I expected, she pockets the check with a small smile. “Thanks, Diana. Really. Thank you,” she says in a pleased voice. “Think nothing of it, Clara,” I say. “We’re friends. And I really do want to help you.” I say as images of her soon to be waddling gait flash through my mind. She needs my help. Even if she doesn’t realize it yet. The taxi slowly pulls in, and I’m grateful to see a booster seat behind the tinted back window. I nod appreciatively to the driver as I open the door for Clara. I help the girl inside the taxi, much to her chagrin based on the blush that flushes across her cheeks, and pay the driver's fee for the round trip to her apartment. I wave to her as the taxi slowly pulls away, taking my soon to be Little girl back to her independent home...for now.
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    Allison hesitated only for a moment before setting Cathy back on her feet and unbuttoning the Little's blouse. Once that was off the pants came next. There was no bra. Littles didn't have much in the way of breast size so one could go either way without much undue effect. Cathy had opted to go without because it also meant going without comments about how she was dressing like a grown-up or was padded in the wrong places.Once Allison was done, she took Cathy's hand and followed her mother to the bathroom. Once there, Allison released Cathy and left her to get own devices while she was shown how to prepare the solution for the enema. The other Little, Eloise, waddled in close behind them. Cathy was left naked, standing next to her fellow Little, still in her daycare clothes."It won't be so bad," Cathy heard Eloise say. The other Little placed a hand on Cathy's bare shoulder."Mommy and Sissie aren't doing it because you're naughty or trying not to poop," she continued. "So you'll get the soft kind. It'll make your tummy tickle from the inside but it won't hurt unless you try and hold it super long."Cathy only nodded as her new friend imparted her wisdom. If tips on how to take an enema could be called such."Try to hold it in for a while, though," Eloise went on. "If you poop too soon, Mommy will think it didn't work enough and do it again.""How long is long enough?" Cathy asked. "How many minutes should I aim for?"Eloise looked at her blankly."Are minutes the long hand or the short hand?" she asked."Um… the long hand," Cathy replied. Eloise considered this then held one arm straight up and the other just slightly off to her left."About this long," Eloise said.Before Cathy could ask for clarification, a pair of large hands grabbed her from under her arms and lifted her from the floor. Allison's mother carried her to Allison herself, who sat on the toilet with one hand in her lap and an enema nozzle the other.Cathy was placed on Allison's lap, lying face down as if to receive a spanking."Everything is lubricated?" Allison's mother asked."Yes," Allison replied with a hesitant nod."Then begin."Cathy tried to brace herself, but she still yelped as the nozzle entered her rear. Cathy began to squirm as warm water began to enter her body from the wrong end. She felt herself held down be Allison's relatively large hand on her bare back. Held down that way, there was nothing to do but lie there, naked, facing the linoleum floor while a girl she had assigned homework literally mere hours ago shoved a tube into her butt and pumped her full of water, or whatever it was this family used in their Little's enemas."You're doing very good, Allie," Cathy heard a voice say from above her. Then a hand patted Cathy on her head. "You're being very well behaved, too, Cathy. You're making your mommy very happy."Cathy heard a footsteps move away from her before the voice spoke up again."Now stay like that until the enema bag is empty. Once it is, set the alarm and get a diaper on her. There's a few under the sink with wipes and lotion.""I won't need the plug?" Cathy heard Allison ask. Silence for a moment, then…"No, this first time we can go without. Littles always try to hold it when they're first put into diapers. I'm sure you can count on Cathy to hold out as long as she can before she expels the enema. If that still isn't long enough, we'll fill her up again and use the plug then."Cathy, beginning to feel bloated from the liquid going into her, resolved to hold it as long as she had to in order to avoid a repeat."Speaking of filled up, I haven't changed Eloise yet."Cathy heard a rustle of cloth and then a crinkle."Ellie's a soggy girl all right," Cathy heard Allison's mother say. "I'll get her changed and come check on you in a few minutes, Allie.""Okay, Mom," she said. After a few moments, presumably to ensure they were alone, Allison spoke to Cathy directly for the first time since her mother came in."I am so, so sorry," Allison whispered desperately."I can't decide if your improvisation skills are great or terrible…" Cathy muttered."It's almost done," Allison said."Oh, joy…"Eventually Allison announced the bag was empty. Cathy heard her press a button then lift Cathy herself off of her lap. Allison put the Little down on her back on the bathroom rug and left her there to get what she would need. Cathy felt no motivation to move from where she was. Eloise's description of her "tummy ticking from the inside" was apt. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasant either. Eventually Allison returned with lotion, powder, a box of wet wipes, and a diaper."The first of many…" Cathy sighed as she eyed the plastic rectangle in her teenage mommy's hand. Allison looked guilty again, but Cathy shook her head."I told you, already." Cathy frowned. "Inevitable. Let's get it done."Allison nodded and got to work. She took some wipes and cleaned Cathy's diaper area. They were cool to the touch and made Cathy flinch. Allison further wiped down the Little's legs, which Cathy realized she had never properly cleaned besides a quick rub down with toilet paper following the accident that brought all this about.Following that came lotion being rubbed into Cathy's skin, followed by a liberal coating of powder. Finally came the thing itself. Allison gripped Cathy's ankles, lifted her bottom half off the rug, and slid the diaper underneath her. From there it was a simple matter of bringing up the front and the sealing of Cathy Benton's fate was complete with the sealing of the diaper tapes.Once a Little was put in a diaper, they were never going to be taken out of them except to be changed into a new one.Which is going to happen sooner, rather than later, Cathy thought as the tickling sensation in her stomach grew stronger."Stand up, please," Allison said. Cathy did so, and saw Allison was under the sink digging something out. When she emerged, Allison was carrying another white object. They almost looked like panties, until Cathy got a closer look and realized they were panties. Plastic panties."Mom told me to put these on you, too." Allison held the pants out for Cathy to step into. "In case of leaks when the enema comes out."Cathy obliged and the plastic pants were lifted into place over the diaper itself. Cathy briefly examined them and tested their fit before looking up and seeing Allison staring at her with a faraway look in her eyes and a rather vapid grin on her face."Is everything all right?""You…" Allison stammered, "…are so adorable!"Cathy's reply ended before it began when she doubled over slightly from a cramp."How much time do I have?" she asked instead. Allison checked the timer she had started before diapering Cathy."About three minutes," she replied.Left with that time limit, Cathy huddled down into a fetal position and decided to wait it out. Under most circumstances, she preferred to pace. To keep moving. The enema churning in her belly made that prospect sound more uncomfortable than she would have liked. Instead, she stayed put and tried to find a position that took some of the pressure off her stomach until it was time. The diaper created a noticeable crinkle each time she moved. Allison sat on the toilet watching her. Whenever Cathy turned her head to look of Allison, the Amazon girl was grinning with that same faraway, dreamy look in her eyes.Eventually the timer dinged and Allison confirmed that time was up."You can go anytime, now, Miss Be-er Cathy," she told the Little."Any chance of getting to use the potty?" Cathy asked as another cramp made her wince."Sorry." Allison shrugged. "We don't have a potty. We used to, when I was a toddler. Mom and Dad wanted to train Eloise and I together but she flat out refused. So once I was out of diapers they just tossed it.""So you don't have a potty at all?""Nope.""Um… Allison, what about that?" Cathy pointed."What about what?" Allison asked. Cathy seemed to be pointing at her, but Allison just stared back. Cathy moved her hand down. Allison looked further, eventually she bent down further until her head was level with her knees. It took Allison a few seconds staring at the base of the toilet bowl before she got it."Oh!" Allison exclaimed. "Potty, right."Cathy rolled her eyes."But the answer's still no," Allison shook her head. "I wouldn't mind, but Mom's expecting a dirty diaper and if she doesn't get it she'll think I'm not dedicated to doing this right."Cathy knew the answer before she'd even asked the question. It had been worth a try to ask, but Allison was right. If Cathy didn't follow through from her end, so to speak, her fate as a Little of this household would become a great deal more uncertain. Given the alternatives, and that poopy diapers were going to be a common part of her life now whatever happened, Cathy resigned herself to what had to happen.She breathed deeply and tried to relax, only for another stomach cramp to hit. Rather than start the process, it instead made Cathy instinctively clench and try to hold it. She tried to bend over or squat, as she had seen Littles and babies do before, but she couldn't quite make herself release, even with the enema."Wow, Mom was right," Allison said. "You are holding it as long as you can, even when you're trying not to.""Soiling yourself on purpose isn't easy when you haven't done it literally in decades, enema or no enema," Cathy told her. Then, finally, she managed a push that started the ball rolling.Allison watched the ex-teacher assume a bent over, knock-kneed position as wet farts sounded off from her diaper. Cathy grunted with the effort as she filled her diaper. It was the runniest, most watery bowel movement the Little could remember having.As she did her business she felt a hand on her back. Eloise had come back, changed out of her daycare uniform but not into anything more than a dry diaper. She took Cathy's right hand in her free one and held it. The hand on Cathy's back began rubbing."Did she hold it long enough?" Allison's mother asked as she walked in."A minute or two extra, actually," Allison replied. "Just like you said, she held it as long as she could.""I've seen enough Littles try to fight it at work," Allison's mother said. "She'll learn eventually. In the meantime, be mindful of how often she goes. If she isn't making mommy a present at least once a day, she may be trying to hold it. Or she may be legitimately constipated. Either way it'll be time for some encouragement."Cathy shuddered, but wasn't herself sure if it was from having finished soiling herself or the idea Allison might have to do this to her again."Now, Allison," her mother went on, "you gave her the enema, she's filled her pants, what comes next?""A diaper change," Allison answered immediately. Her mother waved her finger theatrically with a "tsk tsk"."Not yet," her mother said. "You're probably thinking that since this isn't a punishment there's no reason we shouldn't change her right away?"Allison nodded."As much as she's gone, there may yet be a bit in her system. Before we change her we need to make sure as much of the enema is out of her as possible. Otherwise you'll just have another poopy diaper within the hour.""What do I do, then?"In reply Allison's mother took Cathy's left hand and walked her to her mommy. Eloise, still holding Cathy's right, followed along. Cathy's expression soured as she moved in her dirty diaper. Allison took Cathy's hand in her right. Her left found its way behind Cathy and cupped the back of her diaper."Feels like she emptied out pretty good to me," Allison noted."There's always more," her mother said in a chiding tone. She took the hand Allison had been using to check Cathy's diaper and moved it to the Little's stomach, and instructed her to massage Allison's tummy. Allison complied, and Cathy didn't think it felt too bad until suddenly her bowels pushed more out into her diaper."See what I mean?" Allison's mother asked. "Keep that up until nothing's coming out then you can change her. I might do it in the tub, give her a rinse before you put a new diaper on her. We'll give her and Eloise a proper bath after dinner."Allison acknowledged the instructions and continued rubbing Cathy's stomach. Cathy didn't keep track of how long this went on, she only knew that it ended when she heard a door somewhere in the house open and close and heard a man's voice call "I'm home.""Daddy!" Eloise squealed. She immediately ran off to meet him. Unfortunately, one thing she didn't do was release Cathy's hand first. Eloise's rush to leave yanked Cathy unexpectedly backwards. Eloise stopped when she felt Cathy's weight getting pulled behind her but it was too little too late.Cathy fell backwards and landed squarely on her butt. The good news was, covered as it was by a diaper, that was the most protected part of her body to land on. The bad news was that she had also spent more time than she cared to think of soiling it, meaning she landed right into the mush that filled the seat of her pants.For the Little who had once been Catherine Benton, math teacher, this was the last straw. In a matter of hours she had been abducted, however well intentioned it had been, forced into a thirty minute walk half naked, given an enema, made to release it into a diaper, then sent careening into her own filth. All while everyone around her, including possibly her would-be savior, regarded her as a toddler with no say in any of it.Well, fine! Cathy thought as the tears began. They want a toddler, I'll give them one!Cathy began to cry.
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    Note: So I've been busy this past year, writing for Cushypen.com It's a pay site, but I'm allowed to release my stuff after it's been on the site for a year. So here's what I've been doing all this time. Enjoy, Personalias Interview with the Baby Premise: In which Olivia takes a babysitting job that is much more than she could have possibly anticipated. Beware of magic. Session 1: Introductions I stood there in my jeans and company t-shirt at the door marked “1017AB”. It was just starting to get dark and I was nervously shuffling my feet from side to side. It was my first job working for kidcare2u.net, an off-brand, online babysitting service that just so happened to have some listings in my city. I was just out of college with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad were right: There wasn’t much money (knew that going in- nobody gets into actually helping people for the money), and there wasn’t much in the way of employability, either. All the agencies I had applied to were in a “hiring freeze” because of the economy or some other such bullshit. I didn’t want to keep waiting tables at Hooters for the rest of my life- I justified it while I was in college but I couldn’t afford to go back- and I wanted to feel like I was doing something at least marginally related to my degree. Hence the babysitting gig. I liked working with kids, even if this clientele would likely come from less disadvantaged stock than I had been preparing myself for. Still, kidcare2u.net had had a good rating, and they put in more effort than craigslist, at least. The whole pitch for the business was to “bring the daycare experience” home. Basically, they promoted affordable and well trained babysitting and nanny jobs that you could hire online with the assurance that everyone was trained, screened, and supplied with materials and fun activities for the little tots to be stimulated by. So, I signed up, attended the trainings, and got registered on their site. The classes they held at their regional training center were pretty boring, and mostly common sense stuff; the type of things that a freshman child psych course might cover haphazardly crammed into one day. Then there were the embarrassingly outdated and simple “how to change a diaper” drills using baby dolls. Kids’ stuff, really. But, having “certified child technician” as part of your job title lent an air of legitimacy. It was better than being a “sandwich artist” at Subway anyhow. At least the background checks were legit, and the agreement to take money out of my paychecks to pay for the “trainings” lent an air of authenticity to the company. If they had asked for money from me up front I would have screamed “PYRAMID SCHEME!” and never looked back. As per the company’s rules, I was here to do a babysitting job, and if I got enough jobs in a set amount of time with good reviews, then I’d be put on the full time “nanny” postings. That’s where the real money was, I was assured. For now though, I was just trying to get by, pay rent, and afford ramen. The job was at this well-to-do apartment complex, building 10, room 17AB. That last part still sticks in my head because none of the other apartments had letters associated with their markings and locations. The doors literally read, “1014, 1015, 1016, 1017AB”. If I had thought anything, I figured it was just a quirk, like maybe this was the property manager’s apartment or something. I probably didn’t think anything of it at all, though. I was too nervous and jittery. I stood there at the door, waiting for some time between five minutes and eternity for someone to answer. I was wearing the pastel pink t-shirt with “Kidcare2U” printed right on the front, tucked into some very functional jeans with some sneakers. I personally would have worn something a little more formal, maybe a bit more motherly, like a nice blouse and skirt with some flats, but the company emphasized “functionality and flexibility”. Their customer base wanted someone to play with their kids, not just watch them, and so something you could roll around the floor on as necessary was a must. I brushed some of my auburn hair out of my face, wishing I had brought something to tie it back with. As I knocked on the door for what must have been the third or fourth time as questions raced through my head: What if this didn’t pan out? What if this client didn’t like me? What if the kid was a brat about to put me through a night of hell? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I’d wasted the last few years of my life? Why wasn’t anybody answering? What if they had canceled and nobody at the site or in the company had told me? What if I was too early? What if I was at the wrong fucking place and the customer was wondering where the fuck I was?! When I was at the apex of my impending panic attack, the door finally, mercifully, opened. Out stepped a woman who was maybe ten years my senior; she was in her early thirties at most and had raven black hair that was kept short and close cropped to her head. She wore thick rimmed glasses and had the darkest eyes I’d ever seen on a woman. Something was just a little off about the way she dressed though. She was about the same age as my big sister, but she was dressed more like my mom. She had a black A-line cut skirt that stopped at about the knees, with panty hose and black heels, along with a light blue blouse and a matching black blazer with shoulder pads. She wore a necklace with little, gray, rocky beads around it. I couldn’t get a close look, but I noticed that there was a strange writing engraved on the little beads. I’d been expecting someone ready for a night on the town, not a boardroom meeting. She looked me up at down and her eyes rested on the t-shirt, before they lit up and she broke out into a smile. “Oh, you’re with the babysitting service!” she remarked politely enough, opening the door fully and waving me inside. “I am so sorry for keeping you waiting, dear, I was just finishing putting the baby to bed.” “No problem,” I smiled politely, just relieved to be in the right place at the right time. “I’m Olivia Miller, and you are…?” “Cissy Hawk,” she held out her hand. I took it. “Pleased to meet you, Olivia. Have you been with the company long?” “I’ve babysat before back in high school, but this is my first job job doing it,” I admitted. “Oh, well this will be an easy first job,” Miss Hawk said. “I’m going out for just an hour or two to meet with some old friends for dinner. I just need someone to watch over my daughter while I’m out.” “That’s what I’m here for,” I told her. “What do you need me to do?” “Oh, Maddie’s already fast asleep,” Cissy replied, “so this should be easy for you. If she wakes up, give her a bottle, change her diaper and then put her back to bed.” “Will she be afraid of me? I am a stranger to her,” I mentioned. “Maddie’s always been very good with people,” she assured me, “and I do this sort of thing often enough to where Maddie’s used to waking up and seeing a nanny or a sitter.” “Oh…” was all I could say. I honestly hadn’t expected the job to be this easy. Sit at a house while a baby sleeps; this would be remarkably simple. “Well, I need to be off,” Cissy Hawk said walking to her front door. “Maddie’s room is in the back. You’ll know if she’s awake, believe me. Bottles are in the fridge- don’t worry about heating them up, she likes them cold. Diapers are under the changing table, and the baby monitor is on the coffee table by the couch. My cell phone number is on the fridge if there’s an emergency-“ Phone! I almost forgot! I half sprinted to the door, reached into my pocket and handed her a company card with my cell number written in pen on it. “Here’s my number if you need to contact me,” I told her. Miss Hawk looked at the card and mused. “Hmmm…no other sitter from the service has given me one of these. New feature?” “Actually, it’s kind of my thing,” I told her. “Figured you’d want to get ahold of me.” “Yes,” Miss Hawk mused, “Yes, I might.” Then she smiled. “Thank you very much. This makes me feel much better. See you in a few hours, Olivia.” Then, just like that, she turned around and was gone. I let out a sigh of relief. The hardest part, meeting the parent, was over. I spent some time wandering around the apartment, getting a lay of the land, so to speak. It was a decent sized layout; two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, a laundry area, a dining area, and a living room. The furniture definitely looked expensive enough. Everything was immaculate, and that got my attention, too. I didn’t hear any mention of a husband or father, and I didn’t see any pictures to indicate that anyone other than my client and her child lived there. So I did the math: Single mom, business type, immaculate and expensive looking apartment. Cissy Hawk definitely had a housekeeper, and likely made some big bucks from the look of things. If I played my cards right I could make some serious money. I vaguely wondered if maybe little Maddie might need full time child care for a while. I plopped myself down on the couch across from the television and picked up the baby monitor. It was a new, fancy type with a video feed. In the crib there was a camera that sent a feed to a screen on the monitor. There she was, sleeping peacefully. Maddie, a precious little girl who couldn’t have been older than one, suckled on the paci clipped to her footie pajamas. The monitor wasn’t in color, but even so I could tell she had a patch of black hair, just like her mother’s. I couldn’t help but smile, first because of how cute the little girl was, and second because I wouldn’t have to deal with her when she wasn’t cute for very long. That was one of the fringe benefits of being a babysitter, I thought to myself: You could take care of the kids, play with them, and then give them back at the end of the night. I turned on the TV and channel surfed mindlessly for the better part of an hour, when suddenly I heard a faint mumbling coming from the baby monitor. Mumbling became moaning and moaning became whining in the two seconds it took for me to pick up and check the monitor. Little Maddie was stirring, her face contorting into painful looking frowns as she spat out her pacifier and began to howl. I kept my cool and walked to the refrigerator and opened it. I took out a baby bottle full of milk, no need to heat it up, I remembered, and quickstepped to the bedroom door to the very back of the apartment. I didn’t need the monitor anymore to hear an infant’s wailing through the door. “It’s okay baby Maddie,” I cooed as I opened the door. “Your new friend Miss Olivia is here to-…” I flicked on the light switch and stopped midsentence. What I saw I couldn’t believe. It was a nursery, all right. But not one sized for an actual infant. All of the furniture and toys were huge; all big enough for a grown adult to use. The changing table, the rocking chair, and the crib (especially the crib) were all sized for a grown-ass man or woman. And now, laying in the crib, kicking her feet, and whining with wordless mewls, was baby Maddie. She laid there in her pastel pink footie pajamas, the bulge of a diaper evident around her mid-section, with her pacifier dangling on the clip, and she was clearly on the verge of bawling into an outright tantrum. There was just one problem: Baby Maddie was no baby. She looked to be about my age if not a little older. Her hair was black and kept short, though it looked more like a short haircut than the almost-baldness of a baby. Her babyish pajamas didn’t hide the fact that she was diapered, and they didn’t hide the fact that she had boobs either. Being a rational adult, I did what I feel most people would have done in my situation; I shrieked and screamed. “THE FUCK?!”, was the first coherent word that I remember coming out of my mouth after a solid five second shriek of confused panic. The hell was this? Where had the baby in the picture gone? Why was this adult woman dressed and acting like a baby? Was she mentally disabled or something? Was this a weird fetish thing that I had gotten roped into? Where were the goddamned hidden cameras and smiling host to tell me that I was on T.V.? The woman in the crib stopped crying and everything was silent for a moment. You could hear a pin drop, along with the thud of me dropping the baby bottle. Milk spurted out into the carpet. She sat up and pulled herself up to her knees, holding herself up by the giant crib’s railing. She looked at me in silent wonder, sizing me up and looking at me with a kind of desperate curiosity. Why was she looking at me like I was the freak? “Can…” she asked, “can…can you see me?” I nodded, my mouth still open from shock. “And…and…and…” the woman stuttered, “you see me as a grown-up? As an adult?” Again, I nodded. Her breathing picked up a notch. A tear rolled down her cheek. She started smiling. It was the desperate, desperate smile of someone fucked who sees an inkling of salvation. “And you can understand what I’m saying?” “Yeah,” I whispered. “IT’S A MIRACLE!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. “PLEASE! MISS! YOU GOTTA HELP ME! YOU GOTTA-“ I didn’t wait for her to finish. I wanted out of this right now. No amount of money in the world could convince me to do some weird kind of fetish babysitting. I had heard of this kind of stuff in chat rooms and internet creepypastas, but I never thought that I’d get dragged into it. “PLEASE NO! WAIT!” I heard as I rushed out the door. “YOU GOTTA- BAAAABAAAABAAAAABAAA!” As soon as I was out of that room, I heard the woman’s words become baby babble. The same babble was coming from the monitor that I’d left on the couch. I should have ignored it and followed my gut. I should have run away and kept going. Worst case scenario, I’d be fired. This in no way counted as child endangerment or negligence. There were better ways to make money. Instead I checked the baby monitor. I expected to the same infant girl crying on the monitor or sleeping peacefully, like some kind of pre-recorded loop. There was no baby there. Someone had moved the baby, or something. In the very corner of the screen, I saw a tiny pajama foot and I heard mewling, pleading babble coming from the monitor. The same exact babbling was echoing in the giant nursery I’d just dashed out of. The fuck was going on? I ran back into the room, baby monitor in hand this time. “Thank god!” The woman in the baby clothes cried out, her cheeks now tear streaked. “You haven’t left. Thank God Almighty! It’s a miracle.” She hung her head in a kind of manic exhaustion. I looked down at the monitor screen. There was a foot shaped outline taking up most of the camera now in place of the petite image that I saw before. “Where’s the baby?” I demanded to know. “What?” the woman asked. “Where’s the baby?” I repeated. “Where’s Maddie?” “I am Maddie!” the woman said. “I’m the baby!” “Bullshit.” “No,” she insisted, “it’s true. I’m under a spell, and for some…for some reason…for some amazing reason, you can see through it.” “Why did I see a real baby on the monitor a minute ago?” I pressed. “I don’t know!” the baby woman practically shrieked. “This has never happened before. Normally, people look at me and just see a baby.” She looked at me and I saw the hope dim in her insane gaze. “Oh god, no,” she almost sobbed, “you don’t believe me, do you?” I shook my head. No way was this happening. No way at all. “Prove it,” was all I said. I figured I’d give this crazy bitch some rope to hang herself with. She looked at the monitor in my hand and laid down in the giant crib. “Look at the monitor.” I did as she asked, and when I looked down, there was the woman claiming to be baby Maddie, her face filling up the screen. “Now….” she took a breath, “turn your back to me, and look at the monitor.” I did. Same woman. No baby. “What am I supposed to be looking for?” I asked. “Not working?” she asked. “Nope.” “Goddamnit…” she hissed. “Try leaving the room.” Easier done than said. I walked out of the room. This was just getting sad. Out of curiosity, I looked down at the monitor. There now, in place of the grown woman, was the baby girl, looking into the little camera looking down in the crib. I could make out the tear tracks on her face even, same as the insane lady in the giant crib in the next room. Back in I went. “Okay,” I asked, “how did you do that?” “Baby?” she asked. “Yeah.” I confirmed. “Neat trick. Split second camera switching?” “So,” she sat back up in the crib. “It only works when you’re in the same room as me.” “The hell?” I half asked, half stated. “Try something else,” the lady went on ignoring my concern. “Does the furniture and stuff look bigger to you too?” “Uh…yeah?” That much was obvious. Why wouldn’t it be? “Take something else out of the room with you,” she offered. “Like, grab a diaper or something.” “Seriously?” “Please,” she insisted. “You wouldn’t still be here if you weren’t at least a little bit curious.” Damn it. She had me there. I walked over to the humongous changing table and reached for a diaper. It was big all right; definitely adult sized. It was folded twice, it was so big. But, it was decorated with Sesame Street characters on the front and had a yellow wetness indicator going down the middle. I took a closer look and saw the Pampers logo on it with a little “Size 3” in the right corner. Except for the sizing, it was an exact replica of the type of baby diapers I had practiced with at the training center for kidcare2u. I could even smell the hint of perfume in the diaper wafting up to my nose. Without further ado, I quickly walked out of the adult nursery and back into the living room. My eyes looked down at the diaper in my hand and it’s a miracle that they didn’t leap out of my skull. I was holding a regular Pampers Swaddlers diaper, size 3. “Oh fuck!” I swore in disbelief. The diaper fell from my hand and wafted gently to the floor. I heard baby babble coming from the nursery, but I couldn’t understand it. “What happened?” the baby woman asked as I returned. “It shrunk,” I said dumbly. “That’s how most people see them,” she told me. “That’s how most people see me.” “What the hell is going on?!” I spat out. My pulse was racing. My synapses tingled. The world wasn’t making any sense and I was desperate for any kind of life preserver in the stormy sea of madness I felt I was drowning in. The woman in the crib threw me one. “Magic,” she pronounced with complete serious and certainty. “That woman, Cissy Hawk; my ‘mother’”, she made quotations with her fingers, “is some kind of witch. I’m her prisoner.” “How long?” I couldn’t help but ask. “Close to two years,” she said. “And in that time, you’re the first person other than her who has seen me as anything more than a baby.” “Why me?” “I have no fucking clue.” She sounded as discombobulated as I felt. “You shouldn’t be able to.” “What do I do?” I asked. “Get me out of here!” she screamed. “Please!” “How?!” “Carry me! I can’t walk!” “Then what?!” “I…” she stopped. “I don’t know,” she seemed to deflate in front of me. “Shit. I need some time to think.” She paused for a moment than snapped her head up. “Wait…what time is it?” “A little after 8 o’clock,” I told her. “Damn it,” she hissed. “Cissy will probably be back soon. She never stays away for too long. We’ve got to find a way for you to come back. I need time to think. Time to plan. I’ll go back to sleep, you make a good impression on Cissy, and I’ll try to convince her to let you sit me again.” “Alright” I nodded, not realizing the amount of crazy I was about to dive into. I turned to leave when – “Wait!” the woman shouted. I turned around and faced her. “I don’t even know your name.” “Oh,” I blushed a bit. I walked forward and offered my hand to her. “Olivia.” “Madison,” she told me, taking my hand and shaking it in kind. She smiled and laughed at herself. “It feels like forever since someone shook my hand and it didn’t feel like I was doing some kind of stupid pet trick.” “Nice to meet you, Madison,” I told her. “I hope I can help.” “Me too, Olivia,” Madison agreed, “me too.” I turned around to leave when I heard Madison mewl out, “Olivia?” “Yeah?” I turned back around. “When I woke up,” Madison blushed, “it really was because I was thirsty.” She pointed to the bottle of milk that I had dropped on the floor. “Do you mind?” Fifteen minutes later, Cissy Hawk, accused witch, walked through the door to her apartment. “How was everything?” she asked me. “What?!” I practically jumped. I’m a terrible liar. Every time I’m nervous, I say “what?” to give myself time to think. “I said, how was everything?” Miss Hawk repeated. “Oh…” my mind went blank. “We’re fine, we’re all fine here…now…thankyou…how are you?” “Did Maddie wake up at all?” Miss Hawk asked me. Her eyes narrowed. She suspected something, I knew. She could smell my fear. I breathed in slowly through my nose and then turned my brain off to everything I had seen in the last twenty or so minutes. “Yeah,” I told her nonchalantly. “But just like you told me, I got her a bottle and gave it to her, and she drank it all down and went to sleep.” I wasn’t technically lying, but I decided to deflect any more questions. “Thanks for letting me sit for her,” I said. “She’s a real cutie.” “Oh,” Cissy Hawk seemed taken aback by this. She smiled. “Why, thank you, my dear.” Yup. She was a witch all right. No one in their 30’s actually talked like that. This was likely some old hag who used magic to make herself look young the same way that Madison looked like a baby to most people. “Well,” I said, to fill the awkward silence. “You already paid for the time that I was here on the site. Kidcare2u will add this to my paycheck.” “That is convenient,” Miss Hawk agreed. “Good night, to you, Olivia.” “Good night, ma’am.” I nodded in a sort of semi-bow and waved goodbye, showing myself to the door. “Olivia,” Miss Hawk called out to me before I had even opened the door. “Would you be interested in watching little Maddie next week?” “Um…sure…” I responded, appearing to give serious, but not too serious consideration to the offer. “I think you can request me personally on the site.” “Or,” Miss Hawk offered, “I could just call you directly to set up a date and time. I have your phone number after all.” “Oh yeah, you do.” Maybe this second meeting with this strange, cursed girl was going to be easier to set up than either of us anticipated. “Very good.” Cissy smiled politely, like a spider that had just invited the fly into her parlor. “I’ll call you sometime tomorrow to make the proper arrangements.” Then again, maybe “easier” wasn’t necessarily “better”. Session 2: Diapers “So you’re incontinent?” I asked Madison. “Nope,” Madison replied matter-of-factly. “Not potty trained.” “You were never potty trained?” I gawked in disbelief. “No!” Madison laughed. “I was totally potty trained before this happened,” she gestured to her current state of dress. She wore a lavender t-shirt with the words “Momma’s Girl” in yellow lettering. It did nothing to cover up her proportionately sized Pampers, bulging out enough that it forced her to sit slightly bowlegged on the floor of the apartment. Other than that, she was naked. I, meanwhile, joined her on the floor, leaning against the sofa; feeling it rude to sit on the furniture while she was on the floor. Cissy Hawk had hired me again to babysit “Little Maddie”, and I took her up on the offer. Now, she was paying me to find out more about how her magic worked and make an escape plan with her “baby” while she caught a double matinee at the Multiplex Theatre. “So you’re incontinent?” I half asked, half insisted. “I’m not,” Madison repeated herself. “I’m just not potty trained.” “What’s the difference?” “Incontinent means there’s something medically wrong with me or something” Madison told me. “There’s not. I just…don’t know how to use the toilet anymore. It got ripped out of my head.” She added. “You don’t know how to use the toilet, anymore?” my left eyebrow arched in curiosity. “Yeah,” she sighed. “I get about as far as taking your clothes off, and then my mind goes blank.” I opened my mouth to say something, but Madison held up a hand to fend me off, “and don’t bother trying to explain it to me; whatever magic is keeping me like this,” again she gestured to herself, “makes it quite impossible for me to understand.” “Cissy showed me when she first cast the spell,” Madison explained. “The moment anyone starts to talk me through the process, my brain gets the worst case of attention deficit disorder and I lose focus. To add insult to injury, I usually come back to myself right when I need a change.” “What about putting you on the toilet? Walking you through it?” I offered. Madison shook her head disappointingly. “Naw,” she sighed. “Cissy did that to me too, just to see what happens. As soon as the diaper’s off and my cheeks hit the seat, I started having a panic attack like I’m afraid the potty’s a monster and it’s going to eat me. It’s…not pleasant. I don’t imagine I’d have much luck with catheters either, though thankfully Cissy hasn’t tried that,” Madison smiled ruefully. “So you wear diapers full time?” “Yup.” “And use them?” I leaned in. “For number one and number two,” she confirmed. “I don’t even know I’m going in my pants until I’m in the middle of doing it, and even then it’s a coin flip if I notice or not. I’ve completely lost my milestone for potty training.” “Your milestone?” I repeated. “Yeah,” Madison answered me. “Those stones that Cissy wears around her like a necklace; those are milestones; achievements that you carry with you from growing up.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “When Cissy first cast this spell on me,” Madison explained, “I felt nauseated, like I was gonna hurl my guts up. But then,” she continued, “instead of puking up my lunch, I heaved up a bunch of little rocks with weird markings on them. Next thing I know, I can’t walk, or dress myself, or feed myself, or drink from a glass, or even use a freaking toilet. Cissy keeps them around her neck like a trophies.” I counted on my fingers the number of limitations Madison told me she had. I had gotten a good look at that necklace that Miss Hawk had the other night. She was wearing it this morning too when I had arrived at the apartment. “I’m pretty sure she had more than five little rocks on that necklace of hers,” I said. “There might be some things I’m forgetting,” Madison conceded my point. “But I also don’t think I’m her first ‘baby’”, she made air quotes with her fingers again. “How’d you get stuck like this?” I inquired. Madison sighed and slumped. “Would you believe pet sitting?” she asked. I didn’t know whether to laugh or not, so I just stayed silent. “Yeah, I know,” Madison conceded, “pathetic. She used to have an old cat around this place; referred to it as her ex-husband. I thought it was joke, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, when he died-“ Madison started. “She did this to you.” I finished. Not a question. Madison nodded meekly. “Said she had a void in her heart to fill,” Madison told me. “Fuck…that’s heavy.” I said. “Yeah…” she agreed. Then we didn’t say anything for a little while. The silence became a blanket and we both wrapped ourselves in it. “So…diapers.” I finally tried to steer the conversation to something at least a little lighter. Madison feeling sorry for herself and reliving those terrors wouldn’t do her any good. “What about them?” Madison asked, suddenly looking me in the eye. “What’s it like wearing them?” She just sat there, staring at me. Her eyes betrayed nothing about what she was thinking. I couldn’t tell if she was considering biting my head off or just thinking of the right words to say. Maybe I imagined it, but I swear I could feel an almost palpable heat coming off of her. “You really wanna know?” she asked me, frowning. Good, she was angry. Anger could be a productive emotion. “Yeah,” I told her innocently enough. “What’s it like?” “Awful,” she said bluntly. “They might be the worst part about these last couple of years.” That part actually intrigued me, I’ll admit. “Worse than the not walking?” I asked her. “Worse, Olivia, way worse.” She replied. “Worse than not being able to feed yourself?” I pressed on. “Much worse.” “Worse than-?” I started to say. “YES!” Madison cut me off, screaming. “THEY’RE THE FUCKING WORST! GET IT?! ARE YOU DONE GETTING YOUR JOLLIES OFF AT MY FUCKING EXPENSE? THEY ARE THE WORST!” I stopped. Tears were streaming down Madison’s face. I can’t explain it, but some little voice in my head told me to press on. Some terrible morbid curiosity grabbed ahold of me and wouldn’t let go, and I still don’t know why. “Why?” I spoke up. “They’re just underwear. Underwear that you have to… y’know…but it’s still just underwear. There are adults that wear them too.” Madison’s tears stopped. She wasn’t looking at me anymore, but off into the middle distance. “This,” she pointed to her Muppet-emblazoned waistline, “is not underwear.” Her voice was steady now, calm and leveled. Over the course of whatever fucked up life she’d been living, she’d clearly had this conversation with herself before. But this might be the first time she was having it out loud with another person. “I could…” she stopped. “You could…” she corrected herself, “you could take me out in public dressed just like I am right now, and as long as the spell held up, it’d be perfectly acceptable. You might get some awkward glances if it were snowing and I wasn’t bundled up, or something, but otherwise, I could go around in public in my diaper.” “If you go out in public in just a t-shirt and panties,” she went on. “You’d be arrested for indecent exposure. This isn’t underwear wrapped around my ass, it’s just…wear.” “But you could wear something over it, to cover it up,” I suggested. “If you had the choice, I mean. It would be underwear then.” “And some people wear long sleeved t-shirts under short sleeved t-shirts, or a jacket over a tank top,” she countered. “Doesn’t make the first layer actual underwear. I mean, if I was wearing Attends, or Abenas, or Dry-24/7, or something like that, that would be different. They’re expected to be concealed because the people who are old enough to wear them are expected to have shame.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but Attends sounded a little like Depends and based on the context, I figured those were some type of adult diaper. “I still don’t think they’re not underwear,” I said. “Okay,” Madison replied. “Take off your pants.” “What?” I gasped. “Take off your pants,” she repeated. “Just chill with me in your panties.” “Um…I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that,” I felt my face getting a little warmer. “I barely know you.” “Yet, you haven’t batted an eye sitting here on the floor with me in my Pampers,” Madison said, almost defiantly. “For that matter, do you think I’m wearing a bra?” “Oh…” I blushed. “Yeah…” I let the thought trail off. “Yeah…” she brought it home. “And I suppose that’s the part that really gets to me after a while.” She sighed and looked back down at her crotch. “Look,” she pointed to the diaper once more. “These even have a little yellow line that turns blue when I piss in them. No way to hide it. No discretion. No privacy. No nothing.” I saw her lip start to quiver a bit. “And yeah, I don’t have that right now, with or without the diapers, but it’s with the diapers where it’s the most obvious…the most in your face.” “Look, you don’t have to…” I reached out to touch her shoulder. She batted my hand away. “No, I do. I need to get this out.” She was crying again, but her voice wasn’t wavering. “First you have to…y’know…” she let the thought of pissing her pants just hang in the air, “and then you have two really bad choices: You either sit there in your own…fluids…and try to keep your mind off it, or you have to cry for help. I can’t just walk off and change myself.” “Then they come and check your diaper,” she went on. “If you were trying to ignore it, that pretty much slams you back to reality. If you were trying to draw attention to it, then your judgement about what’s going on in your own pants is being called into question. After all,” she sniffled, “I’m just a baby. And I don’t know how many times, a sitter, or a daycare worker, or even Cissy has decided that I’m ‘not wet enough’” she made the air quotes. I could hear the disdain in her voice. “So then, not only am I in a wet diaper, but the only way to get out of it is to piss myself even more.” “But it doesn’t end there,” her voice wavered a bit as she went deeper and deeper into her own mind. This was so not what I had intended. I had tried to get her mind working so we could be more productive, and now, here I was, just driving her more into a pool of her own self-pity. “Because then, some grown-up picks you up and carries you off to change you.” If Maddie noticed my own heartbroken looks that I was sending her way, she didn’t react. “That’s the most discretion I’ve ever been allowed. One time, Cissy changed me in the middle of the floor here in front of some friends of hers…I just wanted to curl up and die.” “Madison, I…” “And even when they carry you off somewhere else, it’s not like that matters,” she ignored me. “There’s always that cute little fuckin’ announcement: ‘Time for a change’, or whatever.” She huffed and then sniffled again. “Might as well say ‘Dipshit pissed herself’ and blare it on a megaphone. The public changes are the worst. I’ve gotten my ass wiped in a bathroom while a three year old brat pointed and gawked while her mother praised her for being a ‘big girl.’” “Madison…” “No!” she snapped at me. “You wanted to know, so now you’re gonna know.” I said nothing more. “They lay you down, strap you to a board and then open the diaper like it’s no big deal. Your private parts, the part of you that you’ve been taught to guard against anyone who wasn’t a doctor or a lover, are just exposed out in the open with complete disregard for your feelings. I’ve had total strangers look at my genitals without consent and no regard for how I felt. Meanwhile, I’m humiliated and exposed…and they’re just worried about getting another diaper on me before I pee on them! At least old people get trained nurses. Some of my sitters haven’t even graduated high school yet.” She was on the verge of bawling. “Then…then…” she hiccupped. “Then…they just put a new diaper on you, and maybe some powder and tape you back up, and they get to wash their hands and go about their business like nothing happened.” She paused, looking like she fighting her own throat to choke the next few words out. “And then, even though I’m clean, I…JUST…FEEL SO…VIOLATED!” That’s when all pretense of strength left her and she crumpled into the fetal position on the floor. Sounds came out of her, but nothing that could be described as coherent words. I sat there on the floor, close to her, but not next to her. Wanting to reach out and comfort her, but not daring to. In trying to dig just a little deeper, encouraged by my own morbid curiosity of her strange situation, I had hurt this girl. No, I had hurt this woman who had been reduced to a girl. That was arguably when I felt my lowest as a human being. Gradually, Madison regained her composure, and her face went from a beet red to a pink as her breathing slowed and she wiped the tears and snot onto her shirt sleeve. “You alright?” I asked, gently. “No,” she said dejectedly. “I haven’t been alright for a while.” She hung her head down. Her black hair was kept short, and did nothing to hide her smooth features. I assumed that this was because of the witch’s desire. Really, though, she did look like she could be related to her captor, in some way. They similar hair, and even the same dark, haunting eyes. Cissy Hawk really could have been Madison’s older sister, if not her mother. “Shit…” she cursed. “What?” I wondered. She pointed down at her crotch. The little yellow line that ran between her legs had turned blue. “How bad?” I inquired, knowing deep down that I’d regret the answer. “Pretty bad,” Madison told me. She shifted over to her hands and knees and stuck her padded rump into the air. The yellow line of the diaper’s wetness indicator had turned blue on the majority of the diaper’s back area. The front was in likewise color and condition. In the blink of an eye, Madison had flooded her Pampers and was likely in danger of leaking. “So,” I hemmed and hawed. “Now what?” Madison, looked up at me, obviously mortified. “Change me?” was all that she said. I wanted to find an excuse. I honestly did. I had trained to change a child’s diapers, and not an adult’s. And magic or not, baby design or otherwise, Madison was still an adult wearing adult size diapers. “Umm…” I heard myself saying; trying to figure out a way out of it. “What?!” Madison accused, “Am I not wet enough?! Do I need to do more to myself to earn a clean diaper?” My jaw must have hit the floor. I felt my face for the bruise, as I felt I had been slapped. Madison must have seen it, too. “Look,” she whispered, crawling a little bit closer to me. “If my Mom…I mean Cissy… gets home and sees me in a soaked diaper, she might question the level of care you’re giving me. Then, she won’t hire you to sit me, and then it’s who-knows-how-long before someone else who can see through the spell finds me. Olivia,” she pleaded, “you’re the only one who can help me right now; in more ways than one.” “When you put it that way,” I sighed as I stood up. “Come on,” I motioned for her to follow me to her nursery, “let’s go.” I made a bee line for the back of the apartment without looking behind me, keeping track of Madison’s relative distance from me by the tell-tale crinkle of her diaper as she crawled up behind me. I arrived in what looked like a normal infant’s room, with everything to normal scale. It’s honestly what I had imagined when I first took the sitting job. After about five seconds, I heard Madison crinkle up behind me on her hands and knees. In less than the blink of an eye, everything blew up like a balloon. Toys grew. A crib expanded. A rocking chair and ottoman magnified themselves. A changing table engorged and diapers practically inflated. Even then, I was learning how the spell that kept Madison a baby worked. If I understood it correctly, Madison was a properly sized adult, but everything pertinent to her being an infant increased in size while in proximity to her, while some part of it made others not notice the change and see her as the infant instead. It wasn’t quite to scale. For example, had Madison actually been an infant, there likely would have been more than enough room for her whole body on the changing table; it would have dwarfed her. But looking at the thing as compared to her, it looked like it would fit her comfortably enough, but her feet would stop just short of the edge. It was close enough, though, truth be told. Wordlessly, I walked to the now behemoth changing table. This was okay. This was okay. This was not at all what I had signed up for, but this was okay. My mouth was suddenly very dry. The clinical part of my brain was telling me this was no big deal, and that it had to be done so I should just get it over with, but the irrational part of my brain was telling me that this was too weird on almost every level. This wasn’t a baby; this was, for all intents and purposes, a peer. And I had no experience doing this sort of thing before and had had no desire to gain the experience. I was so not ready for this, but I didn’t really have a choice. Madison crawled up, still on her hands and knees and sat by my feet. “You’re gonna have to help me up,” she said simply. “I can’t walk, remember?” I nodded and bent over. Madison helpfully grabbed me into a kind of hug while I threaded my arms under hers. “On three,” I said. “One…two…three!” I heaved and hefted her off the ground. Her legs quickly wrapped around my waist, and it was just a quick pivot and heft onto the table to get her over. Once her body was being supported by the changing table, she unwrapped herself from around me and squirmed a bit until she was laying on the table. Meanwhile, I was panting and trying to catch my breath. By God, she was heavy. Actually, that wasn’t entirely accurate. Had she been standing up, I could easily have supported her into a quick piggy back carry or something with no problem. But right then, she was just so much dead weight. Even her arms and legs did little by grabbing onto me other than keep themselves from flailing about. So, I effectively had just dead lifted myself. “Sorry,” she half whispered, looking a little surprised. “Nobody’s ever had that kind of trouble before. I guess the spell makes me seem lighter to most people, too. Looks like everything else, you’re immune to it.” “Lucky me,” I lightly panted as I regained composure. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the whole absurdity of the situation. More of a giggle, really. Perhaps seeing the absurdity of the situation and appreciating it, Madison giggled a little bit, too. “So,” I looked her in the eyes. “What now?” “Just…” Madison hesitated, “get done what you need to get done.” And then she laid down and turned her head to face the wall. Avoiding eye contact was probably for the best, at the moment. I reached over and ripped the tapes off her diaper, and saw it slacken around her waist a bit. Then I opened it up. She shivered a bit as the fresh air hit her privates. Then, grabbing a baby wipe from a nearby tub, I went to work. “Tell me if you feel I’m missing anything,” I told her as I quickly and carefully wiped down her mound and crotch. An uncomfortable “Mmm-hmmm” was what I got as a reply. I grabbed another wipe, and gently caressed her inner thighs. “Legs up and hips up,” I told her. She complied and was able to lift herself off the matt just enough so that I could slide out her wet diaper. I did a piss poor job of it, but I somewhat balled it up and tossed it in the equally ridiculously sized diaper genie. “Now hold it,” I told her, as I cleaned her bottom. She winced a little bit as I got the crack of her ass and her butthole. The wipes were cold, after all. “Getting tired,” she told me with a slight urgency in her tone. Quickly, I reached under the changing table and pulled out a fresh diaper. I unfolded it with both hands and quickly slid it under her. It was easier on the baby dolls obviously, but the fact that she was being so cooperative made up the difference in difficulty from changing an actual child. “Okay, you can relax a bit.” I told her once I lined the diaper up with her hips. Her legs practically flopped down back into the spread eagle position. Now it was her turn to catch her breath. Either years of disuse, or an effect of the spell Cissy Hawk had her under, had weakened Madison’s stamina with regards to her legs. “Damn, you’re smooth down there,” I jokingly remarked as I pulled the diaper up between her legs. “Tell me about it,” Madison retorted, a smile creeping into her lips as I pulled the first tape snugly over Elmo’s happy face. “If it wasn’t for the whole diaper thing, I’d be ready for bikini season.” “So, that’s another effect of the spell?” I asked, as I finished securing the second tape, securing the diaper over my new friend’s pelvis. “Yeah,” Madison sat up, “and it’s about the only part of my condition that I can’t write off as some weird kind of voodoo hypnosis. Oh yeah, I haven’t had a period in a while either, so there’s that. I guess that’d be hard to explain to any given sitter or caretaker if I did.” She swung her legs over the edge. “Frankly, with as crazy as Cissy is, I’m surprised that I still have breasts. A little help?” she held out her arms for me to pick her up. “Sure,” I said. It was easier setting her down than picking her up, more of a matter of guiding her weight safely down to the floor instead of heaving it up to the changing table. “Gotta say though,” I admitted, “if I’m going to be changing you more often, I wouldn’t mind if at least the weight part of that spell worked on me.” “Yeeeaaaaah,” Madison blushed. “Maybe next time you can change me on the floor. Cissy’s got a diaper bag with a changing mat by my crib.” “Oh, NOW you tell me!” I half-scolded her. I wasn’t actually all that mad, but acting the part was helping me get over that I had just changed the Pampers on a girl that I would have likely hung out with under normal circumstances. Now, I was literally babysitting her while helping to concoct a plan for her to escape a magic user’s curse. Fuck my life. “Sorry,” she shrugged. “It honestly didn’t occur to me until it was too late. So, how do I get out of this?” “Well, just taking you out of here will get me arrested,” I mused. “If everyone besides the two of us sees you as a baby, then an amber alert will go off pretty much as soon as Cissy realizes that we’re gone. Plus, babies still cost money that I don’t have, so breaking the spell is first thing.” “Yeah, and how do we do that, Olivia?” She looked up at me from the floor. “You said that those beads she wears in her necklace are milestones, right? The stuff that makes you act like an adult?” I looked her in the eye. “Simplest solution seems to be getting them off her neck and getting them back in you.” When Cissy Hawk came home, Madison and I had wrapped up our plotting for the day, and so we were both well “in character” for Cissy when she got home. I, the friendly babysitter, oblivious to the truth, and Madison, the prisoner given up on acting like anything other than a baby. On a lark, I stopped by the drug store on the way home. I made a bee-line for the incontinence aisle and scanned the different packages. There were Depends of course, but there was also a type of diaper called “Attends.” “How did she know about all of these adult diaper brands?” I idly wondered. Could it be that whatever magic spell she’s under transforms adult diapers into baby ones? Maybe I could experiment with these in the future, the next time I had some time alone with Madison. Maybe they’d turn into Pampers or something when they were around her. The price tag on the Attends, though, was a bit too rich for my blood. Especially for an idea to test the limits of some kind of hocus pocus. I wandered over to the baby aisle, a few rows down. This being a drug store, the major brands were all represented; and better yet they were mostly sold in small travel packs instead of the huge boxes at a typical supermarket. I grabbed a Newborn Huggies pack, a size 6 Luvs pack, and pack of girl’s Pull-Ups. “Will that be all?” the cashier said as she rung me up. “Mmmm-hmmm” I nodded, as I swiped my credit card. “I’ve got a babysitting business,” I explained nervously to the cashier. “I’m just stocking up. Y’know?” The cashier didn’t seem to care either way. I drove home to my crappy little one bedroom apartment that I’d lived in since my junior year of college. I stashed the packs, guiltily, under my bed as if they were drugs. I’d figure out a way to make them useful, down the line. I just hadn’t figured out how to yet. Then, just as before, curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out one of the packs. It was the Luvs Size 6. The package had a picture of a toddler, maybe two years old on it. I ripped open the packet and pulled one of the diapers out. There was no wetness indicator, like on the Pampers; but that might have been because this was a diaper for older kids. I couldn’t be sure. The decorations were more minimalist too. Instead of sesame street characters in multiple colors, the whole thing had a purple mesh pattern on it with a baby monkey on the front and on the back. I sniffed it and caught a whiff of perfume from the diaper. The perfume was about the same as the Pampers. Experimentally, I stood up, and pulled my pants and underwear down. I unfolded the diaper and inserted it into my panties, like it was a pad and clumsily hiked it up. Yup. Felt a little like wearing a pad. Thicker actually. Its thickness was nothing compared to the scaled up model that Madison was likely wearing at this very moment as Cissy’s prisoner. I could also see Madison’s argument that a diaper wasn’t really underwear, though it was in a different light than she presented it. In her adult sized diapers, Madison likely had more material between her crotch and the open air than I did when I was wearing pants and panties. This makeshift diaper pad wasn’t really what you’d call a fit, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Then, realizing how ridiculous this was, I reached into my panties, and removed the diaper; balling it up, I tossed it in the waste basket. Curiosity satisfied, I dedicated myself to thinking about how I could use these damn things that I had just spent good money on.
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    Here is Chapter 8, thanks for all of your comments so far! Chapter 8: “OH, SO YOU do have some spirit, huh?” She asked me with a menacing glint in her eye. “I wondered when you would talk back! I won’t give you the spanking my girls would get for that this time...” She said as she lifted my ankles a little higher and pulled me into a tighter crunch position. “With all due respect I didn’t talk back, I just pointed out that maybe if you really feel we need babied that could be fine, but then why wouldn’t you be just as sweet and kind to us as you would to a real baby?” Her eyes narrowed as she began wiping me. Her finger lingered inside my new parts a little longer than it should have and she did the same in my butt. I bit my lip though and didn’t give her the reaction I was sure she was expecting. “Well I certainly do only act that way to my girls when they deserve it. Too often you all just act up and then you need to be punished.” She finished up with some lotion and powder, and as she taped the second tape of the thicker diaper on I said, “Wouldn’t you act up if everything had been taken from you? All hope of a future of a job? Having your own babies? Of just going to the potty?” She glared at me, pulled the diaper cover back over my diaper before she turned and handed me to Amanda, “She’s not physically needing restrained, but I’d take that tongue from her soon.” Amanda cuddled me and replied, “I like her tongue,” she tickled my side, “and everything else about her. Yes she has a difference of opinion from you, but she was very respectful the way she said it, wasn’t she?” Chloe just looked at her in disbelief, shook her head, and then asked, “Mom, are we going?” “Sure sweetie,” she said. “Let’s take your car Amanda since you probably have all of Stacy’s stuff in it already.” Amanda went into motion as she grabbed my diaper bag, along with the other items needed for a day out with a baby… who just happened to be eighteen… years old. Amanda squeezed me gently, as she sat me in my seat she whispered, “Be careful sweetie, I wouldn’t have been able to stop her from spanking you.” I just smiled up at her, “I love you Mommy,” was my reply. Her whole face lit up at those words and she smiled back at me, “Well I love you too Princess.” I was strapped into the carrier and was glad her mom sat next to me in the back rather than Chloe. Before she closed the door Amanda placed a bottle nipple in my mouth and I moved my hands to hold the bottle. It was cold apple juice that was nice and sweet. “You really are adorable,” her mom said looking at me. “Amanda she fits into an infant carrier perfectly! I can’t believe how tiny she is!” “She’s really easy to carry like that too since she’s so light. If I didn’t know how she had gotten that way I would be really worried about her medical situation. Of course we’ve had her checked over and Fred has looked at her a bit too… She has to use infant nursers, as the larger size are too heavy for her to hold up.” “You said you did get her adoption registered?” “Day before yesterday, I didn’t want to risk someone trying to say that she was theirs instead.” “No, you wouldn’t want that,” she agreed. She peered down at me in the car seat and spoke softly, “Stacy I can tell that you have some fire in you - but there’s no way in this world you would ever be allowed to walk more than about ten steps before another woman would adopt you if my Amanda hadn’t. I think you got quite lucky with her…” I continued nursing the bottle and nodded. I pulled out the bottle long enough to say, “I know,” before I went back to nursing it. The drive to wherever it was that we were going seemed to take a while. “You two are going to love this new store! I still can’t believe how humongous it is! It truly has everything you could possibly want!” “What’s different than Babies’r’us?” Amanda asked. “Well they have a lot more discipline items for one… you really might think of getting at least a few things for your girl here. I don’t think she’s as well behaved as you think she is! Probably just doing things when your back is turned.” “Well lucky for us she’s a baby, so I don’t turn my back on her, huh Princess?” She said to me with what I knew had to be a smile in her voice. “Remind me to see if they have one of those mirrors that attach to car seats so I can see her face. That’s the one thing I’ve never liked about rear facing car seats.” “Why put her rear facing then?” Granny asked. “Well she’s the size of a three month old… even if she has an adult body for a little I don’t want to chance that the bigger physics of a crash with our car would cause a spinal injury. Even us as adults would be better getting pushed backwards into a seat. I figure that in a few more years when the government mandates the self-driving vehicles we’ll all be sitting backwards not long after.” “Rear facing like an infant? No way!” Chloe scoffed, “Though I do like the idea of not driving… Too bad the models out there are so expensive still.” “So what else do they have?” Amanda asked with interest getting her sister back on the topic. “Well there’s a huge selection of adorable clothes! Of course that probably doesn’t matter as much for you since Stacy fits so easily in infants clothes?” “Yeah, there’s not a piece of clothing on her that’s from the little’s department. I don’t even think they make little’s sizes that small.” “I don’t think they do actually…” Chloe said as if she was sad. “Well if she was bigger you’d find a lot more selection of the clothes in that style. They also have some new nanny help items to keep them occupied and… happy.” “Happy?” Amanda asked. “Well you know they’re not adults, but still have some of their needs, right?” She paused as if waiting for confirmation of a fundamental fact, “Well studies have shown if you service their carnal needs they behave better. There’s a huge selection of items to do that with.” She paused for a moment, “Katie and Kendra can’t seem to get enough of their rocking horse and relief diapers.” I felt bile rise up in my mouth and I almost threw up, thankfully I had the bottle nipple to bite down on instead of my tongue! Amanda said what I was thinking though, “Chloe you really do need to make up your mind about things. Stacy is just a baby, she doesn’t need to think about such things!” “Well haven’t you been thinking such things Stacy?” Chloe asked me directly even though I couldn’t see her. I could see her mother looking at me intently then. “Honestly, no. I was pretty sheltered at home, and I’m kind of getting sick to my stomach picturing whatever twisted items you’re thinking of! In my world I’m pretty sure forcing things like that to someone would get you locked up for life if it wasn’t mutually desired. It sounds like you just force it on people! That’s rape!” “Chloe, we’re going to agree to disagree on this one. Stop antagonizing Stacy with the threat of those despicable items.” “You wait and see, she’ll be begging for them before long.” “Somehow I doubt that,” Granny said. There was a sad look in her eyes that made me think that while she had loved babying littles, including her Hannah, there’d probably been none of that treatment of her. I could certainly see how Amanda believed Chloe had been responsible for Hannah’s death. “I think I heard they have some toys that are helpful for learning there,” Granny spoke up next to me. “Learning?” Amanda asked. “Well might be something you would like at least… stuff to drill her on our basic math.” “Huh…” Amanda said thoughtfully. I was actually curious about that one myself. I had heard the fact that they used a Base 60 math the last time I had been here and had been doing my best to practice the changeover from our Base 10 system. It helped when I read some articles that explained how we still had some relationships, especially in geometry, to the Base 60 system the Babylonians used. It wasn’t second nature to me though like normal Base 10 math was... but at least I wasn’t terrible at it now. I had done my best the last couple of years to change my calculus worksheets into Base 60 to practice. If there was a toy - even if it was meant for a baby mind - that might drill that more I would be okay with that! “So I hear Megan has a new boyfriend?” Chloe suggested. Amanda laughed, “Maybe, but she’s never going to settle down easily. About the only way she might is if she were to find her own little… and she seems to be very opposed to that.” “Don’t know what went wrong with her,” Chloe said, “Who wouldn’t want one?” For her part Granny sighed and looked at me, “Amazon women when they’re young have what I would call a disease of the heart. They feel like they have to be mothers in order to live. With as hard as it is for us to conceive you all make it much easier.” She whispered to me, “I’m glad to see that my daughter is treating you well.” I looked up at her in surprise, having been prepared for her to be the mother monster more than anything else. I smiled around the nipple at her and kept nursing like a good baby. As I nursed on the bottle I couldn’t help but feel that I needed to pee again. As much as I wanted to make it out of this world with my mind and body intact… I had no illusions that my potty training would survive! I just went ahead and let it out into the diaper. My bladder felt relief and for the moment while the diaper was warm it wasn’t a terrible feeling. ‘Not like this one can’t hold like six of these bottles…’ I sighed, ‘I’m surprised the diaper cover fits over the top of it!’ Just as I had settled back down from wetting the diaper we pulled to a stop in the parking lot. Granny reached over and undid her seatbelt before asking, “Amanda are we taking her carrier or just putting her down in the cart seat?” “She likes the cart seat a little better to see out of,” she told her mom. “Okay, I’ll get her then,” she said and reached over to my seat. She gave my tummy a little tickle, which made me giggle nervously. She undid the harness latch before opening her door and then picked me up. “You really are almost too light Princess,” she told me as she stepped clear of the car holding me. I leaned into her and gave her a small hug, which made her smile. “Well, aren’t you becoming affectionate?” She kissed my forehead and carried me into the store behind Amanda and Chloe. Right away as we walked into the ‘Littles Superstore’ I knew that this was not a place I would want to be with most Amazons as my ‘mother.’ Immediately at the cart pick-up the choices for 'parents' began... There were several different options from infant carrier type to your average grocery cart meant for older children to sit a little more comfortably on plastic forward facing seats with a seat belt. Some of those were even shaped like cars like I remembered in the grocery stores back home. Those carts seemed abnormally large compared to me, but at least they still seemed to be normal shopping carts. Next to those were the ‘special’ ones that seemed to come with leg, hand, and even head restraints in some cases! It looked like one said something about instructions on the little needing to just be in a diaper only so electrodes could make contact… I shuddered and Granny patted my back gently while walking to a traditional cart and setting me inside the seat. “Uh-oh! This seat is too big for you,” she commented. “Amanda do you have a blankie in her bag?” “Sure mom, why?” “Let me see it please.” Chloe seemed to watch in disbelief as her mother kindly rolled the blanket up and put it behind my back so I was more comfortable, “That better baby?” I nodded, “Thank you Granny.” “You’re very welcome!” She kissed my head again and said, “Let’s see if there’s anything in here worth buying for my granddaughter.” I was surprised in a way that Amanda let her mother pushed me around in the cart, but I guessed she was trying to let her mom earn my trust a bit more. I already felt I could trust her more than Chloe… but that wasn’t saying much at this point! She paused at a large store directory board. Since the cart was sideways I could see that the store was laid out with different sections like diapers, clothing, nursing, car seats, furniture, and toys like a normal baby store would have. They added punishment aids, mental treatments, and automated nursery sections too… I gulped as I realized we were right next to the punishment section. “You sure you don’t at least need a good paddle?” Chloe asked. “No Chloe, Stacy is a good little girl,” she told her. Another lady nearby was pulling a little girl around with a short dress and a child’s leash on looked at Amanda and said, “You should listen to her young lady, the hand is good in a pinch, but when they need to know who’s Mommy you want something more firm! When you get your little you’ll really understand. Regular babies like your little girl there are so much easier!” “Umm… thank you for your opinion,” Amanda said, “Come on Mom, I would like to look at a few things over there I think…” I was pushed down the aisles of the store and occasionally one of them would pick up an item to examine. Mostly it seemed Amanda must have already shopped most of the items before. The pacifier aisle contained some cute pacifiers that she began looking through. “Which of these do you like better?” as she held some options out to me. A good dozen pacifiers ended up in the cart after a few minutes. Just before we left the aisle Chloe said, “You should get one of these for her too!” The item in question was unquestionably cute, girly looking, and innocent until you looked at the label. “Lockable Pacifier: Twist and lock pacifier in place so your little can’t pull it out. Keeps littles seen but not heard!” “Chloe, really?” Granny answered, “Have you heard her shout or scream once?” “She talked back to me…” “Only because you were being a witch…” Amanda said. Chloe looked at both of them and just threw her arms up in the air, “I’m only trying to be helpful. I have three of these creatures at home. I have a lot more experience than either of you!” “Calm down Chloe, we’re not saying you don’t.” Granny soothed, “But I think if you really pay attention Stacy is most definitely not your normal little.” “No she’s not, and I’m sure we’ll not be needing one of those. She’s perfectly happy to keep one in her mouth on her own,” Amanda said and sympathetically offered me one of the pacifiers from my diaper bag. “Thank you,” I said around it. She patted me on the head and said, “See?” The glare continued, but we kept moving through the aisles. In the car seat aisle she found a large mirror to mount to see me and would let me see her too. “Ooh, how about this?” Granny said from next to Amanda. “What?” “It’s a TV screen you can hang from the headrest above her seat. She can watch movies on it instead of being bored…” Granny told her. “That’s not cheap though,” she told her. “Don’t worry about it, it’s one of her presents from Grandma!” She smiled at me after putting the box in the cart, “We’ll see if we can find you some safe movies to watch in another store later.” I nodded at her and we were soon to another aisle she felt Amanda hadn’t prepared for. “Oh dear, I thought we could pick up a walker for her here, but these are all going to be much too big for her.” “We can go to a regular baby store if you really want to buy her one later,” Amanda told her. “She can walk though, so that was why I hadn’t even looked at them.” “Yes she can walk, and yes she is a good little girl, but every now and then you’ll be grateful to have the ability to let her walk around downstairs and not be able to get in certain places. Plus it’s a comfortable seat that she’ll look adorable in!” “We’ll go somewhere else and look then later,” Amanda said and smiled at me. Something in the smile told me we’d humor her, but it wouldn’t be getting a lot of use. It seemed to me like it might not be a bad place to do homework in though… I could actually remember a few memories of how much I loved mine as a baby! Next to that aisle we came across the ‘Automated Nursery – Making Parenting Easier’ aisle. “Oh Amanda, look at this!” Chloe cooed. “What’s that?” “Well it’s like a modern swing… but it does so much more. Here let’s put Stacy in it and try it…” The device in question looked like some sort of high tech baby bouncer or swing. I didn’t get much of a look though before Granny helpfully picked me up and sat me in the seat. “Let’s see how it works and if it’s even the right size for you!” She buckled the five-point harness around me and looked at Chloe. “See it bounces her like a real mommy to calm her,” she read off and the swing started up, apparently activated by Chloe’s voice. It was actually soothing at first until Chloe pointed out, “ooh, it does more too!” She smirked at me and I worried as she shouted, “Bad baby!” All of a sudden I was flipped forward to face the ground. My hands and legs were suddenly bound in some sort of cuffs! Before I could even begin to get my mind around what was going on I felt a harsh tug as my diaper cover was quickly pulled down and my diaper was ripped off! “What…?” I said just before I began to feel blows of huge hands on my butt!!!!!!!! Each blow felt like a sledgehammer was coming down onto my bare skin! By number five I was past shock and into full-on terrified screams. “Stop!!!!!” Amanda cried out. “Unable to stop until unit has finished punishment cycle,” a mechanical woman’s voice responded to them. Whack, “Bad Baby!” it said over and over again. I began to bawl as it hurt more than anything I could ever remember!!!! Just as I had given up hope of the pain ever stopping, the machine shuddered to a stop with my face still dangling out like I was at the top of a roller coaster going down. Amanda’s hands were reaching to undo the buckle as I heard shouts of, “Well help us get her out of this!” “Hang on baby, we’ll get you out of this…” Amanda tried to soothe me as I kept bawling uncontrollably. Her comforting touch didn’t mean much as she couldn’t undo the buckle. “Get her out of this!” Granny’s voice said angrily at the person. “It won’t release until it’s finished the punishment cycle…” “And just how much more of a beating does this poor little girl need?!?!” Granny said, “It was supposed to be a swing…” “Well it is that, as well as a complete care giver in absentia. It swings, feeds, and disciplines the little as needed.” “So how are we getting her out?” Amanda said coldly while holding onto my hand. My blood was rushing to my head a bit at this point. “The only way I know of is to let it finish.” “How many times had it spanked her?” Another voice asked. “Twenty?” Amanda’s voice suggested. “Eighteen,” Chloe’s voice piped in amused. “It looks like it’s programmed to do thirty-five the first time to get its point across.” “So she would have to be beaten seventeen more times?!?!” Amanda shouted angrily as I sobbed at the thought. “Where is the car seat aisle?” I heard her ask through my sobs. “Over there…” “I’ll be right back baby,” she reassured me. “Momma don’t you let anyone turn this piece of junk back on!” “Don’t worry about that honey,” she said as she came and kneeled by me to take one of my bound hands. “Shhh… we’ll get you out of this,” she tried to reassure me. I couldn’t stop crying even though the pain was beginning fading a little. My skin still throbbed though and the thought of being spanked more by this torture device was unbearable. ‘How can this seem reasonable for a first punishment?!?’ I wondered as I sobbed. I worried Amanda would never come back, or we’d all get arrested or something with me stuck in this machine. Time seemed to crawl by, but Amanda was soon back and one of the management voices said “No you can’t do that, it’s expensive!!!” “So is my daughter!” she screamed back. Through my tears I could see she held an emergency safety belt cutter in her hand. “Stay still baby,” she told me before she used it on the straps of the harness. Unfortunately it only made things worse as I now dangled by my hands and ankles toward the ground. “Stupid piece of junk!” Amanda screamed at it as she looked for anything that would release those too. She worked at it for several long moments before my feet were loose and then my hands. Instantly I was in her arms being cuddled, “I’m so sorry baby, if I’d had any idea that would have done that I never would have let Granny put you in it!!!!” “I don’t think she’s the problem,” I told her softly when I had calmed down. “Chloe is the one who started the punishment cycle. I don’t think Granny even knew it could do that.” “You’re right baby,” she told me as she looked up and angrily glared at Chloe, “If you ever cause harm to my baby again… So help me you will pay for the rest of your miserable life!” She grabbed my diaper bag and stormed away from the scene. I sobbed as she carried me to the front of the store and I found myself in a changing room. “Sweetie I think this dress is done for…” She quickly pulled the dress off of my head and I could see that in the midst of my struggling and her efforts to free me the pretty dress was ripped in three places. I realized then that I had no idea where the diaper and the cover went. Amanda reached into the bag and grabbed a regular Pamper for me and lay my bottom on top of it. I winced as she rubbed some baby lotion onto my inflamed skin, “I’m sorry baby…” she told me. With the diaper taped up she dug a spare romper from the diaper bag out. I let her pull it over my head and she had it snapped around my diaper in record time. All the while I was sobbing uncontrollably and shaking – it was like my worst fears come true! She picked me up and just held me and cuddled me for a moment before sitting down at a bench in the room and presented me with her breast, “Maybe it will help?” She suggested to me as she nudged my head forward. I couldn’t see how her breast would make this better, but I was thirsty after my screaming and crying so I latched on and nursed. I must have drifted off to sleep because I apparently missed a great deal of excitement. SOMETIME LATER I became aware that I was swinging around in the air. I started and shrieked a little before I realized I was in my carrier - not that torture device. The bottom of the carrier pressed just gently enough not to hurt my butt, but I could still feel the heat of the blows. Amanda sensed I was regaining consciousness and placed the carrier down on something and looked at me, “How are you doing baby?” she asked me while pulling out the pacifier in my mouth. “Where are we?” I asked. “Well we’re shopping at another store right now…” she told me. My butt felt like it was still on fire, “My butt hurts,” I told her. “I know, if it’s still really sore when we go home, we’ll stop by and see Daddy at the hospital. I can’t believe that machine…” “What happened?” “What do you mean?” She asked as she unbuckled me from the seat and said, “Mom can you latch this into the stroller and push it for a moment? I want to cuddle Stacy now that she’s woken up.” “I don’t blame you dear,” Grandma smiled at me as she took the seat from Amanda’s other side, “I’m so sorry Stacy, I had no idea…” I nodded, “I know you didn’t.” I looked around for Chloe but didn’t see her, “Where’s Aunt Chloe?” “We made her find her own way home,” Grandma said with a sigh. “If only…” I didn’t get a chance to ask what that meant before Amanda bounced me up and down a little and said, “Your grandma dealt with the managers after the police were called and we were in the changing room. They wanted the police to charge us with destruction of property. They were about to do it when Granny pointed out it was missing some necessary legal warning tags and signs. She then brought the police officers to where we were sitting and you had fallen asleep nursing. As soon as they saw how tiny you were, and I pulled down your diaper to show how red your bottom was, they instead insisted on the model being removed from the store.” “I’m glad you didn’t get in trouble,” I told her while at the same time being mortified that my butt had been on display like that! “Well I’m not done with them yet. I fully plan to sue them for this! Assault like that should never be okay, and there are actually some protection laws still in place that should keep that particular item from even being sold! Let alone sitting open in the store without some sort of safeguards!” “Thank you for saving me,” I told her and hugged her as best I could. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch it before it got out of hand,” she told me. “Now, do you mind shopping for a while longer?” “No more machines?” I asked nervously. “No more machines!” She told me and kissed my forehead before hugging me tightly. “Come on, let’s see if we can’t spend all of Granny’s money!” I clung to her tightly as they wandered up and down the aisles of a regular baby store that didn’t seem to have anything directed specifically to littles. Grandma pushed the stroller around before stopping, “Amanda, how about one of these? Do you have one already?” I turned my head towards what she held up and blushed as I realized it was one of those slings I had seen another little in the first time shopping. It held you to ‘mommy’ but let her keep her hands free. Looking at the packaging though I realized we were in a regular baby store and it held a mostly bald baby, sitting upright while the butterfly printed sling wrapped around the ladies shoulders and held her upright. The baby was smiling at the camera while I only wondered how humiliating that would be… “No I don’t… do they really help?” “You can’t do anything with your hands right now, right?” “Not easily,” she said. “It lets you have two hands free and keep her close. With as light as she is I bet you could probably carry her most of the day and never even notice.” “What do you think Stacy?” she asked me. Something about her eyes told me she did care what I thought. “It’s kind of embarrassing…” I started, “but I guess no more so than wearing a diaper and nursing from you…” “Okay mom, we’ll get it.” “Great!” she said and we continued wandering until we got to an aisle of walkers. They cooed over several before deciding on a pink one with a half dozen toys in the front that were removable. It made sounds and even had a handle on the back that was supposedly for the baby to use to help learn to walk by pushing it when they got older. ‘I hope a regular kid doesn’t push me…’ I thought about it. “The activity stuff does come off so she can use it to do homework at since you seem to be wanting her to go to school still…” her mom said. “Yeah, we’ll get this one.” Amanda said without even asking me this time. We were walking for a little bit longer when I suddenly felt a cramp in my gut and I forced myself not groan out loud, this was not my day! “Mommy how much longer are we shopping?” “Probably a couple more hours,” she told me. “Okay,” I told her and leaned back in her. She stuffed a pacifier in my mouth as if to keep me from talking any more just then. It could have annoyed me, but instead I found it was pretty soothing to nurse on it. ‘I’m not going to make it a couple more hours,’ I admitted to myself. I tried to hold on at least until we were in a place she could change me quickly with some privacy. As they moved on towards the clothing section I knew it wasn’t meant to be. Amanda had just set me down on ground to toddle after her going through racks when the next cramp hit. A sticky mass piled into the back of my diaper for a long moment. It was accompanied by the still new feeling of pee traveling through my new parts and I felt the diaper swell as it soaked it all in. When I was done I noticed Granny watching me with a smile, “Aww, did someone make a poopie?” I felt tears go down my face and just nodded, “If you want to keep looking Amanda I can take Stacy and go change her?” Amanda looked down at me and I looked at her with my teary eyes. She decided then, “Go ahead Mom, here’s her diaper bag.” She paused, “It’s one less stinky diaper for me to change,” she smiled at us both as I looked at her over Granny’s shoulder as she patted my back and carried me past where I could see Amanda. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Let me know what you think! Comments and likes really do help motivate me. I've got a free weekend now and am planning on writing if I can keep up the energy. I'm working on Chapter 16 right now!
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    Thank you all for your comments. I'm kind of having a rough day and decided I'd give you all a second chapter this weekend... I'm at Chapter 16 in my draft now, so I'm still well ahead! I hope you enjoy - many of you are getting your wishes here! Chapter 7: THE WORLD CAME back in focus for me slowly and I felt pain in just about every part of my body. I tried to say “Owww” but something was in the way. “I think she’s waking up finally,” Fred said. “Where am I?” I tried saying and figured out that it was a pacifier in my way. “I love when they try talking after the procedure… Depending on which settings you chose no one will understand anything but ‘Dada,’ ‘Mama,’ or ‘Baba, from now on!” I heard Eddie gleefully exclaim. “I actually toned down those settings,” Amanda said. I heard a disappointed sigh from Eddie, “I guess that does let you understand their whining better. Still all the same it looks like the treatment did the job. She’s definitely a she and there’s not a follicle of hair anywhere that’s not supposed to be!” I opened my eyes a little wider and managed to get Fred’s eye. He gave me a reassuring glance that I hoped meant my head was fine. “Yes, but I’m glad to have a full head of hair on her head still,” Amanda said as if to also reassure me. “If you ask me cutting that hair down to a newborn’s length would be a great look for her! Combined with what the nanites did to her facial structure and no one will be able to tell she’s not actually your naturally born infant daughter.” ‘Facial structure…?’ I thought to myself. I never thought to include that in the search? ‘Shit, what did it do to me?’ “I wasn’t expecting that one, but it does make her absolutely adorable!” Amanda chimed in happily. “But I enjoy playing with her hair too much to cut it. It reminds me of having my dollies as a kid. I would always change their hairstyles!” As I became more alert I noticed Fred watching some readouts and he said, “I think she’s awake enough we can lose the support machines…” “The straps too?” Amanda asked. “Yes, she should be good for you to hold and cuddle now,” Eddie’s voice said. “But you might want to change that diaper first, it’s a little rank.” I sniffed at that one, ‘what an ass!’ I stiffened, ‘I don’t feel any shame on that… not like I did last time… I sure hope we didn’t do more damage here than good.’ Fred pulled an IV line out of me, pulled a pulse monitor off, and also took off some EKG leads before undoing the straps on my legs and waist. “Here Mommy, do you want to change her?” “Men… bunch of wimps…” Amanda said and I soon felt her gentle hands undo the diaper on my otherwise naked body, maneuvered my legs, and then quickly had me in a clean diaper that was clearly a thicker one from what I could tell. She quickly dressed me in what seemed to be a sleeper, but I was too tired to really notice what she was doing. “So you think everything turned out fine internally?” Fred asked Eddie. “Oh yes, she has all of the proper internal organs. They aren’t any more active than a toddler though. She’ll need an injection of a high dose of estrogen to begin her cycles and start growing breasts. Unless she gets that though she’ll remain free of any signs of puberty. I don’t know why you would even want her to have those though?” “Well…” Fred started to say. “Duh, how stupid can I be? When you get tired of her you can breed her for a fortune! I mean a fully-grown little at thirty-six inches of height? Make four or five offspring with her and you could probably keep breeding for forty years and get the perfect little like she is!” “Umm…” Amanda said. “Brilliant,” he said. “Well, before you take her home I recommend you nurse her exclusively now. There’s a subroutine in the nanites that will make sure she gets sick if she has anything other than her mommy’s milk.” “It was only in one file, right?” Amanda asked. “Yes… but not in the preferences file…” “Oh good, that means she’ll be fine to eat regular food still.” “You found that…?” “Actually my beautiful princess here did,” she said as she picked me up and cuddled me against her shoulder. “She thought she could be a great computer programmer someday if she came here to get schooling.” “Ah, and now destined for the nursery? How fitting!” Eddie said. “Something like that...” Fred said. “Fred, can you grab her diaper bag and the carrier, I’m thinking she needs cuddles right now,” she said. “Thanks again Eddie, let me know how those new subroutines work on the next generation!” I heard some stuttering before he said, “Thanks!” We made it down the hallway a ways before she started whispering to me, “You’re fine baby. Other than that little glitch with your face everything came out perfect… And I think the glitch made you even cuter and harder to resist!” “Why can’t I talk?” I tried to say. “Did you just ask why you can’t talk?” I nodded weakly. “That’s just the anesthesia wearing off, you’ll be fine in a while. I know we caught all of those subroutines. Don’t worry your pretty little face.” “Amanda do you want to take her to my office to wake up the rest of the way?” “Probably a good idea. Should I feed her now or back home?” “I’d say wait till you get back home, your milk seems to be a powerful sedative to her, and right now it’s more important she fully wakes up!” Not long afterwards she paced the office with me as I came out from my cobwebbed brain. She took the pacifier out and asked, “How are we doing Princess?” “Better I think,” I told her and it sounded clear. “Much better!” She said with a smile. “So how much different do I look? I mean really?” “Well… First I’m sorry I missed this one… He must have written a routine somewhere in there to fix one of the easiest ways you can tell a little and an actual baby apart, their faces. With a little, even a chubby one, the fat on their face isn’t quite distributed right…” “So I have a permanent baby face?” I asked nervously. “Looks that way,” she said a little guiltily. “Mommy why don’t we let her see so she stops worrying,” Fred told her. “Here’s a mirror.” I looked at the mirror and grimaced for a second but had to admit I was indeed much cuter now. My nose had a different character about it that I liked, but sadly my cheeks looked to have gained a ton of weight... It looked like the healthy baby fat of a toddler though, and at least I remained slender through the rest of my body. My eyes looked to be a little more open or something too. “See, you’re adorable!” Amanda cooed at me. “So no one will think I’m a little now I’m guessing?” “I doubt it... at least if we cover that hair of yours with a hat or something. I think if we introduce you as a baby no one would dream that you are actually a little. That’s a good thing given how mean some Amazon babies can be to littles…” “But what about school?” Amanda laughed, “Don’t worry about that. Yes you’re going to get some grief there, but you’ll still be able to function fine… if not better. Thanks to the nanites you should be smarter now than you were before since I also implanted a couple extra traits to help your memory.” “But I’m all girl now?” “I guess you were too tired to look back there while I was changing you?” I nodded, “sorry, I’m still pretty out of it actually.” “I’ll show you when we get you home,” Amanda told me. “Do you think she’s alert enough to go home now Doctor?” “I think so Mommy. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight instead of cooking? You’ve certainly had a long day.” “That would be nice…” she said, “I don’t think the baby’s going to be awake enough to eat much though.” “I think I’ll be fine,” I told them interrupting. Amanda looked down at me in shock but squeezed me lightly in approval, “The princess has spoken my king!” I was fastened into the carrier and a blanket put over the top as she carried me down to the car. Fred was to meet us at a restaurant they apparently ate at frequently. “How are you feeling?” she asked when she left. “Not so great,” I said, “I’m beginning to get a bit sore…” “Daddy has some pain medicine he can get you when we get to the restaurant,” she told me. I sighed, “thanks…” “Are you okay?” “Just nervous about what else happened to me that we don’t realize yet…” I thought for a second through my groggy mind, “Eddie was kind of an…” “Ass?” “I wasn’t sure if you’d get mad at me, but yes!” “Sweetie, yes I’m treating you like our baby… I can’t resist that urge… but I also know you’re not a baby. As long as it’s not constant, and you don’t do it in front of other adults, we can give you some leeway…” “Thank you,” I told her and just zoned out a bit more. The restaurant must have been close, or I was really out of it, because when she came back to get my I was back nearly asleep. “Do I need to bring the carrier so you can sleep?” She asked me. I thought for a second and nodded, “Unless you want to look like a bad mother and have me sleep on the floor or in the high chair.” She unlatched the carrier and carried it and the diaper bag into the restaurant and put her name on the waiting list. Fred arrived soon after that and we were called back to a booth. “Do you need a high chair or we have a seat cradle?” “The cradle will work.” “Okay, I’ll grab that real quick.” A moment later I felt the seat sat down in one of the mesh car seat cradles I’d seen back home for babies. “She is so beautiful!” “Thanks,” Amanda said. “How many weeks old is she?” I gasped for a moment when I figured out she really had mistaken me for an Amazon baby. “Nine weeks,” Amanda said without skipping a beat. “She has so much hair!” “Some weird medical thing…” Amanda said and I saw her wink at Fred. “Well here are the menus, you can look through it and let me know what you want.” “Here sweetie, switch pacifiers with me for a moment,” Fred said. I just got a glance at the new pacifier a second later and realized it was one meant to deliver medicine through the nipple. I sleepily sucked on it and hoped it was a good pain medication as I was feeling like I had growing pains all through my body again. “Looks like someone is going back to sleep…” Amanda said to me after it was empty. “Huh?” “Hungry baby?” My stomach grumbled in response, “a little.” She pried me loose from the carrier a moment later and held me. “I really do love you baby,” she whispered, “are you actually hungry for food or…” “Or…?” I asked sleepily. “Just nurse for now?” I sighed as I’d had a feeling that would be on her mind, “Here?” “I’m the one with boobies hanging out in public,” she whispered. I giggled and turned red. I thought for a few moments and said, “Okay.” She messed with her top and bra and presented me with her breast once it was free. I sleepily nursed at it and was conscious of the fact it felt like people were watching us. She had burped me from the first breast and just switched me to the other when I heard, “I’m so glad to see your little happily nursing from you. She’s adorable! I imagine that took a few spankings! My little Heather here must have a red bottom every hour…” “She’s just a very good baby,” Amanda said, “if you’ll please excuse us, she had some surgery today. I’m just feeding her dinner before she naps in her carrier.” “Teeth out?” The lady said, “best thing I ever did with Heather! I’ll let you enjoy your feeding…” I was so tired that I didn’t even care about the horrific conversation at that point. I was feeling full and sleepy when she burped me again. A hug, a kiss, and a pacifier was placed in my mouth before she strapped me back in the carrier. I ran my tongue over my teeth to reassure myself they were there before I fell fully asleep. THE NEXT THING I was aware of was being pulled out of my car seat, with Amanda lovingly cradling me. “Where are we?” I asked feeling drool was definitely around my mouth and the pacifier I had blocking my mouth. “Home baby,” she told me. “Oh…” I said. She had just walked through the garage door when a phone inside the house began ringing. “It’s your mom,” Fred told her. “Hand me the phone, I’ll sit down with the princess and talk to her in the living room.” I sleepily watched as she walked to the living room and sat in the recliner with me before reaching for the phone Fred held to her. “Hi Mom,” she said. The volume of the phone was way loud, or her mom just yelled, because I heard the reply clearly, “Don’t ‘hi Mom me,’ sweetheart! How is it I just heard from Carol Eastland that you adopted a little and you haven’t even bothered to call and tell me yet? Your own mother!?!?!” There was just enough pause for her to breathe before she added, “She saw you at the restaurant! She thought the little was a real baby until I said you hadn’t been pregnant! How can you not tell me? That hurts!” “Mom, we were going to surprise you this weekend at the family dinner…” “Bullshit!” “Seriously Mom, you’ve been bugging me for ages so I thought I would surprise you! Plus we were dealing with the adoption paperwork and getting her into a doctor to have some modifications made…” I felt her hold on me tighten just a little bit. “Well in that case I guess I can understand trying to keep it a surprise… But, all of that is done, right?” “Right…?” “Well then expect to see me bright and early tomorrow! Chloe will be coming too I’m sure. Her daughters will all be at daycare so the three of us can go to lunch and maybe I can even buy my new granddaughter something for the nursery…” “What time?” “Probably eight-thirty in the morning, that should give Chloe time to drop off her girls.” “We’ll plan for it…” “Good, and I want a picture tonight!!!! Carol said she was the most beautiful baby she’d ever seen, so whoever did the work… maybe Chloe should get her girls in there…” “That’s natural for her as much as anything… I’ll send you pictures later. I have a messy diaper that needs changed right now, I’ll see you in the morning Mom.” She said. “It wouldn’t hurt her to be left in it for a little while sweetie. I mean if she’s just a little it’s not a big deal…” “Mom, my little, my house, my rules, and my decisions.” “Stubborn as always… we’ll see you in the morning,” her mom said and hung up. She looked down at me and sighed, “Sorry it sounds like you get to meet my crazy family members sooner than I hoped. Don’t worry, like I said I won’t put you down. You’ll have to be my clingy baby tomorrow.” “That’s fine…” I said thinking what I had heard, “You’re mom certainly sounds special…” “She is, let’s go change that diaper of yours now,” she sat the phone down and stood up with me. “Am I really messy?” I sniffed. “No,” she said with a smile, “I said that to get her off the phone.” “Good… I would hate to have missed another of Eddie’s Easter Eggs…” She squeezed me gently again and carried me upstairs to the nursery. I was laid on the changing table but asked, “May I please see?” “I forgot you were asleep when I changed you…” “At least you’re not rubbing it into me too…” “I’m sorry you have come into contact with some of our more monstrous people the last couple days,” she said as she pulled down the bloomers and pulled the tapes off of my diaper, “there really are a lot of very sweet Amazons… I think you’ll meet some in school.” “I hope so…” As she pulled the diaper open I noticed it was pretty soaked with urine and wondered if I was just not noticing because of the drugs, the breastfeeding, or the fact that there was an Easter Egg we missed… I chose not to worry about it then and instead looked at the fact I was missing a part of me I’d had since birth. The slit that had taken its place looked exactly like it should, but looked so strange and wrong on me. I took my hand to touch it and felt the new skin. “Now don’t be naughty,” Amanda told me. “Sorry, it’s weird…” “Are you going to be okay with it?” She asked as she gently pushed me back down on my back and began wiping. A few tears stung in my eyes, but I shrugged, “No use crying over spilt milk I guess… or missing body parts.” “For what it’s worth it just makes you more adorable… and shows a great deal of strength.” “Kind of hard to feel strength when your grown-up ass is being wiped in the middle of diaper change,” I told her moodily. “I’m going to let that one go now, but I won’t in the future sweetie. It’s okay if there’s really something to be angry about, but using vernacular just to use it isn’t acceptable. Your booty is being wiped.” I sighed, “Sorry Mommy…” I told her as she taped the last tape. “It’s okay, I think you’re understandably unnerved by it. Now I think you’re probably just going to end up sleeping on us some more if I had to guess. What do you want to wear to bed tonight?” “I get to choose?” I asked surprised, “Aren’t I just a human dolly?” “Stacy…” “Sorry…” I sighed, “will you let me sleep without the swaddling tonight?” “What’s wrong with it?” “It’s just really hot… I like blanket sleepers, but that plus the quilt…” “Hmmm…” she said and went digging through the drawers and came up with a pink sleep sack. “How about this?” I shrugged, “in a nighttime diaper it’s not like I can walk anyway…” She laughed and pulled the dress off of my body first before getting me dressed me in the sleeper sack. The sack itself probably would have been too short for anyone bigger than me. For anyone else it would probably keep them from being able to stand up, but for me it was longer than my legs by quite a bit. “It’s comfy,” I told her honestly. “So do I put you in the crib?” “Or…?” “You want to cuddle with Mommy?” “You choose, I’ll sleep either way…” She chose the cuddle option, which didn’t surprise me. She sat down with me on the recliner downstairs and gently ran her hands through my hair. I didn’t last through one commercial break before I was asleep. “PRINCESS COME ON, wakey time,” I heard and felt my body being picked up. “Huh?” I asked confused before remembering where I was. “Feeling any better?” I was asked as I became aware my body was laid out on the changing table. I thought for a second, “I think so?” “Good!” she said, “We have a big day today, so I’m waking you up early and giving you a little bit more of a treat than I will normally.” I opened my eyes more at her and just shrugged, “Okay?” She had reached a soaked diaper then and I felt my skin suddenly exposed to the air and the reaction of my new body parts down there was so weird! “You sure did soak this diapee!” She told me, “I would probably have waited to change you until after breakfast, but this would have leaked with another drop!” “How come I’m wetting in my sleep?” I asked, suddenly thinking about how weird it is to wet in my sleep so soon. “I think you were right about the breast milk having that side effect... but you also have a tiny body now. Bodies that size often have these issues still even in your world I imagine?” I nodded, “I’d probably only be two-and-a-half at this size… I still can’t believe I shrank when I came through…” “Well anyway, not many babies your age sleep dry, so don’t worry about it. I wonder…” “What?” “I wonder if you’ll get back to your original height when you go home?” “I hope so… I can’t imagine being the size of a toddler back home for the rest of my life…” “Well here you’re really only a three month old, so it would still be an improvement!” She said as she tickled me a little after closing the last tape of a new Pampers. “I’m still getting a regular Pamper? Even with your mom visiting?” “My mom and I differ on how to treat littles… and I’m not going to change that just to impress her.” She tickled my bare belly and I giggled. “Thanks,” I told her gratefully. “I picked out a pretty dress for you to meet your granny, but I’m going to wait to put it on until after breakfast. This onesie will work until then.” A onesie that said ‘totes adorbs’ was pulled over me and she quickly snapped it shut. “Let’s go get breakfast before Daddy eats it all!” I felt safe as she carried me downstairs and then sat me in the high chair. Much to my surprise I was soon given a bottle that didn’t look like it was filled with normal milk, along with a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes sitting next to it. “I think you’ll like your baba,” she told me with a smile. Fred looked at me from down the table and shook his head, “Don’t let your mama know you fed her that Amanda…” “It’s because of Mama I’m giving her that…” “Huh?” I said but reached out to the bottle and gave it a tentative nurse. It contained a concoction that was warmer than a normal bottle, but still safe to drink. There was the unmistakable taste of coffee mixed with… “Breast milk latte?” She smiled at me, “You’re going to have a hard day… thought I’d give you a treat to begin with. Don’t count on this happening regularly though until you show me you can keep that 3.5 GPA…” “Isn’t this like…?” “Unusual?” Fred asked, “Yes it is, but she’s also got to let you have a few more grown up things. Otherwise we might as well just finish regressing you to a babbling baby and send you to an etiquette school…” She sighed, “A few, but not a lot.” She told me while looking at him as if to remind him who was the mommy, “Let’s feed you your breakfast!” I snuck a long nurse on my caffeinated bottle first. ‘Oh coffee I’ve missed you!!!!!’ I thought to myself. I smiled as I pulled the bottle away for Amanda to fork a piece of pancake into my mouth. She fed me about half of it before going back to her breakfast. The eggs and bacon were sitting in front of me still with no utensil. She seemed in no hurry to get back to me with her fork so I just decided, ‘I’m a baby, right?’ they think and grabbed some of the eggs and then a piece of bacon with my hands and brought them to my mouth. Apparently this was the right move because I heard, “Awww… she got it quickly too!” from Amanda. I looked at her and she smiled, “Babies eat with their hands all the time, remember that, okay?” “But not when you’re at school…” Fred added while simultaneously taking a quick photo of me mid-bite with his phone. “You have to pretend to be mature there…” “Point made dear,” Amanda said with a sigh. I wasn’t sure what was going on but this sounded like a mommy and daddy fight if I’d ever heard one! I went back to nursing the caffeinated bottle of goodness until it was empty. I kept hoping for a few more drops though and kept nursing at it until Amanda pulled it away and fed me the last of the eggs and a couple more pancake bites. “I’m full,” I told her as she tried to get me to finish the last of the pancakes. “Last bite,” she told me, “lunch with my mom and sister is going to be a pain…” I sighed and got the last piece of pancake off the fork and swallowed feeling pretty bloated. ‘I hope she isn’t expecting me to nurse right now…’ I thought to myself. Just as I said that I felt the need to pee and decided to hold it for a few minutes to see if I could still. It unnerved me how quickly I hadn’t felt it the previous days. “Let’s get your hands and face all clean and then we’ll get you ready to meet your granny!” Amanda said to me. “Just remember to stay calm dear,” Fred said. “Who are you talking to? Me or mommy?” I asked. “Definitely Mommy Princess.” He told me with a smile. He walked by and gave me a kiss on the top of my head before heading back upstairs. “Why is he worried?” I asked as she picked me out of the chair. “Well… I think he knows how many buttons she’s going to push on you, and knows I’ll probably blow at a certain point.” She reached the top of the stairs quickly, “I’m also worried she or Chloe try something to regress you without me having a chance to stop it.” I nodded. “Do you need to make a poopie in your diapee?” She asked me as we walked into the room and felt my dry diaper. I thought about it for a moment and thought I might be able to so I nodded, “Probably?” “Then I’m going to leave you in your room for a moment while I go to the bathroom, why don’t you go now so we don’t have to deal with our company rubbing that in your face.” “That’s for you alone?” I asked her. “Sweetie, we both know there’s no way you could use our toilets… I think even a toddler’s potty is pushing it for you.” “Could we try that?” I asked suddenly wanting to push a button of my own. “No,” she told me, “you agreed.” I sighed, “You’ll have a stinky diaper when you get back Mommy.” She hugged me and set me on my feet before closing the gate and going down the hallway. I looked around at the nursery again and remembered I had volunteered for this. I then noticed my little desk and computer were missing along with my backpack! ‘I hope she just hid it from her mom…’ I thought to myself. ‘Better get this over with,’ as a minor cramp made it possible for me to push and I felt a log exit into the back of my diaper and kept pushing until it was done. It bounced around down at the bottom of the padding as gravity took hold and I realized it felt different now that I was missing my old genitals. “Did Princess Stacy make a little present for Mommy like she promised?” Amanda was back a moment later and picked me up. For once she seemed to be taking care not to smush everything. “Yes,” I told her with a grimace. “Good baby!” she told me before getting the traditional diaper change ritual out of the way. Peeing in the diaper wasn’t so bad, but I really wasn’t a fan of pooping necessarily. The stickiness… I tried to find that frame of mind of the toddler who didn’t mind but had a hard time today for some reason. Thanks to the coffee I was at least feeling awake, “What time is it?” I asked her. “Almost eight,” she told me. “So your mom…” “Granny,” she corrected, “and Auntie,” she added. “Will be here soon?” I asked. “Yes, and knowing my mother she’ll be here at about ten after eight instead of the time she said. The only thing that has kept her from being here earlier is that your Auntie is picking her up after dropping off her girls at daycare…” I noticed the way she said daycare and asked, “How bad is their daycare?” She sighed, “I remember as a little girl myself I used to go with Hannah to the same one… For an Amazon it was just a daycare. We played with finger-paints, read stories, had naptime, played on the playground… you know, the things you should do as a toddler.” “For littles?” “For littles… well understand that even good sized littles like Hannah was, they’re still smaller than our three year olds. The littles are always ending up picked on by most of the Amazons… I know I even did it sometimes to Hannah,” she said with a sigh and lots of regrets, “The truth is they’re babies and don’t know any better. In a good daycare an Amazon might get punished and it would eventually yield nicer behavior, but there… it was almost encouraged. Hannah used to be forced to let the toddlers feed her, or give her a bottle, change her, hit or spanked…” My eyes opened a bit at the thought of babies hitting or spanking me… “Yeah, it’s bad! Then you have the adults at that place who make it their mission to emphasize to the littles they will never grow up. I think eventually most of their minds crack and they just go with it like a younger baby, I know Hannah did by the end…” “So…?” “So no you won’t be going there. Regardless of what ‘great deal’ my mom can get us there.” She had just taped a new diaper on me and was pulling a pink diaper-cover up my legs as she said that. “Thank you,” I told her. “You’re very welcome Princess. I do enjoy babying you… but I don’t intend for you to have your mind destroyed or to have PTSD flashbacks for the rest of your life.” She said with a shudder that made me think she had witnessed Hannah have some, “Anything we do will be lovingly done sweetheart.” She pulled a dress out that I had to admit was beautiful. The top looked to have capped sleeves and flared out to a shorter skirt that I was sure would barely cover my diaper. The bodice was smocked with these little bows embroidered at the points of diamond shapes that crisscrossed the front. It had two little collar pieces that came down. “That’s pretty,” I told her, “when did you buy that?” “Last night while you were sleeping in the car with Daddy,” she told me with a smile. “So ready to be Mommy’s princess today?” I smiled at her and nodded. She unbuckled the strap and I sat up with my arms up. She buttoned several buttons at the back of the dress to fasten the dress securely to my body. I noticed she was moving faster as she quickly did my hair like yesterday and then showed me my reflection in the mirror. “If it wasn’t for all of my hair I really do look like an Amazon baby, don’t I?” I asked her. She nodded, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch Eddie’s last thing there… but your face makes you look even more adorable now.” “I wonder what those changes will do when I go home?” She shrugged, “You could always come back I guess if they don’t go away. You would still fit in well as our baby!” She tickled my side a bit and hugged me. I hugged her back as much as I could and said, “Thank you for not reneging on our deal.” “What? I just want the money,” she told me with a smile. “I can tell that even double that amount isn’t going to make or break you both, so thank you for just being honest.” “I still haven’t delivered you back home,” she told me with a smile and kissed my forehead again. I just smiled at her and remembered, “Where did my desk and computer go?” “Fred and I decided to put it somewhere safe in my lab… My mom will never go in there, but she will want to see your nursery. I guarantee she’ll be in here as soon as she can just to see what I did with it. We’ll bring it back tonight when she’s gone.” Just as she said that the doorbell rang. “I guess they’re here?” I asked and she nodded as she bounced with me down the stairs. I caught sight of a clock and sure enough it was ten after eight! Just as we reached the bottom of the stairs I heard, “Knock, knock” from a voice opening the front door. “Mandy you here?” “Yep, how are you doing sis?” Amanda said as she gave a giant a little taller than her a sideways hug to avoid crushing me. For my first time seeing Chloe I was surprised how friendly looking she would appear. Nothing about her said she would be a crazy ‘little’ kidnapping and maiming monster… She wore a simple dress with large flowers on it that reminded me of something a teacher would wear back home. Chloe was about the same size as Amanda – maybe a couple inches shorter, she had darker hair. Here eyes and nose were nearly identical to Amanda’s so there was a strong family resemblance. Her hair was cut in a bob and her smile seemed genuine as she cooed, “So this is my little niece?!?” She stepped closer to look at me, “You don’t look like a little at all! You’re adorable!!!” I found myself lean my head into Amanda’s shoulder nervously. “Oh my God! She’s sooooo cute!!!!!” I heard another older voice say and looked to see a lady that was obviously their mother right behind Chloe carrying a big gift bag that she sat on the floor. “Come to Granny!” She opened her arms up and I could feel Amanda reluctantly pass me over to her. “She’s really an adult little?!?” Chloe asked as she continued staring at me. “Eighteen three months ago,” Amanda said for me. For my part I was intimidated and scared beyond belief by these two women. I found myself wishing I had my pacifier then, but just hoped Amanda wouldn’t let anything happen to me. “You are too cute to ever be an adult! It was a good thing your mommy adopted you, huh?” She cooed at me. “Why is she so small?” Chloe asked. “Well, it partially has to do with how I got her. She’s from the other dimension we have the portal open to.” “Are you all this small there?” Granny asked me. “No, I shrank when I came through…” I told her nervously. “Baby you don’t have to worry about me doing something to you, your mommy would kill me if I did,” she told me reassuringly. I guess I was shaking quite a bit. “Here Mommy you probably should take her, I can understand that she’s nervous around strangers.” She gave me a quick hug and a kiss before passing me back to Amanda. She squeezed me tight to reassure me and led them to the living room where she sat down on one end of the couch. Her mom sat down next to us while her sister sat in the recliner. I had my first chance to really look at her mother then. Where as Chloe and Amanda had similar faces and eyes, Granny was a shorter version of Amanda with a few more wrinkles. I had to imagine if you held pictures of them side-by-side at the same ages you would think they were the same person! “How tall were you in the other dimension?” Chloe asked me curiously, interrupting my staring. “Five foot, ten,” I answered quickly. “You were almost an inbetweener…” she mused. “Now…? How tall is she Mandy?” “A little over thirty-six inches tall.” “So she’s barely more than a newborn…” Chloe said. “I assume you’re feeding her as such?” Amanda squeezed me a little tighter and I could tell she had shaken her head, “I’m nursing her, but we’re still eating normal solids too.” “A little that cute it’s almost a crime for her to still eat solid foods…” Chloe said. “Chloe…” her mother warned her. “I’m just saying… If she didn’t have her teeth and hair, I would be sure you’d somehow hid being pregnant from us!” “I know, but that’s not happening to her,” Amanda said. “So is she being a good girl for you so far?” Granny asked. “Yes, she’s never put up a fuss about wearing or using her diaper. Hasn’t even really whined about anything at all yet actually. She’s the perfect little,” Amanda said with another gentle squeeze. I suspected she meant that. “Well here,” Granny said, “why don’t you open my gift?” Amanda repositioned herself to where she could reach over me into the gift bag and the first thing she brought out was a beautiful quilt that I assumed was for my crib. It was a pink, purple, and yellow quilt, with butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers sewn in blocks. “Oh my god mother, this matches her nursery perfectly! How did you know?” Amanda asked. Her mom laughed, “I always knew you would have a baby girl someday, or at least a little, so I figured you would need it eventually. I knew whenever that day came it would be pinks, purples, and butterflies!” “Thank you Mom, it’s really beautiful, don’t you think Stacy?” “Yes it is… umm… thank you Granny,” I told her. “I can see what you mean, she is very polite too.” She reached a hand over and patted my head lightly, “There are a few more things in there too,” she added. Indeed inside was a gift basket of bath toys, soap, and bubble bath. There was also a very cute teddy bear that she handed me and I cuddled. “Thanks Mom,” she squeezed the arm of the bear herself and said, “I do appreciate it.” “So I talked to the daycare when I dropped off my girls and they said they could easily get Stacy in there,” Chloe said. “Thanks Chloe, but I’m not planning on putting her in that daycare.” “Why, it was good enough for you girls?” her mom said. “Mom we’re not going to turn Stacy into a newborn baby only cooing, pooping, and looking cute like some sort of living doll. She’s actually very smart and I’m not going to destroy that. She’s also much sweeter than any little you’ve ever met, so it’s not like she needs to be reminded to behave either.” “You say that now Mandy,” Chloe said, “but just wait a couple weeks and she’ll make her break for it. She’s probably just biding her time until she can run away when you’ve let your guard down.” I actually laughed at that. “What’s so funny little girl?” Chloe asked and I began to get the vibe I had expected more from her mom. “Where would I run to?” I asked, “I’m not even like a normal little who looks like they might have a chance at an adult life. Right now the chances of anyone not naturally just picking me up for my own good are zero. I’m not even the size of a toddler, I’m not going anywhere that Mommy doesn’t want me to go.” “You shouldn’t let her speak like that,” Chloe glared. Amanda shrugged, “She’s right. I bought clothes originally thinking she would be about the twelve to eighteen month size range. She wears regular three month size Amazon clothes… No one will let her by without knowing for certain that she’s cared for. I’m not worried about her running away at all. Besides, she has her tracking chip too and she knows it.” “Well, I know we came early, had you fed her already?” her mom asked, seeming to want to break the tension. “Yes, we had breakfast early since I figured you would be here before the time you said.” “Of course, how could I not rush to see my new grandbaby? I still can’t believe you didn’t call and tell me about her immediately!” “Sorry Mom, I wanted to make sure I got her first and then wanted her to settle in first.” She sighed, “I guess I understand that dear. Any chance I can see the nursery?” Amanda smiled genuinely then, “Sure!” She put me on her side and we walked upstairs to my nursery. “This is beautiful!” Chloe exclaimed. “Exactly like I imagined it would be!” Her mom cooed. “My baby girl really has grown up now and has her own baby!” “Here, let’s put this over her crib rail for now,” Chloe said bringing the quilt with her. “Looks like you handled baby proofing the room pretty well sis. I know none of my girls have had any luck getting out since I put up that brand of gate - and they’re a foot or more taller than Stacy here.” “Honestly I mainly have it up in case someone were to question me having her.” “Nonsense sweetie,” her mom assured her, “you got her to come willingly like the law says?” “Yes, she agreed to come live with us. Even agreed to the diapers and everything.” “Then no one can say anything,” her mom said. “Other than they wished they’d seen her first,” Chloe said, “which I’ll say that!” I looked at her as she hesitated, “Can I hold her for a moment?” I felt Amanda get as nervous as I was but she handed me over to her. “You’re soooo tiny and light!!!!” She cooed over me as she squeezed me into a small hug and then turned me over onto my back to hold me like an infant. She rocked back and forth and cooed at me for a few moments while they continued to talk. “This dress is adorable Mandy, where did you get it?” “Threadbare yesterday,” she said. “I went inside after we ate dinner out. This princess was sound asleep and Fred watched her in the car.” “It really does make her look like a little princess,” her mom agreed. “You both would have loved that dress as little girls.” “So what do you want to do?” Amanda asked as she looked worriedly at me in Chloe’s arms. “Well, I kind of want to buy a piece or two of baby gear for my granddaughter that I see you’re missing.” “Like?” Amanda asked as I internally gulped. “Well you’re missing a swing and a walker for once,” she told her. “I mean assuming you’re not going to follow Chloe’s lead and keep her from walking like her littles.” “How many times do I have to tell you it was for their own good, Momma?” Chloe asked. I felt her squeeze me a little tighter and I grew more nervous. “Kacey convinced Kendra and Katie they should escape. It was only because of the neighbors that they all didn’t manage to toddle away that night! They showed that I couldn’t trust them to be that mature, so I took that decision away from them.” There was an awkward pause before she said, “I hope you don’t make us do that with you!” Chloe said looking down at me. I shook my head and suddenly needed to pee. I decided to just let go and sure enough Chloe said, “Well at least you’re not giving your Mommy a hard time about using the potty. Lord knows I think even the training potty Cassie has for little Klara would be too big for you to get on without help!” I sighed, “I know.” “Here, why don’t you let me change her and then we’ll get going,” Mandy said with her arms out. “Oh nonsense, I’ve been changing diapers forever - I bet I can do just as well as Mommy, if not better, huh?” Chloe said and turned to the changing table. She pulled the strap across my stomach and said, “Mandy, how come you bought a regular baby changing table? What will you do if she starts fighting you?” “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem Chloe, she’s not tried to hit, bite, or kick me once in the first three days. If it was going to happen it would have happened the first time I changed her or nursed her.” She pulled my diaper cover down and said, “Mandy, why do you have her in regular Pampers? There are so many other diapers are much cuter and make them waddle more!” She reached down and said, “I mean this princess themed diaper is perfect! Plus then you don’t have to change them as much!” She untaped my diaper just then. “She likes the Pampers more and I really don’t mind changing her more often.” “You know I kind of like the Pampers on her better too,” their mom said, “it makes you believe she’s actually a real baby in them.” “Hmmph,” Chloe said, “Why would you want to do that?” “Because not every little needs humiliated all of the time,” I found myself saying and then instantly regretted the words as she had my bottom up in the air pulling the wet diaper out from underneath me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please keep the comments and/or the likes coming, it helps me stay focused on writing if others are enjoying it!
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    74.) Despite the fact that Josie had slept until long into the afternoon and had only been up for a few hours, like most girls her apparent age she had been put down for a nap before dinner. Dozily, she stared at the crib, the one on the left that had been Ister's, and Anni tugged on her hand. "This one is your bed, Josie, an' this one is my bed but if you wanna cuddles wif' me tha's okay 'cause Mommy says it's okay for little girls to cuddle sometimes." Marta was standing just behind the two girls, one of them bubbly and animated, the other blank and dazed. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in the crib. Anni's fingers were weaved through the bars, playing with mine. I was feeling better. But better was relative. Not only was I feeling more myself, but that particular notion wasn't always a good thing. It made me nervous as certain memories raced to take hold of me… "…let me out of this silly thing…" This was the second time I had been put in the crib. "Momma or Miss Marta will come and get us when is time to get out, uhhuh." Life was, at least to Anni, very routine. But children needed routine, needed consistency and structure, and no more than she did — and for Anni, it seemed to be working very well. It also meant she was a very wise choice to get on the good side of, because she knew how things worked. "We do playings and then we do naps and then we do dindins, uhhuh. Are you wet, Josie?" …she was kidding, right? But of course she wasn't. She was a child. Children aren't the type to kid. They don't understand it yet. "No. I'm not." I reached for the little lever I'd been shown earlier by Anni, but the plunger wouldn't push. I tried for a minute or two, but to no avail. Marta waited in the doorway, watching with a smile. "Let me out," I told her, but she barely acknowledged me. Fine. So I got up on my feet - cool, I could stand again! - and climbed over the top. "You're going to hurt yourself, silly Josie." Josie sounded particularly pretty as a name when said in Marta's accent, and she watched as the girl scaled the side of the crib — it seemed much higher looking down outside of it, once you'd reached the top. Josie may have thought she was the first one to ever have the notion to climb out of the crib, clearly, but compared to some of the girls that had been through here, she was an angel. My feet touched the floor and I pouted. All in all, the crib wasn't very good for holding adults. Then again, the last time I was in it, I'd failed to get out because of the milk. Maybe that was the point. "Don't call me that," I said flatly, moving past the maid and into the hallway. My legs were still shaky, but at least I could walk now. I'd be leaving. I wouldn't stick around here any longer. The maid watched Josie, curious, smiling, as she walked away from the crib, and closer to the door. The door that Marta still in front of, and one with one she took the girl by the wrist, pressed the two spots on the bracelet, and spoke simply. "Josie is Pretty." Pause. Always pause. Single out the words. Then continue. "It's time for dindins soon, Miss Josie. You don't want to go anywhere." She let my wrist go and I stumbled backwards. My cheeks got hot and I looked at Marta like she were a burst of color. It only lasted a second, but it certainly took the wind out of my sails. I opened my mouth to say something, to try to come up with something to say, but I felt too… embarrassed. It was hard to remember why I was trying to leave the room... "Now girls, I'm going to change your diapers, and get you both dressed for tea — The Lady of the House will be joining us, and it's not often that all of you get to eat together." She didn't have to stay next to Josie, in-fact, she moved past her to lower the side of the crib and let Anni out, not in any fear or concern that the girl might slip away. I looked at Marta nervously, biting my lip. She helped Anni to the changing table, where she started to undress the poor girl. I blinked, a bit of realization coming over me, and noticing I didn't have to use the bathroom. But I'd had two bottles of milk, hadn't I? Shouldn't I have to go? Or did I… no… of course not. But it had happened before. The milk did that to people… why do I always forget this stuff? Josie came closer to the changing table, quietly, watching as Marta unwrapped the wet diaper from the eighteen year old girl and then started to wipe her glistening skin clean. All the while, Anni continued to babble about a dream she'd had, like having a woman change her diaper was the most natural thing in the world. And honestly, to her, it certainly was. "I'll change you in a moment, Miss Josie, try not to move around too much — you don't want to get a rash." I felt a deeper blush on my cheeks and I shook my head. "I don't…" I bit my lip a little harder and nervously shifted from foot to foot. "I'm… I gotta use the bathroom… I'll be right back…" I needed to make sure I hadn't had an accident. I needed to prove to Nora that I could leave! "Miss Josie, please don't wander off." The sound of diaper tapes being pulled and fastened punctuated the words, and Anni climbed down off the table with a smile. "Climb up here now, Miss Josie, it's time for me to change you — if you're dry, then I'll just tape your diaper back up, as there's no need to be wasteful. Come now, best not to make a fuss, we still need to get you both dressed for tea." "I need to use the bathroom," I said again, a little more assertively. The blur of colors only lasted a moment, but a lot had changed since. I was still getting my bearings… it was just so surreal, the sudden rush of quiet in my head… "I'll be right back, I promise." And without the girl blocking the door, that's where I went. When Marta got to the bathroom, the padded panties and diaper had been pulled down all the way to Josie’s ankles, the inside of the latter stained deeply yellow, and Josie was looking down at it forlornly, like she didn't know what to do. The seat on the toilet was still down. "Miss Josie, it's impolite to run off like that — you can clearly see now that your diaper needed changing, can't you?" "It was just that dumb milk," I said at the woman, frustrated. All in all, though, I felt very embarrassed about it. This wasn't supposed to happen like this… "Get out - I'm changing." To my surprise, she actually got out. Huh. I thought she'd make another smartass comment. I rolled up the diaper and pulled the panties back up over my body. It was all I could do for now… I needed to talk to Nora... Once Josie came out of the bathroom, Marta took her by the hand and began to lead her back up the hall to the bedroom, despite the girl’s protesting and struggles. "We need to get you dressed for tea, Miss Josie, it won't do any good at all to show up in your pajamas now, will it? A young lady must look her best when she's at the dinner table." I would have complained more, but I was still wearing the strange dress and Koi's corset. It had been over a day. When we got back to the room, Marta helped get the dress off me. I covered my chest nervously, looking at the woman with a frown. "I can dress myself." "Uh huh." And she went to unlace the corset. "Hey, hey! I wanna wear this!" "Little girls do not wear corsets, Josie." But, to her delight, there was some autonomy at this point in the program and it could be used to leverage the girl. "However, if you're a good girl and allow me to dress you properly, including your diaper, then I might be able to bend the rules and allow you to keep wearing the corset to dinner. How does that sound?" "I don't need diapers." "Your last one says otherwise." Ugh. "Listen, just because I had that stupid milk and it has side effects doesn't mean anything! And anyway - I can pick out my own clothes, thank you. Go, like, babysit Anni or something." I walked past Marta and into the closet, looking at the dresses. They were just so childish… "Miss Josie, please do not mistake my leniency for an inability to discipline you." It was as much of a threat as a domestic servant could make, but it was delivered very seriously, and the girl stopped looking through the dresses for a moment. "I would like to work with you, Miss Josie, to allow you to keep your corset. But if you're troublesome, then it may have to be put away until you graduate the program." I winced, biting my lip. I kept leafing through the dresses, but I wasn't looking at them anymore. I was thinking… "I'm not in any program," I finally decided. "There's a misunderstanding… and I'll talk to Nora about it, not her help.” It was a catty thing to say, but I wasn't in the mood to deal with Marta. She wasn't in charge. It seemed like a pretty solid argument, honestly. And maybe if Marta were any other maid, and maybe if it were any other child being petulant, it would have caused an effect in the girl’s favor. Unfortunately, all it did was result in Josie pulled by the arm over the maid’s knee as she sat, and her bottom exposed, and a dozen spanks delivered harshly to her skin. "STOP IT!" I hadn't started to cry, but my eyes were wet and ready. I kicked my feet, but the woman was very good - it seemed - at dealing with stubborn children. "I am gonna tell Nora! You're gonna get fired!" I knew Marta's employment was under strange circumstances, but I didn't know the extent of it. Maybe this would work... "Miss Josie, you are under the care of The Lady of the House, and in her absence, you are under my care, and I am quite within my responsibility to apply reasonable discipline." And truly, spanking was the most mild form of reasonable discipline that she was allowed to enforce. Spanking that even after fifteen swats, had left Josie’s bottom remarkably, angrily, brightly red. Tears dripped down my cheeks by the time Marta let me up, pulling the seat of my underwear back over my butt. I couldn't help but cry, but I didn't snivel or blubber. I was trying to keep my dignity… "I..I'm not anyone's… under anyone's care…" I rubbed the water away from my eyes, rubbing the seat of my underwear. "You very much are, Miss Josie, and you would do well to remember that you're not always going to be qualified to make your own decisions. You are a child, and you will follow directions given. If you do not, you will be disciplined." The girl was trembling some, and Marta spoke sternly. "I will extend my offer one more time and one more time only. Would you like to keep your corset?" …this wasn't fair. I wasn't a child. And sure, I… I liked the idea of it. I liked being treated like a kid sometimes! But not… not a baby. Not diapers! Not… accidents. I was more grown up than that… "…I have training panties… can't that be enough…? And I'll… I'll wear whatever dress you pick out…" Compromise. It was all I had to offer… "On the singular condition that if your training panties are not dry by the time you come to bed tonight, you will agree, without argument, to wear diapers underneath until such time as you no longer need them." She would be wet, of course, because Nora worked fervently to ensure her girls’ bladder control eroded very early on — it was an important tool to their descent, and rebirth. "No milk." "No milk," she agreed. "No tubes in my vagina either, weirdo!" "No catheters." …what was the harm? I wouldn't have any accidents. The only reason I'd had one last night was because of the milk. And I'd wet the bed at home, I guess, but that was in the night. I just had to make it until bedtime. "Deal." "Very well. Sit on the easy-chair by the corner, I'll select your ensemble." Admittedly, many of the clothes here did not work very well with the idea of a corset, but there were a few very very childish dresses that would fit the bill nicely, victorian style, the furthest thing from being able to write them off as lolita fashion — they were very obviously for the youngest of babies. "…not that one…" "You said whatever I chose." "…Marta, that's not even…" "The laces will emphasize the corset. Your bust." "…the laces are going to make me look like a baby…" The whole thing was… was horribly childish. And not childish in a modern way. Childish in a no-possible-way-it-could-ever-be-adult way. No fashionable motive. No alternate concept. Just… baby girl. "Marta, please..." "Miss Josie, are you meaning to tell me that you're reneging on our agreement so soon? I would hate to think so lowly of you." Such deals were common in the first few days, it was an illusion of control that some girls needed — Josie included, it seemed. It did not take terribly long for those deals to stop being offered. "Stand up, Miss Josie." "This is so stupid…" The dress was pulled over my head and the little bow tied behind my back. It was not shaping at all, the way she made it out to be. It ruffled under my chin and flounced about in a way fabric really shouldn't. The blessing was the length - it went nearly down to my knees. Of course, I looked like a giant pile of fabric. My cheeks went pink and I looked quietly at my feet. I couldn't believe this… "Head up." "…what? Oh. No! Nuh uh! No way!" She held a matching bonnet in her hands. "I'll just wear the diaper! This is so much worse!" "Yes, that was a choice you were given, wasn't it? You must be so pleased, Miss Josie, that you chose the outcome that you did." The ensemble was simply divine in the most infantile way, and included such victorian impracticalities as the bonnet, and the white gloves. "Oh now, look at that, you see? Josie is Pretty." Her hand squeezed the bracelet lightly, the way that it would be done for the next few days, and she made sure the girl was in front of the mirror when the chemicals hit her system. My cheeks went pink as I looked at myself, at the vibrancy of myself, at the cuteness of myself. And the little part of me that liked this tinged with excitement. I knew it was impractical, with how I looked. I knew it wasn't even how I wanted to look! But… but something about it… stuck… "It's silly," I muttered, but my cheeks told a different story. "Sit in the easy chair, Miss Josie, I've to get your sister ready, now." Anni had been watching the entire time, from the corner where she was playing with her dolls — actually, she'd been having a conversation, quietly, with one of them, her imagination as perfect as any child's, quietly narrating the events unfolding between Josie and Marta. I sat quietly and played with my thumbs, biting my lip while I waited for Anni to be dressed. She looked so much older than me, even though she was a couple inches shorter. I hated it. I hated that I was being treated like a baby. I liked being coddled, sure, but this was just too much… I had to talk to Nora. I had to.
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    Hello folks, I felt this story was long overdue this nice big update just to confirm, this is the same author just with a new account, I couldn't seem to get in to my old account for some reason, anyway, here's the story..... The Next Morning Chloe, Natalie and Jess all arrived for school nice and early. It was 20 mins until classes started. They all made their way to the disabled restroom where Amy had been told by Chloe to meet. Natalie and Jess hid inside the restroom keeping the light off while Chloe waited outside in the hallway. After just a few minutes of waiting Chloe saw Amy appear from the main entrance, as Amy got closer Chloe examined to see if she was actually wearing a diaper or not, she was wearing a patterned pleated skirt which was part of the new uniform which was quite short coming to a few inches above her knees. She thought she could notice a slight bulge from her butt and there was too much noise to hear anything so she couldn't be sure. As Amy reached Chloe she didn't look very happy, Chloe told her to go in the disabled restroom which she did. As she walked in Chloe flicked the light on and locked the door, giving Amy quite a shock as she saw Natalie and Jess stood there, the three girls stood in front of the door so Amy wouldn't be able to escape, not that she was likely to try to. "What the hell are you two doing in here that wasn't part of the agreement" asked Amy angrily " Well seeing as you've been bullying us we thought it only fair that we help check that the big baby has her diaper on" The girls all moved in towards Amy as she backed up. They had her penned in against the back wall. "I'm wearing it you don't need to do this for god's sake" They ignored her. Natalie and Jess grabbed an arm each and pulled Amy forward away from the wall. Chloe wasted no time in then yanking Amy's skirt right down around her ankles The girls all then stood back absolutely stunned, none of them could hold back a smile from their faces as they observed Amy was actually wearing a diaper. They couldn't believe the hottest girl in the whole school was stood in front of them, not wearing a cute pair of panties as you would expect but a huge, thick crinkly adult diaper which wrapped itself tightly around her butt designed to hold the 18 year olds accidents she had in her sleep. It made her look so innocent and vulnerable, but the girls knew she was anything but... Chloe then spoke "I think this shirt can come off for a minute Amy" "What no, I'm not taking my shirt off" "That's fine we'll do it" The girls then all moved in and grabbed her again, they soon had her shirt unbuttoned and chucked it on the floor "Look at the big baby, you look like you should be pushed around in a stroller with a pacifier in your mouth, and have your mom change your dirty diapers" said Chloe "Does your Mom every actually change you" questioned Jess The girls all started giggling Amy just gave them an evil look "Do you remember Amy that comment you made to me the other day that you would spread a rumour about one of us sucking on a baby bottle?" Amy stayed silent "Well I thought you might like to try sucking on a baby bottle yourself, besides I don't want you to get dehydrated" Chloe got a baby bottle out of her bag and handed it to Amy "I'm not fucking well drinking that" "You've got two choices, either you drink all the water from the baby bottle, or we open this door right now and push you out in the hallway so the whole school sees what a little diaper baby you really are" Reluctantly Amy put the bottle to her lips and began drinking it Chloe then sneakily began recording Amy as she drank from the bottle, Amy was so focused on finishing the drink that she hadn't noticed that she was being videoed in her current state. Chloe had got a great video of Amy from all sides clearly showing her diaper and her sucking on the baby bottle. Amy gulped down all the water from the bottle, except, unfortunately for Amy, little did she know, what she had just drunk wasn't just plain water, it had a couple of things added to it which would play havoc with her bladder and bowels over the course of the day... Chloe, Natalie and Jess all looked at each other trying to hold back a smile as they saw that Amy had completely downed all the water. They knew this meant that the day could become quite interesting. They then let Amy put her skirt and shirt back on, she really struggled to pull the skirt back up over the diaper. The girl who had established herself as one of the most popular and hot girls in the school, was not only wearing an extremely thick and crinkly adult diaper under her school uniform, but would also have a very tough time keeping control of her bodily functions, which at the age of 18 shouldn't be a problem. After all that Amy had done to them, the way she had made their lives hell for the past few months, they felt she deserved a taste of her own medicine. They hoped she would endure some serious humiliation. Being thickly diapered at school seemed an appropriate punishment for the bedwetting bully, albeit a bedwetting bully that just about every guy in the school would love to hop into bed with, well that is maybe until they knew about her little secret.. Having pulled her skirt into place, she was ready to leave for class, hoping that was it but Chloe had one more thing to say to her......... "Don't even think of taking it off or messing with it in any way, if you do so much as touch the tabs or don't turn up I will not hesitate to press the send button on the recording, have you got that? You will meet us here at the start of lunchtime for a diaper check. Who knows you might need your big diaper wearing ass changed by then" the girls all started laughing. Amy was so angry that she had allowed these little brats to blackmail her into wearing a fucking diaper to school. "As if they actually think I'm gonna use it! not a fucking chance!" she thought to herself "There won't be any need to do that as I won't use it" Amy responded "We'll see about that at lunchtime" With that Chloe opened the door and the three of them pushed Amy out into the crowded hallway Amy made her way towards her first class, feeling extremely conscious of the extra padding she had between her legs which she was sure caused a noticeable bulge around her cute butt. She thought it had when she checked herself in the mirror before school. She was also worried that people would hear the crinkling while she was in class as to her it was noticeable with every movement she made. As she approached her class a group of her friends were stood by the locker, she chatted with them for a couple of minutes before heading into class. Danielle and Brooke asked Amy if she planned on getting any money off 'those 3 losers' as they put it, to which Amy replied that she couldn't be bothered with the hassle of that at the moment. She certainly wasn't going to tell them the real reason. Amy was pleased to have made it into class undetected and was in her seat which was pretty much in the middle of the classroom. Much of the lesson was boring as the teacher Mrs Ashley talked about a book that they had been studying for their end of year exam. Amy tried to sit as still as possible as even turning around or shifting in her seat caused a bit of rustling. People spent a lot of the lesson discreetly passing notes to each other when the teacher wasn't looking. Amy tried not to get too involved in, as she didn't want to risk being found out. However one note was thrown from the desk behind her, it landed on her lap. She looked around to see it was Rick that had thrown it as he was smiling at her, she returned a smile. Opening the note it read "was wondering if you we're free this evening sexy butt as my parents are away so I've got the house to myself, we could watch a movie or something?" Amy knew this was probably just a polite way of Rick saying do you want to come over so we can fuck. She had to admit she did really like Rick, and she did feel she was now mature enough to finally lose her virginity, apart from the fact that over the last 6 months or so she had gradually turned into a chronic bedwetter, and the fact that she was currently wearing an adult diaper. She pondered what response to give, she thought she may as well go to his after school as this was likely going to be quite a shitty day, and she knew it would help take her mind off her current predicament if she had something to look forward to. She picked up her pen and added to the note "speak after class" before throwing the note back to Rick. She thought she would keep him waiting. Amy thought about how she would do it. She would go home first and discard the diaper. Then she could change into something more sexy. She had some tight fitting yoga pants which she knew guys go crazy over, and a cute little thong she could put on underneath. Amy looked at the time and saw that she still had over an hour left of the class. She hated having double English as it seemed to go on forever. She felt a twinge from her bladder, this didn't worry her as she knew she could hold on as she hadn't really drank much besides the water she was forced to drink. Plus there was no way she would give those little bitches the satisfaction of actually using the diaper. However within minutes the slight twinge had quite suddenly developed into quite a desperate need to relieve herself. She was shocked how quickly the urge had come on. Amy tried hard to compose herself and think what to do. Did she put her hand up and ask to use the restroom and risk people noticing the crinkling as she walked as the class was quiet. She then remembered what Chloe had said to her "don't even think of messing with it in anyway, if you do so much as touch the tabs I will not hesitate send that recording around school, have you got it?" These words stuck in her head. So even if she made it to the restroom unnoticed what would she do, she couldn't touch the tabs and risk Chloe noticing, and it would be strapped on too tightly to pull it down over her butt . Amy realised her only option would be to try and hold it and if she couldn't she would have no choice but to use the diaper. She couldn't believe she was even considering using the diaper, she was in her senior year for gods sake and she was thinking about peeing in a diaper whilst sat in class. Her desperation got so bad, which made her have to try really hard not let her legs shake which she knew it would draw attention to herself. At the worst possible moment the teacher, Mrs Ashley picked on her to answer a question. "Amy can you please tell the class the answer to question 4" Amy didn't respond, the teacher speaking caused her to lose concentration and suddenly a trickle of pee spurted out of her vagina. She sat almost in a trance as the trickle very quickly turned into her having a full blown wetting accident. In the silence of the class all Amy could hear was a faint hissing noise from between her legs which she hoped wasn't loud enough for anyone else to hear. It seemed to take forever as her bladder uncontrollably emptied itself into her diaper. She couldn't believe what she had just done. Sat in her class and she had just filled her diaper as if she was 2 years old. "Well I'm waiting for an answer" "Ummmm I'm not sure miss, sorry I wasn't concentrating"was all Amy could say in response as she felt her diaper expand beneath her as the warmth spread from her crotch to halfway up her butt. "Yes I can see that, in future please pay more attention Amy" All eyes were on her as she had taken so long to answer Mrs Ashley. She just hoped none of her classmates could tell what she had just done. Fortunately no one seemed to have noticed and the teacher soon took the attention away from her by asking someone else the answer. Amy realised just how close she had been to being discovered. "I could curse that little bitch Chloe for making me wear this stupid thing to class" she thought to herself She managed to get through the rest of the lesson without any further problems. As Mrs Ashley dismissed the class, Amy took her time putting her stuff away so that she was the last one to leave. Before getting up she discreetly checked her skirt and the chair in case the diaper had leaked. Luckily she found both to be dry. She made her way out of the class, finding it hard to walk normally with the thickness between her legs to find Rick was there waiting for her. "Hey Amy how ya doing" Rick asked while smiling "Yea I'm good Rick" "So do you fancy it then later on? I've got the house all to myself until tomorrow. It would be awesome if you came over" "Uuuummm I've been thinking about it and yeah I think that would be great, I'll have to pop home first, but I should be able to get to yours by about 5 cos its only like a 10-15 minute walk from mine" "That sounds great, I'm not gonna invite anyone else so it'll just be me and you" Amy smiled before suddenly pulling Rick in close and kissing him passionately on the lips. After she had kissed him she simply said "I'll be looking forward to it cutie" before turning around and walking off to her next class. Rick felt really pleased with himself as he watched Amy head off down the corridor. As he watched her he thought something seemed odd about the way she was walking, and her butt seemed different somehow, but he dismissed as nothing thinking it was just him. He couldn't believe though that he'd finally persuaded the girl he had a massive crush on to come over to his house. Amy quickly went in to the girls bathroom before class. Luckily for her there was no one else in there so she quickly locked herself in one of the stalls. Pulling up her skirt she examined her diaper. Squeezing the crotch area, she found the wetness had gone quite a long way up the front. Feeling her butt as well, it felt soaked as well to about half way up. She felt that if she wet it again it would be touch and go whether or not it would hold it. Although she certainly had no intention of using it again. She was annoyed with herself that she had ended up using the diaper, meaning that after her next class she would have no choice but to give Chloe, Natalie and Jess the satisfaction of seeing her in a wet diaper. Amy just hoped they would allow her to change into the other diaper she brought with her as she really didn't fancy walking around with a wet one on all day. Amy had one more class before she would have to face the girls and endure the humiliation of a diaper check. She couldn't believe she was 18 years old and three 16 year olds would be checking if she had used her diaper. She was one of the first few to arrive for her next class. Nervous about people noticing, she strategically walked in behind a couple of her classmates who were chatting to help conceal any crinkling coming from between her legs. After a few minutes the class filled up and the teacher got started..... A boy called John had sat directly behind her, Amy was conscious of this because she knew John had a massive crush on her, but in Amy's mind he was a complete loser. In reality he was just an average guy who took a liking to a pretty girl. She just hoped he wasn't paying too much attention to her butt... The class was going fine and at times Amy almost forgot about what she was wearing, that was until about 20 minutes from the end of class.... She began feeling some stomach cramps, which as time went on became extremely uncomfortable "There is no way I'm gonna let this happen" she thought to herself as she held on with all her might determined not to humiliate herself in class... She looked and saw there were 5 minutes remaining, finding it very difficult not to bend forward clutching her stomach which would alert people to her situation.... 3 minutes left.... She was counting down the seconds...... All of a sudden her eyes opened wide..... She could feel a warm mess begin to press on the back of her diaper....... The reality of what she was doing set it......... She was messing herself! In class! Like a baby! The back of her diaper continued to expand as she completely lost all control... Luckily for Amy it had been a 'quiet' accident so no one heard what she had done. A torrent of pee followed the mess which really tested her diapers capacity. She sat trying hard not to let on that anything had happened as the mess spread itself right across her bottom. It wasn't long before people started noticing an awful smell "Eeeewww what the hell is that smell"one guy shouted "It smells like someone shit themselves" "Come on own up, who's the baby that needs their diaper changed then I bet its you John" shouted one of Amy's friends which caused an eruption of laughter Fortunately class was dismissed just a few moments later, and because of the smell no one hung around to find out at the end of class. Amy felt herself blushing bright red as she thought about her current situation. She would now have to walk through school in a loaded diaper. As she got up she felt absolutely disgusting feeling that her accident was all stuck to her butt.... She waddled her way through school, keeping a low profile trying to avoid engaging with anyone, eventually arriving at the disabled restroom where Chloe and the others were waiting for her.. They were all smiling as she walked in and they locked the door "What's wrong diaper girl you don't look very happy?" The girls then noticed the smell "well well, it looks like someone needed her diaper after all" Lift her skirt girls Amy helplessly stood there as the 3 girls lifted her skirt revealing her rather full adult diaper..... "Eeeewwww that's fucking gross I can't believe you actually shat yourself" "That thing is full to bursting point HAHAHA" "Please can I at least change it before my next class" asked Amy "Well we can't leave the diaper girl in a mess like that can we? Buuutt.... babies don't change themselves, do they Amy?" They had to be kidding, there was no way she wanted them changing her, that would just be too humiliating "Look please I can do it myself I don't need you to do it" replied Amy "Oh don't worry, we weren't planning on changing you, did you really think we would want to go near that thing?" gesturing to her bulging diaper Now she was worried, what the hell did they have planned for her????
