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    Win of these adult-sized pacifiers. To enter: Like this post and reply with a comment on why you like being here! Open to those 18 and over anywhere in the world. Ends 12/10/2016. Value of prize: 8.99 - Odds vary based on number of entries. Prize supplied by Mikey. A new study says most people stop reading fine print after the first few lines, which is why I feel confident calling you a stinky-poo.
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    You're middle aged; pretty hefty and looking like Fatguy-in-a-little-coat. Your chimo glasses are huge and you're balding. Mommy and I are walking behind you at the Tree Lighting Festival, it's about quarter to four. The plaza is crowded. There are more children than adults milling about, and people are pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder, wandering through the displays. I watch as you meander your way through the crowd. I asked Mommy: "Do you see what I see?" I point at the fat patch of pale skin exposed between your too-short jacket and waist 48 khakis. I see a ratty pair of underwear. It's got a blue and yellow stripe, some cheapo brand. What is it covering? A just as cheap Depend or store-brand pullup, pulled up above the underwear WAY too high. Clearly you did this with the intent that others might see, though you made it look like an accident. There's no way you can't notice this, it's freezing cold outside, and it's trying to snow. I walked around and got just enough of a profile view to see that you weren't a retard; otherwise, I might have let this slide and placed blame on your companion/caregiver for neglecting your appearance, shaming you in public. You're alone, and I can see why. But no, you clearly wanted to be noticed. Well Bucko, you got your wish: I noticed you, and so did parents as you walked past their children, sledding down the hill. Was it worth it? Did you get the rush you needed? After you're done blowing your load by reliving your afternoon antics, (embellished enough to fulfill your fantasy) I want you to imagine what society would be like if ABDL was as accepted as LGBT. How wonderful the world could be if diapered adults weren't viewed with pity or disgust. Now I want you to contemplate what individuals like yourself are doing for our community's image: Fat, balding, ugly, middle-aged man cruising through a crowd of parents and children while his XL pullup is intentionally exposed for all to see. Your ass was a billboard that day, and your marketing department definitely didn't do their research before going to press. I hope that you're a lurker here, and you can read this to know that what you did was inappropriate. If you want acceptance and tolerance of our lifestyle, do the revolution a favor and cover your fat ass up. Sincerely, Tris [/rant] #Beginflamewar
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    Have turned the Like system back on now that we have more resources to run the database. You can one again show some love to posts you dig!
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    Well, it’s magic. So yes it’s mostly fiction, with an ounce of truthJ. I hope you like it! If so please say something encouraging, or click the like button. If you don’t, then just don’t say anything at all. By the way, I think I will only post completed stories. They may be a bit shorter than some of the others in the forums, but I become so frustrated when they don’t have an ending! Yikes. Airplane Magic School was out. I’m flying back to San Francisco for the summer. I spent the entire last night with friends, and didn’t sleep at all. I was use to not sleeping; I’ve never been a good sleeper. My afternoon flight will get me back home around dinner. Six hours in a plane for a girl who gets nervous and anxiety when it rains. Torture! The bags were packed; I was waiting for the driver to come pick me up. Sitting on the stairs to my apartment with the luggage ready to go. I had my backpack, purse, and was gossiping away on my phone. I was dressed cute, but casual for the flight. Craving badly needed sleep before dealing with my step mom at home. Knowing that wouldn’t be a good decision for the airplane, and I only had six more hours before a nap in my own bed! White capri leggings, mid-thigh denim skirt, a casual tee, and a hoodie was the trademark ensemble for cute, but casual. No makeup following a quick shower, needing to stay awake for the driver and flight. Hair up and pulled back, contemplating a ball cap, but discarding the thought as it would damage my look. In place a simple hairband from lulu. I may not be in relationship mode, but I wouldn’t look like a sloth either! The driver pulled up in the black car, I kept gabbing away on my phone. My purse now in my backpack, I had little to hang on too as I tossed it across the black leather seats and stepped in while he closed the door behind me. The miles clicked by as fast at the minutes on my phone driving down the expressway to the airport. His eyes repeatedly looking in the rearview mirror; my voice was becoming softer, as I talk to Jenny about last night’s party and summer plans. I get annoyed watching his stare and funny little hat glancing back every few minutes. I cross my legs, and wrap the side of my hoodie around my mid-section, turning slightly sideways in the back seat. Looking out the window, I let out a sigh as I see the road signs indicating the airport ahead. The airport is busy; we pull in front of United. I give him my AMEX while I’m still on the phone. Not paying attention to the shuffling of papers and scramble of activity in the front seat. After a minute or two, he slides a clipboard back; I hurriedly sign the receipt and put my credit card back in my purse as I get out my ID for the terminal. Waiting for the door to open, I end my call with Jenny, tossing my phone in my bag. I put my arms through the shoulder straps just as the door opens and I step out. My luggage is on the curb and I see a skycap coming over to help take it away. I don’t really pay attention to the driver as I walk away from the car. I can feel his eyes inspecting me and I cringe with the feeling that I need another shower. The skycap is older, a nice grandpa type man who asks me for my ticket and then begins typing in the computer. He prints out tags, I watch, and then he tells me to have a nice flight. I almost forget to tip him and then come to my senses, scrambling to get my bag off my shoulders to find cash. I set my backpack on the ground, grab my clutch, and then remove a ten dollar bill to give the nice man. Standing back up, I’m rudely bumped into by a thug in a suit. While he murmurs a half apology for his clumsiness, I role my eyes and think whatever and move on. Inside, I pass through security, and walk towards Starbucks. I order a white mocha to help keep me awake. I’m dragging. I look for the signs to my gate, and walk toward it. No time to waist, I’m already close to being late. I noticed the flight is delayed, and I think can this ever end? Thirty minutes goes by, I stop and buy a package of Skittles at the stand on the corner and visit the bathroom. When I return, boarding has started, so I just get in line. As I walk down the hallway to the airplane I start to think of summer plans and what to do back home. Not growing up in SF means not known many people and no clubs, dates, or nights out. I’m excited for our family trip this summer, and think maybe I can talk my dad and step mom into letting me go stay with my cousin for a while. I’ll enjoy not having schoolwork, but not sure what I’ll do with all my time. Nothing like a three month staycation! The flight attendant greets everyone as they get on the airplane. The line is moving slow. She asks; where are you seated? I respond; 3A, next to the window. She just points and smiles. As I get closer, and swing my backpack off my shoulders, I see my “seat partner” has already made himself at home. A rather large grisly looking individual with facial hair that a squirrel might jump out from! He is wearing a plaid flannel button down and I think to myself, where be you from? Shaking my head I just look in astonishment as he drinks whatever he was already served by the flight attendant. I politely indicate that I am in the window seat next to him. Thinking to myself what fun this trip will be. I expect him to stand up, and let me in. Instead he straightens up in his seat, and I think; does he really expect me to climb over? As I stand there looking at him, he just looks straight back at me. I think, oh great, this walrus has no manners! I toss my backpack over him and into my seat. Thinking to myself, do I step over his legs facing him, or do I turn my back and face the front of the airplane. There is no graceful way to make this happen. Graceful turns into a mockery. I elect to “pass over” facing the front the airplane. Hands on the seat in front of me left leg over his knees, feeling like an awkward ballet step never performed. I’m being cautious and thinking that I hope my entire flight doesn’t go this way. Then it all starts in slow motion. I can’t see, as I’m facing the other direction, but I feel what I think is his leg starting to rise between mine. This can’t be. I look down and sure enough his foot isn’t flat, it appears only his toes touch the floor. I feel off balance, and my mind is on fire. The next thing I know his hands are on my hips and he is “assisting” me across to my seat. Two seconds turning into an exaggerated period of time in my brain! Finally I am across. Flopping into my seat I look at him in astonishment. Hands at my sides, tugging the hem of my skirt, straighten it out; did that just happen? Mouth open telling him to keep his paws off me followed by a sentence or two of the best string of adjectives I can tie together reinforcing my anger. Nearly causing a scene, yet knowing I have to sit next to this jerk for the trip. My tongue flies, my face changing shades of red, and eyes of daggers reinforcing my anger. And then all he said… “Calm down little girl, don’t flatter yourself.” I turn away fuming, giving him my back as I glare out the window. Pretending to talk to myself; making derogatory comments about my new neighbor. Knowing all too well he can hear what I say. Six hours to go with this @hole. And then, all of a sudden, he turns to me and clears his throat. My head swivels around locking eyes. Everything quiet, except the next set of words spoken clearly and slowly. “Sweetheart, we have a long flight ahead of us. I expect you to be a good girl, and as the hours pass, I’m confident you will adjust.” The pit in my stomach grew large for a moment, and I trembled and froze before I was able to break eye contact and look away. “…confident you will adjust” I thought to myself as the airplane door closed and I felt us being pushed back from the gate. Silence still all around, as I sat with my legs crossed, reading Glamour. Looking at the “dos and don’ts” thinking how humiliated if I was in one of the “don’t” pictures. The first hour. Plane racing down the runway, we were up and off. The flight attendant passed by to take our order. It was a choice between carbs, or carbs, with a side item of carbs! Yuck. I asked for a diet Pepsi, and said that I will eat the salad but could skip the rest. I read my magazine. I gazed left or forward the entire time, and never once at my seat partner. However, the feared was starting to occur. I needed to use the bathroom. My white mocha was keeping me awake, but it also was reminding my small bladder that I would never make it the entire trip without relief. Finally I gave in. Turning to my seat partner I said “excuse me, I have to go use the bathroom, would you mind standing up so I can get out”. He didn’t say a word, just unbuckled his seatbelt, and then cumbersomely, stood up, and took a step backwards so I could get out. I said “thank you” and walked forward the few isles to the bathroom. I felt his eyes watch me much the same as the driver this morning, but in a different way. Once inside the tiny gross bathroom, I grabbed a paper towel and slid the latch across to lock the door. The florescent light flickered on. I looked in the mirror, the few freckles I have were more prominent without makeup. Wow do I hate public bathrooms! So, I looked for the seat covers on the back of the wall, lifting the lid, I placed it on the hard plastic. Unclasping the buckle on the left of my skirt, and then lowering the zipper, I prepared to squat in the “germ zone”. All at once I took my panties, capri’s, and skirt, shimmying them down my legs half way. Now sitting, trying not to touch anything more than I needed, I did what I had come to do. A quick clean up, and a pause, something felt different. My skin was super soft. My thighs, inside legs, bikini area had no stubble. So strange, I didn’t shave this morning when I hurriedly showered. I looked closer. Gone was the small patch of feminine adultness normally on the front of my body. I let out a small gasp, examining myself with intent as my fingers traced every inch of my lower body. No dark hair follicles, no, no red bumps of skin irritation. As much as I felt the same, I looked slightly different. As time stood still, I felt the jostling of airplane turbulence remind me of where I was. I stood up, pulling my clothing back in place. My mind wondering when I would have decided to get a full Brazilian. Flushing the toilet, then washing my hands, I prepared to leave the little cubby and return to my seat. As I opened the door and looked past the first two isles, I could see the untucked checker shirt standing. Fifteen steps later I was sliding across back into my seat, not saying a word, as my neighbor slumped down with a thud. I looked at him, he looked back and smiled. Trying to shake the fog from my mind, I reach for my backpack and a magazine. I was in search of Vogue or Elle, something to take my mind away. And then I noticed, beyond my magazines and at the bottom of my bag was a pair coloring books and a box of crayons… Hour two. My iPod on, earbuds in, everything else was oblivious around me. I was trying to figure out my strange day. Where on earth did a coloring book and crayons come from in my bag? Every now and again I would glance to my right, only to be met with a head tilt and a smirk. Sending shivers up the back of my neck I would return to my magazine. Food was being served, my tray table now out. The flight attendant setting down the tray draped in blue cloth. I looked at the items thinking this is a salad? Shrugging my shoulders, I unfolded the napkin and placed it across my lap. I picked at the fruit. She walked down the aisle with a breadbasket that I declined. Do you know how many people put their hands in that thing? No pubic sharing of food for me! I was no longer sleepy as the caffeine from earlier had kicked in, and my second diet Pepsi was keeping me falsely awake. The airplane had a constant hum, who knows where I was over the sky. As the flight attendant returned to pick up our meal service and bring a hot towel, I thought about how nice it would be to get home. Folding in the tray table, I let out a small shriek. The man turned his head and looked over at me. My white capri leggings were now gone, and I’m sitting in my skirt with bare legs. I know this wasn’t right! Looking down I see anklet socks and gym shoes on my feet. In a panic, I lean forward, a hand on both legs, and slide them down toward my shoes. It’s me; do I feel alright, am I dreaming? I know what I was dressed in when I left this morning. I stay bent at the waist, stretched forward for a minute. It must look like I’m assuming the position to crash. I think about yoga. Where are my leggings? I lean back, sitting upright in my chair. I put my face in my hands, elbows on my knees, and just sit still. After a few deep breaths, and calming down, I brush my hands in my hair back along the sides. Wait, something else is different. Where is my headband? I can feel two braids tied in the crown of my head circling to the back. My hands trace the braids and get to the rear of my head. My pony tail is gone! Hour three. I hurriedly turn to the man next to me and exclaim that I need to use the bathroom again. He looks at me and says “again child”! I bit my tongue and scamper out of my seat as fast as his slow moving mass exits the row. I practically fall down the aisle to the bathroom. Fumbling for the handle, opening the door and quickly latching it behind me, the light flickers on. No paper towel this time for germ protection. I stare in the mirror. I poke at my face. It all looks the same. On top of my head I have bangs in front, and two lace braids circling the crown towards the back. I tilt to the left, and the right. They are tied tight. Wondering how this could be. Worst of all, there is thin white ribbon tying them together in the rear. I don’t have a second mirror, it’s difficult to see, but I can feel the lazy loops of the bow tied tight in place holding the braids together. Immediately, both hands go up to my head and I start to work the knot, only to discover it won’t budge. It’s too tight! I can’t get it out. I don’t know if I’m going to cry or laugh. I can’t figure this out. I look down at my waist and legs. White ankle socks peeking above pink gym shoes. Bare skin disappearing up and under the hem of my denim skirt. Frozen I just stand and look in the half mirror. While I’m here I reach for the toilet seat cover and decide to take care of my needs. Repeating the routine from earlier, I unclasp my skirt, tug on the zipper, and then pull it down with my panties at the same time. In a dejected manner I lower myself and do what needs to be done. My eyes closed my head spinning. Once I finish, I reach down to get dressed. Looking for my G-string, only realizing yet another change. Now between me and the floor are full cut hipster panties with a little pink bow in front. I start to panic. I don’t own panties like this. I touch them, I look, I examine, I don’t know what to do. I start to pull them up feeling the cotton leg openings rake against my sensitive legs. When they are almost to the top, I can see how much coverage they have. They will leave lines for sure. Standing in the bathroom, and now hearing a knock on the door. I quickly pull my panties the rest of the way up followed by my skirt. Washing my hands again, and then slowly stepping out. The flight attendant asking; are you ok? I must look like I have seen a ghost. I feel like my hairstyle is a return to the junior high pom-pom squad. I tell her I am cold, and ask for a blanket. Returning quickly to my seat, I’m greeted by a wide smiling seat partner. I say nothing as I look at his goofy smile and slide back across to my chair. The flight attendant appears a few moments later with a blanket wrapped in a plastic bag. I tear the plastic open, placing it on the side of my seat. Unfolding the blanket, I drape it over my bare legs, and pull it up to my shoulders. Taking the time to fasten the seatbelt around the outside, I once again get lost outside my window. I need to make sure I don’t fall asleep. My mind is in hyper mode as I listen to my iPad. Hour four. Time goes past. I have another diet Pepsi and think about the summer ahead. I haven’t spent much time in SF. My eyelids are heavy. I decide to open the Skittles and see if I can get a sugar high. Yum, Skittles and diet Pepsi, the fundamentals of healthy eating. I eat the Skittles one at a time, enjoying every moment of the sugary snack melting in my mouth. Only another hour or two to go I think to myself. A little turbulence, a few bumps again wondering where I am over the sky. Lost in the clouds I sip on my diet Pepsi. Before I can take another sip, I end up spilling down the blanket in front of me. Pepsi on the corners of my mouth, and down the blanket. I tilt my back and think can anything else go wrong today? My woolly mammoth seat neighbor noticed the commotion. He turned and whispered what I thought was the words “your going to need a bib soon”. Did I just hear him correctly? Am I dreaming? Did he just say the word “bib”? I need to get cleaned up and have another trip to the bathroom. Hour five. I look at my neighbor while I simultaneously unbuckle the seat belt over my blanket. He looks back and says “yes, I know, you need to go to the potty. I sure do hope this will be your last time.” Whoa, who does this arrogant @hole think he is? Me go to the potty? I need the bathro… I need to go to the bata… Omygawd, I need to go to the potty room. My tongue is tied; I can’t seem to say the words I am thinking in my brain. My speech is fast and high pitched. He doesn’t get up this time, and I have to crawl over once again. I stand fast, raising my leg in my denim short-all to cross over him. Causing a minor tumult in the aisle as the other passengers begin to look I quickly make my way forward. The flight attendant asks; are you ok sweetie? I look at her and say I spilled and need to go potty. OMG, I said it again! One hand goes to my mouth and covers it, while the other opens the door to the potty. I rush inside and latch the door. I take a deep breath. I look again in the mirror. It’s my reflection. Hair with two thin braids around the top of my head, one on each side. White shoestring bow tied in back. My hands go to my chest, another change. No longer do I have on my white tee and denim skirt. I’m still in denim, but now I’m wearing a short-all with a bib pocket front. One strap over each shoulder, fastening to the buckle latch in front, they hold all the material together and up on my body. It’s baggy, it’s frumpy, and it’s not stylish at all. I look at the sides. You can see three brass fasteners on each side above my hips. My white tee is clearly visible underneath. Wait, I’m not wearing a bra anymore. I was when I left this morning, not now! The girls aren’t voluptuous but I wouldn’t go out without one. I look back in the mirror, feeling my chest; I don’t even think you can tell! My head is spinning. The diet Pepsi is racing through me. My heart beats fast. I start to undo the buckles on the front of my clothes. I hurriedly fumble and it takes a few extra moments. I need to go potty, and I need to go now! I race to put the seat lid up, and the paper seat protector down. My clothes fall to my feet, and as soon as I squat and my bottom touches the paper, I begin to release. I sit still. Wondering if I’m done, knowing I’m done. I try to say the word bat.. ba.. potty. The word is in my brain, but won’t form on my tongue. I’m almost home. I have to get off this airplane. These things don’t happen to big girls. Did I just say big girl? My hand quickly goes up to my mouth in a huff. Slowly I stand up. I look down at myself and the bundle of clothes by my feet. My hoodie is lost, gone with my headband and leggings. I know I didn’t wear this getting on the airplane earlier. Reluctantly I take a step forward and start to pull up the full cut white hipster panties. I tug up the short-all past my knees and put my feet out to the sides as I pull down my white t-shirt. As I start to flounder for the straps which need to come over my back and shoulders as I see something in the leg hole of my new clothes. The plastic wrapper from the blanket must have gotten stuck from the seat of my chair. I reach down to pull it out, and receive a static shock. My hand jumps back, then I notice the plastic begin to move on its own. Am I dreaming? My mouth gapes open and I watch it slither up my right leg. Once it can go no further, I see it circle out around my leg and then under my crotch. The plastic is expanding, growing! Like cookie dough under a rolling pin, it makes its way between my thighs and over and outside my left leg. I watch in dumb struck amazement. My entire bottom and front now encased in plastic as little thin elastic leg guards and a waist line appear. I reach down to touch it. It’s real. I poke. As I’m exploring I fail to notice the front and back of my tee growing longer. A moment later I feel the tug at my rear and fabric going between the fronts of my legs over the plastic. I hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, of five snaps joining my t-shirt close between my legs. Now I panic. Quickly placing my hands under my mid-section, I desperately attempt to un-snap the infantile garment that has just encased my body. No luck. My hands go to my sides, struggling to put my thumbs in the plastic panties. My t-shirt now covers the waistline, no luck once again. I’m trapped, I think about crying. My short-all is taking a life of its own. I feel the straps come up from behind and go over my shoulders. Latching on the front, and cinching tight. I’m now standing, holding on to the sink in front of me, looking into the mirror, wondering what just happened. I collect myself. No care in the world except to get off this airplane. There is not much time left. I put my hand on the door, take a deep breath and step out. With the very first movement, I feel the slight expansion of my undies and the extra padding between my legs. Hastily, I return to my seat as the cheery flight attendant says; honey, do you need any help? Hour six. Going back to my seat, my neighbor was gone. I don’t know where he went, nor do I care. I pick my backpack up and put in in my lap. I look out the window, while my left hand explores my new outfit. Reaching under my backpack I can feel through the leg hole and touch the plastic now covering my bottom and mid-section. It’s all too surreal. I look down at my chest and see the singular pocket. The walrus returns. He must have wondered off to the back. He looks and smiles at me, as I just look away. “Shy now”, I think I hear him mutter. The announcement from the captain breaks the silence that we are landing soon. The flight attendant walks by and tells me I must put my bag under the seat in front of me. I can’t wait to get off this airplane. I say nothing. I can feel the engines slow and see the city on the horizon. The bay is in full view. Almost home, and almost out of this mess. We hit the ground with a thump. The wheels screech, and we move up to the gate. I grab my bag off the floor and immediately put it back in my lap before the door opens and the seat belt sign is off. My neighbor makes a comment. “Seems like there is a little girl in a hurry now”, to which I just ignore. Once we come to a full stop, he stands up, and reaches overhead to get his bags while I remain in my seat. The first two people get off the airplane, and he leans over and whispers; “Come now, I want to see that little diapered bottom of yours waddle down the walkway”. I hesitantly stand, making my way to the aisle. I put my backpack over my shoulders and don’t notice as the grey fabric begins to change to a pastel pink. I’m too busy concentrating on my posture as I can feel my undies swell to fill up the loose fitting fabric around my bottom. To think several hours ago I was worried about pantie lines, and now this! As I begin to walk forward, I look down and see a duck appear on the center pocket of my short-all. The flight attendant bids farewell and waves to me with a folded hand as she remarks to the pilot on how I was a good little traveler. Walking off the long tunnel into the airport I can feel the whoosh with every step. Cold plastic touching the inside of my legs with every step as I work to speed up my walk and meet my step mom at baggage claim. I’m no longer wearing the hipsters from the potty room, these are full diapers now. I hear a chuckle and I look around for the big man in the plaid shirt. I can’t seem to spot him in the crowd. He has vanished. As I make my way to the shuttle, it feels like my feet are bricks. Heavy, begging to turn inward somewhat, giving way to the distinct walk of a toddler not yet potty trained and in a baby panties. On the shuttle I lean back against the window. Still looking down at my legs, not yet noticing the change in my backpack. My shoestrings have been replaced with Velcro. I think I can detect a triangle outline bulge in the front of my short-all. That’s when I notice on the inseam a series of small snaps, reinforcing in my head that I am most certainly in a diaper. I get off the shuttle, spotting my step mom at the luggage area. I suddenly pick up my pace heading her direction. Exactly at that moment, I feel warmth begin to spread in what is now MY DIAPER. We greet each other with a hug. I’m not sure if I have tears from being home or the airplane fiasco. That’s when I feel her reach around my back side, slight squeeze to my bottom, and say “let’s get you home and changed out of this wet diaper”. Still in diapers today…. Alyssa
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    Darkfinn, Do you wake up every day and think of a new way to be an asshole, or do you have a long list and just check them off as you go?
