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    I live in Minnesota.I dont have many wet beds now found good diapers
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    I don't speak up often but still, I personally think that this patreon thing, while good in the beginning, will end up annoying as hell. Since the day that elfy mentionned patreon, he's released 2 new stories, 2 stories which I would need to pay him to get access to or read further. he's a very good writter, probably in the top 5 on DD, itl be sad when the day comes that the only thing he releases will be behind a pay wall. Dailydiapers isn't a subscription based website, people shouldn't come here and be expected to pay to access some of the content. It shouldn't be promoting self publicity. What if i was to post the first chapter of my very own stories and hide the rest behind a paywall while giving my paypal/patreon. since elfy's doing it... that'd be okay? Would it be okay for everyone else? Someday, half of the stories on here might end up requiring us to pay for them. What was once free should remain free, no reason to hide it behind a pay wall. If that person wants to make money off it, fine. Sell it on ebay, amazon... make a book, I don't know. But don't promote it on DD's free story board. I enjoyed Elfy's content. But the way it seems, The new stories wont be on here, and the bad husband and better baby will remain dead since he'll focus on every story that patreonised before. Anyway, you might disagree, was just my humble opinion. (said HE but HE might be a SHE for all I know, sorry)
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    I'm new to admitting that I totally love diapers and wetting them. To me, there is nothing like going to bed with a nice dry diaper and waking up in bed and just letting loose and soaking it. Sometimes I sit in a wet diaper for a couple hours because I like the bulkiness between my legs. Today I finally let lose and wet myself while I was outside walking the dog. It was like my personal secret and I loved it. Edit: I also love doubling and tripling them up for the bulk. Am I alone in this?
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    u can also view n comment on my 54 photos
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    This is the first time I've tried writing a Halloween story, but it was quite fun to attempt it. Just would like to say though that it's been a while since I wrote much in English. Especially a story, it's been mostly academic. Would like to hear what you guys think. Especially about the pacing of the story. Any part that seems too long in regards to the rest of the story and such. Hope you enjoy! The Halloween Spirit As I stepped out of the shower I was shivering with anticipation. Tonight was finally the night. Halloween night. After drying myself off with a towel and blow-drying my blonde hair I stood in front of my bathroom mirror with both of my hands taking a tight grip on the sink. Daring a trembling smile, I reached for a brush and started to comb my hair. With two pink silk-bands at the ready I divided my hair into two sections and tied them into high-sitting pigtails held up by one pink ribbon each. Considering the outfit, I had planned for the evening I applied just enough makeup for the no makeup look. With my hair fixed and my makeup done I took another look in the mirror. My smile grew wider as I thought about the next step for my outfit. Making sure the towel was not going to fall off my body I made my way to my bedroom where my outfit was already. On my bed was a pair of light pink frilly socks; a pink t-shirt, printed with Barbie dolls and frilly at the sleeves, collar, and bottom; a pink Disney princess diaper cover; and two Tena slip ultima adult diapers. In my opinion the perfect outfit for a cute adult baby. Folding out each of the two diapers, and making slits underneath one of them, I noticed I was still slightly trembling. However, I was not trembling over the fact that I was going to wear a diaper, no that was something I was quite used to, I was trembling because it would be my first time wearing them in public. I had been fascinated with diapers for as long as I could remember, and as soon as I heard of the term ABDL I knew that I was one. But I had never dared to tell anyone about my feelings about diapers, not any of my previous boyfriends of girlfriends had gotten to know that part about me. But here was the perfect opportunity, a Halloween