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    This is a commission I have recently finished and can post for everyone's enjoyment now. This is a story about three friends and how their lives changed on one fateful day. If you would like a commission then I am open to more. The price is £5 per 1000 words which is a little more than $6 in USD. The whole story is 14,000+ words long and will be posted in around four parts. Here is part one. Feel free to leave comments and criticisms that you may have. Enjoy. Homecoming By Elfy “I’m going to miss all this.” Taylor said wistfully as she walked down the street to school. The red haired girl was gazing up at her high school with a smile as she recalled all the memories made there. “You won’t.” Samantha replied from next to her, “Next year you will be off at college and you will have forgotten about all of this!” They two girls were seniors and had recently turned 18-years-old within a week of each other. They had been friends ever since they were babies, their parents knew each other and as early as kindergarten, the two girls had started to become friends. This was their final year before they headed off for college. Rather predictably, the inseparable girls were going to the same college as well. “I will miss this!” Taylor insisted, “Besides, next week is homecoming. I always love homecoming week.” The two girls walked through the crowds of people hurrying to classes and stopped in front of the noticeboard that had been put up right next to the school entrance. There was a list of all the special “spirit days” that were going on through the week. “Baby day?” Samantha asked as she noticed the last day of the week, “What does that mean?” “Students can wear onesies, pacifiers and generally dress up like babies. There where will be competitions and fun games throughout the day.” Taylor read the description off of the board, “OK, that might be fun!” “You think so?” Samantha asked sceptically. “Oh, for sure!” Taylor enthused, “We should go all out for it. It will be our last day of homecoming as students.” “Hey Sam!” Came a familiar guy’s voice behind them. “Good morning, Paul.” Samantha turned to see her boyfriend. The taller boy stooped down slightly to give Samantha a quick kiss on the lips. The two of them hugged for a second and smiled at each other. Taylor just stood awkwardly next to her two friends as they greeted each other. They were great people but sometimes having your two best friends in a relationship with each other could be a little awkward. “What do you think Paul?” Samantha asked as she turned away from her boyfriend to look at the noticeboard again. “Of Homecoming?” Paul asked. “The baby day.” Samantha said, “Taylor said we should go all out for it.” Before Paul could answer the morning bell rang and the three of them headed into the building for their morning registration. It was a fairly normal day of school. There was a buzz amongst the students as the week-long celebration of the school approached but the day passed as slowly as any other. Same boring lessons, same boring teachers. When the final bell finally rang Taylor and Samantha met up outside and started walking towards home. The two of them lived just a street apart and they had walked with each other to and from school almost every week day for years. “So are you coming back to my place?” Samantha asked Tayler. “I can do.” Taylor replied, “Any reason you want me over?” “Well, you want to do this baby day thing, right?” Samantha asked, “Maybe you are right. Maybe we should go all out for it, I was just thinking you could come over and we could look for stuff for it.” “Cool! Yeah!” Taylor replied with enthusiasm. Taylor was always the one that had the most school spirit. Whenever there was a school event, Taylor was sure to be involved in some way or another. In contrast, Samantha usually stayed in the background, she never had much energy to devote to these school events. It was out of character for her to want to get involved with this one but, like Taylor said, this was one of the last chances for her to get into the spirit of things. The two girls headed back to Samantha’s house. After some quick pleasantries exchanged with Samantha’s mother, the pair of them headed up to Samantha’s bedroom and booted up her laptop. Samantha’s bedroom was very grown up. Her walls were painted white, she had a desk full of schoolwork and her clothes were strewn everywhere. It contrasted to Taylor’s bedroom a lot. Taylor still had pink painted walls from when she was little and her desk, rather than full of her homework, was full of stuffed teddy bears. This was the main reason they always met in Samantha’s room rather than Taylor’s, Samantha couldn’t stand the cuteness in Taylor’s rather childish room. “What do I even search?” Samantha asked with a laugh with her hands hovering above the keyboard. “Erm… I guess you could search for adult onesies?” Taylor suggested, “You know, the things with snaps on the crotch.” Samantha started typing, sceptical that such a thing existed, and then clicked the first link that appeared. After scrolling down a little bit she felt her jaw drop open. “Oh my God…” Taylor whispered as she covered her mouth. “Are you seeing this!?” Samantha asked in shock. The two girls had expected to find a website that might sell comically oversized baby items for costumes. Maybe there would be a medical use for them, or there would be a website that sold fairly normal versions of these clothes. What they actually encountered was something much, much different. The website they landed on prominently featured a young woman sitting on a rocking horse whilst sucking on a pacifier. She had a big smile that the pacifier couldn’t contain and a pink onesie with cute little pictures of sheep all over it. What was perhaps most surprising to either girl was the that the person in the picture was very obviously, and very thickly, padded in a large disposable diaper! “This can’t be real!” Samantha exclaimed with a shocked little laugh. For the next few minutes the girls scrolled around the websites and clicked links. They were shocked that the more they clicked around, the more it became clear that this was a very real thing. Onesies, footed pyjamas, pacifiers and, most interestingly, diapers. They had expected a fancy dress shop; they had stumbled into something very different. It was like a totally different world had suddenly opened up. “We should order some.” Taylor suggested, “We want to go all out, right? If we buy some of this stuff, we will really stand out.” “Yeah, no kidding…” Samantha replied, “But… Really? I mean, are you sure? I don’t want to look silly at school.” “Look, I’ll pay.” Taylor said, “Trust me. We will start a new trend!” Samantha was sceptical but she turned the mouse and keyboard over to Taylor and let her start adding stuff to the shopping cart. Samantha couldn’t help but think this whole thing was stupid and a waste of money but since Taylor looked like she was paying then what was the worst that could happen. A few minutes later they were reviewing their order before confirming. There were two onesies, a pink one for Taylor and a purple one for Samantha. They also ordered a couple of the large pacifiers and, last but certainly not least, a pack of medium disposable diapers. The diapers they chose were white with some little pictures of teddy bears on the area where you placed the tapes. Both the girl’s agreed that they would look adorable in their purchases. After hanging out for a little bit, Taylor left Samantha’s to go home. Their new purchases would be arriving in a couple of days and both of them were excited and a little nervous for what would be arriving for them. --- The next couple of days passed normally. Homecoming celebrations continued and everyone was having a good time whilst the big day was fast approaching. The “Baby Day” was the last day of Homecoming, the Friday when all the celebrations would come to an end. When Taylor and Samantha finished school on the Thursday of that week, they were both eager to get back to Samantha’s house. It was the day that the delivery was scheduled to arrive and, for some reason, they were both filled with nervous excitement. It was during lunch that Samantha received a text from the delivery company that stated that her delivery had been signed for and was waiting for her at home. Her mom had been home that day and had been available to accept the package. When Samantha told Taylor that the stuff was waiting for them at home, Taylor practically did a little dance in excitement. Her ginger hair bounced up and down as she clapped with glee. Samantha, wanting to play it cool, rolled her eyes and told Taylor to calm down but her broad smile gave away that she was looking forward to seeing their new stuff as well. The afternoon was interminably dull and the fact that were forced to sit through History whilst the teacher droned on and on was only making their impatience worse. When the bell finally rang, Taylor and Samantha were up and out of the classroom almost immediately. Samantha yelled a quick apology and a goodbye to Paul as the two girls ran out of the room and headed back to Samantha’s house. When they got in, they went directly to Samantha’s bedroom where they found the large box full of their new possessions. “Open it!” Taylor said excitedly to Samantha as she sat on the bed. Samantha grabbed some scissors and cut the box open. She could feel butterflies in her tummy and, as she opened the flaps of the cardboard box, she heard Taylor stand up and looking over the shoulder to get a look. “Oh my God.” Taylor exclaimed, “This stuff looks so cute!” Samantha pulled out the two onesies, the two little boxes containing the adult sized pacifiers and a packet of eight diapers in translucent plastic packaging. Both the girls just stared at the packet in silence, neither of them wanted to be the first to say anything but both were surprised by just how big they looked. “So, erm, are we going to… Try this stuff out?” Samantha asked carefully. She was intrigued to wear their new purchases but she definitely didn’t want to seem too keen. “I guess we should.” Taylor replied, “I wouldn’t want wearing them to school to be the first time.” Samantha gave Taylor a curious look. Samantha had noticed that Taylor had gone a little red in the face, almost like she was blushing a little bit. “So… shall we just do it in here?” Samantha asked. “Yeah, no looking though!” Taylor replied. “Of course not!” Samantha said, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll go in the closet and get changed, there should be enough room. You do it in here.” The girls took the onesies they had bought and then each grabbed one of the white diapers. They both stared at the new underwear as they held it for the first time. They were both very curious about the interesting look and feel of the plastic. The girls went to their assigned places and began to get ready. Taylor, standing in the room, felt very self-conscious. She kept looking around as she took her clothes off to see if anyone was looking. Taylor laid the diaper out on the bed. The crinkling with every movement of the plastic was much louder than she expected and she heard a small giggle from the closet. “These things are loud.” Taylor stated as she sat down on the padding. Samantha was doing the same thing in the closet. She opened the diaper up and sat on it. The closet was not an ideal place to put a diaper on, this much became obvious as she hit her elbows on the wall when trying to position herself correctly. There was just enough room when she used the space efficiently to comfortably lay down on the diaper. Both girls had some experience with babysitting so the basic mechanics of putting a diaper on was already there, it took each of them a couple of minutes to work out how to diaper themselves though. The sound of crinkling filled the room for a little bit, followed by the sounds of tapes being tightly placed across the fronts of both their diapers. When Taylor stood up again and walked to her onesie she found that the diaper hugged her figure very well, the crinkling with every step was taking some getting used to. Her initial impressions were good though, she was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the diaper felt. She still felt embarrassed to be wearing it since it was obviously a very infantile thing to be doing. “Are you ready?” Samantha called out from the closet. “Hold on.” Taylor responded, “Just putting the onesie on.” Taylor picked up the pink onesie and pulled it over her head. It was a great fit and, like the diaper, hugged her figure very well. She bent over and grabbed the back flap. Popping the front and back together, Taylor stood up straight again and felt the onesie push the bottom of the diaper up against her body. She blushed slightly, she hadn’t expected to feel so comfortable in these clothes! “OK…” Taylor slowly said, “I think I’m ready.” After a couple of seconds, the closet door slowly opened and Samantha stepped out into the bedroom again. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as both girls blushed, then they started giggling. The giggling grew louder and louder as they looked at each other in their diapers and onesies. They walked over to the mirror in the corner of the room, the crinkling only made them giggle even more. They pointed at themselves and each other and had a good long laugh before finally calming down. “OK.” Samantha finally said as she wiped a tear from her eyes. She hadn’t laughed like that for a long time, “So we are going to do this tomorrow?” “Heck yeah!” Taylor said with enthusiasm, “It’ll be hilarious.” “If you’re sure.” Samantha said with some degree of scepticism, “But no using them. Can we agree on that?” “Of course.” Taylor responded, “Would never dream of using it. Eww. We can take them off to go to the bathroom.” The rest of the evening the girls stayed dressed up. They would have to spend hours at school dressed like this tomorrow so they decided to get used to wearing these things that evening. They listened to some music, played some games and did some homework whilst dressed as big babies. At one point during the evening they even broke out the pacifiers and tried them out as well prompting another fit of giggles. For a long time, neither of them talked about how they were dressed, they ignored it as they did their homework and listened to music until an hour or so after originally putting the diapers on. “So this is kind of weird.” Samantha finally admitted after putting down her pen. “Yeah.” Taylor agreed. She wanted to say that she actually kind of liked the feeling but she wanted to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t make her sound weird, “But I can see why babies feel so happy and content in them.” “I guess…” Samantha slowly said. She didn’t find the feeling between her legs too disagreeable either, “So what’s the plan for tomorrow? Are we really going to do this?” “We definitely should!” Taylor said with a big grin, “No one will be as well dressed up as us. Not to mention we already bought this stuff. If we chicken out it will have been a waste of money.” “Alright.” Samantha conceded, “We won’t use them though for sure…” “I agree.” Taylor said. She wondered why Samantha felt like she had to bring up that point again, “Maybe we should take a couple of spares in our bags though. Just in case the tapes fail or something.” “Good idea.” Samantha agreed. A little while later, the girls got dressed back into their usual clothes and Taylor headed home. They both had some nerves about what would happen the next day. Nervousness aside, they were both quite excited to dress up again. --- This was a stark difference to Paul’s feelings about the whole idea. Samantha’s boyfriend had seen the signs for the big finale of Homecoming, he had even had friends try to convince him to play along but he had shrugged them all off. He thought it was a stupid idea and didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the whole school. He would be leaving for college soon and he didn’t want the last impression he left to be one that people would laugh at. Paul was a bit of a jock. Very athletic, he was on both the track team and the in the football team. He was tall, certainly taller than either Samantha or Taylor but not huge. His sports prowess had made him very popular all through his time in school, people looked up to him. There was no way that he would degrade himself and play dress up, he didn’t care if it was all for fun and games, he had a reputation to maintain. He wasn’t a bad guy by any means. He never bullied anyone or used his popular status to get any advantages or special treatment, but he did have a bit of an ego. As far as he knew everyone on the sports teams would be ignoring the dressing up part of Homecoming. It was his non-sporting friends that had tried to get him to take part. Paul had briefly thought about it in the middle of the week. He had even gone online to search for information on adult sized baby clothes. By coincidence, he had found the same website that Samantha and Taylor had ordered from. He had scrolled down briefly and been shocked by the images he saw. Paul stared open mouthed at the image of the woman on the rocking horse. The pacifier, the onesie and, most prominently, the thick diaper all caught his eyes. Blushing a deep red, Paul had closed the website and did his best to forget about the whole idea. He was shocked that there were people who apparently bought these things for fun. No matter how hard Paul tried, he couldn’t get his mind off of the image of the girl. Particularly her padded rear end. He tried to distract himself but for the next few days he found his mind wandering back to those diapers whenever he wasn’t distracting himself with something else. ---
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    After far too long (Sorry!) finally, an update to the story. It has been about three months since I last worked on this story and I wanted to apologise for the long break. I mentioned the reasons for it a little earlier in this thread and whilst I'm still struggling with a lot of things, I still love writing and I still love this story and providing a small amount of entertainment for all of you who read the story! I will do my best to make sure updates are faster and hopefully my renewed interest in writing continues. I am more open to commissions as well at the moment so if anyone is interested in having a story written for them send me a message and we can discuss it. I hope you all enjoy the first part of the next chapter and, as always, any compliments, criticisms or complaints are welcomed in the comments Enjoy... Chapter 21 – Sleepovers The short waddle to the car was a strange experience for Nick. He felt quite uncomfortable as he awkwardly walked away from the elevator but at the same time he couldn’t help but giggle a little at what he had done. He knew how infantile it had been, how he had embarrassed himself on purpose to shut the annoying people up and yet he felt strangely proud of it. He was too timid to speak up and just tell the women to shut up, messing his nappy in such a way had seemed like the best method of stopping them from talking. Sarah was lost in thought on the way back to the car. She could hardly believe what her husband had done, it was hard for Sarah to know whether she should find what Nick had done funny or whether she should be angry that her husband had been so obvious and rude. The two women in the elevator were certainly annoying Sarah as much as they were annoying Nick but she almost felt like she should chastise her husband for being so rude. She certainly didn’t want to encourage that kind of behaviour; she didn’t mind Nick being embarrassed but she didn’t want to be embarrassed by him! As they reached the car Sarah opened the backdoor and awkwardly helped to lift Nick into the enlarged child seat. She looked around and saw that they were practically alone in that area of the car park and, from the smell, she was very grateful of that fact. Nick’s stinky mess would certainly be no secret to anyone passing nearby. Nick gently lowered himself into the seat and grimaced as he felt the hot and sticky mess spread even further around his nappy. The soaked and dirty padding had taken a beating and Nick was grudgingly impressed that it had managed to hold everything. Neither Sarah nor Nick said anything as Sarah buckled her husband into the seat. The elation of a victory was slipping away now and as Sarah closed the door and walked around to the driving seat. The air in the car quickly began to sour and Nick recoiled slightly from his own smell. Every slight shift in his weight coated a new area of his nappy in his excrement and he felt intensely uncomfortable. He was rather forcefully reminded of how much of a toddler he was acting, of how much his stock and confidence had fallen. Sarah quickly filled the boot of the car with all the shopping she had done, Nick craned his head around and looked at his wife who was had that clear expression on her face of someone who had smelt a very unpleasant smell. The driver’s door opened and, a second later, Sarah stepped into the car. Without a word she turned the engine on and reversed out of the parking spot. Sarah drove down out of the multi-storey car park in silence, her only concession being to wind down her window to let some fresh air in. It hadn’t taken long for the smell of the very used nappy to fill the air and the pungent odour soon seemed to almost be choking the occupants of the vehicle. Nick, sat helplessly in his car seat, could only blush in silence as the smell of his nappy enveloped him and his wife. He felt himself tear up through humiliation but he willed himself to not cry, he couldn’t get the image out of his head of a toddler with a dirty nappy needing a change. He didn’t want to start wailing like a baby and proving that this demeaning treatment was necessary. The car slowed as it reached the exit of the car park. There was a very bored man in a little booth in front of the barrier that collected the tickets of people leaving the car park. The man was on the older side and looked like he was approaching retirement, slumped forward with his head propped up with his hands, the man looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Nick empathised with that feeling as the car rolled to a stop in front of the window. “Ticket.” The older man said in a bored voice. Nick cringed and tried to sink into his raised car seat. He was certain he was very clearly visible, if the car park attendant even glanced his way he would get quite the surprise. Sarah handed the ticket to the attendant with a smile. She acted as if any mother with a toddler in the back would act. Sarah watched as the attendant took the ticket and fed it into a machine which quickly flashed up how much she owed. “That’ll be…” The man started in the same bored tone of voice as before. The man’s eyes slowly opened wide and his jaw dropped. The furrowed brow revealed a man trying to work out what he was looking at in the back seat of the car. Nick watched as the ticket inspector did a quick double take. Nick quickly looked down, he knew that even though his nappy was hidden under his shorts that the smell wasn’t and neither was the obvious car seat he was strapped into. “I think it is £3, isn’t it?” Sarah asked. She rooted around in her purse for spare change and pretended that she didn’t notice that the man was staring at her infantilised husband. “Y-Yes Ma’am.” The attendant said softly, unable to take his eyes off of Nick. Sarah held out the money to hand it to the employee but found the older gentleman was so distracted that he didn’t even notice. She couldn’t help but smile at the shocked look on his face as she followed his gaze to her humiliated husband. “Sorry about him. He had an accident and we need to get him home.” Sarah said casually but loudly. She saw Nick visibly wince out of the corner of her eye but didn’t react. The man was still just staring open-mouthed at Nick, he gave no indication as to having heard Sarah as he continued his unabashed staring. Sarah found it quite amusing but was becoming increasingly aware of traffic building up behind her, plus the smell was getting overbearing and she really wanted to get home and get Nicky out of the disgusting nappy he was sitting in. “Ahem!” Sarah loudly and dramatically cleared her throat. The car park attendant finally snapped back to reality. He shook his head slightly and turned to face Sarah again, his mouth was still hanging open partially and he looked from Sarah’s face to her hand full of money. It seemed to take him a few seconds to remember who he was and what he was supposed to be doing. “Oh… Yes… £3. Thank you, ma’am.” He slowly said as he accepted the money and pressed the button to lift the barrier. As Sarah thanked him and drove past the open barrier Nick could feel the attendant staring at him until they were all the way out of sight and down the road. Nick breathed a deep sigh of relief as the car hurried down the road. He knew it wouldn’t be too long until he got home, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon either as the nappy that Nick was sitting in was absolutely gross. The little bumps in the road all caused the mess to spread further and with every inch of clean skin getting covered it made Nick feel worse and worse. By the time the car pulled into the driveway, Nick was desperate to get out of the car and out of his underwear. He was shocked he hadn’t leaked since it felt like his entire nappy area was coated in his own excrement, he was very grateful that the nappy had held up though because he knew that if it didn’t it would only lead to more issues for him. “Come on then.” Sarah said as she unbuckled her husband from the large child seat and gingerly helped him to step out of the car. Nick noticed that she seemed hesitant to touch him and he could hardly blame her, he felt disgusting. As he stood up, Nick felt his nappy stick to him unpleasantly. He grimaced as he took a couple of wide-legged steps towards the house, Nick had no idea if neighbours were watching his walk of shame since his mind was totally preoccupied with getting himself up to his bedroom for a change. A clean and dry nappy at that moment sounded like heaven. As soon as Sarah turned the key in the lock of the front door, Nick pushed it open and awkwardly headed up the stairs. “Go to your room and wait for me.” Sarah said authoritatively as she turned to go out to the car and bring in the shopping. “Where else am I going to go…” Nick muttered under his breath as he stomped up the stairs. In Nick’s mind it was true. Where else was he going to go? The thought never entered his mind that he would head to the bathroom or clean himself up, it wasn’t even an option to Nick to clean himself up. He never considered that he didn’t really require his wife for everything, he just obediently trooped up to his bedroom and stood in the middle of the childish space. His legs were rather tired from walking around the shopping centre but he avoided sitting down, he did not want to make the mess any worse. The smell was awful. Nick could barely stand his own stench and waddled over to the far side of the room to throw the window open. The fresh air tasted delicious to the messy man as he waited for Sarah to put the shopping away and come upstairs. He quietly cursed under his breath when a couple of minutes passed and he was still left sticking his head out of the window and gulping as much fresh air as possible. “Come on…” Nick said a little louder than he had planned. What could be taking Sarah so long? Nick reached back with one of his hands and gently touched the rear of his shorts. He grimaced when he felt the lumpy mess that was coating his bottom. When Nick prodded his finger against his padded area he felt the bulging backside and quickly withdrew his hand. “I know, Jack…” Nick suddenly stopped his self-examination has he heard Sarah’s voice just outside the front door. She was talking in a hushed voice but it still carried upstairs. Nick presumed she hadn’t noticed that he had opened the bedroom window and so thought she was alone. Nick waddled closer to the window and carefully peered out, he tried to silence the crinkling that accompanied him as he looked down at his wife. Sarah was sat on the porch with her mobile phone held against her head. She was looking out towards the car and giggling as she talked to someone. Nick felt an innate naughtiness at eavesdropping on his wife but turned his head so his ear pointed down and listened to the conversation below. “I know!” Sarah said with a barely audible giggle. Nick frowned in frustration, every time the wind rustled the trees or a car passed by he found the conversation below was drowned out and he strained even harder to hear the conversation. “No, he needed to go badly for a long time but held it all the way back to the elevator.” Sarah continued, “Then, just when I thought he would get back to the car, he messed himself right in front of these two annoying women. It was actually quite cute, like he was sticking up for me after one bumped into me.” Nick couldn’t help but feel his heart flutter slightly at Sarah saying he was cute, though the embarrassing scene from that morning being shared with other people caused him some trepidation. Nick knew she was talking to Jack again which was one of the main reasons he felt the need to eavesdrop. Without a second thought, Nick relaxed his bladder and felt a warm liquid spread around his nappy. He hoped he wouldn’t leak but he wasn’t going to take the blame if he did, Sarah should have been straight up here and changing him! “Oh no, I’m fine. Just got shoved into a corner a little bit.” Sarah continued, “Not on purpose or anything, just a couple of loud assholes.” There was a pause where Nick assumed Jack was talking. The silence was broken a few seconds later by Sarah’s high pitched laugh. “You should have seen their faces!” Sarah said through the giggles, “They had looks on their faces like… Well, like someone had just pooped in front of them!” Nick scowled as his wife broke into a renewed fit of laughter. He couldn’t believe his wife would be broadcasting his embarrassing life to other people so brazenly and publicly. “It’s the day after tomorrow that we have our plans isn’t it?” Sarah asked when her laughter had died down. Nick’s eyes flew wide as he wondered what his wife could be planning. Whatever it was, if it involved Jack, Nick knew it wouldn’t be a nice surprise for him. Absentmindedly, Nick reached back and tried to scratch his rear. The messy nappy was starting to get exceedingly itchy now and Nick was frustrated that he couldn’t stop the irritation. “What have I got planned for Nick that day?” Sarah said, clearly repeating something Jack had asked, “Oh that is all planned. Nick will…” Right at that moment a truck drove by in the otherwise quiet street and drowned out the rest of the sentence. Nick cursed this stroke of bad luck as the truck drove past and, try as he might, he couldn’t hear anything Sarah said. “… No doubt Nick will be learning some new things.” Sarah finished mischievously when the trucks noise died away. Nick scowled in frustration. He was now intensely curious as to the plans for him but he knew he couldn’t ask about them, if Sarah knew he had been eavesdropping he knew he would not like the consequences. “Anyway, I will speak to you soon. I need to go upstairs and sort out Mr. Messy Pants.” Sarah said with a laugh. Knowing that she would soon be up to check on him, Nick slowly and quietly closed the window and moved back towards the changing table. It was not long until he started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs and as the bedroom door opened, Nick sighed in relief. No matter what was planned for him, at least he would get out of this disaster of a diaper! Sarah hummed a happy tune as she lifted Nick up wordlessly and deposited him on the changing table. As Nick sat on the edge of the table before lying down he instinctively winced a little but, with his nappy already in such a state, he barely even noticed the squashing of his rear and the further expansion of the mess covering his backside. Nick laid back and Sarah quickly pulled off his clothes to reveal the scene of destruction that was Nick’s underwear. “Woah… Going to need a hazmat suit for this one!” Sarah joked. Nick failed to see the humour in this situation and as he watched Sarah laugh he contemplated complaining that if she had changed him promptly like a good mommy would that he wouldn’t be in such a way. Of course, there was no way he could say anything like that and basically admitting he needed Sarah to change him. Even if he could physically do it himself he knew, even if he didn’t want to admit it, that he was mentally incapable of changing himself. There was just no way he would allow himself to risk Sarah’s wrath even if it meant being more comfortable. Sarah opened the nappy and grimaced when she saw the contents. Grabbing a handful of wipes, she began the process of cleaning her husband. As much as Sarah loved the control, messy nappies were not particularly fun to change. It took several minutes of wiping to make any progress and the smell in the room was undeniably bad. At this point Nick had been in his messy pants for so long that the smell had disappeared into the background a little bit. He didn’t realise it but he was getting used to the smell of his own bowel movements. “There we go…” Sarah finally said five minutes later as she inspected Nick’s backside, “Looks like that is all of it.” She dumped the wipes and used diaper in the trashcan near the door and quickly pulled out a new nappy. In a well-practiced routine, Sarah lifted Nick’s legs and placed the new plastic disposable underneath him. Lowering him down she pulled the front of the nappy up over Nick’s tool, which she noted with some satisfaction had begun to stiffen a little, and taped the infantile underwear tightly and securely around his waist. Sarah lifted Nick off of the change table having barely said a single word to him. Nick was actually pleased for the silence since he was sure the only comments he would have received would have been negative. He would like to have heard about the plans for him regarding Sarah’s meet up with Jack, but Nick couldn’t ask about it without revealing he had been eavesdropping. Sarah walked Nick over towards his makeshift crib and lifted him into the baby bed before promptly lifting the rails up leaving Nick, naked except for his new nappy, locked into his little cell. Nick wasn’t surprised that he was being expected to nap bearing in mind it had been normal for the last few days and, to Nick’s slight annoyance, he found himself yawning as his body expected sleep. Once Nick was safely in the crib, Sarah turned to exit the room. The only words she said was that she would see him in an hour leaving Nick completely in the dark about future plans. When Sarah closed the door behind her, Nick was left laying alone and as he closed his eyes his mind wandered to what might be coming in his near future.
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    9.) It was two hours before the woman appeared in the room, a mug of coffee in one hand as she approached — Luzy was still laying in the bed, her eyes a little heavy, but not asleep. She'd just been staring at the ceiling, sucking on the pacifier, faint contentment framed by warm cheeks in the same muted pastel as the onesie she was clad in. So content, in fact, that the would-be babysitter didn't even react to the woman’s approach. Not until she spoke, and even then, barely. "Such a good girl, relaxing for once." I sat up. When I'd gotten the ability to sit back up again, I wasn't sure. I guess I hadn't tried. The diaper beneath me crinkled and I tugged the pacifier out between my lips. I wanted to be angry, but I didn't feel angry. Really, I felt… relaxed, like the woman had said. I tried not to blush as deeply as I was. "…this was uncalled for…" "Actions have reactions, ebb and flow — and you're very good at ignoring the former and denying the latter. This was perhaps the most called-for thing that has happened to you lately.” It wasn't until the girl was like this, wasn't until she was laying there, in a diaper, contented by it and not infuriated by it, that the woman knew how much Luzy needed her help. It was obvious now. Obvious and clear. "I think you should let me leave, now…" The woman didn't even bat an eyelash. I crossed my arms over my chest, over the onesie, over the cloth that concealed the diaper. I just wanted out of these clothes… "This was not in my contract. And unless you want to be in more trouble-" One hand gently ran across the side of Luzy’s cheek, through her hair, fingers separating strands, and the girl involuntarily leaning into the motion. Just as the woman suspected. "It's time for breakfast, come along — no fussing, now." It was now at the point where the woman didn't need to be stern, not overly so, her words were simple and directed, expecting cooperation, like a mother talking to a child. "H-hey!" She was in the door frame, and I showed the first real signs of panic since I'd noticed the girls in the crib. "I'm not going out there…" She was one thing, this woman. She was clearly used to messing with her charges. I was her employee. I understood that. But those two girls… "If you fuss, your breakfast will go cold — I've had your favorite prepared; french-toast with fluffy bread." Maybe it seemed like magic, the sort of magic that children just assumed adults capable of — in reality, it was a simple benefit of the connected culture of the modern world. It made this a lot easier than it used to be. "How did you…" She just smiled down at me. I bit my lip and looked down at my bare feet, at the diaper hidden by the onesie. She had my phone. Clearly, she got the information off my phone… "…let me change first, please…?" Please? She'd forcibly drugged me! She changed me without permission! That's like, abuse or something. Without pause or ceremony, the woman ran two fingers up Luzy’s bare thigh, almost… seductively, or it would be in any other case. In this case, those fingers pierced the seal of the onesie, and the elastic legband of the diaper beneath, and slipped inside. A diaper check. "You're dry, so there's no need for a change." Luzy's cheeks were red, and they went red when she was furious. But this… this wasn't the same as that. This was red for a very different reason. "Hurry along now." The woman stepped out of the room. I couldn't even breathe. How… how dare she! She… she couldn't just… ugh! What a horrible… I sighed. No matter how much I tried to get angry at her for it, I just didn't feel like I could. I'd done diaper checks hundreds of times, and it was just as innocent. It didn't make the blushing any easier… I climbed up and stepped up to the door, peering outside. No one else… so I followed behind the woman. "I am still the babysitter of those two, and I don't want them seeing me like this." "Well if you keep dawdling, they might well finish breakfast before you even get there, missy." It should have been encouragement to take more time, but the woman spoke the way any parent to their child when enticing them to hurry themselves up. That was how confident she was. Of course, that confidence didn't come undeservedly — she was quite good at this. "Quicken up, now, take my hand." I reached up, but stopped short. I didn't take her hand. I froze, biting my lip, and let her take two steps further before stopping herself. I looked down the hall, a couple feet away, where the door to the kitchen was. I heard the girls making sounds. I quickly shook my head, dropping my voice to a whisper. "I am getting changed." "I'll have you changed when your diaper is wet." Absolute. Non negotiable. And those two words, along side each other. Your diaper. I'll have your diaper changed. The woman didn't choose her words accidentally, not ever, and certainly not now. "Your french-toast is going to get soggy, baby-girl, stop making a fuss." I opened my mouth, ready to protest, but my words caught in my lungs. I was frustrated, sure, and I was angry, but it didn't quite reach my mouth the way it should. I clenched my fists - about as high up as the anger could rise - and looked at the woman as seriously as I could, still talking in a whisper. "I am not going out there. I will not be looked down on by those girls, by my charges. I imagine you understand that, right?" "If you don't wish to be seen as a petulant brat, then perhaps you'd do well to stop acting like one. Neither Anibella nor Ister will look down on you. If anything, they will respect you more now for not making a fuss. Of course, you're doing very well to spoil that visage, aren't you?" One of the balled-up hands was taken by the woman, and it took little resistance to unfurl it and take hold, encapsulating her fingers like a mother would a child at the mall. She held my hand, even as I pulled away, and with a light tug, I was following behind her into the kitchen. She was right. Fighting wasn't going to help. I needed to just act normal. Act natural. But I couldn't. As she led me into the kitchen, my cheeks were crimson and I couldn't look up from my feet.
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    "Damn you penis, you're getting in my way!" Said no guy ever. Unless you're a kid still living at home without access to proper sized diapers I don't see how you could not be content with all the adult sized offerings available today. You owe your dick an apology.
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    Kelly Fortuna started receiving invitations to play in big buy in games, mostly in Vegas, but several also other cities as well. Her winnings from the ‘Cartes D'or Triomphantes’ allowed her to afford the buy in, and the skills she had learned let her win. Consistently. She still played smart. Still had Ken make side bets that would guarantee, even if she were to lose, she would keep her stake and make some profit on top of that. But she did not lose. She could easily stake herself at next years Cartes D'or Triomphantes. All she had to do was ask for an invitation. She was gaining some fame, and with that fame came more interest from giants. However with Ken around any giant who seemed too interested could be chased off. Though Kelly had been worried he was going to actually have to punch one Yvonne Tanson, an old amazon who seemed certain she was going take Kelly away with her. She still recalled the look of affront and perhaps a little fear as Ken had told her, ‘Yous best be leaving my Kelly Girl alone, unless you wants me to knocks you down and put you overs my knee fors a spanking.’ Most giants seemed to accept that the intimidating inbetweener was her daddy, or close enough, that they stopped bothering her quite so much. She leaned back slightly on her booster seat, staring at the large pile of chips in front of her. She suspected she was about to win another of these tournaments. They were on a break, while the dealer prepared a new deck. Kelly looked towards her opponents, all giants, all seeming a little off put by the little in their midst. She had yet to meet anyone as bad as Lyle Redmond when it came to discounting her, but there were always ones similar. Really, she sighed, it was getting boring. “You do not look like you are having fun my petit Jean d’Arc.” Spinning in her booster seat so fast she almost fell from it Kelly turned to face Marie. The amazon was dressed in a white, tight evening gown, with a slit up the side that allowed her to easily kneel. “Ma… Miss Frontè. What… Why…” “I am happy to see you too Kelly. You are looking well.” “But what happened. What about Con…” Marie put a finger across Kelly’s lips. “Hush,” she said with a smile. “Heys, whats do yous think you are doings?” Ken had stepped away from the spectator seats, ready to defend Kelly. Kelly turned towards him. “It’s okay Ken, she’s a friend. I want to see her.” Ken stopped, then nodded. “Right Kelly girl.” He went back to his seat. “Kelly girl?” Marie asked. “It’s what people called me.” “Seems a little redundant to me. What else could Kelly be but a most wonderful girl?” Kelly suspected she was grinning like an idiot and blushing at the same time. “As I said, you are looking well Kelly, though your outfit…” Kelly looked down at herself. She was wearing a Chinese style dress, red with gold trim. “Is there something wrong with it? I thought it looked nice.” “Oh, it looks wonderful. You are quite fetching in it, but it is not comme il faut.” “I didn’t think that mattered.” Marie laughed. “That is because you do not have French sensibilities on fashion, but I think that is something you can achieve, with some work.” “Oh. What…” “But to come back to my original point, why do you look like you are not having fun.” “But I am having fun.” “Really? That glum face I just saw is the face of Kelly Fortuna having fun?” Kelly did not answer. “I had heard that Kelly Fortuna was always smiling, she could lose with a laugh. That she would chase rainbows, that is the correct term, oui?” “Yes, Kelly girl who chased rainbows.” “I thought that Kelly sounded quite pretty. I of course understood that at the Cartes D'or Triomphantes where she was not playing for her own enjoyment that she could not treat the game as such, but afterwards, I was certain that that pretty Kelly would show up. And I finally come to see her and what do I find? This is not my Kelly I think.” Kelly frowned. “It’s just, like the song said, if you chase rainbows you’ll get wet.” “I am sure that is true, but Kelly,” she leaned in close, “if you get wet, don’t you think I will dry you?” Kelly stared wide eyed at Marie. Marie smiled, reached out and ruffled Kelly’s hair. She stood. “Chase your rainbows Kelly. I want to see my petit Jean d’Arc smile and laugh.” Then she walked away. Kelly might have gone after her but the new deck was ready and the other players were taking their seats. When her fourth card was dealt out to her Kelly looked at it, considered her hole cards, and saw the possibility for an ace five straight. It was there. Not certain, but maybe… She looked over her shoulder, saw Marie sitting among the spectators, watching the game, watching her. When the bet came around to her she turned and looked at the other players and the dealer. She smiled. “Call and raise one hundred thousand.” They all seemed surprised. It made her laugh. And that is the end of Games and Skill Games of Chance. Thanks for read and hope you enjoyed.
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    People just get bored of it. It seems fun... "I love nappies, wearing all the time must be great!" But then it gets to be a bit of a slog, it stops feeling special. Then you realise that one of the best things about nappies is the anticipation and excitement that makes you look forward to one... It becomes less a fun thing to do and more of a job, a hassle or inconvenience. Perhaps a small one, but still one that you don't need to give yourself. I see a lot of people say the same thing. After a week, two weeks, a month, who knows... People start to get bored of it or no longer find it as fun as they used to.
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    Chapter 10: Clara For years I’ve rejected the idea of being treated like a child. I’ve fought for and flaunted my independence and adulthood, and perhaps I was a little naive in thinking I was untouchable. And now, in the span of five minutes, I’ve been sealed in the ponderous, poofy, puffy, plastic prison that still sometimes haunts me in my deepest fears. I should be furious, should demand to be put down, reject this plan and find a different solution. Inside my chest that fire of rebellion burns so hot that it threatens to toast me from the inside out. I want to scream and yell. Instead, dressed in infantile overalls, clutching the smaller scaled mug in one hand, I can only cling to Diana’s shirt with the other. I’ve never been this high off the ground, and don’t feel anywhere near comfortable without having my feet firmly on the floor. The woman holding me turns her head to meet my gaze, and it’s then that I realize I’ve almost never actually looked at her close to eye level before. Even when she crouches down, I still have to look up a bit, just as she looks down. Now, on her hip like this, I still have to, but not anywhere near as much. Ironic that in this moment, when I couldn’t feel lesser than her, I can look her in the eye like an equal. “Are you alright?” she inquires, her deep brown eyes sparkling with concern. I realize that I’m clinging to her with an almost desperation. I’ve pressed close and I’m probably scratching her through the fabric of her shirt that I’ve fisted the fingers of my free hand into tightly. I swallow thickly and force myself to slacken my grip. “Given the circumstance? I guess. In general? No, not really...not at all,” I admit. “I don’t exactly feel secure like this. I’d feel better with both feet on solid ground.” Diana nods, her grip tightening ever so slightly as she takes to the stairs. I groan and close my eyes. “I’m not going to drop you, Clara, I promise.” I shake my head. “I know that. But what if you tripped? You’d fall on me and there’s no chance of me getting out of the way.” Her large hand shifts to rub my back a bit. “I wouldn’t let that happen. I’ll break your fall first,” she states firmly. “Besides, it’s an unlikely scenario. We’re not all as clutsy as you are,” a teasing tone enters her voice, and upon reopening my eyes, I find her smirking at me, one eyebrow raised. “I’m not clumsy,” I protest weakly. “Can you put me down now please?” She nods, striding into the living room and setting the mug in her other hand down. Taking mine off me, she sets it beside the other one on the coffee table and lowers me to the couch. “Better?” I shudder, but nod. At least I’m back on solid ground. “I didn’t realize you had a fear of heights. Sorry, Clara. I should have asked, or at least taken it slower. I just didn’t want to take the risk of you falling down the stairs.” “It’s okay,” I murmur. “I’m not afraid of heights. It’s the loss of control that terrifies me. I don’t like not being able to control things like this. If I fall, I want it to be because I was unsteady on my feet. Then I have a chance at catching myself. I don’t handle not being in control well,” I admit. I swallow the rising lump in my throat, thick with panic and unease, it feels like I’m choking. I shake my head. “Diana, I c-can’t do this. I can’t! There has to be another way. I need to get out of these clothes, out of the...the-” I hesitate, not even comfortable with saying it. Suddenly Diana’s arms are around me, stealing a startled squeak from me. The couch dips as her weight is added to it, and I find myself gathered up in her arms, held against her gently, but tightly. I sit, stunned, for a moment. She’s hugged me before, but never quite like this. This doesn’t feel like a friendly one armed hug while sharing a laugh, or a reassuring one when I’m down on my luck. This is solid, protective, like she believes she can shield me from the whole world. It almost feels nice. I sigh softly, forcing myself relax a little. After a moment, I give my head a shake and try to pull away. Diana doesn’t stop me, her embrace loosening as she returns me to the couch. “It’s going to be okay, Clara,” she says, her voice calm, steady…reassuring. “Let’s just take a breather, okay? It’s just you and I right now. Why don’t you tell me what you’re afraid of, okay? What’s the worst thing you think is going to happen?” I shake my head. “I’m afraid of it all. What if it doesn’t work? I don’t want to go to an etiquette school. And I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be a baby, I’m not a baby, Diana,” I plead. “I don’t want to be a senseless babbling infant in a diaper. I want to eat real food and sleep in a proper bed. I liked life the way it was.” Tears burn in my eyes, stinging traitors as I begin to lose my composure. “I don’t want to piss myself or have people look at me like I’m some stupid, helpless idiot that actually need the diapers I’ve been forced into. I can’t do this....I can't,” I say weakly through gritted teeth. Diana is silent for a long moment, simply sitting there staring down at me. “You’re not going to etiquette school. This will work and I will not let them send you, I promise,” she says finally. “And I would never do anything to alter your mind and make you a senseless infant. Clara, surely you know me well enough to know that I despise such practices. You’re my friend,” she presses. “You’re beautiful, intelligent, stubborn, sassy, funny, and kind. Why would I ruin any of that? Take a deep breath and listen to me when I say that we are partners in this. Yes, I am playing ‘mommy’ know, and when we’re in public or around other people, I’m going to have to act like it. But you and I are still friends, Clara, and I still care about you. I’m not going to try to completely control you or make you miserable. You know that, right?” I wrap my arms around myself, hating the feel of the childish denim overalls hugging my body. “I guess,” I murmur. “You guess? What’s that supposed to mean?” I shrug, pulling my knees up to my chest. I wince at the heavy crinkling the diaper emits as I move. I wrap my arms around my legs and rest my chin on my knees. “It’s just hard. I mean...I trust you; you’re my friend, but-” I hesitate. “Dressed like this...You’re still an Amazon.” The words slip out in my fear before I fully realize the magnitude of them, and the consequences they might have. Forced to watch my friend recoil, genuine hurt flowing across her features, guilt surges in me. Her widened eyes flash with a swirling storm of pain and defiance. Blinking slowly, she looks away. “Ouch... Okay, that hurts a bit. Do you really think that just because I’m an Amazon that means I want to hurt you, Clara? That I won’t be able to control myself and would want to humiliate you and cause you harm? I can’t help what I am, Clara, any more than you can, and I don’t appreciate the hurtful assumptions.” I shudder. “I’m sorry, Diana, I didn’t mean it like that, I just-” “Then how did you mean it, Clara?” The hurt in her voice, the sharp tone, bring tears stinging in my eyes, something that brings about a self loathing over my weakness. “I’m sorry,” I sniff. “I don’t know what I meant. I just… I’m just scared. I’ve lost control and I don’t know what to do.” Then her arms are around me again. Sturdy and protective, and I break down, tears streaking down my cheeks. “I can’t do this,” I sob into the fabric of her shirt. Never failing to miss a beat, as always, Diana begins to rub my back, tracing circles on my spine in a soothing, almost massaging way. “I’m sorry,” she apologizes. “I know this is hard for you, I can’t imagine just how hard. I should keep a better control on my emotions; you’re not trying to be hurtful, you’re just not yourself right now. But you need to know that I never want to do anything to hurt you, Clara. Being an Amazon, or you being...diapered, is never ever going to change that, okay?” “Okay,” I whimper. “Please don’t cry, Clara, it’s going to be okay,” she assures me. I feel pathetic, breaking down like some small child, bawling and snotting into Diana’s shirt. She doesn’t know, can’t understand why this is so horrible. I promised myself I would never let the Amazons diaper me too. Not after everything they took from me. Still, through my complete breakdown, Diana doesn’t say a word. She just continues to rub my back and let me cry. There’s no fussing or cooing from her, no sickeningly consoling words leave her lips. And I’m grateful for it. When I finally manage to get myself under control, she hands offers me a box of kleenix. Stifling a sad laugh through my fading sobs, I take one to blow my nose and wipe at the tear streaks crusting on my face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall apart.” “You don’t have to apologize, Clara,” Diana responds. “It’s a tough time for you. Do you feel any better?” “Not really.” I rub at my eyes, try not to look at the drenched spot on her shirt from where I was previously wailing into her. “Diana...what happens now?” She chews her lip for a moment and finally just shrugs. “Life, I guess. I don’t know what you want me to say.” “How can you be so calm about all of this?” I press. “How can you just say ‘life’ like that. It’s all so messed up now.” Again, Diana’s steady gaze fixates on me and she only offers me a shrug. “One of us has to stay calm. We can’t both fall apart. And I’m not expecting you to keep it together right now. We’ll just have to take it one step at a time and figure it out. It’s going to be okay.” I sigh and nod. “I hope so.” Wrapping her fingers around my shoulder, she gives it a tender squeeze. “I should see about getting something started for dinner. Comfort food, maybe. Are you okay if I leave you here? Why don’t you pick out a film and we’ll watch something together?” “That sounds good,” I murmur in agreement. Diana helps me down off the couch and then is gone, disappearing into the kitchen. I can hear the creak of opening cupboards and the clack of pans and chopping knives as she begins dinner prep. Feeling both empty and bogged down at the same time, I stare down at the overalls, and the significant bulge of my new underwear. I poke a finger against my crotch and nearly burst into a fresh wave of tears at the feeling of the thick padding. Swallowing my emotions back, I struggle to my feet and make my way slowly to the entertainment unit, hating the waddling gait I probably have thanks to the plastic prison around my waist. Crouching down, I stare at the films available, hardly even really seeing them as I space out. Diana’s voice startles me out of my daze as she walks back in. “Did you find something?” “Oh, umm, yeah,” I reply, grabbing a random DVD case without really looking at it. Too late, I realize that it’s some R-rated, raunchy romantic film. Diana frowns as she takes it from me, flipping it over and seeming to puzzle over it. “I didn’t even know I owned this,” she murmurs. “I think it might have been a prank gift a long time ago that I just never realized I kept. Regardless, probably not a good idea,” she decides, looking at me pointedly. “And not because of it’s rating, but because of the content. It’s meant to have heavy romance and erotic scenes in it. I take no pleasure in that sort of thing, and I’m fairly certain you don’t want to get all hot and bothered while in a diaper, do you?” She bends down and removes another film with ease, a street racing action film by the looks of the cover. “How about something exciting in a different way?” I’ve never felt so much heat in my cheeks before. My entire face is burning with humiliated shame. “I-I wasn’t trying to imply that I wanted...I mean, I….I wasn’t really paying attention, I just grabbed a random film…” I stutter. “Yeah, that sounds good,” I finally manage, carefully making my way back to the couch as she sets up the new film. Moments later, I find myself curled up next to her, beneath a blanket, as the opening commercials play. If not for the diaper that I can’t seem to forget about, it might feel halfway normal. It will hit me soon, the gravity of the situation, the permanency of it, but for now, I can’t bring myself to deal with it, so I let my head rest against Diana’s side, relaxing into her as I watch the film and try to forget about all the problems today is going to bring.
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    Part 29 We decided on fast food, something April really didn't believe in, on the grounds of convenience. I was back in the carrier for the short walk, we were just going to get a couple of burgers and take it back to the room to eat. The restaurant was pretty normal as compared to things where I was from, we stood in line and I pretended to sleep. April ordered a meal for herself and a Little-sized burger and a lemon-lime soda for me, and we headed back to the hotel. People seemed to leave a "sleeping baby" alone, so I had a feeling I'd be faking sleep a lot on this trip. Once we were safely back in the room, I "woke up" and April sat on the floor with me and started distributing the food. Her burger was enormous, the size of a dinner plate - I could eat it for a week and still have leftovers. Her soda was a gallon easily, probably a gallon and a half. Mine were much more reasonably sized, it looked like a good meal. April fiddled with her phone a bit and played some music for us while we ate. It was mostly a comfortable silence... it made me think of a half-remembered saying about love being the ability to sit with someone and say nothing at all. I hadn't really had any soda since I became Little, it had all been milk and juice so this was a real treat. The bubbles tickled my nose as I drank, taking a long draw of the cold beverage, guzzling it quickly. "Thank you for dinner, mommy," I smiled up at her. Even sitting on her rump on the floor she towered over me. "This is really nice... " My face felt warm, my skin felt fuzzy. Something was wrong. "Is it hot in here?" I put a hand on my crotch, I was wetting my diaper with no warning at all. "Um, mommy... I fink somefing is wrong." "Shit!" April cursed, leaning close into me, "They laced the food. Of course they laced the Little menu, fucking Catalon!" She snatched the burger and the soda away from me. Her outburst scared me for some reason and I couldn't help but cry. "What am I going to do? How are we going to get by here without you getting drugged or abused? We can't even trust the food!" I wasn't used to April having emotional outbursts and my own emotions felt completely out of control. I buried my face in her chest and sobbed. We sat there for a long moment, taking comfort in each others arms. Then April stood up quickly, a look of determination on her face. She strapped me back into the carrier and we headed back out into the streets of Barcelon. "Where we go?" I struggled to ask, my brain felt fuzzy and I couldn't get my words to do what I wanted. April looked down at me sadly and slipped my pacifier between my lips. She didn't inflate it.. but for some reason, I couldn't spit it out anyway. Every time I tried, I ended up sucking on it instead. My limbs felt heavy and I couldn't get comfortable. When we stopped, it looked like we were in a pharmacy. "Excuse me, hi," April smiled to a male pharmacy tech behind the counter, her voice sounded a little strange to me, "I'm having a bit of an emergency, I'm hoping you can help me." "Hello ma'am," he smiled back, "What's the trouble?" "My Little has been in the hospital for the past few days.. I got her the implant that rejects solid food," I squeezed my eyes shut to prevent the look of terror on my face from showing. How was that a thing? "But I didn't plan on her being in so long, they kept her for observation and my supply dried up. I need a lactation booster, one that will have her feeding tonight. I do not want her on formula, not my princess." "Oh, those are getting popular. I hear the newer models can even disallow most liquids except for breastmilk. We have just the thing, ma'am. He grabbed a box from behind the counter. "No prescription required, and your Little will be completely addicted to your milk within 3 feedings. She'll do absolutely anything for a feed after that, it's so adorable when they beg for it." "Oh dear, she's allergic to the addiction additive, I tried that when I first got her. She was so fussy. After the second feed, she couldn't stop vomiting everywhere and there was blood in it, no no. We're not doing that again. She'll behave or else. Do you have a non-addictive booster?" "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, ma'am. Littles coughing up blood is so distressing. Poor things," he put the box away and grabbed another one. "This one has the least number of additives - it will make her wet more often, that's the best I can do. That part should be out of your system in three weeks. It's probably best if we avoid all we can since she had such an extreme reaction to the addiction additive. This one is as safe as they come." "Thank you so much," April said, a small edge in her voice. I kept still as we started moving again. April checked out and we were on our way again. I opened my eyes when we were back on the street, but I felt dizzy and warm... I felt so thirsty. Once we were back in the elevator of the hotel, I tried telling her. "Mama," I said softly around the pacifier. I still couldn't spit it out, it felt really hard to talk, "Drink pwease." I hated the way my voice sounded, but I couldn't help it. The words wouldn't come out the way I wanted. April rocked me gently and I felt soothed. I sighed sleepily and smiled. The moment we were back in the room, April set the carrier on the bed and took the medicine she bought. "Mama," I called again, "Drink pwease. Firsty." "My poor baby, oh you're soaked," April said, pulling me out of the carrier. "Shh, shh, it's okay." She stroked my hair. Oh, how I wished I hadn't drank so much of that soda. Why was it hitting me so hard? How did Catalon Littles even function at all? "Let's get you changed." "Firsty, firsty," my mouth felt so dry as she laid me down and started popping the snaps of my shortalls again. "Let's keep you in nighttime diapers for now, until this wears off sweetie, we'll get you changed and we'll get you a drink." Her tones were soothing, I loved her so much. I don't think I ever loved her more than I did in that moment. The warm feeling I had was a little tingly now, and her fingers felt cool where she touched me. "There we go, Kimmy. All dry and comfy again." She was babytalking me... she didn't normally do this, and I was really enjoying it, although some small part of me knew that I shouldn't. She laid me back down in the carrier and walked out of my vision. I felt unbelievably sad the moment I couldn't see her... and I started to cry. Loudly. I just couldn't help it, it felt like I had been abandoned, like she was never coming back and I'd be alone forever. "Mama!" I called out, hoping she could still hear me from her faraway place. "Shhh, baby," came her voice and I felt better, "The medicine says I have to drink a lot of water for it to work, my darling." She came back with a large glass of water for herself and a bottle of juice for me. Seeing her was like seeing the sun rise after a month of darkness. It was beautiful and precious and I savored the moment. "This is the last bottle we brought with us, I hope that the medicine works before you get thirsty again." I took the bottle and sucked greedily at the nipple, the juice felt cold and soothing on my throat, I felt parched - like I had just run ten miles, it didn't make any sense. As I drained the bottle, April picked up the carrier and set it back on the floor. She resumed her dinner, eating the very large and now probably cold burger and drinking as much of the water as she could. I was still quite hungry, I hadn't gotten but a bite of my own burger. I was breathing through my nose and chugging the bottle as best I could, I didn't want to stop until it was completely gone, I felt so thirsty. When it was empty, I felt better... the thirst was lessened, but it was definitely still there. "Tanks," I said, pulling the empty bottle from between my lips, "I.. " I struggled to focus, everyone was always commenting about 'fighting the formula', so that's what I had to do. I struggled to be coherent, "I feel betta. I don know why I got so firsty." "Because," April smiled sadly, "the formula they slipped in your soda is making you pee out all your fluids." She squeezed the front of my shortalls gently, "I just changed you a few minutes ago and you're already wet. Did you not feel yourself going?" "No," I said, a little distressed, "I.. " I reached down and pressed my hands to my diapered crotch. Now that I was focusing on it, I could feel that I was still going right now! "I'm peeing right now," I frowned. I focused all my will on my bladder, focusing to stop the flow. Thankfully, it did. "I feel a lil' betta." "Let it all out, don't try to stop it. Getting those fluids out of you will help," April stroked my face and took another large gulp from her water glass. I nodded and relaxed my bladder.. and I was going again in a moment. The diaper grew warm and heavy between my legs. After a few moments, it stopped naturally. "I feel.. better," I said, focusing on my pronunciation, "Wow, that was awful. How do the Catalon Littles deal with it?" "Well sweetie," she said, picking up my soda cup, "You drank almost all your soda at once and you had never been exposed to the regression formula before.. I've heard that taking a heavy dose the first time can lead to some distressing effects. I'm going to assume that wasn't quite what they consider a 'heavy dose' but it certainly affected you. I'm so glad you're coming back to me, I missed you." "Me too, mama," I frowned at the word, "Mommy. It made everything feel different, more extreme." "You should try and take a nap, sleep the rest of it off. We need to run to the store, thankfully just about everything is within walking distance of the hotel. You sleep and I'll pick us up some supplies." "I'm not sleepy," I objected. "Oh sweetie.. I don't think you're correct," she smiled, pulling me from the carrier and holding me against her, my chin over her shoulder. "Close your eyes," she said softly, and began rubbing my back and rocking side to side, singing a lullaby. "Not sleepy," I yawned, relaxing in her arms. "Then don't sleep, just relax and let me hold my perfect Little Kimmy," she paused the lullaby long enough to tell me I didn't have to sleep, then resumed. I relaxed further, going completely slack in her arms. She held me so easily, so tenderly. I was ten feet in the air and perfectly safe. A smile crept across my face as I bathed in the words to her song. Her voice was so beautiful to me, so perfect. It wasn't long before I was asleep.
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    (6.) It was the sound of crying that woke me up, not the vigorous shaking that made my teeth click together. The pain of that was what brought me to full alertness, and dimly, I hoped I hadn’t chipped a tooth. I felt around for the switch to my bedside lamp. The room was awash in bright yellow light that made both of us wince; once my eyes adjusted, I could see the tears streaming down Emmy’s face. “Oh, sweetheart,” I said, and reached out to pull her onto the bed with me. She settled into my lap without any prompting, and she clung to me with a desperate kind of strength. “What happened?” I could feel that she was wet, but I’d expected that much, and I didn’t think that was what had her so upset. “I...I had a bad dream.” Emmy choked out, and buried her face in my chest, smearing snot and tears onto my shirt. I rubbed her back. “Do you want to talk about it?” “My parents...they died in a plane crash. What if...what if they don’t come home?” Emmy wondered, and then she started crying even harder. “It’s okay, little one,” I said. “They called before we left to go get dinner. They’re fine. They’re safe. It’s actually daytime where they are, so we can try to call them if you want.” Emmy sniffled. “Really?” I nodded. “Sure.” I handed her my phone after dialing the number they’d given me. Emmy held the phone up to her ear, trembling against me. “Mommy?” She said in a quiet, tremulous voice. I could hear Emmy’s mom responding to her, but the volume was too low for me to make out what they were saying. I settled for rocking Emmy a little and patting her bottom, hoping to soothe her. “Yeah...I’m okay. I miss you. I just had a bad dream and was worried.” Emmy said quietly. I reached over to pull her thumb away from her mouth. Emmy relaxed against me. “Good. I’m glad you’re having fun...I love you too. Goodnight.” Emmy handed me my phone. “Thanks.” she said. “No problem.” I kissed her forehead. “Let’s get you dry, and then we’ll try sleeping again.” Emmy’s little fist tightened in the fabric of my shirt. “I…” she took a breath and pressed her face into my chest. “I don’t want to be by myself.” “It’s alright,” I said, more by reflex than anything else. “You can stay here tonight. We just need to change your diaper first, okay?” Emmy just nodded. Poor kid… I knew that calling her mom must have helped at least a little; I could literally feel that she had relaxed some. But, I knew she was still anxious, and I didn’t blame her. Her parents had been on some weekend trips before, but this was the longest she’d been apart from them. Emmy missed her mom. It seemed like such a simple thing, but I knew, to her, it was different. She still needed someone to chase away the nightmares, to hug her when she was sad, and hold her when she was scared. I must’ve seemed like a poor substitute for the real thing in her parents’ absence, but I was going to do my best to make sure that she felt safe with me. I held her a little tighter and shifted her to my hip when I stood up. “Don’t worry little one, I’ve got you.” *.*.*.*.* The bed was empty when I woke up the next morning. I could hear Emmy puttering around in the kitchen downstairs, and I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t noticed her getting up. I forced myself out of my warm, comfortable bed, and headed toward the kitchen. If our trip to the grocery store had taught me anything, it was that there was no telling what kind of mischief Emmy would get up to if left unsupervised. I smelled smoke as I got closer and I started to panic, at least until I saw the black rectangles protruding from the toaster. Poor Wonderbread never had a chance. The next thing that caught my attention was Emmy attempting to operate the stove. The smell of gas hung faintly in the kitchen, but Emmy didn’t seem to understand the danger. My heart leapt into my throat. “Emmy, don’t!” I shouted, but she didn’t seem to hear me. She reached for knob to light it, and Iunged for her, pulling her away from the stove as flames shot up from the hob. Emmy screamed and latched onto me. Nothing was on fire, and the stove was functioning normally, so that was a plus. I held Emmy at arm’s length, checking her over for injuries. She was crying, but I didn’t see any marks or blood, so I hoped that she was just scared and not hurt. “Are you okay?” I tried not to sound like I was panicking, but I couldn’t tell if it worked. Emmy nodded, sucking in a breath. “I think so.” “Are you sure?” I asked, trying to calm my own frantically racing heart.” “Uh-huh.” Heat blossomed in my chest. Now that I knew she wasn’t injured, I was furious. She was lucky I’d walked in when I did, otherwise we might be on our way to the hospital. I couldn’t believe her; I didn’t think her parents would’ve let her operate the stove without supervision, something that seemed even clearer given what had just happened… I took a breath and forced myself to chill for a mental ten-count. And then, I rounded on her. “What on Earth were you thinking?” I snapped, harsher than I meant to. Emmy flinched away from me, tears welling in her eyes again. I felt a pang of guilt that I’d scared her, but maybe that was a good thing. “I...I don’t know.” “Do your parents let you use the stove by yourself?” I demanded. I knew I needed to calm down, but I was seeing red, and my frustration with Emmy’s behavior had been steadily mounting since she’d arrived. As guilty as I felt about it, I couldn’t deny the truth: I needed an outlet. “Well, no, but-” “But nothing!” I interrupted. “If it’s against the rules when your mom and dad are home, why in the world would you think it’s okay when they’re not here?” Emmy reddened, her fists clenching by her sides. She took a step forward, her hands coming up like she wanted to shove me. “I was trying to be nice!” She yelled. I was a hairsbreadth away from taking her over my knee, but I knew that spanking her would be irresponsible while I was so upset. I ground my teeth. “Corner. Now.” I said evenly, though I was still seething. “So what? Now I’m getting punished for trying to do something nice?” Emmy stomped her foot. “You’re so unfair!” “I’m sorry you feel that way. Now, are you going to go to the corner by yourself, or do I need to take you?” Emmy folded her arms and stared me down. “Emory, last chance. You’re already getting five swats for using the stove, and if I have to take you, it’ll be with a sore bottom on top of those, I promise you that.” Emmy turned on her heel. “Butthead…” she muttered, and I gave her a hard swat on the backside. “Boy, somebody really wants a spanking.” I said. “I’ll be back in five minutes, and if you can explain yourself like a big girl, instead of calling me names, and throwing a fit, maybe I’ll reconsider your punishment.” Emmy ignored me, and I took the opportunity to go sit on the sofa and cool off. I took a couple deep breaths and rubbed my temples. She’s just a kid. I told myself. I had no clue what had gotten into Emmy lately, normally she was so well-behaved… I understood that she was anxious and stressed out because her parents were away, but that didn’t give her license to act out the way she had. I spent the next few minutes trying to massage away my headache, with no success, and then went to get Emmy from the corner. I could tell she’d been crying, but she looked more angry than remorseful. I put my hands on my hips. “What do you have to say for yourself?” I asked, as calmly as I could. Emmy took a breath. “I’m sorry. I was trying to make you breakfast. You’ve been so nice to me since I got here, I wanted to do something nice for you, too.” Well. I felt like a jerk... I blew out a long sigh, and knelt down. Emmy was more or less eye-level with me now. “Thank you, munchkin. That was very nice of you. I understand what you were trying to do, but it isn’t safe for you to use the stove by yourself yet. Today could have been much worse if I hadn’t walked in when I did.” “I know…” Emmy’s voice broke. “Hey,” I said, gripping her chin so she’d look at me. I felt bad about snapping at her, now that I knew what she’d been up to, but I didn’t necessarily regret doing it. “I shouldn’t have been so quick to yell at you, I was just scared that you’d get hurt. What do you say to making breakfast together this time? I’ll help you with the stove.” “I’m not in trouble?” Emmy wondered. I shook my head. “I think we can let you off with a warning this time. But, if you ever do anything like that again, your little butt is mine, got it?” Emmy nodded vigorously. “Good. Next time, you’re not sure about something, just ask, okay? I won’t bite, I promise.” Emmy threw her arms around my neck and squeezed. I hugged her back, and patted her bottom, realizing only then that she’d been in a wet diaper this whole time. “Okay cutie, let’s go change that diaper, and then we’ll have breakfast.” “But, I wanna help!” Emmy whined. “I know, and you can. It’ll be a lot more fun with dry pants, trust me. Besides, if you’re gonna be touching food and then eating it, you should be clean anyway.” “Alright,” I could tell Emmy wasn’t happy about it, but she didn’t argue any further. I scooped her up and headed up to her room. “So,” I began as I laid her down on the bed. “Is today going to be a Big day, or a Little day?” Emory chewed her bottom lip. “I...I don’t know.” “You don’t know?” I wondered. I reached for one of her pull-ups. “Do you think you can be big enough to manage the potty today?” Emmy just shrugged. I knew at that point that it was pretty much a lost cause, but I had to at least try. I didn't want to make more work for myself by just allowing her not to bother with the toilet if I could help it. “I think you can do it.” I told her. “I’ll even remind you to go. Let’s see if we can make it through today without any accidents, okay?” Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to happen. But, I knew she wouldn’t even bother trying without some encouragement, and if by chance, she made it through the day dry, well, maybe there was hope for her potty training after all. “Okay,” Emmy replies, and smiled at me. “Good girl.” I slid the pull-up on for her and pulled her to a sitting position. “What do you want to wear today?” “This is fine.” Emmy said. She was just in her pajama top and pull-up, but I didn’t have any plans to go out today, so I wasn’t going to make a big deal of it. Besides, it’d be easier to see if--when-- she had an accident this way. “Alright,” I clapped my hands and tried my best to sound enthusiastic. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. Let’s go get started on breakfast.”
