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Lila on a family vacation 

This started as an English writing - training project for me. I have to give credit to the original Story “Lila’s family vacation”  from Reatykeuniverse for the idea, the plot, and the beautiful name Lila that I used as a starting point. The first chapters are more like a close-bound rewrite with a lot of added sections in the middle, while the later parts just stick to the basic plot and do not have a lot in common with the original. 

This is the first part (apx. 6000 words) of the story that is already finished and has apx. 46000 words. While correcting takes a lot of effort for me due to my problem with reading and seeing spelling errors, it will take about two weeks to finish a chapter. So please be patient, I will try my best not to keep you waiting.

Even though this is not my first story, I do a lot of writing in German, but it is my first story in English. I put a lot of effort into correcting all the grammar and spelling errors and hope there are not too many left to spoil your reading experience. I welcome any constructive feedback on my writing style, grammar and spelling, but please add as much information as possible, so I can improve. And I would also love to hear if you liked the story.

If you want to know more, I just opened an intro thread in the nursery

Annie's Intro

Chapter 1 - Traveling - Discover what seemed to be lost. 

"Mum really, why do I have to wear diapers again?", complained Lila.

"Hey honey, we are never going to force it if you don't want to," replied her mum Maria, "but you always wore them for the last years on our vacations, and it always made our trips a lot less stressful, for all of us?”

She struggled with her decision while her mum placed the bag on her bed. This bag was clearly designed to appeal to a nurse in a retirement home and did not charm the little girl into the decision to wear them on the trip. 

As Lila stared at the colorful sheets of her bed, she felt the conflict in her. She was not eager to wear anything other than her panties. And all of her classmates in school would surely throw such a big tantrum that her parents would not dare to mention these diapers ever again.  

On the other hand, her mum was right, she wet the bed at least sometimes, and for some seconds she remembered how this unusual habit started for the now teenage girl.

Whenever her parents could get some days off work, the family went on a trip together, and her mum used to put her girl in pull-ups just before they were leaving. 

All this started when Lila had a wetting accident when the family was on a city trip to Berlin when she was seven. It was the first year when she finally managed to stay dry during the day and at the packed museum, the line to the toilet was way too long for the young girl to hold it. 

Lila was in tears and did not want to leave the bathroom anymore, and her mum needed all her mummy magic to cheer the little girl up and get her ready for the rest of her day.

To protect her from embarrassing accidents and to make it easier for her child, Lila, and her parents decided to keep her in the pull-ups she still wore for bed-wetting just in case during the day for the rest of the city trip.

This worked so well that from there onwards, it became a secret family tradition for the little girl to be in pull-ups whenever they went on a vacation.

In all those years, Lila didn't mind wearing pull-ups on occasions like this. She still wore them to bed at night, and wearing them on vacations during the day gave her back some kind of security. She even peed in them when she did not want to rush to the next restroom or was on the road. 

But now she is thirteen! Nearly a grownup woman in her eyes. And to her dismay, her mum got her tape diapers designed for a senile granny, instead of the slightly embarrassing but at least funny-looking pull-ups. Furthermore, she could slide down these bed-wetter's pants easily on her own when she headed to the bathroom. 

Lila had indeed outgrown her pull-ups, they did not fit her properly and on the rare occasions she wet the bed they hardly prevented the wet stains on the sheets. So the last time she'd worn them on a trip, her mom had decided to switch to diapers when she was not sleeping on her well-protected bed at home. 

While she still stared at the bag, Lila was obviously hesitant to wear ugly full-tape diapers, especially at her age. But after recalling her last wet night which was not even one week ago and that she probably would sleep on the plane, she ultimately decided to go with the diapers, just to be safe.

"Fine..." she gave in, still trying to look serious, "But this is the last time I swear, and it will be just for the flights and when I sleep!"

"You are such a responsible girl.", Maria praised her daughter, leaving her confused about what could be responsible in using diapers.  "Please lie down, honey. So we get your diaper on you."

Still, in her thoughts, Lila was obeying Mom's instructions sheepishly, took off her skirt and underwear, and laid herself on the soft bed while she noticed the crinkling of her mattress protector as she squirmed and twisted. 

"Can you put your bottoms up, please." her Mom patiently asked, not wanting to embarrass her girl more than necessary by just lifting her legs with her arms. And she unfolded a plain white fabric and laid it under her daughter's bum. Lila was weirdly feeling comfortable as she put some cream and powder on her before she taped the diaper in place and adjusted the leak guards.

"We're all done, and you are ready for your vacation!" Her mum smiled at her. "Do you want to check that you have everything, we have to leave in fifteen minutes."


Lila was in her thoughts for most of their trip to the airport. And when they arrived, Mum even needed to hold her hand because she was still daydreaming. 

However she looked at it, the diaper that she wore did not feel uncomfortable. She even liked the soft material that hugged her and that was wiping away all her worries.

