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  1. Aurora busy on her phone and watching tv didn't hear anyone screaming." Yeah." She said not even looking up
  2. Ana and aurora both started to stir. Auroras diaper was soaked from her nice nap and she nodded. Ana was and shook her head
  3. Aurora was inside when she saw the kids come in and laid out on the couch watching tv
  4. ( you got it right but Ana pooped before her nap) " aw Finn was doing so well using the potty earlier and aurora doesn't like the potty at all so that's normal. I'll state with the boys if you wanna go get the girls."
  5. Jack nodded and began to play in his car seat. holy nodded" I otay." She said as she waited for the ride home to begin
  6. Belle makes it home not long after taking the bags upstairs and leaving the pizzas on the table.
  7. Freddie squirmed and kick while he laid on the changing table. Finn shook his head." Yummy pizza.0
  8. Finn was awake and his diaper was dry. Freddie was soaked but not poopy. Both boys smiled seeing their daddy when he entered
  9. Jack shook his head." No poopy since this morning." He said harrycwas wet but he wasn't upset about it. holly giggled as she was tickled and went to the car
  10. " I'll pick up some pizzas on my way home ok." Belle said happy to hear that dan made it through the day
  11. " it was fun and I wet twice but the nurse changed me." He said before shaking his head about the potty
  12. " yeah I'll be home soon did you want me to pick up something for dinner or do you got it covered."
  13. Holly played happily at the park snhjlying the swings and slides
  14. About an hour later the kids started to wake up and belle called dan on his cell phone.
  15. ( soon she had to get the extra toys but the kids stil need dinner after nap time)