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    I couldn't stand not sharing! I finished writing Part 26 this morning. I was going to try and get further ahead so I didn't run out and I could post regularly like I was, but I couldn't stand it! I want you all to meet Gwen. ======= Part 24 I drifted back to consciousness and found myself on Aunt Lisa's couch, still in my sloth PJs but apparently with a fresh diaper. I stretched, and roused to see April hugging Aunt Lisa very tightly. "Thank you so much, you and Mellie both," she said softly, but her voice carried. "It wasn't all sunshine and roses, April - she wants to know how she got here. Melanie told Kimmy her arrival story." "It was going to happen eventually," April sighed, "but I feel like we've turned an important corner. I think we'll be okay." I yawned loudly, in hopes that they wouldn't realize I was eavesdropping. April knew how I got here, and it was something that she thought I would take poorly... "Good morning, sleepyhead. You slept through your morning change," she smiled down at me as she scooped me up, "I was worried it was a hypnotic sleep, but Lisa told me that you drifted off naturally. We've got a lunch date today, sweetie. Gwen is meeting us at the Pasta Palace. It's a beautiful day, I thought we'd eat out on their terrace." My stomach did a little flip-flop at the news of the lunch date. I wasn't sure I wanted to meet Gwen. I wanted to pretend it would just be April and me forever, just the two of us in this new special kind of love we had found... I felt a little shaken, like that newfound love was threatened. The look on April's face said everything would be fine, however. She hadn't been wrong yet, there was no reason to think she would start now. The key to finding happiness was to surrender to her, to be her Little, to follow where she guided me. I didn't know what was best for me, she did. It made my heart hurt a bit, but I had to trust her. "Let's go home and get you in a pretty dress, say goodbye to Lisa. Mellie is still asleep, you'll see her again soon, I'm sure." "Bye Aunt Lisa," I smiled and waved over April's shoulder as she hoisted me up, holding me to her by my diapered bottom. "Thank you for everything, it was a super fun sleepover." "Goodbye, Kimmy. You are a good girl, I'm glad you had fun." April carried me to the car and buckled me in, handing me Harry Otter. "Bottle please!" I smiled cheerfully after I was buckled. She laughed and handed me a bottle of juice from the diaper bag, "Are we sure she didn't slip you something, cutie?" "I'm sure," I said as I took the bottle from her, "I just had a really good time, mommy. How many pacis does Mellie have? She seems to have a different one every time I see her." Mommy beamed at me again, she was really, really happy that I called her 'mommy'. "I'm glad you had a good time," she said, ignoring my question and closing the back door to the car and taking the driver's seat. "Let's hit the road, cuteness." -- Once we got home, I got another diaper change.. I seemed to be going more often than I did before, and noticing it less. Honestly, it didn't seem to matter. If I was going to be happy, I had to stop caring about stuff like that. I wasn't going to find a toilet and April would always make sure I got changed.. so I just went when I needed to go, I never bothered to hold it any more. She picked out a dress for me, it was a sleeveless sundress with a white top half showing a floral print, and a bright red gauzy skirt that fell to my calves. There was a little blue bow at my left hip, which hung down to my mid-thigh. It was so cute! I got a pair of light blue sandals to wear with it, and we sat down on the couch, with me in her lap. "So, tell me about what you and Melanie talked about last night," she said, seemingly perfectly calm. My pulse accelerated a bit, I didn't want to get in trouble. "We.. I asked Melanie how she got here, and she said she died and it scared me and," I felt the words pouring out of my mouth, "I thought maybe I was dead too." I stopped for a breath, "But she told me she wasn't actually dead, that Aunt Lisa saved her and they got the pills out of her and... I was scared. I can't remember how I got here, I just remember waking up." "You and some friends," April sighed sadly, pulling me closer, "decided to drink a lot of a neurotoxin and drive your car entirely too fast for the roads you were on. You were in the back seat of the car, one of your friends was driving, a girl named Stephanie, one of your friends was in the passenger seat, a girl named Joy." She stroked my hair softly, "Stephanie got scared by an animal and drove the car off the road, off the side of a very, very steep hill. None of you were going to survive." She paused, squeezing me tightly. "How.. how did you save me? What about Steph and Joy? Did they get saved too?" "Here on Albion, this is how we get Littles.. we take you when we know you aren't going to make it, and we try to give you better lives. We try to take damaged Littles and make them whole. Your dimension reads about an hour behind ours.. so if we see something happen in time, we can do something about it. Your dimension is a harsh place, sweetie. There are a lot of damaged Littles living there, needing love." "What about my friends?" "They were also brought here and adopted," mommy's voice was halting. There was something she wasn't saying. "Can we go visit them? I didn't know any of my friends came here, too... " "Sweetheart," mommy squeezed me, "Stephanie came through as a five-month, she's... she's probably got a lot of healing to do before she can play with anyone. She was apparently in an abusive relationship that was... it was really bad, sweetie. Joy came through as a fourteen-month. Both have been adopted by now, but I'm afraid I don't know where either of them are, sweetie." On the one hand, I was happy that my friends were okay.. on the other hand, I never thought for a moment that the three of us would have been pulled into this dimension together. Poor Steph was stuck, probably as a crawler, for who knows how long. "Is there anything we can do?" "I doubt it, Kimmy - adoption records are often sealed. Short of running into them, you don't have a very good chance of finding either of them. Don't worry, sweetie," she stroked my hair, "Albion is a mostly gentle place. You and Melanie are happy, right?" I nodded, hoping she was right. I hoped Steph and Joy found as much happiness as I have.. but I also worried. "That's why I can't go back ever, isn't it? I'm... I'm dead there." "Oh sweetie," mommy hugged me close, stroking my hair softly, "I was hoping you wouldn't want to go back any more before you found out. I want you to be happy here." I thought about what the truth toy revealed to me.. I missed my freedom, but I really didn't want to go home. I could choose to sulk and be sad, or I could embrace the wonderful woman who was trying her best to console me. "I'm okay, mommy," I smiled up at her, craning my neck to look into her eyes, "I'm home." -- The Pasta Palace was a Little-friendly establishment.. they had 27 different kinds of mac and cheese! Apparently this particular section of Albion had a lot of Littles, specifically a lot of Littles belonging to progressive Amazons like April. They had special booster seats that slid into the table so Littles could sit at the same level as their Amazons, without needing highchairs. Every spot at every table had interchangable seats to accommodate any combination of Amazons and Littles. As we were being seated we were walked through the restaurant since we were wanting to eat outside on the terrace. I saw a Little birthday party going on, the entire table was nothing but Littles, probably 20 of them, with clapping Amazons nearby. They looked really happy. I saw the birthday girl, dressed in her frilly pink dress and a tiara, holding up a puzzle book triumphantly. Looks like someone got what they wanted for their birthday. I smiled, thinking about how birthday parties were the best when you were young. And now birthday parties would be the best when you were Little. It made me look forward to my own birthday, I wondered what April would do for me... Mellie would have to be there, of course. April sat us down at a table where a woman was already waiting. She stood up when we arrived... I examined her closely. She was a pale, heavier-set woman with blonde hair that fell to her squarish chin, but one side of her head was shaved.. and the tips of her hair were dyed pink. She had on a dark lipstick and eyeliner, and a nosering. She had some kind of animal tooth earring dangling from the ear exposed by her shaven head. She had very large breasts that stretched out the band logo on her t-shirt, and an ankle-length black skirt with lace around the hem. Combat boots laced with bright pink laces which dangled down peeked out from under the hem of her skirt. "Gwen!" April gave the lady a hug and a kiss on the cheek... which meant I got smushed into her large breasts. "Hello gorgeous," Gwen smiled and then looked down at me, "And you must be Kimmy, I've heard so much about you. You are April's favorite thing to talk about." "I'm not a thing," I crossed my arms over my chest... but I was squealing with laughter in just a moment as Gwen's strong hands found my ticklish spots. "Of course you aren't, you're a beautiful Little girl, and you're the apple of your mommy's eye. You know that right? She can't go ten minutes without telling someone how wonderful you are." April blushed, and I did too. "May I hold her?" Gwen asked. "Of course," April answered without even asking me, and handed me over to Gwen. With Gwen holding me up, I was almost eye-level with April, Gwen was very tall. And she smelled like strawberries. Her hands felt strong, but soft and she had baby pink painted nails. I found her very confusing.. she was girly and not girly at the same time. "Hmm," Gwen mused, turning me this way and that, "She's pretty cute, but I'm not sure... " She rotated me so that she was looking down at the top of my head. She flipped me upside-down and my skirt fell up, exposing my diaper and making me squeal, "Is she ticklish enough?" "No!" I squealed, but Gwen was already tickling my exposed legs. I had no idea how she was even holding me up at this point considering I was upside-down, kicking and squealing and laughing, all while she tickled my legs. Each of the fingertips on her left hand had thick callouses that made the tickling even more intense. She gave me a swat on the diaper and flipped me back over, "Okay, I think you should keep her. She is pretty cute." "I like your bow," Gwen whispered in my ear as she sat me down in a Little-ready chair between her and mommy and tied a bib around my neck. I unconsciously touched the blue bow on my dress and smiled. Gwen was funny, I could see why April liked her. "So sweetie," April spread the Pasta Palace menu out in front of me, "What would you like for lunch?" "Oh, I hope it's nothing too sweet - I'm getting diabeetus from being too close to this sweet Little." "Gwen!" I giggled, "You're silly. There's no such thing as too sweet." I stuck my tongue out at her and pointed at a truly wonderous concoction on the menu.. "French Toast Mac & Cheese". "Oh. My. Goodness," Gwen stared at the picture, mouth agape. "You're kidding, right?" "Nope! And you hafta try a bite," I said firmly. I didn't know why, but it felt immediately okay to joke and tease with Gwen. She had this way about her that just set you immediately at ease. She was big, she was strong, she looked like she was the sort of person who would take a stand at a moment's notice... but she was also soft and gentle and funny. "Hey," Gwen leaned down and whispered to me, "Is it okay if I kiss your mommy?" I nodded. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this. This was actually what I had been worried about this whole time. I loved April in a way I'd never loved anyone before. How would it feel to see someone else kissing her? On the other hand, Gwen seemed very nice... Gwen leaned in and gave April a soft kiss on the lips, gentle, tender, caring. This was not their first kiss. The two of them were so opposite.. Gwen was so out there, so take-me-or-leave-me, so unapologetic, and April was... mommy. Kind, sweet, gentle, beautiful... and seeing them kiss felt.. nice. It didn't feel bad like I thought it would. You could see how happy it made them both, and I wanted April to be happy. When they broke the kiss, April looked at me to see if I was okay. I smiled at her and she lit up like the sun. I had a feeling she would have broken it off with Gwen then and there if I had asked... but honestly, Gwen seemed interesting and I wanted to get to know her better. Gwen ordered a cajun chicken mac and cheese, mommy ordered the traditional, and I got the French Toast kind. It was just as wonderful as I had hoped, and Gwen did try a bite of mine... she hated it just as she expected, but she tried it just the same. Through peals of laughter they took turns feeding me bites of my French Toast Mac, they kept it coming so fast that it was hard to keep up. Before I was done with a bite, there was another fork waiting. They were doing it on purpose! When I finished, the bib was covered in fallen noodles and sugar. Something about the fun while eating made it taste even better. "May I?" Gwen asked, holding up a bottle. She was asking me, not April. I nodded and found myself cradled in her arms. She stood and held the bottle to my lips. I closed my eyes and accepted the nipple, washing down the tasty lunch with the sweet juice. Resting in Gwen's arms felt different, it felt solid - like a comfy hammock made out of the softest steel cables. Gwen felt reliable, like she'd never drop me, but at the same time she was gentle. Her strawberry smell floated over me and I smiled.. her heart was beating fast. Gwen was nervous? Why would she be nervous? When the bottle was empty, I just smiled up at Gwen. I felt bad that she was nervous... she pulled the bottle away and put my over her shoulder, and started patting my back gently. "Gwen, you don't have to.. " I started to protest... and then I burped. "Um, thanks." I blushed a brilliant red and buried my face in her neck. "She's so tiny," Gwen cooed as she set me back in the Littles' seat, "She's smaller than Joanne's Little." She stroked my cheek, "She's a sweetie, April." "Who's Joanne?" I asked, April just smiled, looking proud. "Just a friend of mine, sweetie. I don't actually know too many people who have a Little, and April's certainly the first one I've dated. Most musicians can't devote the time a Little needs." "What instrument do you play? Are you a studio musician like mommy?" "I play the bass," Gwen smiled at me and sat down, making eye contact with me while she talked, "And no, I play in a local band, mostly for fun. I'm a hair stylist to pay the bills." "Oh, I bet you're good at that," I smiled back, "Your hair is really cool!" April was just watching us interact with a small smile on her face. I could tell that she was very happy that Gwen and I were getting along. "So, am I the first Little you've held?" "No, I've held Joanne's Little Will a few times, but you're much smaller than he is. I'm.. pretty big," Gwen had a bit of sadness in her smile there, I could tell she was a little sensitive about her size. "It's strange to hold someone so small. You're also much more of a conversationalist than Will, he doesn't really like talking to anyone but Joanne." "Oh," I frowned a bit, "everyone says I talk better than they expect, but I don't understand it.. how else would I talk? I'm an adult, or at least I was where I'm from. All Littles are, aren't they? Melanie talks just fine, too." "Sweetie," April stroked my hair, "Most Littles come here very damaged. Emotionally or physically or both. We don't decide what size you come to us as, you do. Generally the smaller the Little, the more damaged they are, the more care they need... and most your size have a lot of problems with anger and sadness. That's why the regression foods are so popular.. some Littles need help letting go before they can heal. I'm glad you haven't, you're progressing nicely all on your own. You're blooming with just love. And Melanie only talks to us, Lisa says she's totally silent around other Amazons and Littles alike." "Oh," I felt bad for Melanie, I knew why she was sad and hurting. I wondered what was wrong with the Littles at the daycare. "She is too sweet, April," Gwen fawned, taking a turn to stroke my hair as well, "Look at those little wheels turning, she really feels for her fellow Littles, doesn't she?" "All of them could if we let them," April said softly. "You're such a prog, it's one of the things that makes you so wonderful." "Prog?" I asked. "Progressive, sweetie," April smiled softly, "there's a lot in this area - we think that Littles need love and understanding more than control and correction. Lisa wasn't one of us until she met you." She winked at me. "I'm a prog, but for different reasons," Gwen looked at me, "I don't have a Little and I'll be honest, I don't know many so I don't exactly march for Little Rights.. but I'm genderfluid and that's something that still isn't easily understood by most." "Oh, what's that mean?" "I don't consider myself male or female, I'm something in between. It's hard for a lot of people to comprehend. Sometimes it makes things hard, it's tough when people don't understand you." April reached for Gwen's hands and held them gently. Her heart was so big, she loved everyone. Was there something about her that drew her to people who were hurting? My heart was swelling with love and admiration for her, she never judged a book by its cover, she always seemed to look deeper to the person beyond the surface. She always tried to understand every perspective... and she was really good at it. I thought back to all the times she had calmed my outbursts and explained how other people saw things. I wished I could be like her. "Well, that was a good meal - how about a trip to the park?" Gwen stretched, "There's one with a Little-safe playground not far from here. I see it on my way to work." "It's early yet, I think that sounds nice," April smiled, squeezing Gwen's hand, "Are you sure you don't mind us monopolizing your time?" "I can't think of a better way to spend it," Gwen looked down at me. The park really didn't sound great to me, Littles playing on a playground in public, Amazons watching over them... plus, I frowned a bit as I flooded my diaper again. I needed a change, and a public one did not sound like fun. "If that's okay with you, Kimmy?" "Um, I um.. " Gwen looked crestfallen as I stammered, "Can I get a change before we go?" I blushed, looking down.
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    80.) It was a long time before the large tub of water went cold. A long time. The static of the music had faded away. There was nothing around anymore. Some of the tea lights had fizzled out in the hours that passed. I sat in the dark, looking around quietly. No Nora. I'd fallen asleep…? I shivered in the water and pulled myself out of the tub. I looked at myself in the mirror, at my bare body, at my chest, at my stomach, at the hair on my privates. The rash around the hair was nearly gone. I guess baths helped more than I thought. I wrapped myself in a towel from the rack and poked my head out of the bathroom. The hallway was clear, and the door to the nursery where the girls slept was open a little ways down, and further still came the sounds of… singing? Yup. Singing. Anni singing, and obviously quite enjoying herself, doing whatever it was she was doing. Actually, the girl seemed to have quite a lovely voice, all in all! Neither the maid, nor the Lady of the House, seemed to be about, though, and that left the newest member of the household with some level autonomy. In the hall, a heating vent gently wafted warm air upwards, and to a girl that had just gotten out of the bath, it might have seemed like heaven. I stood in the air of the vent for a minute, drying myself on the leftover areas of my towel that weren't wrapped around my body. I heard Anni singing from the other room. I wondered where everyone had gone. When I was content, I continued down the hall to find Anni. "Hi, Josie!" Anni was dressed up as a princess. And by that, she was wearing an emerald dress that was far too big for her (how big must it have been? - it must have been custom made to be oversized) and a tiara, and had pink lipstick on her otherwise unblemished face. There was a large chest of dress-up clothes open by the wall and many were now strewn all over the floor. "I'm a princess today, uhhuh! Wanna be a princess too?" “Um…" I looked around the room nervously, biting my lip. "I guess so…" Where was Nora? What about Marta? Should Anni be left alone like this? Maybe they expected me to babysit. But I wasn't sure I felt like I could. If there was any time to run, now would be it… but I couldn't run away naked, could I? "Um…" It was Anni's turn for ambiguous noises now and she looked nervous. "You need a diapee or you might wets on the dresses! You wait wight here an' I'll go gets Miss Marta, uhhuh." The girl in the emerald dress quickly ran out through the door, leaving Josie alone with the chest of cloths and the words still ringing in her ears. "Wait, I…" But Anni had run out of the room. I stood nervously in the room. The same room I was familiar with, with the powder blue walls. The trunk was new - it was probably hidden in a closet or something. I went over to the trunk and looked inside, biting my lip. Dresses. Tiaras. How cute… Josie was left alone with the trunk for a while — ten minutes, perhaps, and by the time Marta came down the hall — she'd laid the towel down on the floor by the trunk to keep the carpet dry, and was sitting there, naked as the day she was born, looking through the different dress-up options. "Hello, Little Princess Josie. Is there something you'd like in there? I think dressing up can be quite fun, don't you?" I covered my body with one of the dresses and looked up at the woman with a pout. I had gotten distracted. I forgot I wasn't wearing anything… how does someone even forget that? I was so out of it today… "I'm just gonna play with Anni… it's not a big deal…" Adults play dress up all the time! "Very well, Little Princess Josie. But it would be prudent for me to at least get you in some appropriate under-clothes," meaning diaper, because babies had no use for panties, or bras for that matter, "before you get started. And to brush your hair and put it up, at the least." All simple things that an adult would instruct a very young child of, and also all simple things that Josie would typically put up a fuss over. "I guess…" That made sense, right? I mean, my hair was wet. And if I was going to be a princess I needed it pinned up. My cheeks were a little pink as I picked the towel up off the floor, wrapping it around myself. "But then I'm going to play…" No protest to the concept of the diaper, no protest to the concept of her hair. Such progress. Marta smiled. "Come now, Little Princess Josie, and I'll have you back and ready to play in no time at all." Play. Play with Anni. More childish terms. Whatever the session in the bathroom was out to accomplish, it seemed quite successful — more than enough so to warrant the exhaustion that Nora had suffered after, which was why she was now napping. Then again, they had been in there together for two hours, and then it was another half an hour beyond that when Josie emerged. Marta had taken me back to the room with the cribs. It looked like mine was dry now. Mine? No. Rissa's… I bit my lip and went back over to Marta, who was setting up the changing table. Then I remembered what she said about underclothes. "H-hey… I don't need… I can just wear panties. I haven't had milk since this morning. I swear…" "Yes, Little Princess Josie, that's true — but you wear diapers all the time, because that way it's not a humiliating exception at the times when you need them. It helps you to feel better about your bedwetting." Those statements were said with such… absoluteness. Like they couldn't not be true. Marta reached down under the changing table to fetch the pink diaper and set it down by the side of the table, in sight of the girl. "It's just underwear, not a big deal. Come now." A pink diaper…? I felt my cheeks get a little brighter and I shook my head. I… I didn't… "I'm… I'm not…" I hadn't wet the bed in… I mean, last night, and… and I guess the night before, but… wait, had I the night before that? It was foggy… hard to remember. I played with my fingers in front of me, trying to think… "I don't need..." The maids tone turned stern, not harsh, just stern the way an adult would be with a finicky child. Condescending would be the term if used with an adult, but then again, Josie was not an adult. "Little Miss, would you like to make a fuss, or would you like to go back and play with your sister? Up on the table right this moment." Marta could be stern, it seemed, and when she did, it was quite believable! I climbed up on the little table with red cheeks and played with the bracelet on my wrist. The towel was still wrapped around me, but Marta took it away. She helped me lay down and I tried to cover up what parts of me my pubic hair couldn't do on it's own. "This is so stupid…" Marta smiled and squeezed the bracelet in the two places as she spoke. "Josie is Pretty." And then the pause. "And this is not stupid, Little Princess Josie, this is a normal part of your life and who you are, you don't need to make a fuss of it." The maid started to unfold the diaper in her hands, making sure that Josie was able to see it the entire time, though her eyes were glossy. The nerves went away. The sensations of anxiety and stupidity went away. I was calm and the room was colorful and Marta was a blob of niceness until the defining lines came back. She moved my hands away from my body and assessed my skin. I knew that despite the bath, some of the rash persisted. I tried to close my legs, but the woman ran her fingers across the hair between them. I shivered. "I… it's fine…" One of Marta’s hands pushed a pacifier between Josie’s lips, an the other opened a drawer in the changing table. Thee was the sound of air discharging, and shortly thereafter, a cool, slightly tingly gel was touched to the girls pubic hair. Gel that was slowly rubbed in by the dutiful hand of the maid. A girl her age had no right having public hair, and regular diaper usage would meant she'd be so much better without it. The gentle depilatory cream wouldn't burn like normal, it wouldn't cause irritation. It would stay on for a moment, and then the diaper would go on, and the next time she was changed, all the hair would go away with it. I wiggled uncomfortably as the cool cream was rubbed into place. I bit on the pacifier and sucked it nervously. All in all, for a situation as fucked up as this, I was surprisingly calm. She lifted my legs by the ankles, which made me whimper in surprise, and positioned the pink diaper underneath me. Without any further argument, she pulled it between my legs and taped it in place. The padding of the diaper would eventually work away all the gel cream, and take the hair with it, leaving her smooth and hairless by the time she needed changing, but Josie didn't know any of that. For all she knew, it was for her rash. "Such a good girl, Josie!" Marta was sure to show glee, smiling at the girl, knowing the pride it would give her. "Let's get your hair up and a cute cami-top on you, and then you can go play dress-ups, okay?" "Uh, my… my corset…" Marta helped me off the table and I stood awkwardly in the diaper. I didn't need diapers. I didn't wear diapers! I wasn't… this wasn't… right… but I couldn't figure out why. I just knew it wasn't. But what was I supposed to do? It was just a stupid diaper… it didn't mean anything… "Oh, yes, that's quite a lovely idea, Little Princess Josie." More glee. Happiness. Reinforcement. Marta went to the closet in the room, and took the corset down off a hanger, holding it up for Josie to see. "Stand here for me, Princess, turn around, and raise your arms." The corset was a useful tool — not something at all childish, but something usable to represent happiness and control. Despite the adult connotations, it would definitely be a net gain in the pursuit of her treatment. I looked silly. The corset had pink lace around it, which matched the diaper very well. But ultimately, I looked ridiculous with my top half so adult and the bottom so childish. I didn't know what to say… "Um… um… can… can I have a dress, or…" "You'll be dressing up with Miss Anni." "…right…" I forgot. "Sit down by the desk, Princess Josie, and I'll put your hair up out of the way so you're free to play as you please." Actually, her hair wasn't even very wet, but putting up of the hair was a very childish thing; basically 'we're getting this out of the way for now because it doesn't mean anything either way to you but it's easier for me to deal with it if you don't make a mess of it'. Parent logic. Simple logic. I sat on the little bench by the vanity and Marta pulled up a chair. It seemed like this exact place was almost made for a parent doing their child's hair. I sat quietly, looking at my hands, as the woman played with my hair. She teased it and tugged it until it was in two low pigtails. In the mirror in front of me - even without the diaper visible - I still looked like such a child… "There we are, Little Princess Josie. You look very pretty, and I'm sure you'll look even prettier once you're done with dress-ups — we can take some photos for your Momma” - it was the first time the maid hadn't said The Lady of the House, when referring to Nora - "and show her what a pretty girl you are. Go on now, Miss Anni is waiting for you, I expect." "…you're crazy," I muttered, getting up from the stool and heading down the hall. I looked at the diaper between my legs, crinkling as I walked. Marta was crazy thinking I'd let her take pictures of me like this. And she was crazy thinking I was going to wear these stupid diapers. I just… it was one time, because I was tired, and I didn't want to argue! Plus, I wanted to play with Anni…
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    76.) "Josie. Do you know what the term Involuntary Commitment means, in the context of a girl whom tried to take her own life?" She was a smart girl — even if she wasn't inherently familiar with the term, the words themselves weren't the hardest things in the world to figure out the meaning of when placed together. The woman sipped at her after-dinner coffee and watched as Josie stopped in her tracks. "…you're not an institution." "I am, actually." …what the fuck? "…you need a confession." I'd seen enough TV shows. If you say you took too many pills on accident. Or you didn't understand how to read the label. Or if you thought the pills weren't dangerous. They can't keep you. Not unless you confess. "I didn't try to hurt myself, Nora. I was confused. I was tired." "With the degree of your break, it would not take very much to convince a magistrate that you are not currently capable of caring for yourself, in which case I will be awarded legal guardianship over you, and you will complete my program, in full, to my satisfaction. There will be no option for a partially deferred program." The woman sipped her coffee again and then set it down with a small sigh. "I have a proven track record of results, Josie. You pleaded for my help, and now I will provide it. How I do so, and with how much freedom I allow you, is up to you and your actions." "I'm not like these girls," I said evenly, putting my white gloved hands down on the table. "I'm not one of your… your… patients. I'm fine! And I'm not going to let you turn me into what you turned Rissa into! What, you think because I have a soft spot for kids’ shows and sippy cups I'm going to piss myself?" I certainly had done it enough… "If you want my cooperation, you'll agree to my terms. I'm meeting you half way." "…you hate Rissa at the moment, don't you? You can only reconcile who she was in that place, the things she did there — a person she wasn't even truly meant to be, because that man made her that way. And yet, you choose to see her as that, and not as the sweet little girl who cried for you, who longed to help you, who told me all about you." This wasn't a guilt thing, though, oh no. This was much different. "All your priorities and rankings and ideas are out of order in your head, Josie — you had everything poured in together, and took the minimum pieces required to make someone, and that's who you decided to be. You're not whole, you're simply functional." "That's not your call." "It is, actually." I threw the gloves off my hands onto the floor and stared at the woman with the most intense frustration. I wasn't sure I'd ever been this angry in my entire life. "Rissa is my own fucking business! Were you there? Were you getting fucked every day and not knowing what it was? Did you have her hand inside you? Did she make you think she tattled every time you didn't fuck her well enough?" I was screaming. I was angry. "And Kriss watched. She sat there and let it fucking happen. And you're no saint - keeping me here against my goddamn will? What fucked up people are Anni and Marta, huh? No. I've endured enough bullshit for a whole fucking eternity, and I'm done with it! I'm done with all of it! I'm going home." The woman stood up simply once Josie was done yelling, and waited for a moment for her to open her mouth to say something new. Her hand pressed the bracelet, and her words came simply. "Josie is Pretty." There were many things she could have done, many ways to cloud Josie’s mind beyond what she'd chosen, but none of those suited her current plans. Her other hand went to the girl’s cheek and she played with the skin, soft, tender, and stared into eyes made glassy by the yelling. "You don't want to be this way… angry… afraid. And you don't have to be." "…leave me alone," I muttered. But the fire was gone. I didn't get it. She called me pretty. No. She didn't call me anything. She called that fake name pretty. And that was enough to cool me down? I pulled away from her, stumbling back. My cheeks were pink, and I looked away from the woman. "I'm not staying… stop thinking you can change things…" "Change is arbitrary… one thing as good as the other, my Pretty Josie." This time, the words were abridged, and there was no drug, but that was okay — they were only words and that's all they needed to be. "Changing someone without their permission is bad… but fixing someone who's broken… someone who might be so broken they don't even see it… that's good." "Cut it out…" I stepped backwards again, and the woman stepped forward. I stumbled into the living room and bit my lip. Why was she doing this? Did she think her system was going to work? "I'm not Rissa," I reminded her. "I'm not going to be some baby. It's not happening. You can't fix me." "Rissa isn't a baby — she's an adult, and she's not broken anymore. No more hating herself, no more hating others, no bad memories, just experiences filed away as part of life. She's not a baby, she was brave enough to be fixed." The back of Josie’s thighs hit one of the chairs, and she fell backward into it, looking up with a mixture of fear and awe at the woman. "Are you brave enough to be fixed, my pretty little Josie? Are you brave enough to face happiness?" "I'm not Rissa!" I yelled. "She had it easy…" I had tears in my eyes, and as I looked away from the woman, they slid down my cheeks. This wasn't supposed to happen… "She was smart. She deflected. She was independent. And it sucks what happened to her, but she could save herself! She wasn't trapped in the wrong mindset! She wasn't helpless! She didn't rely on everyone else to save her, and… and… and she wasn't let down…" I rubbed the water out of my eyes. I stood up out of the chair and pushed Nora as hard as I could away from me, but she only went back half a step. "I'm not her! You can't fix me! And I'm not going to sit on the carpet playing with blocks while I suffer! I'M NOT!!!" "You're not Rissa, no! You're not, and she couldn't be Rissa while she was here, either, she had to be Ister because Rissa didn't think there was anything wrong with her, even after she almost died!" It was the first time that Josie would have seen Nora raise her voice, and it was only just a little, but enough enthusiasm to make it work. "He poisoned you, and he poisoned her, and he poisoned Kriss, too — he took away all of Kriss, and she had to make herself new from pieces of the three of you, and she still saved you in the end. You didn't have it any better or worse than any of the girls involved in that, and Kriss and Rissa both got help so what makes you think you're so much better than them? You're a beautiful stained glass window shattered into a thousand pieces and put back together in all the wrong ways and the only way to fix you is for me to take apart every little shard and start over, and that's what you begged me for, that's what you trusted me to do." I bit my lip, wiping the water from my eyes, and looked away. Why was she doing this to me? Why was I here? Why couldn't Nora just… let it go… "…I don't wanna… I don't wanna be here…" "Too damn bad." "…it's your fault… you broke me in the first place. I was… I was okay… and then… you messed it up… and that's not fair, it's not fair…" I was still crying, but the crying was coming down harder. I couldn't help myself… "I had to, because if I didn't and that had happened when you were on your own, you would've died…" And there it was… sadness, in the woman's voice. She was typically so withheld, subdued, detached professionally — but that was longing sadness. Was it because she knew Rissa? Was she too deep in? Or maybe, perhaps, it was all part of her methodology. Either way, when she wrapped her arms around Josie, the girl didn't pull away from the cuddle. "I know this is scary, but you need to trust me, I'm not out to hurt you or humiliate you…" "…it's not gonna work… I'm not fixable…" "I'll make it work," she said. I wanted to believe her, but you don't just make things work. Those words didn't mean anything. They were just more words… "I wanna go home…" "Sorry. But I'm not letting you." "…I'm not gonna cooperate… I think this whole thing is stupid…" "But you know it works, you'e just scared that you're too broken, Josie." The woman continued to hold Josie, gently playing with her hair as she hummed softly. "I've fixed dozens of girls, and Anni had literal damage to her brain, and she'll be ready to go in a few more weeks. I can help you, and fix you, so long as you let me. And even if you don't cooperate at first, I'll help you to as time goes on, and you'll be fixed. It's scary, my princess, I know that it is." "It won't work," I mumbled into her shoulder. She kept playing with my hair and I wrapped my arms around her. Maybe because, since I'd woken up, since everything had happened, she's the only person that ever showed me affection. Maybe… maybe I'd given up on affection. But when I was in her arms, I missed it... The fact of the matter was a very simple one, one the woman explained after she kissed the top of Josies head, and continued to hold her. "If it doesn't, you have nothing to lose, and if it does, you have everything to gain." The confrontation had needed to happen — it was why Nora had forced herself to be so blasé over dinner, because nothing could go forward without Josie having had her moment to scream, and to have someone scream back and then hold her.
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    Part 23 Lisa rushed into the room to find us both sitting on the floor, crying our eyes out. "Oh no! What happened? Who's hurt?" We both started talking at once through our tears, trying to explain what was going on. Lisa looked overwhelmed.. then she spotted the toy. "Did the truth toy make you two cry? What in the world were you talking about?" "Lisa! Am I dead?" I wailed. The color drained out of Lisa's face. She dropped to her knees and pulled us both in for a tight hug, but it was impossible to console both of us at the same time, we were blubbering messes. "Shhh, girls.. girls, it's okay. Nobody's dead. You're not dead. You're both here, everything's fine." She scooped us both up, one in each arm and carried us to the living room. My eyes were full of tears, I couldn't see straight, the world was spinning. And then my mouth was full of milk... the sweetest, most wonderful taste ever. It was stunningly good, it put everything else to shame.. it tasted like... love. Lisa was wiping my eyes and I could see that I was not sucking on a bottle.. I was latched on to her nipple! I started to pull away but she held my head in place gently and whispered a soft shush. I looked up.. well, sideways, but up to me, and there was Melanie on her other breast. She was breastfeeding us both at the same time.. and her milk was so... good. I felt instantly calmer, centered. She was stroking my hair and making a long "shhhhhh". I'm not sure how long I nursed.. after a while I didn't want to stop but the milk eventually stopped coming. She popped me off of her nipple with her finger, Melanie was still suckling with her eyes closed. Lisa shifted me into a sitting position and pulled me close. "Are you okay, sweetie?" Lisa asked me. I felt strange sitting next to her giant, exposed breast. "I um, yeah.. " I blushed, looking away, "I'm okay... I just... I don't remember how I got ... how I ended up with April. She's never told me and.. " "Shhh," Lisa stroked my hair, "we aren't going to talk about that. It's not my place. We can tell your mommy that you have questions when she gets here in the morning. Let's try to put it aside for now and have a good time, we're going to have a nice dinner and play some games. I know you're upset," she continued... but I actually felt really calm, "and it doesn't seem fair, but please... let's just try to have some fun." I nodded as Lisa popped Melanie off her other nipple and sat her up. Melanie rubbed her eyes sleepily while Lisa tucked away her breasts and pulled her shirt down. "It's yummy, isn't it?" Melanie asked with a sleepy grin. Both she and Lisa were looking at me intently, I wasn't getting away without answering. "Yes," I blushed fiercely and looked down, "it's really good. Thank you, Lisa." "You're welcome, sweetie. I'm just glad you're calm. Hopefully I didn't spoil your dinner just there. Speaking of which," she scooped us both up, carrying us to the kitchen, "it's time to eat!" I got the highchair and Melanie got to sit in Lisa's lap... Melanie's highchair was a lot different from mine. It had wrist cuffs both above and below the tray, and ankle cuffs underneath as well as a full carseat harness instead of just a buckle. "Do you want me to buckle you in, Kimmy?" I knew that Lisa was teasing, she couldn't help it.. but I blushed anyway. "No thank you." She chuckled lightly as she grabbed our dinners from the counter. She made... "Normal-sized sushi!" I cried out at the small plate she placed on the highchair tray. "Did you make this yourself?" "Little-sized sushi," she corrected, "and yes. I felt bad that you cuties didn't get to have any last night. It won't be as good as the restaurant's, but I hope you like it. It's really hard to make rolls this small!" She sat back down at her kitchen table with Melanie's plate along with her own and ate a sandwich while Melanie dug in. "It's good!" I smiled, it wasn't great. It was better than what you'd get at a grocery store, but it didn't come close to restaurant quality, "Thank you so much, Lisa." -- After dinner, we played for a while. Lisa really was a lot of fun, she chased us around and tickled us, and we played hide and seek, and she let us climb on her and try to tickle her... not that it worked. She gave us horsie rides and we all had a great time. When she got tired, we settled in and watched some TV. I watched the Littles Shopping Network with them... Melanie loved the show, she kept begging for all sorts of arcane torture devices. At least she was relaxing around me. I had no idea why she'd want a rocking horse with cuffs on it, though. It seemed like no time at all before it was declared to be our bedtime. Melanie had to go to bed early because my bedtime was before hers. I apologized, but she said she didn't mind. Lisa changed us into nighttime diapers.. April had forgotten to pack a nighttime diaper for me, so I was going to borrow one of Melanie's... it was incredibly thick. "Lisa, can I wear one of Melanie's thicker daytime diapers instead of this nighttime diaper?" "Nope, it's nighttime so you need a nighttime diaper," Lisa grinned as she pulled the thick padding up between my legs, forcing me bow-legged on the changing table. She taped it securely and helped me sit up. My legs stuck out at a funny angle and the padding was so thick I couldn't squeeze my legs together at all. "Besides, the thicker the diaper, the cuter the Little. That's what I always say." She zipped my sloth jammies back up and placed me into Melanie's princess crib where Melanie was already waiting in her pink bunny jammies. "Now, it's 7 PM. I let you stay up right to your bedtime, I expect you to go to sleep." "Yes Lisa," I said, looking up at her. This was a view that would never, ever become normal. I was sitting down in a crib. The white bars extended so far up there was no way I could climb them, especially not with a diaper as thick as I had on now, and there was a giant woman smiling down at me. I rarely felt as smaller than when I did sitting in a crib, being looked at by an Amazon. She laid us down, foot-to-head and covered us with a blanket. She handed Duchess Fuzzbutt to Melanie and I got Harry Otter. Seeing Melanie cuddle the toy I picked for her made me feel good. "Do you need a paci to sleep, Kimmy?" Lisa asked after popping Melanie's paci in her mouth.. a yellow one, how many pacis did this girl need? "No, Lisa," I yawned, "I don't sleep with a paci." "Okay, well you two go to sleep. We had a good end to the evening, let's not get all riled up now, okay?" Melanie and I both agreed, and Lisa walked out of the room, flipping off the light. "This is nice," Melanie said, "I'm glad you came over tonight. It's been fun. I'm sorry about... " "Let's.. let's not talk about that, I don't want to cry again," I said, banishing the thought. "You'll get breastmilk again though," Melanie teased, "Are you going to ask your mommy to breastfeed you?" My mind was filled with a vision of snuggling against April's breast the way I had been with Lisa.. with Lisa it was a little weird because she's my friend, but the milk tasted heavenly. I bet April's would be even better. Something in my wanted that very, very badly and I felt my lips twitch at the thought. "Kimmy?" Melanie called quietly, breaking me out of my fantasy, "Did you fall asleep?" "No," I was blushing, I could feel it, "I.. I really want to ask April to breastfeed me, but what if she says no?" "That," Melanie laughed softly, "is exactly what my mommy has been trying to break me of since the moment I got home." Mommy. Home. Melanie was more at home here than she had ever been.. she was in a place where she could be herself without any apology or excuse. She wanted diapers, she wanted to be babied, she even wanted to be 'forced' into it in a way. She loved it.. I was strangely jealous of her. She and Lisa were so happy. "Kimmy," Melanie interrupted my thoughts again, "You have to tell your mommy. You have to look her in the eye and say, 'Mommy, will you please breastfeed me? I want to be closer to you.'" "But what if she says no?" I repeated, a little louder, my emotions flaring, "If she said no... I'd fall apart." "What if she's waiting for you to ask? What if she's afraid of asking you? How is she supposed to know you want it? She loves you, Kimmy. You can see it in her eyes. It was really hard for her to leave tonight just because you were sad," Melanie continued, we were both sitting up and looking at each other now, "It's not fair to expect her to read your mind. She can't give you what you want if you don't ask for it." "Are you going to tell Lisa -" "My mommy," Melanie interrupted, "Call her my mommy, don't call her by her name." Melanie was strangely serious. I felt a little uncomfortable. "It's weird, Melanie... she's my friend." "She's my mommy. I'm her Little. I know she's not my mother, it's not like that. I don't even like my mother, she's a selfish, thoughtless person. But my mommy, she's wonderful. She loves me and I love her in a deeper and more meaningful way than I've ever loved anyone in my life. Kimmy, you don't know what it's like to never be able to be yourself.. and when you try, people tell you you're awful or wrong or sinful." Melanie had tears in her eyes and I leaned forward and held her tight. "Kimmy, my mommy loves ME. All of me, every bit of me, for who I am. It doesn't matter that I'm not a boy, it doesn't matter that I want to wear diapers and drink from a bottle... she loves ME." Tears were streaming down Melanie's face. I wiped them away with a fabric sloth-claw... slowly. Melanie couldn't help but laugh. "Are you going to tell your mommy that purple is your favorite color?" "Yes," Melanie blushed, "If you promise you're going to ask your mommy to breastfeed you." "Deal, I'll ask April-" "Kimmy," Melanie said with a sudden intensity, "say it." "Mellie... I can't, she's... April." "You're a Little, she's your mommy. That's the way it works here! It doesn't mean you're not in love." "But it's not the kind of love I want! I want a long walk on the beach, I want... " I blushed, "more.. I want to kiss her... I'm in love with her." I was flustered. I loved April. Deeply, in a very real way. "Kimmy," Melanie smiled softly, "nobody is saying you can't. Those feelings you have... that's love. You love April, she loves you. Love... isn't quite the same here as it was in the other place. You need to get out of your own way, Kimberly." I looked down, resting my hands in my lap... on top of my thick diaper, hidden under my sloth PJs. The cute PJs that April picked out for me. I remembered how I felt while she held me up in the air and we rubbed noses... she did love me. Just as deeply as I loved her... would that kind of love be enough? "Say it," Melanie urged softly, "Stop fighting it. She's not your mother, she's not trying to be your mother. It's not the same thing. April is your mommy. Your mommy. She loves you." "April is," I felt soft tears rolling down my face, "my mommy. My mommy loves me. She swings me around and tickles me, she carries me and cares for me. She dresses me and feeds me and protects me. She loves me. My mommy loves me." My heart felt full to bursting. "My mommy loves me!" "Yes she does," Melanie grinned at me, "Your mommy loves you. And you're going to ask her to breastfeed you, right? Don't you want to feel that close to her?" "Yes!" I stood up, "I'm going to ask my mommy to breastfeed me." It sounded so weird out loud, but the feelings felt... right. Genuine, true. She wasn't my mother, she was my mommy. She loved me in a way I never knew was possible, she'd do anything for me. She'd do anything just to spare me a bit of pain, "I'm going to ask and I hope... " The lights flipped on in the nursery. "Okay you two," Lisa's voice sounded mostly amused, but there was a hint of grumpy in there, "This doesn't sound like sleeping to me." "Sorry mommy," Melanie hid under the blanket... I was abandoned, standing up in the crib. "I'm not honestly surprised," Lisa said, walking over, "You are two cuties at a sleepover. Oh, Kimmy.. what's wrong?" She wiped the tears from my eyes. "Nothing... Aunt Lisa," I said. Her jaw dropped, "I'm okay." "Oh.... kay," Lisa said slowly, "How are you feeling?" She brushed my hair back and looked closely at me. "Little," I smiled, answering simply. "I see," Lisa chuckled, "I'm glad you two are having a good time together. But I'm serious, if you don't go to sleep, I'm going to put you both in sleepsacks and breastfeed you until you pass out." Melanie sat bolt upright. Lisa laughed, realizing the folly of her threat. "Now Mellie, I don't think Kimmy would like that as much as you would." "Mommy?" Melanie said softly, "I have something to admit but I'm afraid you'll be upset at me." "Oh sweetie, what's up?" "Mommy, my favorite color is purple.. not pink." "You... " Lisa laughed, "You thought I'd be upset about that? Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why did you tell me it was pink in the first place?" "Because girls are supposed to like pink! I mean, I do like pink.. but purple is my favorite. And you bought all this stuff already... I didn't want to seem ungrateful." "Melane, sweetie," Lisa said, reaching into the crib and stroking her cheek, "You've never seemed ungrateful to me for even a moment. I'm sorry you were worried about telling me, I'm glad you did. I want you to tell me all the things that make you happy, all the things you want. You have to tell me what you want, I want to make you happy." Her words rang in my ears... those were almost the exact same words that April.. my mommy.. the exact same words my mommy had said to me. My job was to be happy, she wanted to make me happy. Amazons got joy from happy Littles, and they got the most joy from Littles who were... well, Little. I thought of all the happiest moments I'd had with my mommy. They were all the times I was acting silly and Little and just having fun.. when I was just being happy. It was the same with Aunt Lisa, it was even the same with Miss Michelle. The Amazons in my life just wanted happy Littles, who didn't worry about things.. because things were already taken care of. "Tickle fight!" I yelled, jumping on Melanie and tickling her mercilessly. "Kimmy!" Lisa shouted, surprised by my attack. Melanie was kicking her feet and squealing. I was going to win this tickle fight. "Kimberly Morris, it is bedtime, not playtime.. do you want me to have to... " Realization spread over Aunt Lisa's face and she grabbed me and pushed me down onto my back on the mattress... and started tickling me. And Melanie! She was tickling us both, we were squirming and squealing and laughing. She didn't stop tickling us until we were having trouble breathing, tears streaming down our faces. "I guess I have no choice," she said gravely, "It's sleepsacks and breastmilk for the two of you." "Oh no!" I laid my forearm over my face, panting for breath, "Not that! Oh puh-lease Aunt Lisa don't make me drink your breastmilk! I may not survive!" "Yeah mommy," Melanie joined in, "Don't put us in sleepsacks where we'll be super comfy, that would be terrible!" Lisa was shockingly deft at getting Littles into sleepsacks - in a matter of moments Melanie was stuffed inside a pink unicorn and I found myself inside a pink teddy bear. She slid my feet in, then my arms into the sleeves inside and zipped it up. I couldn't move an inch, I was totally helpless. I squirmed in the sleepsack, I was completely at Aunt Lisa's mercy. The sleepsack didn't seem to activate the hypnotic trigger Lisa had given me... maybe because it wasn't wrapped like a swaddle, maybe because she wasn't rocking me yet, I wasn't sure. I was calm and happy, and the fact that I didn't immediately shut down caused me to give a sigh of relief. "Not the breastmilk!" I cried out, "Anything but that!" Melanie couldn't do anything but giggle. "I hate to do this to you two, but you forced my hand. If you're not going to behave and go to sleep on your own, I'm just going to have to breastfeed you like the Littles you are until you drift off to dreamland." "No no!" I cried, laughing, "We'll be good." "I know you will, darling," Aunt Lisa smiled, "You'll be asleep!" She carried the two of us Little-stuffies to the living room and sat down on the couch. She laid out pillows so we could lay on them while we nursed and laid us on them, the tops of our heads facing each other. The sleepsack was actually surpringly warm and comfy if you could get over the sense of confinement. I opened my mouth welcomingly as she guided her giant nipple between my lips. It still felt a little awkward to me, but honestly... this was really nice. I was surrendering completely to Aunt Lisa, trusting her to take care of me.. and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would never let me down. Her delicious milk flowed into my mouth again.. and I was asleep very, quickly. -- When I awoke, it was morning and I was staring into the beautiful green eyes that followed me into my dreams. "Good morning, mommy," I smiled sleepily to her. A splash of water fell on my face, she was crying. "Good morning, my darling Kimmy," she said softly, "I missed you." My mommy was beaming down at me with all the love in the world. "Mommy, are we going home?" "Soon my sweet girl, soon." "I love you, mommy. You're the best mommy ever," I yawned and closed my eyes. "And you're the best Little anyone could ever ask for." She squeezed me tightly.. and I drifted back off to sleep in her arms. The best place in the world. The best place in any world. THE END. This is the end of Act 1. Act 2 takes a seriously dark turn around Part 31. If you love this story because it's sweet and gentle and nothing really bad happens, stop here. There is more story, but it has a lot of sad and scary feelings that Act 1 just didn't have. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stopping here. You can love this story and pretend it ended right here... if you think you can take the darkness, the sad and scary, keep going... but it gets pretty bad. I think it's worth the journey, the message shines through at the end, but it's one heck of a trip.
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    I'm still working off and on with Student's Pet, however this is an idea that was stewing in my head for a long time. I don't expect to update this particular story very frequently. Because of that, however, I'm going to make each update I do make its own, self-contained story. That way if I end up leaving it by the wayside nobody will be stuck with some cliffhangery chapter that never completes itself. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy Summer's Retreat. Summer's Retreat by BabyStevie26 "These grades are abysmal," her father said. "I didn't raise a dullard. Do you expect your tutors to be pleased to find out you've wasted their time?""That-that's not-""It's not what?" Father said, his lips curled into a sneer. "Not that the work was hard? Was it just laziness, then?""No!" she said. "Some girls in my class, they needed help-""Then next time you will deny them," Father snapped. "You have enough problems of your own without contributing to others' failure."Summer closed her eyes and cried as her father's tirade continued. She begged, prayed to be somewhere, anywhere else. -------------------- Summer opened her eyes. Then blinked as nothing seemed immediately familiar.Where am I? Summer asked herself.She wasn't sure what had just happened. One moment her father was berating her for getting C's in school. The next she was someplace else entirely. Looking around she saw she was sitting on her knees on a carpet in front of a coffee table. A child's coloring book was open in front of her, overlarge crayons scattered around. A green one was in her hand. Further in front of her was a television. It was currently turned off. Reflected in the screen was the sofa directly behind Summer, as well as Summer herself.What am I wearing? Summer thought. She looked down at herself. She needed to see it with her own eyes because the image reflected the screen was simply too absurd. Yet when she looked down she saw exactly the same thing that was in the reflection.Seventeen year old Summer was wearing a pastel pink one piece dress. Its hem, sleeves, and collar were ruffled. It would've been adorable... on a preschooler or something. Which brought to mind what else she was wearing. Sitting on her knees she could tell the ruffly pink dress went barely halfway past her thighs. As a result, it was easy to see her underwear poking out. Her thick, white, padded underwear.Why am I wearing a diaper? Summer thought.Any further questions were interrupted by a woman entering the room. Summer immediately recognized the short black bob of her Aunt Jennifer, or "Aunt Jenn", as she had insisted on being called. Summer watched as her uncle's wife moved about the room, dusting the shelves. She paid Summer no mind, going about her task as if Summer were not even there.Summer kept quiet, terrified of drawing attention to herself. She liked Aunt Jenn, she really did. Yet even knowing Aunt Jenn was one of the nicest people Summer had known her mind imagined the woman seeing her and demanding to know why Summer was sitting in her home dressed like a toddler.Butterflies gathered in Summer's stomach as that image filled her mind. She found herself leaning forward to try ease the feeling. She heard a crinkling noise as she moved and realized it was the diaper wrapped around her. Aunt Jenn noticed, too. She looked directly at Summer when she heard the crinkle. Rather than the screaming tirade Summer had anticipated, Aunt Jenn smiled at her and finished her dusting without a word. Summer watched her aunt, wondering how she could take Summer's outlandish appearance in stride.Summer tried to speak up, tried to tell Aunt Jenn this wasn't what it looked like. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. She couldn't bring herself to even make a sound as Aunt Jenn went back into the kitchen.Summer's stomach had begun to feel better, so Summer straightened out of her hunched over pose and sat back down. That was when she felt something squish against her bottom half. Summer's face turned pale, then became completely red as she began to realize what a squishy sensation from a diaper had to mean. If she had any doubts, the odor that began to hit her nostrils took care of them.When… when did that happen? Summer thought. The only thing she could think of was when she leaned forward moments before. She had just thought she was nervous. Apparently it had been more than that.Now a sound did escape Summer. A soft sobbing as she began to cry. It wasn't loud, Summer had never been loud, so no one responded to her distress. Summer's self-pity was interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing, followed by a voice calling out."I'm home!" it said, breaking Summer out of her daze. She looked up an saw a young girl walk in from the front hallway. She looked just like Summer's younger cousin Bailey, except she seemed an extra foot taller than Summer remembered. She also didn't recall her cousin wearing glasses. Judging by the bag slung over Bailey's shoulder, Summer assumed she had just returned home from school. At the sight of the bag, Summer let out an involuntary whimper. Bailey's head turned to look at Summer, her head tilting one side."What's wrong, Summer?" Bailey asked with clear concern.She dropped her backpack and approached her crying, diapered, stinking cousin. Bailey's nose wrinkled as she noticed the last part. Then shook her head and sighed."Is that all it is?" Bailey ruffled Summer's hair and grinned at her. "You had me worried."Bailey walked behind Summer and lifted the back of Summer's dress. Summer felt a tug and realized only then that Bailey was checking her diaper. She heard Bailey "tsk" after a moment."Mom!" Bailey yelled out. "Summer needs a diaper change!"Summer thought she could not possibly be more mortified. Then she heard her aunt's reply."I know. I saw her in her pooping pose earlier," she called back from the kitchen. "Does it seem like she's done?""Pooping pose"? Summer thought. Her mind reeled at the implication. Was she referring to when Summer had been bent forward?Bailey looked at Summer for a few seconds before answering."Well, her face is still red, but it looks like it," she called to the kitchen. "She might have a rash, though. She's been crying.""Okay," Aunt Jenn called back. "Take her to the nursery and I'll change her when I'm done here.""Alright!" Bailey replied. She took hold of Summer's left arm. "C'mon, Summer. Let's go to your room."Bailey pulled on Summer's arm clearly trying to indicate the girl should stand up. Summer refused to move. She didn't so much fight as sit there as dead weight Bailey was not strong enough to move by force."We have to go upstairs so Mommy can change you," Bailey said as she tried to get the older girl to her feet. "Don't you want clean pants, Summer?"Summer desperately wanted just that. She just as desperately wanted to avoid moving around in dirty pants. She could feel the mess in the diaper shift and squish just from Bailey's attempts to move her. She dreaded trying to walk, let alone go up a flight of stairs, with a messy diaper smushing every step of the way.Fortunately, after a few more attempts to tug Summer to her feet, Bailey gave up."Mom! She won't move!"Summer's aunt came back into the room and saw Summer right where she'd been last, Bailey still holding her arm."In that case," she told Bailey, "go upstairs, please, and bring her changing supplies here.""'Kay." Bailey let go of Summer and got up to do as she was asked.Summer's aunt knelt down in front of the girl and smiled."It's all right, Summer," she said soothingly. "Mommy and Sissie are going to get you out of those icky pants and into a clean diaper in just a little bitty bit."She gave Summer a firm yet gentle push on her shoulder. Unlike Bailey, Aunt Jenn was strong enough to force her to move, so Summer soon found herself lying down on her left side. At that point Aunt Jenn took hold of Summer's legs, using them to help Summer turn onto her back. Summer whimpered as the motion shifted the mess around. Aunt Jenn whispered soothing nothings at her until Bailey came back down. With her head resting on the floor, Summer felt as much as heard her cousin's footsteps on the stairs and carpet as she returned."Perfect timing," Summer heard Aunt Jenn say. She then lifted Summer's legs until her bottom was off the floor. "Slip the pad under her, please."Summer's dress was hiked up past her waist as she was lowered back down. She heard something besides her diaper crinkle. She moved her head to try and see and found a plastic changing pad had been placed under her."Do you want any help?" Bailey asked as her mother got everything Bailey had brought down organized to her liking."I can handle the dirty work," Aunt Jenn replied, patting the front of the diaper Summer wore as she said it. "Keep Summer occupied, though. She's really distressed about something. Some attention from her Sissie might help.""Sure thing." Bailey sat down next to Summer's head."Hey, Summer," Bailey said in the sing-song people reserved for speaking to infants. "Look what I got!"She held a rattle over Summer's head and shook it in front of her face. Summer found herself enthralled by the jangling of the rattle. So much so she was only vaguely aware of the sound of tapes being torn. She immediately noticed the rush of the house's air conditioning on her bottom half as the diaper was opened. She closed her eyes and shuddered a little at the sensation.When the rattle stopped moving she looked at her cousin and saw her face scrunched up, clearly trying not to gag. Obviously the smell from the open diaper was getting to her. Summer couldn't help laughing at the expression on her face."You think that's funny, do you?" Bailey asked. She then started making faces at Summer, some with sounds. Summer started laughing as Bailey kept it up. Summer felt a hand grip her ankles as she started to kick."Sorry," Bailey told her mom."It's fine." Aunt Jenn pushed Summer's feet forward until her knees were at her chest."Hold her for a moment," Aunt Jenn instructed Bailey. Bailey took hold of Summer's ankles and held her legs in place. Summer couldn't see what was going on but yelped when something cold started moving across her lower body."It's weird…" Bailey said."What is?" Aunt Jenn asked."Summer's face. It's all red. It's not a sunburn and she isn't pooping anymore. It almost looks like she's blushing. Like she's embarrassed.""That is odd," Aunt Jenn replied. "I honestly can't remember Summer being embarrassed during a diaper change."Summer herself couldn't imagine not being embarrassed by a diaper change, since she didn't normally wear them at all in the first place, let alone need them changed. Obviously, her aunt and cousin thought differently. As far as they were concerned, she soiled herself often enough to earn a nickname for when it happened. Summer wanted to tell them to stop. To stop wiping her rear end. To stop talking like she wasn't even there. To tell them that, yes, she was embarrassed at being stripped down in front of her younger cousin after soiling herself.Say something! Summer screamed at herself. You're seventeen years old, for Heaven's sake, not seventeen months!She said nothing. She did nothing. Summer laid there, with that younger cousin holding Summer's legs so her dirty bottom was on full display to her aunt. That aunt was cleaning her niece's most private areas like it was the most normal thing in the world."All clean!" Aunt Jenn announced. Bailey continued to hold Summer's legs. Summer heard more crinkling noises and only after they stopped did Bailey lower Summer's lower body back down to the floor. Summer felt her bottom rest on something soft. Before she could register the obvious, Aunt Jenn was already sprinkling powder on Summer's lower half. After that she took the front of the clean diaper and folded it over Summer's front.Once it was secured, Aunt Jenn took Summer's hands and pulled her back up into a sitting position. Before standing up herself, she gave Summer a kiss on the forehead."All better now, huh?" she asked. She stood up before Summer could think of answering, revealing to Summer she was likely not expecting one."Do you have homework, Bailey?" she asked, turning her attention to her daughter."Just a little," Bailey said. "I'll have it done before dinner."Aunt Jenn agreed to that and went back to whatever she'd been up to in the kitchen. Bailey didn't leave. Instead she got her backpack. Summer flinched when Bailey plopped it down next to the coffee table. Bailey sat on her knees on the carpet next to Summer and began working. Summer sat passively and watched as her cousin worked on math. It seemed more advanced than the fourth grade math she remembered taking. That was when she noticed one corner of the worksheet Bailey was using. On it was what looked like a teacher's name. Below it were the words "sixth grade.""Sixth?" Summer asked out loud. Bailey looked up, then back down at her paper as she followed Summer's gaze."Yep, that's a six." Bailey smiled at Summer. "That's there to show I'm in sixth grade."Summer stared, but said nothing further. Bailey went back to her work, leaving Summer to her thoughts.Since when is Bailey in sixth grade? Summer thought. Then again? Since when is Bailey suddenly a foot taller than she used to be? Since when did she wear glasses?Summer began looking around the room more. This time she was looking for something specific. She saw a clock and a few digital displays on some of the electronics, but all of them only had the time. That alone wouldn't confirm what she had begun to suspect.The kitchen! Summer thought. She stood up from the coffee table and began walking to the kitchen where her Aunt Jenn was currently cleaning the counter tops. Summer winced as she heard the diaper crinkle with her every motion. Bailey watched for a moment then went back to her schoolwork. In the kitchen, Summer looked around, trying to find what she was after.There, Summer found a calendar on the wall next to the pantry. On the bottom was the month and various little notes written in, such as Summer herself having a doctor appointment on the sixteenth. On the top page, mixed in with a picture of frolicking puppies, was a four digit number. Summer looked at the last digit and began to panic.Two years? she thought. The calendar's year was two years ahead of what she could last remember. She had been right, there was a gap. A gap of two years. Two years in which her cousin had hit at least one growth spurt and entered the tail end of elementary school. Two years during which she had been prescribed glasses. Two years during which Summer had become an overgrown baby.Summer tried to remember anything she could from before today. Everything was hazy at best. She could remember Mommy-no, Aunt Jenn singing to her. Bailey playing with her. Daddy… no, Uncle Henry managing to carry her. None of the memories were clear. Rather they were apparently things that happened enough she could remember them through sheer frequency. The first memory she could recall with any clarity involved her father.As the memory of his scowling face entered Summer's mind, she squatted into a fetal position, burying her head in her legs and starting to sob."Summer?!" Summer heard her aunt's voice as if it were far away. She didn't even notice the woman bend over and wrap her arms around the girl."I'll do better, Daddy," Summer moaned."You always say that," she heard her father's voice answer, "and you always fail to keep your word. You often do worse than before. Does that make you an idiot, a liar, or both?"Summer sobbed loudly. Instinctively leaning into Aunt Jenn's embrace. "I'll do better!" she sobbed."It's all right, sweetheart. Everything's all right." Soothed by her aunt's voice, Summer gradually quieted down."Mom, is Summer okay?" Bailey asked from the kitchen doorway."I think she had some kind of flashback," Aunt Jenn explained. She helped Summer to her feet and helped her into the living room. She laid Summer down in on a blanket on the floor. She went back to the kitchen, leaving Bailey with the older girl just long enough to return with a bottle."Drink this, sweetie, you'll feel better." Aunt Jenn handed Summer the bottle and helped hold it to the girl's lips. Inside the bottle was sweet juice that Summer began to suck down greedily. As she did, she heard Aunt Jenn start to sing, and everything become hazy again. -------------------- Summer awoke to a smell much nicer than a dirty diaper. I'm the distance, she heard sizzling she realized was coming from the kitchen. Someone was cooking. "Look who's awake," Summer heard a man's voice ask. Her eyes went to the sofa where she saw her Uncle Henry. He had something in his hands. Next to him, holding the same thing, was Bailey. She was intently focused on the television. Summer turned her head in that direction and saw a colorful video game on the screen. She got caught up in it herself for a moment. So much so she didn't notice the game pause nor Bailey kneel down where she lay. "Hey, sleepyhead," Bailey tickled Summer lightly across her belly. Summer laughed and tried to pull her dress down to cover herself. "Don't excite her too much," Uncle Henry told her. "Her late nap is already going to make her impossible at bedtime." The ticking stopped. Once Summer blinked away the tears she saw Bailey looking at her father with a serious expression on her face. "You didn't see her this afternoon," Bailey told him. "She needed that nap. She's already in a better mood now." "I know that, sweetheart." Uncle Henry pressed buttons on what Summer now realized was a game controller and behind her the TV went dark. "You and your mother were quite clear. How's Summer's diaper?" Bailey rested a hand on the front of Summer's diaper for a moment. "Wet, but just a little," Bailey said. Summer tensed. "Mom's giving her a bath tonight and she's already pooped, so she'll keep." Summer moved around a little, squeezing her legs together and squirming. Indeed, the padding felt different than she remembered when Aunt Jenn had diapered her before. Summer realized she had wet herself in her sleep. An image entered Summer's mind at that realization. A memory of herself, late at night. A memory of a maid wordlessly stripping sheets off a bed. Standing at the door, silhouetted by the light in the hallway, was her father. She didn't need to see his face clearly to know it was scowling, or maybe sneering at his ten year-old daughter's lack of control. He blocked the door, preventing the maid from leaving until Summer, already full of shame from her accident, removed her wet panties and nightdress and handed them over. "Bubble kissie!" A shout suddenly interrupted Summer's thoughts as Bailey blew a raspberry on Summer's stomach. Summer squealed in a way she couldn't remember ever doing before. "You keep that up and you're the one staying up with her if she doesn't want to go to sleep," Summer heard her Aunt Jenn say from the kitchen door. "Dinner's about ready, so get Summer seated." Bailey complied, taking Summer's hands in her own and helping her sit up. This time Summer didn't resist when Bailey pulled on her to suggest she stand up. Bailey let Summer to the dining room, where four chairs were set up. Summer was guided to one chair and told to sit down. She did and was promptly reminded of her wet diaper as it squished under her. "Oh, please," Bailey said dismissively at the expression on Summer's face. "You've sat in worse." Says you, Summer did not say out loud. Of course, if she had indeed spent two years as a baby, Bailey was probably right about that. Bailey tied a bib around Summer's neck while Aunt Jenn and Uncle Henry brought plates over. Summer immediately noticed three differences between her plate and the rest of the family. Her meat was already cut up, her drink was in a plastic sippy cup, and there was a noticeable lack of metal silverware. While even Bailey used a knife and fork to cut into what looked like chicken, her elbow precariously close to her glass of juice, Summer had an oversized spork and the next closest thing to a baby bottle. She took a few stabs at the meat and eventually managed a couple bites. Then she started getting frustrated and began just eating her chicken by hand. "Two bites before abandoning the fork," Bailey said. "That's a record." "She's feeding herself this time, at least," Uncle Henry said. "She's been a lot better lately about needing to be hand fed," Aunt Jenn said. Summer froze, suddenly self conscious with everyone's attention on her eating habits. "You're fine, Summer," Uncle Henry assured her with a smile. "Keep eating." Reluctantly, Summer continued eating her food by hand. Summer didn't take part in any of the conversation, nor was she apparently expected to. The grown-ups talked about their days at home, work, and school respectively and left the baby to herself except to wipe her hands and face when she finished. Summer stayed in her seat, unsure whether she was excused and not sure how to ask. Everyone else, slowed by conversation and having to actually cut up their food, was still eating. Bailey seemed to hit a particularly stubborn bit of chicken as she was struggling to cut it. When she finally succeeded, her arm slipped and sent her elbow right into her glass, sending it crashing to the floor. "Bailey!" Aunt Jenn exclaimed. "Sorry!" Bailey said as her father moved to start cleaning the glass and spilled juice off the floor. Summer felt a hand clamp on to her shoulder and turned to see Aunt Jenn holding it, pushing down if Summer tried to move, and risk her bare feet around broken glass. "How many times have we told you to be careful about your glass?" Aunt Jenn scolded. "Sorry!" Bailey said again. "I didn't notice it was right there." "That's my point, Bailey. You've said over and over you'd be more careful, now look." Aunt Jenn sighed in frustration. As Summer watched her cousin's expression fall as her mother scolded her, a strange sensation came over Summer. She blinked several times, only for her vision to blur each time. She brought a hand up to her face and felt the tears running down it. "How many times have you been told?" A voice rang in her head. "Obviously you weren't thinking!" "Is this all your promises are worth?" "Bailey's good!" A voice cried out. Summer realized it was her own. "Bailey's good," she repeated. "Bailey played with me! Don't yell!" Everyone stopped to like at Summer. Then Summer, her voice much quieter, said "Please don't yell." Summer closed her eyes and began to sob. For a moment the only sounds were her crying and her uncle's continued collecting of broken glass. After a few moments of that, Summer felt a weight on her legs. Summer opened her eyes to see Bailey sitting in lap, looking up at her. She grabbed a napkin from the table and dabbed Summer's tears with it. Summer wrapped her arms around Bailey and squeezed. "Don't cry, Summer," Bailey said. "Mommy's not yelling. She's just a little upset, that's all. Sissie isn't in trouble…" Bailey hesitated at that, then looked to her mother. "Um… I'm not, am I?" "No," Aunt Jenn replied. Then took one of Summer's hands in hers. "Even if you were, I certainly couldn't punish you now, could I?" Mother and daughter chuckled. "Still, if this happens again, Summer won't be the only one using a sippy cup at the dinner table for a while." "Mom!" Bailey's face went red. "I'm not kidding," Aunt Jenn insisted through a big grin. "If you don't start shaping up, Summer will graduate to big girl cups again before you do." Bailey glared, but Summer didn't feel that same tension from a few moments ago. While they spoke Uncle Henry had finished cleaning the glass and the spill, brought Bailey a new drink, this time in a plastic cup, and everyone soon resumed eating. The only difference was Summer couldn't bring herself to let go of Bailey, forcing Bailey to finish her meal from Summer's lap. After dinner, the family moved to the living room and sat together. The television was on, but Summer didn't pay it any attention. Bailey insisted on playing peek-a-boo with her. Bailey spiced it up by doing things like funny faces or "bubble kisses" when she uncovered Summer's eyes. Summer's aunt and uncle watched a movie, content to let the children entertain themselves. Some hours later, the movie was done and Bailey had gone through more rounds of peek-a-boo, some pattycake, and rolling a ball. Aunt Jenn took Summer to the bathroom and gave her a bath. The bath was uneventful, other than Uncle Henry walking in to ask her aunt something. Nobody noticed Summer's embarrassment, as nobody really looked in her direction or seemed to care she was naked as the day she was born. Similarly, after the bath, Aunt Jenn dried Summer then led her, still nude, to her own room to be dressed for bed. Once Summer got a good look at her room, she became too surprised to be embarrassed. It was, for all intents and purposes, a gigantic nursery. Against the left wall was a bed with a raised mattress and bars that raised or lowered on tracks set into the headboard and footboard. To Summer's eye it looked like those bars could go nearly to the ceiling to make sure no large errant babies got out of bed without supervision. On the opposite wall was a long bench or table. Summer saw underneath there were several large diapers, boxes of wipes, and bottles of lotion and powder. On the floor in the room's center was a playmat with a few soft toys and blocks scattered around it. On the wall opposite the door, under the window, was an open toy box. Baby cartoon characters decorated the walls all around, which were painted a pastel pink. Other furniture, such as a nightstand and bookshelf, were lined up around the room. Summer was so busy gawking at it all she paid no attention to Aunt Jenn leading her to what she was only just realizing was a changing table and made her lie down on it. Just like in the living room, Aunt Jenn put a new diaper underneath Summer and taped it onto her after applying powder and lotion. As her aunt had her stand up, Summer was quick to notice that this diaper was even thicker than the ones she had worn already. As she marveled at that, Aunt Jenn got Summer dressed for bed. The first thing her aunt did was guide Summer's arms through the straps of a bra that, once in place, Aunt Jenn fastened from behind. Summer giggled at the idea of a baby in a bra, then realized there were probably practical issues of physical support or comfort that could not be ignored just because she didn't act like a young adult. Lost in her thoughts, Summer didn't pay attention as Aunt Jenn pulled another piece of clothing from the dresser. This one she knelt down and navigate Summer's feet into one at a time. Summer supported herself with her aunt's shoulders. Once that was done. She lifted the garment up the length of Summer's body and guided the girl's arms into sleeves on the front. That was when Summer realized she was being dressed in an adult sized footed sleeper. One that zipped up in the back, as her aunt's next step was to stand behind Summer and zip her up. Summer's attempt to reach for the zipper herself got her hands lightly slapped away, but not before she felt a button where the zipper was supposed to end. Finally, Aunt Jenn led Summer to the bed and had her lay down on it. As she raised the bars, Bailey entered the room with a baby bottle in her hands. She passed it to Summer through the crib bars. This time the bottle was just regular water. Regardless, Summer was thirsty enough to put the bottle to her lips and start drinking. "You go get your pajamas on, too, Bailey," Aunt Jenn said softly. "Tell Daddy I'll be down as soon as I give Summer her lullaby." "Sure." Bailey reached through the bars one more time before she left. She brushed Summer's cheek and wished her good night. Soon after she left, Aunt Jenn began singing, just like the living room. Summer didn't fall asleep right away like before. Instead she started to think about the past several hours. So much had happened in that span of time. Summer had found herself in a diaper, a sight nobody except her seemed to find unusual in the slightest. She had soiled herself without knowing she'd done it until she sat down, only for her aunt and cousin to clean her up without a fuss. She'd lost two years of her life to what she could only assume was this second babyhood, yet when she had reacted by freaking out Aunt Jenn and Bailey had stayed by her and helped calm her. Bailey had played with and entertained her, even if they had been baby games. At dinner no one had so much as cared that she had eaten with her hands when everyone else had been using silverware. Then there was this nursery. This nursery filled with baby furniture sized to fit Summer. The adult diapers, sippy cups, and baby toys were one thing, but there was no way they just had anything like the nursery's furniture just lying around. That meant Aunt Jenn and Uncle Henry needed to have had it made specifically for Summer. She could not imagine her father doing anything even remotely like this. If she has begun acting like a giant toddler around him, he would have had her committed. "Just get her out of my sight!" Summer screwed her eyes shut at the imagined sound of his voice. This time, her father's voice seemed quieter in her head. Lesser. As if it were being drowned out by something. Then Summer opened her eyes and saw that Aunt Jenn had stopped singing and was looking at her with concern. Summer should tell them. Reveal that grown up Summer was back or, at least, coming back. She should let them know she wasn't they were treating her as anymore. She should show her family her gratitude by explaining they didn't need to take care of her like this anymore. She knew that she should. Yet… "Sing again!" she said instead. "Again!" Aunt Jenn smiled and began her lullaby anew. Summer found a stuffed animal in her crib and hugged it tight. This time she felt her eyelids begin to droop at the sound of her aunt's song. She knew she should speak up. But… Would that bring an end to all this? Summer asked herself. An end to feeling cared for, instead having to earn her place in this household. An end to being free of expectation, as she resumed the life she had been nothing but a failure in. An end to being unafraid? That question was the one that decided Summer. Whenever she thought about anything Before, she felt fear. She saw she the man she called father ready to pounce any error she made. Be it failing grades, misbehavior, lack of manners. Summer had lived knowing any fault would be presented to her as soon as her father knew of it. Now, she could poop her pants and nobody would scold her. Nobody cared if her table manners were subpar. She wasn't even expected to know what a six was! In her mind, she knew that was absurd. Her aunt and uncle and cousin wouldn't change if she did. They wouldn't go through all they clearly had if they didn't care for Summer. Yet… "Again…" Summer said softly as her eyes closed. Her aunt cleared her throat and sang one more time. This time, Summer feel asleep before Aunt Jenn finished.
