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  1. Pull ups and diapers are two different things - Always Discreet underwear is great though
  2. Learning to double check your own *address* or *addresses* for correct spelling should be the buyer. *They're* - fed ex - not responsible for this error.
  3. Yeap - I wear openly and have no problems with others doing so also. I am not on here alot so feel free to private message me your info. I sent you mine. I also am not AB in anyway except maybe plastic pants once in awhile. I am also bi
  4. that's *area* - - - I used to live at 51st and Garnett.... good luck in your search
  5. Cofidence should be Confidence in your description... read the box
  6. if it wasn't for diapers and pullups I would be nude at home all the time
  7. wetting slower will help... instead of flooding.. pointing the - - you know what down will also help
  8. lack of supportive parents *through* the years.... maybe... My dad made us wear pampers in the cornfields and helping on the farm in the early 70s... so.... I am sure it was that
  9. I wear and wet diapers and Always Discreet underwear 24-7 - *realize* that a chair pad works well for leaks (which I use all the time since I wear in the open at home). Obviously not in the full view of friends and company but this is trial and error knowing which diaper works great for a long period and or using pullups inside them as doublers. Good luck
  10. full disclosure - agreed. My wife of 13 years knows all about them, and lets me go play with other males in town and out of town. I do wear, get off, watch xxx, and wet them in full open door policies. - full disclosure is the key
  11. Nice that you *realized* that you can have a DL relationship - good luck on any advice. Personally I wouldn't rush anything, but that is just me.
  12. I wear 24-7 in some form or fashion and yea I agree with PullUpDiaperLover - sometimes using the same one to get off with a few times. Using silk panties inside while getting off... it helps keeping the diaper drier but each to their own tastes. Diapers have always been a turn on for me - more wetting them than getting off - but sometimes the reverse for a "quick fix" . . . you will find a rhythm.
  13. I woouldn't buy anymore of the Rearz products, they fall apart inside and the tapes come off after about the second wetting
  14. Nice.. you look great in them but I won't buy them anymore - the tapes come off wayyyy to easy.... and right after putting them on... the whole diaper "relaxes" and becomes too loose.... But Enjoy