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    I just looked at my profile and I see that my reputation is <gasp> POOR. Gack! What did I do? If I've offended people, my apologies. If I've pissed people off, my apologies. If I've been "out of line", my apologies. If I've <insert whatever it is that I've done>, my apologies. Apologetically yours, Glycerine
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    Chapter 1 Melissa is a 17 year old high school senior, who comes from a very loving family. She has a brother (Billy) who is 5 and a sister (Sammie) who is 12, and her little brother is having some troubles making it to the potty on time. She lived close to both sides of her grandparents and was very close with her uncles, aunts, and cousins. She always enjoyed going to family events, because all of her cousins are younger and that ment alot of diapers around. Melissa has always wondered what it would be like to wear diapers like a little girl again. She has a brief memory of taking one of Sammies diapers and stashing it in her room when she was 6. She remembers opening the diaper up and sitting on it with her clothes still on. Her mother caught her that day and all that Melissa can remember is standing on her bed at the time, being in a diaper with her mom in the room asking her if his is what she really wanted. Over the years Melissa would be caught several other times by her parents. When she was in Junior high she used to take Billies diapers and squeeze into them before her showers. She remembers sitting on the potty with a diaper taped very snugly against her bottom and going pee. After her diaper was nice and squishy she would rip it off and stash it into her towel closet until she found time to throw it out. Usually, she would stash 3 or 4 diapers at a time in that closet. One day she went to go throw her diapers out and she found that they have already been tossed. She was nervous all day long wondering what was gonna happen when her parents came home. Her loving parents never confronted her about it. They simply threw out her diapers and assumed that this was all just a phase. This happened to Melissa alot in the 8th grade, but as soon as she hit high school Melissa had other things on her mind. She was more interested in looking good to others. Melissa's little brother was having some problems making it to the potty on time and was stuck in pull up diapers throughout the day. One day, melissa came home from school at the same time her mom got home with Billy. She sat in her car watching, as her mother carried Billy inside and noticed his diaper sticking out of his pants. Melissa sat wishing she could be held like that again. She walked in through the front door of her house and saw her mom changing Billies diaper on the couch in the TV room to her right. SHe wanted to stop and stare, but decided to make her way upstairs to her room to start her homework. As she past Billies room she smelled the baby powder and looked inside. She glanced over to the diapers laying out over his bed, and had to shake herself out of her daydream and get back to her mission of going back to her room. Melissa sat at her desk for a while before she started her homework. She was contemplating going back to her brothers room and taking one of his diapers for later that night. her mind raced at the thought of wearing a diaper again. In the middle of her daydream she heard a light knock on her door. Startled she responded with, "yes, who is it"? Sammy came inside and said, "mom told me to ask you if you want to go out to the mall with us". Melissa thought for a moment, and decided that this would be the best time to wear a diaper. She told her sister no, and went downstairs to watch as they left to the mall. Melissa tried to mask her excitement while her family was still home. Finally they opened the front door and made their way out to the car. Melissa stood there in her tight jeans and while t shirt looking out the window making sure the car was completely one before running upstairs, nearly knocking over her brothers toy chest as she made her way out of his room with a diaper in her hand. she made her way to her bathroom and made sure the door was locked. SOmething about her bathroom comforted her. It was her private area. It was located in the back of her room all the way across the house from her parents room, and the secluded nature of the bathroom made her feel like she could do anything in there and no one would know. Melissa stood in her bathroom with her pants off, holding the diaper in her hand, looking at herself in the mirror. SHe hesitated for a moment thinking that even though she was secluded, and no one was home, she still felt that she needed something else going on just in case. SHe started the shower and then placed the diaper on her crotch while standing in the center of her bathroom. She got one of the tapes on and she immediately realized how much she missed the feeling of being in a diaper. She got the second tape on and noticed that the diaper was extremely tight around her, and that she would need to be careful when she went potty. As the shower was running Melissa sat on the potty with the diaper on. She was trying to relax and pee her pants, but she had to go number 2 and wasnt sure if she should use her diaper. She finally felt a slow trickle of pee escape into her diaper and felt the puffiness on her butt start to soak up and expand. Melissa was so happy as her diaper filled up. She let everything go with a smile on her face and started to poop in her diaper as her pee flooded through, causing her diaper to sag and squish. Melissa let out a sigh as she finished going potty in her pants, then sat there on the potty for a few minutes with her hand on the middle of her diaper. Completely relaxed she stood up feeling her diaper sag. Her diaper was so heavy and squishy that it gave her the chills. Melissa was so happy that she didnt want to get out of that diaper. She wanted to just waddle out and show her parenst, then tell them that she wanted to wear a diaper forever. Reality suddenly crept in and she realized that she needed a shower. Melissa got all cleaned up and placed her diaper into her towel closet then came out to see her mom in the tv room with a bunch of store bags. "hey mom, did you get me anything"? Melissa asked. Her mom gave her a little smirk and asked if her hw was done. The rest of the night went the way the rest of her nights went. She got her homework done, ate dinner with the family, played with her brother, and watched tv. As she got tired she went back up to her room and as she walked by Billies room she saw her mom in there changing his diaper. The thought of what she had done earlier made her smile as she walked past, into her room. Melissa laid in her bed not able to sleep. All she could think about was wearing a diaper and being changed by her mom. She thought about being in diapers around her grandparents, her uncles, her cousins. She thought about wearing a diaper around her friends, and at school. All of these thoughts made her very nervous but in a strange way she really wanted that. Soon melissas parents were asleep and she decided it was the best time to go throw her diaper from earlier away. She got out of bed and threw on some warm clothes, then made her way into her bathroom. Once her towel cupboard was open she panicked. There was no sight of her diaper... She knew that her mother must have found it while she was watchig tv or playing with her brother, and went back to bed with with something new to think about. What is gonna happen to her tomorrow...
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    I'm writing this because for a long time now I've been forced (if it's fare to call it forced) to ware diapers 24/7. I mean how can a grown man want to be humiliated in such a way. Last Saturday my wife/mommy had some friends over and me dressed in double thick diapers a pink dress that barely covered my diapers if I was standing, leaving my diaper completely exposed when crawling around and a bra with c cup breast inserts. Not to mention a chastity lock to keep me in a constant state a arousal. I was loving every minute of it. I find that not only do I love wearing diapers and would rather be wearing than not, but I also love being treated like a baby sissy for her amusement. It doesn't seem natural but I love this life. The only time I'm not a baby girl, is the eight hours a day I spend at work (still diapered). I come home get changed into double thick diapers, bra, and sissy clothe.
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    I disagree. When you go to a store, you should be treated with nothing but respect. If I get bad service, I always ask for a manager.
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    What?? Okay, just the title was enough to derail me. "Smelling like a disabled incontinent person" - I have a disability, and I'm incontinent...And I smell just like your average, non-disabled, non-incontinent person. That's really rude, implying that those with disabilities and incontinence smell different. ~ moogle
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    This is just a one-shot. Comments greatly appreciated. A DIAPERED DECISION The panty was peach silk decorated with sprawling, thin grey branches and reddish-pink cherry blossoms, looking like it was made from the silken scraps of a Japanese kimono. Iris fingered the smooth, expensive material as she brought it closer to the scissors in her other hand. Her slim fingers pulled the scissors open and slid the dainty cloth between the metal. “This is really it. No going back. I want this.†She froze before she could cut the panty. The panty, no longer her panty. “Not mine. Not anymore.†She rubbed the silk some more. They felt like a stranger’s panties, not her own. so thin, so substantial. No protection whatsoever. She needed protection now. The thick, absorbent padding swaddling her crotch had all the comfort of an old friend. She had, in a way, always needed diapers- emotionally at least, had always been drawn to them. From a child who used to steal towels out of the bathroom cupboard and shoved them down her pants to a young college woman who bought crappy, cheap grocery store diapers and smuggled them into her dorm. Her love of diapers had always been with her. The older she got, the more she wore them and the more a part of her life they became, a source of psychological comfort that helped her cope better with the stress in her life. Now a college graduate with the first job in her career and first apartment all to herself, she had taken a hard, long look at her life before making a major decision. Iris lowered the scissors from the panty and ran her fingers over the smooth plastic shell of her thick diaper. The crotch was warm with fresh urine. It felt right and natural. This was who she was, who she had always been- a girl who needed diapers. Panties felt awkward and wrong to her. Always had, so she made the decision to do something about it, to right that wrong. Warm wetness trickled into her already wet diaper and spread around her crotch. “No regrets.†She smiled to herself. Diapers were her underwear, a portable potty strapped to her waist 24/7. She had turned her psychological need physical. She no longer wanted to wear diapers; she had to wear them, or she would end up with wet pants. For the last several months, Iris had been diaper training herself. It was not a decision made lightly. She knew what the consequences, both good and bad, were. But it felt so right, so complete, that she did not care. She’d deal with whatever the results were from something that helped her be more comfortable with herself. Diaper training was not easy. Diapers, especially the premium ones she ordered online, were not cheap. She had to keep herself shaved to fight odor and guard against rashes. She had to learn to listen to her body, struggle to keep her sphincter muscles relaxed, to just go whenever she felt the need, no matter her diapered or undiapered state or what she was doing. She had had to train herself to wet her diaper, getting comfortable in all positions and situations, even embarrassing ones. If her diaper was saturated to the point of leaking, she still had to wet, leaks in public be damned. the more she kept at it, the easier it got as she fought to undo her potty training. Iris had reached the point in her diaper training journey where she was now dependent on diapers. She only realized she was wetting once she started to go and felt the thick, absorbent material grow warm and wet as she peed herself like a baby. Peeing took her by surprise and her bladder capacity had shrunk. “When was the last time I even sat on a toilet? Or wore these?†Iris fingered the panties with one hand and rubbed her diaper with the other. She couldn’t even remember the last time the skin of her derriere plunked down on the cold porcelain of a toilet. Now, that almost seemed unnatural. Her diapers had truly become a part of her. She should cut up the panties she hadn’t worn in months to symbolize her determination to stay diapered. She stared down at the scissors laying at her side, then to the panties she still held. She put her feet through the leg holes, standing up then pulling the panties up over her legs. Her diaper crinkled as she moved. The bulky padding forced her legs apart. The silk of the panty stretched wide once it encountered the bulge of the diaper and her spread hips. She tugged the tiny panty up into place with a grunt. A small but noisy fart slipped out of her and she wondered if she was going to mess herself. Iris paused in her pulling to rub her stomach. She didn’t feel like a bowel movement was imminent. Her teeth sunk into her lower lip, chewing as she poked at her crinkly, padded backside. Still nice and dry, not wet or messy yet, though she knew soon enough that would change- that was just part of living the diapered life. She went back to tugging on the panties, compelled to put them on over her diaper. She wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them, not just yet. She knew she should let go of them; she could never wear them. It was diapers and diapers only for her, yet a small part of her latched on to those panties and she could not figure out why. With another grunt and another fart, she yanked the panty into place over her bulging diaper and felt a small trickle of warmth spurt out as she stood fully up. She had paid quite a bit of money for the panties from some designer lingerie boutique. They were itty bitty hip huggers. Hardly anything to them; they barely fit over the bottom part of her enormous and monstrously thick diaper. Iris caught sight of herself in the full length bedroom mirror and giggled. “I look ridiculous.†She stared down at the length of thick white padding bulging out of the tiny silk. Any normal woman would have felt ridiculous in the diaper, but Iris felt ludicrous in the panty. She ran her hands over the strange combination covering her private parts. The panty was soft and slick under her fingertips as she rubbed her crotch then her hand glided up. The diaper’s plastic crinkled underneath her touch, calling to her. Her fingers skimmed over the smooth plastic, all the way up her belly until they hit into the rough tabs. She tapped the tabs, smiling down at her diaper and felt yet another tiny spurt of pee, as if her bladder was subconsciously affirming her choice. It seemed to dribble constantly so she was rarely dry anymore. She patted her wet diaper then shimmied the stretched-out panty off her slim legs and huge diaper. As she moved, the diaper crinkled loudly. Her heavily diaper-cream coated cheeks slid against each other and felt almost as if she’d messed herself. Iris stared down at the panty. “You aren’t for me anymore, but you’re still too pretty to cut.†She knew she should cut up her drawer full of panties, to fully mentally commit to her diaper training, but try as she might, she just could not bring herself destroy them. they were from her old life, and she could no longer wear them….but they were like pretty souvenirs from a trip. She had willingly and happily moved to Diaper Island, but she still wanted a few mementos from her sojourn in Potty Land. She had already cleaned out her closet, getting rid of clothes that would no longer fit over her huge diapers. It was one of the first things she had done when she decided to make diapers her new underwear permanently. Her short shorts that easily showed off her diaper bulge, or skirts and dresses that were so short they showed off her diaper, all had gone to resale shops and charity. She had kept her comfortable yet tight yoga pants, which showed off her butt in all its excessively padded glory. She had gone shopping for new, diaper-concealing pants, shorts, and dresses. All of which was also, inadvertently, more modest. “This was a waste of time.†She shrugged and tossed the panty back into the cardboard box with her other panties. She saw no reason to cut them up- she was already committed to her diapered life. The wet diaper around her waist, the diaper cream and tons of sweet smelling baby powder were evidence enough of that. She put the lid back on the box and shoved it back under her bed, where she had placed it months ago when she started her diaper training. Then, she had tried to cut her old panties up and had not been able to do it. She hadn’t been completely sure she would stick with her un-potty training and still had panties as a choice, wanted them as a safety net and back up plan. She had tried numerous times after that as her bladder grew weaker and weaker and she needed her diapers more and more. Now….Iris patted the front of her wet diaper. Now, she had no choice. Her old underwear were just pretty momentos. The diapered life really was the life for her. She had no regrets. The phone rang and she waddled off to answer it, thick diaper crinkling noisily all the way, the new soundtrack of her diapered life.