With the ease of her mind, she dreamed about all her past vacations where she was young and free. 

In retrospect, she had a really great childhood. Her parents were always there for Lila, and one of the reasons why she did not mind wearing her Pull-Ups in the past was that her parents did not make a big thing out of it when she had a small uppsie accident in them.

After the family got their baggage checked in, they still had time to spare before heading for the gate, so they sat on one of the benches to wait and relax. Lila was exhausted from walking through the endless corridors and for a brief moment wanted to sit on her mom's lap as she did countless times in the past, but instead, she sat next to her, suddenly feeling her need to pee.

"Mom," she secretly whispered, mindful that they were in a crowded airport, "I need to pee really urgently."

“Oh, right now, can't you hold in any longer?” she replied searching for a bathroom while only seeing a corridor packed with endless shops offering their expensive and often useless duty-free stuff. 

As a young preteen child, Lila didn't mind using her pull-ups, especially when there was no clean bathroom nearby.

She leaned on Mum's side, trying to get comfortable with all the people around. 

“This was much easier on our last trip”, she commented with a sigh. At the same time, she was getting ready to accept her daughter's wish to head to the bathroom whenever possible.

“No mummy, I don't want to, my feet are hurting!”, Lila confessed. Wishing she had not protested against her parent's request for her to be diapered and unaware that her mum now could easily read the trouble of her little girl's mind like an open book

"You know, I don't mind if you use your diaper, honey. I am sure it will hold up fine.", her mom carefully suggested, while at the same time easing her girl with her hand.

For some seconds, Lila thought about that option out of her dilemma. Her parents put her in actual diapers, and that is what they are for, aren't they? 

Vaguely, she remembered the moon and the stars that promised a dry night on the package. It would soak up everything, she assured herself, while on the other hand remembering the good old days when she just peed in the pull-ups whenever she had to go. 

Once, she nearly let her mum talk her into going poopy, because they were in a subway with no bathrooms available. On that occasion, she finally made it to a stinky metro bathroom, and she also remembered that she wished she had any other option as it was so gross and dirty.

However, this was completely different in her eyes. She just wet the bed in her sleep and the toilet was surely just a short distance away and perhaps most importantly, even when she was small for her age she was a teeny now. 

Her mum noticed the still ongoing fight in her girl's mind. 

“Don't worry, little one. Just go pee if you need to, that is what you wear them for. And it will be our secret, I promise”, she heard her mother, laying her arm on her daughter's shoulder. 

Was it really so strange for her to wet her diaper, she questioned her belief. Her mum just had given Lila permission to use it when she needed to pee. And the diaper felt so soft and comfy, it could not be that bad, could it?

First slightly squirming, Lila tried to release the pressure on her bladder, but it was quite difficult to do so deliberately, especially sitting on a bench in a crowded airport. 

This time she obviously pushed, pressing her eyes together as she slowly was able to squeeze out a few drops. 

“It is quite hard if you are not used to it, do you want to sit with me, it makes it easier.”, her mum promised. Lila switched over to the welcoming lap, suddenly noticing the difference. Without the hard surface she was sitting on, the next push gradually grew into a steady flow, making her crotch warm and squishy for a second. She hardly could stop peeing until her need was gone, and she felt dry and comfy again. 

Mom had taken notice of the growing warmth on her lap and had figured out what was happening. "Are you done wetting?" she asked with a motherly smile.

Still a little embarrassed but glad she had the urgent need off her mind, Lila nodded in response.

"The shop assistant assured me, it will keep you dry even if you have to go pee another time. But are you still feeling comfy and dry?" asked her worried Mom as discreetly as possible.

For a second she forgot she was in public, squeezing her thighs together and checking the now not-too-obvious bulge between her legs. Not bad she had to admit, it was warm and still soft but not wet as her old pull-up would have been.  

"I'm good.", said Lila as she decided to not switch back to her own seat and was slightly thankful that her mum talked her into wearing a diaper again.

Actually, Lila thought the warm feeling of her wet diaper was quite pleasant. She could tell that she had peed quite a bit into her babyish underwear, but these diapers were more absorbent than her old bed-wetters pants, and they could definitely hold a lot more. 

Maybe she was hesitant when arguing that she did not need the diapers on the trip. And she had to admit that wetting herself was still a big stress relief for her on this busy transit through the airports.

As the minutes passed, their flight was announced over the speakers and Lila's family made their way to the crowded boarding gate.

“You should finish your bottle”, her dad reminded her about the half a liter of sparkling water in her hands. Lila took a sip, as she noticed she had to pee again. I am already wet, she thought and as she only pushed a little, she was surprised how easily she started wetting. 