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    72.) "Hi!" Anni crawled up onto the sofa next to her new sister, the girl who functionally had no name for now, and handed her a crayon and a coloring book with a smile. "I'm gonna watch Dora." Basically, in Anni speak, I'm going to watch television now, so you be quiet and color. Yes. Anni saw her as a younger sister. "…okay…" I passed her the little pink remote and played nervously with my fingers. I kept looking up at the kitchen. I kept shaking. Why wasn't she following me? Why wasn't she punishing me? Why wasn't she making me drink the bottle? Fuck, fuck, fuck… I got to my feet before I could think clearly about it and stormed back into the kitchen. I'd just keep yelling at her… "Oh, hello, Little Miss." Marta was on the floor, cleaning up the broken plate and the broken cookies with the duty appropriate for a maid. "Is there something I can get for you? I'm afraid there was an accident with the cookies, earlier, but I could cook you something else if you're hungry." "I… I wanna speak with Nora…" It wasn't getting any worse. The neediness distracted me from the memories. From the thoughts. It wasn't that bad, actually. But I just… was so thirsty. My body ached… I just wanted some milk… but it would fade. These things faded… right? "Y-you should g-get her… or… or I'll break something else…" "Oh, I don't think you'll do that. Would you like your milk, now? I put it back away in the refrigerator, but I can fetch it for you if you like, you only need to ask." Asking was important, in this stage. Though she'd force punishment upon Josie without issue, making her ask for childish things would help the most. "I don't want the stupid milk," I muttered, leaning against the wall. I just wanted the stupid milk! Why didn't she just make me have the milk! "Nora… I wanna see her…" "When she's available." This bitch was driving me crazy! "F-fucking get her! I mean it!" Marta sighed and brushed her hands on her pinafore, shaking her head. "If you'd like your milk, you'll have to ask for it. But now I'm going to need to soap your mouth, Little Miss, because you used bad words again, words that no little girl your age ought to be using." She wouldn't have to go far, either, there was a hand-soap dispenser by the kitchen sink. "…I don't want the damn milk!" …why was she making this so hard? I shook my head and, again, left the kitchen. I didn't go into the living room, though. I went down the hall - the other hall - toward the office and Nora's bedroom. I slammed open the office door first, but Nora wasn't in there. I thought she was working? I went to the bedroom next. Marta took Josie’s shoulder from behind and spun her around in place in the hall, and with her other hand, pushed the teat of the bottle between her lips, the milk flowing the moment she up-ended the bottom. Not that The Lady of the House would be disturbed; she was in her room, yes, but the door was locked and she was a remarkably deep sleeper. But Josie needed to know where her limits were. I didn't mind. It was what I wanted. I was acting out so she'd do exactly this. So I could have the bottle and keep my pride. But the bottle tasted so good, and Marta didn't let me off the wall. My eyes shined glossy and half-closed, sucking the nipple. I reached up to take the bottle myself, but Marta slapped my hand away. My knees were starting to feel weak…. "You didn't have to act out, Little Miss, you can have your milk whenever you like it, you only need ask." She was hungrily sucking it down, too, but she hadn't eaten in some time so that was to be expected. When she'd finish this bottle, Marta would move her to the living room, and then give her another to nurse with while she watched television. I whimpered, wiggling against the wall. I tried to get out between Marta and the bottle, but she kept me in place. So I stayed there, my hands at my sides, sucking. And sucking. Until the dizziness grew. Until I could barely stand, and then I literally couldn't. My knees gave out, but Marta caught me in her arms. I leaned on her quietly, a blush on my cheeks. The bottle was almost gone… "L-lemme go…" "Shh, Little Miss, finish your baba, and Miss Marta will take you to watch some pretty cartoons and give you another baba, won't that be nice? It will be nice, so very nice." Of course, once in the living room, the girl would be changed into a proper diaper, with the training panties pulled on over the top, but by then she very likely wouldn't even notice. Marta held me up against the wall until the bottle was gone. I was full. I didn't want anymore. I forgot about this part, about the difficulty thinking, about not being able to walk. I could crawl if I focused, but Marta refused to let me onto the ground. She was making damn well sure I didn't think this bottle was a reward. Marta was not a large woman, but she was strong enough to pick up Josie in her arms, propping her against her hip, and carrying her down the hall back toward the living room. One hand reached into her pinafore and produced a pacifier, a pacifier she pushed between Josie’s lips as she carried her. Foggy as she may be, she was so much calmer now, so much more serene. I sucked on the pacifier until Marta put me on the floor in the living room. I sat upright just fine, rubbing my eyes clumsily with my hands. Anni still sat on the sofa, watching TV. Marta disappeared into the other room and I pulled myself to my hands and knees. Shakily, I crawled over to the couch, but I'd only just made it when Marta pulled the pacifier from my lips. "I want to talk t-" A fresh bottle was pushed into my mouth and instinctively and immediately I sucked on it. I wasn't even thirsty! But I couldn't help it… This time, Marta allowed Josie to hold her own bottle, though she knew very well that she would not be removing it from her lips, which made it easy to do what she needed to do. As with most rooms in this area of the house, there was a tall, thin closet set into the wall, and from that, Marta fetched a diaper and powder. She returned to the girl on the floor and motioned to the television. "Watch Dora, Little Miss." "…not… w-wearing…" I sucked at the bottle nervously, trying to roll over, to swat at the woman while she lifted my dress. "…not a… baby… not wearing…" I blinked the cloudiness away, but it came rushing back. I couldn't help myself. Stupid bottle! Stupid milk! "Watch the television, Little Miss." Josie was pliable in body as she was in mind, and Marta had little trouble with pulling down the training panties to her ankles, fitting the diaper into place with ample powder, taping it up, and then tugging the already-padded underwear back up to act as a diaper cover. "Just a little extra padding for comfort, Little Miss. Doesn't that make sense?" "…stupid…" I muttered, but my eyes were watching Dora and my lips were busy drinking. When Marta left me alone, I didn't motion to lower my dress. I didn't try to cover up the diaper or take it off. I'd forgotten about it. And when the bottle was gone, I was so exhausted and flat that I couldn't even imagine moving. I just stayed there, watching TV. In this state, Luzy was an infant to Anni's toddler, and after Marta went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner, it was only the two girls left alone. And Anni took it upon herself to take care of her new baby sister, sitting with her and babbling to her about Dora, and about how it worked, and yelling at the television when prompted to by the animated little girl.
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    Part 21 "Lisa!" I exclaimed as the door opened and I lunged at her legs and wrapped myself around them. April had put me down at the door so I could stand on my own two feet when Lisa greeted us. "Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa! I'm a sloth!" "You are much, much too fast to be a sloth! You're some kind of sloth-predator in disguise," Lisa bent down to tickle me and worked in a diaper-squeeze. She was so indelicate! April had the decency to ask instead of just squeezing my crotch. I shook off the irritation, I liked Lisa too much to have my mood spoiled by something so small, "Show me your best sloth crawl." I dropped to all fours and slowly... slowly... slooooowly crawled forward, until I heard Melanie giggling from the couch. I fell over laughing and rolled on the floor to a point where I could see her. "She's in a good mood," I heard Lisa say quietly to April. "We had some sad when she woke up this morning, but she just needed some love. She's been a joy ever since," April responded, equally as quiet. Lisa shut the door behind us after April was in. Melanie struggled to climb down off the couch to join my laughing form on the floor, I got a big view of her ruffly butt as she did so. Her diapers were so thick! Trying to move in that would be torture. Melanie had her hair braided in two low pigtails that hung on either side of her face... they made her chin look too pointy, but I wasn't about to tell her that. She was wearing just a snap-crotch onesie, covered with princesses and unicorns and hearts. It was white with red ruffles at the shoulder, red trim, and a big red bow on her butt sitting above four rows of lace ruffles. I knew Lisa didn't pick that out, Melanie had the worst taste! "I love your PJs," she said after finally making it to the floor - the last few inches were a drop onto her well padded butt, but she didn't seem to mind at all, "they're so cute! Ohmygosh, they have mittens! I'm so jealous! Do you like my onesie?" "It's very cute!" It wasn't technically a lie, it was cute but it was so, so babyish. I wouldn't want to wear that, ever! "You look so happy in it." "This one is my favorite! I begged mommy to get it for me and she did!" She called Lisa 'mommy' so casually. I looked up to April and saw that she noticed, too... I felt guilty. "...cared if you dolled up or not?" I drifted back into listening to Lisa talk to April. "I don't get dressed up for Gwen's benefit, darling - I like looking good for me," April responded with a smile, it was hard to make out all of her words, but it was easy to tell that she was mostly happy. "Is Kimmy over the fact that you're going out? You said she took it pretty hard," Lisa was asking. I pretended I wasn't listening and started my slow crawl again, which made Mellie laugh. "I think so. She was just afraid that Gwen might replace her in my heart, it's just a fear of not being loved. Poor Littles, they need so much love... You shouldn't have to worry about that though, she seems fine emotionally today. Just make sure she's in bed on time." "Oh believe me," I could hear Lisa's smile even though I couldn't see it, "I'm never making that mistake again. Mellie has a similar problem, but it's 8:15 instead of 7." I slow crawled over to Mellie and started tickling her, her uncontrollable laughter was contageous, soon everyone was laughing with her. By the time I stopped, she had tears in her eyes.. and her diaper was warm, which made me blush. A timer went off from the other room as she was catching her breath. "Juice time!" Lisa declared, scooping the panting puddle of Melanie up in her arms. "Hang out just a minute, April? The book says that we have to follow a strict schedule if we want this to work well." "The book?" April groaned, "I thought we learned this lesson?" "It's fine," Lisa said as she strapped Melanie into the swing in their living room, it was the exact same as the one I had! "Mellie wants this," she continued as she strapped a device to Melanie's face.. it was a tube very similar to the one the RoboNanny forcefed me with that awful day at the LittleGarden and I watched in horror as Lisa turned the pump on and started forcefeeding nearly two gallons of what looked like a flavored water into poor Melanie. "No!" I cried out, "Don't!" I struggled to my feet and tried to run to save Mellie, but I was scooped up from behind by April, who buried my face in her breasts. "Shhhh, shhhh... " she held me tightly, "It's okay, look... " she turned me around slowly, walking over to the swing, which was gently rocking Melanie... who looked worried, not scared. "Look, Mellie is okay. It's not a robot, it's not hurting her." "But... " I started. "Mellie wants this," Lisa said softly, Melanie nodded, still drinking the juice, "this is untraining.. Melanie doesn't want to have to worry about her bladder any more, she wants to be done with the full feelings and needing to let go. She kept waking up in the middle of the night to go and couldn't get back to sleep. This is supposed to fix that, her bladder is supposed to just give up and go whenever it needs to without her having to wet herself on purpose." Lisa stroked Melanie's hair as the swing gently rocked her. That sounded awful! That was the exact opposite of what I wanted, it was the very thing I was upset about this morning. "But.. " I started again. "Shhh, Kimmy, not everyone is the same as you, not everyone wants the same things you do, and that's okay. You don't have problems at night, Melanie does. That doesn't make you wrong or her right or the other way around... it just is. We love Melanie and we want her to be happy, and this is what she wants. We're not going to do this to you, but we're also not going to stop Melanie from trying to find her own happiness.. she isn't hurting anyone, is she?" "No.. " I agreed. "Why don't you color in your book while Melanie drinks, and you two can play when she's done." I watched Melanie in the swing, she looked very relaxed. She didn't look scared.. her eyes were closed gently, not scrunched and she wasn't restrained... other than the buckle to keep her from falling out of the swing. She could pull the tube and pacifier out of her mouth if she wanted to. She... didn't want to. April sat me on the floor and pulled my activity book and crayons out of the diaper bag and set them in front of me. "I'm sure she won't be long, don't worry sweetie, she's okay." I nodded and started coloring, trying to put my focus into my art. Melanie was okay. Melanie was okay. Lisa would never hurt her, Lisa loved Melane and Melanie loved Lisa. "Are you sure you can do this?" I overheard April asking Lisa quiety, "I can cancel on Gwen, it won't be the end of the world." "No, I've got this. I can handle Kimmy, we'll be fine. I want you to have a good time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do... actually, do substantially less than I would do." April laughed and hugged her, then knelt down next to me.. I'd barely colored, I was having trouble focusing. "I'm going to go, sweetheart. I want you to be a good girl, okay?" I was on my feet and in her arms in a flash. "I love you," I said softly in her ear. I was standing on her thighs with my arms wrapped around her neck, and for a moment.. with my cheek pressed against hers like this.. I liked this. It felt normal. For a moment I could close my eyes and imagine that we were the same size as I spoke softly in her ear, "I love you so much." "I love you too, Kimberly," she squeezed me tightly and for a long moment, the world was perfect. I didn't break the embrace.. I wouldn't. I wanted this hug to last forever and ever. I.. I wanted to kiss her. "You two are so cute!" the sound of Lisa's voice followed by a camera shutter brought me back to reality. I blushed at the openness of my affection and looked into April's big green eyes, so full of love as always. The urge was still there... just lean forward and kiss her. She sat me down on my diapered butt and planted a kiss on my forehead.. and I felt tears welling up. "Oh sweetie," she drew me close again, "I'll be back before you know it. I'll... I'll be here when you wake up!" She squeezed me. "You need to go," Lisa said softly, as if I couldn't hear her, "you don't want to be here if she melts down, you'll miss your date. I can handle this." "I can't!" April had such sadness in her voice, "Can't you see she's hurting?" "Of course I can, April.. but she needs to be okay if you have to leave her alone for a bit. It's not good for her if you have to be there all the time and you know it." "I'll be okay," I said quietly, "I'm sorry I got sad.. I'm going to have lots of fun with Lisa and Melanie." "Don't ever apologize for your feelings," April said, squeezing me hard, "It's okay to be sad. It's okay to have all kinds of feelings. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm going to miss you too, Kimmy. We've had such a wonderful time together lately, I don't want to leave you for a moment." Then why are you going? I wanted to ask, but I didn't.. it would just make things harder and that wasn't fair. April gave me one more squeeze and sat me back down, standing up and looking down on me from her towering height. She's so beautiful from every angle, it hurt to watch her go as she blew me a kiss and walked out the door, leaving me behind.
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    Brianna I take a seat on the couch, passing a tea to Janice as she joins me. Murmuring her thanks, she takes a long sip from it before balancing the mug on the raised knee of her crossed legs, her attention drifting to the playpen and the chittering Little ones. At first, there had been a lot of hugging and the unintelligible words spoken had sounded sad and broken. And Hailey seemed to get quite upset; I’m still not sure what set her off to warrant the hateful look she directed at us. It was mostly focused on Janice, so I don’t think I was included, but it still makes me wonder. At least now they seem to have settled down and are now absorbed totally in each other and whatever little conversation they are having. “They seem to be getting along quite well,” Janice comments. I nod, pausing to take another drink of my tea before replying. “I’m not overly surprised; there’s a very good chance that they knew one another prior to being brought here.” Janice tilts her head. “Well, I suppose that might explain it. How did your appointments go for Hailey? She hasn’t wasted away yet so you must have at least got her drinking again.” “Yes,” I reply. “She’s eating and drinking normally now.” “Did they figure out the problem?” I nod. “Yes, Dr. Stewart was able to decipher the problem. I’m actually pretty sure he had a good idea before we even got there.” “And?” Janice prompts. I smile softly. “They’re smarter than we give them credit for, you know,” I whisper softly. “They can understand every word we say, they just can’t mimic it to talk to us.” Janice snorts. “Oh come now Brianna, they’re not that smart. Sure, Sarah reacts to a few things I say, she’s probably picked up a few words and knows her name, but we couldn’t hold a conversation.” “No,” I agree. “Because we can’t understand them. I’ve seen it firsthand, Jan. Anyways, Hailey I guess is just sensitive, emotionally, because she was technically a teenager in her world. According to Dr. Stewart, they tend to take the transition the hardest. She made a poor decision, and probably really was ill in the beginning too, but her refusal to eat and drink was her attempt to avoid using her diapers until she could figure out how to tell me she doesn’t need them.” Janice frowns. “You’re kidding, right?” I shake my head. “No. Not at all. I was pretty furious when I found out, of course, but at least we’ve got everything sorted out now.” “So what? You’re just giving her potty privileges? She acts up, misbehaves, hurts herself, and lets you stress for days, and she just gets what she wants?” I frown, pursing my lips. “You make it seem much worse than it is,” I reply. “She’s still a child, and she made a bad choice, I admit, and she did get into trouble, but if it means that much to her, it’s not that great a strain on me. She still has to stay in her diapers, and she doesn’t get those privileges at night. And in all honesty, I don’t mind it like I thought I would. I thought it would be a hassle, but it’s kind of cute.” “I think you’re being too soft on her,” Janice sniffs. I shrug. “Perhaps, but so long as I’m happy, I see no issues with making sure she’s genuinely happy also. You know I am after a deeper relationship, Jan. There’s no harm in allowing her potty privileges.” Janice shrugs, her expression neutral. “If you say so. Just don’t let her walk all over you, Brianna. You still have to show her that you’re the one in control.” I can’t help but roll my eyes. “I think that’s clear, Jan, just relax; I know what I’m doing, you know.” I rise from the couch and make my way over to the playpen to check in on the Littles. Hailey is blushing deeply, her eyes downcast and she’s tracing a finger across the bottom of the playpen, looking sheepish. She glances at Sarah and mumbles something softly, which earns her a rather exasperated sigh from Sarah. They both seem to notice me at the same time, though their reactions are quite different. Sarah shrinks down, shying away from me, her wide eyes never straying from me. Hailey on the other hand, simply stares up at me, curiosity sparkling in her brown irises, and she tilts her head up at me. I offer her a smile and reach into the playpen to ruffle her hair. “Hey Hailey, how you doing sweetheart. Do you need the potty?” Hailey’s blush deepens, her cheeks moving from rosy to deep crimson and she shakes her head. I frown slightly. While actually using her potty sometimes elicits a blush from her, she typically has no problem with asking or being asked about it. “Everything okay sweetie? Did you have an accident?” I press. It’s unlikely. She’s proven decently competent with her continence, and she would have been upset by it, but I decide to check anyways. I stand her up and pull the snappers in the seat of her romper open so I can check. Hailey squeaks, her blush deepening further, and blasts me with an unintelligible rant. She’s still dry, rather unsurprisingly, so I begin to wonder if it’s the presence of the other child that is causing her increased embarrassment. I press a kiss to her temple in response to the sheepish glare she shoots me. “Come one Hailey, let’s get you into your jacket and we’ll get ready to go.” Hailey tilts her head at me, her eyebrows furrowing. I smile and lean in to rub my nose against hers. “We’re going out for lunch,” I explain, patting her diaper as I carry her into the front sitting room, gently manipulating her arms into the jacket. Minutes later, Hailey and Sarah are buckled in side by side in their infant carriers. Janice has insisted that she drive, so I climb into the passenger seat in her car and we’re off. With the radio only playing softly, for the two of us to hear, I easily pick up on a continued conversation between Sarah and Hailey. They seem to get on quite well and it makes me wonder just who they are to one another to make them so close. Family, most likely, or extremely close friends, though the age difference makes it seem a little unlikely. I shrug it off. It’s not like it truly matters much; if they get along and it makes Hailey happy to see Sarah, then I’ve no problem with my Little niece coming over as often as Janice will allow. “Brianna, think you could reach back and put Sarah’s pacifier in? I don’t really like her chattering whilst I’m driving, so I’m trying to teach her that car time is quiet time.” I nod, twisting in my seat to reach into the backseat. I pull the shade down on Sarah’s carseat so I can see her properly in order to grab the pacifier dangling around her neck and push it between her lips. A muffled protest and some squirming follow as I get the ribbon back into place to hold it there. I gently ruffle her hair and tap on her nose. “It’s okay, Sarah, you can take it out again when we get to the restaurant, and you and Hailey can play some more, okay?” There’s no response, not that I expected one or could have understood it anyways, so I simply resettle in my seat for the remainder of the drive. Janice pulls into the nearest parking space of a rather upscale family restaurant. Each collecting our respective child, we head inside in time to make our reservation. I set Hailey down in the highchair closest to me and buckle her in with the waist strap. Janice frowns as she does the same. “I don’t like that there’s no tray. I don’t normally allow Sarah her hands at mealtime. I like to make sure she eats and doesn’t make a mess.” I chuckle as I tie one of the massive plastic bibs around Hailey’s neck. It covers most of her torso. I then set about taking her jacket off and rolling up her romper sleeves. “I think she’ll be fine. These will catch any mess. Besides, letting her feed herself will let you focus on your own meal. I’m sure she’ll be behaved.” Shedding my own coat, I take a seat in the chair. Sarah and Hailey are positioned beside one another at the head of the table, and Janice and I are seated across from one another. Janice stands there for a minute, seeming indecisive. Finally, she settles for removing Sarah’s pacifier and waving a finger in the child’s face, instructing her to be on her best behavior. Sarah nods, shying away from Janice a little, and I frown. My sister hasn’t raised her voice, just adopted a stern tone, and yet Sarah seems quite subdued and afraid. It makes me wonder if Janice might be being a tad too rough or harsh on the small girl. I don’t make a comment however, after requesting that my parenting decisions be left up to me, it’s not really my place to question hers. If either show any signs that abuse is going on, I’ll say something, but Sarah may just be timid in nature. I’m shaken from my thoughts when the server approaches inquiring about drinks. He brings with him two children’s menus. Both have cartoony pictures to list the options so that even Littles are capable of making a choice on their own. I’m not sure if Hailey can read, but it’s better this way regardless. The back is an activity and coloring sheet, so crayons are produced as well. I order myself an iced tea and request some apple juice for Hailey. Janice gets a coffee for herself and white milk for Sarah. Turning my attention to Hailey, I tap on the menu in front of her. “What would you like to eat, sweetie?” Hailey regards the menu with a neutral expression, studying it with immense focus for a long moment and I begin to wonder if she’s perhaps reading the small description blurbs beneath each option. I make a note to inquire of Dr. Stewart about the reading abilities of Littles. Finally, after a long moment of silence, Hailey points to the grilled cheese option and looks up at me, wide brown eyes searching my face, either for approval or to see if I’ll refuse. I don’t. Instead, I smile at her and press a kiss to her forehead. “Of course, sweetheart, that’s a good choice. Would you like some fries too?” Hailey’s smile grows and she nods, her small voice piping up to say two words. I recognize the first as her term for ‘yes’ and the second I’m assuming is simply ‘please’ as she often says the two together when I ask about things she might want or need. I’ve been learning a few of her words, really just a couple, as they come up frequently or in certain situations that make them mostly identifiable. I nod and then flip her menu over and nudge the crayons closer before picking up my own menu. After a few minutes of silence, Hailey speaks again, making her call for me, so I turn to look at her. Her cheeks are tinged a little pink as she says something else and I catch nothing but her terms for ‘potty’ and ‘please’. “Do you have to potty, Hailey?” I inquire. Once again, her blush deepens and she nods. Excusing myself from Janice’s company, I lift my daughter from her chair and carry her away to the bathrooms. The furthest stall has a potty seat that can be pulled down, so I set her down on it and take a step back. As usual, Hailey makes a brief attempt to make me turn around or otherwise give her a form of privacy, and once again I refuse. I don’t want her getting into anything, especially here where she could fall off the toilet and get hurt. The rebellion is over before it really even started and she sighs before relieving herself. When she’s finished, I wipe her up and praise her before pulling her diaper back into place. I’d found a special brand of true diapers that can pull up and down like pull ups due to the elastic in the waist. Hailey can’t properly pull it down on her own, but it’s more than easy for me to get it on and off her. I fix her romper back into place, flush the toilet, and wash her hands before settling her on my hip once more. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go back out and have our lunch,” I decide, nuzzling her softly. To my surprise, after a brief hesitation once more, she leans forward and presses her little lips against my skin. While I assume she was aiming for my cheek, she’s barely able to brush my jawline. Regardless, the gesture is easily received and I smile down at her. “You’re such a good girl,” I whisper. “I love you, Hailey.” I hug her close, heart beating rapidly in my chest, waves of pleasure rolling over me as I make my way back to our table.
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    first time in a proper AB nappy...
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    part 3: Kept Jeremy was exploring the house again, his diapers rustling loudly underneath his cute bunny pajamas. The spooky parts of the house did not bother him as much anymore, but he still stayed away from the bathroom. He had gotten used to his new routine now. It was still embarrassing for him to constantly be in an infantile state, especially in front of such a beautiful woman, but the boy never had this kind of affection from the opposite sex before. Giving up his dignity for this real emotional connection was worth it to him. Val seemed to be getting something out of this too, clearly fulfilled by having him there to care for. Perhaps he reminded the witch of her late lover? Whatever her reasons for keeping him, Jeremy wasn't going to fight it. For now he accepted his role, but there was still a nagging thought in the back of his mind. His silly male ego couldn't let go of the thought that he was still in a submissive position. It's not that Jeremy wanted or even thought he deserved more out of this relationship. He liked to think he was a modern man with modern ideas, but it was hard to shake the influence his father had on him. His father gave him certain ideas about what makes a man. Jeremy heard the front door. Val had come home! He scurried down the hall to greet her in the foyer, almost running on all fours as he stumbled forward. Val beamed happily at the excited boy's greeting. She held a heavy looking box. She set the box down on the middle of the floor. "I have a surprise for you. I thought maybe you might be missing your modern creature comforts." Val pulled a CRT television from the box. It was bulky and looked like it came from the late 70s. She then pulled out an old video game system and cartridges. "Huh? Yes? Isn't this fun? Now you have more toys to play with!" Jeremy looked at all this stuff, which was older than he was! Still, he appreciated the sentiment, and no girl had ever given him a gift before. He really was happy to have the gift. He hugged Val and she let out a laugh, ruffling his hair. While she had the boy clinging to her she went and pulled open the butt flap to his pajamas and checked his diaper. It was wet, but did not warrant a change yet. She clasped the flap closed again. "Why don't you set it up? I'll get your bottle ready and start making lunch." While the technology was ancient and not what he was used to he did kind of miss having something like this around. Besides, the games on his phone weren't much different from the old games people used to play on cartridges. He actually found himself having fun hooking the television and system up. He wondered if there was some kind of special store witches got their things from. For that matter, what was Val doing whenever she left the house anyway? As he played the game he thought about how he never found his backpack or his phone. He then began thinking about how he would broach the subject to Val. What was going on in the outside world since he came to this witch's cottage? When he glanced over his shoulder he saw Val approach him with a warm bottle of milk. She pushed the bottle into his mouth, holding it for him. He put down the game controller and held the bottle in his hands. Slowly he rose to his feet, holding onto the bottle and sucking down the warm milk. It settled his stomach, relaxing him. Jeremy watched Val going back to the kitchen. He waddled after her, following her. Val looked behind her as she came into her kitchen. "Did you want to help Mommy?" she asked in a sweet tone. Jeremy blushed a little and shrugged. "Well you can just keep me company I guess. There are a lot of sharp and dangerous objects here that only grown ups should be touching anyway." She pulled out a little stool and had Jeremy sit on it. Sitting on the short stool made Jeremy lower to the floor causing him to have to crane his head up to watch Val. Even though it was hard to see from his low position he got to witness Val using her magic to cut and dice vegetables. "How come you use magic for some things but not for other things?" Jeremy asked, holding his bottle in his lap. "I just do." Val stated with a shrug, "It all comes down to my preference. I was mortal once and there are some things I like doing the old fashioned way because it connects me to that part of myself." She looked down at her adorable baby boy. She patted him on the head "It's a grown-up thing. You'll understand some day." "I understand!" Jeremy pouted a little, his voice coming to a squeak. This made Val giggle and blush. She thought that pouty response was really cute. "Alright mister smarty pants, let's get you into the dining room." She picked up Jeremy, carrying him to his place at the table. She took out a bib with a picture of a black cat on it and tied it around his neck. Sitting down at the table she ate with Jeremy quietly. Jeremy thought now would be a good time to ask about his personal effects. "Mommy," he started, figuring he could butter her up with the handle, "Where's my backpack?" "Eat your food." Val didn't even look up from her plate. "But Mommy..." Jeremy whined a little. "I want my phone, and my clothes, and-" "Eat." Val narrowed her eyes at Jeremy. Defeated, Jeremy goes back to eating his food just like Val told him. He did not want to disobey or disappoint her. Whenever Valdis got angry it made Jeremy actually feel like he was being a bad little boy. He wasn't a troublemaker or anything, but he couldn't remember the last time he took orders from someone so readily. The whole reason he ran away was so that he wouldn't have to listen to anymore authority figures. Now here he was, accepting this subordinate role. Part of him was actually enjoying it too. After the meal was finished Val used the bib around Jeremy's neck to wipe his face clean. She then gathered the dishes and brought them back to the kitchen to be cleaned. Jeremy followed, waddling a bit along the way. He stood in the kitchen, watching as Val cleaned up. Her expression was blank, not really showing any anger, but she did not seem happy either. "I'm sorry, Mommy..." Jeremy mumbled. As he stood there he felt himself helplessly releasing pee into his diaper. He was only aware of what was happening until the stream was already going. He looked down at the crotch of his pajamas and listened to the faint noise of his piddle hitting the inside of the cloth. He knew Val could probably tell he was urinating. It was pointless to stop now so he let the full force of his pee stream into the diaper. It felt a little awkward to be peeing on himself after such a tense moment, but it's not like he could help it at this point. He let out a sigh as he felt the stream ebb and then stop. Val finally looked down at him. "I did not mean to yell. It's just rude to speak while eating. You should also always listen to me because I know what is best for you." The woman spoke down to Jeremy, so sure of herself. "You need to trust me when I say that everything I do for you is for your own good." Jeremy looked down at himself and then nodded. She did save his life. She could have left him to die. She could have possibly eaten him too. He heard that's something witches do. "I could give you your phone, but then I'd have to send you away. I would have to take the enchantment off of it so that you could actually use it. If someone were to track you here and find me, well, let's just say people do not have a good history of being understanding... especially when it comes to witches." She held the kitchen counter top as she spoke. She took a deep breath and the continued. "Either you will end up going away or I will. Is that what you want? I thought you were happy here. You called me Mommy." Jeremy started feeling a little guilty now. He hadn't thought about what might happen if someone tracked him down here and found the witch's home. "I really didn't mean to offend you." Jeremy spoke after a while of silence. "I want to be with you. I was just wondering what my old friends were doing back at home. If it would cause that much trouble I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather just leave my old life behind." Jeremy was sounding pretty mature in that moment. It was a little hard to take him seriously knowing he had a wet diaper on under those bunny pajamas. Val finally smiled. She let out some nervous laughter. "I am not keeping you here against your will, Jeremy. You may go any time you wish, but if you do then you may never come back here." She stared at him with her crimson glare. Her eyes watered slightly. She clearly did not want him to leave her. She opened up her heart to a new boy after so many years. Jeremy was wising up to this. He called her Mommy and made a commitment. If he were to back out now it would be too cruel. He reassured the woman with a big hug, his head nuzzling just under her chest. Val hugged her boy back. She then grabbed his butt, squishing the wet diaper against him. "Care for a change, or do you want to finish filling your diaper first?" "Um. I d-don't... feel like I need a change." Jeremy blushed as he said this, basically admitting that he wanted to stay in his wet diaper for longer. The amusing exchange did ease the tension somewhat. "Well now, how about you come with Mommy on her walk today?" Val beamed. "Okay, sure!" Jeremy's face lit up as well. He was going to get to see where the woman went on her daily outings, or at least see one of the places she wandered off to. "Oh, but first, let's get you dressed. I made some modifications to your old clothes." Val seemed excited. She proudly lead the boy to her bedroom. She pulled up clothes from the closet. His old jeans were now like a toddler's overalls with an expanded seat so they would fit over the diaper. His T-shirt now had a patch sewn on it of a cute baby bat. She got Jeremy out of his pajamas first, folding them neatly and then stuffing them into the closet once again. Then she began to dress the boy, pulling on his socks first. She then tugged the shirt over his head before tugging up his overalls and securing the straps. She tightened them in place. She even put on his shoes and tied the laces for him. A couple days ago Jeremy would be so embarrassed over being dressed like this, but now he was used to it. Val picked up a bag with a long strap on it. She pulled the strap over her shoulder and then took Jeremy's hand. Jeremy was a little excited, his heart beating faster. He was becoming anxious. What if someone was out there? Surely they were all alone out here in the dense forest, but the thought of running into someone out here was scary. Sure, Val could defend him and protect him, but it would still be humiliating to be seen like this. He clearly had on a diaper under those childish overalls. Val took long strides through the crinkly leaves, but she moved slow enough that Jeremy could keep up. The forest was not as scary during the daytime. In fact, he could really appreciate the beauty of this place when he wasn't running around and fearful for his life. The two of them began to walk uphill and soon they were around a bare patch of ground with no trees or other growth on it, only some darkly colored rocks. Valdis bent down to inspect between the rocks, finding what she was looking for. She picked some multicolored mushrooms, putting them into her bag. Jeremy climbed on the rocks and started walking on top of them, playing a balancing game and seeing how many he could hop to without falling. He stood above Val for once, never really seeing the woman from an angle this high before. He felt his stomach cramp up. A large poop was coming and there was no way he was going to be able to hold this in on the way back. He stood on the rock and announced to Val. "I'm going poop now." Bending his knees he let the thick log slide out of his bottom, spreading across his butt cheeks as it emptied into the cloth diaper. He smiled, feeling satisfied after his mess. It didn't embarrass him to be wet and messy in front of Val anymore. Accepting his role as Val's baby actually came easy for him now. "Did you leave a big poop in your diaper for Mommy to clean up?" Val asked, looking pretty pleased as she smiled back at him. It felt so strange to Jeremy to be praised for something that used to get him spankings and time outs. Before Jeremy could say another word he saw two hikers in the distance coming from around a large thorny brush and into view. Jeremy ducked down behind Val and whispered. "Mommy... there are people here..." Val stood up straight and shielded Jeremy from being seen. "Pardon me, may I help you?" She called out as the two hikers got closer. They paused, seeing the pale-skinned, black-haired woman just standing there in the middle of the woods. The two hikers look at each other and then back at the woman. "We were just on a hike." The red-haired hiker said, holding his backpack against himself. His legs wobbled nervously as if he knew just what Valdis was. "This is private property." Val informed the hikers. "Did you not see any signs telling you not to cross in this direction?" her voice grew stern, more commanding. "We're very sorry to have intruded. We'll be getting out of your way now." the hikers backed out. As they left Jeremy peeked out from behind Val's hips, holding his hands onto her torso. Val sighed "Good thing I didn't have to kill them." she then looked down at Jeremy. "I'm kidding of course." Jeremy sighed with relief, glad that he was saved some more embarrassment. It was one thing to be a baby in front of Val, but a completely other matter to be seen as a baby from other people. If they had seen him who knows what they would have thought. If they had smelled him then it might have been even worse. They might have even assumed that Val had him as her prisoner, and he wasn't about to be taken away from his new mommy. "Let's get you home, stinky." Val whispered. She grabbed Jeremy and lifted him into her arms, holding him close. She carried the boy the rest of the way back to her cottage. All the while she hummed into his ear, soothing him. She could feel just how fast his heart was beating after the encounter. She did her best to show him it was all right now. As soon as they entered the house Val set Jeremy on his feet. She loosened the straps to his overalls and pulled them down around his ankles. She cupped her hand to the drooping backside of his full diaper. "Now that's a big boy mess!" she commented. "Quite impressive!" She picked him up, carrying him with her hands under his arms, and lying him back on the table. She pulled down the rubber pants and then undid the sides to the diaper. She let them hang open and did what she could to clean out the mess inside the diaper and around his butt. As Jeremy was lying there getting cleaned up his dick became erect, slowly pointing upward in the air. Jeremy blushed a little, but he still smiled, knowing that Val was sweet and understanding when it came to that sort of thing. "My baby loves his diapy changes, yes he does!" she cooed down at him, her hand grabbing at the shaft. She started to stroke it, staring down at him. She breathed hot and heavy as she held the hard cock in her hand. Jeremy gasped, arching his back. This was the first time a woman ever touched him like this. He had always thought things like handjobs and blowjobs were something only tough, dominant guys received. Having his hard cock in Val's hand and surrendering his will to the woman's touch made him realize just how helpless he was in this position. Val was still in complete control, and now she was going to be the one controlling his orgasm. She looked down at the boy's twisting face, seeing him writhe on the table as he was brought closer. Her stroking slowed down. "Say you'll never leave me. That you will always be my baby boy." Val requested in a hot whisper. "I wont, Mommy!" Jeremy groaned, desperate for release, though he meant it. He really did not want to stray from Val, not ever. He didn't think there was anything better outside of his new life he built with this beautiful witch. "I want to be your baby boy forever" he said, almost crying out in pleasure. Val got the response she wanted and quickened her pace, stroking the boy faster until the white hot cum spurt out and drooled down her fist. She continued to stroke until she was sure she had milked him all the way. She moved her hand off his dick and wiped the cum off of her hand and wrist. She then wiped the boy's dick, which was getting softer now. She was able to continue with the diaper change again. Jeremy was just lying there completely still now. In his blissful state he moved his thumb to his mouth and sucked it. Val grabbed his ankles and shoved a brand new diaper under his butt. She folded it up and secured it around his waist before pulling his rubber pants back up. She then finished off by having him stand and putting his overalls back on. She took the box with his used diaper in it and set it in the back yard to be washed later. "Why don't you go play with your toys now, sweetie? Mommy would like to watch you having fun with the presents she got you." Val walked into the foyer and sat on her sofa, She crossed her legs, showing off the knee-high heeled boots that had been hiding under her dress. Jeremy did as he was told and was happy to show his Mommy how the games worked. He sat there on the floor, turning on the tv and the game system. It was like something out of a dream. He had always wanted to spend quality time like this with his mother or father, but it never seemed to work out that way. Now he got to relive a part of his childhood that he never got to experience before. He pointed at the screen, explaining all the things he could do in the game and what each character was supposed to be doing. Val just chuckled, thinking it was silly, but it amused her how much Jeremy liked engaging in the silly activity. Jeremy could tell Val wasn't that interested in the game or its universe, but he still spoke enthusiastically about it, figuring Val at least enjoyed listening to him. Her red eyes were fixed on the boy. Her expression was filled with unconditional love and adoration. After a while of him silently playing Val raised herself from the sofa and went into the kitchen to make supper. Jeremy was now fully engrossed in the game. Sitting with his legs spread he let out a purposeful stream directly into his diaper. A broad grin creeped up his face as he felt the hot wet piss spread over his crotch once again. He was really getting the hang of using his diaper on purpose! The thought of Val changing him and rewarding him with her touch again caused his dick to become erect once more. He ignored the hard-on in his diaper for now, focusing on his game. Soon there was another distraction though. "Jeremy, dinner's ready!" called Val "Aw but I'm in the middle of this!" Jeremy whined, trying to get through a difficult part of his game. "I said now, young man. Don't make me call you again." Val knew just the right tone to use on Jeremy. He paused his game and stood up, waddling to the table. This time Val used some restraints, buckling Jeremy into the chair so he would be still through the whole meal. She tied the bib around his neck once again. She set the plate in front of him as well as a baby bottle of milk. She sat down near him and started eating. Jeremy ate too, going a little fast so he could get back to his game. "Slow down, Jeremy, it's not a race." Val commented. Jeremy had gotten food all over his mouth and on the bib. He didn't notice until he wiped his mouth with a napkin. He let out a nervous laugh and ate a bit slower. Val sat there, watching him eat now before she took another bite of her own meal. She waited until he was finished and then cleaned his face for him. She untied the bib and took off the restraint on his chair. "Okay, you can go back to playing your little game." Jeremy almost bolted off, but Val grabbed his arm. "What do we say?" "Th-thank you, Mommy." Jeremy blushed with a little smile. Val smiled back and let him go, watching him run back to the television set. Val finished eating her meal in the dining room while keeping an eye on her boy in the next room. When she was done she gathered the dishes and sent them to the kitchen where she would clean them. Jeremy was deep into his game world again. He didn't even notice as Val walked past him and patted him on the head. He paused his game again and looked over his shoulder as she disappeared down the hallway. "What're you doing, Mommy?" he asked with a creak in his voice. Val peeked back from the hallway, looking down at her boy. "I'm just going to be doing some work in my lab. I can trust you up here, right, big guy?" Val watched the boy as he sat there, thinking the question over. He nodded. He knew that the 'big guy' comment was condescending, but it still felt nice to be called that. Jeremy watched as Val was off again, heading down those spooky stairs to work at her enchanting table. He was a little curious about what she was doing down there, but past experiences told him Val always had good reasons for doing the things she did. If she wanted to tell him then she would. Jeremy yawned, staring at the colorful television screen once again. ~ After an hour, Val had come back upstairs to see Jeremy asleep on the floor in front of the tv. She clasped her hands together, seeing her little man all tuckered out. She reached down to pull him back up, carrying him to the bedroom. Jeremy groaned, half awake as he was sat on the large bed. Val undressed him, all the while singing to him softly in that strange language. She got him stripped down to just his diapers and rubber pants. After she puts away the clothes in the closet she brings out a new set of animal pajamas. They're like the bunny ones from before, only now they're purple in color and have fox ears on the hood and a fluffy tail in the back. Jeremy looks at the cutesy pajamas and perks up a little. Val helps him step into the jammies one leg at a time and then pulls them up, zipping the front and then pulling the hood over his head. "Sometimes you're my cute baby bunny. Other times you're like a mischievous little fox!" She whispered, pressing a finger to Jeremy's nose. Jeremy actually let out a giggle. Val pulled out the trundle bed and settled Jeremy into it. When he was given the stuffed animals he gravitated to the stuffed giraffe, having formed a favorite now. He hugged the plush toy to his chest. Val raised the bars on the sides of the bed and then climbed into her own bed. Val leaned over the edge of her bed, tracing her finger around the frame of Jeremy's body and watching him get sleepy again. "Sweet dreams, naughty boy." she whispered. She saw Jeremy grinning at the comment. She kissed her fingers and then placed them on the boy's temple. "I love you." she said as quietly as she could. Jeremy must have heard her, because he muttered "Love you, Mommy." before going to sleep.
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    Well. It's been a bit hasn't it? Apologies for the inconsistent updating schedule. Oceans had to really focus on her exams, and I've been having some health issues that just made it hard to focus on writing. But never fear! The new chapter is finally here. Chapter 6: Diana I watch the young man scurry from my office, apologizing profusely in a shaky voice, his eyes wide. I drop my head into my hands, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration. The door to my office clicks as it opens and I glance up, to find my secretary entering. She raises an eyebrow and nods to the door. “Any reason that Jeremy was fleeing here like he stumbled into a bear's den?” she inquires. I shrug. “The reports in the Merion department have been coming up late, incomplete, or flat out incorrect. I was just explaining to Mr. Ross that this is not an acceptable quality of work and if he values his job, I’ll expect to see an improvement,” I explain cooly. “Miss Evans, Jeremy doesn’t even work in the Merion department. He’s local staff.” I frown. “Well why didn’t he say something. And who the hell is head of the Merion?” “Mr. Totlas. And I imagine that Jeremy didn’t say anything because he was terrified and unable to get a word in anyways. You’ve been a little….short of late with a lot of your employees, even your suppliers and trade partners are concerned about being in the same room. You’ve even snapped at some clients lately. Is everything alright?” I sigh. She’s right, of course. I’ve been short and distant and ill tempered the past three weeks. Clara’s still mad, or at least I can only assume she is; she hasn’t returned or acknowledged any of my calls or emails. I’ve apologized on messages and in writing at least thirty times. I’ve begged her to call me back. Nothing, no signs of life so to speak. I hate not knowing. Not knowing if she’s alright, if she’s remained unclaimed, if she hates me. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get to see her again. I’ve thought about dropping by her apartment, but I don’t want to scare her off either, stopped looking at the cameras. Two ran out of batteries anyways and need to be replaced, not that I can do that now. Still, I’m not willing to admit these vulnerabilities to the woman in front of me, and I feel anger flare again. “I’m just tired of the lax in work ethic around here. This is a company, a powerful one, not a sloppy fast food restaurant or a slack environment and I want it to be treated as it should,” I snap. “Now leave me be, and get the head of Merion up here now, whoever it is...Give Mr. Ross the rest of the day off, paid, apologize for me,” I decide, figuring I should correct that error. The woman in front of me frowns, her jaw tightening, but she dips her head and turns to leave. “Of course, Miss Evans,” she replies. “Do you need anything else?” “No, that will be all,” I reply, turning my attention back to my work. A few minutes later, an older man with thick brown hair streaked with grey comes slinking in, his glasses pushed up too far on his nose. I don’t bother to stop working as he stands there. “You know why I’ve called you up here, Mr. Totlas?” I inquire. “The reports, I’d assume.” “Mhm. Tell me why it is that yours is the only department continuously delivering inaccurate and incomplete filing in an untimely fashion?” “It’s unacceptable,” Mr. Totlas admits. “You’re right, it is. So why is it happening?” “The last two months the majority of our department’s filing has been handled by interns and new recruits. Many of them are screwing up.” “That’s why it’s your job to oversee that things like this aren’t screwed up,” I reply evenly, lacing my fingers together and meeting his gaze evenly. “So oversee it. Find the problem and patch it. If someone needs to go, release them. If training is required, get it for your workers. I don’t care what’s done, as long as it gets done. The next report to pass through had better be on time and spot on, or the next chat we have will throw the word termination around. Now, go find out what’s going on in your department, Mr. Totlas.” “Yes ma’am,” he replies, leaving in a hurry. I sigh again, feeling no true pleasure in cracking down, but I’m not about to rewrite another report when I pay a whole team to do it right the first time. I nearly jump from my skin as my phone goes off. My personal line. I frown, glancing at the number and feeling my heart skip a beat. Clara. Without hesitating, I answer it. “Hello?” “Diana?” Clara’s voice is cracked, and I tense instantly. I can hear her shaky, heavy breathing. “Diana, I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what happened, for walking away. For ignoring all your calls...Please forgive me. I need you to forgive me, I-I need your help,” she whispers. My heart clenches and I nod despite knowing she won’t see it. “Of course I forgive you, Clara, it was me who was out of line anyways. What’s wrong, Clara, what happened?” I demand. “I, uh, I’ve been kicked out of my apartment,” she whimpers. “No warning. I came home today and all my stuff was being dumped in the corner of the parking lot. It’s raining and I don’t know what do, I have nowhere else to go.” I feel my heart skip a beat. She is in trouble. If anyone looking to adopt happened upon her like this. Homeless and in the rain would be an instant forfeit out of need. I take a deep breath, snapping into action. “Okay, it’s fine. Everything is going to be alright. I’m going to let you go and call a moving truck. We’ll get all your stuff sent to a storage locker where it will be safe until you’re back on your feet. I can be to you twenty minutes tops,” I decide, already starting to gather up my things as I speak with her. “Meantime, you gather up your things; clothes, personal items, anything you want to take with you rather than send to storage. You can stay with me for as long as you need to, okay? And Clara? Don’t let anyone bother you, alright? I’ll be right there and if anyone does hassle you, tell them…” I hesitate, hoping this won’t upset her. “Just lie and tell them you have a mommy who is on her way. I can take care of it from there. We’ve pretended before and we can do it again, alright?” Clara’s silent for a moment, then a hiccuping sob echoes through the phone. “Alright. Okay. Thank you, Diana. Thank you so much. I’m sorry.” “Hush,” I instruct. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. Now I’m going to hang up and call the truck okay? Just stay calm and collected, and everything will be fine, alright?” She’s still sniffly when I let her go. I find the number of a good storage company and place a call. Offering extra for them to get down to the address immediately and to listen to the Little there about what stuff is going and staying, I have it all arranged in five minutes. Dropping my phone into my purse, I grab my coat, putting it on as I practically fly from the office. “I’m leaving for the day and I won’t be taking any calls,” I say to the secretary as I pass. I arrive at Clara’s apartment building ten minutes later, having broken at least two traffic laws getting here, possibly three. I climb from my car, opening up my black umbrella and hurrying across the parking lot to where Clara has a blanket aloft, desperately drying to keep her books and some sort of gaming system dry. The movers are already here and loading the larger furniture into the large moving van. Reaching her, I hold the umbrella out to cover her as well and crouch down to meet her gaze. Her eyes are red and puffy, her violet hair two shades darker, dripping and plastered to the sides of her neck, and she’s shivering. I offer her a soft smile. “Hey,” I greet softly. “How you holding up?” Clara’s eyes water and her lip quivers as she clearly fights to avoid bursting into a fresh wave of tears. She chews her lip for a moment and sigh. “I’m okay, I guess. Thank you for coming; I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come. I’m sorry, Diana,” she whimpers. I shake my head. “No, Clara, you don’t need to apologize. We both said stupid things. It’s in the past, okay? Now come on, let’s get you off the street and out of the rain,” I suggest. “This is the stuff you want coming with us?” “Yes,” Clara replies. “Is that okay?” “Of course,” I agree. I hand her the umbrella and gather up the cords to her gaming system first, returning for the few books and other less than waterproof belongings, getting them all packed into the trunk. The moving van is packed up and pulling away by the time I’m adding the last of Clara’s few personal belongings to the pile. Closing the trunk, I then lead her over and open the back door. It’s still illegal for a Little to ride up front or unelevated, so a thin cushion is resting on top of a phone book in the back. I help her up. “I don’t have a booster, but we can look into getting one. I figured you wouldn’t appreciate a carseat much.” “Thank you,” Clara whispers as she gets buckled in. I pause a moment to stare at her. Soaked and shivering, she looks beaten down. Forlorn and frightened and miserable. I wrap an arm around her, my own clothing steadily soaking through. “Hey, it’s going to be okay, I promise,” I assure her, giving her shoulder a squeeze. I close her door and open my own, getting settled. I turn up the heat, hoping to get some warmth back into us both as I begin to drive. Clara’s silent for a long while, and I occasionally glance at her in the rearview, just to make sure she’s okay. She’s a little fidgeting, playing with her sopping strands or wringing her fingers, but her head's bowed and she’s silent. Finally, after a long moment, she speaks. “Diana?” she calls softly. “Hmm?” “If...if someone had come along just then, before you got there…” She pauses for a shaky breath. “I was basically homeless and out in the rain. I know the laws, the clauses...that would have been it, wouldn’t it have been? There wouldn’t have been an out.” “No,” I confirm. “There wouldn’t have been. But it’s okay, because no one did come along and you’re alright.” “But it might not have gone that way,” Clara sighs. I glance in the mirror again to see tears welling up in her eyes. “I um...I’d like to wear that necklace now. If you still have it.” I smile softly and nod. Reaching into my purse with one hand, eyes still trained on the road, I remove the box and hand it back to her. Joy spreads through me as I watch her lift the necklace from the box, staring at it silently for a moment, before clasping it around her neck. The pendant rests just below her collarbone, and looks fitting around her neck. “I’m sorry,” she whispers. “For everything. I overreacted.” “So did I,” I agree. “I lost my temper and frankly, that had little to do with you. I’d had a stressful day at the office and then what happened at the mall scared me and I just...blew my top. It shouldn’t have happened. Friends?” “Definitely,” Clara agrees. Her hands come up to try to wring some water out of her hair, but it only splashes into her soaked lap. I shake my head and turn up the heat a little more, knowing she must be cold. “We’ll be home in about ten minutes, okay? I know you’re probably freezing, so when we get there, you can strip out of those soaked clothes and maybe get a warm bath? Wash away today?” I suggest. “I’ll get some laundry going; your things could all use a cleaning, having been dumped in the street like that. We’ll get you warmed up and settled in, alright? And I’ll make us some dinner; something warm and soothing after all this. How does a stew sound to you?” Tears water in Clara’s already moist eyes and she nods. “Great, actually. All of it sounds really great. Diana, I-I don’t understand...For the last few weeks, I haven’t even so much as wanted to think about you, much less return your calls. It was wrong of me, but still true...I wasn’t very nice to you. I got pissed off and acted horribly. And yet, when I call you, in need of help, you just jumped,” she whispers. “Why? Why were you so quick to forgive and now going through all the trouble?” I smile into the rearview mirror. “Friends fight, Clara; it happens to the best of us. If you let every disagreement drive a wedge into a friendship, then you won’t really have any friends at all. I’m quick to forgive because I care about you and want to remain your friend. Besides, I’ve missed you this past month. I’m just glad that you’re okay.” Clara nods and rubs at her eyes but offers no further comment, relapsing back into silence for the remainder of the drive. I pull up the rather long driveway to my home and kill the engine. Stepping from the car, my heels clack against the cobblestone of the driveway as I pull open Clara’s door and help the sodden child out of the car. She stares up at the house with wide eyes. “Wow...You live in a freaking mansion...how rich are you, anyways?” I can’t help but chuckle with amusement. Glad to see a little of Clara’s brazen spark returning. “It’s not that big,” I counter with a roll of my eyes. “Honestly, it was going to be modified into the rehabilitation center for my movement, but a better location opened up soon after, and I’d already become attached to this place, so I wound up moving in,” I explain as we climb the porch steps. I insert the key into the lock and push the door open seconds later. “You must have like a whole cleaning staff or something. Are there like servants and maids and stuff?” she inquires, eyes glassy with fantasy. I roll my eyes and give her a nudge. “Just go inside. Leave your shoes over the vent there to dry,” I suggest, waiting patiently as she strips off her coat and shoes. I lead her upstairs to the large bathroom. Clara gazes around the baby blue walls and powder white tiled floors. The bathtub is large enough to comfortably fit three or four of her lying down. Removing a special ladder stool from the closet, I open it and set one side inside the tub so she can easily climb in and out. “Leave your clothes outside the door and I’ll get them into the laundry. I’m going to go find you something to wear for after; I have Little sized clothing for in case I ever need to foster, so I certainly have things, but I’ll scrounge up something decently mature for you, alright? It’s just for tonight anyways while your laundry gets done,” I point out. “Take your time and just relax, okay? Holler if you need anything.” “Thank you,” Clara whispers, her smile bright and her shoulders relaxed for the first time since I’ve seen her today. She gently pushes the door closed. “I’ll leave some pajamas out here for you,” I inform her through the door. “Try not to stress out, everything will be fine, okay?” I make my way down the hall and slip into her nursery, staring around the furnished room. A massive part of me wants to put her down in the crib tonight, but now is really not the time. However, I feel like we’ve taken a huge step forward, finally jolted from a standstill. It won’t be long now, I can feel it, and it brings a wide gaping smile to my face. The idiotic grin doesn’t fade as I rummage through the drawers of her dresser for the least ‘offensive’ nightgown that I can find. I settle on a plain white nightie that will fall to her knees. There’s a little bit of silk lace on the collar, but other than that, nothing that screams babyish material. Folding it back up, I set it down on the floor outside the bathroom, collecting the discarded wet ones. Once the laundry is taken care of, I easily unload the car and open up one of the guestrooms for Clara, listening to the running water of the shower going as I walk by. Clearly she’s no interest in a bath, probably feels it too babyish. I chuckle and shake my head, my smile widening further. There’s only really one thought on my mind now. Soon.
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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Chapter 3 is a little shorter, but there is a natural break at the end. Chapter 3 Katelynn watched two more episodes of her TV show, all the while her urge to poop only became stronger. She looked over at Emily. She was watching what appeared to be a South Korean slasher movie. “Interesting taste”, thought Katelynn. Katelynn hesitated. She had never messed her diaper in such a confined space. She had never even worn a diaper on an airplane. She knew she would have to do so eventually, though. The only other option would be to take off her diaper and use the toilet, but in her mind it wasn’t even an option. “Well,” she thought, “I might as well do it now.” Katelynn began the process by wetting her diaper. She had been needing to go for some time, and a strong stream of warm pee made its way throughout her diaper. She felt her already wet diaper began to swell even more. After finishing, she paused a moment. “Ok, here it goes.” She shifted her weight ever so slightly. She began to push a large, firm mess into the seat of her pants. She needed to push hard to get the poop into her diaper. She saw Emily looking at her. Katelynn blushed a little, but continued to mess her diaper. She always thought messing when sitting down was a little difficult. Small quarters didn’t help the situation. After a few minutes, she was done. She finished her personal bathroom break by wetting her diaper just a little more. Already, she could smell the situation in her pants. Emily looked at her. “You okay?” “Oh…yeah. Just getting up to go to the bathroom.” “Are you…do you need to” “I just need to get out of this diaper,” Katelynn whispered. Even though Emily was being very cool with regards to her diapers, Katelynn still felt a little humiliated. “I’ll just come with you. I need to go to the bathroom, anyway.” Emily got up. Katelynn followed her. She needed to get her backpack. She felt her shirt ride up as she reached for her backpack, then felt Emily’s hand pull it back down to cover her diaper. When Katelynn turned around, Emily was giving her a small smile. Both girls made their way to the restroom. Unfortunately, the line was long. “Did you like your movie?” asked Katelynn. “It was okay. A little over the top.” “It looked…interesting,” replied Katelynn. “That’s one way of putting it.” Katelynn and Emily continued to wait in line. By this time, Katelynn was very conscious of the smell coming from her wet and messy diaper. A man a few rows ahead of her asked his wife if they needed to change their baby’s diaper. “Come on, hurry up,” Katelynn thought. A voice rang out over the intercom. “In a few moments, we will begin serving the first of two complimentary in flight meals. Because we need the aisles for the meal carts, we kindly ask that you return to your seats." Emily gave Katelynn a concerned look. She was smart enough to know that the smell wasn’t coming from a baby, it was coming from the her new friend. Katelynn and Emily made their way back to their seats. Katelynn felt her mess squish all throughout her diaper as she sat down, though this didn’t bother her. Her favorite part of pooping in her diaper was hanging out in it afterwards. Granted, she hoped to get out of her current diaper as soon as possible. The smell from her diaper was strong, but it wasn’t getting any worse. The only thing Katelynn could do was wait. “Hey, Katelynn,” said Emily, “did you really…you know…in your diaper?” Katelynn’s face was beet red. “Umm…yeah, I did.” Her mother always told her she was a blusher, and now she was showing it full force. “So you really do wear diapers all the time?” “All the time.” “Oh my god…that is so hardcore!” “I guess so,” responded Katelynn. “Wow,” she thought to herself., “Emily must be really open minded.” The meal cart reached them. “Hi, would you like Chicken or fish?” “Fish”, both girls responded in unison. They started to laugh. “At least we have one thing in common,” chuckled Emily. Over the next twenty minutes, both girls enjoyed their meals. After the meal cart came through once more to pick up trash, Katelynn motioned to Emily that they should get up and go the bathroom. Because the aisles had been closed for the meal carts, the line to the restroom was even longer than it had been. Katelynn and Emily were standing behind a Japanese boy and girl. They looked a little older than Katelynn. They were holding hands, so Katelynn assumed they were a couple. The girl was speaking to the boy in Japanese, so Katelynn couldn’t understand the conversation. She had on a bright pink backpack, which Katelynn thought was a little strange, considering the girl was in line to use the restroom. Katelynn had to stand in line so long that she wet her diaper for the third time. By now her diaper was soaked. She was glad she had decided to add a stuffer to her Bambino, it was certainly being put to good use. Katelynn and Emily made small talk to pass the time. Besides having a transgender sister, Emily also had a brother. Her parents owned their own business. They talked about Emily’s experience growing up with her older sister, and how her parents grew to accept their daughter. “It looks like we’re almost up,” said Katelynn. “Finally. I’ve actually had to go the bathroom the whole time,” she winked at Katelynn. Katelynn whispered in her ear, “I had to go the bathroom in this line, too, but I just went in my diaper.” Emily smiled. “Well, we can’t all be so lucky.” “I’d give you one of mine, but I don’t have many left.” “I’ll stick to panties, thanks,” laughed Emily. Katelynn looked up at the Japanese girl in front of her. Her presumable boyfriend was in the bathroom, so she was standing there silently. Katelynn noticed that her bottom looked larger than normal. She didn’t know if it was a diaper, she just thought it looked a little bigger than it should have. She didn’t like to jump to conclusions when she saw what could be a diaper under someone’s clothing. The boy came out of the bathroom, and the girl went into it. She was in the bathroom for several minutes, and Katelynn never heard the toilet flush like she had with other people. Katelynn thought it was plausible the girl was wearing a diaper. She had read an article recently saying that more and more Japanese women were wearing diapers out of convenience, so it didn’t seem so far fetched that someone would wear one on an airplane. “You’re next”, Emily said to Katelynn. Katelynn walked into the cramped airplane bathroom. She pulled down her pants and examined her diaper. It was completely yellowed, even parts of the front. She could see a bulge in the back of her diaper where her mess had settled. She pressed a hand against the back of her Bambino. Her diaper looked and felt very full. “Time to get to work,” she whispered to herself. She started by taking off her top. She was wearing one of her favorites, and she didn’t want to get it dirty. She readied several baby wipes. Once she was prepared, she started to undo the tapes on her diaper. Very carefully, she brought the diaper out from underneath her and set it on the ground. Slowly but surely, she cleaned herself as best as possible. When she felt sufficiently clean, she rolled up her loaded diaper and put it in a plastic bag in her backpack. She brought out another Bambino diaper and stuffer, and began to rediaper herself. Upon completion, she pulled up her pants, put her top back on, washed her hands, and gave herself a thumbs-up in the mirror. She flushed the toilet to make it sound like she had actually used it, then left the bathroom. Emily gave her a small thumbs up when they crossed paths. Now that Katelynn was in a clean diaper, she could actually try to enjoy the flight. She pulled out her phone, plugged in her headphones, and spend the next four hours sleeping while listening to music. She woke to the feeling of Emily tapping on her shoulder. “Hey, sweetie. You were out for a while. I didn’t want to wake you because you looked so cute, but the flight attendants are passing out snacks and drinks.” “Oh,” katelynn yawned, “thanks.” She knew immediately that she had peed during her extended nap. She could feel the wetness in her diaper. She normally did not have accidents, even after having worn for so long. She had no desire to lose control, so wetting herself on accident, even in her sleep, was a little disconcerting to her. Plus, she was down to her last diaper. She didn’t have enough room to bring a whole case of diapers, so she brought just enough get through the flight. She would restock when she made it to Japan. “What did you do while I was sleeping?” Katelynn asked Emily. “Just watched TV and a movie.” “Another Korean one?” “No, this one was French.” “Any better?” “Eh,” responded Emily. “Hi, ladies,” asked the flight attendant. “Do you want anything to eat or to drink?” “I’ll have apple juice”, said Emily. “And I don’t want anything to eat.” “Same,” answered Katelynn. Katelynn and Emily drank their juices and watched movies for the next couple of hours. “It looks like we’re almost in Japan,” Said an excited Katelynn. “I’m so pumped!” replied Emily. “Have you ever been to another country?” “Just Canada.” “I went to Mexico once on spring break, but I don’t remember much of it.” “Yeah, Canada isn’t exactly a spring break destination. I just went there on a class field trip,” said Katelynn. “Well, Japan is a good place to start.” “You bet,” Katelynn replied. She began to flood her diaper. Her already wet Bambino did it’s best to suck up this most recent inundation. She wasn’t worried about leaking, but she did harbor concerns about whether her diaper could last until she was able to buy more. “I really should have packed more diapers,” she thought. In her defense, she hadn’t planned on pooping on the plane and needing to change. Katelynn continued to pee her diaper for another thirty seconds. “You okay, Katelynn? You kind of spaced out there for a minute.” “Oh, sorry,” Katelynn replied. “Did you…umm…wet your diaper?” “Maybe…” Katelynn giggled. “I thought you might have. I’m getting better at this whole diaper thing. Speaking of that, I am about to burst. I’ll be back in a minute.” Emily headed for the bathroom. Katelynn picked up an in flight magazine. She wasn’t really interested in what they had to offer, but she didn’t have much else to do. After ten minutes of flipping through pictures of overprice perfume and watches, she looked up at the bathroom line. Emily was about halfway through. Just then, the same overhead voice rang overhead. “Ladies and gentleman, the last round of meal service will be making it’s way through the cabin shortly. We ask that you please return to your seats until the completion of the meal service.” Katelynn saw Emily slump her shoulders. She came back to her seat. “That sucks, I have to pee so bad.” A few minutes later the meal cart came around. This time both girls had a Japanese noodle dish. Half way through their meal, the plain started to bounce around uncontrollably. This continued for a couple of minutes, when once again the overhead voice came on. “Ladies and gentleman, as you have probably noticed, we have encountered a bit of turbulence. We ask that you stay in your seat until further notice.” “Oh, come on,” Emily said angrily. By this time, she had her legs crossed and was squirming even more than before. “I don’t think I can make it much longer.” Katelynn saw that Emily was squirming in her seat. “This is why you should wear diapers,” Katelynn said with a little smile. Emily responded with a laugh, but Katelynn could tell it was more of a nervous laugh. With difficulty, Katelynn observed, Emily finished her meal. By this time, Katelynn could tell Emily was desperate for the bathroom, but the plane was still in turbulence. “Ladies and gentleman, an…ah…update on our flight situation. We’ve encountered a rough patch of turbulence that is just taking a while to break clear of…so we’re going to ask that you remain in your seats a little while longer. We’re trying to clear this up as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.” “Seriously, hurry up,” Emily yell-whispered. She was obviously flustered. Katelynn could see her face had turned red and she looked nervous. She was bent over with her legs crossed. “Well, maybe we could talk about something to try and distract you?” suggested Katelynn. “Umm… I guess.” Emily responded. “Have you ever played two truths and a lie?” “Yeah, I like that game a lot.” Emily smiled. Katelynn could tell she looked a little less stressed, if only slightly. “Ok, great. I’ll go first,” Said Katelynn. “Umm…I’m an only child…I’m allergic to peanut butter…and… I have a pet tea cup pig.” Emily thought a moment. “The pet pig is a lie, for sure.” Katelynn laughed. “No, I actually do have a tea cup pig named Rosey. But, I am not allergic to peanut butter. That would be sad. And I’m an only child.” “Huh, okay,” Said Emily. “My turn. I have to pee really badly, I speak Hungarian, and I can play the guitar.” “Well, I can’t imagine you speak Hungarian, you obviously have to pee, and you’re a music major so guitar isn’t that far fetched. I’m going with lie: Hungarian.” “Nope, my grandparents are from Hungary, and they watched me a lot growing up, so I can actually speak Hungarian, as odd as that sounds. And I can’t play guitar.” “So, you have a pet turtle? That’s cute.” “Yep, his name is Rex.” “Ahhh, Rex and Rosey should have a play date!” exclaimed Katelynn. “Oh, they should!” Emily began to laugh. Then Katelynn joined in and both girls laughed for several seconds. “Uhhh…uhhh…no, no, stop,” interjected a distraught Emily. “What’s…oh,” responded Katelynn. But it was obvious what was happening, even though Emily didn’t say so. Katelynn could see a large wet patch begin to appear on Emily’s pants and seat. She had lost the battle, and now she was peeing in her pants. Even before she finished wetting herself, Emily began to cry. Katelynn could see small streams of tears rolling down her face. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” exclaimed Katelynn. “It was an accident,” Emily mumbled through tears, “It’s just the bathroom was closed for so long. Ugghhh…what am I going to do. I don’t have a change of clothes in my carry on because, as strange as it sounds, I didn’t think I would piss myself on the plane. This sucks.” I’m sure we’ll figure something out. It’s not that noticeable.” Katelynn tried to comfort her friend, but in all honesty, she didn’t know what to do. It was blatantly obvious that Emily had peed her pants, and without a change of clothes Katelynn didn’t know how to resolve the situation. “It’s pretty noticeable, Katelynn, but thanks for trying to make me feel better. I guess maybe I should have taken you up on your offer for a diaper, after all.” Emily tried to smile. “Well, at least you have a jacket with you. You could just wrap it around your waist.” “Yeah. But I’m still going to have to be in wet clothes for a while.” “Ladies and gentleman, we seem to be through the worst of the turbulence, so we have turned off the seat belt sign. Feel free to get up, stretch you legs, use the bathroom. Though, please note that we our about 30 minutes out from Tokyo, so we will be beginning our decent shortly.” “Huh, perfect timing,” scoffed Emily. “So, what do you want to do first in Tokyo.” “Well, we don’t have orientation until tomorrow, so we’re free all day.” “Yeah.” “First thing first is you changing into new clothes. And we should probably drop off our luggage at the dorms. And, sorry for TMI, but I am wearing my last diaper, and it won’t make it much longer, if you know what I mean. So I need to go buy some. After that, I say we explore the city.” “That sounds like a plan to me,” responded Emily. “Great. Also, do you still want to be roommates? I wanted the single room, because, you know, the whole diaper thing. But, since you already know about it, there’s really no reason not to room together, if you still want, I mean.” “Yes! I would love to,” smiled Emily. “Ladies and gentleman, we are now beginning our descent. We should be in Tokyo very shortly.”
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    This is my first ever story on the forum, but criticism is welcome if you have any advice. I haven't really proof read it either but I'm hoping it will be alright. Let me know if you want to see more. Chapter 1 Emily plunged her head onto her desk. She was sick of it. At 17 years old she was approaching her final exams before she finished school for the summer, a stressful time for anyone - but even more so for Emily. From a young age Emily had always had such high expectations for herself in school, never settling for anything less than the top score achievable. Even when she was in her first year in her very first school she would beat herself up if she got anything under 100%. Unlike most children, Emily's parents never once had to force Emily to revise for a test or do her homework; in fact they often found themselves forcing her to take a break and to stop stressing. Her parents were understanding parents that were often concerned about the pressure she put on herself to perform well, but they could also be very strict, not liking Emily going out and drinking underage, or talking back to them. Despite her parents concerns about her working herself too hard, Emily still felt that if she were to ever do badly in school that they would be silently disappointed in her, and she knew that although they were often told her to relax about it, they too did expect the best from her. Although school work was extremely important to Emily she still allowed time to go out with her friends and have fun. As a matter of fact she was actually quite popular at school, mainly because of her good looks and friendly nature. But during exam season she would rarely meet up with anyone, sometimes going out with her friends but pretty much restraining herself to just her home. Her friends loved her and understood how seriously she took her grades but always wished that she would chill out about it a little, knowing she was smart enough to get A's without pushing herself so hard. Hearing a knock at her door, Emily’s head shot up from the desk and she quickly turned to answer. “Come in!” Emily shouted. Her mother appeared through the door, worried to see her daughter still up. “Emily, it’s almost midnight! You’re not still working are you?” “I’m just doing some maths Mum, I just can’t understand the last unit and it’s really getting to me.” Seeing her mother’s concerned expression Emily knew what was coming. “Emily! I know it’s study leave and you don’t have school now but your first exam isn’t for another few weeks! Get to bed and give yourself some rest darling.” “Ok Mum I will, just if I can’t grasp this last unit then I’m screwed.” Emily sighed. Seeing her daughter’s frustrated state Emily’s mother decided to leave her be to get some rest. “We’ve spoken about this Emily. You must stop being so harsh on yourself! You’ll get it eventually just stop worrying. Goodnight love.” “Goodnight Mum” Emily appreciated her Mum trying to help. Her dad had been away on business for his company for the past few weeks and he wouldn’t be back until her exams were over, so her mum was the only one there to support her; and also to make sure she didn’t work herself to death. After another 20 minutes of trying and failing to crack her maths unit, Emily clambered into the bathroom feeling defeated. She brushed her teeth and headed back to her bedroom. On her way there she began to feel a strong headache pounding in the back of her head. She often suffered from headaches from the stress she caused herself during studying, and it always got worse during exam season. Realising that she had been revising for so long that she’d had little to drink, she headed downstairs to grab a glass of water and a painkiller for her headache. Back in her room, Emily thirstily downed her glass of water and swallowed the headache tablet along with it. Yawning, she undressed down to her underwear, taking off her bra and leaving her just in her panties. She then put on a baggy t-shirt which went right down to almost her knees. Laying in bed staring at the ceiling, Emily felt exhausted. These next exams were the biggest of her life so far, and that was really starting to dawning on her. Feeling more stressed than ever and with a banging headache, Emily was eventually able to drift off to sleep. Chapter 2 Emily groggily opened her eyes. She may push herself to work hard but she was still a teenager, and certainly struggled with getting up in the morning. After glancing to her bedside clock and seeing how late she had woken up she decided to attempt to get up. Rolling onto her back, as soon as she moved to sit up and reach for her phone, her lower half felt cold. Emily would often sweat in her sleep but this felt different. Confused, she placed her hand onto her stomach - it was wet. Quickly she pulled off her duvet and to her horror the sheets that she was sat on were soaking wet. She couldn’t believe it. Her panties were drenched and the damage had even reached the front of her t-shirt right up to her bellybutton. Sat in her own accident, Emily froze with thoughts buzzing around her head. ‘Why has this happened to me? I can’t have wet the bed, I can’t even remember the last time I wet the bed! There’s no way Mum can know about this!’ She sat in utter disbelief for a good few minutes before she finally decided she was going to have to do something about the mess. The smell of her accident was beginning to become unpleasant. First of all she just wanted to get herself clean. She stripped herself of her wet clothes and hid them underneath her bed, then put on her nightgown. Emily stared at the yellow stained sheets for a second and began to feel embarrassed. She covered her sheets with the duvet then, grabbing some fresh clothes, Emily began to make her way to the shower. In the shower, thoughts raced around Emily’s mind. Was it because of the glass of water she had before bed? Surely not… she quite often would have a drink before bed but this has never happened before. Emily had never been a bedwetter, and was actually keeping the bed dry from a young age. She’d always been mature for her age, and her parents had been very vigilant when it came to toilet training; which is why it shocked her even more so that this had happened. The stress of having to deal with this freak occurrence along with her studying was really starting to build up. Fighting back the tears, Emily washed herself down, got out of the shower and got herself dressed. After getting herself clean Emily was feeling much better, she was sure that the accident was a one off and wouldn’t occur again. It was probably something to do with the headache she’d had and staying up late, she thought. Having reassured herself about the situation and calmed down, she knew it was still inevitable that she was going to have to put her wet sheets and clothes in the wash at some point. Her duvet was a little damp too but taking that would be too much of a handful, and her mum would probably notice it missing from the bed if she did. Emily cursed herself for not doing her own laundry - if her mum didn’t still do it for her then it’d be far easier to wash them without her asking questions. Emily decided the sooner she gets it out of the way, the better. Stripping the sheet off her mattress, she took a deep breath and then grabbed her clothes from underneath the bed. Having her mum find out about her little mishap would be incredibly embarrassing to Emily, especially since it was just a one off occurrence. With the damp sheet under her arm and her clothes in her other hand, Emily dashed down the stairs and into the laundry room. She hastily got down onto her knees and opened the washing machine. She was just about to bundle them in then suddenly - “Morning Emily, you’re up later than usual today? It’s almost 1pm.” Emily froze. “Yeah” She paused for a second. “I overslept.” She kept her back to her mum, hoping cover up what she was doing. Her mother then looked directly at the sheet Emily was just about to shove into the machine. “Why are you washing your bedsheet? I changed your sheets a couple days ago.” Emily’s mother asked quizzically. “Oh… I uhh…” Emily struggled for words. “I just spilt some juice on it last night. I’m sorry.” Emily replied, instantly realising what a poor attempt of an excuse that was. She had always been a bad liar and her mother could see right through her. She glanced to the wet clothes in Emily’s other hand. “Emily… don’t lie to me,” Emily could see her mother put on her serious face. “Why are your clothes wet?” Emily quickly saw that all hope was lost, her mum wasn’t stupid, and there was now no escape. “I...I don’t know what happened.” Emily whimpered and quickly broke into tears. Her mother quickly understood what had happened. “Oh Emily come here” Her mother knelt down next to Emily and comforted her, pulling her into a hug. “Is this the first time this has happened dear? Please be honest with me Emily.” “Yes! This is the first time I swear” Emily sniffled, “I… I don’t know why it happened…” Emily’s Mum continued to gently comfort her, rubbing her back. She was confused as to why her 17 year old daughter who has never had any troubles with bedwetting would suddenly start again. “Oh Emily... I’m sure it was a one time thing. There’s exams coming up and you’re stressed out. There’s no need to worry about it. Don’t be so hard on yourself darling.” “I know mum... “ Emily wiped the tears from her cheeks, “It won’t happen again I’m sure of it” “Ok sweetheart I believe you. Let me handle the sheets, you should go grab something for breakfast, you haven’t eaten yet.” “Ok Mum, thank you” Emily whispered, grateful for her mother’s support. Chapter 3 Sitting at the table, Emily attempted to eat her cereal. She was ashamed that her mother had caught her in the act of trying to clean her sheets, but in a strange way kind of glad that she didn’t have to try and hide it from her. ‘She caught me stuffing my wet sheets into the laundry… just like an 8 year old would’ Emily thought. ‘Oh well, I’ve got to get studying and just forget about it’. For the rest of the day Emily did a bit of light studying over English and Science, perhaps her two best subjects, but found it hard to focus with what was on her mind - the accident. She was pretty tired out over today’s events and after struggling to focus decided it was best to not study too hard and mainly just relax. Spending the day chilling out was a nice break and Emily felt far better after a well deserved break. The day passed pretty quickly and it soon got to dinner time. Emily’s mum had cooked up mac n’ cheese, Emily’s favourite, to try and cheer her up. Dinner was as usual and after Emily had finished helping clear away, she turned to head up the stairs. “Emily!” Her mother called her just before she could run off, “Just... make sure to go to the toilet before bed tonight, ok?” Emily was shocked that her mum had just reminded her to go to the toilet before bed, just like she would’ve done when she was a child. Did her Mum not trust her after one stupid mishap? “What the fuck Mum? I thought we both agreed this was a one off thing, you don’t need to remind me to use the toilet like a little kid?” Emily spat back in an aggressive tone. “Listen here young lady, don’t you dare speak to me like that. I’m only reminding you to make sure you don’t have to go before bed because your mattress is damaged after last night. I just don’t want to have to spend hundreds of pounds on a new mattress alright?” Emily noticed her Mum’s strict expression and knew she had crossed the line. “Ok jeez I’m sorry… it’s just embarrassing ok.” She meekly replied. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be condescending to you, I just want to make sure the mattress doesn’t get damaged beyond repair. But don’t you dare curse at me again. Goodnight.” Emily’s mother sternly replied. Emily blushed red, embarrassed. She didn’t respond but just ran upstairs to her room. She had a caring mother but one that could certainly fall into the strict parent category. When Emily was younger her mother had always been very strict on the rules of the house, especially talking back. Emily remembered being punished many times for such stupid reasons. Luckily she wanted to work hard and do well in school, and rarely messed around or did anything rebellious, so it’d been awhile since her mum had had to tell her off like that. Her mother did not tolerate swearing and certainly not in an aggressive tone like Emily had just performed. After laying on her phone for the best part of an hour, Emily finally decided it was time to get some rest. She got into her pajama bottoms as it was a bit colder than last night, and put on a t-shirt. Whilst brushing her teeth she thought again about what her mum had said to her. Did she really need to remind Emily to use the toilet before bed like a little girl? The last time she did that was when she was barely out of nappies. ‘I guess it’s fair enough that she doesn’t want me to damage the mattress but that was ridiculous’ Emily thought. There was no way she needed to be reminded. She stared at the toilet from across the bathroom. She didn’t feel like she needed to go… so why would she? The way her mother had reminded her had patronised her so much that it actually made her want to not use the toilet, just to show her mum that she didn’t need to empty her bladder before bed to keep dry at night. Pausing for a second Emily then turned off the light and walked back to her bedroom, filled with the confidence that she didn’t need to be reminded like a child to use the toilet before going to sleep. ‘I mean even if I had of needed the toilet, I don’t have to go before bed to stay dry.’ She convinced herself as she climbed into bed and turned off her light. Chapter 4 In the middle of the night, Emily stirred. In her half asleep state the last thing she remembered was dreaming deeply about something. Suddenly, something didn’t feel quite right. There was a growing warmth between her legs... immediately she understood what was happening. To her absolute dismay she realised that as she woke up she was already wetting the bed - and she couldn’t stop herself. She lay there, unable to stop her bladder from emptying the last drops it had left. She was distraught; and completely drenched. All of a sudden, Emily didn’t know what came over her but she started to cry. She felt so helpless, so immature and pathetic. What’s worse is the fact she woke up whilst doing it; she had to lay there and wait for herself to finish wetting the bed. Her bottom and legs felt warm and wet, which was horribly uncomfortable. She pictured herself, laying there crying helplessly in a puddle of her own accident - this only made her cry more. Looking across to the clock it was 1am, and still dark. Emily knew she couldn’t go back to sleep like this as it was far too uncomfortable and would soon get cold, but at the same time was afraid of getting up and wakening her mum to find her like this; she certainly wouldn’t be happy about the mattress. Standing up, she tried to be as quiet as possible and stripped off her wet pajamas and top. She had wet far more this time and her bed was completely drowned. Turning on her bedside light she could even see the sheets stained slightly yellow, which made her cringe. Emily stood naked in the middle of her room, she had taken off her wet clothes but her skin was still damp from her accident and she felt disgusting - she had to get clean, but having a shower at this hour would surely wake up her mother, was it worth the risk? Unsure of what to do, Emily wiped the tears from her eyes. Eventually she decided she would wipe herself down in the bathroom instead of showering. She wouldn’t be completely clean, but at least her mother wouldn’t get woken up to find out she’d had another accident. Emily’s lower region and legs were still damp from her accident, and so instead of putting on any clean clothes and ruining them too, she simply walked to the bathroom in the nude. Once in the bathroom, Emily began to wipe around her butt and the inside of her legs. She felt so infantile, sat on the cold tiled floor, naked and wiping her own pee off her body. But really at this point she was too tired to care. Looking over to the toilet she cursed herself for trying to defy what her mother had said rather than just using the toilet like the big girl she should’ve been. Standing up, she put the soggy toilet paper in the toilet and flushed. Walking over to the cupboard, she grabbed a spare towel which she would put over her wet spot on the bed for the rest of the night, as she was too exhausted to deal with her sheets right now. ‘Hopefully Mum will go out tomorrow and I can put them in the wash then’ she thought. Walking back to her room,she was suddenly taken aback when her mother’s bedroom door opened. “Emily… what are you doing walking around like that?” Her mother questioned, hastily shielding her eyes from seeing her daughter’s exposed body. “Oh my God, Mum, what are you doing up?” Emily quickly covered herself with the towel, holding it in front of her. Her mother saw the towel and put the pieces together. “It hasn’t happened again has it Emily? Please don’t tell me it has…” Her mother said with a tense look on her face. “I’m...I’m sorry Mum... I didn’t mean to I really didn’t!” Emily cried. “It’s ok, it’s ok. Don’t panic about it. You stay here and I’ll bring you a change of clothes and sort out your sheets.” Her mother replied in a caring manner. “Mum, you don’t have to, I’ll deal with it pleas-” “No, you’ve had enough stress, just wait here and everything will be fine.” Emily’s mum replied in an authoritative tone. A few minutes later Emily’s mother had returned with some clean clothes and informed her she had sorted out the sheets. Emily put on the clothes right there, not caring if her mum saw her bare body, the wet bed was embarrassing enough that she couldn’t care less about her naked state. “Emily, be honest with me, did you use the toilet before bed?” “Yes obviously…” Emily replied in an unconvincing tone . “Hmmm ok.” Her mother could see Emily was lying, but also knew that she was probably already upset enough right now so chose not to argue with her. “Well I want you to try again now so we don’t have repeat of this in the morning.” “Mum I don’t need to go to the toi-” “Emily. Don’t argue with me. I want you to go back in there and try again, or the mattress really will be ruined.” At this point Emily was pissed off. She was pissed off at herself for repeatedly embarrassing herself, and she was even more pissed off at her mother for treating her like such a child. “Mum I’m fucking 17 years old, I would know if I needed to use the fucking toilet and I don’t! Stop treating me like a baby!” Emily snapped. Instantly the look on her mother’s face let Emily know that she’d messed up. “How DARE you talk to me like that. How DARE you!” Emily’s mother swiftly moved behind her and slapped her across the bottom and sternly pointed to the bathroom. ”You are going into that bathroom and sitting on the toilet whether you like it or not! So I don’t have to clean up another mess tomorrow morning!” Her mother finished. Emily instantly began weeping. She couldn’t believe the fact her mother had smacked her bottom like she used to when she was naughty. Yes she had snapped, and yes she had disrespected her, but she couldn’t believe she had just been spanked like a little child. It was all too much. She ran into the bathroom crying and sat herself on the toilet. To her surprise, having thought she didn’t need to go, she began peeing. This made her even more upset. ‘What’s happening to me?’ She whimpered. Upon leaving the toilet, her mother had gone back to bed, and so Emily dragged herself back to her room in shame. She placed the towel underneath her butt and tried to get back to sleep. Chapter 5 Light beamed upon a sleepy Emily’s eyelids; her eyes flickered for a second until she was awoken by the sun’s dazzling rays. She opened her eyes slowly to see her Mum had opened her curtains to wake her up. “Morning Emily, how are you feeling?” Her mother asked gently. “I’m ok...tired I guess.” Emily asked, still struggling to wake up. Emily’s mother paused for a second before sitting on the bed beside her. “Emily...are you wet?” Emily promptly blushed. She discreetly shuffled her legs a little to make sure she was dry. “No, I’m dry.” She replied shyly. “Oh that’s good!” Her mother replied in the way a parent might speak to a 5 year old struggling with bedwetting. Emily was embarrassed at the way her mum had spoken to her, but secretly she was glad too that she hadn’t wet twice in one night. “I was thinking maybe we should take you to see a doctor Emily? I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but they might be able to help you - or at least tell you why this is happening? It’s only happened twice I know, but I’m concerned. It’s not normal for a girl your age to start wetting the bed again and I think it’d be very mature of you to go and see somebody about this.” Emily’s mother looked at her anxiously, waiting for her daughter’s reaction. “You’re probably right Mum.” Emily replied bravely. “Oh well done darling. I know this must be hard on you especially with your exams coming up, but it’s the grown up thing to do. Good girl.” Her mother smiled at her. Emily knew her mum was right, but still felt nervous about it. “It’ll be so embarrassing though!” “I know sweetheart but if you don’t get help then this might just continue, and I’m sure that’d be more embarrassing! I’ll get on the phone to the doctor later.” With that, Emily’s mother gave her a hug and then left. Emily appreciated her mother trying to help and was glad she was being supportive of her. She knew seeing a doctor would be the best thing to do. At the same time, Emily couldn’t help but feel like her mother was treating her more like a child since her accidents. After having her bottom smacked last night, which she still couldn’t believe, and the way her mother had spoken to her this morning saying how ‘grown up’ she was being, she felt very little. Emily figured at least praising her for being a ‘good girl’ was better than getting her butt spanked whilst being told off. However she decided if her mother was to speak to her like a child again she wouldn’t stand for it. She was 17, a young adult, capable, mature. Her mother may have punished her in the past but she was too old for that now and she wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. Chapter 6 Emily got up and had a shower, as she still wasn’t properly clean from last night’s events. She spent most of the day revising downstairs, still avoiding the maths unit she was unable to master. The day went by fairly quickly and she tried her hardest to avoid thinking about going to bed that night. She began to worry that maybe her accidents weren’t a random occurrence - it’d happened twice now so it wasn’t just a one time thing. Eventually Emily was able to convince herself that if she went to the toilet before bed like her mum had told her, she should be fine and the whole thing would be forgotten about. At the dinner table later, things were as normal between Emily and her mother. Emily spoke about the work she’d been doing today and how she was feeling confident for her first exam. Soon though Emily knew what was going to come into conversation. “So I spoke to the doctor today,” Emily’s mum instantly changed her tone to a more gentle manner. “Unfortunately he has a very busy schedule and we’re going to have to wait a few days until he’s free to see you; but he did give me some advice to help you.” Emily instantly felt uncomfortable to be talking about her issue again. She was certain it was going to go away as long as she went to the bathroom before bed. “What did he say?” Emily questioned. “Well he said that until he can see you it’s best that we do something to prevent any further damage to your bedding.” Her mother said trying to sound optimistic. “What do you mean?” Emily asked worryingly. “Well I went to the shops today and picked up a few things which should help.” Her mother explained tentatively. “He suggested that we get something to protect the bed, so I’ve bought you a plastic sheet for the mattress. I know it’s embarrassing Emily, but it’s to protect the mattress from being completely ruined. I hope you can be mature about this and agree with me it’s the right thing to do?” She looked hopefully at her daughter. Again Emily felt ashamed to even be having this conversation but she knew the main reason her mother had been angry at her was for soaking the mattress. “Yeah… I guess it’s the right thing to do…” Emily shrugged. “but I honestly think this is all just going to pass in a couple days Mum, there’s nothing to be worried about.” “Well done Emily,” Her mother praised her. “I know it might pass in a couple days, but until it does we have to do something about it.” Emily didn’t like the thought of having a plastic sheet on her bed just like a bedwetting little girl, but she knew it’d be better than ruining the mattress. She stood up from the table and began to clear away her plate, not wanting to stay in this awkward situation for any longer. “Emily,” Her mother beckoned her back before she could leave the table. “Please sit down I’m not done talking yet.” Emily sat, not happy to be held there any longer than she had to be. Her mother continued. “The doctor also suggested that you try wearing some” Her mum paused, searching for the right word. “...overnight protection.” Emily’s heart sank. “I know it’s horrible to have to do but surely you’d prefer to wake up feeling dry rather than soaked? It’s not going to be forever Emily, just until we can sort this out. It’d be the really grown up thing for you to do.” She awaited anxiously for a response. Emily didn’t know how to respond. Stunned at her mother’s proposition she took a minute to check this wasn’t just some horrible nightmare. She knew there was no way that she was going to wear nappies again at 17 years old. She was way past that stage and she definitely wasn’t going back. “Mum there is absolutely no way in hell that I’m wearing a nappy. I’ve only had two accidents and you’re already trying have me wear a… a nappy? This is ridiculous, I’ve agreed to the plastic sheet but I’m not agreeing to this.” Emily responded, on the verge of tears. “Emily, please listen to me. I know you’re upset but you have to understand this is the sensible thing to do. And anyway, they aren’t nappies, they’re pull up pants like underwear. They’re far more discreet and are more like your knickers than a nappy. I know you might not want to but you haven’t been the one who’s had to clean your wet, smelly pajamas the past two nights! I’m afraid you don’t have a choice; I want to see you wearing one tonight so I don’t have to do anymore cleaning up.” Her mother shot her an unrelenting look that said ‘don’t you dare argue back at me’. From the look her mother had shot at her, Emily knew she had lost. She didn’t say a word just ran up to her bedroom and shoved her face into her pillow. Sniffling, she didn’t have many more tears left to cry over the past few days events, but when she then heard the crinkle of the plastic sheet on her bed, she couldn’t hold back. The thought of having to wear a nappy, or whatever her mum wanted to call it, to bed was the ultimate embarrassment for her. Chapter 7 A few hours had passed and Emily had eventually calmed down and accepted her fate. She knew it wouldn’t be long before her mum knocked on the door to see that she put on her pull up before bed. Finally came what she was dreading to hear, the knock at the door. “What?” She shouted at the door, clearly still in a strop about her current predicament. Her mother stepped into the room, holding a large pink package in her hands. ‘That must be them’ Emily thought, her stomach now feeling uneasy. “Emily, I want you to go and put one of these on now please. It’s getting late and I’m sure you’re tired after the last couple days, you should get some rest.” Her mother’s tone had certainly become a lot more sympathetic; she knew that this must be really hard for Emily, but she had to enforce the new rule to make sure Emily complied. She placed the pink package on the end of Emily’s bed. “Look Mum, I’ll wear the stupid things if you really want me to, but can you at least trust me to put it on without you having to ask me? I’m 17, I don’t need you to make sure I put it on.” Emily’s tone was fairly bitter but she daren’t get another smack across her bottom so she made sure to watch her language. “Ok darling, I’m sorry. Good girl for going along with this, I’m proud of you.” Emily started to question whether her mum even realised how patronising she sounded when she called her a ‘good girl’, but chose to ignore it instead of creating yet another scene. She went to her draw to grab a pair of pajama bottoms, then realised they were in the wash from last night. Emily really didn’t want to have her pull up on show to everyone but didn’t have much of a choice. Instead she pulled out the baggiest t-shirt she could find, then went to the bathroom with the pack of pull ups under her arm. She couldn’t believe this was happening. After brushing her teeth, Emily sat on the toilet to make 100% sure she didn’t have any pee left in her. She was fairly certain she didn’t need to go but thought best to take her mother’s advice this time around. Having sat there for a good minute, she was confident she didn’t need to go. She went to pull her panties back up, and then realised she might as well leave them off for what was about to come. Emily stared at the pack in her hands. It had a picture of a girl who looked far younger than her age on it, and the designs on the front of the pull up looked incredibly babyish, featuring pink flowers, love hearts and butterflies. She read the front of the pack. ‘Drynites pajama pants. For Girls 8-15. Protection where girls need it most.’ Why were the designs so childish? She shivered with embarrassment after reading the pack; questioning had her mum gotten her size 8-15. Although she hadn’t felt like it the past few days, she was 17 - surely these would be too small for her? On closer inspection after reading the smallprint of the pack, Emily realised they should actually fit her fine. This only made her more embarrassed. Emily had always been a small girl for her age, at 17 she was only 5”2 and was certain she had stopped growing. Realising that stalling time by reading the pack wasn’t going to stop her from eventually having to put one on, she tore open the pack. Swallowing her pride, Emily grabbed a pull up from the pack and began to unfold it. It was a lot thicker than she had expected. ‘More like my knickers than a nappy? Yeah right…’ She thought to herself, thinking about what her mum had said to her. Finally she had unfolded the pull up, and now only had to step into it. Emily stripped off her tanktop she had been wearing and accepted that this was happening. Now naked, she lifted her leg and put it through leg hole of the Drynite, followed by next leg. She slid it up slowly until it reached her crotch, then had to wiggle her bottom slightly to bring it right up to around her waist. The whole time she couldn’t help but imagine what her friends would think if they saw her like this right now. A popular, straight A student, back to wearing a pull up. She rubbed her hand against the front of the Drynite, which bulged out quite a bit. It was big and puffy, but also very tight around her waist, and inner thighs. ‘I guess that’s so it doesn’t leak’ Emily wondered. As she moved her legs, she noticed how restricted her thighs were from now touching each other. It felt bulky between her legs, forcing her to stand with her feet slightly wider apart. As she went to pick up her t-shirt, she caught herself in the mirror. Emily immediately felt incredibly babyish. There she saw a young woman looking back at her with reasonably sized breasts and a grown up expression, but also wearing a Drynite pull up. Half woman, half baby, she thought. Emily finally picked up her t-shirt and put it on. Thankfully it just about covered her Drynite from the front, but when she looked over her shoulder and into the mirror, she noticed you could just about see the bottom of her pull up poking out from the back. If she bent over, she would bear all. At this point, she was just grateful that only her mother would be able to see this - no one else. Exhausted, defeated and ready for a night’s sleep, Emily returned to her bedroom. To her shock her mother was there waiting for her. “Mum why aren’t you in bed?” Emily asked now embarrassed, knowing that underneath her t-shirt she was now wearing her bedtime pull up. “I’m sorry Emily... I just wanted to have a final check to see if they fit ok. I wouldn’t want them to be too big and leak, or be too small and not fit alright.” Emily stood there in disbelief. Did her mother not hear what she had said before about trusting her to deal with this on her own? She was old enough to see if it fitted properly and felt insulted at her mother’s constant refusal to trust her with the issue. “Mum for goodness sake, I’ve told you I can deal with it! Please just let me handle this on my own.” Having her mother check her pull up seemed so condescending to Emily, it would be the ultimate slap in the face to her. This was all Emily could muster, she couldn’t be bothered to argue, she just wanted to go to sleep. “Emily. Please don’t do this now. If you’re not going to be a big girl and let me check your pull up fits then I’m just going to have to do it without your permission.” Emily’s mother had had enough of her constant defiance today and wanted to go to bed. She understood that Emily wanted the trust and responsibility of dealing with this on her own; but realistically Emily had been so upset by all this she didn’t trust Emily to cope with this by herself. To her understanding, she was just trying to help her daughter - but Emily didn’t see it this way. She was tired and fed up with arguing with Emily and so took matters into her own hands. Fed up with Emily’s constant refusal to everything she proposed, she knelt down next to Emily and went to lift her shirt. “Mum seriously fuck off now” Emily said, shaking with mixed emotions of anger and embarrassment. Emily’s mother instantly reacted, lifting the back of Emily’s shirt and smacking her padded behind. Emily whimpered in shock, utterly ashamed of the situation she found herself in. “If you want to act like a 3 year old then you’ll get treated like one! Now don’t you dare talk back to me again or it won’t just be one smack to your bottom next time young lady! I know you’re having a hard time but you can’t disrespect me like that and not expect consequences!” Emily’s mother roared at her. Emily was frozen on the spot, there was nothing she could do. Her mother quickly raced her fingers around the leg holes of the Drynite, poking and prodding at certain areas to make sure they were the right fit. “These seem to fit ok. I was worried they might be too big. Now if you need the toilet in the night you can just pull them down, but make sure they’re back on properly when you pull them back up.” Emily’s mother patted the seat of her pull up, then stood up. “Also, if you do have an accident in the night, don’t be afraid to come and see me if you need help with anything. I’m very disappointed in your behaviour recently Emily, I thought I had raised you better than this. Goodnight.” Her mother left the room, leaving Emily feeling more infantile than she had done since she can remember. Emily didn’t even know what to think anymore. How on earth could her mother suddenly start treating her like she was a toddler again? ‘She threatened me with a fucking spanking… I’m 17 years old for fucks sake’. Now at rock bottom, Emily got into bed. She found it hard to get to sleep trying to process all that had happened today, and also trying to get used to the padding between her legs. After a lot of tossing and turning, she slept. Chapter 8 Emily woke up. Straight away she put her hands down to her sides to feel her bedding. It was dry! It felt like a stupid thing for a 17 year old to be celebrating, but Emily was instantaneously happy. She sat up, thinking about going and telling her mum that she’d told her all along this would be over soon. As she positioned herself upwards, as quickly as she had felt happy, she felt despair. Her Drynite didn’t feel like it had the night before. She reached down to grab the front of her pull up. Puffy and cold. To her dismay, her bed may have been dry but she was definitely not. Emily sighed. This wasn’t just a one time thing, this wasn’t just a two time thing, this was a thing. It was the start of the day and Emily had already given up. She stood up from her bed and felt her Drynite squidge and slosh between her legs as she tried to walk. It felt nasty to know that she was now in a garment that was encasing her accident against her. At the same time, she appreciated how much better it felt than waking up in a wet bed. Although this wasn’t the most pleasant feeling, it was certainly a lot cleaner than a soaking, smelly bed. Emily inspected her bed, running her hand over the rustling of the plastic sheet. It was bone dry. She then inspected her t-shirt, which in the previous nights had ended up wet too. It was bone dry. Emily smiled slightly, it was such a stupid thing to be wearing, but she was glad she had listened to her mum. She was right, it was far better than a wet bed. Emily wasn’t happy that she had now confirmed herself as a bedwetter, but she was at least happy with the result of the pull up. It sounded stupid, but it made her feel more confident about the whole situation. It had served her well, but now felt clammy and cold. She wanted to take it off but didn’t know where she’d put it if she did. After the first good night's sleep she’d had in awhile, she felt happier this morning and kept thinking about what had happened with her mother last night. She felt her mother had acted unreasonably by threatening her with a spanking like a 3 year old, and was still upset about this; but she realised that really the whole time her mum had just wanted to save her from leaking onto the bed, which wouldn’t have been good for anyone. She regretted her behaviour and decided that from now on she should just do as her mum says, as it usually seems to be right, even if it was embarrassing. Emily determined that she would apologise to her today, and also ask her what to do with this now soggy pull up she found herself in. Emily walked through to see her mother eating breakfast at the table. Her mother looked up at her, confused to see Emily still dressed in last night’s attire. She was surprised to see that Emily appeared less ashamed about what she was wearing. “Morning Mum, I just wanted to apologise for how I acted last night and also the night before that too. I know that you just want the best for me and from now on I’ll try not to act like such a little brat.” Emily felt much better after letting this out. “Wow, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” Emily’s mother smiled, “I’m very proud of you for saying that Emily. I’m glad you’ve realised the way you were acting was inappropriate.” Emily smiled and sat down at the table, forgetting about her wet Drynite. As she sat down, her pull up expanded. It was being pushed to its absolute limits. A tiny dribble of pee escaped from her bottom and onto the chair. Emily felt this on this inside of her thigh and immediately panicked. Was it going to blow? She quickly stood up from the chair and assessed the damage. A tiny puddle of a pee sat on top of the wooden chair and a few drips were racing down Emily’s legs. Right away Emily felt her confidence begin to deteriorate. “Emily! Why haven’t you taken that thing off yet?” Her mother questioned her. She made her way over to Emily and examined the Drynite. Emily felt ashamed but knew that if she tried to argue with her mother it would only end badly again. After being threatened with a spanking, whether her mum was serious about it or not, she knew where her place was. If it was anything like she remembered her mother’s spankings to be, then it would not be fun. “Oh Emily, you’ve really put these to the test haven’t you.” She said whilst checking her 17 year old daughter’s Drynite. “I don’t think these are going to be absorbent enough. You might fit into a 8-15 year old pull up, but you’re bladder is certainly a 17 year old’s.” Her mother said whilst standing up. ‘Great’ Emily thought, ‘So I might have the body of an 8-15 year old but my accidents are bigger.’ “Why hadn’t you taken that off before you came down here Emily?” Her mother asked. “I’m sorry Mum I was going to ask you where I should put it, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I’m sorry.” Emily felt herself feeling more and more immature than she already did. She couldn’t even handle her own wet pull up without making a mess; maybe her mum was right, she did need her help. “It’s ok sweetheart come here, I’m just proud of you for wearing your pull ups last night.” Emily’s mother pulled her into a tight embrace. Emily was unhappy that her mother had given up calling them ‘overnight protection’ but what was the point. She felt completely helpless and needed her mummy right now. Mummy? What was she thinking. Mum she forcibly corrected herself. “How about when you have a wet pull up, just give it to me and I’ll deal with it. I don’t want you feeling like you have to stress over anything more than you should right now. You have exams coming up and you should be focusing on them. Let me worry about your Drynites ok?” At that moment Emily felt so relieved to have her mother helping her. She may have been angry at her the past couple days, but now she had never felt more grateful to have someone helping her with her problem. “Ok… thanks Mum.” Emily said shyly into her mother’s shoulder. “Do you need any help cleaning yourself up?” Emily thought for a second, she appreciated the support but wasn’t quite sure about her mum helping her clean up in that way. “Thanks Mum but I think I’ll be ok.” Emily sniffed. “Ok darling, just give me your pull up when you’re done. I’m going to go shopping today and try and find you something more suitable for your accidents. I’m sorry for not getting you something absorbent enough. This is my fault.” Emily’s mother really saw the helplessness in her eyes. Emily really just needed a mum right now. In a way, she found it kind of nice that her daughter needed her like this. Emily had always been so independent and self motivated that she rarely needed to be the mother figure; she enjoyed being able to be a mum again. Chapter 9 Emily found herself in the shower, wiping herself down for the third day in a row. She was torn between being upset about her sudden phase of wetting the bed again, but somehow also strangely comforted. The feeling of comfort was from her mother. Emily hadn’t really felt loved by her mother for a long time until now; she was always doing so well in everything that her mum never needed to help her with much. But this was different - now that she had a problem, her mother was able to help her and, for once, look after Emily. Emily realised that at first she had been upset with her mum really for just trying to help; and because Emily rarely needed help, she felt insulted - like it was undermining her independence. After having worn her Drynite last night and having woken up far more confident and feeling good, Emily decided to just let her mother do what she thought was best. No more defying her. Plus she was secretly really enjoying the attention she was getting, something that was rare from her mum. Emily got out of the shower feeling better than she had in a long time, even before her accidents occurred. She got dressed into some black leggings and a blue tanktop, then went to give her not-so-dry nite to her mother. She giggled, finding it funny how it was called a Drynite, when really it just ends up wet. Her mother disposed of the pull up and shortly after left to go do the shopping for the week; and also for Emily. It was nice to have a mother who worked from, home and Emily enjoyed having her around in times like this; it was just a shame her dad was the exact opposite. Feeling like she could take on the world, Emily decided to give the dreaded maths unit another try. She worked for a good couple hours at her desk trying to get through it all, but thought it was best to not try and do too much at once. Instead, she spent the next half of the day waiting for her mum to come home. She was surprisingly curious to see what her mother would bring home for her. The pull ups had made her feel confident but the mishap that she’d had this morning wasn’t fun, so she hoped what her mum would bring her this time would be more suitable. After what felt like hours, Emily’s mum returned home. She cooked dinner for the two of them and they enjoyed a really nice conversation over their meals. It seemed that any previous spite between them had vanished. Emily went up to bed, strikingly nervous for her mum to come and bring her whatever new ‘overnight protection’ she had to wear. She felt embarrassed to be needing extra protection, the Drynites hadn’t lasted very long. She just hoped she could feel as confident as she did this morning - until the leak that is. Around 30 minutes later, Emily’s mother appeared. “Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?” “Good thanks Mum, I got loads done of that tricky maths unit today!” Emily beamed. “Well done! I’m proud of you for not giving up on it.” Her mother beamed back. Emily could see the pack her mother carried in her hand, it looked a lot bigger than the package of Drynites before. She also seemed to be holding some other things, bottles of something similar? “Well Emily I got you something I’m pretty certain should do the job,” Her mum explained, “There should definitely not be any leakage this time around. I’m sorry for causing you that embarrassment.” “It’s fine Mum, I’m sure the same won’t happen again. What are they?” Emily asked, finally feeling more comfortable to talk about the subject, feeling only slightly awkward about it now. “Well, I’m afraid they’re not exactly like pull ups,” Emily had expected this, “They’re more like an adult nappy. They have tapes on the sides and they’re a bit bigger, but they should definitely fit snugly and prevent any leaks. They can absorb much more.” Emily knew that the next step up from her pull ups was going to be nappies, this was inevitable after her pull ups had failed her. Although it was arguably more embarrassing, Emily actually felt more secure about this. If they wouldn’t leak then she had nothing to worry about. “Ok Mum, thanks, I’ll go try one on and you can check the fit.” Emily said, standing up, eager to get it over and done with. “Well Emily, that’s what I’m worried about” Her mother went on, “You’ve never put on a nappy before have you? Not on anyone else, and certainly not on yourself. I think I need to show you how to put it on, then you’ll know how to do it yourself in the future.” Emily thought for a minute. She knew that her mum was probably right, she had been about everything else so far, but this was a little too weird. She knew she would feel far too comfortable. “Yeahhhh, I don’t know about that Mum. I think I’d rather try mysel-” “Emily,” Her mother interrupted. “Would you rather that you do it and then we get another leak in the morning? I’m not letting you try this yourself and we have another mess to clear up. I want to help you sweetheart, you’ve been under so much stress recently. Let me deal with it..” Emily’s mother knew Emily would have no idea how to put the nappy on herself, and it would only end in tears in the morning. She suddenly found herself forgetting that her daughter was 17 years of age, it certainly hadn’t seemed like it recently. For a brief moment Emily considered contesting, but really it was a choice between spanking or having herself nappied by her mother. She thought for a second, and realised she really had no idea how to put a nappy on herself. Again her mother was right, but again, it meant suffering further embarrassment. Before Emily could even respond, she found herself being gently laid back on her bed. She realised her mother wasn’t giving her a choice. She couldn’t believe what was about to happen but knew she had to get on with it. What would her friends think if they saw her like this? Emily’s mother smoothly slid off her daughter’s leggings, then reached for her panties. She didn’t feel completely comfortable doing this to her 17 year old daughter, but she had to enforce the rules. She pulled off the panties with ease and Emily lay with her legs flat, in complete silence. Emily’s mother asked Emily to raise her butt off the bed, then placed the outstretched nappy underneath Emily’s bottom. Emily felt this underneath her and almost felt relieved - she didn’t want to be nude in front of her mother for any longer than she had to. Next her mother grabbed the bottle that Emily had seen her carrying, on closer inspection she could see it was baby powder. With surprising strength, Emily’s mother grabbed both of her ankles in one hand, and with the other began sprinkling baby powder over Emily’s cute, round bottom. “This is another thing that I forgot,” Her mother spoke calmly, “Lucky I remembered otherwise you might have gotten a little rash down there.” Emily was too embarrassed to respond to this, keeping quiet and waiting for it all to be over. Next her mother asked her to spread her legs so she could finish the powdering and finish up the job. “So do you want me to teach you how to do this?” Emily’s mother asked to make sure Emily was paying attention. Emily knew that she needed to learn to do this herself to save her the embarrassment of this happening again, but she just simply couldn’t bring herself to look down at what her mother was doing. She preferred to just try and ignore it. “Hmm? Ok I’ll have to show you another time, you’re probably too tired now anyway. It’s quite late.” Emily instantly regretted not just manning up and looking down to her crotch to see what to do, but it was far too embarrassing and she almost felt paralysed. She felt the front of the nappy being pulled up against her front, then the sides tightened around her waist. “Well done Emily, I’m so glad you’re willing to try what’s best for you.” Emily’s mother sat her up and gave her a big hug. She had felt her motherly instincts kick in for the first time in awhile and it felt great. Emily still remained silent. It had been horribly awkward, but she felt loved. She felt really loved. “If you need to go in the night, you can’t just pull these down like pull ups, so come and see me if you need help. Or if you just need a change. Goodnight love.” Emily sat on her bed feeling closer with her mother than she had in a long time, and it felt great. She hadn’t even fully realised the extreme thickness of the nappy she now found herself in. Getting up to go fetch some pajama trousers from her draw, she found herself waddling rather than walking. Compared to her new nappy, her old Drynites really did seem like knickers to her now. As she pulled her clean pajama bottoms over the bulk of her nappy, she quickly noticed how obvious it was that she had a padded rear hidden underneath. The waistband of her nappy rode just over her belly button; meaning that you could see the waistband even above her pajamas. They were huge. The huge bubble at the back of her pajamas clearly added to her already obvious nappied state. She felt like such a baby. The new nappies were so thick around her, she felt encased by them. At first Emily had been so embarrassed by her bedwetting, she now felt more secure than ever; she trusted that her nappy would keep her dry tonight and that made her feel confident when getting into bed. Although Emily felt like such a baby, she didn’t seem to mind.
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    I wish I had an online Daddy who liked messy diapers and I could send him pictures of my accidents to prove that I am a good girl who happens to mess
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    It's 2017 and we all need a reason to smile. How about a new chapter of "Neighbor and the New Girl"? Thanks again for reading, guys. It means a lot to me! *** Nine: Mapping It Out Waking up to a rainy morning was fine; waking up next to Emily was better. I lay beside her in the quiet twilight of the bedroom, watching her chest rise and fall in a slow, even motion. The constant patter of raindrops against the windows kept me lulled into a state of half-slumber. I couldn’t be bothered to get up and leave. Not even to change my diaper. Not even to follow my routine and put on the wig and makeup that Emily always kept handy for me. Her parents were gone—finally! Why bother with any of that now? And yet, my eyes drifted over to the nightstand. My black wig sat curled up like a sleeping cat. The lipgloss and eyeliner were just within reach. I glanced back at Emily. At the girl I’d kissed numerous times the night before. My lips trembled at the memory, and I stared up at the ceiling in disbelief. I didn’t know which Jordan I was anymore. There was a Jordan that Emily had molded from an anxious young man into a fine young woman—and into the girl whom she’d fallen in love with. Jordan Kim, after all, was nothing more than Emily’s neighbor. He knew his limits around her. But Jordan Baker was different. Nothing was off-limits with her. She was the cool roommate, the sweet but sensual friend who could woo even the most hardhearted parents. Going deep into a role was nothing new for me; I’d get depressed after a few weeks of playing Hamlet and other tragic characters, like a bad dream I couldn’t shake off. But the last few days with Emily had been different. I couldn’t help but go back to playing the other Jordan. Sighing, I reached down and tapped at the wet padding between my legs. At least that other Jordan and I had one thing in common. When I turned over, finally deciding I might as well stop stalling, I felt a weight across my chest. I looked down at Emily’s arm crossing my shirt, and my eyes darted over to her face. Her eyes were open and staring right back at me. “Hey,” she whispered. “Um... hi.” “What’s your hurry?” I turned over to fully face. “I was, uh, gonna get changed.” Emily’s hand crawled down my belly, from one fingertip to the next, inch by inch. She came to a stop around my diaper’s waistband, her fingers teasing the edge. Her eyes locked onto my face again, and I blushed. “You sure it can’t wait?” she asked. I bit on my bottom lip. “Em...” “Come on. Stay a little longer. I don’t have to work until noon today.” “But my house... the neighbors...” “Forget them.” “Emily—” “I’m here, aren’t I?” “Yeah?” “So let’s have some fun for once.” Her hand slid itself over the bulging front of my diaper. I groaned, and Emily leaned over to plant a kiss on the side of my neck. To hell with it, I thought. She dropped her head onto my shoulder. I slid my arms around her waist, mere seconds before she grabbed hold of me through the front of my diaper. My breath went shallow as she started to massage the front, teasing me. I buried my face in her hair. Emily giggled and began to rub me harder—and harder still. In my mind’s eye, I wasn’t myself anymore. I was the other Jordan again. Longhaired, grinning, passionate Jordan. Sensual, generous, loving Jordan! It wasn’t until we were both rocking against each other in the bed, our hips flexing, our breathing hard, that I finally groaned out, “Ohh, honey... oh, God, I’m almost there...” “Come on, girl,” Emily insisted, equally breathless. “Give it to me...” “I’m gonna—” And then I did. All at once, an eye-opening release right into my diaper, with Emily’s hand still locked in place over it. I gasped and sweated, falling limp against my partner as she stroked the side of my face. She planted a trail of kisses down my neck and over my chest. I moaned into her hair one last time before collapsing against my pillow. In the gloom, Emily’s smile shone out. “Wow...” “I know...” “Best. Roommate. Ever.” “Right... right back at ya...” “And, hey, you didn’t mess up my sheets.” Emily’s giggle sent a shiver through my neck. “Thank God for your diapers.” I was almost tempted to add “Thank God your parents aren’t here,” but I clamped down on that urge. The last thing we needed was something to kill this beautiful moment. Nothing would do that faster than bringing up Mr. and Mrs. Parcher of Doom-and-Gloom, Orange County. Instead, I lay back and cuddled against Emily. We held onto each other and listened to the rain for as long as we could. *** It was mid-afternoon when I came across an unusual sight in the living room. Emily lay across her couch, facedown and peering into her tablet. A heavy sketchpad lay within arm’s reach, with dozens of pencils scattered on top. She stared into the screen as a delicate finger traced designs into one of her art programs. It wasn’t the fact that she was attending to her day job that took me by surprise. It was the change in her demeanor. For the last few weeks, I’d seen Emily switch between one of two moods: bouncy smiles and anxious frowns. It had almost been enough to remind me of one of my exes, a girl who had been diagnosed as bipolar. But at least I knew Emily wouldn’t try to steal my keys or accuse me of cheating on her Facebook page. But here was yet another side of Emily: quiet and attentive. She didn’t seem all that aware of the world around herself. I watched one of her feet tap itself against a couch cushion in regular time, beating out a rhythm I couldn’t hear. If not for how important her work was to her, I would’ve risked remarking on how cute she looked. Leaning on the doorway, I tried to sort things out between us in my mind. I couldn’t help but grin when I thought about the intimate moments we’d shared the night before and early that morning. Emily’s carefree laugh, her warmth against my chest, the scent of her hair—it was addicting. I couldn’t get enough of her. Couldn’t get enough of us. But where did that leave us now? Would it be fair of me to just sneak back next door and go on like before? And what if her parents arranged a surprise visit? I knew that last worry was anxiety talking, but even so, I couldn’t take that risk. I knew what they were like now. Racked with indecision, I retreated to the bedroom. I stared at my reflection in Emily’s mirror. Tired, sad, confused Jordan Kim stared back. I couldn’t even see the guy I was in public, the one who dazzled neighbors and audiences alike with gentle charm and wit, as one reviewer put it. I tried a smile. When that didn’t work, I rubbed my hands across my face and went for a stern glare. That only made me look away in revulsion. I went from one expression to the next. The Nervous Frown. The Sneer of Contempt. The Face of a Man About to Throw Up, and so on... After a moment, I noticed that my hand kept slipping away to the back of my neck. I scratched at it, but felt nothing odd. It wasn’t itching or anything— And then it hit me. It wasn’t itching. It was too bare to cause that familiar itch, the one I got from wearing a wig. And here I was, sitting in Emily’s bedroom, feeling like a stranger. Because, as far as we both were concerned, Jordan Kim was a stranger there. Jordan Baker, her classy roommate, on the other hand... Now I could grin at my reflection. I didn’t waste a moment. After closing the door, I went to dig through Emily’s closet. There I found everything I’d need: a clean white blouse, a long cerulean skirt, some hosiery that would fit, a padded bra, and a clean diaper. All I’d need was five to ten minutes to myself. While I got changed, I kept sneaking glances at myself in the mirror. A half-finished woman looked back at me. And when I was diapered and wearing at least a blouse and bra, I saw more of the girl I wanted to be. I didn’t even need the wig or makeup to feel complete. But this wasn’t me coming out as trans. Not exactly. I didn’t want to be a woman all the time. It was more like I only wanted to be a woman around one special person. Around the most important person in the whole world to me. With a few finishing touches, I took a chance to smile at the lady in the mirror. Just like the first time I’d dressed up, I was back in that happy-go-lucky mode. Here was Jordan without worries or responsibilities. Here was Jordan lost in another role: a command performance for an audience of one. Barely had I finished applying my makeup when I heard Emily knock on the door. “Jordan?” “Yeah, Em?” “Can I come in?” “Um...” I looked over at the bed, where my men’s clothing and a package of diapers lay in the open. “Y-yeah. Just gimme a sec.” “’Kay.” As I moved to clean up, my pulse raced. For once, though, it wasn’t the dread of being caught. I knew her parents were long gone—though, knowing my luck, they could’ve shown up in the driveway at that exact moment. No, this was better. This was the adrenaline thrill right before the curtain went up. This was the beautiful pause when you walked out on stage, waiting that solitary beat before you delivered your first line. This was the amazing pause between the last line of the show and the part where the audience started clapping and cheering. Screw Greg’s acting class. I couldn’t find better material than the show I gave in my best friend’s house night after night. “Jordan?” Emily’s voice reached me from across the door. “Hey, everything okay in there?” To answer her question, I reached over and opened the door. “I don’t know. You tell me.” Her hands flew to her mouth. “Oh! Um, hi!” I grinned. “Hello to you, too!” “You... you know you don’t have to do this for now, right?” “I know. I wanted to do this, Em.” “Really?” “Really.” I took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. “I... I don’t always know how to explain it, but... I like this. Not every day, and not every waking moment, but for now, this is nice. I...” Now I had to duck my head. “I like the way you look at me when I’m like this.” Emily’s eyes misted over. “You really are beautiful, Jordan. Even if I did make you this way.” “You should be proud of what you’ve created.” I cupped her chin with my other hand and met her eyes. My smile and my voice softened. “I know I am, Emily.” She chewed on her bottom lip for a second. Then she said, “Can I add a condition?” “Sure thing.” “If you’re going to keep dressing up, then I only want you to do it for me when we’re alone.” “Deal.” “Really?” “You keep using that word—” “Shut up!” Emily laughed and gave me a playful tap on the cheek. “You’re terrible, you know that?” I leaned over and planted a kiss on her forehead. “I sure do, Em. I sure do.” Emily looked me up and down. When I did a little twirl, she nodded and clapped her hands together. I ended with a curtsy, and Emily snorted. Not a proper thing for a lady to do, but it sounded cute to my ears. “Well,” she added, “I’m liking this new side of you, Jordan. It makes me feel appreciated.” “Good,” I replied. “That was my hope all along.” “So, roommie. What are you making for dinner?” “That depends. I’ve got rice and snow peas, but I was going to try dumplings. If you don’t mind getting the ingredients from the store?” Emily’s lips split into a huge grin. “Oooh. Don’t mind if I do!” That one smile could’ve powered all of Thebes Park. It was so lovely that I wanted to bottle it and use it like perfume. But I settled for trying to match her smile and shooing her out of the room. *** We had ourselves another feast that night around the kitchen table. It wasn’t anywhere as heavy as the Chinese takeout we enjoyed the night before, but that was just fine. I didn’t need another bender of cheap food and wine for a while thanks to that evening. And I had to admit that some part of me loved wearing the clothes Emily bought me and cooking up a meal in her kitchen. It was a different experience, fun and liberating. As Emily cleaned the dishes and I put our leftovers away, she glanced over her shoulder at me. I felt proud of the smile she wore. Not a sign of anxiety to be found there. “I can’t get over how good this feels,” Emily was saying. She flicked her soapy hands into the sink before grabbing a towel to dry them off. “You and me, and... I dunno, just this.” “Right?” I closed the fridge door. “We’ve got our own little domestic situation.” “Oh, God!” Emily giggled into her hand. “Sorry, Jordan, but if you’re talking marriage—” “Oh, perish the thought.” I shrugged. “Besides, how would that even work? ‘I now pronounce you man-dressed-as-a-woman and wife!’ Very classy, I’m sure.” We shared a laugh, and I headed over to the living room. Emily joined me on the couch and snuggled into me with a sigh. Her head fit so neatly against my shoulder. Like it belonged there. Which, of course, it did. “Hey,” she said after a moment of silence. “Yeah?” “I’ve been trying to work something out. Ever since Mom and Dad left.” “Oh. Okay?” Emily’s finger twisted itself around a lock of her hair. She glanced at my face, then over at the carpet, and then back at my face. I shifted on the couch and let her sit up a little. “I think I realized something that’s been missing from my life. When you tally everything up, I’ve got a nice job, a good set of friends, a cool house, and one really amazing neighbor...” I blushed, but she went on. “But that’s not all I want. Those are things I have. They’re not the things that make me feel complete. Like how being an actor is what you love to do, right?” I smiled. “Sure. It’s what I’m good at. Like you and your drawing.” “Yeah, but I could draw anywhere. That’s just for some of the bills.” Emily chewed on her bottom lip and searched my face. “But it didn’t hit me until this morning.” “Oh.” I could feel my cheeks turning red, not that I could’ve stopped myself. “Yeah...” “You had fun, right?” “I... I did.” “I did, too. But what I realized was that I like taking charge the way I did with you. And not just like that, you know?” Now Emily did sit up, never once taking her eyes off me. “Ever since you started living with me, Jordan, I’ve been so happy doing all these things for you. Buying you clothes. Helping you put on makeup. Even changing your diaper. It’s made me feel complete as a person. Does that make sense?” “I think so.” I paused to gather my thoughts. It wasn’t easy looking into such a cute face. “You’re saying that you like being a... a caregiver. Is that it?” “Kinda, yeah. Not, like, twenty-four hours a day or anything.” “No, I got ya. You like being the provider.” I grinned. “Well, from one actor to another, I think it’s a role that suits you.” Emily smiled, but not for long. Her face fell a little. “I’m a bit worried, though.” “Why’s that?” “It’s the kind of role that my parents would’ve pushed me into, don’t you think?” “I... God, no! Em, where did you even get that—?” “Sorry!” She clasped her hands together in a pleading gesture. “I didn’t mean to bring them up!” “Hey, it’s all right. This is a safe space.” I winked and took her hand to my lips. “Cool roommate, remember?” Emily giggled. “Right. The best.” “So that’s fine. I don’t mind hanging out and letting you being a caretaker. But I will need to have some time to myself, you know. Time for work and the occasional night back at my house. Just to placate the neighbors, you know?” “Oh, of course!” Emily grinned and fell into me with a hug. “Jordan, you rock! I’m glad you get me.” “Me, too, kiddo.” When she pulled away, Emily’s grin shrank to a smile. She leaned in and pecked me on the lips. I responded with another peck. I felt ready to lunge forward and add another dose of nightly passion, but she stopped me with a finger to my lips. “Before we go further tonight,” she said, “I’ve got a favor to ask.”