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    Already hearing the usual complaints we get anytime things change around here, so wanted to take a moment to explain: For both the security and the longevity of this community we HAVE to keep all our software up to date. Usually this means minor patches and security updates, or back-end changes you don't see. Invision - the company who develops our message board and chat room - just released this major update, an entirely new system inside and out. We could have kept the old version, but that would mean no support, and no patches when security holes are discovered. Taking that route would most certainly lead to our site being exploited in the future as their are people out there that target these security holes and unpatched sites to pretend they are hackers. They (the fake hackers) don't care about us or our underwear choice - they simply troll Google looking for forums using the insecure version of a script and attack any they find to get attention for themselves. If you've been online as long as I have you can probably name a dozen sites you used to go to that got left unattended for a while and suddenly got blacked out with a "hacked by XXXXX" image plastered across the screen. We have been with Invision for nine years and have always been supported and protected by them. Even when we had a real security issue a few months back Invision jumped in to help us recover 99% of the data and get us back online. I depend on Invision, and our Server Tech/Manager to help maintain our server and keep this community alive! So let's take some time to adjust to the new software before passing judgement on it. This is the 4th version of Invision Board - and with Version 3 having been released in 2009 I think it's safe to say that we won't see such a major change again for at least a few years. They are not a company that does updates for the sake of something new. With all the changes in programming and tech since '09 I'm sure they felt they had taken 3.x as far as they could. Mike
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    Boo freaking hoo. I'm sorry, but I feel like providing some balance here. You've been dealing with incontinence for 1 whole year? And it bothers you so much that you go to a diaper fetish website in the "incontinence desires" section to warn them how bad it is? I'm sorry, but it just seems fishy and wrong. It's like a "straight" guy going onto a gay website and telling them about the dangers of being gay. It just doesn't jive with me. Look, I've been dealing with urinary incontinence since 2002 and wearing diapers since around 2005. I likely go through most of the same routines as you. All of my friends/family and many co-workers know. I do not advertise it, but if the issue comes up, I am simply open and honest about it, just as if I had any other disability. Unlike you, I admit to liking diapers. Not necessarily to my friends/family, but here I will admit it freely. I do not think that I would be here if I did not like them. I'd probably be on some lame Depends website or something. I think that diapers are awesome, even after all this time. They keep me dry, and they feel good. The nature of my incontinence causes me great pain at times due to blockage and a hyperactive bladder, so my kidneys hurt often, but otherwise, I am as happy as a fish in water. After a few tries, I even found a lover who is accepting and knowledgeable about my condition. I'm here to tell you that you can have your incontinence and enjoy it too. Yeah, some days are rough, but overall it is not something I would try and steer others away from. Especially if they could have it without the pain that I often experience. I am involuntarily incontinent, and have totally accepted and embraced my lot in life. You can cry about it, or you can make the most of it. Certainly if I can enjoy it, somebody who comes to it voluntarily could also enjoy it. If they don't like it, over time, they have the choice of reversing course, and will most likely return to normal. So why waste time trying to scare people away from something that they are obviously passionate about? For all you who desire incontinence, I say go for it, and take it however fast or slow you want. You don't have to jump into it head first and pee and poo yourself all the time. You can just pee, or just wear them dry. You can wear them whenever you want, at night, during the day, or maybe only after you get home from work. This is your only life, and here is something that brings you great pleasure, so why not enjoy it? Just try to keep a broad perspective so that you can notice if it is causing you unhappiness in other ways. The goal is to find a way of living that makes you happy, and that you will not regret when you look back from your deathbed. You can listen to any number of opinions, or other people's experience, but they will not necessarily apply to you and your particular circumstances. Some incontinent people hate their lives and commit suicide. Some accept and actually love their lives, such as myself. I don't see myself as a victim, even though some think that I should. I was nearly beaten to death, which caused the injury in the first place. You see, I could identify with the victim mentality, and spend my whole life moping around, or I can just accept things for how they are, and look for ways to make it better. When I refuse to identify as a victim, or as a sufferer, what I find is that there are some very pleasant aspects of being incontinent. There is the physical pleasure of having a soft, warm tight plushy underwear all the time. It's like having your happy bits getting a nice hug all day. Then there is the pleasure of not having to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes, and being able to sit through a whole movie. Even many of my continent friends cannot make it through a movie, and I feel like they are the ones who have it bad, not me. Finally, there is also the pleasure of being different. Because of my condition, I am not normal, and it makes me glad that I am not just another brick in the wall. I get to experience a very unique life, and as a result, I have a more interesting perspective on life. I have a friend who is dying of brain cancer. When I think of him, I think that my condition is no worse than having to wear glasses. Even the most incontinent amongst us doesn't really have it that bad, all things else equal. So we wear diapers and squirt in our pants instead of a toilet. Every freaking baby does the same thing, and you rarely hear them complain about it. It's the parents, and the cultural conditioning that has the real problem with it. If we succumb to this cultural shame, then I imagine it would suck 100 times worse. But why should we allow the majority opinion affect us so greatly? I don't, and nobody has treated me any worse because of it. I can take a joke here and there from friends and family, because they are not malicious. While we don't have license to push our condition upon others in any way, we should also not have to treat it as our shameful dark secret. I think that the real reason there is shame associated with incontinence is because the same organ that is dysfunctional is also the sex organ. Sex has a long history of secretiveness and of being taboo. Add to the fact that some people wear diapers purely for sexual reasons, and there is a great reason for confusion, embarrassment and shame for wearing diapers. But really, a more enlightened society would not even be phased by the issue, be it incontinence or fetish. It just shows how close we still are to monkeys. I for one feel that I have transcended the cultural conditioning, and have found a happy and peaceful way to live where I don't judge, and for the most part am not judged. I may have the opportunity this year to undergo surgery for my condition. It's not 100% sure if it will work, but most likely it will improve, and my incontinence will be reduced. Mostly I am getting the surgery to reduce the pain, and remove the blockage. If it wasn't for that, I would quite honestly be happy to go along for years in diapers. In fact, there is a small to moderate chance that the surgery will worsen my incontinence. The doctor is more worried about my possible future incontinence than I am! I know after this many years that I can live with thick waterproof underwear. That's not such a big deal. Most days I rather enjoy them. I don't ever feel the need to make myself feel better by telling others how bad it is. That would be dishonest and rather pathetic. If somebody wants to try something out that's not necessarily designed for them, who are we to try and dissuade them? Be it somebody with perfect vision who wants to wear glasses, a boy who wants to wear girls clothing, an ambulatory person who wants to use crutches, or a free person who wants to put themselves into bondage! I say go for it, you only live once, and NOBODY knows how best to live this life. Oh, and nitrous, is that kind of language really necessary? You are of course entitled to whatever opinion you wish, but you are being quite judgmental and rude here.
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    Sophie has no job, and therefore she's very poor... like in most Christmas stories. Anyway, I don't know what to think of a Christmas without a tree, so I decided to make my own. At first, it was going to be made of paper and Christmas lights... but I was afraid it might catch fire. So instead I made one out of balloons and other party favors. It took roughly 5-6 hours total. Most of the time, I was watching TV, so it wasn't a big deal... but my cheeks hurt from blowing up balloons. There are 73 balloons, 50 bows, 30 feet of ribbon (and a hell of a lot of packing tape). The star is 11 gold bows taped to a yellow balloon. -Sophie P.S. Thanks to Kitsy for paying for supplies - he always helps me out, and none of this would be possible without him.
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    Many, many times I've read threads that start out "I'm finally going to tell my wife". What can I say? It seems that so many people are afraid of honesty, they're blind to the other person in the relationships feelings, and really showing them the worst kind of disrespect. This callous disregard for them is NOT the way to behave towards someone you supposedly love so much! Two years into a marriage is NOT the time to say "oh, by the way....", If you really love someone then you HAVE to respect them. It means you owe them the truth from the very start of the time you start thinking that they might be the one you want to share your life with. Before you even think of buying a ring you MUST disclose all of your secrets, period. You have to realize that we, as diaper lovers or adult babies, are not what the mainstream of our society consider "normal". As far as a lot of them go we are pretty out there, or extremely perverted (in some people's minds). Some of us are, if you take a realistic view of some in our community. I mean anyone who thinks that girls want to feed them, dress them, keep them in diapers 24/7, and not mind changing their messy diapers, is basically a nut, but they can be found on this site. If you truly love and respect your partner you have a responsibility to tell them about your fetish. I don't mean that you just say "I like to wear diapers sometimes", but to really tell them about it. Whether you are AB and want them to baby you some times, if you want to be babied a lot, if you like to wet, or mess, I mean EVERYTHING!! There is no way that you can fail to do this if you truly love your partner, it is what you owe them if they truly are the one who you love. If you cannot do this then you are not ready to propose to them, let alone marry them. Honesty is not the best policy, it's the ONLY policy here, DO NOT LIE TO THEM BY KEEPING THIS LITTLE "SECRET" TO YOURSELF!! I know that it is hard to talk about something you've kept hidden from everybody else all you life, but you must break that silence if you really love them. It might be that they are not able to accept this about you, but better to know now than after you've trapped someone in a marriage where they suddenly feel betrayed. If you do this to someone they have every right to feel betrayed by you! That could very quickly end your marriage in one UGLY divorce!! Sit down and talk to them, let them know that this is hard for you to talk about, but you have to tell them because to keep it a secret would be wrong, (it would in fact be worse than lying to them). If both of you are truly in love they might just say "well that's different, but it doesn't change how I feel about you". They may even like the idea enough to want to participate. That's a long shot there, but you never know. The point is you have to be upfront and honest from the start. It might be the end of the relationship, but better to know now than to have both of your feeling mangled in a bitter divorce. You are the only one who can pick who you want to open up to when you're in a relationship, but if you think that the relationship is really going to go somewhere you are obligated to out yourself. It's the decent and right thing to do. Peace, Vic
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    People who insult others for doing what they will with their own bodies, when they could've simply refrained from responding to the thread, are losers. THE END
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    I would say my number one fetish (slightly above ABDL) is desperation and wetting. I love the feeling of having an achingly full bladder and being desperate to use the toliet, holding it until I end up wetting myself. I also love, love, love watching someone else wiggle, dance, moan, whine, and beg to use the bathroom before inevitably soaking their pants. I think desperation and wetting go together perfectly. Don't get me wrong, I love watersports and pants/bedwetting by themselves but there is something so amazing about someone having a real wetting accident. Who else likes desperation and wetting (also sometimes called omorashi)?
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    And I for one welcome change, the last hack really messed with my mind unfortunately.. And Please people just sit back patiently and wait for things to get into place and massaged around. We don't need a hundred threads telling us what isn't working at this point, what you want to have changed, what doesn't work for you....Ect. Let's just all give it a "minute" to settle things into place, take what is there and working and give the powers to be time to get this change sorted. Thanks Gang.
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    For many years Daily Diapers has discussed many issues involved in giving up or quitting wearing diapers for pleasure. Less often Daily Diapers has discussed situations of parents discovering that a youngster wants to wear diapers. Since I joined Daily Diapers I have occasionally written about both of these subjects. In February 1992 Cathy Griffith, then a producer for the newly started "Montel Williams Show" (and formerly the producer of the 'Big Baby Episode' on the Phil Donaue Show") begged me to participate. My husband Don and I did tape that episode the evening of 10 February 1992, which was the start of the Los Angeles Flood. Booked as the psychologist on that episode was the late Jim Gordon, PhD. a highly respected West Hollywood-based therapist. During that episode Dr. Gordon explained the current thinking about treating and managing adult infantilism. What Dr. Gordon advocated was being cautious as a therapist when attempting to remove a desire for diapers. The problem is that removal of one such behavior will result in switching to another behavior. His opinion, shared by many respected mental health professionals, is that from a physical standpoint, a desire for diapers is about as safe as it can get. Take away a desire for diapers from an infantilist and the replacement behavior could be alcohol or drug abuse, gambling or something even more risky. So the goal of therapy in Dr. Gordon's view was to help the patient with a diaper affectation learn to act-out discreetly, safely and legally. Of course should the infantilist present complaining that the diaper desire was interfering with life, then treatment for OCD could be appropriate. Following my appearance on Montel Williams his office forwarded hundreds of fan letters to me. Included in all that mail were many letters from psychologists. One of them was in private practice in a city with a respected medical school which had a progressive residency program in urology. This psychologist was often called when the urologists suspected young patients wet because they wanted to be diapered. It had been Dr. Gordon who sent that psychologist a VHS tape of our Montel Williams Show episode, first broadcast on 23 February 1992. As a result, I was asked to become a co-founder of what would become a website called "When Kids Love Diapers" of WKLD. That was intended as a resource for parents. After over two years of research, planning and discussion among the 25 or so founders a sample website was launched which was password-protected and available at first only to mental health practitioners specializing in children to older adolescents. During our research we followed many case studies of young people so desperate for diapers they resorted to stealing them. In virtually all cases the youngsters lied to parents about diaper desires. Clearly the downsides of loving diapers are minor compared to complications resulting from a person being caught stealing. The basic recommendation of WKLD was for parents to remain calm when a child begged for diapers. First of all, most kids wanting diapers are not actually infantilists. If not their lust for diapers goes away fairly soon based upon embarrassment from other children and discomfort wearing diapers. However, it takes a bold, confident child to vocalize a desire to be given diapers. Our suggestion is that in these cases the parents buy the diapers for the child with a minimum of embarrassment. Often before the first package of diaper is finished the child has lost the desire. If not and the child wants additional diapers, then the parent has the opportunity to help the child become circumspect as to when and where to play in diapers. Recently there was a post here on this point: I wish I could reach out to that understanding mother. It is not clear why after just two days the mother changed her mind. But at least she prevented her 13 year-old child from stealing diapers. Here is a link to WKLD. That site has not been active for years, but is preserved or "mirrored" as a service by "Diaperchat.com+: http://wkld.diaperchat.com/ You might find the information still saved there to be of interest.
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    Not everybody has been here for 4 years, and not everone wants to readback tens of thousands of posts. Both the people who ask, and people who respond, are trying to connect, possibly still trying to figure themselves out. If you don't like a topic, how about just not respond at all. A 23 year old with 79 posts has a completely different perspective of this board than 60+ year old with over 2600 posts. Other people have answered without being offended, and some have answered the same question before, but still enjoy telling their story. If every topic regarding ab/dl has been covered in the past, why even have a board now
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    you know i heard some countries actually let their women vote!!! whats next driving!!!???
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    So Yesterday I had my first bad experience with a cashier while buying diapers. I went to the local cvs pharmacy to pick up some depends maximum protection because I had just run out of bambinos and wanted something to use until I would be getting more. I have done this a million times, you just walk up to the register, buy it and walk out with your diapers. It's not rocket science, no one ever truly says or does anything, right? That's what I thought too, until yesterday. I walked up to the register and set the depends on the counter. The cashier flipped it over to scan it and asked, "oh you haven't grown out of it yet?" I was confused at first. Immediately I assumed the sizing of the diaper but that made no sense so I asked, "excuse me?" he then proceeded to ask again, with a grin and condescending tone, "you haven't grown out of peeing the bed yet?" At this point everything clicked and s#@! just hit def-con 5. I was outraged and demanded to see his manager immediately. I kept my composure but was obviously upset and offended. He did so immediately and started squirming in his shoes. He knew he just did something real stupid. While ringing me up he tried an attempt at a feeble empty apology but I interjected, telling him that I truly did not want to hear it and just wanted to speak to the manager. The manager arrived only moments afterwords and I explained to him what had happened. I went on to explain that incontinence is a serious issue that anyone, even a young man like myself, can deal with. I explained that I was just embarrassed, belittled and offended by his out of line employee and that I am truly very hurt. Whatever product I buy is my own business and I should not have to feel embarrassed by absolutely anything that I buy in this pharmacy. The manager was very understanding and said that he would have a serious talk with the employee. even though I wasn't truly satisfied with this I just wanted to get out at that point so I left. But that's not the end of it. I called the corporate headquarters this morning and explained the entire situation in great excruciating detail. The woman who spoke with me seemed truly hurt anyone would do that to someone for any reason and was more than eager to rectify this. She sent a report directly to the regional manager's blackberry and within the hour I had a call from the head store manager. She was beyond apologetic and offered to give me a $50 gift card to cvs (more diapers does help with the way I feel about this, lol). I accepted the apologies and while I was on the way over to the pharmacy to pick up the gift card, the regional and district managers called me to personaly apologize and to truly touch base with me. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the situation. they had a fast and immediate response. The store manager told me that she gave the employee who did it a written report that will give him only one chance to keep his job. The employee who made the comments had offered to call me and talk to me directly but I declined so he left me a message that he was truly sorry and honestly never meant to hurt me. It was just a stupid attempt to make a joke and he didn't realize the true implications of his words. I'm still upset at him and first impressions are hard to change but I do forgive him for what he said. I don't want him to get fired but I am glad that everything happened the way it did. I did feel bad about alluding to the fact that I was incontinent but I needed to get the point across and I felt that was the best angle to take. I never did lie but I did make it seem as if I was incontinent and being discreet about it. I was as respectable as anyone could be in that situation. I hope I represented diaper wearers well. I kept on thinking what I would have done if that was the first time I was buying diapers. I think it would have caused me serious anxiety problems. I stood up for all diaper wearers alike.
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    Then you need to get some things in your life straightened out before you start pursuing a fetish or alternative lifestyle. By 22 you should be well on your way to being a fully independent productive member of adult society. Grow up, get your license, get a job, move into your own place and then come talk to us about diapers.
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    Wetnmessy247: Am I to understand that you went on an amusement park ride while messed? If so, that's REALLY unsanitary, and even dangerous. People can get sick from other people's poop. What if you would of leaked? Poop has LOADS of bacteria. Unless you have no bowel control, and it happened ON a ride, it's only proper to change your diaper before the ride! I get that you only change once a day, that you like your messes, and that it's a downright pain to lose your place in line...However, NOT changing regularly in an amusement park is endangering the health of others. Other people use the seats, and as said, what if you leak? The bacteria from your poop seeps into the pee too. I really hope you learn to change often when it can endanger other people to stay in a used diaper. ~ moogle
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    The word you're looking for is "scrip" there chief. Maybe you should lay off the oxycotin, vicodin or whatever dangerously legal drug that's your vice of choice. Plenty of legal highs are much worse for your body than the ganja, but since you live in the ass end of BC I'm willing to wager your drug of choice is booze or huffing gasoline. Pot is orders of magnitude less harmless than alcohol and tons of other prescription drugs no matter what uneducated shitheads like yourself may think. I never heard the word "snowing" used as a verb to equate fooling someone into doing something for you before. Must be something particularly relevant to someone who spends an inordinate amount of their lifetime digging themselves out of that stuff. Enjoy your 10 month long winter asshat, I'll be toking up a phat ass spliff wearing shorts and a t-shirt while you shovel the walk for the 50th time this season.
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    As we continue to grow I'm thinking it's about time we begin to construct a set of rules and promises - both for [DD] to follow, and for members to follow. Here is what I know should be included for the site's part: DailyDiapers will not sell your personal information to anyone, anytime, ever.We will respect your privacy and not reveal identifying information except where required by law.We will not drastically change our free community style (You won't log-in tomorrow and find we've become a pay site.)We do not create fake profiles to attract members. (some sites have thousands of phony female profiles to get people to join.)All contests and giveaways will be genuine and fair. ( some sites have fake contests.)We will take all reasonable steps to keep children and offensive material out of the site to provide you with a safe environment.We will not subject you to offensive advertising (No hardcore porn ads.) So, what else should I promise you. And as members of the community what do you think your responsibilities are?