“Lila, we better change your diaper before we board the plane, don't we honey?”, suggested her Mom, as she spotted a toilet with a baby changing symbol added to the women’s bathroom. “You know, having to change your diaper on the plane would be a nightmare and very obvious.”

Without trusting her diaper too much, she agreed with Mom that a change in the plane would be better avoided. After placing their bags with Dad, Mom took Lila to the toilet. 

There was a changing table, but it was just made to change a baby, and it was way too small to accommodate Lila. But upmost importantly, it would have been incredibly embarrassing for the small but still teenage girl, so instead they headed to one of the empty stalls together.

Her Mom shut the door, “Can you lift your skirt for me, please.” Lila shyly raised her skirt, revealing the yellow-tainted diaper.

“It was a good decision we switched you to diapers”, explained Mom, as she removed the tapes, letting the sodden diaper suddenly fall on the floor with a ‘plop’. “Your pull-ups would have been leaking long ago”, she concluded. “Now, do you still need to go potty?” 

Yes, Lila did feel a very light need to go, but using her diaper was not as bad as she thought, and she slowly began to regret that she was so determined to not use them on the trip. 

At least she could be using them on the flight and avoid the smelly dirty places they surely used as toilets here as well, she was making her decision. 

“No, I’m fine, Mom.”, Lila replied as she remembered how disgusting the toilets in public always were.

“Sure honey.”, her mum smiled again. She cleaned her darling with a couple of quick wipes, unfolded the fresh diaper, and taped it on her daughter as if she never stopped doing it.

Lila let go of her skirt and enjoyed the dryness of her underwear for a second. A wet diaper did not feel uncomfortable at all, but the feeling of a fresh and clean one felt pretty nice as well.

“Let's go on a vacation” her Mom cheered, as she rolled up her sodden diaper, throwing it in the bin. While Lila was in a daydream about what just happened, she stepped out of the stall and followed her Mom.


“Honey, good morning, we have just landed.” whispered her Mom as she gently kissed Lila awake.

Opening her eyes, the girl slowly began to sit upright, rubbing all the sleepiness out of her face while stretching her legs.

Yes, it was a good flight, she loved the thrill of takeoff and enjoyed the view over the clouds while she was taking advantage of the drinks and snacks they delivered. 

Eventually, all her adventures of the day caught up with the young girl, and she had fallen asleep with a smile for the rest of her flight.

Now, as she stretched and wanted to get up, she noticed the slightly damp and warm feeling in her crotch. She indeed used her diapers two times on the transit when she had to go, and she was glad that Mum had not said a word about the not-too-small amount of soda that she downed. 

Feeling awake and ready to explore now, Lila glanced around the plane, noticing that most of the passengers had already disembarked and were on their way to the luggage claim. 

She did not want to wait any longer, as her dad was busy getting their bags from the overhead compartment. And in a moment her daughter was up on her feed waiting for her day bag and ready to start their vacation.

As she was on her feet, she noticed her soaked diaper sag a little and the bulge between her legs was quite visible now if you knew it was there. She checked the back of her skirt for leaks and surely was relieved that everything still was dry

For a second she wondered, whenever she had used her pull-ups it never felt this heavy. But this diaper had kept her dry and could handle a lot more than her old bed-wetters pants.

As they followed all the signs to the baggage claim, Lila's belly started to feel uncomfortable, and she eventually had to go to the bathroom soon. 

Seeing that her parents were in a bit of a rush, she paid no mind to the ache and focused on keeping up with their pace. After arriving at the baggage claim, Lila went to grab a trolley while Mom and Dad waited at the conveyor belt for their bags. 

She pushed the trolley forward and joyfully jumped while rolling with it for some meters when she noticed the need to go suddenly coming back. But her parents looked so busy in the hustle and bustle of the airport, and she did not dare to raise her voice. 

Obviously, her only option was to tell Mom to take her diaper off for her to go to the restroom. But as she thought about that stinky room, she got a slight feeling of nausea in her throat. 

Actually peeing in the diapers saved her from this unpleasant experience on the transit through the airports. And now that she realized that this need would not be solved in such a quick but also childish and embarrassing manner, the worries that were so distant returned.  

Her mum sometimes offered her to just go when she was at the edge of having an accident and even if that was some years ago, she had to admit that her current underwear was made with that kind of accident in mind. And she even wore full tape-on diapers and was not in pull-ups now.

Little kids and Babies do that all the time, don't they? She even remembered the adults talking about kids on the edge of potty training, just putting a diaper on when they needed to poop. 

It cannot be that uncomfortable. She was wondering what it would be like to go poopy in her diaper. And while the idea settled into her mind, she even got a little curious about how it would feel.

Suddenly the need to go returned. Lila was sure she would not be able to hold back much longer as she squirmed and wiggled, hoping her need just would go away.

“Lila, you look so worried. What's up?” she suddenly approached her little girl who was obviously feeling uncomfortable. 