costume-party. There would hopefully be so many people dressed up in all kinds of different outfits that no one would look twice at a 24-year-old woman dressed as a baby. Making sure I was well powdered up, I positioned myself over the first diaper and taped it up and then taped up the second diaper over the first one. I had debated this with myself long and hard, and had decided that it would be best to double up. There was going to be alcohol at the party, and lots of it. Furthermore, I had no desire to take my diapers off just to go pee, going double with the thickest diaper that I owned made me hope I wouldn’t have to change more than once. With both of my diapers firmly fastened around me I set about getting the rest of my outfit on. Slipping on my purple socks, gliding into a pair of Mary Janes, and sliding my diaper cover over my well-padded behind. After thinking for a few seconds, I decided to wear a bra under my shirt even though it wouldn’t be true to the character I was dressing up as, but no one was likely to see it anyhow. I picked up my white adult pacifier and made sure it was clipped on securely to my shirt and popped it into my mouth. Looking in the mirror I smiled widely, making sure to bite down on my pacifier so it wouldn’t drop out of my mouth. Normally I am not one to honk my own horn, but this outfit was just perfect. I really felt adorable. Due to my height and overall body shape, it was quite obvious that I was an adult playing dress-up, but still cute. It was true that I could look pretty much like this in private whenever I wished. The Mary Janes were the only piece of clothing that I had purchased specifically for this occasion, the other items were part of my adult baby collection. But this was going to be the first time anyone else saw me like this. Satisfied with my outfit I turned my attention to my diaper bag. At first I had thought that I would settle with a handbag, but quickly realised two things. First, it wouldn’t go with my outfit at all. Second, none of my handbags were big enough to contain changing supplies. So, I had managed to find a cute pink Minnie Mouse bag that would fit a couple of spare diapers with room to spare for other items. I double checked that I had everything I needed. I had basically dumped everything from my last used handbag straight into the diaper bag, and then I had added baby wipes, baby powder, and two fresh diapers. I popped my headphones in my ears and headed out the door still sucking on my pacifier, waddling slightly due to the thickness of my double diapers. As I made my way towards the bus stop I started to regret not bringing a coat. My shirt didn’t even go down to my bellybutton and I wore no pants over my diaper cover, leaving most of my skin exposed to the chilly October evening. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long for the bus to arrive. The very unenthusiastic bus driver barely looked at me as I entered, and although a few heads did turn my direction to have a look at my very screamingly pink outfit, no one did seem to think my costume as anything out of the ordinary. I just smiled behind my pacifier as I took my seat and relished in the fact that I could walk around as a baby just as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I had just started to get used to the warmth of the bus as it slowed down at my bus stop. There was a bit of a walk towards the house where the party were, but I bit down on my pacifier and hurried as much as the diapers between my legs would let me. Barely 5 minutes later I waddled into the lawn of the villa where the party was being held. This had been the place to go in my town for a Halloween party for the past 5 years, every year it was very richly decorated with spider webs, pumpkins, skeletons, and all kinds of Halloweeny goodies you could imagine. This year was no different, with the darkness of the sky above it was actually quite a scary sight to behold. Even the house itself looked eerie, but the blasting of the music and the sound of people talking drove the scary right out of me. I made my way inside and headed straight toward the bar to get myself a drink before I would go and see if I could find some of my friends. While walking towards the bar I had a quick look around and noticed that I was not the only girl who was showing off her underwear. There was not a girl in sight who had managed to keep her panties hidden underneath their slutty versions of any conceivable costume choice. Barely had I managed to get to the bar before a man in a lame skeleton costume stopped me, I hadn’t even had time to order a drink. ‘Hey there baby. How about you and me go upstairs and I’ll give you a real bottle to suck on?’ He said while pointing with both his hands towards his crotch. Stopping myself from rolling my eyes I prepared my best baby voice. ‘My mommy said I’m not allowed to put such small objects in my mouth, she says they’re a choking hazard.’ The man grew red in the face and turned away from me as his mates behind him roared with laughter at him. ‘Well, that certainly shut him up.’ Came a voice from behind me. I turned to look and was greeted by the most realistic costume I had ever seen. In front of me stood a lady who looked like she had walked straight out of a coffin. All of her skin looked a deadly shade of grey, mixed with some random splashes of blood and something that looked like vomit around her mouth. Her entire outfit consisted of what was once a matching pair of lacy white bra and panties, but now looked as stained and dirty as the rest of her. Her brown hair was messy and dirty, as was her nails. She had managed to make her eyes look completely white, I suspected some sort of lenses. The cherry on top of her costume however were three stabbing wounds in a triangle around her bellybutton, each wound looking extremely real and very lethal. ‘Wow.’ I said. ‘That is a really cool costume.’ She smiled at me. ‘Thank you, you are looking very cute yourself.’ ‘That must have taken you ages to get done!’ I exclaimed, ignoring her compliment. ‘Oh not really, it’s easier than it looks, trust me.’ ‘What are you specifically though? A zombie? A murder victim?’ I pressed on, completely oblivious that she was not very interested in talking more about her costume. ‘Well, let’s just say I’m the, err, Halloween spirit.’ She answered with a voice so bored that I finally caught on that she wanted the subject changed. ‘Sorry.’ I said, blushing slightly. ‘I just assumed given how detailed your outfit was that you’d want to talk about it.’ ‘Trust me sweetie, I’m way more interested in your outfit.’ She replied with a wink. ‘Mine? Why?’ ‘Look around you baby, firstly, you’re the cutest thing here, secondly, you’re the only girl who isn’t a slutty something.’ Getting past the initial awkwardness of her not wanting to talk about her costume, our conversation became a lot smoother when the topic changed. She even insisted on buying me my first drink. Being around the girl I found myself acting like a smitten teenager, giggling at every small joke she made, twirling my hair, but most importantly I was downing every single drink she insisted on buying me. She kept a steady pace with my drinking. I was starting to feel a pressure on my bladder, and because of that started to wonder if I would dare to wet my diaper right in front of the girl on whom I was starting to develop a schoolgirl-crush. Before I made my mind up however, she downed her shot, took hold of my pacifier, and placed it into my mouth. ‘Well, since I don’t wear diapers like you, I have to go potty, be a good babygirl and don’t go anywhere?’ She asked with a wink. ‘I wonk go awywhere’ I replied, the alcohol making me feel no shame about speaking behind my pacifier. I had just turned back to my half-finished appletini and started to think that this might be a good time to wet my diaper when I heard someone call out my name. ‘Bella!’ I turned around and immediately recognized the source of the voice. ‘Sawwah’. I shouted out in reply, briefly forgetting that I was still sucking on my pacifier. I removed the pacifier from my mouth as I embraced my friend Sarah in a hug. Sarah was a regular customer at the coffee shop where I worked as a waitress. She was so regular that we had eventually started talking and in time became good friends, she was the one who had convinced me to come me to the party. ‘Wow Bella, you look adorable, where’d you get all this stuff?’ She asked, eyeing my entire outfit. ‘Oh, you know.’ I replied, the alcohol not enough to hide a slight blush on my cheeks, not wanting my secret exposed. ‘You can find anything on the internet.’ ‘You sure can, are those real diapers?’ She asked, I grinned slightly, feeling the continued pressure on my bladder that I had been just about to release, as well as a slight dampness in my diaper. ‘Yepp.’ I replied, turning to my side to slightly slide down the side of my diaper cover to prove that I was wearing the real deal. ‘You don’t look to bad yourself, very sexy.’ Sarah was one of those girls wearing a “slutty something” costume, in her case, it was a nurse costume, and I very much doubted she would make the night without exposing her panties to most of the room. ‘Why thank you, not as imaginative as yours though.’ True enough, just at the bar there were four other girls with the exact same nurse outfit, whereas I was the only baby there. ‘Tell you the truth, I almost think I’ll have to steal your idea for the next year’. She continued. ‘How so?’ I asked. ‘Well, have you seen the line to the bathroom? I’ll be very surprised if my panties are dry when I come home tonight. To be honest, they haven’t been the last two years I’ve been out on Halloween. Kinda makes me regret the short dress.’ I giggled at her and patted my diaper bag. ‘Well, I have a few spare diapers with me if you’re interested.’ ‘Oh ha-ha. I might just take you up on that.’ She looked at the bag for a second. ‘Hang on, did you bring more diapers? As in you’re thinking of using them?’ This time there was no hiding my blush. ‘Err, no of course not, they’re just accessories, adds to the costume you know?’. ‘Uh-huh’. She eyed me suspiciously and I became increasingly aware of the increased dampness of my diaper. ‘Anyway,’ she moved on, much to my relief. ‘I noticed you were talking to Jenny, what’s she like?’ ‘Jenny?’ I asked, before realising that Jenny surely was the girl I’ve spent the evening talking to. ‘Oh Jenny, she seems nice. I only just met her though, do you know her?’ ‘Well, I know of her. She’s in my class at college, never spoke with her though. In fact, I think tonight is the first time I’ve ever actually seen her talk to someone. Actually, I was more curious about her costume.’ Sarah said. ‘Oh yeah, isn’t it awesome? So much detail! Especially the wounds, they look so real!’ I said, sounding like a 10-year old describing their favourite toy. ‘What? Oh, I suppose, it’s just... I’ve seen it before. Like every year I’ve been to this party there’s always been one person looking just like that, sometimes it’s been a guy, sometimes a girl. I just wondered because it’s always a different person, and they’re always the only one dressed like that. They all even have the exact same stab-wounds. I’ve been meaning to ask for a while, but I’ve never managed to find any of them after the party, it’s like they’ve vanished. At least now I know the person, I’ll have to speak to her in class and ask. It’s a rather different look for her, I’ve never actually seen her expose any skin before.’ Sarah really did look really confused. But then immediately snapped out of it, as if forgetting what she was talking about. ‘Anyway, I’m gonna head back to my friends. Try not to wet your little diapers too much and I’ll see you Monday morning!’ She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and headed back to her group of friends. Leaving me slightly confused. Popping my pacified back into my mouth I turned back to my appletini. My diaper was rather damp at this point, but I still had to release the floodgates, feeling like this was as good of an opportunity that I would get I released all control and let it go into my diaper. I sighed and closed my eyes as I could feel the relief of emptying my bladder, and the warm wetness spreading all over my diaper. A feeling that I had loved for a long time. ‘I see that someone’s a good baby who didn’t go anywhere.’ I was woken out of my trance by Jenny returning and placing her hand on my lower back, just above my diaper. I shivered slightly, her hand was freezing cold. ‘And I see I wasn’t the only one who had to go potty.’ ‘Y-you could tell?’ I asked, after removing the pacifier which I had thankfully remembered, blushing again because she could tell that I had wet myself. ‘Sweetie, you were spreading your legs, and with that look of relief on your face, I think everyone could tell.’ I blushed again. ‘Don’t worry though, it’s cute.’ She pinched my cheek, I smiled. We spent some more time talking, and Jenny kept buying me drinks. I think I did most of the talking, but I didn’t realize it at the time, alcohol tended to do that to me. But more than that I felt compelled to share everything about me. Staring into those white eyes I told Jenny all about my family, friends, my ex-partners, my likes, and dislikes. I almost told her about the ABDL part of me, but no amount of alcohol or hypnotic eyes would make me spill that to a girl I had just met. Most people would probably be fed up by someone who just kept going on and on about themselves, but Jenny took in any piece of information I would give her, almost as if preparing for a test. I had just finished telling Jenny about my last girlfriend, a girl who just couldn’t seem to reach an orgasm without me strangling her at the same time, when I noticed that I really had to pee. However, I barely had time to look down at my diapers before I started to flood them completely. I was slightly surprised at how quickly I had lost control, but had I been paying more attention I would’ve realized that I was not the only person at the party who had had an accident. I was however the only one with the proper protection for it. ‘It seems it’s a good thing someone is wearing diapers.’ Jenny teased. By this stage I was too drunk to really be embarrassed, so while I was surprised by my accident, I found it entertaining rather than embarrassing. ‘I think so too.’ I stated, cupping my diaper over my crotch and realized that even though they were quite thick, I could use a change. ‘How about.’ Jenny leaned in closer and whispered in my ear. ‘We go back to my place, and I change you into a fresh dry diaper?’ I gulped, understanding straight away that she wanted to do more than just change me. Even though I had experienced several lovers during my days, I had never gone all the way with someone on the very first day we’d met before. But something about Jenny just made me unable to say no. I simply nodded my head in agreement and let Jenny put my pacifier in my mouth, take my hand, and start leading me towards her home. Even though it was much later in the evening, I didn’t really freeze outside. Maybe it was because Jenny’s hand was so cold that it felt like I was holding a popsicle, making the winds feel quite warm in comparison. I just let Jenny lead me to her apartment, my very wet diapers making me waddle much more than I had before. I don’t quite know how much time it took us to get to Jenny’s apartment, but when we got there Jenny wasted no time in getting me into her bedroom. Closing the door behind her, Jenny took hold of my diaper bag and threw it down beside her bed. She proceeded to cup my face with both of her icy-cold hands, and gave me a deep kiss. Despite shivering slightly due to her cold lips, I answered the kiss. I was backed up slowly towards the bed where Jenny made me sit down, still kissing me. Our kiss was only broken up because she slid my shirt off me, and it had to go over my mouth. My shirt was tossed to the side, pacifier flying with it. Jenny then removed my shoes and socks, leaving me in only my bra and covered diapers. Jenny pushed me down on my back on her bed as she crawled on top of me. I noticed her feet and briefly wondered if she had been walking home barefoot, but Jenny’s mouth on my breasts made those thoughts disappear immediately. She proceeded to kiss my breast, and then work her way slowly down my stomach, stopping just above my diapers, leaving a cold feeling on every place of my body that had been touched by her lips. She tugged on my diaper cover and pulled them off my legs. Jenny then placed her right hand over the crotch of my double diaper and started rubbing me through the thick, wet layers. I moaned slightly and started to move my hips to follow the motion of Jenny's hand. Suddenly, she stopped, I gave her a pleading look but she just smirked at me. She untaped both of my diapers and pulled the fronts away, revealing my crotch to her. Much to my disappointment though she didn’t move down on me. Instead she climbed off me and went through my bag to fish up my changing supplies. I had always figured that the first time I got my diaper changed by someone would be the best time of my life. Instead it was in frustration as I wanted so much more than a quick cleaning of my intimate parts with a baby wipe before I had a fresh, dry diaper taped around my waist. ‘Tsk tsk.’ Jenny said, noticing the frown on my face. ‘Such a naughty, naughty girl. But don’t worry baby, mommy is not done with you yet’. I felt a pulse of excitement as her hand once again landed on my diaper right over my crotch. With less padding in the way the contact of her hand was much more noticeable, and given how cold she was, the protection of the diaper was probably a good thing. With surprising strength and speed Jenny started to rub my diaper, sending shivers of excitement running through my entire body. I had to put my thumb in my mouth in order to not moan too loudly as Jenny managed to get me going much faster than anyone had managed before. I bit down hard on my thumb, my hips thrusting upwards for Jenny to continue. I tasted blood coming from my thumb but I didn’t care. I screamed out as I reached my peak, my eyes rolling backwards as I reached the best orgasm I had ever experienced. The sensation kept going, my body tingling and my head spinning. I couldn’t see anything but darkness. I didn’t even notice Jenny collapsing right beside me on the bed before I blacked out. Jenny woke up the following morning with no sign of a headache despite how much she had had to drink the evening before. Her body felt warm which was a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. Looking down at herself she drank in her new reality; her new host body was slightly shorter than her previous one. Cupping her breasts underneath her bra she realized she had a slightly bigger bosom as well, she put her hands behind her head and smiled. ‘Good to know it works from woman to woman as well.’ She thought to herself. ‘That saves me going for a year as a dude, ugh I hate being a dude, so...uncivilized.’ She looked to her side, completely unphased by the unmoving body beside her. The smell was quite bad, but the corpse would be gone soon. Already the corpse of her previous host was slowly starting to turn into dust, leaving no evidence of what had transpired. Jenny stood up, and took a minute to get used to the thick, wet diaper between her legs. ‘Well, this is a feeling I’m going to have to get used to.’ She thought, smiling slightly. This was a common side-effect. Whenever she took on a new host-body, which she had to do every year, she also took on their costume. If her victim had been dressed as a cop, she’d spend the year working as a police officer. If her victim was dressed as a naughty school girl, well, then she’d have a year of school to look forward to. This year she had decided to experiment. Not only by seeing if the spell would work over the same gender, but she was interested to see what would happen if she took over someone dressed as a baby. She’d already guessed that she would have to spent the year in diapers, but what other side-effects would there be? She would also transfer some of the victim's preferences. This made her sure that she had been correct in assuming that little Bella had had a thing for diapers, standing in this wet diaper made her feel quite horny. Giving her diaper a quick rub she then set her focus on her stomach. Already three small red marks where starting to take place in a triangle around her bellybutton. Three small red marks that would only grow bigger and bigger as the year went by, finally killing this host on the next Halloween. She stopped looking at her stomach when she realised that Bella’s...no, her phone was ringing. On the picture, she could see the girl she had recognized from her class last night, the one dressed as a slutty nurse. A smile grew on Jenny’s new face. ‘Perfect.’ She thought to herself. ‘She’ll make a perfect mommy for me this year. I might even manage to get her to dress like a baby for next Halloween, she’ll be a great new victim.’
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    Tranquility are the top of the line in entry level Medical a case of them is under $100 shipped , they are about $1.00 per diaper start with them , if you want thicker padding cut some slots in the first one and then put one on over it ,can't beat the ease of getting, UPS delivers then when you run out go with Abena's and keep buying and trying till you are completely happy with something, there used to a restaurant called "old chicagos" they had a "world beer tour", you need a world diaper tour ! But trust me anything below a Tranquility is not worth the minimal sap in them , they truly suck. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Wetting the bed is not fun it is cold dose not fell good and hard to go back to sleep.Diapers keep bed dry that is why I wear them
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    I also don't oppose his patreon or posting snippets here as I am grateful for his free content but deleting the comment of another contributor who only said she felt that the promo for off site content was in bad taste was worse. A bit heavy handed censorship and a conflict of interest for Elfy. It is not like she was extremely rude. No big deal but a bit disappointed in how that comment was handled.