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    WARNING: this story contains wetting, heavy soiling, and some sexuality. This is more of a self-contained short story, so I probably will not be adding more to it. At 22 pages I think it is a nice length for this type of tale. In this story a young woman in her early 20s becomes infatuated with her female boss. There's accidents, on-purpose messes, spankings, and even a failed attempt at potty training! ~ The Boss And Her Baby a story by AMRose ~ Part 1: Fresh Start Eileen was always a short girl. Even as an adult everyone towered over her. Her shoulders and chest were narrow and her hips were wide, making her bottom heavy. She always styled her hair into a tight bun in the back, preferring to keep most of it out of the way. Her bangs in the front were cut just above the eyebrows. Less than five feet tall, even in heels, she was determined to prove herself. She didn't want to just be seen as some cute little waif. She knew she was valuable and her work would speak for itself. During high school she had attempted to make friends with the other girls. It was a constant struggle to keep up with them. Being a late bloomer in middle school she had wanted to use high school as a fresh start. Things did not go so smoothly for her though. In her first year, during history class, she was not allowed a bathroom break, and she wet her pants. People jokingly called her a baby before because of how small she was, but after that incident the teasing was relentless. She would forever be known as the girl who pissed her pants in history class. It was terrible for her self-esteem, but it strengthened her resolve. She would reinvent herself the moment she was out of high school. She would make something of herself. Eileen walked down the hall of the massive building. She made it through her first year of engineering school being generally unnoticed, but now it was time for her to start her internship job at this new company called Leafletter. She had heard that the company was founded and still being run by a ruthless businesswoman, Ms Lenore Mayweather. Perhaps she would make good at the company and catch this woman's attention. Naturally, Eileen thought, a hard-nosed feminist like Mayweather surely understood another woman's struggles in the business world. Sometimes she would see Ms Mayweather while walking through the long hallways of the building. The woman was tall and imposing. Being over six feet tall she had dwarfed little Eileen more than most people did. Eileen was afraid to admit it, but she found this strong woman appealing in more ways than one. Sure, she respected her for everything she had done in the competitive business world, but she was also astoundingly attractive. Eileen was a curious girl, but she never thought she might be gay. Ms Mayweather is someone she would not mind having a homosexual experience with though. Having low self-esteem she figured a woman like that was out of her league anyway. Besides, she never really gave off this vibe like she was a sexual creature anyway. She just looked hot. One chance with her would be thrilling, but how could she ever get that chance? No, for now she just stuck to herself. Relationships, with anyone really, would have to take a backseat to her professional career. Eileen was starting at the bottom, and her manager at this level was an insecure little man that thought little of her. This new life was safe, but it was also boring. Unfortunately it would not be boring for long. Despite her best efforts, Eileen was having too many close calls during the day. She was getting a little cocky, thinking she could hold it in better than she could when she was a kid and teen. Still, she'd be rushing down the hallways at the last moment, only just making it in time and going in the toilet. The fancy suit she wore was her mother's. It was out of fashion, but that wasn't the point. It meant something to her. If she ruined this suit it would be devastating and not just because of the humiliating accident. She had to be more careful. One unfortunate morning, Eileen had overslept and arrived to work about two minutes late. She was not able to go through her morning routine. Her hair had not been done, so instead of the tight bun it was a lazily pulled back ponytail. She had to eat a cold pop-tart while she drove to work and drink a bottle of warm water. The worst part is that she did not even get to use the bathroom. She resolved to use the women's bathroom first thing when she punched in at work. The only problem was her mild tardiness was noticed by the weary manager on her floor. Instead of getting a break, the man ordered Eileen to her desk and to get started. She didn't feel like she was in any position to argue. It was just two minutes, but she still felt bad about it. She tried to simply concentrate on her work, frantically typing away at her desk. She wiped her brow, feeling anxious. Her body began to tense up. Someone was looming over her. Taking a cautious turn of her head she saw that beautiful woman, Ms Mayweather. "What happened today, Eileen?" the woman kept a strict but caring tone as she spoke to the little lady. "You're usually so punctual." "Just overslept." Eileen responded, looking back to her screen and avoiding eye contact. "Um, I'm sorry." "Well there's no need to apologize. Just do your job." "Yes ma'am, miss, uh uh, Ms Mayweather." Hearing Eileen stammer like that caused Lenore Mayweather to crack a smile. She silently left the young woman's work station, but she allowed her gaze to linger as she walked away. She would be keeping an eye on this girl. Time seemed to move slowly now. Eileen was becoming visibly agitated. She crossed, uncrossed, and re-crossed her legs, over and over. The pressure on her bladder was building. Some stray drops of urine leaked out, dampening her panties but not becoming visible on her dark skirt just yet. It was getting urgent and if she waited too long now it would be too late. She figured she got enough work done to take her bathroom break now. She stood at her desk and looked about like a prairie dog. Great, no one was looking. She slipped away from the work station and made her long walk down the hall to the women's bathroom. By now Eileen was walking funny. Her thighs were pressed together as she took small but quick footsteps. She didn't want to have an accident, not here, not now! She didn't want to have an accident after all she had done to this point, building herself up. It started to happen anyway. First it was a small trickle. The piss dribbled out from her slit, dampening her panties more than they already were. Eileen had no choice but to run now. Piss was flowing down her legs, rivulets streaking her pantyhose. Her footsteps made wet squishing noises as they became filled with her piss. She was leaving a dotted trail behind her of stained carpet. She shoved some other girl out of the way as she raced into the women's bathroom and made a beeline for the first stall. She yanked down her panties around her ankles, spraying piss everywhere and even getting it on her skirt. She raised her skirt and sat on the toilet. By the time she was on the toilet though the stream was but a mere drip. She felt like crying, but she held back those tears. She sat on the toilet, looking at her panties. There was an unmistakable yellowish stain from the bottom of the crotch to the back. She slipped her feet out of her boots. Raising her butt off the toilet slightly she poured the piss out of each boot into the bowl. Eileen sobbed, not knowing what to do. There was piss all over her clothes, making visible stains on her pantyhose and skirt. Maybe she could just sit in the bathroom until her clothes dried? Before she knew it, the sound of high heels were clacking into the bathroom. "Did somebody piss on the floor?" it was Lenore, her boss! She followed the wet trail into the bathroom. Eileen got quiet as she stood in the stall, frozen in fear. "I know someone's in there." her voice was just outside the stall door. "Come on, I can see your feet. Just come out here so we can talk." The woman's tone made Eileen feel strange. It was commanding, but at the same time there was a familiar comfort that came with hearing it. A warmth was spreading through her even as she pulled the now cold wet panties back up. She bashfully opened the stall door to look out at Ms Mayweather. "Ah, the new one. Eileen, is it? Is this going to be a continuing problem?" she asked bluntly. "N-no!" the shocked girl said, ducking slightly behind the door like a scared child, "I was in a rush this morning and I didn't even get to use the bathroom before I left otherwise I would have gotten here even later and I'm really sorry this wont happen again!" Lenore smirked at the long run-on sentence. She sighed and rolled her eyes back. "Why don't I believe you?" As the tall woman said this, Eileen's heart sank. She was being chewed out like some small child! Her face was turning redder by the minute. Lenore could see the shame washing over the girl, which only seemed to make her smile more. "Look, come with me. I might have some spare clothes for you in my office." This all seemed so unexpected for Eileen. She was sure that she would be making the walk of shame back to her car and would probably be fired. Lenore took off her jacket and tied it around Eileen's waist. It was the kindest anyone had ever treated her, besides her own mother. "Jesus," Eileen thought, "she is like my mother." Though this made her more embarrassed there was a comforting feeling to having someone care this much. She didn't fight it. She followed right behind the taller woman as she lead her through the building, heading for her private office. For the most part people ignored the two women walking through the hallways and work stations of the building. Coming to the large office at the end of the building Lenore locked the door behind them. She untied the jacket from around Eileen and took a good long look at her. "Just look at you. You're soaked!" Lenore started, "Why didn't you go use the potty?" "Wha- what?" Eileen stammered. "You heard me. The potty was right down the hall. You could have gone and saved yourself the embarrassment, but now you're covered in pee pee!" "It wasn't my fault! Seriously!" "Whose fault could it be? No one was holding you down and forcing you to wet your pants, were they?" "No..." "Then explain yourself." Lenore made good points. Just as a mommy would. Eileen got quiet. Her face was red. She could feel a warm blush that touched her cheeks and even down to her shoulders. This was the most shame she felt since she was a child, but now that she was an adult there were other feelings coming over her. Having a tall sexy woman chew her out must have been some deep dark fantasy she never knew about. Her pussy was warming inside the cold, damp panties. After a while of not hearing a response Ms Lenore Mayweather grabbed Eileen's arm and pulled hard. Eileen let out a tiny gasp as she watched her boss sit down. Lenore set Eileen over her lap, ass raised. Suddenly there was a loud smack as her hand came down upon Eileen's bottom. Eileen tried to say "no" or "stop" but all that came out was a breathy gasp for air. She was spanked more. Each smack to her bottom was a sensual experience. She never had any girlfriends or boyfriends. She never felt this way before at all! She had tears going down her face from the shame and pain of it all, but she was secretly enjoying it. Lenore left one more hard smack on Eileen's butt before she stopped. She helped Eileen stand and looked into her eyes. "Take off your clothes, young lady. I will have them washed and returned to you later." Lenore held out her hand, expecting to be given the clothes. Eileen found herself timidly undressing in front of the woman. First her top came off, then her skirt, pantyhose, and panties. She slipped out of her soggy boots as well. Lenore stood there and continued to hold each article of clothing until Eileen was only in a bra. "All of it." barked Lenore. Eileen reached behind herself, unhooking her bra. Lenore walked away, carrying the soggy clothing, underwear, and boots to a nearby closet where she set them inside. Eileen just had to stand in the middle of the room, which had a comfortable temperature, but it was still awkward to be completely naked at her place of work. She crossed her arms over her little tits. Wisps of pubic hair decorated her crotch, just above her slit in a V shape, like they were pointing towards her privates. Her shoulders and chest were weak and by comparison her rear and thighs were larger. After what felt like forever Lenore finally came back with a new stack of clothing in her hands. She set them on her desk. The statuesque woman sauntered over to Eileen and swept her arms under her, carrying her like a bride towards the top of her desk where she set her down. Eileen's eyes were wide. No one had ever carried her like that since she was a toddler! Eileen heard a ripping noise and soon realized what it was when she felt something cool and soothing against her wet skin. It was baby wipes. Lenore was wiping down the pissy girl with such gentle care. She then lifted a large white cloth, letting Eileen look at it and soon figure out what it was. This was a diaper. "Wait a minute-" Eileen was about to speak. Lenore put one finger to the girl's lips. As if by magic that made her turn quiet right away. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the ankles and lifted her, making it simple to slip the diaper under the girl's butt before setting her back down. Lenore parted the girl's legs and then applied a generous powdering of talc around the crotch and butt. She used her hand to rub the baby powder into Eileen's skin. She dusted her hands off, clapping them together. She then pulled the front of the diaper up over Eileen's crotch and taped the tabs together at each side. Eileen was now in a thick adult diaper, but it wasn't over yet. Lenore pulled a T-shirt over Eileen's head. She then put on a pair of lavender colored overalls. Eileen was just going with this for now. Her new outfit looked so cute! Lenore put the finishing touches on, knit socks with tiny kittens on them, and some clunky red sneakers that were a bit too big. Lenore muttered something about having to get shoes to fit Eileen's tiny feet. She helped the big diapered girl stand and look at herself. "You're going to stay in my office from now on. When you come in I expect you to head right over here and do your work right beside me so I can keep an eye on you. I know you'll be a much better asset to this company if you have fewer distractions." As Lenore spoke in her stern but caring tone Eileen just nodded along. When the lecture was finished Eileen rushed to Lenore and hugged her. Lenore pat the girl on the back. "O-kay, o-kay." Lenore sighed, letting the girl hug her. "Well since you don't have your desk in here right now why don't you just sit in Mommy's lap while she does her work?" Eileen felt a jolt of pleasure travel through her body when Lenore called herself 'Mommy.' She didn't argue. Once Lenore sat down, Eileen got right in her lap. She had to lean to the side. Despite being small, she was still adult-sized. Lenore smiled as she felt Eileen nuzzle into her neck while she worked. "Sorry about everything." Eileen muttered. "There's no need to apologize. You're just a little girl and you couldn't hold it." Lenore said back. "The important thing is that now you know to stay with Mommy so there are no more accidents on my nice carpets." Eileen couldn't help but smile. The day seemed to move much faster now. She cuddled her new "Mommy" while wiggling around to feel the thick diapers rubbing against her. It made her feel a bit awkward, but she had to give in to these new desires. It just felt too good. Eileen stayed in her boss's office for the rest of the day. It was safe there, and she felt better than she ever felt before. Could this really be her life now? Had she really worked this hard only to end up right back where she started? Just an overgrown baby girl that needs diapers. Part 2: Going Home By the time the work day was over Eileen had fallen asleep in Lenore's lap. Lenore jostled Eileen awake. Eileen's eyes shot open and she looked nervous. She fell asleep and that meant she probably wet herself! She reached down, grabbing her crotch and feeling the damp diaper between her legs. Lenore threw her head back and chuckled. "Relax. That's what your diapers are for. I figured you must be a bedwetter." Lenore stood and set Eileen back on her feet. "Do you wish to go home by yourself, or do you want to come back to Mommy's place?" She asked so casually. Eileen had to think about it. She stared at her feet before finally speaking up. "Could I change my diaper first?" she asked. "Well that depends on whether or not you're going home by yourself." Eileen kept her gaze down. Going home with Ms Mayweather sounded like a dream come true. She just never thought her first time sleeping over with someone would be like this. Lenore was growing impatient, tapping her foot as she waited for an answer. Finally Eileen agreed to have the woman drive her home. Lenore smiled, grabbing her coat and briefcase. She nodded in the direction of her personal closet. "I had someone wash your suit and clean out your boots. Go grab them would you?" Eileen's face turned red again. Some stranger saw her accident! She just hoped no one recognized the clothing as hers. Her anxiety faded when she felt Lenore's hand on her back, guiding her. The motherly touch was just what she needed. Eileen picked up the bag that had her things in it and followed Lenore out. The office was mostly empty at this time of day, but some people still saw them walking towards the parking lot. Eileen was grateful that they didn't have to walk far. The boss always got the best parking spot, naturally. Lenore opened the passenger side door, having Eileen step in. The woman then locked Eileen into the seat, clicking the belt buckle for her. Lenore got into the car herself and drove off. As Eileen looked out the window watching the world zip by she got the urge to suck to her thumb. It was something she did a lot as a child whenever she became overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by things like having a big public accident. She resisted, thinking about all the times she was called a baby. Her thumb was inches from her mouth before she let her hands rest back in her lap. Even though she was dressed in overalls and a thick diaper she still asserted that, in her mind, she was an adult, not a child. Lenore had played some lullaby music on the stereo. Combined with the view of the window and the gentle motion of the car Eileen fell asleep again. Eileen awoke when Lenore opened the door on her passenger side. Lenore unbuckled the girl's seatbelt and lifted her out of the car. She carried her like a small child towards the quaint looking house. Eileen wondered why someone as rich and powerful as Lenore Mayweather lived in such a little home, but when she looked around she noticed just how secluded the land was. Lenore apparently owned all this land and kept to herself. It was a quiet, peaceful place to be. Once inside Lenore set Eileen down on her feet and motioned with her hand. "Go ahead and explore. I'm just going to bring some things in and then I'll get that diaper changed." When Lenore said this, Eileen blushed a little. She had forgotten that she peed herself. She felt her crotch and wondered if she wet herself more during her nap. The diaper did feel kind of warm again. She waddled her way through the house, poking around into the kitchen first and then going down the hall. She found the bathroom. Dare she use it now? She took a few steps in when she was stopped by Lenore's strong arm, pulling her back. "ah ah ah," Lenore warned, "the toilet is only for big girls." With that she lifted Eileen up again, carrying her away from the bathroom. Eileen whined and pouted as she was carried off. Lenore opened a door, revealing an adorable pastel colored room. It was like some little girl's room with pictures of unicorns on the walls, a bunch of stuffed animals, a princess bed with bars on the side, and in the middle of the room was a table with a cushioned top. Beside the table was a diaper pail and an adult-sized potty chair. Eileen was taken out of her overalls and then sat on the table. Eileen had heard that Lenore was single and childless. In all her years there was never a mention of her having any kids. Eileen figured that an independent woman like Lenore just didn't need children, but perhaps having adult children was something that helped filled that having-it-all space in her life. Before she knew it her diaper was open and she was being wiped. "Someone just couldn't resist using their new diapers, huh? So much pee pees." Lenore commented as she slid the baby wipes over the girl's butt. She used some more wipes to clean off her crotch. Lenore's hand lingered for a bit too long over Eileen's privates. She finally let go of her, dropping used wipes into the used diaper before crumpling it up. She opened a tall metal cylinder and put the pissy diapers into it. It must have been the diaper pail. Lenore grabbed something from under the changing table. She showed it to Eileen, a pretty and pink pull-up, sized for a girl Eileen's height and build. It was decked out in Disney princess decorations across the front panel. "Now Eileen, darling, we are going to start from square one and try potty training you again. You'll wear these training panties while at my house and at the office. Instead of going to the toilet you will be starting at the potty chair. If you manage to do well with the potty training only then will you be allowed to use the toilet again." Lenore finished her speech by pulling the training pants up Eileen's waist. Eileen never felt more ashamed of herself in her life. She was grateful that Ms Lenore Mayweather was the only one who knew about this right now, but all of this was a major step back for Eileen who worked so hard to be taken seriously. Eileen was dressed back up in her overalls and set back down on the floor. Lenore smiled, patting the girl on the head. "I think we're going to get along just fine, little girl." Lenore showed Eileen through the rest of the house, explaining where she could and could not go. She stopped at the living room, having Eileen sit down in front of the television. She turned it on and then placed a DVD into the player. Eileen watched a cute and colorful cartoon playing, showing a ballerina dancing around in what looked like a diaper. The title read "Potty Training For Teens And Big Girls." Eileen frowned. She usually liked cartoons but now she was going to be forced to watch this? Lenore pat Eileen's head again. "Be a good girl and watch the movie while Mommy makes dinner." Eileen pouted, looking at the screen. It was just like any other potty training video except all the characters were adults. The narrator explained scenarios that seemed all to familiar to Eileen. Ignoring her body's urges, holding it for too long, laziness, and even stubbornness to use the potty. That last one brought back some memories. She did seem to recall that when she was three, almost entering her fourth birthday, her parents were still struggling to potty train her because she refused to give up her diapers. Eileen blushed as he thought about this. Was she really that much of a big baby? Why was she such a late bloomer? On the video the narrator explained that many "big girls" refuse the potty because of the pleasurable sensation of a dirty diaper. Eileen perked up at this. She felt her face warming with blush at the thought that she might enjoy how her diapers felt. Was this really something she longed for this whole time without knowing it? No, she couldn't accept that. She was a big girl! She just had accidents. As the video showed a grown woman getting her diaper changed Eileen felt a warmth distributing from between her legs. Her pussy tingled at the thought of being changed by Lenore just like the woman in this video. She tried to shake these feelings, but she couldn't. All her life she just tried to grow up, not grow down. Maybe she was being made to realize these feelings always existed deep inside her, and maybe Ms Lenore Mayweather was just more knowledgeable about these things. "I hope you learned something, little girl." Lenore said, surprising Eileen by appearing right behind her. She turned