“I... I am fine. It is just I may need to go to the bathroom a little longer really soon.”, she admitted sheepishly.

“I can go to the toilet with you after we get our bags, in about five minutes, can you still wait for so long?” she explained, not realizing that her girl was on the edge of losing the battle against her belly. 

Lila put her hand on her tummy and felt the growing need to go now. Slowly shaking her head, she looked at her as she always did when she desperately wanted her help. 

“Can’t you come with me, so we can go now.”, she asked shyly, not willing to let her mum go and signaling that she might not be able to go on her own.

“No baby, Bernhard needs my help, we cannot leave right now. ... So if you really need to go so urgently, I wouldn’t mind you using your diaper for poop as well. It's just a short trip to our hotel and I can change you when we get there easily.”, she told her and stroked her back as she always did when she was uncomfortable or stressed. 

Her mum just suggested that she should poop in her ‘just in case’ diaper. This was so embarrassing was her first thought, but after some moments she realized it would finally take the ache from her. And while everyone else would have ditched the proposal, for Lila it calmed her dilemma and even made her a little curious.

Peeing in the diaper was such a relief, so pooping herself could not be so bad after all? She assumed in her mind.

She smiled in Lila's face. “I really don't mind if you need to. You don't have to fight that hard.”, she tried to ease away the little girl's resistance. 

Maybe using it was the best option for her. As embarrassing as it was to admit, the thought of doing that with her mum’s consent made her feel loved and protected as if nothing could harm her. So Lila started wondering what it would feel like to actually do the other thing as well.

With a sigh, Lila decided she wanted to try it, at least once. 

And this time she had a good excuse. Her parents had no time to accompany her, and she would not dare to go into the toilet alone, which could potentially be gross, dirty, and scary with all the unfamiliar people around. 

Even the idea of facing all the looks of strangers, the smells and flushing sounds without someone she knew close made her confident about her decision. 

“I think I'll use my ... you know, Mommy.”, Lila whispered, embarrassed and felt like a loved little girl while her mommy protected her.

“It's ok you will feel much better”, she heard her say as Mom smiled and nodded, and joined Dad at the conveyor belt, leaving Lila some meters away waiting with their trolley. 

Lila tried to let it go, like she did when she needed to pee on the plane. 

But the ache in her belly just intensified further, and she couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. After all, pooping herself was a lot more … involving than peeing. 

As she looked up again, she noticed all the adults were just staring where their luggage would appear. Surely no one would pay any attention to her, except for mum and dad of course. 

With that in mind, Lila leaned a little bit forward, resting some of her weight on the trolley. 

She relaxed her hold on her bowels and gave another slight push. 

A small trickle of pee released first before a tiny bit of her mess began making its way out.

It cannot be that hard, Lila wondered, as she saw a little baby boy standing with his legs slightly apart, clearly doing his business in his pants. He does not care at all that he was messing his diaper.

She felt the pressure in her belly coming back and also slightly spread her legs apart as she started to push. This time there wasn’t resistance in her tummy. Lila could feel the warmth quickly spreading as sticky poop squished against her bum. 

In relief, she exhaled and felt the load settle itself at the back of her diaper.

Lila felt her belly relaxing a little. She now just wanted to feel comfortable again and all this nasty stuff out of her tummy.  

Once again she pushed a little harder, this time, and a few seconds later she was confident she had gotten everything out, while she realized that the feeling of pooping herself was much different from just wetting. 

While the diaper would quickly absorb all her pee, the poop had instead formed a slightly warm mess at the back of her diaper.

However, she felt that it was actually quite pleasant and didn't feel bad at all. And it’s at least much better than having to use an icky, stinky restroom. Lila assured herself.

She shook herself and pretended to smooth out the back of her skirt, carefully placing her hand on the diaper to make sure it was not too obvious as she was still in public. And she noticed the diaper was heavier now, and the sag kept most of her firm mess away from the childlike-looking girl's skin. 

For a second she smelled a faint lingering odor of poop. But she looked old enough that no one would expect it to be her who is poopy. 

Lila raised her head and saw her Mum looking over at her while she was still standing here doing her business as the little baby boy did just some moments ago. She noticed the kind smile on mummy's face as she turned back, helping dad take a heavy bag off. 

Mum knows, flashed to her mind as she wanted to be back with her parents.

Lila slowly walked towards the conveyor belt to join them again. Somehow she wanted to tell them that she was messy, but it was much too embarrassing and babyish for her to admit. 

What will my daddy think of me just going in my diaper for that as well? The slight scent, however, told her parents anyway as she was approaching them. 

As Bernhard had picked up all their bags he sniffed and, with a knowing gaze, took Lila by her hand as he had not done for some years.

“Let's get our car and finally head to the hotel.”, he said, willingly ignoring what his child just did and as if he was telling her everything was ok

Lila was glad she was not alone anymore. She followed Dad and also stayed close to him while they were standing in the car rental pickup line. 

