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  1. Alex sat on the table when the doctor came back and lay down when she was told to (I'm just going to put the doctor did what she did as I don't know what they do ) after laying there what seem like forever Alex was glad when she got told they were done and she could get dress again
  2. "I need help undressing " Alex mumbles out shyly
  3. The doctor rise her eyebrow at that but nodded and noted it down "okay then I'm going to get what we need Alex I need you to undress for me okay " the doctor explains "okay" Alex says shyly then looks at Aaliyah when the doctor leaves
  4. The Dr looks at Alex and gives her a soft smile " okay but she seem very young to already have hair down there " the doctor says seeing Alex as a little girl Alex blush deeply and look down
  5. Alex kept herself hidden till the nurse told it they could see the doctor which made alex hide more dr: hello miss Morningstar how may I help you today ? the Doctor ask as she turns to face them when they walk in
  6. "Thank you ?" Alex says back still not looking at the nurse
  7. Alex blush and look away from nurse and closer to Aaliyah
  8. "Okay mummy " Alex sigh and took Aaliyah hand again
  9. "Nothing mummy " Alex answers putting her toys stuff away back in her diaper bag and pick up her bunny and hug it
  10. Alex frown not thinking she be able to do her own diapers or if she wanted to
  11. "You are ? Thank you mummy " Alex says smiling from the prise
  12. Alex nodded and got the fake tub of powder out and use it on her toy and put a new diaper on her before she finished
  13. Alex blush from Aaliyah comment before climbing back in the car to change bonny diaper and showed Aaliyah to see if she did it right
  14. Alex thinks about it before nodding and checks her toys diaper too "she does mummy I can change her then we go in ?" Alex ask looking up at Aaliyah
  15. "Okay I'll be good " Alex says smiling a little at the thought of ice cream and gets out the car and takes Aaliyah hand right away