off the DVD for now. She puts her hands under Eileen's arms and helped her stand back up. She walked her to the kitchen. It smelled so good in there. On the dining room table was a big meal laid out for her. Eileen never really learned how to cook herself. She was the type of person to just microwave something. Eileen thought Lenore was amazing. She ran a whole business and still had time to be a mom. Still blushing from earlier Eileen sat at the table and felt the deepest gratitude towards her boss. "Thank you, Mommy. This looks really good." Eileen kept her gaze down. "I'm glad you think so, but it still looks like something is bugging you, kiddo." Lenore said, sitting across from Eileen and holding her hand. "It's just that... I could never do what you do. You're like my hero. I wish I could be you." Eileen bit her lip. "Hey..." Lenore leaned in and raised Eileen's chin with her thumb, "you're just a kid, and I don't just mean that because you're not potty trained. I will admit I've accomplished a lot for my age, but people like me are one in a million. You still have your whole life to accomplish all your goals." Eileen's heart fluttered. The encouragement from Lenore had her over the moon. Now unable to contain a large smile growing on her face Eileen felt she could get through this momentary hurdle. She ate her dinner quietly, sitting across from her hero, and actually feeling good about herself. After dinner, Lenore cleaned up and let Eileen wander around to do whatever she wanted, as long as it was within the house rules. Eileen knew that meant to stay out of certain rooms of the house. She waddled around, crinkling loudly underneath her clothes. She entered her adorable bedroom and looked for something to occupy her time. Searching through the stuffed animals she found a stuffed giraffe and a kitty with a frilly dress on. She sat on the floor and started playing with the stuffed animals, imagining a whole back story where they started dating and were in love with each other. As she made kissy sounds and pressed the animals' faces together she looked across the room at the changing table. She noticed that there were several pairs of diapers and pull-ups all stacked neatly. If she ever wanted to take one they were right there. She then looked at that plastic potty chair. She had never seen one that big before. It was a smaller and lower to the ground than a toilet, but it was still obviously bigger than a normal child's potty chair. Eileen stood up and walked towards the potty, lifting the lid and putting her hands all over it to inspect it. She realized how badly she had to pee just then. Normally she'd be holding it until the last minute, but with Lenore in the house she wanted to show her that she could use the potty like a big girl. "Mommy!" Eileen called out. She heard Lenore's footsteps coming to her room. "What do you need, baby?" Lenore looked down at Eileen standing by the potty chair. She smiled, "You want to try your potty?" Eileen gave a nod. Lenore got on her knees and helped Eileen out of her overalls. She pulled them down around her ankles. "Okay, show me what you learned from the video." Lenore said, watching. Eileen wasn't paying attention to the part where the girls were actually using the potties, but she was smart enough to know this part anyway. Eileen pulled down her training panties. She stood there, naked from the waist down now, just looking at the seat of the potty. She lifted the lid and then sat down. She was worried she might have a hard time going with Lenore standing there. It turned out to not be a problem at all. A jet stream of piss was erupting for her, making a loud piddling noise as it went into the bowl of the potty. The sound of pee hitting hard plastic echoed inside the potty chair. Eileen blushed a little, but part of her was proud to show her new mommy that she was going like a "big girl." Lenore clapped her hands "Good girl, Eileen! I'm going to put a happy face on your potty training chart!" Lenore kissed Eileen on the head. Once the stream died down Lenore put her hand on Eileen's shoulder "All done? Don't have to go anymore?" Eileen shook her head. Reaching under the changing table, Lenore handed Eileen the toilet paper. Eileen stood up and wiped her privates and then put the used paper into the potty chair. She then put the lid back down on the seat. It felt funny to be proud of something she already knew how to do, but considering the accident she had at work this was a small victory today. Perhaps going back to potty training was going to be good for her. The rest of the day Eileen was so happy and proud. She was so enthusiastic as she played with her toys. Any feelings of shame and inadequacy were washed away by Lenore's kindness and encouragement. As the day was coming to a close Lenore stripped Eileen out of her current outfit and got out her onesie. Eileen actually liked the onesie. It was comfortable. Lenore showed Eileen over to the princess bed, pulling the crib bars down on one side so she could climb in. She showed her how to pull the bars up and down just in case she needed to potty in the middle of the night. "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Eileen asked boldly as she climbed into the bed. She looked up pitifully as Lenore pulled the covers up to Eileen's chin and tucked her in. "You're too young for that, baby. Maybe when you're older. Besides, you and know both know how much of a bedwetting risk you are." Lenore kissed Eileen on the forehead. "Now goodnight, my baby girl. We have a big day at work tomorrow." Eileen was sad that she couldn't get closer to Lenore just yet. God, she loved her. She wanted to kiss her, touch her body. She was pretty sure now she was gay, at least for her. Her light was turned off and the room was only lit up by the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Sitting in bed and trying to sleep she thought about all the things she would like to do to Lenore. She put her hands under the covers and started to rub her crotch through her pajamas and pull-ups. In the quiet of the room all she could hear was the crinkle of those training panties as she played with herself. ~ Eileen awoke the next morning. It was still dark and according to the kitty clock on the wall it was way too early. All that napping she did yesterday must have helped her wake up early today. Normally she was the type of person to oversleep. She thought about going right back to bed when she suddenly felt a pain down below. She had to poop and it had to come out right now. She reached for the bars of the little converted crib bed and was about to get out when she got an idea. Maybe just this once she could mess her diaper and pretend it was an accident. She remembered back when she was four years old, deliberately going poop in her pants because it felt so good. She remembered how much trouble she got into for doing that too. Well now she was an adult, and no one was going to stop her. Even if she got in trouble with Lenore she could still try to pass it off as an accident. Her heart was pounding as she thought about what she was about to do. Sitting up straight in the bed she used her arms to raise her bottom up slightly. She scrunched up her face, pushing. She felt the poop as it came out, going into the back of her training pants. The sensation of having that warm, lumpy mess touching her crack and cheeks flooded her with nostalgic feelings. She lowered her bottom back down onto the bed and felt the poop getting smashed around inside the pull-up. She still had to go, so she pushed out the rest of the logs, feeling them creep up the back of her training panties. She worried now that she was going overboard, but it was too late to stop now. She sighed and laid back on the bed, enjoying her messy panties. As a child, the sensation of pooping her pants was just comfortable and satisfying, but as an adult pooping her pants there was a surprisingly erotic quality to it. Her privates tingled excitedly. She just had to reach down and play with herself. She placed her hands over her crotch and grinded the soft material of her trainers against her flesh. She much preferred completely outer stimulation when masturbating, so she didn't even have to undress. This was even better than when she played with herself last night. The feeling of a mess on her ass gave her some extra stimulation. After what felt like only ten minutes she heard the door to her bedroom click. She pulled her blanket back up and pretended she had been sleeping. Lenore walked into the room, wrinkling her nose. "Hey, stinky, get up." Lenore said in a commanding voice. "What? What is it?" Eileen muttered, pretending she just got up. "Don't play that game with me, sweetheart. I know you've been awake. Now get out of bed and let me see those panties." Lenore's tone was really stern right now. How much did she know, and how could she possibly know it? Eileen pulled down the bars on the side of her bed and crawled out. She stood in front of Lenore as the woman unzipped the onesie and yanked it off. Lenore shook her head. "There's poop everywhere!" she shouted. Eileen gasped. She looked down, genuinely surprised. The poop has indeed come out of the leg bands and coated her thighs. It also got on the inside of the onesie. "I didn't know, honest! It was an accident!" Eileen tried to excuse herself. "Little lady, this is no accident. There was a potty chair right there and you chose to poop yourself instead of using it!" Lenore did not raise her voice. She just sounded disappointed. Eileen actually felt guilty. Damn, Lenore was even good at guilt tripping like a mom does! Lenore sighed and pulled down the soiled panties carefully. "These are only meant for small accidents, but you just completely shit all over them." Lenore dropped the soiled training panties into the diaper pail. A teary eyed Eileen grabbed onto Lenore's night gown. "Mommy, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to..." Eileen whimpered. "I'm sorry too, because now I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Lenore grabbed Eileen, spinning her around. She wiped her ass clean roughly with the baby wipes as Eileen stood there naked. Once she was clean enough Lenore sat on the bed and pulled Eileen over her lap. The smaller girl's eyes went wide. No way, Lenore isn't really going to do this, is she? Just then she felt the woman's open palm smack against her bare bottom. Eileen howled at the first impact. She kicked her feet and begged Lenore to stop, but she continued. SMACK! the hand came down again. "Are you going to fib again?" Eileen shook her head. SMACK, another contact with her bottom. "And next time you'll try and poop in the potty?" Eileen nodded. She was spanked two more times before Lenore let up. Eileen's cheeks were red and burning now. She wouldn't soon forget her lesson. Lenore squirted baby oil onto her palm and then rubbed it over Eileen's cheeks and between her crack. Eileen winced a little at the feeling. Her bottom was still stinging from the spanking. Lenore patted down Eileen's crotch with some oil, reminding the girl of how she was just masturbating earlier. Eileen was mortified, but she still wished she had the chance to finish playing with herself. Lenore tugged the new training panties up around Eileen's waist. "Next time you poop your panties on purpose you are going back to diapers for a month, got it?" Lenore warned the girl. Eileen nodded quickly in agreement. Lenore started dressing Eileen again. She still gave her a childish T-shirt and overalls instead of her conservative suit she usually wore to the office. Eileen wanted to resist, but given how much hot water she was in the girl wasn't about to kick up another fuss. Lenore gathered the clothes from last night as well as the dirty onesie, sending them to the laundry room. She started up the washing machine. "As soon as the wash is done and the clothes are in the dryer we are leaving." Lenore told the girl. She lead Eileen to the kitchen and heated up a toaster pastry for her. She set it on a plate. "Let that cool and don't burn your mouth, sweetie." Eileen didn't need to be told that, she thought. She shouldn't have needed someone to tell her not to poop her pants either, but she still did that. Eileen sighed, blowing on the pasty and taking careful, tiny bites. ~ The ride to work was a little tense. Lenore seemed upset still, despite keeping her cool. The woman looked over at the girl, all decked out in her cutesy kiddie clothes. She smiled a little. "Sorry, honey. You know I'm just trying to help... Sometimes when you are bad Mommy needs to spank. You know I love you, right?" Eileen was surprised. Did she really say she loved her? Even if she meant like how a mother loves a daughter that was still enough for her. Eileen swallowed and then nodded in Lenore's direction. Lenore chuckled and reached over to pat Eileen's head. Coming into work today felt weird. Not just because of the night she spent with Lenore, but also because of the fact she was dressed like a toddler, walking past her old employees. Eileen ducked her head down and walked close to Lenore, not wanting anyone to see her. They might still notice she's not at her usual desk though. Maybe they'll think she is simply a niece of Lenore's as long as they don't see her face. She was short enough to pass as a teenager or a tween. Lenore shut the door behind them and sat at her desk. She picked up her phone. "Kathy?" Lenore spoke to her administrative assistant, "Ah there you are, could you bring in the potty chair from storage? Yes, I have a little one visiting again. Thank you so much." Lenore pressed another button on her phone. "Tony? Could you bring in that pink learning desk from the loading station? Uh huh, the cute one with the flowers on the side. Thanks." She then hung up the phone. Eileen gulped, looking nervous. People were going to come in here. Worse yet, one of them would be coming with a potty chair! Eileen scampered behind Lenore. The woman looks over her shoulder. "Now now, why don't you say hello to Aunty Kathy when she gets here..." Lenore stands and brings Eileen back around to the front of the desk. "And make sure you tell her thank you." Eileen stood there, anticipating more ridicule and humiliation. Of course Kathy was the first person to enter the private office, putting the larger than normal potty chair down in the middle of the room. "Why hello there, little girl, what's your name?" Kathy said. She clearly knew this was an adult. Eileen blushed and looked away. "Her name is Eileen." Lenore answered for her "Eileen, honey, what do we say?" "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen mumbled. Kathy bent forward. "Don't be embarrassed. I had a little sister that was a late bloomer too. Didn't stop wetting the bed until she was old enough to drive." Kathy assured Eileen. It didn't really make Eileen any less embarrassed, but it was kind of Kathy to try. Almost as soon as Kathy had left, Tony came in, wheeling the childish looking desk into the room. It was pink with flowers painted on the side just like Lenore said there would be. There were little distracting buttons and knobs on the desk too. They didn't do anything useful other than make noise and look cute. The desk was essentially an adult-sized busybox. Tony tipped his hat to the two ladies and winked at Eileen before leaving the office. Lenore got out the spare laptop from her desk and put it on Eileen's new desk. She pulled up an extra chair for her and had her sit down. "Now I expect you to work hard today, sweetie! Make Mommy proud." Lenore kissed Eileen on the head and went to her own adult desk. Eileen started up the laptop and began her work, logging into her company account. This new environment was perfect for her. Eileen was able to get a lot of work done today. When she needed to pee all she had to do was walk right over to the potty chair which was only a couple feet away from her. Whenever she was bored and waiting for something to process, she could play with the interactive things on her desk. Work was actually fun now! By the middle of the day Eileen had a large grin plastered on her face, swinging her feet from her chair. Eileen had finished more work today than she had before. There was clearly something to this treatment that Lenore was giving her. ~ When the work day was done, Lenore praised Eileen for being such a big girl. She made sure to point out the marked improvement in her workload as well as the greatly improved potty skills. Lenore showed Eileen the potty chart app on her phone which, despite one frowny face, had some other smiley faces on it for the times she managed to go in her potty chair at work. Eileen blushed, but she still felt proud. Lenore picked up Eileen and carried her out of the building. Eileen has happy to be carried after such a long day. She still buried her face into Lenore's shoulder, worried people might see her. She didn't really hear any murmuring or gossip though. During the car ride, Eileen had noticed they were not taking the usual way home. Confused and a little nervous she looked at Lenore for an explanation. Lenore just gave a sly look and winked at her. Soon enough the car was parked outside a building. A large colorful sign displayed the words "Klasky's Ice Cream." Lenore helped Eileen out of the car. It was one thing to be dressed like this at home or in her boss's private office, but this was a public place! Still, Lenore was also showing a kind gesture by taking Eileen out for ice cream. She did like ice cream. The shy girl stood behind Lenore as they entered the shop and stood in line. Lenore pulled Eileen out front. "Now Eileen, you have to tell them what flavor and toppings you want!" Lenore cooed, patting her butt to usher her forward to the front counter. Eileen got a bowl of vanilla and ended up asking for lots of different candy toppings. She went a little overboard, but she figured that she should get a treat considering what she had to endure. Lenore laughed and kissed Eileen's cheek. "Someone's got a sweet tooth!" she teased. Lenore got a more sensible small cup herself with no toppings. She sat at a booth with Eileen, watching her eat her ice cream and get it on her face. Lenore used a napkin to wipe around Eileen's mouth which made her whimper and whine, turning her face away. She sat still once she realized that resisting like that would only make her look more childish so she sat still the next time she got her face wiped clean. "Before we go, do you need to use the toilet, sweetie?" Lenore asked point blank, right in the middle of the shop where anyone could hear her. "No! Geez, why'd you have to ask me that right now?" Eileen's face was red hot. "I had to make sure. You know how hard it can be for you to hold it." Lenore said, not caring about discretion. Eileen groaned, lowering her head into her arms. She looked around to see if anyone had been listening in. Naturally a couple at a table across from them was looking over. They must've heard something! Eileen continued to feel embarrassed. Lenore held Eileen's hand. "You want to go home?" she leans in close. "N-not yet. I'm going to finish my ice cream." Eileen went back to eating, trying to pretend the humiliating exchange never happened. Naturally, she did have to pee, but she wasn't about to let Lenore be right. Not now after she just humiliated her like that. The car ride home wasn't so bad at first, but the longer they were in traffic the more pressure Eileen felt on her bladder. She squirmed in her seat, trying not to look like he needed to pee. She tried to subtly put her hands between her legs, bending forward as she did. The attempt to hide her desperation only drew more attention to her, making her look more childish. Lenore smirked. "You shouldn't play with yourself in the car, Eileen." Lenore teased, knowing full well the girl just had a full bladder. When Lenore parked in front of her house, Eileen darted out of the car. She waited outside the front door, groping her crotch and bouncing in place. Lenore took a medium stride up the door and opened it. Before Eileen could rush by though, Lenore grabbed her for a big hug. She spun around, holding Eileen close. "Thank you for a very productive and fun day, Eileen!" Lenore praised the girl, squeezing her against her body. Eileen whined. "Peeee!" she cried out. A loud hissing came from her pants as she soaked her pull-ups. Lenore set Eileen back on her feet and looked at the girl as she helplessly peed on herself. The pull-ups did their job this time, holding back the piss from soaking into the overalls. Still it was obvious from Eileen's face and body language what she was doing. Also the faint sound coming from her crotch was a dead giveaway as well. Eileen pouted at Lenore. "All right, sweetie. That one was my fault, I won't count it." Lenore smirked and patted Eileen on the butt. Eileen did a funny waddle to her bedroom, which made Lenore giggle. The woman followed her wet little girl to the room to change her into a clean pair of training pants. Part 3: Getting Naughty Eileen woke up feeling fresh. Her training pants were actually dry this morning! She walked up to her potty chair, pulling off her onesie and then tugging down her trainers. She lifted the lid and sat on the potty, sighing as a peed into it. She couldn't wait to tell her mommy! There was another reason for her to be happy. It was the weekend. Now she could spend all day just being a little girl and not having to worry about anyone looking at her or judging her. The bedroom door opened up and Eileen smiled excitedly, pointing at the potty to indicate she actually used it this time. "Hey, Eileen, I'm sorry but I need to come into work today." Lenore said. Eileen's heart sank and she slouched on the potty chair. "Oh baby, don't be sad. It'll only be for a couple hours. I just need to take care of an emergency. I have to run a tight ship, you know." "But, Mommy, I don't wanna go today! It's my day off." Eileen stood up, wiping herself. Lenore's face twisted as she thought. She rubbed her chin. "Well, Eileen. I can't really get a babysitter here on such short notice. Are you sure I can trust you to be all by yourself today?" "Yes, of course!" Eileen said. "I didn't become a total baby, I'm still an adult here." "Yeah, you say that, but I've changed your diapers a lot in the past couple days." Lenore remarked. "Fine. Just this once you're on your own. You call me if anything happens though. You can have a cold Pop Tart for breakfast, but I don't want you using the toaster." Eileen pumped her fist once Lenore turned away and whispered a quiet "yes" to herself. As Lenore walked out the front door, Eileen raced after her. She opened the door and shouted from the doorway. "I went on the potty this morning! Don't forget to put that on my chart!" Lenore waved from her car and then got in. Eileen watched her mommy pull away to head back to work and leave her all alone for a few hours. She hoped that Lenore would remember. Eileen sighed. She looked around the empty house and then shouted "paaaar-tyyy!" she ran up and down the hallways, yelling like a hyperactive child. She knew exactly how silly this looked, but she was alone so she did not care. She hopped on the couch, dancing around wearing nothing but pull-ups. She held her hands over her little breasts so she could bounce as much as she wanted to without her bra on. She looked over at the television set, seeing that potty training DVD just resting on top of the DVD player. Eileen thought for a moment. This was the closest thing to porn in the house. There were naked girls in it! Sure they were mostly sitting on potties and having their diapers changed, but she got to see their privates. Yes, Eileen was sure she was gay if this is the kind of thing she was going to watch to get off. With a happy grin she put the DVD into the player and started it back up. She sat on the floor in front of the TV, queuing the video up to the part where they show the adult women pulling down their pants. Eileen licked her lips and then stuck her hand down her trainers, using her middle finger to tease her clitoral hood while her other fingers just massaged around her mons. She didn't like to stick things inside herself, but she loved to stimulate herself on outside of her pussy. Maybe that's why it felt so good when she was wet? She was caught up in the moment, feeling mesmerized by the video. Suddenly a new chapter started, one she didn't see last time. "When your girl is being dirty." Eileen sat up straight to attention. What were they going to show this time. The video went on to explain how sometimes your baby girl will refuse to go on the potty. They showed a girl purposefully using her pants, showing a close-up of her face at first and then panning down to show her pants darkening around the crotch. The back of the girl's pants began to droop as well. Eileen paused the video. She was feeling awkward. She had another urge to mess herself, but she remembered what happened last time. She tried to think of a way she could get away with it. She remembered there was a stack of diapers just sitting there under the changing table in plain sight. Eileen stood up and rushed down the hall. She pulled out one of the large adult diapers and held it up. She had never put a diaper on anyone before, let alone herself. She pulled off her training pants and then set the thick diaper on the floor. She sat on the diaper and pulled it up around herself. She taped the sides shut and was surprised at how well of a job she did. It felt so snug on her, just like when Lenore put her in one! She tried to think if there was anything she missed. "Oh yeah!" she thought, grabbing the baby powder. She pulled the waistband back and puffed a generous amount down her diaper. Satisfied with the job she did, Eileen waddled back to the living room to continue watching the video. She started it up again, seeing the girl on the screen continue to wet and mess her pants on purpose. She looked pleased with herself. Eileen knew that look well. As Eileen watched and listen to the voice over chastising the naughty girl she relaxed her muscles and let the poop just slide out of her bottom as she sat there on the floor. The instant the poop made contact with the diaper it became smashed against her butt. Because she was sitting down the poop had little room so it just squished all over, spreading across her cheeks. Eileen felt so good after her accident. She rocked back and forth on the floor, feeling the poop get spread more. Eileen wasn't even paying attention to the video anymore. She was so content, having her poop smear all over the inside of her diaper. She was making such a mess of herself and she was getting away with it! She gasped, feeling her pleasure peaking, and she slowed down. She actually had an orgasm without even touching herself. She sat in silence, thinking about what just happened. Stopping the video and turning off the TV, Eileen stood back up, feeling diapers droop heavily from the weight of her messy load. As fun as it would be to stay in the diapers she knew she had to hide the evidence now. Eileen waddled back into the bedroom. She grabbed the baby wipes and climbed onto the changing table. She tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. The mess was everywhere on the inside, even coating her crotch. She knew it would be bad though. Digging lots of wipes out of their box she began to wash away the poop. It took a while and she wasn't sure if she was getting it all. She pulled the diaper away from her butt and got on all fours, trying to wash the mess away from her cheeks by reaching behind herself. She finally climbed down from the table and threw her used diaper and all those wipes down the diaper pail. She looked at her butt in the mirror really quick, just to make sure it didn't have anymore lingering mess on it. Sighing after the long deed was done she pulled her training pants back on. As Eileen got herself dressed she felt real proud of herself for basically getting away with something so naughty. She just had to smile about that. Eileen put on a fresh pair of overalls for the day and headed to the kitchen to grab a Pop Tart and then wandered into the living room to sit on the couch. Cocky and complacent Eileen kicked up her heels onto the coffee table and put the television back on, turning it to the cartoon network. She ate the cold pastry, getting crumbs on her chest as she laughed at the cartoon playing. After about an hour Lenore had finally come back home. Eileen dusted the crumbs off of her shirt and overalls and then ran up to her mommy. She almost knocked her back as she pressed against her for a big hug. "Oh my, someone sure missed Mommy! You didn't get into any mischief was I was away, did you?" Lenore combed her fingers through Eileen's hair. "No Mommy, I've just been watching cartoons." Eileen let go and skipped back to the couch. "Wait a minute, little lady, get back here." Eileen said, pointing down at the floor in front of her. What could Lenore want? Eileen took a nervous step forward, heading over to her mommy. Lenore spun Eileen around. "Surprise inspection." She announced as she undid the overalls and pulled them down around Eileen's ankles. Lenore tugged back the waistband of the trainers and wrinkled her nose. "Hmmm." She pulled the trainers down next. Eileen was getting nervous. Did Lenore know something? Was it just her motherly intuition? Lenore grabbed Eileen's cheeks and spread them. "Eileen, honey, did you go poopies today?" Lenore asked, tilting her head as she looked at Eileen's face. Eileen had to say something. "Um, yes Mommy..." Eileen said, "I went in the potty." Without asking for further details, Lenore held Eileen's hand and made her do an awkward walk with her pants around her ankles. She brought Eileen into the bedroom and looked at the potty chair. Lenore lifted the lid and looked inside, only seeing the pee from earlier this morning. "Eileen, have you been fibbing? Your potty doesn't have any poopies in it and yet your bottom looks like it's been wiped poorly." Lenore stood straight, staring down at Eileen from her full height. "No! No way, I mean um..." Eileen tried to think of a lie. "I used the toilet! Sorry, Mommy. I know you said I wasn't allowed on the toilet yet but I thought I might be ready!" "How did you go in the toilet? Why don't you show me?" Lenore said plainly. Eileen wasn't sure what Lenore's point was, but she tried to walk down the hall to the closed door of the bathroom, trying to pull her pants back up at the same time. Attempting to open the door, she found it was locked. "Well imagine that, the bathroom is locked. I wonder how you got in there without a key." Lenore leaned against the door, looking down at Eileen. She caught her. "All right, poopy butt, what really happened today while I was gone?" "Nothing! I don't know. I just had a dirty bottom today..." She tried to shrug it off, struggling to get the straps of her overalls back over her shoulders. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the wrist, dragging her back down the hall to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and once again pulling Eileen over her lap, holding one hand firmly on her back to keep her still. She got two hard spanks onto her bottom before Eileen cracked. "Wait, stop!" The girl sobbed, "I pooped in one of the diapers!" she finally confessed. "Tell me everything that happened." Lenore sat Eileen up on her lap and looked her dead in the eyes. Eileen sniffed, feeling guilt and shame over what she did and how she lied about it. "I w-wanted to be a dirty girl, like in the video..." Eileen admitted through her sobs. "I took one of the d-diapers and I put it on. Then I p-pooped and I played around in my poopy diaper." Eileen felt as if her whole body was blushing as she gave her confession. "And then what did you do, Eileen?" Lenore held her still in her lap, her voice calmer but still stern. "After I made myself feel good I tried to change myself and hide the evidence. I put it in the diaper pail." Eileen sniffled and rubbed her nose. Lenore set Eileen down and walked over to the diaper pail, opening the lid and looking inside. Sure enough there was the used diaper under some very messy looking wipes. She turned back to Eileen. "You've been a very very naughty girl." Lenore told her. "I thought you were interested in getting potty trained but I guess that was another fib you told me." "I'm sorry..." Eileen mumbled, chin tucked to her chest. "That's not good enough this time. You're in diapers for the rest of the month, got it?" Lenore stated strongly. "No no no, I wont do it again, Mommy! I promise! Please, I want to keep my big girl pull-ups!" Eileen started pleading. "I don't think you do. I think you want to pee and poop your pants and play with yourself." Lenore said, pretty much stating facts. Eileen knew it was true, but she couldn't admit it. "And you want Mommy to clean up after you. If that's what you wanted then you should have just been honest. Now because you weren't you are getting your privileges and your privacy taken away." Eileen whined and wanted to complain more, but Lenore just smacked her butt. She wasn't having any of it. She took Eileen by the hand and brought her into the bathroom. She took out her key chain from her purse and opened the door to the bathroom, letting both of them in. The bathroom was shimmering and clean. It was so spotless. No wonder Lenore never let Eileen in here. Lenore stripped Eileen of her clothes. When she pulled off the training panties she put them right in the trash. "Say bye bye to your big girl panties." Lenore got on her knees and started to draw a bath, adding bubbles. Eileen stood timidly in the bathroom, completely naked and shivering. She sniffled, feeling bad. She was left to think about what she had done and how she disappointed her mommy. She might have even gotten a lesser punishment if she didn't lie about it. Lenore pulled Eileen towards the tub and helped her in. "It's about time you had a bath anyway." Lenore said, lathering up a sponge. She scrubbed down Eileen's naked body, just working it like it was a job. It wasn't sensual or anything, though it did feel nice. "Hey, don't look so glum." Lenore said as the sponge dipped into the water and started to get scrubbed between Eileen's cheeks. "You'll be allowed to be as messy as you want and play with yourself in your dirty diapers all day until I decide you need a changing. Don't act like you aren't going to enjoy it." Eileen kept her mouth shut. Of course that part was going to be fun. The only problem was that now she might be totally exposed. Lenore said she wouldn't get anymore privacy. If she was granting the girl privacy before, then what was she planning to do to her now? She dreaded everyone at the office finding out she was a diaper using baby. Lenore pulled her hands out of the tub and dried them on a towel. She walked to the toilet and lifted her skirt. She then shimmied out of her tight panties before sitting onto the toilet. "I didn't get to do this since I got home. I had to deal with your naughty butt." Lenore complained. Eileen looked over at her mommy and heard her tinkling. The stream hit the water in the toilet bowl loudly. Eileen was actually jealous of this woman because she got to use the toilet while she wasn't even allowed on a baby potty. Sure, it was her own fault she couldn't use the potty, but she wanted to be a baby on her terms! Lenore stood up and dabbed her soft bush with toilet paper. She tugged her perfectly, pure white panties back up and pulled her skirt back down. "Up and out." Lenore reached into the tub and pulled out the drain plug. She helped Eileen stand up and then wrapped her in a large towel. Eileen stood still as she felt the towel rubbing all over her body to dry her off. Lenore lead the girl back to her room, raising her up onto the changing table. She pulled out one of the thick diapers from under the table and placed it under Eileen's butt. She sprinkled the baby powder all over and then rubbed it in with her hand. After dusting her hands off she folded the thick pampers around Eileen's waist and taped them shut. Lenore indeed does the best job when it comes to diapering up Eileen. Lenore pulled Eileen back to her feet and sent her to the closet. She picked out a very frilly pink and white dress. It looked like the kind of old-fashioned dresses babies wore in black and white photos, only sized for an adult. The dress did not even go down all the way, leaving Eileen's thick diapers completely exposed. The opened a drawer on the night stand by the bed and took out a large pacifier on a string. She put the string over Eileen's head and then stuck the pacifier into her mouth. "Don't you take that out now until I tell you that you can." Lenore picked up a little stool from the floor and took Eileen by her other hand, walking her out to the living room. She set the stool in the corner and then made Eileen sit on it. "You're in time-out for ten minutes." Lenore told her. She left her alone and walked away, getting on her phone. Eileen sniffled, tears rolling down her cheeks as she sucked on her binky. This was by far more embarrassing than what she experienced before and it was all her fault. To make the situation even more awkward she was feeling very aroused, the crotch of the diapers heated up nicely. The ten minutes of corner time seem to stretch out longer than expected. Time went so slowly, as if she really was a little kid again. She remembered how excruciatingly long these kind of time-outs felt when she was younger. "All right, Eileen." Lenore came back to her once the time-out was over. She had her stand up. "Aunty Kathy is going to be here soon to help me watch over you tonight." It looked like Eileen's punishment was just beginning. Eileen wondered who else would find out she was a diaper wearing baby. It was a mortifying experience and yet she still felt all tingly between her legs. Eileen waddled across the room. She sat on the couch, lazily watching the television as she didn't know what else she could be doing right now. Kathy eventually showed up. She lived a half-hour away but she didn't mind coming over. Eileen heard the two women talking to each other in the next room. She tried not to listen to what they were talking about, but Lenore was just so loud. "Yeah. She's been pooping herself on purpose. I really think putting her back in diapers for a while is a good call." Eileen's ears burned as she heard her mommy talking about her. She sucked hard on her pacifier and sank into the couch. She tried to turn up the volume on the television so she didn't have to hear anymore of her mommy's insulting and candid comments about her. Kathy walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Eileen. She put her arm up on the back on the couch and inched closer to the big baby. "So, your mommy caught you being a dirty girl, did she?" Kathy smirked. Eileen pouted and spit out her pacifier. It dangled around her neck on its string. "Leave me alone." Eileen crossed her arms tight across her chest. "Hey, I know this punishment seems harsh, but you can get through it." Kathy patted Eileen's knee. "They key is to always be honest with Lenore. She appreciates totally transparency above all else. You give her that and she'll treat you right." Eileen thought about what Kathy said. It seemed to be the right way to go. Kathy let her arm hang down lower until it was draped around Eileen's shoulders and she pulled her in close for a hug. Kathy stood up and was about to walk away. "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen spoke up. Kathy smiled at her as she slid off into the next room. Kathy and Lenore talked for what seemed like a long time. Eileen was no longer paying attention, having gone back to sucking on her pacifier. She could hear pots and pans scraping around in the kitchen. The two women must be cooking something. Eileen kind of wished she could help, but Lenore would probably just remind her that she's too much of a baby. Eileen spread her legs and relaxed, pissing all over herself. She sighed and let a smile creep up her face. If she was going to be forced to wear diapers she thought she might as well enjoy them. The thick diapers quickly absorbed her pee so she didn't feel too wet for long. "Eileen, honey, dinner's ready!" Kathy called for the girl. Eileen got up from the couch, letting her pacifier fall out of her mouth as she waddled to the dining room table. A fancy adult-sized high chair was at the table now. Lenore lifted Eileen up and put her into the high chair. The tray in front locked her in place. Kathy tied a bib around Eileen's neck while Lenore handed her a plate with all her food cut into very tiny bites. She also got a tall baby bottle filled to the brim with milk. She did not get a fork though. Eileen realized that Lenore must want her to eat with her hands. While Lenore and Kathy talked as if Eileen wasn't even in the room the girl began to pick up her food with her fingers. She tried her best not to make a mess, but her hands and face were covered by the time she was halfway through her plate. She picked up her bottle and practically chugged the milk. Kathy and Lenore's conversation was suddenly interrupted by Eileen letting out a loud burp. The two women giggled and Eileen let out a nervous laugh herself. After dinner was finished the two women helped clean up Eileen's face and hands. They lifted the girl out of the chair and Lenore carried her to the adorable bedroom. "I'm not sleepy..." Eileen whined. "That doesn't matter. Your new bedtime is 8pm." Lenore informed her. Eileen was set in her bed. This time when the bars were raised Lenore put a padlock on them. Eileen could probably still climb over the bars, but she knew that the lock was mostly just to send a message that she shouldn't get out of bed. Lenore gave her some plush animals and toys to play with while she was in the crib. She then set a baby monitor on the night stand. Eileen sat in her crib and watched the glowing stars light up the ceiling as the light went off. She sighed and figured that tomorrow would be a better day. Soon she began to hear voices. It was Kathy and Lenore, and they were apparently coming through the baby monitor! Lenore must have set the monitor to go both ways. "So the baby's in bed?" Kathy said, the sound of bed sheets rustling behind her voice. "Yeah. I think she's learned her lesson, but I'm still going to keep her in diapers for a month." "Well she's your baby. I sure you know what's best for her." "Damn right I do. I love that little brat." The two women giggle. "You know who else I love?" Lenore said in a raspy whisper. Eileen listened closely now. She heard the faint sound of lips smacking. There was heavy breathing that intensified. Eileen got a warm blush all over. She was actually hearing her mommy and aunty making out through the little monitor. She rolled over onto her tummy and listened closer. She heard the soft moans of love making. Eileen was so jealous of Kathy right now. She knew her chances with Lenore were slim, but still, she wanted that woman so badly. For now she could only enjoy her vicariously. Lying on her tummy she began humping against her bed through her diapers as she listened to the two women pleasure each other. Eileen was having trouble stimulating herself through the layers of thick diapers so she forced a little more pee out. Feeling the hot wetness on her crotch she began to hump against the bed again. It felt much better to grind her crotch against the soggy material. She wondered if the two women could hear her movements. She tried not to think about that. When she heard Kathy climax Eileen tried to imagine herself feeling the same release with the help of Lenore. She closed her eyes, imagining Lenore licking her. She shuddered and accidentally moaned. She pressed her face to the pillow to quiet herself. She looked up from her pillow and stared at the monitor. She heard the women whispering lower. Eileen rolled onto her back and got quiet. She picked up her pacifier and stuck it into her mouth. Sucking on the pacifier helped her get to sleep. ~ The next morning as Lenore lifted Eileen out of the crib and made a comment about Eileen being a stinky baby. She carried her to the table and set her back. Lenore tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. As Lenore was cleaning up Eileen's mess the girl thought it would be a good time to be transparent with her like Kathy told her. "Mommy?" Eileen spoke up in a weak, barely-awake voice. "Yes, my little one?" Lenore responded, smiling down at her. "I really like my diapers." Eileen admitted. "I know you do." Lenore said back. Eileen bit her lip and looked off to the side. She turned her gaze back to her mommy. "I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about using one of my diapers yesterday." Eileen said, twisting her dress in her hands. "It's just, well, I never really had these feelings before. I've always been kind of a baby though. I used to poop my pants a lot until I was five years old, and I wet my bed almost every night. When I was in school everyone called me a baby because I there were a couple incidents where I wet my pants. It only happened a couple times though! I thought I could leave all that behind when I got my job at Leafletter, but then you noticed my accident and then all of this started all over again." Eileen sniffled, her voice started to tremble as she bared her soul. "Then when I was given the option of diapers again I guess it sort of made some feelings come to the surface that I didn't know I had. I liked going pee and poop on myself. I just didn't want anyone to know. I wanted you to think of me as a big girl." Eileen pouted and looked down. "Well, you're not a big girl." Lenore finally said after some seconds of silence, "but that's okay." Eileen looked back up into Lenore's eyes. She saw a loving expression. A look of pure motherly adoration. It wasn't the affection of a lover though. "I know, but..." Eileen sighed, "I wanted to be on your level. Maybe not equals, but someone you could respect enough to go out with and kiss and make love to." Lenore pursed her lips. "Aw, poor baby." she said. The comment cut through Eileen's pride, hurting it more than it already was. "Well, tell you what, you keep telling me the truth and maybe after lots and lots of begging I'll finally give you what you want." It wasn't a great deal, but Eileen was desperate enough for Lenore's approval to take it. Eileen giggled and smiled at the thought that, some day, she might get to do sexy stuff with Lenore like Aunt Kathy did. "You think I'll ever graduate from diapers, Mommy?" Eileen asked, feeling the cool wipes now rubbing over her sensitive privates. Lenore looked down at the girl. She was always perceptive enough to know that Eileen liked being touched like this during her diaper changes. "I highly doubt it. I think you might be in diapers forever, or at least as long as I am around." Lenore said. She sprinkled baby powder onto Eileen's butt and crotch and then leaned forward as she rubbed the powder in. "But don't let that stop you from trying to reach your other goals. There's no rule that says you can't be a big success while wearing a big diaper on your butt." Eileen sighed contentedly. Lenore knew exactly what to say, and she did it while giving her a pleasurable diaper change too. Lenore folded the fresh diaper around Eileen's waist. She picked up the little girl from the changing table and bounced her in her arms. "I see great things coming from you." Lenore said with a wry smile. "And I will be there every step of the way to cheer you on, even as you're dropping loads in your pants." Eileen had to giggle at this. She hugged Lenore and kissed her on the lips. Lenore turned her head away and laughed. She then turned back though and gave Eileen an innocent kiss right back on the lips. "Hey, don't you two go hogging all those kisses now!" Kathy poked her head in through the doorway. She walked between Lenore and Eileen, letting the both of them kiss either cheek of her face. The three ladies laughed, sharing this moment and hugging each other.
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    I'm in my fucking 40s and I happen to be fucking awesome thank you.
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    "If you don't want to be ridiculed for your beliefs, then stop having such ridiculous beliefs." -Unknown Seriously though, your beliefs end at the tips of your fingers and toes. The moment you expect someone to change their behavior, for better or worse, is the moment your beliefs have gone too far. As a free person, I don't have to respect anyone's god, just as no one must respect jesus, mohammed, moses, or the boogeyman under your bed. If you want to be comforted by people of your own faith, see your local church, mosque, temple, and/or coven. Please don't compare LGBT to religion. We're born this way, you're taught. People have rights. ideas don't.