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    Chapter 15: Sitting and Switching Knowing that their relationship was headed in a new direction should have scared Becca. The idea of being not just a dominant...but a mommy to someone whose kinks didn't really overlap with hers completely was scary. Yes, it was, but that didn't make it less exciting. That was the crux of the situation. She was a bit of a switch in her life...she was accustomed to taking on the dominant role when needed, and she liked doing so with Ryan, but she was also more experienced in letting herself experience the full spectrum of BDSM, and not this whole ageplay mess. She also could see that Ryan, despite his best efforts to not let her see the whole shame/embarrassment/guilt triad building in his head, was struggling. Ryan, meanwhile, felt somewhere solidly between bliss and terror. It was perfect! Which, of course, probably meant that it would go terribly wrong. I mean, she'd refused to let him wear pants...that was how diaper stories went, right? Eventually he'd be wearing 24/7 suckling at her breasts and completely dependent, right? Well...no. He knew stories went that way, but reality didn't. And more than that, he wouldn't enjoy it. He knew she needed submission to him, and he knew she needed adulthood...just as much as he needed the diapers, the closeness of being hers and letting her lead him, letting her control him, letting her...be exactly who she needed to be to bring out the best pieces of this kink and himself. But...he also knew that he couldn't quite commit to that. And he knew more than anything else that she was not the kind of woman who would be able to understand his needs outside of the bedroom. Sure, she said she did...sure she seemed to understand, but when he'd grown up with this kink, he'd made peace with the idea that he was never going to find someone who could actually accept his needs and his desires completely, especially since he knew even HE couldn't accept them completely. The silence grew between them after breakfast. Slowly, at first, like the first shadows of dusk, lengthening and spreading, joining until a thousand small shadows coalesce into a single piece together. That was how the silence grew: First a question that required only a grunted or single word answer. Then embarrassment, making Ryan suddenly put his pants back on. A small thing that he almost hoped she'd deny him, refuse to let him put pants on. Keep him hers and little and babyish. But when she didn't, the shadows and silence seemed to lengthen. Soon she was sitting further away from him on the couch. Soon he was turning away, his thoughts racing like a train in his head, making him doubt, making him afraid, making him scared their beautiful night and day were falling apart and soon she'd tell him she wasn't really ok with this, she wasn't even slightly ok with it, and he was a FREAK and a WEIRDO and a... "Ryan?" asked Becca, as she interrupted a train of panicked thoughts careening out of control. "What's...what's wrong?" She had seen his eyes glaze over, fade to fear and silence and distance, and she couldn't allow that to happen without at least trying to help. "Nothing," he lied, "Just thinking. Nothing special." She saw the look on his face, the shame in his eyes, and wanted to help. but the dominance had run out. She was left without that power, that contorl, that strength. She wanted to be comforted herself. She wanted him to take care of her needs now, even if it felt selfish to admit that. And the silence spread. When fifteen minutes of uncomfortable quiet on the couch was finally enough to drive Ryan to speak, he had made a decision. He knew what he was going to do. And it scared the living hell out of him, but he knew he needed to do it. Well, he needed to try. She'd seen his panic, she'd reacted...and he hadn't opened up. but if he was ever going to have even the tiniest chance of feeling good about his kink, his needs, his thoughts...he'd need to act. To take a risk and not just the kind you can hide under your pants and pretend is medical. He needed to try being dominant. Or, well, at least sort of. "Becca?" he asked quietly. He hated the tremor in his voice, the nervousness that bled into it. So he tried again. "Baby girl? You ok?" Becca had never been called that in such a tone...it was one thing to be called 'babe' or 'baby' by someone who was using a term of endearment, but Ryan meant something else. It was clear...even if his voice wasn't. She turned to him, her eyes almost tearful. What had happened? Why had the excitement gone to fear? What should she DO? What should she SAY?! He answered the question for her by scooting over on the couch. He had read stories about baby girls and abdl, ageplay, caregivers...but this was different. He wanted to give her the dominance and control she needed, but he did so on his most comfortable terms. So, he reached a hand out to her, and let her grab it. Then he pulled her closer, and pulled...it was as if he were pulling her head to his lap. For a second, Becca wondered if he was trying to get some kind of sexual thrill, oral...maybe he wanted her to know he was in a wet diaper, smell it, or something like that... She resisted because she was confused, and because right now she didn't feel even the littlest bit sexual. She felt...well, she had dropped. She was in dom-drop or ust coming off of the emotional high of the day, and now almost painfully fragile. She was worried. And so she resisted. "No," Ryan clarified, as if reading her mind. "I'm...I just wanted you to come close. Relax. I...I know this sounds dumb," his cheeks flushed red and he almost lost her gaze before remembering he was being dominant, "but I want you to lie down with me. Let me take care of you a little." When she still didn't just let go he asked, "Would you like me to get the diaper off? Would...would that help?" Becca didn't think so, and she shrugged. "I..I don't think that's it. I don't know. I'm...I'm worried i'm being selfish. You clearly need to let go. You were so embarrassed, so excited about this. I feel like I'm ruining it, a little." Ryan laughed. "Ruining it?" Sure, it wasn't what he'd read in stories, but they weren't meant to be literal and real. This was. This was different. "You're not, you're just...I want this. I really do. You look scared. And I know we've got a day to ourselves, and maybe just that, and I wanted...I guess...god, I can't seem to say anything clearly. Sorry. I just mean..." He searched for the right words, and hoped he had found them. "I mean to say that I don't care about if you're dominant or submissive or what. We already talked about this last night. I don't KNOW what this is. I don't care what we're becoming or if it fits a pattern. But if I'm going to be able to feel even a little bit comfortable about all of this, I need to know that I can give you what you need, and not just take. Because...because if I do, you're gonna leave, and I will be so mad that I didn't give you anything back. Ok?" He voiced his fears as well as he could, but they still sounded jumbled coming out of his mouth. Becca almost let the fear go...almost. but she did let her head rest on his lap. It was tender at first, and sweet. But as she scooted her head back and forth finding a comfy position, she heard the crinkle, and almost entirely without meaning to let out a little laugh. "What?" asked Ryan. He was worried she might feel the tiniest hint of his excitement rising...he wasn't hard, but he could tell it wasn't necessarily too far away. Becca answered by pressing her head harder into his lap. "I forgot that you were wearing a pillow for me." She laughed a bright, almost carefree laugh. "It's...It's actually kind of nice. Like. I know you're doing it for me in some ways? And it's comfy? And...I don't know." She paused. "So...do we just sit here, or what?" Ryan didn't have a better answer, so he started to run his hands through her hair, slowly, soothingly. "If you want to. I just wanted to let you relax. As long as that takes." Becca felt the muscles unclenching already. Her back had been tight. How had she not noticed? How long had it been so clenched, so rigid, so worried? But she felt it lessen with each stroke of his hand, with each slowly indrawn breath. She closed her eyes and answered him in a voice that was still a little sleepy from the morning. "I...I think that this is helping. So...yeah. This works. Do you wanna talk? Or just...sit?" Ryan answered with a command. "I think you need to talk. And i want to hear it. So tell me about your worries. I know what's in my head...what are you thinking? Maybe...maybe that'll help us both." Becca answered in a rush, her thoughts and worries pouring out like a dam breaking, faster than either she or Ryan would hav expected. In a matter of minutes, she was agitated, then calm, then laughing, then sleepy...it was like she was unburdening herself on his lap, as if she could tell him everything and anything at least in that moment. Ryan found that he enjoyed it just as much. 'Maybe', he thought, 'I could get used to the dominant side, if it means helping her feel better. At least, well, a bit.' End of Chapter 15. Lots of time has passed, sorry I've been gone. I just had an urge today and figured I'd try. It might show that the last few months have been very internal and cerebral for me, so I've probably made the story too about emotions or too slow or confused...but I have an idea. I actually think I can mix my few options and make this story turn into one that has both the fun and silly and exciting sides...and the serious, intense, maybe more emotionally based concepts too. We'll see.
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    Bangor/Belfast area, I don't have any thing for ABDl but I'm hoping to meet people that are like minded and get to know them and maybe even meet
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    I like to put a dildo in and start walking around doing house work, letting slide in and out when have crouch down and stand up.
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    I was thinking about posting something similar yesterday, but looks like Diaper_angel beat me to it! I dont wear, but find it incredibly attractive when girls do. I also love having my hand between there legs while they wet their diaper (especially if I've asked them to wet for daddy).... the other thing that really turns me on is when im rubbing their wet diapers (or anything else we may get up to) is hearing my baby moan for her daddy.... no idea why but such a turn on!
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    I hope you continue this story soon as well.