Standing in line, her mom decided that it was a good time to do a quick diaper check.  She tried to pull on Lila's back of her pants, when her daughter quickly turned away and leaned closer to dad

“Mom!” she exclaimed, “people are going to see!”

“Don’t worry, no one’s going to think badly of you. And I just have to make sure that your diaper was holding up after your accident. You don't want to have a messy leak in the rental car after all. So do you let me check your diaper?” replied Mom with a loving smile while she did not even bother to lower her voice.

“Mum ... !“, Lila tried to make a futile argument, while her dad just looked her in the eyes.  

“Really baby. No one knows you here, so it’s okay you don't need to feel ashamed about accidents while using diapers for traveling.” he underlined Mum's argument. 

The girl was really embarrassed now and hid her face in her dad's shirt.

Lila felt loved, and she trusted her parents, but at the same time, she felt like a small toddler being checked for a messy accident.

“I will have a short look.", her mum announced once more.

Lila just moved her head in approval, while she felt her mum touch her bum and felt a tiny pull at her waistband and the back of her diaper.

“You will be fine for now.”, she announced after a second.

Getting her diaper checked by Mom was embarrassing, not only because they were in public, but also because it was their parent’s proof that she had indeed messed herself.

Oh well, thought Lila. Her parents had surely smelled it already, and they would see it when she was in the hotel room. 

Dad hurried away with the clerk from the rental company and got over to the pick-up point. 

The mother and daughter couple patiently waited outside, where the company put some benches for all the waiting customers. 

With all the arriving passengers, nearly all seats were taken, and her mum just got the last free spot. 

“Do you like to sit on my lap again?”, she offered her girl, as she knew her feet were hurting after the long day of traveling.

“But I have just...”, Lila stumbled as discreetly as she could, while at the same time she could not confess that she had a messy load in her diaper. 

“I am your mum, I don't mind your little skunky bum, and I have seen and changed you a lot in the past years”, she calmed her down, while not even confirming that this accident was a one-time ever event for her childlike small but already teenage daughter.

Lila slowly sat on her mom's lap, while the strange feeling of the soft mess now spread all over her boom, confused her senses and created the strong childish need to cuddle with her mum. 

As her mum wrapped her loving arms around her, she no longer could stand being the independent teeny anymore but hid her face on mum's shoulder, ignoring what she might look like. Feeling her body so close and being loved by her mum was all she needed to leave her grumpy teenage thoughts behind. 

“Hi, you sleepy head, you have a really comfortable seat don't you”, her dad greeted her daughter as he arrived with their rental car and took their heavy luggage into the trunk. 

“Yes Daddy”, she cheered, not yet ready to let Mum go. 

“Lila is so sweet and affectionate today.”, her mother responded.

“Do you want to cuddle your daddy too?”, the man offered his darling a chance to leave her mom's lap. She hugged him, still experiencing the irresistible childlike love for her parents.

As if her dad had been on a week-long business trip, she now was clamping on him, even not letting him go as he lifted her up as a little girl. 

“We had a small issue with the car arrangement.”, the strong man on her shoulder, told his wife. “They did not have a booster for our Lila. The only possibility was the safer but more expensive child seat option for younger ones, but at least they did not charge us extra.”

Feeling so much love from him, the girl could not protest, but she still didn't want it to be too childish. 

“What kind of child seat?”, she found the courage to ask, interrupting her parent's discussion.

“Oh, it is a nice one in a purplish red color”, he advertised. Without dropping his girl to the ground, he took her over to the backseats of the car, opening the door and revealing a full-sized seat that even had shoulder straps as a seat for a rally driver. 

First, she wanted to protest that she was not a baby, but then the love from her parents and the comfortable hug lulled her into thinking twice about it. Wasn't her diaper the same thing, something childish, that could actually feel nice and comfortable? 

“Oh I am sure you are in for trouble”, his wife commented on the seat that her husband had chosen, remembering all the discussions she had with her daughter in the past weeks. 

Lila did not want to be a grumpy vacation Grinch, and maybe she also wanted to show her mum that she was wrong. 

“It is ok, at least we will have one, and we can enjoy our time here.” 

Her teenage side enjoyed the surprised feeling on her mum's face. 

“I think our big girl is not as grumpy and cranky as you think. Can I let you down to try it? It may be a little difficult with the buckles.”

“But Daddy, I still want to cuddle with you.”, she confessed that the child in her was back in command.

Slightly caught off guard, he whispered, “Do you mind if I tuck you in?”, he suggested, remembering the countless times that he placed his sleepy or sad daughter in the back of their car. 

“Yes Daddy” she mumbled while the only important thing was that he did not let her down on the hot and hard street. With some well-trained moves, he opened the door and let her slip on the seat. Without thinking, she put her hands in the shoulder straps and let him close the buckle with a click.