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    From the album me

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    1. 15th July 1993 Rebekah touched the packet of Pampers and felt like a dirty girl. Her first night babysitting for the Field’s and Karen had left her standing in the nursery as Beth, the toddler, had started crying downstairs. Rebekah pulled her eyes away from the nappies and caught her breath, the pink changing table. Her hips bumped the end of the vinyl mat as she leaned in to touch. She felt safe the minute her fingers brushed it. Safe and aroused. “Becky! We’re about ready to go... Can you bring Beth's blanket down pleaseâ€.She heard them saying their goodbyes to the baby as she entered the living room “she'll be asleep soon, you can leave her in here or...†Rebekah's mind was back in the nursery, the thought of the nappies had made her go her tingly down there. The slamming of the front door brought her back into the living room, realised she better get to actual babysitting. Beth had woken up as soon as her parents left so they played for a bit, taking the babysitters mind off her desire to return upstairs. She needn't have worried as her nostril filled with the scent of poo. “Has someone filled their nappy?" she asked as she carried her charge to the nursery. 2. She'd got Beth cleaned up and into her crib. Rebekah watched her drift off before cleaning the changing table. She taped up the used nappy, enjoying the feel of the plastic and noting how warm it still was. She remembered the time she'd found a wet disposable in the swimming pool changing rooms. She'd taken it into one of the cubicles when no one was looking and had tried to put it on, although it had been too small. Her breath was getting shorter as she placed the dirty nappy in the bin. Looking around the nursery, smelling the scents of baby powder and wipes she took off her trainers and felt the soft carpet between her toes. She felt herself fill with a dizzy excitement, a familiar dampness between her legs evidencing her mood. She began to explore the nursery, opened the nursery closet and drinking in the sight of 4 large packets of pink Pampers nappies. She came, creaming her knickers there and then in the nursery, a little sigh escaping her lips. She wanted more and was pulling her cut off jeans down as she dragged the sealed bags out and laid the closest one flat on the carpet before she straddled it. She lowered her crotch down and slowly start to hump the packet of disposables, the cotton of her moist panties sliding easily across the pack. She squeezed her thighs making the plastic squeak and push up into her privates. She closed her eyes as she felt the shame and ridiculousness of what she was doing wash over her. Then her little twat erupted with pleasure, little moans escaping her lips at the sensation. Getting up clumsily, still panting, she looked down to see a smear of cunt juice across the Pampers. 3. She slowly got herself to her feet, and stacked the nappies back in the cupboard. She felt a fresh sense of embarrassment at what she had been doing. What if she had been caught? Closet closed she padded back to the changing station, slipping off her damp panties and feeling the air against her pussy. She took in the sight of the baby powder, the wipes and the already opened packet of nappies. She'd already made her mind up about putting one on, her stomach doing a little somersault at the thought. She pulled the open bag of Pampers closer and was soon fingering an exposed nappy, her other hand clenching the changing mat as she pulled the disposable free. She slowly opened the nappy up, sniffing the baby scent as she buried her face in the soft fabric. It smelled like her childhood. Her heart pounded as she slipped the nappy between her legs and, testing the tapes, realising that it would fit her. She turned and sat her naked bottom down on the cold vinyl of the changing mat and leaned back, putting her legs in the air and feeling like a big baby. This is what Beth must feel like as she slipped the nappy under her backside. She brought the plastic up between her legs and felt close to ecstasy as her crotch was wrapped in the soft fabric, as the elasticated flares locked around her thighs. The throb in belly told her she was being very naughty. The 18 year old pulled herself up from the pink mat and waddled over to the nursery mirror... She was wearing a babies nappy. She felt a flush as she picked up one of Beth's dummies from the side and slowly popped it into her mouth. She ran her hands over her large chest, her erect nipples poking through her white vest. She gave some soft sucks on the pacifier, noticing that her hand had been gentle working the front of her nappy. She slipped it around to her bum, pushing the disposable between her cheeks, feeling the cotton fabric against her little bumhole. Again a wave of silliness overcame her, she was wearing a nappy for babies, stood in a nursery and was meant to be babysitting. She also realised she needed the toilet bad. She crouched down and, holding the bars of the cot, she let a stream of her hot wee trickle into the pampers. She could feel the nappy heating up and swell on her thighs, she opened her eyes and saw drips of her piss stain the cotton white nursery carpet. Shame filled her as the nappy swelled. Closing her eyes she slowly got down on the carpet and began to crawl on all fours, wee wee running out of the sodden nappy as she moved about. She made her way over to the little plastic ball pit, one hand fixed on the wet nappy, and began playing while she let out soft coos. Rebekah was lost into a world of her own until a sound of slamming door snapped her back to reality. The front door. They were back. And panic. Beth let out a cry. The teen girl jumped up, feeling the warm piss-wet through nappy sagging and straining around her waist. At the crib she tried to sooth the crying baby, as her other hand went to start taking off the nappy. Foot steps on the stairs, she couldn't be found like this. As she leaned further into the crib, she felt liquid running down her thighs, remembered the wet patches on the carpet earlier. How would she explain? what would they say? As she picked up Beth she realised the baby had wet her disposable too, compounding her embarrassment, and with that she heard the nursery door go, felt a sharp ping around her waist and heard the dull splat as her soiled nappy hit the floor. â€Rebekah...?†Karen and Will stood staring at their babysitter standing half naked with an exposed, wet bottom in front of the cot. The young girl burned with hot shame. â€Rebekah†Karen gentle took Beth into her arms â€those nappies are for the baby. Daddy? I think we are going to need the big girl pampers...†4. Rebekah watched the evening take hold of the nursery, the shadows growing long across the pink and white decor. Mrs Field, Karen,had left the babysitter perched on the changing station, reassuring her that she'd be right back before leaving the nursery with her husband. Becky was wrapped in a pink an yellow blankie, which the woman had taken from the nursery rocking chair, watching Beth sleep in her crib. The toddler had fallen back to sleep after her mother had tended to her, quickly changing her soiled nappy. She'd asked Rebekah to help her, handing her the pee filled Pamper to seal up and bin. Despite the situation Becky had felt a deep longing to be in Beth's position, having Mrs Field look after her. "That's better" Rebekah was snapped from her reverie by Mrs Field return, noting that the mother had changed into a small black nighty that barely covered her thighs. The older woman padded across the nursery, stopping to switch the night light on that bathed the baby's room in a gentle yellow glow. Karen faced the young girl as she put her arms on her covered shoulders "And don't you worry about anything" Mrs Field offered the teen a sincere smile as she rubbed her shoulders gently. "Mrs Field I, I, I'm so sor-" Rebekah was cut off by the older woman quietly ssshh-ing her "it's ok, I know you how you must feel". She offered the young girl an understanding look, Rebekah felt her eyes grow moist at the warmth shown. "Oh honey, don't cry, we'll look after you tonight. I won't have you going home in this state" Mrs Field pulled the babysitter into her arms, Becky felt herself relaxing in the embrace, felt the older woman softly rocking her "it's ok sweetie". Rebekah sat back feeling a bit better as her employer wiped the remaining tears from the young girls face "I think I know what'll help". A baby bottle appeared in front of Becky's mouth, Beth's bottle to be exact, still half full from when she had put the toddler to bed. She looked into Karens eyes who indicated with her eyebrows to drink from the bottle in her hands. Becky watched the teat inch closer, it seemed to invite her to clamp down. She relented, wrapping her pert lips around the rubber nub, sucking hard. As Rebekah drank she felt the shame of being caught by the Field's ebb away. "There you go" Mrs Field stroked the young girls hair as she sucked on the baby bottle. Her body followed her mind and relaxed completely, eyes drifting shut. A dribble of milk ran from her mouth, Rebekah felt her chin being wiped softly by her new carer. She heard Mrs Field say something but the words felt like they were a million miles away, the sensation of being bottle fed taking her back to a babyhood she could barely remember. She made herself focus and the words became clear "Rebekah? Darling? I think it's we got new nappy on you" 5. "let's get you cleaned up first" The young mother cooed at Rebekah, who sat back on the changing station. The plastic mat was cold on her naked behind making her fidget. The young babysitter was back again amongst the baby powder and nappies. A small stab of shame ran through her although this was slowly overtaken by the security of the care being shown by Mrs Field. Rebekah felt the baby blanket open, watched the woman's eyes run over her naked nubile body. “You're very pretty Becky†the experienced hands of her ward ran gently over breasts, backs of fingers brushing her erect pink nipples. The hands stopped at her ankles and Rebekah felt them push back, saw her legs appear above her. Kathy's arm moved across the babysitters field of vision, before a packet of baby wipes appeared, clutched above her naked body. “Let's wipe your bum bum†the young mothers head bob down between Rebekah's thighs, making her gasp when she felt warm breath on her privates and then sniffing “you've made quite a mess young ladyâ€. The next sensation was the cool touch of a baby wipe on her still wet pussy, juices running freely again. “Oh Rebekah, we'll never get you cleaned up at this rate" the young babysitter blushed as she watched Karens head go down again. Rebekah let out a gasp and a squirt of cunt juice at the touch of a tongue lapping at her tight pissy pussy. Rebekah softly panted, drinking in the sight of the nursery as she was licked clean on the baby changing table. She stared at the cute Disney prints on the wall, embarrassed by Mickey and Pluto's gaze on the scene below. She pushed back, head slipping off the mat as she felt the soft penetration of fingers down there. Her breath came faster now, both hands grasping the changing mat, she opened her eyes and was inches away from the opened packet of Pampers, she pulled the plastic bag towards her rubbing her face into it as an orgasm rocked up from her twat. "Messy baby†she heard the mother gently chide as she rose from Rebekah's thighs, baby wipe dabbing at her mouth. The babysitter lay still for a moment, her body alive. “let's get that nappy on†Karen said. 6. Rebekah was taped and secure in a disposable as she was helped off by Mrs Field. “You look very cute Rebekah,I used to be able to fit in them before Beth came along" the babysitter felt a pat on her nappied bum which lingered and squeezed. “Want to play for a bit while I get sorted?". Rebekah was about to nod when a cry came from the crib. “shall I?...†Rebekah began to waddle towards the cot when Karens hand blocked her way “I think she needs feeding sweetieâ€. Rebekah saw a glint in the older woman's eyes “but I imagine you're quite hungry, aren't you Becky?â€. Rebekah watched the older woman back slowly away from her, slide a hand up the black negligé, up to her chest before slowly un-cupping one of her swollen breasts. Rebekah felt moist between the legs, the tight nappy hungrily ate up the juice and swelled back against her clit. She began to waddle forward as the young mother sat back into the nursery rocking chair. “Crawl, baby Becky†the young mother sighed as Rebekah went down on all fours, her nappied bum rocking as she crawled over the soft nursery carpet. Rebekah heard Beth's cry become more incessant at the sight of her mums breast, “it's all mine kid" she thought as she wrapped her mouth around the already expressing nipple. Warm milk exploded on her tongue, her hands moved instinctively to her own tits, nipples. The babysitter squeezed her legs together feeling the bulk of the plastic nappy against her sopping pussy. The older woman moaned as Rebekah sucked more eagerly, milk dribbling out of her mouth, staining the nightie. Rebekah felt a slight urge to wee, she pushed, wanting to fill a nappy again. She I unclamped her mouth from the lactating nipple “Mrs Field?†Warm milk running down Rebekah's chin over her body “call me mummy, Beckyâ€. She watched her new mummy's eyes roll back as she said it. “Mummy? I need a wee wee†Rebekah felt herself pushed back from the exposed nipple “I think we've had a few too many wet nappies today Becky, let's try getting you potty trained" the young girl felt a hot stab of humiliation as she watched mummy tuck her breast in, noting that it was still coated in her saliva. 7. Karen had placed the changing mat underneath a pink potty, Rebekah finding the 'Care Bears' design cute as she straddled and lowered herself, with mummy's guidance, on to the baby toilet. She felt the nappy tightened against her arse, a sudden tug on her left thigh as the older woman pulled the tab lose, letting the used garment fall around her ankle. Just as Rebekah was being primed to piss at her new mummy's command she heard Mr Field's voice from the nursery doorway "how are you two getting on?". Rebekah felt a tinge of embarrassment at the sight of a man watching her acting like a big baby. She made out a large piece of folded plastic, realisation dawning that it was a giant nappy, bigger than she thought possible, the "big girl pampers" she thought. He waved the nappy in her direction, catching and returning her mischievous grin. She suddenly felt a hand on her toned stomach "sit on your potty darling†The older woman watched her make contact and relax. Rebekah was watching Mr Field who had shifted his free hand towards his chino'd crotch, a large bulge growing at his touch. Rebekah hadn't “lost†it yet but she'd fooled around with few of schoolmates, girls and boys. “Do you need a hand?†Mike asked his wife, rubbing the massive tent he was supporting. “Becky said she needed the toilet, before we get started†a smile flashed across her face “will you come and pick this up†she indicted for Rebekah to lift her leg before picking up the used nappy and handing it to Mike. Rebekah watched Mike lean over, take her damp nappy as he deposited the larger disposable on the side. “now sweetie lets make a big wee for mummy and for daddy†nodding at her husband who’s eyes were fixed on the young girls crotch. Rebekah nodded, paci clamped between her teeth as she let go. She felt liquid splash back onto her swollen cunt lips and looked up at the Field's, both smiling at her making toilet in their toddlers potty. Rebekah felt Mrs Field holding her steady, her arms around her shoulders. She felt Karens other hand on her crotch, stroke her little brown thatch of pubic hair before massaging her clit. Rebekah was enjoying the sensation, the exhibitionism of pissing into a babies potty in front of grown ups. Karen nodded “good girl, isn’t she a good girl daddy?". Rebekah looked at Dada for approval and saw his giant red rocket poking out of his fly, his hand working it faster. “She is a good girl†she saw him want her body with his eyes, the tinkling sound of her wee hitting the potty filling the white and pink nursery “a very good baby, no need for for dirty nappies anymoreâ€. She watched him put the cum stained disposable frist to his nose, sniffing the sweet sour smell, and then wrap it around his purple shaft as he start to fuck it, the little teddy bears clutching balloons facing outwards. Rebekah let out a little squeal at the sight of Daddy's transgression triggering her biggest orgasm yet, an explosion of piss and cum hit the rapidly filling potty causing a splash back of wee all over her legs and onto mummy kneeling next to her. She babbled at the intense feeling, nearly falling off the potty but mummy steadied her. “Good baby, you’re such a good girl†Karen hugged the naked, potty bound babysitter “and for being such a good girl Daddy has a present for you†Rebekah eagerly leaned forward, the plastic front of the potty pushing into her clit as she faced Dadas bright red firehose. She watched him slide his pee pee faster and faster in the dirty nappy, she reached out and took hold of the cock/pampers combo, felt the plastic and started to work him. Rebekah closed her eyes in ecstasy, a small smile across her lips as she suddenly felt a hot blast of sticky liquid covered face across her mouth and dummy. Her pussy responded in kind as she let out a deep moan and felt herself shaking on the potty. Rebekah opened her eyes and put her head against mummy's chest as daddy gently wiped her face with the dirty fucked Pampers, clearing her of his cum. "I think it's time for beddy byes" her new Daddy said leading his wife and teen baby into their bedroom.
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    She wanted you to be a big boy for an hour around her friends and you couldn't do it.... I'd be annoyed too. She wants to date a man, not a baby 24/7
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    The doorbell rang as Melissa sat quietly watching TV. Her soaked diaper squished between her legs and directly on the couch. Melissa thought nothing of her current outfit, it was something she wore round the house alot. Clad in a pink T shirt that fit her rather snug, showing off her petite figure, and her soaked diaper that was so wet it bulged out to nearly halfway down her thigh as she sat. Melissa looked down at her diaper and realized how solid it looked. There was no room for any air or dryness, it was full with pee. Hearing someone at the front door Melissa suddenly became self conscious. As she heard the woman enter the house Melissa quickly sat up with a squishy crinkle. With a slight gasp, Melissa quickly hopped up and leaned over the couch to grab a blankie. She had to cover herself if someone was visiting. As she was leaned over the couch, her squishy diapered butt on full display, Melissa heard her mother and the woman enter the room. "And it looks like someone is already wet" Melissa heard her mother say. Quickly flipping over and covering herself with the blankie, Melissa began to blush. She realized that she was looking at her mother and her new babysitter. The baby sitter looked to be in her mid 20's, and wore bright colored clothes that made her look like she worked at a daycare. The sitter smiled at Melissa saying, "Awe Hi there cutie, you must be Melissa." Melissa nodded and smiled back. "I am Haley" the babysitter said while waving. Haley then followed Melissas mother to finish up her tour of the house, and as they were walking out of the room Melissa heard her mother say, "Now Billy is on the verge of being fully potty trained, so hopefully you will only have to worry about Melissas diapers." Melissa sat in the TV room thinking about what her mother had just said. Was Billy already potty trained? She then looked around the room, noticing that she was watching Sponge Bob, under a Disney cars blanket in a soaked diaper. Was she a complete baby? Melissa then waddled upstairs to get on something a little bit more appropriate for company. She got to her room and threw on a pair of jeans. While slipping on her jeans Melissa realized how much room she had in the butt of her jeans. She giggled slightly as she though that they were the perfect soaked diaper jeans, then took a look at herself in the mirror. Her outfit looked completely normal, unless you looked close and noticed that the crotch of her jeans had a large sagging bulge that hung closer to her left leg and sagged down to her thigh. She then turned around to see that the top of her pants were loose fitting and you could see the top of her diaper that fit nice and tight on her lower back. With a slight shake of her bum, Melissa giggled then headed back down to watch the rest of her show. About halfway through her show, Melissa stood up and bent forward without much thought. She was just going through the motions as she started pooping her diaper. It came so natural to Melissa, she was simply pooping her pants without thinking about it. When she was all finished, Melissa realized what she had just done. She didnt want to sit back down in her mess, but her show was too good. Lost in the TV, Melissa placed her messy bum on the couch and got comfy. Once the show was over, Melissa looked down to see that her diaper was extremely bulgy and showing through her jeans. Just then her mother and Haley walked in. "Uh oh, I think someone made stinky poopoo's" Said Melissas mother as she helped Melissa off the couch. She then turned Melissa around and pulled back the loose top of her jeans and looked down her diaper. Melissa noticed Haley looking on with a smile on her face.
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    Chapter 15 I never expected to be glad for the diaper, but I very quickly proved myself wrong, as I was deposited into a hard plastic chair outside the principal's office while the teacher went inside without me, leaving me to squirm on my padded bottom and fret. I really wasn't sure what to expect, except that I knew I had to somehow convince the principal not to tell the nanny. I was bound to already be in trouble for wetting myself... Anything more than that would only ensure that my bottom got freshly warmed when I got home from school. I was sure this worrying was part of why I'd been left behind, though I imagine I was supposed to be thinking about what I'd done. It was sort of like being put in the corner the night before, only a slightly more mature version. I very strongly considered just making a break for it, but the secretaries seemed to be watching me quite closely - enough so that I kept unconsciously tugging at the hem of my dress, sure it was showing off what I was wearing beneath it - and I had no doubt one of them could catch me if they needed to, especially padded as I was. Finally, the door re-opened and the teacher stepped out, led by another man, this one a little older, but still fairly handsome. As the teacher left, he fixed his gaze on me, then beckoned me inside. Anxiously, I got to my feet and did as I'd been bid, finding another uncomfortable chair awaiting me inside, although this one was made of wood. "Well," the principal said, sitting in his own chair, "Miss Holly Prescott. Would you care to tell me your side of the story?" I'd have loved to tell him the whole story, starting with my real name, but I can't say that I felt very much like Laura with the diaper hugging my body and the slick coating of lotion and cream rubbing itself into my bald privates with every squirm. So, instead, I decided to stick to the story, like in Molly's original plan. "I'm just visiting my big sister," I told him, making my eyes wide. "I got lost, and..." I swallowed as, too late, I began to recognize the problem with that plan. If he knew my name, he was sure to know Molly's as well, and he would surely know we weren't related. I swallowed a groan at myself, hardly able to believe I was stupid enough not to think about that before. I doubt pointing that out to Molly would have changed her mind about making me do it, but at least she would have known I wasn't completely gullible. "Well, not visiting my big sister," I corrected. "Just visiting to, you know... See the school..." Why couldn't I think straight? There had to be some way to talk my way out of this! Maybe it would be better not to concentrate on why I was there, but why I was in the classroom. "I just walked in, that's all... If the door was supposed to be locked, it wasn't. Maybe the teacher just forgot to do it when he left." He looked at me for no more than a second before asking, "Would you like to try again? The truth this time, please, Miss Prescott." I started to wiggle again, unsure what to do. Obviously, I couldn't get away without saying anything, like I had with the teacher. I had to tell him something, and I'd already had the real story rejected as absurd by one person... I didn't think I could take someone else laughing at me again so soon. But should I tell him any of the truth? Tattling was never a good thing, but how long was I going to be here? The nanny had mentioned I could be taken even further back than freshman year of high school... Which might actually be preferable if Molly were to find out I'd snitched on her. Had that just been a bluff, though? "I thought it was where my next class was," I offered lamely. "This is just a misunderstanding..." "You have one more chance," he told me, reaching into his desk drawer and pulling out a large, wooden paddle, one with holes drilled through it. He set it on top of his desk, giving me a pointed look over it. "You can't!" I pouted, sliding back in the chair away from it. "You're not allowed to do that!" His expression stayed stern, unimpressed. I was sure he wouldn't actually go through with it, but that didn't keep my bottom from starting to throb dully from the spanking I'd gotten the night before. "I didn't have any choice!" I whimpered. "There were these girls, and they made me go in and steal a test!" "They made you?" he raised an eyebrow at me. I nodded. "You're going to write their names down," he told me, handing me a piece of paper, on which I scrawled every one of their names I could remember. "Now you're going to walk this outside, give it to Mr. Barrett, apologize, then come back here. You understand?" I nodded and hopped down from chair, toddling to his office door with my palms starting to sweat. What was he going to do when I got back? I knew it was probably just going to be a lecture, but the sight of that paddle still made me nervous enough that my voice was shaking when I opened the door and said, "Mr. Barrett?" The teacher stood up from the chair I'd been sitting in a few blissful moments earlier, walking over to me. "I'm very sorry," I told him, handing them the piece of paper. "These... umm... These are the girls who made me break into your classroom..." "I see," he said, staring down at me, making me feel about two inches tall. I glanced down at my shuffling feet, unsure of what to do next until he asked, "Shouldn't you be getting back in there?" I nodded reluctantly, mumbled another apology and turned around, getting only a step in before the principal told me, "Close the door, Miss Prescott." I did as I was told, then slowly walked back to the chair. "I know you don't think I'm going to spank you," he said. "And normally, you'd be right. Usually, in this situation, I would have to put some serious thought into whether to punish you or not. But there's something you don't know, Miss Prescott." He paused, leaning in a little closer to me, his voice quieting to a conspiratorial whisper. "I know who you are." At first I thought he really did, and I frantically began to search through my memory, trying to remember if I'd seen him at the mall for some reason, or run into him in town. Was this what I needed to get out of this mess once and for all? I was, of course, happy about that possibility, but I really wished it would have happened before I ended up in a diaper in front of this person who apparently knew me. Then I realized he didn't mean 'me' after all. "Now, I won't deny that you may have been bullied by those girls," he said, "but you are supposed to be an adult now, aren't you? Surely you should be able to stand up to a bunch of girls four years younger than you. So, frankly, whether that is what happened, or whether this was your idea from the start, and you had to steal the answers to a test four grade levels below your real age and blame it on them, I think you've proven your immaturity, don't you?" "Umm.... I-I guess..." I stammered, unable to think of anything to do but agree. "And while I am not allowed to spank our students - and wouldn't want to if I could - you are not a student of mine. You are a favor, young lady, one that I'm doing for a colleague of mine, who you can be sure is going to hear all about this as soon as we're done. I have a feeling she won't be happy with all these calls she's getting about you today, but that isn't my problem." My heart began to beat faster as I listened. He was right - the nanny was not going to be pleased when I got home... And there was nothing stopping him from warming my bottom quite thoroughly with that paddle on his desk. "Please don't do this," I begged. "I'll tell you what. If you can give me one reason - one good reason - not to, I'll let you leave right now and go back to class." He settled back in his chair, watching me intently. "Just one, Miss Prescott." "Because I didn't do anything wrong!" I insisted. "They made me do it, I swear!" "Then you truly deserve just what your caretaker is putting you through, don't you? An adult that is so easily intimidated by a bunch of children is little better than a child herself." "O-Okay," I agreed quickly. "But that doesn't mean I deserve a spanking, does it?" The wheels on his chair squeaked as he rolled back from his desk, patting his lap. "You are supposed to be learning how to be a mature adult, how to take responsibility for your actions. And you clearly cannot do that on your own, or you wouldn't be here right now. You need help, and right now, this is the form that help is taking, whether you can understand it now or not. Now, you can come over here on your own, or I can drag you over my knee, kicking and screaming. But I promise you, if that is what happens, that diaper of yours is coming down... And you're going to want that cushioning in a minute." I knew he was right - with my still red bottom beneath my diaper, I didn't want another spanking without some sort of protection, certainly not one with a paddle. I felt numb as I got to my feet, hardly able to perceive the idea of what was about to happen, again. I shuffled blankly around the desk, letting him guide me onto his lap, feeling a light breeze as he lifted my skirt, exposing my diaper. From the corner of my eye, I saw him reach across my body to the desk, bringing the paddle back with him. I closed my eyes, feeling a tear squeeze its way through my tightly clamped eyelids as I braced myself. For what seemed like a long time, there was nothing, and then, like a bomber suddenly appearing in a clear sky, I heard a soft whistling sound. My whole bottom exploded into fire, even through my diaper, as I let out a loud yelp. I could have sworn the paddle had somehow hit every handprint left imprinted on my ass from the night before, re-igniting the pain they'd brought me mere hours before. As I continued to gasp for breath, I heard another whap as the paddle made contact again. I whimpered and squirmed through the next few, then, finally, realizing there was no escape before he decided I'd had enough, went limp, sobbing, waiting for it to end. There was only one more after that, much softer than the others, a final seal on the deal. He rubbed my back as I cried, then set me on the floor and straightened my skirt. "I won't be seeing you in here again, will I, Miss Prescott?" "N-No, sir," I squeaked. "Good girl," he said with a small smile. "Now, get a hall pass from the secretaries and go to class." I was more than happy to do as I was told, scrambling out of the office and grasping the piece of paper I was handed as I rushed out into the halls, before realizing that I didn't have my schedule, so I had no idea where I was supposed to be going. I stopped, biting my bottom lip as I looked up and down the hallway, wondering what I was supposed to do now, without Molly leading me around. As if to answer, Molly turned a corner, joined by her entourage. I wondered how she'd known where to find me, until I remembered that paper I'd written their names on. My relieved smile vanished instantly, my hands - having instinctively gone to the hem of my dress to tug it downward - turning into fists there. Before I could try to run away, they were surrounding me. "There you are, little Holly," Molly said, putting an arm around my shoulder. "I don't suppose you know why we're going to the principal's office, now do you?" "N-No," I shook my head nervously. She smiled. "I didn't think so. Now, why don't I get you to your next class before I go see what is going on with that. I'm sure the principal can wait a few minutes." "You can just give me directions," I offered helpfully. "I've seen you try to follow directions." She exchanged glances with the girl I thought was Lacey, then peeled off from the group. "I'll be with you in a minute, girls," she called as she led me away, through the school, to a side door that, I was sure, didn't lead to any classroom. "Where are we going?" I squeaked. "I'm going to the principal's office, thanks to someone," she told me, continuing to guide me down the front steps of the school, across the sidewalk. "And you... Well, you're going where you really belong." Her arm tightened around me as I started to squirm. "Luckily, it was nap time, so Lacey's sister was able to get away to come pick you up. Oh, don't worry... I'm sure some of the kids there are still in diapers, too." She chuckled as she saw the look on my face, one hand shooting down to my skirt and hiking it up. "Oh, my God! You really are in them! I thought that was what the nurse said, but I didn't believe it... That is just too precious..." She dropped my skirt, then reached for her cell phone. "Why don't you show it off so everyone else you screwed over can see what a cute little baby you really are?" "No!" I shook my head, trying to thrash my way free from her. "Let me go!" My heart sank as I heard a car pull up behind us, and even further when I turned my head to see a girl in her early twenties, if that, step out. She took me from Molly with no question, holding my arms firmly as Molly lifted my skirt, tucking it into the high waistband of the diaper so she could take a picture of it with her phone. "Nobody," Molly told me, "rats me out." Then, with that, I was wrestled into Lacey's sister's car, diaper still fully exposed, helpless to do anything but watch as the school, the one the nanny had put me in and expected to find me at later that afternoon, vanished in the rear view mirror.
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    From the scenario described, what grounds do you have to have to suspect that he's a ped? There is nothing in his behaviour to suggest that at all. As ABDLs, we all have behaviours that other people consider strange, and many people connect AB behavior to pedophilia. We know better though. To suggest that weird diaper related behavior is grounds for suspecting pedophilia is as naieve and prejudiced as people who suspect ABs of the same thing.
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    It's good to read some success stories here. I too have become inco out of choice. I had been wearing diapers for about 10 years on and off and decided early this year to go 24/7. Inco had been a desire for a good few years, and with the 12 month programme as a guide i started to experiment. I also had a medical problem which caused retention and bladder infections last year and was having to use catheters several times a day. Once that was resolved I had no desire to have retention or infections again so going for inco seemed a good course of action...fulfilling a long held desire and prevention of further infections and retention problems. After a few weeks of 24/7 wearing wetting became much easier. At first i would consciously have to wet and if walking or an unusual position I would have to pause and relax to begin wetting, after a few weeks i no longer had to pause what i was doing and could continue and wet at the same time. Within a month or so i was wetting much more frequently in ever smaller amounts. Night time I was always dry, something that continued for quite a long time. As the weeks passed wetting became more and more normal in every situation. I would drink more and ensure that I was always well hydrated, and of course always have a diaper bag with me with the required supplies for a change. After around 4 months i was wetting unconsciously, and would only realise I was wetting during the process. This lasted a few more weeks until i was wetting more or less without any knowledge. Id have to check to see if my diaper was wet; it usually was. Nights were still dry most of the time. Occasionally I would wake to wet and would let the flow start and fall back to sleep as i did, but this was not frequent. After 5 -6 months i began to get bladder spasms and cramps. Sometimes real painful and sometimes just a twinge. Sometimes of only a few minutes duration and sometimes they would last all day. At this point I started to reassess and decided to go on. I did try to hold off wetting but after 20 minutes or so i could no hold longer and when I did manage to hold off wetting for those few minutes it was a hell of a struggle. At this point i knew I was at the brink or no return. I was dribbling during changes and had minimal capacity to clench my weakened sphincter and my bladder could hold ever smaller amounts. Being diapered was now so normal I could not imagine being un-diapered...it felt so strange. At 6-7 months i began to have nighttime wettings. I knew then that I was more or less inco. At first it didnt happen every night but over a few weeks it became a nightly thing. I have now not had a dry night for a good couple of months. I now consider my self bladder inco. I now have no capacity to hold my urine or to even clench my sphincter with any success and wet more or less constantly. My diaper is always wet. I leak during changes, under the shower, al the time in fact. I am totally at ease with this situation and happy that I have achieved my goal. I expected it to take me well over a year to get to this point but it took me only around 10 months to get to this point. I took some tips from the 12 month programme but did not follow it word for word, it does seem a little excessive and compulsive in places. The main thing is the desire and conviction you have in yourself. Wearing 24/7 made it so easy for me to become inco. I guess i could go back to being continent if i so desired but it would be very hard now and I guess within a few more months that ability will be lost. I get through 4 or 5 diapers a day now. I have no underwear any longer...I don't wear it so I got rid of it all, I have to take a diaper bag with me where ever I go. There are plusses and minuses but for me the plusses are far greater than the minuses.
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    There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers for any reason. If YOU are that uncomfortable with it, then I wish you well in becoming who you think you are supposed to be. But don't try and put your hang-ups on the rest of us who are perfectly fine with who we are.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't know how I can make it any more simple and clear. I don't like adult-baby stuff. I don't partake in any of it, nor do I enjoy looking at it. Yet by your logic, I'm still an adult-baby. Am I not allowed to just like diapers? What does a diaper fetish have to do with babies? I don't like infantilism.
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    Diaper issue: 1. Leave the cupboards closed. This NEEDS to become habit. 2. Get him/her something better to scratch than the diapers. Find out what he/she likes. You may need to try different scratching posts. Just give him/her something pleasant and appropriate to scratch. Cats NEED to scratch things to shed their excess bits of claws. It's instinct AND NOT THE CAT'S FAULT. To help entice your cat, use catnip if he/she is receptive to it. 3. Trim the claws. BE CAREFUL of the quick - cutting the quick is painful and will make your cat bleed. It's like cutting your nail down to the point of bleeding - ouch! If you can't do it yourself or are too nervous to, go to a vet or groomer. 4. DO NOT DECLAW YOUR CAT. It's extremely painful, and like cutting the first digit of each of your fingers off. Peeing and pooping everywhere: 1. Litter train your kitten. Take the pee or poop and put it in the litter box, in front of your kitten. He or she will get the process. 2. SCOOP the cat litter and replace the litter when needed. Cats are finicky and most won't poop/pee in a filthy litter box. 3. Have at least two litter boxes for your kitty - one main one, and one extra. Ideally, you should have at least 1 box per cat, plus one extra. They like this. 4. Get them spayed or neutered. Cats tend to "mark their territory" more when they can reproduce....Not to mention unwanted pregnancies in a female cat! If you can't do these things, then you really have no business owning a cat. Source: I have 3 cats. ~ moogle
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    People who condemn 24/7 wearers and tell them "wanting to be IC is wrong" really drive me up the wall. What about transgender people or folks into body modification? Do you think they are fucked up too? Heaven forbid, some of them want their natural sex organs removed! They want to do something far more permanent than lose bladder or bowel control... yet, for the most part, they are accepted and supported. Reversion to incontinence is not a sudden "Oops, it's gone." The loss of control is progressive, slow, and reversible. It can be stopped at any point should the person decide that they've had enough. So get off your damn high horse and quit judging people for doing what their body feels is right. It isn't hurting you or anyone else in the public.
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    "If you see me in chat or anywhere on here, please do not address me or talk to me unless I talk to you." Then what is the point? People call that "isolation", which contraindicates a chat's existence. Your statement made absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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    *giggles* isn't the point of a bulletin board system to "socialize" in the internet sense of the word. I mean when you join a book club, yes its to talk about books, but its also to socialize. When you take a cooking course or dance class, yes its to learn to cook or dance, but also to meet people and socialize. when you join a community anyway, it is to engage in that common interest which created the community, and you can only engage in that interest, and become a part of that community by socializing.
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    I was wondering if in regards to the rating system, after you click + or - there could be a confirmation box that asks if you are sure you want to rate the post positive or negative. There have been a few times where i incidentally clicked a negative instead of a positive and there was no way to reverse my vote.
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    sorry, but last time I checked this was not the political forum. There is no need for such anger and animosity. A simple "no" would have been just fine. Take the anger somewhere else.
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    I'm probably going to get down-voted for this post, but hear me out. As someone who has done work manning crisis center hotlines in the past, I am aware of the traumatic experiences that many people go through, but as compassionate as I can be when it comes to understanding what others are going through, I can't be trained to understand and accept everyone's specific circumstances. People are not omniscient beings so they are naturally unable to be understanding of someone random person's personal issues. Quite frankly, I think it's selfish to presume that people have that ability to understand. In this case, a known member of the AB/DL community made a joke that several people deemed to be inappropriate because of its controversial subject matter. In my opinion, it was a joke that shouldn't have been made, but it was made. There were people who were so offended that they kept posting about how offended they were and how the AB/DL community has turned into a place where people are no longer supportive or understanding of each other... all over one joke. The argument was blown out of proportion and the consequence of that argument was this "open letter to the community," which doesn't exactly enlighten members about the person who was offended and their personal history. Like most members, I'm extremely supportive of people who underwent traumatic experiences and I can definitely appreciate the fact that people consider the AB/DL lifestyle as therapeutic. However, this is the Internet. Things will be said that you may not like. Not everyone will be in lockstep with your capacity of understanding. Not everyone will understand your personal situation unless you spend some time to educate people about it. If you have a problem with someone who says something that is insensitive, it's your prerogative to e-mail that person and say, "I was hurt by the comments that you made," and you engage in a conversation with them. Because this is the Internet, you're dealing with many members who are anonymous and they don't know you personally. You shouldn't take anonymous banter personally. If you do, then you should refrain from participating in any web communities, not just AB/DL ones. The Internet is a cruel, dark place that does not guarantee the support group mentality. Fortunately, DD consists of a lot of mature members who are more understanding than most out there. But even DD will have posts that you may take exception to. That's life. It's up to you to deal with the matter so threads like these don't have to be made.
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    Well why don't you just get him in private and ask him what's on his mind before assuming it's diapers and possibly scarring him.
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    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight...... how about a law about thinking before you post?
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    I was gonna use the potty, but then I got high.... Was gonna be a big boy not naughty, but then I got high... Now my diapers wet, and I know why... Because I got high, Because I got high, Because I got high
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    Introductions are for telling people who you are and maybe a little about yourself and why you joined the board. If you need to say anything else please find and use the appropriate forum. If you are looking for friends, want a date, need a mommy or etc.. post it in the forum called "The Meeting Place" If you need help, put it in the forum called "Daily Diapers Support" if you are here to chat it goes into whatever topic you want to chat about. If your thread gets moved somewhere else, I DID IT, I am responsible for Sorting out the threads and if they need to be sorted, they will be. If you desperatly can not find what I moved, please message me and I will be happy to help you, or click on the 'Search' link under the banner on the top of every page. Please attempt to search for it before contacting me as I am not always here. If you are here looking for a playmate, friend, buddy, mate, mommy or daddy DO NOT post it in the Newbie Forum! The Meeting Place is Located Here http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showforum=14 This forum is only to tell people about yourself, not to look for someone else or for questions. Daily Diaper Support will answer board questions, and General Discussion is where we talk about everything, please look over the board BEFORE you post to see where your question/topic is the most apporpriate. Thank You!