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Mommy for Trans Males

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Having experienced many disappointments seeking a mommy, I am now a Mommy!

To be clear, I'm a male mommy.

The truth is I'm still a baby too!

But I'm not here to find a mommy to take care of the baby, just the opposite.

I hope to find a trans male with whom commonalities other than diapers and mommy-baby dynamic are shared.

You need not be a sissy baby! As a baby I am a girl, there was never any question about it. There are people who identify as female who don't need/want an abundance of costume. Sometimes it's fun but I'm hoping to find a male baby girl who would like the attention of a strict but loving male Mommy.

For the  longest time I thought I would always be just a baby girl. But role playing on this site, some time ago, helped reinforce my desire to be a caregiver. Now I'm back wearing a different hat after experiencing many ups and downs on other sites.

I hope someday to find someone here who will be as good for me as I would like to be for them, ideally someone who is serious about wanting to connect with a Mommy who has a lot to share and would like to share in return.

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So just to be clear your looking for a F to M trans person.

 I’m gender fluid NB but do primarily identify as a girl very much feminine 

I hope you find what your looking for

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Hi Mommy Wendy, and welcome to DD. Nice to meet you. I hope you can find what you’re looking for here, and enjoy the site. Come in, and make yourself comfy. Relax, have fun, and enjoy!

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7 hours ago, Mommy Wendy Marie said:

As it states quite clearly, "I'm hoping to find a male baby girl ".

One thing Mommy expects of any little is that they can understand the printed word. She doesn't write them down for nothing.

I think I get it now, hope it works out for you

and yes I’m male, but enjoy baby girl time 

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