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    My ex tried to get me to cut all my online friends out of my life because he also didn't like me talking to them. I refused. I see it as controlling behavior. What else does he try to control around you? I am glad mine is out of my life. He was emotionally abusive and controlling.
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    I only tend to wear boosters while I'm sleeping, since if I do start having control issues, I'll completely saturate even the most absorbent nighttime diapers and then some.
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    I was potty trained close to the age of three. I wet the bed until I was 9 and had occasional night time accidents until I was 13. I had daytime accidents of pants wetting into the fifth grade but that was like once maybe twice a year by that time. When I was in second grade my parents thought about putting me back in pull-ups during the day but thankfully they didn't. I don't remember being made fun of for having day time accidents. I do remember being tormented by my brother and the neighborhood kids about wearing diapers to bed. Kids are mean.
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    I don't remember a thing about my potty training, personally. The only things I know are what I've found out from my mom in various points of conversation. What I know is that I was potty trained shortly after I turned two, before my sister was born. My mother said she didn't want to have two kids in diapers at the same time and she told me I was potty trained in two weeks, which she said surprised her. However, what I do remember are accidents. I remember I went the bed up until I was six. I remember crying in the back seat of my parents' car that I had to go potty on trips to my grandparents' house and having my dad yell at me and say things like "you better not go before we find a place to stop". I remember having accidents during the day until kindergarten. I especially remember one at a babysitter's house around the time I was four and I was put in a diaper because my mother didn't pack me a change of clothes, and I remember my mother didn't at all rush my sister into potty training and she wasn't fully potty trained until she was four. From what I've been told and what I remember, I don't think it's a coincidence that my little side identifies between the ages of 2-3. I don't know if I was necessarily "rushed" to grow out of diapers, but the evidence is there, and even if I may have been okay with it at that point, I don't know if I was necessarily emotionally ready to have that step pushed on me.
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    Are you a fellow Mark as well? Haven't met a bad Mark.
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    When I have a good diaper I don't waste booster pads in them. I save my booster pads for less absorbent diapers as they need the increased capacity. The only time I'd use a booster in something has good absorbency is if I was planning on wearing the diaper for more than 12 hours.
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    I apparently potty trained at age 2 but I only remember as far back as age 4 so if I had any accidents potty training/trained before 4 I haven
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    PHASE ONE Part I: Drink Me "Firsts. You will now be selected by your Sister Seconds. Stand by the wall to the left, hands to your sides and say nothing." The stern woman looked at her clipboard and waited for the line of boys to do as instructed before looking up at the doorway. "Girls. You may enter. Selection will be in merit order. Staycee, you placed first. Make your selection." I didn't need to be asked twice before making a beeline for the slight, slender boy standing third from the left. "I name you Audrey. Please follow me." I hadn't finished my statement as the other seconds began to file in and make their choices. Audrey
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    Thanks DD! Trust me... The moment she asked me what the big deal was that I enjoy wearing diapers, I knew I needed to do everything in my power to keep her. It's an amazing feeling to have someone so special who is so accepting and supportive.
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    jaredc3: I'm sure it would be awkward to bring it up again. I grew up in a big family and had a younger brother and an older brother as well as a sister who wet the bed. I also had cousins who did it too. I believe it was common on my fathers side of the family. Interestingly I hated it when I was a kid but by the time I matured in my teens when the accidents slowed to a trickle so to speak I became much more attached to the idea of waking up in a wet bed.
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    Actual adult diapers for me. None of them are cute
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    It was hard at first, but I had a little experience from babysitting which kinda made it easier. I find it's much easier if you lay down on your back and put it on. You'll get used to putting it on after wearing them for a long time, don't worry!
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    VIII. Sean didn’t seem the least bit irritated at having their play interrupted as he silently got up and walked toward the living room. Tom was much more hesitant, which gave Nora time to speak with him privately. “You did very well at not peeing in the potty last time, and I expect that you will be able to restrain yourself again. Not a drop, do you understand? This time, though, I don’t want you to wet yourself right after I re-dress you. After you fail at Toileting 101, I’m going to put in a video for you and Sean that’s about an hour long. Halfway through, about the time that the red and blue cars collide, I want you to have an accident of your own. You know the consequences if you let me down.