Lila wiggled a little And while she noticed the lack of space to move, she somehow also felt comfortable. She liked the soft fabric and the small pillow that was there for her head. 

“I like it”, she confirmed again. And as the adults smiled a little, she added, “Just don't make me use it at home when my classmates see me. Ok?”

The two adults, who were still astonished by the change in her teenage girl’s temper, got in at the front. 

With the push of a button, they opened the window a bit to let in the fresh summer vibes and to keep Lila's poopy smell at bay that still kind of lingered around her.

As the drive was getting boring, she had time to think about all the things that changed while they left their city apartment. Most of all was that she, despite all her doubts, actually liked her diapers and the freedom she had to pee or even poop whenever she needed. 

But there was also the trust and love for her parents that was crowing again, as if her puberty had never sent the first confusing ideas in her mind. Making her more cranky than she actually wanted to be.


Excited about the new place, Lila jumped on the queen-size bed in their hotel room. Her parents had just checked themselves in at the reception, and the young girl could not wait to explore everything the place had to offer. There were so many nice things she could think about that she nearly forgot about her messy diaper, that she still wore under her slightly childlike shorts.

Mom had started unpacking all their bags, while her Dad headed down to the lobby, surely parking their car in the hotel's parking garage.  

As the last empty bag was packed away, her Mom looked at her girl. Lila was lying on the bed, checking out the kid's channels on TV while thinking about the hotel pool and the waterslides that they had here.

The last things that Mom left on the bed were Lila's old travel changing mat and a fresh pack of wipes.

“Honey, come, let us get that poopy diaper of yours changed.” Mom announced as she placed the mat and her wipes next to her on the bed. 

“Can you lift your tushie for a moment, baby?”

“I am not a baby” she insisted, ignoring the obvious smell and still letting her mum slide the changing pad up under her back. Then she raised her skirt over her belly. With her hand, she signaled her girl, that she could lie back down 

Lila could feel the soft but water-impermeable layer around her changing area and noticed that she was indeed acting as if she was a baby girl. And while noticing that, she became a lot more self-conscious about the embarrassing thing she did.

“Mom you know, I think I have to clean that up by myself.” offered Lila embarrassed, and at the same time she simply wanted to vanish into thin air. But still, she trusted her mum that she would not leave her alone with all the mess she had in her diaper.

Maria placed her hand on her kid's belly, “I will do that, honey. I promised that when I told you to go poopy.” replied Mom. “Besides, when you were a baby, I’ve changed your poopy diapers a ton of times, and I really don't mind doing it again today.”

Lila relaxed as she heard that, she relented in relief and slowly spread her legs, making it at least as easy as possible for her Mom.

“Oh, this diaper is full.” giggled Mom as she opened the tapes, revealing the mess on her booty.

“I am sorry. Your mummy should have changed your way earlier. This must have been very uncomfortable.”

“It was not that bad, Mom, I nearly forgot about that after some moments.”, replied Lila honestly. “You know actually ...“, she continued, before her embarrassment suddenly stopped her.

“Actually, ...?” continued her Mom, as she softly began wiping down Lila’s messy tushie.

“It’s just… I don't know, it made the trip much easier for me and I kind of liked it a little, I guess…” stumbled Lila. “And I really hate to go to the smelly bathrooms. In my diapers I felt so loved and protected as if I am still your little child.”, she confessed.  

“You are always my child and I love you.”, she told Lila and Mom continued wiping in silence as the young girl enjoyed the feeling of the cold, soothing wipe gently rubbing against her skin while being so close to her mum.

As Maria rolled up the dirty diaper, she kissed her belly.

“You are all clean now.” exclaimed her mom, waiting for a second to see if she would stand up to get her panties on. But as the moments passed, it was clear that there was more Lila wanted from her. 

And with a sarcastically strict voice, she said, “Now, we have something to discuss, my little one. You know, I used to insist that you wear pull-ups in the past because I didn’t want you stressing about having an accident, especially since you wet the bed pretty often.”

She paused for a second to see Lila’s reaction and when there was no sign of refusal she continued, “Today I promised you that you could switch back to wearing undies this year. But, you had accidents in them a lot today, and you told me you also liked the security and comfort that they gave you. So I thought we might as well keep you in diapers like what we’ve always done, or do you really want to switch back to underwear right now and just wear them as bed-wetting briefs at night?”

Mom’s question surprised Lila. She did enjoy her diapers a little on the trip, and she just told her that it was comfy and made her feel protected and small.

She now regretted her strong refusal. And while her pride as a teenager was on the line, she truthfully did want to be diapered again.

“Do you mind if I choose the diapers?”, confessed Lila with her face red like a tomato...

“Of course not, my girl. I think those will give you a much more relaxed vacation if you don't have to worry about bed-wetting when you are tired.”, said Mom, who then went to grab some fresh diapers and powder from the closet.

“But how can I go to the bathroom and pee when I wear them, I mean they are real diapers and not just pull-ups” the girl wondered as she felt the soft fabric under her bum.

“Oh.” Her mum replied, “I really don't mind you using them when you need to go, and if we have a toilet close by you just come with me and I help you to get to the potty”  

Gently, she fluffed up another plain white diaper, placed it under her booty, and sprinkled a little bit of powder. After checking the alignment was right and nothing was too tight, she taped the diaper in place and carefully adjusted the leak guards, as Lila rolled over at her belly and giggled. 

“You are done, baby”, she said as she gave the diaper a gentle pat 

“Could you tell me when you need a change.” her mum reminded her of their mutual agreement that they had on their previous trips.

“Okay.” nodded Lila. 

The little girl somehow was conflicted. Wearing a diaper, wetting and pooping in it was surely supposed to have been so shameful. Especially for a young woman her age, but at the same time, she didn’t mind the strange feeling at all. 

And getting her diaper changed by her mom was supposed to be extremely embarrassing at thirteen. But for her, it was different. It felt somewhat nice. She felt like a loved child and enjoyed the childish affection and trust, she experienced while returning into this nearly lost stage of their mummy-daughter relationship. 

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  • Annie_Austria changed the title to Lila on a family vacation (Part 1 - 26/3/2024 -6000/46000words)

I must say…. It really is quite flattering to have a story adapted over my own. 🥰

Please do continue. I think you’ve done some delightful stuff and I’m looking forward to seeing more. 

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Hello Reartykeuniverse

Thanks again for your approval to use it. And it's great for me that you like it.
I was not too convinced that I am already able to write in English,
without spoiling everyone's reading experience. 

But it seems that my skills have improved with the project I did here.
And as the main Part of the vacation is finished, and just waiting on the corrections,
I just try to create a spinoff of Lila at home, but it is miles away of publishing. 

@reartykeuniverse If you want to read it in advance, and you don't mind spelling error,

you can have it in advance. Just contact me via a message.

Thanks again, 


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On 3/29/2024 at 12:58 AM, Annie_Austria said:

And as the main Part of the vacation is finished, and just waiting on the corrections,
I just try to create a spinoff of Lila at home, but it is miles away of publishing. 

@reartykeuniverse If you want to read it in advance, and you don't mind spelling error,

you can have it in advance. Just contact me via a message.

Thanks again, 


I wouldn’t want to unduly influence your writing, so no need for the special treatment! I’d be just as happy to read it at the same time that everyone else does. ☺️

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Hello dear readers

Thanks for your comments. I have the next part ready to publish. It is not so long this time but as I want to keep it on a day-to-day Chapter length the first ones will be shorter. 


Chapter 2 - Aquarium - Quite too busy while exploring the city 

When Lila got up, she was excited. A whole day of exploration and discoveries was coming up. While her parents were still sleeping and surely dreaming about boring adult stuff like working or creating rules for each other.  

But she was awake and could hardly wait anymore until the city was woken up by the tickling rays of the sun.

“Lila, are you already out of bed?” whispered her mum as she saw her daughter sitting on the table watching the first cars deep under them. They were surely heading to an early start at work or returning from their night shift watching over the sleeping inhabitants in this ocean of concrete and briggs. 

“Yes, mum. What are we up to doing today?”, her girl asked excitedly, wishing her parents would finally leave their beds. 

“I thought we should go and check out the aquarium.”, her mother suggested. “It could be an interesting place to explore the maritime environment, don't you think?”

Lila nodded again, still not entirely sure if it would be a comfortable place to spend their first day in the city. 

“You want to carefully wake your daddy. We have a breakfast buffet included, and it would be a great way to start the day together.”

She smiled mischievously, thinking about all the different ways she could bring him back from his dreams to the real world. 

With a smile, she walked over to the still-snoring men. She was sitting next to her dad, kissing him awake. 

“Daddy they have prepared a buffet for us and Mum wants to take me to the aquarium.”, she began to speak. “And...”, she wanted to continue when her dad began to tickle her and dragged her under the blanket. 

“Honey, you don't want to sleep anymore?”, he concluded as her mum did just moments ago. 

“No, Daddy, I cannot! We have so much to do”, she explained to the sleeping adult and sounded so excited.


Two hours later, they were finally arriving at the entrance. And Lila could not stand waiting anymore. She had waited so long and now was circling her parents while they were waiting patiently. 

“Do you need to go to the bathroom before we go in?”, her mum asked, just making sure she did not force her child into using her diaper. 

Maybe she should have brought the pull-ups along as well, just to give her the possibility to go on her own. But on the other hand, she was sure the baby-sized pull-ups even in the biggest size would not be a help if she really had an accident.

