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  1. Ana started to smell a bad diaper and walked over to aurora lifting her dress and checking her diaper.
  2. Aurora didn't say a word not understanding why the cream was put on if she was about to shower
  3. Belle was unaware of what finn was doing and continued to feed Freddie.
  4. Aurora let dan clean her up wincing as he wiped the sensitive part where her rash was." Her crying picked up an it from the pain but she didnt say much
  5. " let me finish feeding your brother and I'll change you ok." Belle said
  6. Aurora was too upset to say anything and just nodded. She wanted to be over this whole thing her bottom stinging as she layer there. It was clear she had a rash and it was already painful
  7. ( finns your character)
  8. Aurora still so upset and crying couldn't find any words and just shook her head tears still streaming down her face Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Aurora sighed seeing he large pink diaper with big bird smiling up at her. She slowly made her way to the mat and laid down. Waiting for dan to change her.
  10. " Freddie doesn't yet you would have to check Finn." She responded. aurora snuggled into her daddy
  11. " ok daddy." She said smiling up at him
  12. aurora was at odds but nodded." Fine just get this thing off me." She said tears still running through her eyes
  13. " please no it burns so bad." She said in between sobs." I'll be good I promise just please."
  14. Aurora continued to cry the laxative made loss burning her sensitive skin and lower body region. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ana nodded but shook her head." Me like potty dada." She said Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk