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  1. Aurora headed downstairs clad in just a top and her diaper and went to make herself some cereal
  2. Lily went down the slide and headed to the table a bit hungry after playing
  3. " he was feeding for a awhile." Belle said as she got out a clean onesie and some bags for both the diaper and the clothes
  4. ( isn't it already morning)
  5. Hayley sees you come back." Can you get your brother and sister and tell them the food is here." She said
  6. Belle laughed." If it was so easy you wouldn't be calling me for help would you." She said
  7. " I promised we would play I didn't say anything about the park, and if you keep throwing a tantrum there might not even be any playing." She said
  8. Belle heads out to the trunk to help dan." Ok let's get this over with." She says
  9. Hayley nodded as her order finally came up and she headed to the table with the food
  10. Aurora got comfy on the changing pad and let dan diaper her enjoying the scent of the powder and the softness of the new diaper
  11. Chrissy stayed close to her daddy watching him make the bottle
  12. " it's better for my period than my panties and it's comfy on my bottom." She said weakly
  13. " pull over honey that one needs to be changed now." She said
  14. Gardenia giggled happily as her feet were tickled. Her diaper grew warm and wet from the tickling
  15. Aurora watched him leave and laid down on her bed. The panties she was put in weren't comfy so she went to find dan for a diaper