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    Well, we've made it. The big halfway point of the story. And right in time for the holidays, too. Be sure to check in for new chapters starting in January 2017. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, everyone! *** Eight: Homecoming Tuesday morning, 11:48 a.m. Only a few more minutes to go. Having built up their expectations about me the day before, I treated Mr. and Mrs. Parcher to another fine breakfast and a boisterous little speech about how grateful I was for their daughter’s kindness. All to explain how I “spoiled” her, as they put it. And they accepted my words, being sufficiently flattered into thinking what a good job they’d done with Emily. Sure, Emily had told me they might forget all this within a few days, but at least she could send them off on a better note than she had before. I stood on the threshold of the front door—trying to stay out of my neighbors’ view—and watched Emily help her parents load their luggage into the car. I waved and smiled, ready to offer any parting words, any last little dig at their point of view. But thank heavens, they were subdued this morning. George, in particular, wouldn’t keep eye contact with me. Emily kissed them both goodbye. She retreated to the door, and we watched the car pull out of the driveway. Neither of us said a word nor moved a muscle. We kept a perfect vigil as the Parchers’ sedan drove up the block and back to the highway. As soon as I closed the door behind me, Emily dropped to her knees. I ran to her side, but I didn’t need to worry. She was shivering with barely held-in laughter. “Oh my God,” she whispered. “Oh my God. Oh my God, we did it! It’s over! Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” “You were flawless,” I said,and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. “Me? Christ, Jordan. None of this would’ve happened without you.” “I helped, sure—” “You saved me from an arranged marriage. I’m eternally in your debt.” “Awesome. Then how you buy me dinner for once?” “Jordan.” Her voice went soft, and my heart skipped a beat. With tender eyes, Emily searched my face. She laid her hand against the curve of my jaw. “I mean it. You... you saved my life. You really are...” She shook her head, trying to think up the right word. “...Special.” I sniffed and looked away. After a moment, I said, “Shucks, Em. I mean... thank you. I’m happy I could help. And, you know, it’s been a very unusual acting experience for me.” “Did you enjoy it?” “I did.” “I swear, I won’t ask you to do it again—” “But I’d be happy to—” We froze and stared at each other. Our answers came out in unison, and I didn’t have the first damn clue where to go from there. Apparently, neither did Emily. I blushed and hid my face in the long locks of my wig. Emily sighed and leaned against my shoulder. I nudged her head with my cheek. Then I helped her to her feet, and we made our way over to the bedroom. I was looking forward to being back in men’s clothing, and I was glad that I could be seen with Emily in public again. Where we would go from there would be anyone’s guess. *** Chinese food in Thebes Park wasn’t too bad on its own. But in the spirit of celebration, the feast of dim sum and egg rolls that Emily and I enjoyed that night was marvelous. True to her word, she paid for the meal, but I had to contribute a bottle of white wine. I just didn’t expect that we’d go through it so fast. Emily was red-faced and grinning through her third glass. She danced to the tune of the movie we were watching—I forget which one, some Wes Anderson romp. I sat on the couch, enjoying my wine and her company. Through the haze of our partying, I’d thought ahead and slipped into the bathroom to put on a diaper. Not that I was the type to get piss-your-pants drunk, but a little protection wouldn’t hurt. I tried to hold it anyway, but between the heavy dumplings and the wine, I couldn’t keep my eyes open all the way. “Rebel rebel! You tore your dress!” Emily’s voice rose high and warbled as she danced to the Bowie song that was currently playing on TV. “Rebel rebel! Your face is a mess! Rebel rebel! How could they know...?” “Hot tramp, I love you so,” I murmured. That lyric, like so many others from the era, was embedded in my skull. But, I reflected, it felt appropriate for the evening. Part of me was still adjusting to the lack of a wig on my scalp. And while I’d gotten used to being diapered before bed, I didn’t have any of the women’s outfits that Emily had bought me. Even my face felt lighter without a layer of makeup, though I didn’t miss the fear of trying to keep it neat every waking moment. The absence of George and Virginia Parcher was a huge relief; you could feel the air getting brighter and cleaner now that they were gone. But if that were true, why the hell was I still so down? Emily didn’t notice. She was lost in her own happy world, where everything was sunshine and kittens on fluffy clouds. I could watch her twirl around the den for hours, but I had to get back to my place at some point. I frowned into my wineglass. Something was wrong with me. A few weeks ago, the thought of being at my house would have been a huge comfort. Now it felt like a prison sentence. But that wasn’t fair. I’d built up the place to be exactly what I wanted. It wasn’t the kitschy, second-rate house that my parents would have liked, but that was the point. It was mine. And no one else’s. No one else but me, I thought. I sighed and took another drink. Meanwhile, the song had finished, and the movie continued. I wasn’t even watching anymore. My thoughts had gone heavy and dark. I couldn’t tell if I needed more liquor or less. At least I wouldn’t have a red wine headache the next morning. But before I could get up with my glass, Emily flopped onto the couch beside me. I tried to escape her grip, but she caught me in a snuggly vise with her arms, pulling me back and resting her head on my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and fell back with her. Why would I bother getting up? No one could refuse a cute face like hers. Not even when she talked her neighbor into wearing women’s clothing and diapers around her parents. Of course, who else but me would be crazy enough to do that? “Jordan?” Emily’s voice came out as a soft, half-slurred tone. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. “You’re... you’re quiet tonight, aren’t ya?” “What gave me away?” She giggled. “You’re funny, too. I like that ’bout ya.” “Thanks, Em.” “Em...” “Yes, that’s your name.” “No, I mean, it’s weird...” “What?” She shrugged and sat up a little more. I still couldn’t escape her death grip of a hug. “It’s the weirdest thing,” said Emily. “I know lots of people. Like, lots of friends, and... no one but you calls me Em.” “Oh, I’m sorry—” “No, it’s fine. Really.” “I guess it’s just a habit. You never seemed to mind.” “I don’t mind.” Emily smiled, sending a shiver down my spine. “I don’t mind at all.” That shiver kept traveling. It prompted another twinge below my belt—and then another. And another. But it wasn’t the fun kind of twinge that so many romance novels talk about. It was the twinge of being about to pee myself in front of Emily. Something I’d only done once before. I wasn’t too keen on repeating that experience. As I tried to sit up, Emily frowned. “Jordan?” “S-sorry, I have to go.” “No, wait. Can’t you stay just a little bit longer—?” “No, I mean, to the bathroom.” “Oh.” She blinked. “Ohhh. Never mind.” With that, I dashed off the couch and raced down the hall to the guest bathroom. I made it inside, yanked off my pants, twisted out of my diaper, and relieved myself in the toilet with a sigh. I could have stood there forever, but as I took care of business, I had to pause and wonder at what I’d just heard my neighbor say. Can’t you stay just a little bit longer? I blinked. Was she serious? When I’d finished and flushed, I mulled the idea over as I washed my hands. The cool water kept me grounded enough to think. There was Emily on the couch, her eyes gentle and pleading like so many times before. Begging me to help her. Asking me to be her savior. Trying to form a connection. I could see it all so clearly now. She was still the same person as before, still bright, cheerful Emily Parcher. The cute girl next door. But when I thought of her as cute now, my heart did a samba dance. I looked up at the mirror, judging my reflection. If I squinted hard enough, I could still see traces of Jordan the female roommate looking back at me. A few feminine curves in my face, especially I tilted my head and smiled a certain way. Did Emily see this, too? Had being her fake roommate changed things between us? You really do look cute this way... I’m glad you trust me. It’s been a long time since I had anyone to share secrets with... No, it’s you that looks good... Don’t you take that tone with me, little girl. I just changed your diaper, after all... All her words came flooding back to me in an instant. Every syllable infused with affection. And the way she smiled, the way she laughed and looked at me when she said those words—they took my breath away every time. I couldn’t remember the last time anyone had looked at me the way Emily had then. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do without her looking at me that way. *** Having hid out in the bathroom long enough, I went back to the den. Emily was sprawled out on the couch. The movie had ended, and she was flipping through channels. When she noticed me returning, she perked up and scrambled to give me some room. “All better now?” Emily asked. I sat down and nodded. “Yeah, I’m good. Thanks.” “No problem.” Compared to how she was before, Emily didn’t slump into my side or get grabby. She seemed embarrassed. Her eyes kept darting over the carpet, and her hands twisted together in her lap. Watching her made me feel embarrassed, too. With a sigh, I leaned forward and glanced at her. “So, Em, can I ask you something?” “Of course.” “Well, it’s about us.” Her body seized up. Emily’s eyes flashed over me. “Y-yeah?” I rubbed at the back of my neck. Without the wig, it felt ridiculously bare. “I, uh, don’t know how to put this.” “Oh. Well, take your time.” “Okay...” I let the silence build a little longer, just to organize my thoughts. “So, I gotta say, it’s been more fun than I would have expected being your roommate. I didn’t even mind doing it around your parents—not I want to excuse what they did or said. Because damn, Em.” She giggled, and I continued. “I just wonder where things are between us now. Like, if you said a month ago that I’d be dressing up in girly clothes for you, or that I’d let you change my diaper, I wouldn’t have believed you. I almost can’t believe I did all that stuff. But it’s real. It happened, and... well, I guess I’m okay with the fact that it happened.” “Jordan...” “Emily, I’m glad to be your friend.” I turned to her. “I just wanted you to know—” The words died on my tongue when I saw how close she was. And my heart damn near stopped when she leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back. When our eyes opened again, Emily chewed on her bottom lip. I saw the worry rising in her eyes, could sense the panic bubbling up anew, and if I weren’t careful, the same would happen to me, too. So I reached for her face and pulled her back for another kiss. Somewhere in the tangle, we fell against each other. I moaned into Emily’s mouth as she rang her fingers through my hair. I gasped, savoring the weight of her body on top of mine. Her small, perky breasts bounced against my chest, and I couldn’t stop myself from getting hard through my jeans. It even made my diaper rustle, which made Emily giggle. She planted a trail of kisses down the side of my face, and I shuddered at the thrill that washed over me. My hand snarled itself through her hair, and Emily laughed again. She leaned up and planted a kiss on my lips, and then another on the tip of my nose. I kissed her on the cheek and pulled her head onto my shoulder, desperate for a moment to catch my breath. “Emily... I, uh...” I shook my head and gasped. “Oh, God, that... that was...” “I know...” Emily was breathless, too. She grabbed my other hand and intertwined our fingers. “I couldn’t.... oh, I couldn’t help myself...” “You really don’t want me to leave, do you?” “Not on your life. Roommate.” “Am I just your roommate now?” She paused and moved her head to look askew at me. Her eyes scanned my face, and for a moment, I felt self-conscious without my makeup and outfits. “You’re special to me,” Emily whispered, dropping her head onto my shoulder again. “I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl, Jordan. I just want this.” She lifted our hands up and smiled. “Just this, all the time. If you don’t mind?” “Not at all.” I leaned in and kissed the back of her hand. “Guy or girl, Em. I’m yours.”
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    Chapter Three Diana: I smile as I gaze around the room with a satisfied smile. It’s far from finished, but not bad for a bare bones beginning and completely livable in case things progress more rapidly than I think they will. The walls are painted a light lavender, brightened further as sunlight floods through the large window, the window seat set up with a long violet cushion and a few pink pillows, shrouded by pearly curtains. The creamy, crushed seashell colored carpet is soft beneath my bare toes, so plush it almost feels like one is sinking into it. The far wall, directly across from the door, the crib stands proud. Made of a sandalwood, carved to have little animals in the wood, the plastic sheet covered mattress has been advertised to be pillow soft, and is hidden beneath the light pink bedsheet, a purple and blue patchwork blanket folded to drape over the rail. A small pillow and a plush brown teddy bear with a green bow around it’s neck sit in the crib, waiting patiently to be used and loved respectively. “Soon,” I whisper to the bear, dragging my fingers through the soft shag fur. “But not quite yet.” The crib isn’t the only thing in the room, however, a matching set changing table and wardrobe occupy the adjacent wall across from the window, each as elegant as the crib. The wardrobe has been partially filled, as I’ve still plenty more I’d like to buy. The changing table has a pink mattress for Clara to lay on, a few tiny stuffed animals; a yellow rabbit, blue elephant, and pink horse sit in the corner, there for her to amuse herself with while being changed. She has a large, whitewash toy chest that has been left open to allow toys of all shapes and sizes to spill out of it, more stuffed animals perched on the lid, and on either side. She’s a handmade dollhouse and plenty of dolls and furniture to put in it, plenty of puzzles and games, and art supplies to keep her entertained at all times. I smile as my eyes sweep over it. It’s not quite finished yet, but when it is, it will be perfect, I think. I reach out and turn on the mobile, watching it turn, moving tiny stars and comets around a crescent moon, playing a soft, wordless lullaby as it spins. Leaving the sound to echo beautifully through the nursery, I flick the light off and pull the door shut, ready to go meet my Little one once again. “One day real soon, sweetie, I won’t have far to go to see you. You’ll be just down the hall,” I comment to no one in particular. “I can be patient, as long as it takes, but eventually you will be mine. Very soon.” I climb from my car in the side parking lot of the theater. An eccentric looking building painted blue with old film roll and goofy characters jutting over the entrance and the roof. Making my way to the front doors, I look around, determining her not here yet, and take a seat on a bench to await Clara's arrival. She'd assured me she didn't need me to get her a taxi, that she was fine to get here, so I can only sit and wait for her to show up. Ten minutes later, a small silver car catches my attention as it pulls up directly in front of the theater, clearly dropping someone off rather than parking and staying for a film. The windows are tinted slightly, so I can’t make out any definitive features of the Amazon woman driving the vehicle, but I watch her twist to speak to someone in the back. A moment or two later, the back door opens and I watch as Clara hops out. Time seems to freeze as my chest tightens, blood turning to ice. I chew my lip. Is she already claimed? The panicked thought flashes through my mind. I shake my head. No. She can’t be...she would have said something...I would have seen this woman before...right? I frown. I’ve been meeting with Clara for three weeks now, emailing and calling her, meeting her almost all over the city. There are some very forward Amazons that only claim Littles to keep them safe from others, refusing to diaper them or restrict them in any way, but surely if that were the case, Clara would have mentioned it. “You worry too much,” Clara’s sweet voice pulls me from my dazed thoughts as she addresses the woman in the car. “Don’t. I can take care of myself. Thanks for the ride, by the way,” she says lightheartedly as she closes the door and makes her way up the steps towards me. The car remains where it is, the woman clearly watching us closely. I frown, further worried. “Hey,” I greet the girl as she reaches me, my voice slightly airy and nervous. “How are you?” “Hi, Diana,” she answers. “I’m doing good, actually. What about you?” “What? Oh, I’m fine, thanks...Hey, Clara, who was that?” I ask, trying to appear mildly curious. “Huh? Oh, that’s just Andrea. Don’t worry, she’s cool,” Clara comments dismissively as we head inside the theater. “Cool…” I repeat. “Not to pry or anything, but Clara, what’s your relationship with this woman? I mean, clearly you trust her quite a bit if you’ll get into a car with her. Are you sure you can trust her? How long have you known this Andrea?” Clara laughs. “Don’t worry about me, Diana, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself,” she says. I find the comment to be both ironic and untrue, but I choose not to comment. “Andrea is cool,” she repeats. “I’ve known her a while now, over a year. It’s funny, because she just finished asking me if I could trust you. I gave her the same answer. You two remind me of each other a bit,” she admits. “Good friends with my safety in mind, and Andrea’s not interested in owning her own Little either. She’d be good support for the cause, but she doesn’t want to get involved much either. Not because she doesn’t support me, but because she’s a bit of a pacifist and doesn’t like to take sides.” I nod, having no alternative. Oh sweetie, you’re so naive if you think that makes us alike. Clara heads into line, pulling out her phone to text someone, likely about the cause that encompasses almost her entire reality. “So what are we seeing, anyways?” she inquires a little distractedly. Now it’s my turn to laugh. “Clara, you didn’t honestly think I’d arrive early and get my own ticket without getting yours as well, did you? Come on, there’s no need to wait in line.” Clara blushes cutely, causing my heart to flutter and lodge itself in my throat, as she sheepishly steps out of line. “Oh.” “I had wanted to get us tickets to that new action thriller that’s playing...the name slips me. I thought we could see that,” I lie, knowing I’d have never chose such a film for a child to see. “Unfortunately, I guess that theaters don’t bend on regulations and with Littles classified as children here, they won’t let you into an ‘R’ rated movie, so I had to pick something else. There’s not much playing that isn’t R rated or a blatant kids movie, so I settled on this dystopian sci-fi movie that’s recently come out. I believe it’s based off a book, though I haven’t read it. Is that alright?” “Of course they wouldn’t let me into a ‘mature’ movie,” she grumbles, crossing her arms with displeasure. “But yeah, sci-fi sounds good, I don’t mind the genre, prefer it actually, so let’s do it,” she agrees happily before pausing. “You didn’t have to buy my ticket though, here, I’ll pay you back,” she decides, removing her wallet from her little bag, more of a backpack than anything, and offers me a ten dollar bill. I hold up a hand and shake my head. “It’s okay, Clara, keep your money. Consider this my treat, okay?” I reply, using the same line I always do, seeing as I’ve never let her pay for anything. “I promise, this isn’t because of you size or position, you’re still as safe as the day I met you on that note,” I state. “But I don’t really have anyone in my life to do this sort of thing with. To do anything with or for. I mostly work and sleep, if I’m to be honest with myself. So let me have this okay? Let me call you my friend, my best friend really, and let me take you out to places and to do things we both know society would almost never let you do on your own, okay? And that includes letting me cover the bill. Once a week like this isn’t hurting my bank account, I promise you,” I assure her. “And I don’t say that to show off in any way.” Clara looks rather taken aback as she stares up at me and for a moment I worry I’ve said something wrong and put her on alert. However, a bashful smile creeps across her face, cheeks flushing once more. “Thanks, Diana,” she whispers. “That...well, that actually means a lot. I’m really glad you’re my friend.” I smile and nod. “Me too. Now come on, what would you like?” I inquire as we reach the concession line. My soon-to-be Little girl puts on her oh so adorable thinking face but only for the briefest of moments before stating, “Popcorn please! And a small soda. Good thing about me is that a Small size to you is a Large to me." she tells me with a coy smile and soft, almost bashful laugh. I laugh and nod. "I suppose that can be a pretty nice upside. Downright unfair," I tease as we reach the counter. "Hello. Can I get two sodas, one small, one large, please, as well as an extra large popcorn and a bag of gummy worms," I request, remembering Clara mentioning a love for the chewy candy. The cashier peers over the counter at Clara and frowns slightly. "Sorry ma'am, Littles and toddlers aren't allowed anything but a Kiddy Cup drink; too many spills. It will be about the same price though,” the young man says cheerfully. I frown, though inside my stomach is aflutter with joyful little butterflies. The acting is perfect. Of course, this is all expected, seeing as I’ve payed the theater staff to argue with me and insist on a few minor childish things so that I remain a good guy in Clara’s eyes, while introducing her to the first elements of her future life. "Oh, Clara's fine, she won't make a mess,” I weakly assure the boy. "Rules are rules, ma'am,” he says in a rather defensive and snappy tone. “I don’t wanna get in trouble. So the Little gets a Kiddy Cup, or nothing." I sigh, putting up a front of defeat. "Alright," I relent, flashing Clara a helpless look. "Does it at least come in a slightly larger size?" I inquire, eyeing the tiny plastic sippy cup. "Yeah, but it's extra," the cashier says. I wave a hand. "Alright, then, that’s fine.” The cashier nods and rings me up, “Total of thirty seven dollars and fifty cents, ma’am.” I hand off the money and collect our food, passing Clara the bag of gummy worms. I look down at her with a sympathetic look as I hand slowly hand off the pink, plastic sippy cup. Clara glowers at the offensive container and for the briefest of moments, I worry that she might actually slap it out of my hand. "I’m really sorry, Clara,” I console. “Just once it might be nice not to have to argue with someone over your capabilities. You don't have to drink it, you know." She says nothing as she takes the bag and sippy cup from me, but she also doesn’t immediately throw it it away either. Progress is always nice. We reach the ticketer soon after, he’s a rather plump, jovial looking man with an almost Uncle-like look to him. He smiles warmly at me and Clara as he punches our tickets into the movie. "Here, you've your hands full, so I'll help you with the booster for your daughter," the man says suddenly. "Such a pretty Little girl," he coos at Clara as he plucks a pink plastic theater booster from the pile and carries it in for us. I smile and cast a sideways glance at a now glowering Clara. The grumpy look on her face is absolutely precious. I put on a sympathetic mask and pat her on the shoulder a bit as the man leads us into the theater. What happens next is pure poetry. Once the ticketer has the booster seat situated and secured on the theater chair, his next move is to scoop Clara off the floor entirely. He quickly slides his large hands right under her arms and lifts her into the sky before she could even react. Once she can react, however, the kicking and screaming begins. “Hey! Hey woah! Lemme go! You ass!” she yells out into the crowded theater as she kicks and flails wildly. People begin to stare and then the hushed whispers start. I feel my cheeks flush a bit at the attention, yet, at the same time, I could not be happier. Seeing Clara throw a legit tantrum only reinforces the fact that she needs strict discipline and loving guidance. I feel my hand quiver as I fight the urge to give the naughty girl a spanking right this moment and just make her mine. Once the ticketer has the struggling Little firmly secure in the booster seat he turns to me with a look of triumph. A look that is soon wasted as Clara’s plastic sippy cup comes crashing into his grinning face. I gasp suddenly and reach out to get the cup, but he only shakes his head while reaching down to retrieve it himself. “Feisty little girl you have there, ma’am,” he says as good naturedly as he can while handing me the sippy cup as he rubs his right cheek where the sippy cup hit him. “I apologize if I’ve inadvertantly caused a problem.” "No, I'm sorry,” I say as I avoid the stares. “Are you alright?" I inquire. "Fine. She's not the first disgruntled Little to chuck something at me," he states with a laugh, bending over to pat Clara on the head. "You enjoy the movie, sweetie, and maybe try not to throw things next time, hmm? Wouldn't want to be naughty for your mommy." "Oh, no, no. Clara's a friend," I correct quickly. "I'm not her mommy." Yet. The man sniffs. "You should fix that then,” he says with a note of disapproval. “She clearly needs a very firm hand." "Thanks for the advice," I reply dryly. When he departs, I sigh and turn to the still glowering Clara looking positively miserable secured in her little booster seat. "I'm sorry Clara," I state, choosing not to comment on her little fit and upset her further. I reach over and unbuckle the seat. "Here, stand up for a second. You do want this in order to actually see the film, but this should at least make it a bit more comfortable," I decide, draping my coat over the booster seat before helping her climb back onto it. I tear open the gummy worms and set the bag in her lap, drink in the cup holder. "Next time, we’ll bring our own drinks," I decide. "I'm sorry about that as well. At least it will be dark, no one will see or know, and you know I don't care," I state empathetically. "It would just be this one time. I know you hate anything babyish, but no reason to go thirsty right?" I point out. "It changes nothing between us, I promise." Clara grumbles angrily to herself for a bit. I hear the word ‘assholes’ thrown at some point which sours my disposition a bit. Thankfully, just before I can no longer hold back my comments on her potty mouth, the cinema finally darkens and the trailers begin. The movie turns out to be a total dud. Poorly written, acted, and filled with terrible CGI. I worry a bit at first until I hear Clara laughing at the film. Soon I can’t help but join in, as several film goers shush us from the higher aisles. To my absolute delight, I even manage to spot glimpses of Clara taking a few discreet sips from the sippy cup as she watches the movie. A prideful satisfaction wells in me as I see those small flashes of my Little girl in her soon-to-be natural environment. When the credits finally role and the lights brighten in the theater, I remain in my seat a moment or two after everyone else has stood and begun to file out, glee surging in my heart at the sight of Clara taking a long sip from her cup, even with the lights on and her actions in plain view. I chose not to visibly acknowledge this, however, so not to put her off of the task, so I pretend instead to busy myself with gathering up the garbage of our snacks and stand up. By this point, Clara has finished her drink, so I help her up from the booster, picking it up and tucking it under one arm as we head for the exit. “That was a rather...Interesting film wasn’t it?” I comment lightly. “I definitely think they could have done that a lot better, but oh well; at least it was good for a laugh, right?” “Definitely,” Clara agrees, appearing far less sour than she was at the start of the film. “But you had a good time?” I press as we pause to discard the trash in the provided bins at the door. “I know the beginning was a bit rough, and for that I’m sorry, but it wasn’t too bad from then on, right?” Clara is silent for a moment before she answers. “The movie was funny, and I had a good time,” she admits finally. “I’m not sorry I came, that’s for sure. I just wish the staff didn’t go out of their way to treat me like an incompetent child.” I purse my lips but don’t offer up a response to her comment. “So, any ideas on what you might like to do next week? I feel like it’s been a little unfair on you that I’ve chosen all the things we’ve done so far. Anything you can think of that you’d enjoy?” Again I’m met with silence as Clara, rather obviously, begins to mull it over, slowing down as she walks in a daze, following some trail of thought. I slow as well to keep pace with her. “Oh! Well, there’s this new boutique store opening in the mall next week. I was wanting to go shopping there. Allegedly it's a store catering to Littles but doesn't focus on babyish clothing. That's a rarity. I have to get most of my clothes secondhand or online. So being able to find an actual store? Yes, please!” she exclaims happily. “Maybe you’d like to come with me? Though...I guess it would be pretty boring for you, wouldn’t it? I mean, since it’s only Little’s clothing.” I shake my head. “No, Clara, I wouldn’t mind going with you at all. Sadly, I can’t. I know the store you’re talking about, and as one of the major business figureheads, I’ve been offered a formal invitation to view the store on opening night. There’s some great discounts being offered for the opening only, and the invitation would include a complete tour of the store, sneak peek at the upcoming lines, and some free samples...Sadly, I’ve got an important meeting I’ve got to attend that’s impossible for me to weasel out of. However, I have yet to decline the invitation, so I was thinking maybe you could go in my place? It would benefit you far more than it would me anyways and there’s no reason to waste the invite. We’ll do something else later on in the week.” Clara’s face instantly lights up at the mention of a specialty tour of the store, her excitement evident as she begins to bounce eagerly on the balls of her feet; reminding me of a small child jumping with joy. Another blush tinges her cheeks as she seems to realize what she’s doing and, much to my disappointment, stops. “Wow, really? Thanks Diana! Thank you so much!” she squeals, throwing her arms around my leg and hugging me tightly, a motion that has a blissful joy igniting in my heart. Again I resist the powerful urge to scoop her up and hug her to me, and never let her go. After a moment, Clara releases me, her face colored a deep red once more. “Sorry,” she mumbles rather shyly. “Got a little carried away there. Thank you though.” I smile. “You’re welcome. It’s really not a big deal though. After all, it’s not like I could have gone anyways,” I point out as we exit the theater into the late sunset. Evening is rapidly descending with the sun, now tinged a bright golden orange, droops very low over the horizon. I don’t, however, see the car Clara arrived in anywhere in the parking lot. “Clara, how are you getting home?” I inquire. “I hope you don’t intend to walk at this hour. That’s quite a trip and it’s getting dark. Do you need a ride?” Clara shakes her head, violet locks flying freely around her skull. “Nope, Andrea’s coming back to pick me up. I made the arrangements already. But thank you for the offer.” I feel a twinge of disappointment and jealousy over the knowledge that I won’t get to drive her myself and instead will have to watch her climb into another woman’s car. I know instantly that this Andrea will be someone I look into. I don’t want to risk losing Clara to her. “Well, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll hang around until she arrives,” I decide. “I haven’t anywhere to be in a hurry and I would be a poor friend if I left you out here in the dark and cold by yourself.” Another smile spreads across Clara’s face as she beams up at me. “That would be nice, actually,” she admits. Her tone is soft, body relaxed, and she’s far from the tense, standoffish girl I met two weeks ago. It warms my core to see her beginning to trust me. I return her smile and take a seat with her on the steps to continue talking until her ride arrives. Hating the idea of saying ‘goodbye’ once again, but knowing that soon it will only be ‘goodnight’ as I tuck her into the crib back home and leave her to find slumber beneath the precious tune of her mobile.
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    CHAPTER 7 THE JOB Over the last couple of weeks I have been letting clients know I would not be able to take care of their needs anymore. Some were not sure how to take it when I told them, most were supportive and wished me luck in my further endeavors. Sitting out on my balcony on Sunday afternoon looking down on the big world I am going to thrust myself into in the morning, I find myself thinking how it is going to be hard walking away from what I have built. Sitting there I wonder out loud to myself am I doing the right thing, is what I am looking for just unattainable for a little in this world, is there a person out there that I can build a bond with and trust and have something I have been longing for since coming to the mainland. Sitting there lost in my thoughts I am brought back to reality with Pam calling. Pam cannot wait for me to start and is very anxious for her first little employee. Pam has a little worry about how I will be getting to and from work. Pam “Larry do you have a ride to work already lined up?” Larry “yes I will get dropped off around 7:30 in the morning and picked up around 5:45 in the evening, it is a little out of her way that is why I will be early and then be picked up later.” Alice is so kind to do this for me, drive out of the way for me, on her way to and from work. Pam “you know you do not have to be to work until 8:30 and you get off at 5 o’clock.’ Larry “well …I suppose I could see if I could ride the bus there and back, maybe that might workout better for the times.” Pam “no you are not ridding the bus, you are to small and might get hurt or something much worse could happen too you.” Pam snorts and sounds more like a maternal figure than a boss. “You are only 5 minutes off the route I take to and from work, I can stop and pick you up and drop you off.” Larry not sure what to say “you do not have to do that Miss Smith, I will figure something out.” Pam “it is Pam! What have I told you to call me, I will be there at 8AM to pick you up and I will give you a ride home as well, I still have your carseat in the backseat all ready and waiting for you.” Larry “thank you Pam that is really nice of you to do this.” Pam “your welcome and it will be no problem at all giving you a ride, in fact you are probably going to enjoy not having to get up as early and getting home earlier as well.” Larry “yeah I think I will.” Here I go again trusting an Amazon whom I hardly know, this is going to turn out bad someday, I’m pressing my luck more and more with them I know what they do to people like me. Pam “Larry I have to ask do you have a parking spot in the ramp at the building where you live?” Larry “yeah ….two, I think it is 12 and 13, do you think you will need the pass code to get into the lot, it is a parking ramp under the building. I have never had much use for them they came with the my condo, do you want me waiting at the door on street level?” Pam “well yes, as long as it is safe for you to stand at the door, and yes I want a place to park incase I’m early and you are not ready when I get there, I do not want to have to drive around the building waiting for you to come out or if you over sleep, parking is such a premium around your area, I want a place to park that way I can come up to your place and help you if you need it.” Larry “there is a doorman at the door so I should be safe, I will have Alice or Sara say something to him to let him know I will be waiting down there and that you will be coming to get me and drop me off.” Pam “I will have a talk with him as well, that way he knows who I am when I put you in my car.” Larry “is there some type of dress code for me on what I can and cannot wear to work?” Pam “you have to wear a dress or skirt, casual days every other Friday.” Pam starts laughing on her end of the phone, dead silence on my end of the phone. “That is a good question, you are the first male to work during the day for me in the office, I have two males who clean the building after hours and they wear uniforms, just something casual will be fine to start with, I will probably make adjustments to what you wear to work to make things easier for myself and the others who will be helping with you.” Pam cannot get the picture of Larry out of her head of, Larry waddling around the office with a short pink Minnie Mouse dress with white lace on the hem of the dress and the ends of the short puffy sleeves, ruffled panties covering a bulging diaper, with white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes and a pink and white bonnet. She also pictures Larry waddling around the office in just a wet sagging diaper and white t-shirt. Pam thinks to herself I need to stop with these thoughts, I might slip up and make it happen, as she starts smiling on the other end of the phone. Larry “Ok I can do that, Pam you will be picking me up tomorrow morning at 8AM?” There is dead silence on the other end of the phone. Larry “Pam… Pam did I loose you?” Pam trying to clear her head of the thoughts she was having “no…no, I’m still here, yes I will pick you up at 8AM in the morning, I might get there early to talk with Sara and the doorman, I want to reassure Sara you are going to be well taken care of and your every need will be thought of. I go to bed early that night telling Sara and Alice I want to try and make it through the next day without a nap. My alarm goes off at 6:50 the next morning, I slip down out of my bed to make my way over to Sara’s for my morning change. I am needing one having a sagging wet pamper on. I knock on Sara’s door and I’m greeted by Sara and Jess sharing a hug with the little girl. Sara “good morning sleepy head, we were just talking we might have to come over and wake you up.” Larry “oh, I thought Alice would be on her way to work already.” As I waddle towards the kitchen. Sara “oh she is, she left about 15 mins ago.” Larry “ok” I am trying to figure out who she is talking about I know Jess does not talk much and is limited to mama and short simple toddler words. I come into the kitchen to my surprise sitting there with a cup of coffee is Pam, I’m stunned, I’m standing there in just a wet diaper looking up at my boss. Pam “good morning sleepy head, about time you get up, Sara and I were thinking about coming over and getting you up.” I am at a loss for words, just standing there looking up at my new boss, when Sara scoops me up and hands me off to Pam and she sets me on her lap. Pam “let me finish my coffee and then we will go to your place and get you ready for your big day at your new job.” Sara “be-careful Pam, he might need a change here soon, he really has a wet pamper this morning.” Pam “yeah I see that I think we will be ok.” As Pam looks down and gives the diaper a pinch. After Pam finishes her coffee we go over to my condo, as she carries me towards my door I’m thinking I’m not sure what she is going to do about my wet diaper. She comes into my place, and takes me into my bedroom and lays me down on the bed and before I can say anything she takes my diaper off and picks me up and puts me in the bathtub and tells me to get cleaned up, it happens so fast that I do not have time to say anything. She walks out to the kitchen to fix a little breakfast for me. After my bath I get out with the help of a stool I have in the tub. I throw some boxers on, just as I do Pam walks into my room and picks me up and takes me to the kitchen. Pam “I have some oatmeal made for you, while don’t you sit here and eat.” Pam sits down at my table and she sets me on her lap, and starts spooning oatmeal into my mouth. Larry “I can feed myself.” Pam “well little one you are clean we do not have time for you to make a mess eating then I would have to clean you up, and you do not want to be late your first morning?” Larry “oh no, I do not.” Leaning back against her body and feeling her heart beat I just melt sitting on her lap I hope she does not pick up on how I could someday just fall asleep here, she is so converting and I feel so safe sitting here, with her arm around me making sure I do not fall. Pam “ok then, you eat up and we will get going.” I finish eating and Pam puts me down on the floor, I go into the bedroom and pick out the clothes I’m going to wear. I lay them down on my bed and before I can put them on Pam picks them up and folds them and puts them in her large purse. I look at her purse thinking it sure is a very large purse. Larry “how come you have my clothes Pam?” Pam “I think it will be a good idea if you get dressed when we get there, I hate to see you get your outfit wrinkled in the carseat. You want to make a big impression on your first day don’t you? I have a blanket I can put around you from the car to the office. Are you going to be taking a nap today if so what do you need for jam jams?” Feeling a little embarrassed “I…I mostly just wear… “ My mouth betrays me, I was not planning on taking a nap today before I can tell Pam this. In my hesitation Pam mentions “a diaper thats right you have accidents while napping, I think we can borrow one or two for you today from someone in the daycare center, maybe we can stop and pickup somethings that you need at work on our way home.” Pam unsure about asking Larry for a diaper, wants him to make the call if he needs them. Larry “well…I…Pam maybe I better take a diaper just incase I do take a nap this afternoon.” Pam “where do you keep your pampers Larry?” Larry “in the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom” I point in the direction of the master bathroom. Pam walks into the bathroom and comes back out with 4 or 5 in her hand mentioning “I grabbed a few extras just incase, I will put them in the bag here so I always have them, you never know when we might be needing them.” Pam smiles down on me and picks me up and puts me on her shoulder “well little one we better get going, we do not want to be late for our first day.” Pam carries me down to the car in the parking ramp under my building, she opens the back door on the drivers side where my carseat is, being a rear facing one it has a handle that folds up over the seat its self. Now I’m not sure having only rode once for the trip home after the interview, I did not remember there being little things hanging down from the handle, there is a little stuffed Giraffe and a toy car and a rattle looking thing all suspended within my reach while laying in the seat. I find it a boring ride to work not being able to see anything, I do see the occasional Amazon making cute faces at me while stopped at lights. I feel the car come to stop and shuts off, Pam exits and opens the door on my side of the car and gets me out, she then takes me around to the other side of the car and opens the other door and lays me down on the backseat, she grabs the large purse and pulls out a pink and blue blanket and lays it next to me and then lays me on it. I hear Pam mumbling under her breath to herself. Pam “ok fold it this way and bring this part up and fold this over this way… Not bad for my first try at swaddling a baby” I barely make out under her breath. Now fully incased in a blanket I cannot move my arms or legs, Pam carries me in for my big day at my new job. Pam has the biggest smile looking down at me cradled in one arm and the large purse and it seems a smaller purse over the other shoulder. It is almost like she has a twinkle in her eyes I have never seen anyone have before, I feel her happiness and I have a safe warm feeling I have never had before out in the big world.
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    Could this be the start of him being more accepting? Today when my hubby and I woke up, neither of us had any urgent need to get out of bed (except that I had to pee.) He, of course, was in the "MOOD" to fool around but when I told him I needed to use the restroom again first, he started to tickle me and press on my bladder. "Are you TRYING to make me wet myself and the bed?" I asked. "Sure, why not." He responded. We talked for a few minutes, than he got up and asked if I had any of my diapers handy. I lead him to the closet and took one out and handed it to him. I told him that if we were going to "Do It" that I would prefer he diaper me afterwards that way the clean up would be contained in the diaper. He spread the diaper on the bed, I climbed on top of it and then he on me. Well, we're all adults here so we know what happened next...... When we were all done, he taped up my diaper good and snug, gave it a little pat and went to take care of his own business in the bathroom. When he returned, I told him that if we had done that the night before, I wouldn't have had to get up so many times during the night to pee (2-4 x's) and that maybe I would get better sleep. Then he did the unexpected. He AGREED with me. Okay, I am not counting my chickens before they hatch here. I know this was a one time thing but it was HIS idea to get the diaper out of the closet, it was HIS idea to diaper me in it. It was even HIS idea to try to make me wet the bed and I honestly think I could encourage him to diaper me more often if I (hate to use the word Bribe but...) Bribe him with Sex first. I like to think that maybe we are both getting what we want. More Sex for him anytime I want to wear a diaper to bed. Sounds like a Win-Win situation for both of us. I will try and put this concept to the test over the next few days but I am not going to over-do it. Ultimately, I would be happy with wearing to bed 2-3 nights a month and seeing if we can progress this to more frequently later on. For now, I am happy in the diaper my hubby put on me this morning and plan on wearing it until he takes it off me or requests that I do. BTW, he has already come to check my diaper once this morning before he went out for his bike ride and to mow the lawn. He even asked me if I made a "Poopie" in it, to which I said "I don't really like doing that." Hopefully that will further encourage him to want to diaper play with me. Maybe some day, if he is comfortable with it or forces it upon me, I might make a "Poopie" in a diaper for him but again, that is so far beyond what I am looking for right now that it couldn't even be considered counting chickens before they hatch, it would be more like counting Pterodactyls before they hatch. For now, I am just happy to be able to wear my diaper "freely" in front of him for the day and looking forward to the next diaper check.
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    You can tell it is a real post because he said so in his post.
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    We're not talking about a "little white lie." We're talking about faking a condition that requires ongoing expenses that he's locked himself into for the rest of his married life. You're suggesting that it's better to lie, and keep building lies on top of those lies by claiming to "suddenly" develop a liking for diapers beyond the faked medical need, than to tell the truth to a spouse of 19 years. And that this is better than risking her respect by coming clean right from the start, when if the truth comes out at this point or in the future, it will be a betrayal of trust that will shatter more than her image of her husband, it can very well shatter their marriage entirely. Marriages aren't sustained on "what-ifs," they are sustained on love, respect, and trust. The longer a lie goes on, and the more lies built on top of it, the more certain it is to inevitably fall apart. And the more damage those lies will cause when they are exposed. If someone's personal gratification is more important than their spouse, they should never have gotten married in the first place. Yeah, I kept this side of me from my ex when we were married, because I didn't trust my ex and I knew it would be used against me because I was married to a vindictive control freak. The OP hasn't suggested he's in a similar situation and is only lying for personal gain. He's also manipulating his wife by forcing her consent through a perceived condition, and making her believe it was her idea by leading her to "suggesting" he do what he wanted all along because he's too big of a coward and doesn't seem to be able to trust his wife of 19 years to just tell her the truth. And then bragging about it online. Which, frankly, is despicable.
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    Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Three by Babystevie26 Not the head not the head anything but the head! That was the thought running through Allison Jaruwalski's mind as Eloise's carelessness sent Cathy tumbling backwards. Fortunately, her prayers were answered when Cathy landed on her butt. Unfortunately, falling like that caused some of the enema mess to leak out of her diaper even with the plastic pants. Cathy sat on the floor in her leaking diaper for a few moments, her face expressionless. Then began to cry. Not just cry, but scream. Allison watched in helpless shock as the most adult Little she had ever met gave herself over to a massive temper tantrum. Cathy went so far as to throw herself backwards; still, thankfully, not hitting her head on the floor but hitting the floor with her fists and feet. Instinct took over then. Allison ran up and picked Cathy up from the floor. "Shh…- Allison said, attempting to soothe the Little even as she screamed in Allison's ear. "It's okay Cathy. Mommy's got you. You're okay, baby." The sweet nothings eventually worked their magic as Cathy's screaming died down. "There we go," Allison continued in that same soft tone while stroking Cathy's hair. "There's a good Kitty Cat." Still softly cooing Allison stood up and carried Cathy to the bathtub. Allison put Cathy down on her feet, facing the Little toward the wall. Cathy leaned forward, resting her hands on the wall and making no sound other than an occasional sob. Allison helped Cathy step out of the plastic panties and saw that her landing had essentially caused a blowout in her dirty diaper. The mess that should have been contained within had been squished out of both leg and waistbands. Cathy's lower back, belly, and upper legs were covered to some degree. Allison took deep breaths through her mouth to try and avoid gagging or vomiting from the sight and stink. She reached around Cathy and undid the tapes of her diaper. As the diaper plopped down into the tub and Allison got a full look of the Little's mess covered lower half her self control failed, sending her scrambling to the toilet to throw up. After a moment she braced herself, went back to the tub, and found a shower nozzle to begin rinsing off Cathy. "I suppose we can't question your sincerity after that display." Both Allison and Cathy flinched at the sound of that voice. In all that excitement, Allison had genuinely forgotten her mother and sister were still in the bathroom with them. Cathy stayed facing the wall, but Allison looked back and saw her mother beaming at her. Eloise was in her arms, sucking her thumb and watching everything before her with worry in her eyes. At some point during the tantrum Allison's father had entered the bathroom. When he had come in, Allison had no idea, but she saw the pride in his eyes, in both her parents' eyes, and grew suddenly bashful. "You still have a lot to learn," Allison's mom said, eyeing the toilet bowl where the girl had just lost her lunch. "However, I'm a lot less opposed to this adoption than I was an hour ago." "I was very impressed, too, Allie Cat," Allison's dad told her. He kneeled down to her current eye level. "When your mom messaged me that you brought a Little home, I was concerned. Too many people, even adults who should know better, treat the Littles in their families like toys or pets. I was very happy to see you weren't like that. You understand that a Little needs to be cared for like a child and acted accordingly." "So… so Cathy can stay?" Allison asked hopefully. Her parents nodded. "We'll work out the details over dinner," Allison's mom said. "For now, get Cathy cleaned up and diapered. It's spaghetti night so she won't need more than that." Allison's mother briefly nuzzled Eloise, also in just a diaper, getting a giggle from the Little. "Get yourself cleaned up and changed, too, dear. You need it almost as much as Cathy." Allison looked down at herself and discovered, to her disgust, that hugging someone wearing an extremely leaky messy diaper caused unpleasant things to happen to one's clothing. The front and sides of her school uniform was covered in brown where Cathy's stomach and legs had come into contact. Thanks to her blouse's short sleeves, her bare right arm, where she'd held Cathy's legs, also had some of Cathy's mess on them. Allison made a grossed out face, then turned around to reclaim the shower nozzle and continued to wash the rest of the poop off of Cathy first. From the corner of her eye, Allison saw her father nod, as if she had passed another test of some kind. "I'll take care of cleaning up the bathroom itself while you get dinner started," he told Allison's mother. Then, to Allison herself, "I'll take care of the tub, too once you're done. We'll be needing it after two Little girls get done with their spaghetti." With that, Allison finished rinsing off Cathy's body and began drying her with a towel instead of wipes. On her father's advice, Allison was thorough with the job, getting into every nook and cranny she could think of. Aside from an occasional squeak or moan, Cathy was silent during this process. Once that was done, Allison asked her father to hand her a diaper for Cathy. Allison did a quick stand-up diapering of the Little before taking her hand and leading her to Allison's own bedroom. Once there, she turned to Cathy and found the Little glaring at her. "My… my room has its own bathroom and… and shower," Allison explained to Cathy, stammering in the face of that glare. "And I… kind of get the feeling you'd… you'd rather be alone right now. Can I trust you to stay here while I wash up?" Cathy didn't answer. Instead, she climbed onto Allison's bed and turned to the wall. "I… guess that's a… yes?" Allison shrugged and got a change of clothes before heading into her bathroom. She stripped off her uniform, wondering if it was even salvageable after that enema fiasco. She'd have to talk to her mom about that. She took about twenty minutes to make sure everything was scrubbed off of her before she got out. She dressed herself and, as she brushed her hair, stepped back into her bedroom to find one of her dresser drawers had been opened. Looking to her bed, Cathy was more or less where Allison had left her, sitting on the bed facing the wall except she now wore one of her Mommy's tops. As a thirteen year-old who had not yet had a major growth spurt, Allison was one of the shorter Amazons in her grade. She still had a full head on the tallest In-Betweener, but even with that factored in her shirt was big enough on an adult Little that Cathy might as well have been wearing a dress. Allison smiled but suppressed the powerful urge to gush and say 'awww'. Instead, she walked to Cathy, grabbed the hem of the shirt, and yanked it up over the Little's head before she realized anything was happening. Cathy let out a yelp of surprise as the shirt went past her face and past her arms before she could attempt to resist. "Allison!" Cathy hastily put her arms in front of her chest. "No extra clothes until after your bath," Allison told her. "Why not?" Cathy asked. "It's spaghetti night," Allison said. "That doesn't answer my question," Cathy replied. Allison tilted her head and blinked at her, unsure how that didn't explain everything. "Have you seen babies eat spaghetti?" she tried. "I'm not a baby!" Cathy said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm not a baby and I'm not your 'Kitty Cat', either!" Cathy began breathing heavily. "You know, as loathsome as they are, at least Ramirez and her daughter would have been intentionally humiliating me! You… you put them to shame without even trying!" Allison, stunned at the remark, fought back tears of her own. She took a deep breath and smiled at Cathy. "So…" she began hesitantly, trying to sound light-hearted, "I guess you're still upset about the enema?" "Maybe. Or maybe it's the diapers, or the fact that every member of this household saw me covered belly to knees in my own filth, or that I needed to be comforted like a toddler by someone literally half my age, or the utter lack of any dignity I've had from the moment I wet myself today! Take your pick!" Allison sat on her bed next to her Little girl. "I'm sorry about that whole enema thing." Allison tried to get her arms around Cathy, who squirmed free and sat at the foot of the bed. "I'm sure Ellie is, too. And I'm sorry I'm not treating you like a grown-up. I know you are, really. Even if I can't show it around Mom and Dad." Cathy didn't answer, but she no longer looked like an animal ready to bolt either. Allison went on. "You know… Eloise is the only Little I've really been around until I started middle school. I thought all Littles were like her: babies who couldn't grow up." "Then you met me?" Cathy asked. "Partly." Allison nodded. "Everyone else thought a Little teaching was funny-" "I remember…" Cathy said bitterly. "-but I was amazed. You were just like the Amazon teachers. Better, actually. My math grade was never better than in your class." Cathy blushed. "But some times, like when I first saw you in a diaper, this feeling comes over me. I think it's that maternal instinct Mom talked about. It's why I lied about a stomachache, why I hid in the bathroom near your classroom, why I came up with that stupid enema idea in the first place. "I wanted to protect you, Cathy. I wanted to hold you tight and make sure nothing could hurt you." Allison sighed. "Great job I did at that. Mom thinks I can do it now, but I'm not so sure myself, anymore." Wallowing in self pity, Allison never noticed Cathy scoot closer. "It's all right, really…" Cathy leaned against Allison. "You're trying to be good at it, at least. I told you before that's more than a lot of Amazons do. Your dad was right. Too many of you giants see us Littles as baby dolls to dress up and parade around." This time Cathy didn't resist when Allison scooped her up and sat the Little in her lap. "I'm sorry for throwing that fit," Cathy went on. "After I landed I… well… it kind of hit me." Cathy here her hands palms outward and spread them apart. "'This is my life, now'. I thought I was prepared for that, but I think it made me panic a bit to realize it for real. I thought to myself 'you want a baby I'll give you one'." "You sure did that," Allison chuckled. "Actually, thanks to that, we're past the biggest hurdle. Mom and Dad are okay with keeping you. They'll never see you as an adult, but they won't go out if their way to embarrass you, either." "I suppose that's about the best I could hope for," Cathy said. "It won't be all bad," Allison said, patting Cathy on the back. "Eloise is a pretty happy Little, and she's lived here since before I was even born. Why take tonight, for example." Cathy looked up at Allison and tilted her head. "Have you ever seen babies eat spaghetti?" Cathy shook her head. Allison laughed. "It's a mess. There's a reason you and Eloise are going to be in just diapers while you eat, and why bath time comes immediately after. I, meanwhile, have to remember my manners, not make a mess, and use silverware. I remember being four years old and jealous because I had to wear a bib while Ellie could just make a mess to her heart's content." Cathy grinned at that. "All right," she conceded. "I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to get into the spirit of things. If I'm not going to have much choice may as well try and look on the bright side where I can find one." A knock on the door ended their conversation. "Dinner time, Sissie!" a Little voice called through the door. "Okay, Ellie," Allison called back. "We'll be there in a minute." "Is Cathy in there?" Little and teenager looked at one another and shrugged. Cathy got down onto the floor while Allison stood and opened the door. Eloise walked in and approached Cathy. She fidgeted and averted her eyes rather than look directly at her fellow Little. "Um… I'm sorry I made you fall on your poop." Allison had to bite her lip. As apologies went that was certainly… unique. Cathy herself blinked a few times before responding. "Um… it's all right…" Cathy told Eloise. "Really?" Eloise asked hesitantly. Cathy nodded, prompting Ellie to give Cathy a hug. Cathy reluctantly wrapped her arms around Eloise while trying very hard to ignore the squee coming from Allison. "Okay, Stinker," Allison said when she collected herself, "can you take Cathy to the dining room please, and let Mommy know I'll be there in a minute?" "Okay!" Eloise released Cathy from her hug, but still held one of the other Little's hands. Holding it tight, she ran from the room, pulling Cathy behind her and treating Allison to the sight of two Little girls, naked save for their diapers, running off to get dressed in the spaghetti dinner they would certainly end up wearing as much as eating. "So… adorable!" Allison squealed after they had left.
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    Kaitlyn The drive home was pretty silent and now I sit within the boundaries of the baby fencing in the nursery where Diana left me with the sole instruction of stay until she returns. Not quite certain if she means stay in the room, which I can’t get out of anyways, or right in the spot she’s left me, I decide not to move for fear of angering her. A few moments later, she returns with a clear, slightly murky liquid in a bottle. She picks me up and settles me into her lap. “You’re going to drink it, all of it, this time,” she instructs, pushing the rubber nipple into my mouth. The motion squirts some of the honey and water mixture onto my tongue, reminding me of my thirst. I take a deep breath, and suckle on it experimentally. The liquid flows easily down my throat and within seconds instinct takes over and I’m gripping the bottle with slippery hands as I guzzle fervently, bordering on choking the entire time. “Slow down,” Diana requests with a laugh. She shakes her head at me. “You must have been so thirsty,” she comments, her hand moving to stroke the side of my cheek tenderly. “So we’re in agreement not to play this game again, baby?” Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Flashes in my mind and I know she’s right, I won’t try this again; it’s too difficult, both physically and mentally taxing and I’m exhausted. I fall back with a sigh after draining the bottle, embarrassment and shame over my greedy infantile actions trumped by the fact that the dryness of my throat is finally no longer present. I hiccup violently, once, twice, three times, having drunk too much too fast. Diana begins to laugh as she sits me up and pats on my back in an attempt to help. “Silly girl, I told you to slow down,” she scolds gently. Then she presses a kiss to my cheek. “Don’t laugh, it’s not-” Hiccup. “Funny.” Hiccup. “It hurts.” Hiccup. “I hate the-” Hiccup. “Hiccups,” I complain as Diana continues to rub and pat my back. She pushes a soother into my mouth. “Here, Hailey, suckle on this a bit, it may help with your hiccups.” I’m skeptical, but willing to try it as I reluctantly suck on the thing a few times, the act creating a swallowing motion that actually succeeds in settling my hiccups. I sigh with relief and pull the pacifier from my mouth. “Thanks,” I murmur. Diana lifts the pacifier back to my lips. “You could keep it in a little longer,” she suggests hopefully. “You look so cute with it.” I shake my head and push her hand away before yawning, stretching out and then rubbing at my eyes. It’s been a very long day and I’m beyond tired. I lean against Diana’s torso, curling my knees up to my chest, willing to give up my pride to make her happy with the small cuddle. Diana takes to it instantly, wrapping an arm around me and beginning to rub my back as she pulls me closer and rests her chin on my head. I find it, to my surprise, actually rather pleasant and comforting, so I snuggle deeper into her embrace. “I love you, Hailey,” Diana practically purrs as she strokes my hair. “But I hope you know that I am still cross with you and you are still in trouble.” I stiffen, moment shattered, and pull away, chewing on my lip and glancing up at her. “I said that, Hailey. I’m not happy at all with your behavior of late. I understand now, but that doesn’t make what you did all right. You’ve been hurting yourself and terrifying me and I need to know you’ve learned your lesson.” She fixes me with a stern look and stands up, sitting me against her shoulder and carrying me down into the dinning room, where she lowers me into the highchair and locks me in place with the tray, trapping my hands in my lap. I chew on my lip, nervous for what might be coming. Diana returns from the kitchen carrying a baby spoon and a dark brown, labelless bottle. I watch her pour a sickly yellow colored liquid from the bottle and onto the spoon before presenting it to me. “Open,” she instructs. I frown and lean forward to sniff the offensive smelling liquid. “Gross, what is that, mhffphf,” I complain as the spoon is shoved into my mouth, dumping the contents onto my tongue. I bring a hand to my mouth, feeling my gag reflex kick in at the putrid taste. “Swallow it,” Diana orders, her tone hard and merciless. I groan, but manage to force it down, watching in horror as she refills the spoon for a repeat. Again, the spoon is presented to me. “Diana, seriously, what is that?” I inquire. “Because it tastes like it has gone-” I find myself cut off as she shoves the spoon into my open mouth once more. This time I choke it down quickly, shaking my head and smacking my lips against the taste. “Nothing like a good dose of castor oil to make you regret something, huh Hailey?” I shudder and nod, knowing it’s certainly made me less willing to cross her. I shudder again, my stomach churning. It’s already basically empty and to have just liquid and then that nasty substance put it; I’m feeling quite ill now. “Do you need another?” I shake my head. “No, please, no more.” Diana nods, seemingly satisfied, and retreats into the kitchen. Apparently, my bad luck isn’t over, because she returns with a jar of baby food; specifically smooshed up broccoli that looks far from appetizing. Popping the lid off, she dips the spoon into the greenish slop, extending the mouthful towards me. “Let’s try this again, okay sweetie?” I wince and nearly shy away from it before my stomach gurgles in complaint. I sigh, knowing that I’ve been stubborn enough lately and any more antics are likely to land me in seriously hot water, so I lean forward and reluctantly close my lips around the spoon, nearly gagging on the taste. “Good girl,” Diana praises as she drags the spoon from my mouth and refills it. I manage to choke down the paste in time to accept the next bite with a muffled groan. Another bite, and then another. By the sixth, I’m certain that my face has turned the same color as my meal. Diana frowns as she spoons another mouthful into my mouth. “Oh, come now, Hailey, it can’t be that bad,” she scolds gently. I fix her with a glare and gesture for her to try it. “Find out for yourself,” I challenge. Diana laughs. “Okay, pretty sure I can understand that.” She chews her lip for a moment before nodding and twisting the spoon on herself. She smears a small amount onto her lip and licks it away. I resists the urge to laugh and state ‘I told you so’ as I watch her face screw up, nose wrinkling and lips smacking slightly as she shakes her head. A moment later, the half-empty jar is sailing into the trash. “Hailey, honey, I am so sorry.” She ruffles my hair and wipes at my face with a washcloth despite my skin being food free. “But I imagine that you’re still hungry, huh? We’ll have to find you something else because there will be no more baby broccoli for you,” she decides as she removes the tray and lifts me into her arms, carrying me into the kitchen. I fist my fingers in the fabric of her shirt as she begins to rummage around a cupboard, shuffling through jars of baby food on one shelf. My gaze wanders to the items on the other shelves, hoping to find something other than baby mash that I can point out to her. Above the baby foods is a shelf of cereals and crackers. I note a box of health cereal; simple flakes and oat clusters, with almonds and raisins in it. While the raisins don’t overly appeal to me, it looks far more delicious than any of the jars that Diana is pondering over and I certainly have never minded cereal for dinner some nights. I glance at her and gently tug on her ear, the closest and likely easiest way to grab her attention from where I’m sitting. It works and she pauses to look at me. “What’s up, princess, you see something you like?” I nod and point towards the cereal box on the next shelf up eagerly and tug on her shirt a little. Diana’s face falls. “I don’t know, baby girl, I’m not sure if you can eat food that solid, I haven’t finished my reading and I know some pieces of fruits and veggies in small portions is okay, but…” “Please,” I beg. “Don’t make me eat more of that garbage.” “You really don’t want any of your food, do you?” I shake my head furiously. “Please no.” “Sweetheart, you have to eat the food that’s good for you, even if you don’t like it all that much,” she replies. I sigh and chew on my lip. I scan the shelves again and pick out something that could pass as a compromise. I point out the tall jar of strawberry applesauce to her. “Alright,” Diana agrees. “I did buy that for you. It’s not really dinner, but if it’s something that you’ll eat than I suppose it’s better than nothing. You know you cannot live off of applesauce though, Hailey, so you’d best learn to like some of these things.” She reaches up and pulls the jar down. She uncaps the lid and pours some into a little yellow plastic bowl. I’m returned to the highchair and seconds later, she’s holding out the first bite to me. I take it, sighing with relief at the burst of real flavor. Eagerly accepting the next mouthful, it isn’t long before Diana is scraping the bowl clean and the washcloth returns. “Good girl,” she praises once more as she lifts me free of the highchair and cradles me against her torso. “I think it’s time someone went down for a nap. When Carlotta returns from her afternoon off, I’m going to send her out to find you a little potty to use. You’ll have to make do with a diaper for now,” she states, much to my dismay. “I won’t hold it against you, pumpkin, and I promise to change you right away, but the toilet is much too big for you to use safely, that’s for adults.” She holds me up and rubs her nose against mine. “You’ll manage for an afternoon, I’m sure,” she resolves finally. I sigh, knowing there’s no changing her mind and nothing I can do about it anyways. I’m carried back up into the dreaded nursery that most of my time has been spent in recently. Diana tugs my dress off and replaces it with a purple diaper shirt, which she pulls over my head and guides my arms through before leaning me back to snap the poppers into place around my diaper. She then rubs my belly and leans in to rub her nose against my own. “I know you may have to soil another diaper,” she admits. “But it can’t be helped. Would it make you feel better if I called my sister? See if she and Sarah can come over tomorrow for lunch?” I brighten at the thought, now desperate to see my mother again, to know if she’s alright. I nod eagerly and push myself upright, wobbling slightly under the bulk of the diaper, so I can launch myself into Diana’s arms, more than willing to abandon pride so long as it makes her happy enough to allow such a get together. Diana laughs and brings her arms up to better support and hug me. She sighs happily. “If I knew that would earn me this sort of affection, I would have had Janice over days ago…Seriously, Hailey, truce, okay?” I sit there, arms still stretched around her neck, just barely able to meet, my head pressed up against her collarbone, listening to her loud, steady heartbeat as she rubs at my back. I find myself relaxing into her grip, finding it rather relaxing, against my better judgement. I shouldn’t lead her on, shouldn’t let her think I’m accepting all this stuff but- My train of thought is broken off my own wide, loud yawn. Diana readjusts her grasp slightly, starts to gently rub and pat up between my shoulder blades, a rumbling, purr-like hum flickering up from her throat. I yawn again, eyelids growing heavy, as though weights have been clipped to them, and I fall limp against her. It’s been a very long day and exhaustion is creeping up my limb’s making them feel full of wet, heavy sand as I feel myself beginning to nod off. A whine of protest bubbles from my lips as I’m moved, jostled back to the waking world as she adjusts my form into a cradled position in her arms, body pressed up against her chest. If I was more awake, I may find it embarrassing and an invasion of personal space to have my face mashed up against her bosom the way it is, but at the moment I'm completely drained and she’s soft and warm, and I cannot bring myself to care. Instead, I twist onto my side, snuggle further up close to her, fingers curling into her shirt as I relax once more. Perhaps some part of my brain realizes what I’m doing is going to bite me later, but if it does, it doesn’t care much. I hear Diana’s heart actually skip a beat, throwing off rhythm for a moment before returning to its steady drum. The faintest of smiles tugs at my lips as all tangible thoughts simply melt away and my eyes slide shut.
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    After some time of sitting in front of a TV watching MLP in my diapers I decided to spend some time in front of my word processors in my diapers. This is just a little side story. Not a lot of AB DL stuff in this, just some exploration of some ideas that I thought were interesting. Working on the Underground Railway by Inku Hime The apartment had been built with inbetweeners in mind, so at a little over four feet tall Michelle Rork had few problems keeping house. She needed a small step ladder for the higher cupboards in the kitchen, and for dusting, and kept a step stool near the door so she could look out the security peep hole. She was standing on the step stool right that moment, peering out at the woman in front of her apartment. Stepping down she unlocked the door and pulled it open. “Come in,” Michelle said. Her guest was an inbetweener woman. Michelle closed the door behind her then locked it. She turned towards her guest, looking up at the woman who was probably at least two feet taller than her. It was not just height that differentiated the two. Michelle’s brown hair was finer than the other woman’s curly blonde, and Michelle’s features were softer, less defined, making her look much younger than her guest, though both were probably close in age. “Do you have everything Claire?” Michelle asked, looking at the small, pink bag the other woman carried. “I do,” Claire said. “Can I have a seat?” “Please.” Claire walked over to the couch and took a seat, putting the bag on the coffee table. Michelle took a seat next to her. Unzipping a small pocket on the bag Claire brought out a passport, a thick envelope and several plane tickets. “Your travel documents.” Michelle reached out and gathered them up, looking through them. She then opened the envelope, eyes widening as she saw all the cash within. “Oh my.” Claire unzipped the bag while Michelle was looking over the passport. When she dumped the contents on the table the little looked over. “What’s that?” “Your travel clothing.” She reached forward, sorting out the clothing, frowning. Then she found the thick disposable pull up. “I am not wearing these!” she snapped at Claire. She was surprised when Claire shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t care what you wear.” “Then why…” “Because my employer, the person who is paying me to help you, does think you should wear them.” “That’s ridiculous.” “Is it? Listen, I am not going to pretend to understand what goes on between littles and bigs. I’m not going to tell you I understand your issues. Let’s face it, I don’t, and to be honest I think most of you littles are terrible at being adults.” Michelle sat back, making a noise of disgust. Claire shrugged her shoulders again. “To me it looks like you’re pouting, throwing a tantrum.” “I am not throwing a tantrum,” Michelle snapped, and wondered if maybe she did sound like she was throwing a tantrum. “Well, you look like you are to me, and you are going to really look like you are to a big, and for the first leg of your journey you are going to be on a plane surrounded by bigs. Do you really want them to be thinking you are throwing a tantrum, being a naughty little?” Michelle sat up, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. “No.” “So let me explain things to you, the way they were explained to me. If you put on those clothes you will look like a well cared for little. If you smile and say, ‘yes sir’, ‘no sir’, yes ma’am’, ‘no ma’am’, ‘mommy works hard to take care of me’, ‘I’m going to grandmas’, ‘thank you sir’, ‘thank you ma’am’ then you sound like a well behaved little. And if you are wearing disposable training panties, just a step above diapers, you don’t need to be put into diapers.” Claire leaned back. “Apparently bigs don’t often bird dog other bigs’ littles.” Michelle had to think about what that meant for a few seconds before she bobbed her head. “I understand.” Claire only nodded. “I’m going to go and put these on.” Claire nodded again, seeming uninterested. Gathering up the contents she went in to her room for some privacy. She stripped off her jeans and blouse, then her panties and the bra she really did not need. She had a suspicion from what claire had said that wearing a bra might not be a good idea. It was not easy to dress without it. It had always seemed like an adult piece of clothing. She pulled on the soft pink slip first. Then she grabbed one pair of training pants and with trepidation pulled them on. They were so thick, covered in babyish prints, crinkling softly. Would they really offer her the protection that Claire said? Or was this a trap? Would Claire lead her to Mr. Orin, John, and hand her over. The childish outfit and the training pants there to prove that she was just a baby. Michelle shook her head. “Don’t be so stupid and paranoid.” Quickly she finished dressing, white sun dress with an empire waist and a skirt that came about halfway up her thighs. White socks, black maryjanes and a pink cardigan that was suitable for the weather. Reluctantly she looked in the mirror. Any hopes that she would see a small adult dressed in a ridiculous outfit were dashed. “No wonder John wants me as his little girl.” But if she got away she would never have to wear something like this ever again. So she’d do it right. She found a set of hair elastics and ribbons among the remaining clothing. She put her hair up in pigtails, tied the ribbons in big, stupid bows. There. No big on that flight would think she was not being taken care of. She shoved the remaining pieces of clothing and the extra training pants back into the bag. Then she walked out of the room, trying not to look as embarrassed as she felt. Claire’s head was leaned back against the top of the couch. She looked like she was asleep. Michelle coughed softly. Claire straightened and looked towards the small woman. “Ready to go?” “Yes. Can you help me with the rest of my luggage.” She looked towards the bags packed up in the corner of the room. “No.” “Pardon?” “I’m not going to help you with them. And you should just leave them.” “But,” she paused, knew that she looked confused. “Why?” “They’ll slow you down if you need to run. And a little with that much luggage? Do you really want some big offering to help you carry them, to stick close to you?” Michelle shook her head, but still looked towards the luggage that held the most important things she owned. Claire sighed. “How long is rent paid up on this place?” “Three months,” Michelle said, still confused. “Once you are settled, get someone to mail it to some place you can pick it up and have them sell the rest.” She nodded with determination after a moment. “Right. Thank you.” Michelle paused on the threshold, looking back at her apartment. She hated being chased out of it. She would have hated being John’s little baby girl more she supposed. She reached up and turned off the light, locking the door behind her. Out on the street Claire waved down a taxi and helped Michelle up into the booster seat in the back. The ride to the airport was quiet and the closer they got to it the more Michelle was rethinking her decision. She was giving up a lot. Her apartment, her things, her job… maybe she should just stay. If she just avoided John he might leave her alone. The taxi stopped a red light. She saw an amazon, holding the hand of a child… no, a little. The little’s tight shorts showed off the thick diaper underneath, which also peaked out from the leg and waist openings of the shorts. No. She would not stay. When they arrived at the airport Claire walked with her up to the ticket and baggage check. Michelle presented her ticket and passport. The tall inbetweener took them and looked over the documents. “Are you travelling alone sweetie?” Michelle bit back the first reply she thought of and instead said, “Yes sir. Mommy works hard all the time so I am going to my grandmas.” “Isn’t that sweet,” the man said as he entered some information into a computer. “Any luggage sweetie?” “Just this,” she said, holding up her pink bag. “Well, that’s small enough to go as check on, so you just keep that with you and show it to security.” “Yes sir.” He gave her back her ticket and passport and Michelle walked, a soft crinkle coming from under her skirt, towards the security check point. Claire watched the small woman head deeper into the airport and soon she was lost from sight. She thought that Michelle, as long as she remembered what she had been told, would probably make it clear. She turned and headed towards the exit. Of course she figured that most littles needed to be taken care of, and she was really not doing Michelle any favours, but she was being paid to help her. And Claire made a point of doing what her employers asked, as long as it was not completely illegal. And at the moment helping littles get away from bigs was perfectly legal, but not something you wanted to put on your CV. She got into one of the long line of waiting taxis outside of the airport and told the driver to take her back into the city. Her office and apartment were in the same building, a modest six story apartment building, in a block of similar buildings. Her small office was on the ground floor, a frosted glass door proclaiming to the world ‘Claire Edgerson - PI’ that opened up into a single room large enough for a desk, some chairs for visitors and several filling cabinets. She went to that office first, just to make sure nothing had been pushed through the mail slot that needed her attention and then, after locking up, out to the alley around back to have a cigarette. Leaning against the brick wall, looking up at the stars between the roof lines above her, she blew smoke into the air. Her job was nothing like she had dreamed as a girl when she had been reading Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. Little excitement, no smugglers in secluded coves, just a lot of sneaking around. Finally she ground out the half smoked cigarette against the wall and then returned to the front of the building, tossing the crushed cigarette into a receptacle. One learned early in life not to litter; it was considered immature. The small apartment she lived in was on the second floor. One bedroom, comfortable; like all the apartments in the building it was scaled to inbetweeners. Her computer sat on a small desk near the windows. Sitting down she logged on and brought up her email reader. Sorting through the email threads she fond the one she wanted and replied to it. ‘Michelle Rork delivered to the airport. I think she will make it.’ She paused and then added, ‘Please let me know if she makes it.’ Claire did not always ask to know how the littles she helped did. She did not want to find out they had failed. She only asked if she thought they had a decent chance. There were several other emails threads she replied to, for the most part with a simple, ‘job done’, sometimes with a few more details. Then she read through the new emails. Some she answered with, ‘I’ll take the job’ and others with a ‘not interested’. One email asked if she was willing to help a little named Daniel Kine get out of the area, a job very similar to the one she had just finished with Michelle. She thought about it for a moment. It paid well. However in the last few months she had met too many littles who were beyond her ability to help. Whining children who thought they were adults. It was too depressing to deal with them. ‘Would like to meet Daniel first, will make decision after that,’ she typed, and then hit reply. Work done Claire got up, went and poured herself a glass of beer, then turned on her TV. A few hours spent making notes for the next days work, and then, exhausted after a long day, she went to clean up before going to bed. Claire started most mornings with a jog, she ran about three miles, stopped halfway at a park to use some outdoor exercise equipment, then a faster run back home. Shower, a good breakfast, then she dressed before checking her phone messages and email. She got a reply from her employer, telling her she could meet with Daniel after he finished work at about 5:30 that evening, and provided an address. Working out her schedule, a few quick emails, checking her map software and about 9 in the morning she was ready to go. First stop was a rental place to pick up a panel van, then another stop where two men, friends of hers, got into the van. They also picked up some boxes before their final stop, which was a fancy looking six story building, closer to the good part of town, as it were. “Just give me a few minutes,” Claire told them. The two men, Roger and Pete, nodded. Roger taking a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. “Sure,” Roger said. Claire put her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket and walked up to the front of the building. It was one of those places that struck a medium between inbetweeners and bigs. Littles likely would be at a loss in such a place, and the tallest of bigs would find it uncomfortable to always be ducking under door frames and having the tops of the heads close to the ceiling. She looked over the call buttons just inside the vestibule and then pressed one. It took several seconds before there was an answer. “Yes?” a small, high voice asked. “Miss Trent?” “Yes.” “My name is Claire. I think my employer told you to expect me.” “Oh yes.” Excitement in the tone. “Please come up.” The door buzzed. Claire entered the building, took the elevator up to the third floor. Not long after she was knocking on a door marked with 3C. Within seconds she heard the door bolt slide back and then the door was opened by a little standing on a chair. Lisa Trent wore her black hair in a ponytail, all her hair pulled away from the rounded features of her face, and wore a pink, party like dress with a too short skirt. “Thank you,” were the first words out of her mouth. Claire nodded, stepped in and closed the door behind her. Lisa stepped down from the chair. “You’re alone here?” “Yes,” she nodded, “Miss…. My room mate, Cheryl, she’s gone for the day.” Claire did a quick circuit of the apartment, looking for obvious nanny cams or the like. “Okay,” she said once she was done, “let’s get you out of here.” She pulled her phone from her jacket and called Roger. “Get up here, I’ll buzz you in.” Roger and Pete were soon in the apartment, with a cart and the boxes they had picked up earlier. The two men began packing up all of the things Lisa indicated. “No, leave all those,” Lisa said when they had started to clear out a wardrobe. “Cheryl bought them and I don’t want them.” They were done in a surprisingly short time, Lisa owning very little. “I’m going to change,” Lisa said. She had been pulling at the hem of her skirt since Roger and Pete had entered, as if that might hide the diaper she was wearing. “No,” Claire said. “Leave it on. You can change later.” “But…” Claire turned a hard gaze on Lisa and after a moment Lisa nodded meekly. “Okay.” Claire felt bad for intimidating Lisa, but she did not want to waste any time. For all she knew Cheryl was on her way back. They left the apartment, all the boxes on the cart, Pete and Roger pushing it. They were on the first floor, making their way towards the exit, when the door to 1A opened and an amazon woman stepped out. Her gaze swept all of them, locking on Lisa for a few seconds, before she asked the inbetweeners. “What do you think you are doing?” Lisa looked nervous, eyes wide, and Roger and Pete looked a little uncomfortable, presented with a woman who had about two feet of height on either of them. Claire, relaxed, said, “We’ve been asked by Cheryl to take all of this one’s,” she looked down at Lisa, “stuff to storage, or to be donated to charity. All the things that are too adult, if you get my meaning.” The woman’s demeanour changed instantly; she actually smiled. “Well it is about time,” she said, looking at Lisa. “That one needed this.” Claire shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose. We’re supposed to take her with us so she can see all her stuff go. Seems a little cruel to me, think you could watch her for me?” Lisa let out a small squeak. “Oh no dear,” the woman said to Claire. “This is good for her. You take her with you just like Cheryl asked. Make sure you do your job young lady.” Claire sighed, as if she was being put out. The woman gave her a hard stare. Claire pretended a little concern and said, “Yes ma’am.” And so they left, with the woman from 1A actually helping them carry some stuff out to the van. The woman lifted Lisa up and put her in the child seat Claire had been sure to get in the van. Once they had driven away Lisa asked, “How did you do that?” “Just gave her an immature inbetweener to turn her suspicion on,” Claire said. “Give people what they want to see and they’ll let you do what you want. Now let’s get you to your new apartment.” After getting Lisa settled into a small, bachelors apartment, then dropping off Roger and Pete, and returning the van to the rental agency, Claire was on to her next job. It was a building, near the centre of the town, a large condo designed for the larger members of the population. It was a little daunting as the place was designed with people much taller than she. Likely this was how Lisa had felt in her old building. How would Lisa or any little feel in a place like this? Insignificant maybe? She shook off the moment of empathy. There was a job to do. Fortunately her destination was not the top floors, which might have necessitated her jumping up to hit the buttons, and she only had to reach to eye height to press the button she wanted. She looked around the floor, wanting to be sure no one was around, then walked down the hall until she got to apartment 1109. Another look around, then she reached into her jacket, removing a set of lock picks. For the most part she did not break laws, but she was willing to skirt them if required. She slid the pick and a tension bar into the lock and worked the tumblers. With a turn of her wrist she popped the lock, heard the sound of the bolt sliding back. Taking one more look around, just to be sure no one was watching, she thumped the door three times, then turned and walked away, back to the elevators. She did not know what was going to happen next, whether a little was going to escape the room, or someone was going to enter to help the little. She did not know and it really did not matter to her. Afterwards she spent about an hour shopping. Next she escorted a little from her apartment to a taxi. As simple as that, but apparently important. She stopped off at an apartment and persuaded the superintendent to rent an apartment to a little (convincing being a bribe and then a suggestion that going back on his word might be unwise). Then it was across town, into the suburbs. She walked along a strip of undeveloped property that a number of large houses backed onto. The fences were taller than she, so Claire did not have to duck down to go unseen. She counted the gates as she went. Twelve gates in she stopped and held her cellphone up above the wall, taking a picture. Brining it down she looked at the image on the screen. She was in the right place. The gate looked like it had not been used in a few years. It was overgrown with ivy, probably would be pretty hard to open. She brought a folding knife out of her jeans pocket and slashed it through the vines, freeing up the gate so it would be easy to open. A locking mechanism was near the top of the gate. Almost out of her reach, and easily out of the reach of any little. She slipped a simple device into place, dropped a wire down the other side. Lastly she took the bag she had brought with her (a bag filled with a change of clothing, some money, toiletries, some tools with which tracking devices could be removed) and hid it in some bushes beside the gate. Maybe the little would be able to get close to the gate. Maybe they would be able to pull the wire and unlock the gate. Maybe they would push it open and escape. And maybe not. Claire had been paid to make it possible, not to ensure it happened. That was all the work she had scheduled for the day, except for meeting with Daniel, and that was about two hours away. She went for an early dinner, eating at a place that would have been outside of her price range a few months before. Afterwards she took a taxi to the address she had been given. It was a nice enough neighbourhood, similar to the one that Michelle had lived in. Set up mostly towards inbetweeners. She was soon standing in front of Daniel’s door, knocking. A moment later it opened. “Miss Edgerson?” an average sized little man asked her. His voice was deeper than she would have expected. “Call me Claire, may I come in.” “Please.” She stepped in as Daniel closed the door. The apartment was neat, clean. She could smell something spicy. “Would you like anything to drink? To eat?” Daniel asked her. “No thank you. Let’s get down to business. Daniel showed her to the living room. He was a very pretty little, the sort of fine features that probably had people tell him he would make girls jealous. She also noticed that he was well muscled. Not the ridiculous muscles that some littles worked on, as if that would stop a big from picking them up, but muscles that suggested he worked hard every day. “Tell me about you problem,” she said to him. “Ai yai yai,” he said, running his hands through short, brown hair. “I’m a mechanic,” he told her. “I work at a garage about ten minutes from here.” “A mechanic?” she could not keep a hint of incredulity from her voice. He must have heard it, but he did not seem insulted. In fact he laughed. “You want to pull an engine out of car almost every mechanic is going to press a button on a hoist.” “Yes, of course.” “Plus, with cars having less and less room under the hood a small set of hands is pretty useful. People larger than me sometimes have to pull the engine just to get at something I can fix just by reaching in. My boss likes that. I get things done fast.” “I see. It sounds as if things are okay for you.” “They were, until about two months ago. I make it a habit to avoid customers, especially the bigger ones.” Claire nodded. “But I was getting something out of the storeroom when this amazon came into my boss’ office. She saw me… I thought she was going to grab me right there and then.” “She didn’t I take it.” “No, but she asked my boss to introduce me, asked a bunch of questions. I got out of there just by reminding my boss I had a rush job I needed to finish. Once out of there I stayed out of there and in the repairs bays where the customers are not allowed.” “That wasn’t it though.” He shook his head. “Two days later she shows up with an old classic, a beater, rusted out. Ask my boss to restore it. He says it will take a few months, cost a lot, but she’s fine with it. Paying top dollar for it. Comes by every other day to take a look.” “So you think she is stalking you?” “Yeah. And last week it got pretty obvious. Heard her ask my boss if I take a lot of bathroom breaks. I know where that goes.” “So, what do you want?” “I want out of here.” “To go where?” “There’s a small town called Wespolin, middle of no where. Guy owns a garage there. He offered me a job a few years back. Says that it is still open if I want it.” “And you need help with that?” “I need a passport, for one thing. I sent in a rush application, but without a big co-signing it is going to take month.” “Anything else?” “Plane tickets. And I need someone to go and check the job out.” “Pardon?” “This guy seems okay, but I want someone to make sure he is legit. What’s the point of running there if it turns out the job he offered is a lie, that he just wants to put me in a nursery, or maybe sell me.” “I don’t think he could sell you.” “Fine, take a generous finders fee.” Claire looked at Daniel for a few seconds. He seemed smart, Sounded like he had given it the right amount of thought. Likely was not going to do anything stupid. “I can help you Mr. Kine.” He nodded, relaxing. “Thanks. I’ve been feeling pretty desperate.” “Keep going to work. The amazon likely won’t make a move until she can get you to prove to everyone you are in need of her care. Especially true if your boss values you.” Daniel nodded. She asked him a few more questions, gave him her number in case of an emergency then finished their meeting telling him that she would contact him soon. Later, back at her apartment she sent an email to her employer about the job. The next morning Claire received an email that informed her that Daniel’s passport would be delivered in the next few days. She also had booking reservations for flights, hotels and rental cars. She did not know who her employer was, but they had money, and they were very well organized. Claire packed quickly, just enough for a day. Her flight was leaving in a few hours, which gave her just enough time to run one fast job. She stopped off at a specialty store that sold quality clothing in all sizes, which was something of a code for mature clothing styles for littles. An amazon woman was seated at a nearby cafe, watching the door suspiciously. Or maybe that was just Claire’s imagination. Working with littles was making her paranoid maybe. Inside she bought a suit and some other clothing and then left the store. The woman at the coffee shop started at her for a few seconds, then looked elsewhere. Apparently Claire did not interest her. She dropped the suit off at a house in the suburbs, hanging it on the inside of the front gate before catching a cab to the airport. Then she boarded her flight, plenty of time to spare. The flight was uneventful, as was the drive into Wespolin. Wespolin itself was pretty much as Daniel had said. Out in the middle of nowhere. There were big warehouses on the edge of the town because being in the middle of nowhere still meant you were in the middle of things and the town was something of a distribution centre. Still, it was not the sort of place the generally more cosmopolitan bigs would enjoy. By the time she left the next day she knew everything she needed. It was late by the time she got back home and she was feeling pretty tired, but she made a point of stopping off in her office. She was a little surprised to find a business card in her mailbox. It belonged to a police detective; Olive Quaint. A neat note written on the back said, ‘Please call me at your earliest convenience.’ What would a police detective want with her? It was too late to call, so she went back to her apartment, and after checking her email, went to bed. She had almost nothing to do the next day. A meeting with Daniel after he got off work, but nothing else. She decided she would call detective Quaint. The woman who answered it had the deep, yet still feminine voice Claire associated with amazons. “Detective Quaint.” “Detective, this is Claire Edgerson. You left your card at my office.” “Ah, Miss Edgerson. Thank you for getting back to me. I was hoping you’d speak to me, help me in a case I am looking into.” “Always happy to help the police. What is this about?” “Could you meet me this afternoon? I could come to your office about 2pm.” “That would be fine.” “See you then.” And she hung up. Claire sat back in her chair. She did not have quite a bad feeling about the call, but it was odd. Detective Olive Quaint was as Claire had pictured her; a fairly tall amazon. She had to duck down to get through the door of the office, and where was something slightly ridiculous when she took a seat in the visitor chair across from Claire. It was so obviously too small for her. Not that Claire showed her amusement. That would not be professional. It might also be unwise. The larger members of the population did not have a sense of humour about such things. “Can I get you anything Detective? Water, coffee?” “No thank you Miss Edgerson.” “So, why did you want to speak to me?” “Do you know a little named Wendy Laire?” “Yes,” Claire said immediately, not wanting the large detective to think that she was trying to hide anything. “Assuming we are talking about the same person, Wendy Laire hired me.” “What for?” Olive asked, leaning forward slightly, the chair she was sitting in creaking softly at the shift in weight. “Most of my work is confidential Detective Quaint.” Before the larger woman could say anything Claire continued, “However in this case I don’t think there is any harm in telling you. She wanted me to check on an apartment, to see if the owner was discriminating against littles.” Olive sat back, the chair creaking again, a look of surprise on her face. After a moment she said, “Pardon?” “Wendy had been looking for a place. She was told that there were no vacant apartments. I asked and found out there were vacant apartments.” Olive frowned. “I don’t understand?” “You are not allowed to discriminate on size. I reminded the owner of that.” “Oh,” Olive said, her tone of voice conveying the message of ‘you’re one of those people.’ “That was the last contact I had with her.” A lie. “Why are you asking about her?” “Wendy disappeared about three weeks ago. Apparently she just left her apartment, the one you helped her get.” An accusation, not of a legal failing, buy a societal one. “And the owner of the apartment has complained to the police?” “No. The disappearance was brought to us by a woman who was going to adopt Wendy. It was obvious that she was not able to take care of herself.” Claire nodded. “I hope you find her then.” “Oh, we found her. Wendy is safely in her new nursery with her new mommy.” Claire had been worried that Wendy’s ultimate fate was to end up in a nursery, but she had been hopeful. “So, why are you here?” “Wendy told her mommy, after a good, long spanking, that you helped her leave the city.” “Really?” Claire asked. “Why do you think she would say that?” “Because you helped her to leave the city.” Claire nodded. “Or a scared, spanked little told her mommy that someone helped her, perhaps in hopes of deflecting anger, or just to avoid telling her mommy that she, Wendy, snuck away all on her own, and thus might do so again.” Olive nodded after a few seconds. “That may be possible as well.” “Even if I did help her, that is not against the law.” “No, it is not. At the moment.” Claire did not raise to it. “So I’m curious as to why you even needed to speak to me?” “I just wanted to meet you. To let you know that I’ve become interested in you.” Was that a threat? A warning? “How flattering,” Claire said. “You might chose to see it as that. Thank you for making time to speak with me.” She stood, towering over Claire who was still seated. Not quite as funny as it had been. “Good day Miss Edgerson.” “Goodbye Detective,” Claire said, not standing and letting Olive show herself out of the office. She would have to let her employer know that she had attracted such attention. She wondered who Wendy’s new mother was that she could get the police involved. Claire left her office, careful not to make it obvious that she was looking around as she looked around. She did not see Detective Quaint, but a large car, in which a large man sat, was parked across the street from her office. Flagging down a cab she got in, told the driver to take her across town. The car followed her. She changed her destination twice, the cab driver muttering as he had to turn around. The big car was always behind her. The cab dropped her off at a clothing store. Claire spent about an hour trying on clothing. When she left the car was gone. “Must have bored him,” she said softly. Another taxi, a few more double backs and she was sure no one was following her. She took an early dinner before having a cab take her to the area that Daniel lived, but did not have the cab drop her off right in front of his building. The day after her meeting with Detective Quant Claire had a reply from her employer suggesting, in light of the police interest, that once she finished up with Daniel she take a break. Claire was going to miss the extra money, but she saw the wisdom in it. She’d be back to taking pictures of people cheating and the occasional lost person or item case. Well, they all paid the bills. However for the moment there was still the work with Daniel, and her employer had arranged for a rush on the passport. It had already been delivered to a post office box, ready for pick up. She grabbed her stuff together, taking some time to make some special preparations. Just in case. She checked her messenger bag and then headed out. Outside her building she waited a minute or two before she flagged down at taxi and climbed in. As she leaned back in the seat, her gaze shifting to the mirrors. After a few minutes she was pretty certain she was being followed again. Another big car, always there behind her. And she knew who it probably was. Well, she was prepared for it after all. The cab dropped her off in front of the big post office near the centre of the city. It was busy and no one really paid her much attention. She walked along the marble corridors until she reached an area full of post office boxes, thousands of them, forming hallways of little doors. Her’s was just another among many, a tree hidden in a forest. A turn of a key unlocked the door. She reached in and took the courier envelope from within in, a few seconds to slide it into her messenger bag. When she looked up she saw detective Quaint standing at the end of the corridor. She closed and locked the post office box door and walked towards the amazon. “Good morning Detective, what a pleasant surprised.” Olive nodded. “Morning. Don’t have your mail dropped off at your office?” “Some things you like to be anonymous,” Claire said with a smile. “May I see it?” She held out her hand. “Why detective, do you have a warrant?” Olive’s eyes widened. Her lips parted. “Just joking,” Claire said and reached into the bag. “Always hear that on TV and thought it would be funny to say just once.” Frowning, Olive reached out and took the envelope. “No one likes a comedian,” pause, “little girl.” Ouch, Claire thought, hoping she had not pushed the amazon too far. However Olive seemed content with the warning and tore open the envelope. Within was what looked like a magazine with a glossy black cover. Frowning again Olive opened it and flipped through the pages. Claire was careful not to smile when she saw a flush appear on the larger woman’s cheeks. It was a catalogue full of various depraved bondage gear. Olive shut the catalogue and held it out towards Claire, as if it were something disgusting. “You’re a pervert.” “I’m just curious,” Claire said, not bothered by Olive’s condemnation. “It’s why I didn’t want it delivered to my office.” She took the catalogue back. Olive stared at her, lips pressed into a tight line. Claire was very glad she was over six feet tall. Any shorter and she was pretty sure she would be over Detective Quaint’s knee. “Those things are for adults, don’t order anything,” Olive warned, and then turned and walked away. And how would you stop me, Claire thought, but did not voice. After all there was probably lots of ways the amazon could stop her. She slipped the catalogue back into the envelope and put it back into her bag, beside the real envelope which she had removed from the post office box. It never hurt to make preparations. She knew what was in the envelope, but as Daniel would still be at work there was no point in trying to deliver it at that moment. Instead she made the rounds, visiting old contacts and looking for work. She’d need the old kinds of jobs once she finished with Daniel. And it would bore anyone who might be following her. That night she met with Daniel, handing him the envelope. He tore it open, spilling out a passport as well as several tickets and a few sheets of paper. “This is amazing,” he said, looking at the passport. “Your benefactor, my employer, does good work.” He nodded, looking over the tickets and the papers he had been given. “Do you think I can make it?” Claire shrugged her shoulders. “As long as your follow the instructions you should.” “I want to leave now.” “Don’t blame you, but if you leave at the start of the weekend, its at least a few days before you are missed.” “I’m getting more and more worried about that woman,” he said. “I don’t like to admit it, but,” he paused, swallowed, “I’m scared.” Claire recalled her own, recent interactions with an amazon. She was not willing to say she understood, but she did say, “I know. That’s smart.” He laughed, snorted really, and nodded. “I guess it is.” “Keep your calm. Continue you like you have. Don’t change anything you do, and if you need help, give me a call. You won’t need help though.” “Right. Thanks.” He shuffled the envelope contents into a neat pile. “You’re welcome.” He nodded. “Thank you, thank you. I can’t say it enough.” “Maybe one day you can fix a car for me.” “Deal.” Claire excused herself and left the apartment. Outside, a little distance from the building, she lit up a cigarette, smoked it slowly, looking around, wondering how many other littles were in the apartments, how many other might need help getting away from some big. She stubbed out her cigarette and tossed it into the proper receptacle. In a few days it would be back to the divorce cases, serving papers, tracking down deadbeats. She had to admit, helping littles escape had been, well, not really exciting, but it had been satisfying. Perhaps in a month or two Detective Quaint would find someone else to hassle and Claire could get back to it. She flagged down a cab and told the driver to take her home. In another city, in a port, another private investigator was helping another little get free of a would be amazon parent. Patricia Frost, six and a half feet inbetweener was leading Rachael Green, four and a quarter foot little, towards a ship. “All you have to do is behave,” Patricia said. “Just be a good girl and no one will give you any trouble.” Rachel nodded, and then said, “Thank you Miss Frost. I really appreciate it.” Patricia smiled down at her. “No problem. Now, remember, good girl.” She walked Rachel up to the boarding stairs and then left the little to handle the rest. Patricia did not look back as she made her way off the docks. When she reached her parked car she took out her cellphone and typed in a message. ‘Rachel safely onboard’. The acknowledgment came a short time later and was a simple ‘good work’. “Fool,” Patricia said softly. “Wasting all this money to help stupid littles who are just going to get caught anyway.” Putting the one phone away she fished a second phone from her pocket. The number she wanted was already in the phone’s memory so a few swipes of the screen was all it took to dial. She listened to the other phone ring a few times before it was picked up. The voice on the other end replied with, “Peterson Residence.” “Let me talk to Amanda Peterson.” The person on the other end was silent for a moment and then asked, “Who shall I say is calling?” “Tell her it is about Rachael Green, getting farther and farther away from her.” “Just a moment please.” Patricia leaned against her car, waiting. Maybe she had overplayed her hand. Maybe she had been wrong about how much Amanda wanted Rachael. She never understood the desire of amazons to claim littles. Then on the other end, “This is Amanda Peterson. What do you have to tell me about Rachael?” Snappy tone, a woman used to getting her way. “Rachael is going away. You’re never going to find her again. I’m not a kidnapper or anything. I just know where she is and where she is going. If you’d like to know the details it will cost you twenty-five thousand dollars.” “Now listen here, whoever you are. I don’t know what you think you are doing but…” “Check her apartment. See if she is still there. Make it fast. You only got a few hours. Call me back when you made your decision. You got this number on your call display.” And then Patricia hung up. She had to admit, getting the last word with an amazon was enjoyable. Patricia was about half way home when her phone rang. She pulled off to the side of the road and answered it. “Where is Rachael?” was the demand as soon as the call was answered. “That information will cost you twenty-five thousand dollars.” “I can’t just give you…” “I’m not stupid Mrs. Peterson. I don’t expect you to just give my the money. I will send the details for you to put the money in an escrow account, to be released to a numbered corporation as soon as you adopt Rachel. All nice and legal, and I don’t see a dollar until you have Rachel well and truly in your hands.” Silence for a moment. “And what if I choose not to adopt her?” Very sly, Patricia thought, but she said, “Then some other person could adopt her and take her, couldn’t they?” “Yes.” It sounded like she was speaking through gritted teeth. “I am sending you the information. As soon as I see the escrow account has been set up I’ll let you know where Rachael is. Tick tock Mrs. Peterson.” And then she hung up again. Patricia was parking her car when she got a message telling her the account was set up. She called Amanda again. As soon as the phone was picked up she said, “Rachael is on a ship, and in two days she’ll be beyond your reach, but the ship makes one stop in a jurisdiction where you might take control of Rachael and no one will say anything. Or maybe you can contact someone on the ship and have them claim her. For all I know you’ll just charter a helicopter to fly you out there. I am sending you the details. Good luck.” Then she hung up and sent an email. She figured that she would have the money in a week at the most. She might even have it by tomorrow. Patrica locked her car and walked towards her apartment building, whistling a cheerful tune: ‘I’m in the money’. The sunny tune died on her lips when she stepped out of the elevator, seeing two men standing outside of her apartment. They were dressed in suits, with thin over coats. One was a tall inbetweener, the other a giant. “Miss Frost,” the giant asked, his voice deep, almost a boom. “Yes?” she asked as she heard the elevator doors close behind her. There was that avenue of escape cut off. Why was she thinking of escape? “Miss Frost we would like to speak to you about your reported income and your taxes,” the inbetweener told her. “You’re with the tax department?” she asked, somewhat relieved. “Why did you come here? You could have called me. I would have come down to your office. I’m sure there is not a problem.” “You think tax evasion is not a problem,” the giant said, loudly. “No, not at all, it’s just…” “Paying taxes is the mature action of an adult,” he told her. Patricia felt her stomach fall. Words like that, from a big, were never good. The inbetweener took a step forward. “We’d like to talk to you about your finances, down at the office.” He looked as if he was going to try to put his hands on her. She ducked to the side. “Wait. There’s something. Someone is helping littles get away from bigs, helping them set up in new places. I can show you the details.” “Miss Frost,” the inbetweener said, sounding a little exhausted, “that really has nothing to do with us, now please…” “Just a moment,” the big interrupted his partner. “I want to see this.” The inbetweener looked like he might argue, then shrugged his shoulders. “Okay.” She would be able to cut some deals, she thought as she unlocked her door. She would pay the taxes she owed and there would be no reason for anyone to consider her immature. She nearly ran to her computer, logging on. The computer’s desktop appeared. She brought up the mail reader. “Here, it is all…” Eyes widened. All the emails having to do with her work helping littles was gone. The records of months of work all just gone. How was the even possible? “I… I don’t understand.” The big, leaning over slightly to keep his head from brushing her ceiling, put a large hand on her shoulder. “What don’t you understand?” She swallowed. “The email records, they are gone…” “Lying is not very mature young lady,” he rumbled above her. Her phone vibrated. “Let’s go down to our office,” the inbetweener said. Patricia took her phone from her pocket. There was message. She opened it. It read, ‘Payback is a bitch.’ Then the message erased itself, taking so many other messages with it. “Look,” she said, holding the phone up, “someone is erasing all the proof.” Of course by then it was too late, there was nothing to see. She argued with the two men as they escorted her from the apartment. She might have continued had not the big threatened to spank her if she kept telling lies. A silent Patricia was escorted from the building, wishing she had not gotten greedy, or at least had been greedy but still filed complete tax returns. In a three story suite, in an old, tall, red brick apartment building, a group of Amazons were meeting for drinks, to talk. They were all well dressed, well presented, clothing and jewellery subtly speaking of money. “I just can’t believe that Annie disappeared like that,” Karen Past said. There was a bit of redness about her blue eyes, and her curly, black hair looked a little unkempt. “I had just gotten the nursery ready and as waiting for her to come to work so I could take her home with me.” “And her apartment was empty?” Evangeline Court asked her. Evangeline was the youngest of the women there, and the most fancily dressed. Trophy wife of an older man. “Just furniture left behind, a few other odds and ends.” “Did you go to the police?” the hostess asked. “I did, but they couldn’t help me. They said that there was no sign of foul play and that Annie was, at least when she disappeared, considered and adult.” “Ridiculous!” Yvonne Tanson said, before taking a large gulp of her red wine. She was the oldest woman there, brown hair gone mostly grey, a thicker build than the others. “How could anyone think a little is anything but a child? You should have told those police officers to get off their bottoms and get to work!” Karen nodded and took a sip of her wine. “I guess I should have made a bigger deal of it… You know, they say that Annie was not the only little who had apparently disappeared. They say it is like someone is helping them move to new places.” “Helping littles?” Yvonne said, scandalized. “That is criminal!” “Not yet,” the hostess said. “And perhaps some littles might be able to take care of themselves.” “That is easy for you to say,” Evangeline told her. “You have a pretty little all your own after all.” Chase Morgan smiled. “Guilty I suppose.” “It’s not like you ever thought tiny EmEm was able to take care of herself, and a good thing too,” Yvonne stated. “Pretty as she is stupid.” Chase was still smiling, taking a drink of her wine, perhaps hiding a laugh? “I suppose that is so,” she said, putting the wine down. “I don’t suppose,“ Karen said, “that you could let us look in on EmEm?” “I don’t know, she is asleep, I would hate to wake her.” Chase looked to the baby monitor on the table beside her. From it had come the occasional soft breathing sound, or a tiny snore. “Nonsense,” Yvonne told her. Chase stared at the older woman, raising an eyebrow. Yvonne was quick to back down. “I just meant some littles are naughty and stay up when you think them asleep.” Chase seemed willing to accept the older woman’s retreat. “Yes, I have heard that,” she said, her tone suggesting that EmEm would never be so naughty. “But maybe I will look in on her, make sure she is still dry.” “…I will look in on her, make sure she is still dry.” Chase’s voice came from the baby monitor sitting close to Emily’s crib. Emily was seated in the crib, thick diaper spreading her thighs a little, dressed in a footed sleeper with a bunny ear hood. On her knees was her laptop. She looked towards the monitor. Probably it would be a few minutes at least before Chase ‘gave in’ to her guests and brought them up to show her off. The baby monitor, like everything that Chase had bought for the nursery, was of the highest quality, hooked into the wireless network, so it could be controlled from a smartphone app. Emily had hacked it the first night, turning it into a ‘Chase’ monitor, and just letting Chase hear what she wanted her to. One ear on the monitor Emily finished off her work, doing what she could to help poor Rachael Green. There was little Emily could manage for the betrayed Rachel, trapped on a ship as she was. She had turned in Patricia Frost for tax fraud, so there was at least some justice, but Rachael would not see it like that were she to be snapped up by Amanda Peterson. Emily had sent a telegram to the ship, for Rachael, warning her of what was happening. She had also purchased passage for a second, empty cabin, then hacked the ship’s reservation listing, making is seem that Rachael Green was now in the empty cabin and one Miss Smith was in Rachel’s cabin. If Rachel just stayed in her cabin and waited until the ship reached its ultimate destination then she might just make it free. Without an agent on site there was only so much she could do. “Well Rachael, if you end up getting caught I think I’ll tell Amanda about Patricia. If Amanda takes her in as penitent ward it might defect some of the crap from you.” It was not much, just like everything she did was not much. In truth Emily was not really running her little escape system to help all the other littles. She was glad enough when she did help them get away, but what this really was about was learning. What escape plans worked. The best travel plans for going undetected. Places where a little might avoid bigs. Who could be trusted. Who could be trusted was the most important. Chase had power and money, and she could certainly offer a reward large enough that any of Emily’s agents (private detectives, bounty hunters, various independent specialists) might turn on her. Best to learn about people like Patricia Frost now. It of course made her feel a little guilty, but she was honestly trying to help them. She just was benefiting, whether the other littles got away or not. The conversation between Chase and her friends was coming to a point where Chase would agree to bring them up to the nursery, to look in on her. Emily turned off her computer and reached out of the crib to put it on a small table with other toys, nearly falling as she did so. Falling out of her crib was the last thing she wanted. She switched the baby monitor back to regular operation and slipped quietly under her sheets, pulling the rabbit eared hood over her head. Now she had to decide if she was going to wet her diaper, and while that would result in being changed in front of the other women, at least she would be able to sleep in a dry diaper. Or she could hold it, and end up wetting it sometime in her sleep, spending the night in a wet diaper. Decisions decisions.
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    The wait is over! I'm back! And here is the next chapter for you all Kaitlyn I can’t help the terror that wells up in me as Diana walks down the sterile white hall of the hospital like building. Diana had stopped at the front reception to ask for directions to a Dr. Stewart’s office and now we’re on our way. My throat is still sore from that awful tube that was shoved down it. I know Diana means well, but I can’t help but feel betrayed for letting the doctor do that. Part of me feels bad about putting her through this, and I know refusing to eat isn’t helping me either, but the memory of a wet diaper and the fear of what a bowel movement would feel like, keep me firmly set on my task of avoiding having to use the bathroom while trying to make Diana understand. It hasn’t been easy though and if she had held that animal cookie in front of me any longer, I would’ve broken down and taken it. Diana takes us into an empty waiting room where she takes a sit and sets me in her lap so I’m facing her. “How you doing, baby girl?” she asks, swiping a finger over my cheek. I shift uncomfortably and avoid her gaze. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, I lean into her and wrap my arms as far around her waist as I can manage. I may not like what’s been done to me, but I can’t blame her for wanting a child and I know I’ve put her through hell worrying about me; the least I can do is give up some pride for a moment or two every now and again. Diana takes to it instantly, wrapping her arms tightly around me in response, and kissing the top of my head. “I love you, sweet girl.” “Diana Harold?” A voice calls. I glance over to see a man in who looks to be no older than thirty. He has dark black hair that droops around his ears and bright hazel eyes. “Yes?” Diana answers. The man walks up to us. “Dr. James Stewart,” he introduces. “I hear there was quite a fuss about getting an appointment today.” Diana’s face flushes crimson. “Well, I-” “It’s alright,” he wave it off. “Makes things interesting. Besides, I'm not busy today; my secretary just likes to make me seem important. And you, lovely lady, must be Hailey.” He smiles at me. “I am James Stewart and I will be your server for this evening,” he teases, taking an elaborate bow. I can’t help but giggle a little at his antics. “How did you do that?” Diana demands. “She’s been with me for four days and I can’t get a smile, but you’re here ten seconds and you have her laughing.” James shrugs. “I'm just good at my job, I guess. Why don’t you both come inside and we’ll have a chat.” I'm scooped up as Diana follows the man inside. I was expecting a doctor’s office, but instead I’m greeted with a homey feeling room. A brown leather sofa is pushed against the one wall, a coffee table placed in front of it and an entertainment unit facing it. The far corner holds a desk cluttered with paperwork, the floors are coated in a soft looking carpet, and another corner has a mini fridge with cupboards on the wall above it. A closed door clearly leads to another room; perhaps an exam room. And everywhere there are toys from stuffed animals and rattles, to blocks, puzzles, board games, books, dolls, and race cars. The walls are covered in doodles and paintings from previous patients, and all of it instantly makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable. Diana sits down on the edge of the couch and the doctor pulls up a chair. “So, first things first,” he begins. “I need to begin building a character profile on Hailey, so I'm going to ask you some questions; just answer what you can, alright?” “Mhm,” Diana confirms. “Well, first I’d like you to tell me a bit about Hailey’s first day with you. Was anything out of the ordinary?” “I'm not really sure what the normal behavior is to know,” Diana admits. “Just tell me the details you can remember. Was she alone in transport?” “No,” Diana replies. “It was her and another female little. My sister took the other; her name’s Sarah now. Come to think of it, Hailey did get a little upset when they left. I’m not sure if it was a delayed reaction to waking up or if maybe them leaving, the sudden change in her surroundings, just frightened her, but she cried for a few minutes.” Dr. Stewart frowns. “Would you happen to know if the two littles were captured together or just selected to meet your request?” “I believe they were captured together,” Diana replies. “They were both covered in sand and I was told that it was a no-stop delivery.” “They were together then, it’s quite possible that Hailey cried because she knows this other little quite well and didn’t want to be separated from her… hmm, go on, what happened next?” “Well, I gave her a bath, like I said; she was covered in sand and in desperate need of one. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and perma-removal are what I used.” “How did she handle that?” “With red cheeks and a little squirming, but not badly. After her bath, I took her to her room and changed her. Diapered her and got her into a sleeper for the night. It had feet and mittens to it and she didn’t seem too happy with the mittens.” “Most littles don’t like them,” Dr. Stewart answers. “I sat with her in a rocking chair and talked and read to her for a bit. Then found out I shouldn’t be rocking and bouncing her like I was… that didn’t cause this did it? I mean, she looked a little ill from it, but I think she was fine after.” “It’s very highly unlikely that that’s the source of the problem. Go on.” “Well, she didn’t eat; I tried to give her a bottle and she just coughed and spat it out, refusing any more. I know you're not supposed to force them to eat in the first few days, so I just left it at that. I put her to bed, she was a little cranky.” “That’s it?” “No. About an hour after I put her down, I went downstairs. I was worrying about her not eating and wanted to try to give her another bottle, just to see if she would take it. Carlotta, my maid, suggested I try warm honey water, that it can be soothing on the stomach,” Diana continues. “That’s right, honey can do wonders. It was a good idea. Did she take it?” “I went upstairs to try and found her gone,” Diana recounts. “She’d climbed out of her crib using some decorative pillows and a teddy as both a boost and cushioning for her landing, then a small chair to reach the handle.” “Resourceful,” James replies, except he doesn’t look at Diana when he says it; instead he stares at me. I shift under his gaze. “Mhm,” Diana agrees. “We tore the house apart, found her twenty minutes later back beneath the couch. She came out on her own and wanted to take my hand. I figured she just wanted to try to walk on her own and I let her, but she lead me around the house instead. Took me to the front door. I thought she wanted to go outside, but of course it was dark and I wasn’t taking her out. I told her no, picked her up, and then she started to cry, really cry; for about ten minutes straight she just held my shirt and sobbed. I took her back upstairs after that and she did drink a couple of mouthfuls of the honey water, but not much. I put her back to bed, made sure to remove those pillows. I checked on her through the night, but she slept right through.” “Alright,” James says. “I'm starting to get some ideas about Hailey and how she’s feeling. Now, before I begin to explore any theories; I would like to do an examination of her,” “Oh, of course,” Diana agrees. “Then follow me,” he replies. Diana follows him across the room to the door that, when opened, leads to a small bathroom. A toilet, sink, child’s potty, and a change table make up its contents. We’re led through another door into a doctor’s exam room. I gulp nervously and my fingers clench the fabric of Diana’s shirt instinctively and receive a couple pats on the back as a result. “I’ll need you to take her dress off and lay her here,” Dr. Stewart pats the paper covered exam bed. “You can leave her diaper on.” Within seconds, I find myself sitting on the table with my dress being yanked off me yet again. I shiver as the cold air raises goosebumps along my skin. Diana presses me back so that I’m lying on the table, giving my nose a light tap before moving away. Dr. Stewart takes her place and places a small green blanket with butterfly patterns on it over my torso. “Wouldn’t want the little miss to get cold now would we,” he states, before beginning his examination by shining a light in my eyes. I turn away, blinking rapidly to clear the black spots that dance in my vision. My ears and mouth are checked next and I find myself relaxing a little bit. Regular check-ups have never bothered me and I’m feeling more comfortable beneath a modesty-preserving blanket and Dr. Stewart seems far gentler than the doctors at the clinic earlier. His next move is to listen to my heartbeat. While listening, his free hand begins to gently tap out the rhythm on my stomach. I smile, knowing he would make a fantastic children’s doctor, with his gentle, calming approach and silly antics that can make anyone laugh. James folds the blanket in half to reveal my stomach. He glances at me with a very serious look on his face. “I’m going to listen to your belly,” he informs me. “See what he has to say.” The stethoscope is cold against my skin, but I don’t pull away. “Hello? Hello, Hailey’s belly, how are you today.” His voice begins to change tone as he gives my stomach a voice. “Alright Dr. Stewart, running a little on empty though.” His voice returns to normal as he replies to himself. “Ah well, we’re going to see what we can do about that. Hailey is going to eat soon and when she does, you’ll have a foodnado all to yourself.” I don’t know if it’s stress or hunger delirium, but suddenly his words, which aren’t truly that funny, have me shuddering and gasping as I begin to laugh. The doctor offers me a silly smile and a wink. “Wow,” Diana murmurs. “Two laughs in once day. Teach me your ways.” “Sometimes you just have to know what to say and often you have to be willing to get a little goofy.” Dr. Stewarts hand rests on my torso as he begins to push and feel around. Again, he’s far gentler that the doctor at the clinic so I’m only mildly uncomfortable. "Feels all good in there,” he reports. “Now I’m just going to roll you onto your side, okay sweetie?” he whispers gently, a hand sliding underneath me and rolling me onto my side so I’m facing the wall. The stethoscope is placed against my spine, gently moved around as he listens to something or another. “You’re doing great sweetheart. Is she normally this compliant?” The question is directed at Diana. “Umm, well no, she tends to fuss quite a bit if she’s not happy with something. But other than squirming and some verbal protesting, she’s not much trouble,” Diana answers. “Well, she’s being good as gold and if she were eating at the moment, I would offer her a treat. Now, I would like to take a peek beneath the diaper too, so that I’ve done a full examination. Do you mind?” “Not at all,” Diana replies. I squirm uncomfortably. “I mind,” I protest. Diana is one thing, I don’t really get a choice, but Dr. Evans was bad enough. No way do I want a guy removing the diaper. Dr. Stewart rubs my hip gently. “It’s okay, Hailey. I just need to take a quick look at your bum, okay? I’ll be three seconds tops. Any longer and you have permission to kick me.” I fall limp, knowing I really don’t have much choice, and flush red as the tapes are removed and the back end of my diaper is pulled away. I clench my fists and squeeze my eyes shut as he parts my butt cheeks. True to his word, however, it’s over faster than I could have thought, and Diana is pulling me onto my back so she can put a new diaper on me. “I’m going to pull her x-rays from the clinic up, if that’s alright. I’d like to take a look for myself.” “By all means,” Diana agrees. She plucks me from the table and hugs me close while we watch the doctor pull up the x-rays on his computer. The images load up on the screen and I stare at the jumble of black and white. “Well, she looks perfectly healthy,” James announces. “So there’s nothing wrong with her? Nothing you can find?” Diana sighs. “That’s a good thing, Miss Harold,” James states. “And we’ll have Hailey eating by the end of the day, so don’t worry.” “Now, has there been anything abnormal with Hailey’s behavior since her first day? Any bouts of seemingly uncalled for fits of rage or violence? Any sudden mood changes?” “No violence,” Diana replies. “And she’s been rather sullen since I got her, that hasn’t changed. Umm, oh, right, there is this,” she states. I watch her pull my picture from earlier out of the duffle back, feeling a flush of heat to my cheeks and a twinge of guilt as she passes it to the doctor. “I’ve noticed she likes to color. This was done this morning, but none of her pictures have been like this.” The doctor is silent as he stares at the crayon-covered paper. “Why don’t we go back into the other room?” he suggests. “We can discuss this there. It holds a lot of meaning that I can see.” I frown as Diana stands and follows him back out, wondering if he’ll be able to understand. I hope that I’ll finally be able to get through to someone. The two giants reclaim their seats and Dr. Stewart gestures to all the toys on the one side of the room. “She can go play if she likes,” he says. “You and I are the ones that need to talk at the moment and that’s what the toys are for anyways.” Next thing I know, I’m being slid to off the couch to the floor. .I stumble and fall back on my butt, wincing at the loud crumple of the diaper, but thankful for its padding at the same time. “Go play, honey,” Diana encourages, giving my back a pat. “Let the adults talk for a bit.” “Actually, sorry, before you send her, would you mind passing that plate over? The one on the end table,” James requests, nodding at the far side of the couch. Diana leans sideways and pulls the platter into view. It’s loaded with different desserts, chocolate chip cookies, icing covered sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, brownies, fruity tarts, and macaroons. “Feel free to help yourself.” Diana plucks a coconut covered, jelly topped tart from the tray before handing it to the doctor. He steals a frosting covered cookie before lowering the tray to me, his gaze fixed on my face. “Would you like a cookie, Hailey?” Instantly I begin to salivate at the sight of the mountain of sweets. The glistening beads of sugar crusted to the chocolate chip cookies, the flaking coconut, and jutting out pieces of dried fruit, and I want nothing more than to shove as many into my mouth as humanly possible. My hand even raises, shaking slightly, towards one of the massive cookies. I face myself to stop; bite my lip and look away, moving my hand to instead hug my growling stomach, a whine escaping my throat. “Oh, honey,” Diana whispers, a hand coming down to rub my back. “We have to do something.” “Well, I can tell you thing for certain now,” James starts. “There is nothing wrong medically with her. It’s not that Hailey can’t eat, it’s that she won't.” “What do you mean?” “I mean that if Hailey were to take and eat a cookie, it wouldn’t hurt her, wouldn’t make her sick, and wouldn’t upset anything. It would fill her belly and make her feel better. She can eat, if she wants, and she knows that; she’s refusing food and we need to determine why.” “So you mean she’s doing this to herself? On purpose? Why the hell would she do that?” A hint of anger floods Diana’s voice and I flinch, shying away from her. “I imagine that the answer is within this,” Dr. Stewart replies, smoothing out my drawing on the table. He places his finger first on the image of my mother and I. “Let me tell you a bit about Hailey, directly from this. She holds a very deep connection to this little here. Now I imagine that this is the little she was taken with; the one your sister has in her care. Now she reappears over here, so is this your sister?” “I think so,” Diana replies. I stand up and grasp the edge of the coffee table, just barely able to peek over the top to see the picture too. Doctor Stewart points to my question marks. “Do you know what these are?” “No,” Diana replies. “Littles have their own written language. Much more basic than our own, but these are from her world; they’re question marks.” “Really?” “Mhm. The root emotion here is confusion and with it, distress. She only knows that your sister took this little. She doesn’t know where they went, if her friend is alright, or if she’s going to see her again and that is frightening her.” “That’s why she led me to the door the first night…” Diana trails off as she realizes. She glances at me. “You saw them leave through that door; you wanted to follow them.” “Yes,” James confirms at the same moment I nod. Diana frowns. “How much of our language can she understand? I was told there would always be a language barrier and that’s why body language and physical praise and punishment are often enforced.” “Actually, that language barrier is one way. The little’s brain is a fascinating thing. From the first moment it hears our language, it begins translating, learning, understanding. Talking for a couple minutes to her would allow Hailey to understand basic sentences. By now, she could hold a decent conversation with you. Unfortunately, when we speak, she doesn’t hear another language she can process; to her, it sounds no different than if we were speaking her language. Which is why littles cannot talk. They can’t reproduce the sounds of our language because they don’t know what those sounds are. It would be up to us to close that barrier by learning to understand them, but we don’t.” “Do you speak her language?” Diana asks. “A little yes. Not a lot, but I’m still learning, which unfortunately means that I cannot simply ask her what is wrong. But I do believe that this is going to tell us. Let’s look over here.” James moves his finger to the left side of my paper, to the drawing with Diana. “This is portraying you?” “I think so.” James glances and I reluctantly nod my confirmation. Diana sighs. “Does she hate me?” “Far from it,” James replies before I get the chance. “There is a lot of anger and frustration here, however.” Diana glances at me with sadness sparkling in her brown irises. “Why? What did I do wrong?” “Nothing,” James reassures her. “It’s clear that you're working hard to be a very good mother and I’m sure that Hailey knows that. It’s not necessarily you that she’s mad at, it’s the whole situation, you just happen to be the centerpiece it all. I’m going to work to get your relationship back on track so that you both end up as happy as possible,” he promises. “I want you to start with genuinely trying to listen to Hailey. She can’t speak to you, but it’s clear that she’s been trying her best to tell you something. I know it isn’t easy, but just making a conscious effort will help her feel like she’s being properly acknowledged.” Diana nods. “I can try. Now at least I know it’s not just a silly game.” “Good. And you, little miss, need to start eating,” James said as he plucks a cookie from the tray and holds it up for me to see. “So what’s it going to take?” I hook my fingers around the rim of my dress and lift it up a bit to reveal the diaper around my hips. The doctor smiles and nods. “I figured as much. Go play honey, while your mommy and I sort everything out.” I huff slightly at being dismissed like a small child, but decide not to waste pointless energy on this one. I wander away and flop down on the floor a few feet away, confident I can eavesdrop from here. I pick up the nearest toy, a white plastic unicorn with pink hooves, mane, and tail, to keep up an appearance of playing. “So, I can tell you exactly what this final drawing symbolizes; Hailey hates her diaper.” “Her diaper? I don’t understand, why would she hate it?” Diana asks. “Well, Hailey is at a rather volatile age,” James begins. “She was born sixteen years ago, and is technically a teenager. Teenagers tend to have the hardest time adjusting to the role littles have in our society. They are at the age where they’ve just started to gain maturity and independence, only to have it stripped from them now. Many mothers and fathers resort to punishments to force teenaged littles into compliance.” I wince at his words, a sudden terror flooding me at the realization that Diana could very well spank me or worse if she felt like my behavior warrants it. Or if she just felt like it. I swallow thickly and begin to hope she’ll stick to her decision not to.” “I don’t want to do that,” Diana protests. “If she’s angry now, she’ll despise me for that. I want her to love and respect me, not fear and loathe me.” “And that is why you are going to make a fantastic mother; you just need a little help and so does she. Now I’m curious, has Hailey ever actually used her diaper?” “Yes,” Diana confirms. “Once. But she only wet it.” I stand and wander back to them, not wanting to be separate from the conversation that could very well decide my fate. I sit on the carpeted floor with my back leaned up against the couch, not wanting to make a fool of myself trying to actually climb up onto the piece of furniture. Dr. Stewart smiles down at me before returning his attention to Diana. “What was her behavior like around the time of her accident? Both before and after, does anything stick out?” “Well…” Diana trails off as she clearly fights to recall the occurrence. “She cried pretty heavily afterwards,” she begins. “Like almost uncontrollably. I wound up putting her down for a nap afterwards; I figured she needed it.” “She very well could have, but I’m not so concerned about after, I’ve a pretty good idea of how she reacted to it. What I am interested in is let’s say the half hour leading up. What was her behavior like then? What did she do?” “I tried to tell her,” I state, despite knowing that I likely won’t be understood. Dr. Stewart glances at me, but other than a creased brow and a shrug, offers no response. Diana’s hand moves to ruffle my hair and I duck away from the touch. “It was not long after lunch…she’d had a bit more to drink, but beyond that nothing. I’d set her up to play in her playpen and she seemed to take a shine to her blocks, stacking and knocking them repeatedly.” I huff and shake my head. “I was bored.” Diana’s response to my words is to shove a pacifier into my mouth. “Hush now sweetheart, let the adults talk, okay?” she coos. “Hailey was playing rather nicely for a while, and then she stood up and called for me…at least I believe that’s what she’s doing since she directs the same call at me quite frequently. I thought she wanted to be held, cuddled, but she actually just wanted out so she could lead me around the house again…though, if the first time was for a reason, I imagine it’s never been a game?” “Probably not. Where did she take you?” “To the bathroom. I figured she’d wanted a bath, since that’s the only time she was ever in for, but…oh,” Diana seems to finally realize. “She was trying to tell you she needed to go to the bathroom,” Dr. Stewart states, glancing at me. I nod my confirmation and begin to pick at the hem of my dress. “I imagine this is also around the time she began to refuse drinking anything?” “Well…Actually yes, she refused to even drink through dinner and bedtime. I thought it might just be because her stomach was unsettled having only liquid going in, but now that I think about it, she didn’t start drinking again either.” Diana frowns. “But I don’t see why the two would be connected.” “Don’t you?” Dr. Stewart presses. “Has Hailey gone to the bathroom since?” “No.” “Why?” “Well I assume it’s because she has to be eating and drinking in order to have to… oh, so that’s why…,” she murmurs. I suddenly find myself hoisted from the floor and spun around, stood up in Diana’s lap as she holds me steady by gripping my arm with one hand and my chin with the other. Her eyes blaze with a flaming fury that ignites fear deep in my stomach and has my soul withering from under her gaze. “You mean to tell me, that over a diaper, you’ve been starving yourself, hurting yourself, and putting me through the ringer stressing about you? Over wearing a diaper? You stupid, stupid, foolish little girl,” she almost snarls at me. I shrink back in her grip, any former fight vanishing in an instant as she glares at me. Perhaps the guide book is right, perhaps everyone is right, that I am wrong, and you do need a good strong dose of discipline.” “Miss Harold, please calm down for just a moment,” Dr. Stewart requests. “Because if that’s the route you want to take, I cannot help you, but I know it won’t have the outcome you desire. Hailey is a person, just like you and I. She has thoughts and feeling, fears and desires like anyone else. And she also has limits, physical and emotional. She has a breaking point and a point where she’ll do anything to avoid an outcome. All we’ve done is discover one. She made a poor decision perhaps, but she decided that nothing was worth whatever emotions or feelings she had about soiling a diaper. I highly doubt that her choice was a power play or something she intended to boycott until she perished. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, that you feared soiling another one may set in stone your mother’s belief that you need them, right Hailey?” I nod, chew my lip, and squirm in Diana’s grasp; a motion that only causes her grip to tighten on me. “You chose to stop eating because you knew it would keep you from having to use the bathroom and give you time to get your point across, yes?” Again, I nod, falling limp and slumping to my knees. “I can’t do it. It may seem stupid or ridiculous and perhaps I am childish for it, but I can’t,” I whimper. “Now Hailey, you need to be honest with me when I ask, are you potty trained? Completely? Because I can’t ask your mommy to take you out of diapers if you’re not; that’s not fair to her or her home.” Heat rises in my tingling cheeks and I nod my head furiously. I squirm from Diana’s lap, the water and medical liquid sitting in my bladder; not quite painful, but powerful enough to be an annoying nuisance. I slide down to the floor and throw my arms out as I nearly lose my balance. I set my course straight for the bathroom. “I never said I was taking her out of diapers,” Diana objects, much to my displeasure. “Where are you going, Hailey?” the doctor questions as I reach the door. I smack my hand against it a few times. “Ah, eager to prove ourselves, are we?” he laughs as he stands up and motions to Diana to follow. “I’d like to reiterate that I never agreed to this, Dr. Stewart and I don’t appreciate you leading her on like that.” “Come now, Miss Herald, there is no harm in observing the extent of Hailey’s training and capabilities. She’s a very intelligent little girl and you should give her credit where it’s due. If you truly with to raise your daughter differently with a relationship built on love and respect over forced obedience and fear, then you are going to have to learn to compromise. It can’t be all about what you want; you have to consider what will make Hailey happy too. The same goes for you young lady,” he adds, nodding at me as he opens the bathroom door to let me in. I step inside and heat burns in my cheeks as both Diana and the doctor follow me in. So much for hoping for privacy. I sigh and lift the hem on the dress, holding it between my teeth as I fight with the tapes of the diaper. But they’re thick and strong and I can’t open them. After a moment, Diana bends down and twists me towards her. Her tense expression and pursed lips make me want to fidget nervously, but she makes no comment, no move to physically or verbally show her displeasure as she tears open the tapes of the diaper and allows it to fall to the ground. My blush deepens, cheeks tingling as I glance towards the toilet, wondering how I’m going to get up there. I may need to ask for help. Diana clears her throat, gently cups either side of my head in her hands, and redirects my gaze to the plastic toddler’s training potty. I deflate, shoulders slumping, but I know there will be no reprieve from this except going back into the diaper, which is the opposite effect than what I want. I stare at the thing for a moment. A green basin with a blue back support and rails and a red plastic seat. It has a picture of a swimming yellow duck on the backing. What is with this world and ducklings? I sigh and reluctantly sit on it, my cheeks now fiery and beet red, I’m sure. After a moment of hesitation, I force myself to relax and just ‘go’. The plastic basin beneath me drums noisily with each drip as I do my business and I feel my cheeks get redder, my soul shrink in on itself with every telltale noise. When I’ve finished, I reach for the toilet paper roll and am stopped as Diana hands me a baby wipe instead. I sigh, but accept and use it before standing up. I know there’s no hope of reaching the sink by myself so I gently tap my elbow, to avoid using my hands, against Diana’s leg, before pointing. Finally getting what I want for the first time, she stoops down to lift me into the air and hold me in front of the sink, turning the water on and squeezing some soap into my hands. “Thank you,” I say as I lather up my hands and then rinse them, shaking them dry as she lowers me to the ground. I’m then pushed back into a lying position as she fits me into a new diaper quickly and wordlessly. I want to protest, the indignities rising to my lips, but I relent. I doubt that she has anything else with her and I’m not willing to go commando, especially with how short this dress is. Diana then lifts me up into her arms and we all return to the main room. “Alright,” Dr. Stewart begins as he lowers himself into the chair. “So, I ask one more time, Miss Herald, are you reconsidering taking the route most people take when dealing with their Littles?” “I-no. I can’t do that, it feels too wrong morally. I’m angry, yes. Hailey’s behavior has been far from acceptable and I’m pretty certain I’ll see her punished for it, but…I won’t beat her into submission over every little thing. I’ve always dreamed of a true relationship between mother and child. I want that, I just don’t know how to get it.” “That’s why I’m going to help you both reach that point. But it is important to understand that it is not a road without sacrifice and it will be gradual and slow going, but it will be the most rewarding option in the end as far as emotional connection goes. But you have to be willing to make sacrifices and execute an immense amount of patience.” “What do I have to do?” “I want to implement a system of give and take between you and Hailey. For every thing that you take, you have to give something of equal value as well. So for example, say that you, Diana, wanted to dress Hailey up in a very eccentrically frilly dress for a function. Say it was something you know that Hailey would hate; you may offer to allow her a more comfortable and perhaps adult like outfit the next day or a movie rated higher than PG, for example. Or a more long term thing, such as Hailey wanting potty privileges, she may give in and be happy and compliant with being bottle fed at night. Things like that can go a long way to understanding one another. Compromise brings people closer and is often crucial for a symbiotic, loving relationship to remain intact.” Diana’s grip around my waist tightens as she tugs me closer and rests her chin on my head. “I suppose I can try that,” she agrees. “No harm in trying, right?” “None at all,” Dr. Stewart agrees. “Now, Hailey’s made a pretty big request of you, Diana. So how are you going to respond to it in a way that compromises?” I find myself being twisted in Diana’s lap so she can look me over. “I didn’t know that Littles can understand us, but it doesn’t change anything; you’re still so little and in need of care and I'm going to provide you with it. I will give you potty privileges, but only during the day; I won't get up through the night because your tiny bladder can’t hold out until morning. I go back to work next week and I can’t be doing that. And you are staying in diapers around the clock. You will tell me if you have to go potty and I will take you, but I don’t want any accidents because we didn’t make it in time,” she decides. I whither a little inside at this information, but decide to make the best of it. The diaper sucks, but it isn’t quite as bad if I don’t have to use it; I’ve been getting used to the waddled gait anyways, and I can handle no bathroom breaks at night. I don’t normally have to get up through the night to pee, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Take what you can get, Kaitlyn. I tell myself. “That seems more than fair, wouldn’t you agree, Hailey?” Dr. Stewart inquires. I take a deep breath and nod. “Yeah, I guess so.” The doctor holds a plate of apple and cheese slices out in front of me. “Prove it.” I instantly begin to salivate at the sight of the food. I pluck an apple slice from the platter with a shaking hand and take a bite. Hunger overwhelms me and I begin to stuff more apple and cheese into my mouth, heedless to the mess or childlike appearance of my actions. The doctor chuckles. “Problem solved. Take her home and feed her; be sure to get plenty of liquids into her system as she shouldn’t be without. I’d like to schedule regular sessions for the two of you to come in so I can monitor your progress. Bring her back in two weeks, whatever day works we can schedule around, so just call in.” “Thank you,” Diana agrees, standing up and pulling me away from the food as she prepares to leave. Okay, so before you yell at me if you aren't pleased with this turn of events, allow me to explain myself as there is a point to this; it was always going to happen. I want Diana and Kaitlyn to actually have a relationship beyond that of a forced infant having to just take it and pretend to love their captor or beginning to suffer Stockholm Syndrome. I have a direction planned and there will still be plenty of babying and embarrassment in Kaitlyn's future. I'm also going to start doing chapters in Melissa's POV because Janice is not like Diana and is more the typical stuck up Amazon. She's not going to be anywhere near as...'accommodating' as Diana so any misbehavior on Melissa's end will result in less than favored consequences. Like I said, there will still be plenty of diapers and bottles and baby moments so please don't quit on me okay? On another note...Do any of you like to roleplay? Because I am almost always in the chat on the site looking to do Diaper Dimension roleplays of all kinds and I happily play both roles. I only ask that all replies be at least three sentences long unless there's a specific need for a short post now and again So if you like to rp, come find me, no need to ask permission, just pm me on the chat or send me a message through the private messaging system as I love to roleplay and chat Thanks everyone, I look forward to your feedback -KWOceans