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  1. Sam felt his forehead as she started to feel a little concern about his health
  2. Thalia smiled. "Really? That would be a great help. Thanks, Geoff."
  3. Trish yawned as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. "Oh, sweetheart. We'll play soon hm?" Hana cooed as she nuzzled him a bit
  4. Mary smiled as she held him and kissed his cheeks. "Such a sweet little one." She cooed and looked at Tony. "Don't tell me you'll get jealous too if I hold Ani?" She teased
  5. "Oh, but you are. That's why you have such cute babies." Mary said as she took Anakin in her arms and nuzzled him a little. "My cute little Ani."
  6. Mary nuzzled his cheek a little. "You are still so cute.."
  7. Mary nodded and smiled. "Very well, my darling boy." She said and giggled.
  8. Lila just held him in her arms as they enjoyed each others company. "Awww baby boy.. I know, my darling. I know. I miss your company too." Mary said as she gently held his cheek.
  9. Lila laughed as she returned each kiss and continued to hold him tightly. "Oh, sweetheart. You know you can come visit any time you want and stay for as long as you want to." Mary said as she smiled at him. "It's been very nice having you and your family around and especially getting to see Anakin be here for a while too."
  10. "Awww okay, sweetheart. I love cuddling with you too." Lila said as she held him snugly. Mary chuckled and nodded. "Mmhm. My Mommy's boy." She said and then looked at Anakin. "And my cute little Mema's boy too." She said
  11. Lila giggled as well as she looked at him. "What do you want to do, Max?" She asked Mary smiled as she kissed Tony and Anakin. "Hello, my lovelies. What brings you here?"
  12. "I love you too, Max." Lila replied as she nuzzled his face. "So much."
  13. Lila held him close to her as she cuddled with him and gave him some kisses. She smiled as she looked at him happily.
  14. "Okay, my darling." Lila said as she changed him and got him into some pull ups
  15. Lila giggled a bit as she looked at him. "Shall we change you then? Do you want pull ups or diapers after this?"