In Lila's eyes, there was no need for that at all, her mother had put her in a fresh diaper after breakfast and the little but still teenage girl had already decided she was not too keen on using the public bathrooms. 

So without telling the embarrassing decision to her parents, she would just use her diapers if she needed to pee, as she did on the flight. 

“No! Mum, I don't have to go.”, she answered truthfully but forgot to mention that she already peed when they were in the metro.

Dad booked them on a guided tour, for one and a half hours they could see the maritime world waiting for them behind thick glass windows. Their tour guide was already waiting for the kids and teens tour right at the entrance. 

“Are we all ready to leave?”, the young woman asked, wearing a bluish-colored shirt. And she started to explain interesting things about the place while showing them around. 

For the next ninety minutes, they were all quite busy walking through the site, watching fish in the tanks and even feeding them under the watchful eyes of the zookeeper. 

As Lila did not want to miss a single second of the interesting program, she again ignored her mum's attempt to help her if a toilet was close by. While her diaper between her legs was starting to get heavy. 

At about noon, the tour ended, and they were having lunch in a sunken-ship-themed restaurant. Lila joyfully was running around her Mummy. 

“Look what I found”, she led her parents to the free spot that was just separated by a glass window from the fishes. 

Long before her parents finished reading the menu, Lila had decided to go with the much more colorful kid’s menu and quickly found her loved spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese.

“Mummy, can you get me the spaghetti?” she ordered, immediately going back to look into the large tanks containing the big sharks and barracudas as if they were swimming right next to their sunken ship. 

As she was watching, her diaper was getting very wet now, and began to feel slightly uncomfortable. 

Should she ask her mum to change her? Did her parents even bring a spare nappy? Her mum seemed so determined to let her go to the toilet all day long, while she did not even once admit she had to go, when mum offered her to pee like a big kid. 

When they chose what they wanted, she decided to join her mum as they went over to pick up their plates and drinks. 

“Wait for a second”, her mother asked her to stop and was discreetly sliding her hand over the back of her summer dress, feeling the wet nappy underneath. 

“You are pretty wet aren't you”, her mum asked, noticing that her child seemed to ignore all her reminders to use the potty and had just peed herself instead. 

Lila blushed in embarrassment as the truth was becoming clear to her mum. 

“Does it still hold up until we have finished lunch?”, she asked, not willing to check and embarrass her any further in public. 

The little girl honestly did not know. She had not counted every time she just let herself trickle a little, when she felt the urge coming back. Yes, sure she had a lot of orange juice and hot chocolate for her breakfast, but she was wearing a real diaper after all.

“No, I think I am fine.”, she told her mum, knowing that this was borderline lying to her. 

“Don't worry, I will change you immediately after our meal.”, Lila heard her mum and felt suddenly relieved, as this was how her parents were reacting when she wet her pull-ups a lot on her previous vacations. 

And while she was mussing up her child's hair, her kid was snuggling on her side. She stroked her back as her little girl took drinks from the fill-up station and also put the plates of hot, delicious-looking lunch on their plate before they headed to the checkout. 

Her mum thought about her little girl as she handed her the purse to pay and smiled as she was trying to sound like she was in charge. She likes playing grown-up, but at the same time simply refuses to go to the potty. 

Even on their past vacations, Lila just wet herself when it was hard to reach the restrooms in time. But now she did not even try anymore. She thought back to the time when they finally trained her on the last days before she started primary school. 

Her baby girl in those days was already asking to go poopy on her potty while she always wet herself, until her pediatrician gave her the advice to let her slow down and give her a little more time. 

So she got used to wearing her pull-ups to school and was still wetting herself every day in the first month. Then suddenly, even if her mum had her doubts, the stress of starting school cooled off, and she finally stopped as if it had never been a problem. 

Was this similar? She asked herself. Was she having too much stress and now found a way to step back? Could she at least take the stress from her girl while they were on the trip together? 

But what if she would lose the ability to make it to the potty again? School will be starting again next week and the summer holidays are still two months away. 

“You seem so worried?”, her husband tried to cheer her up as he noticed she had not even touched her plate. He was taking her wife's hand.

Maybe she was worrying too much about her child, she finally decided. She was much happier since she was back in diapers, and that could not be bad for her child, couldn't it?

She finally started eating her meal while the others were already halfway through their lunch.

As Lila finished her meal, she again felt the need to pee. Without hesitation, she just relaxed and let it all out. But this time the wetness did not disappear anymore, and also her dress felt uncomfortable and wetness started to dribble down her legs.  

“What's up, darling?”, her mum asked her as she noticed her strange behavior. She was looking over to her daughter, noticing the crowing wet stains on her precious girl's dress. 

“Oh, I think you are leaking honey”, she revealed what Lila desperately wanted to hide. Her mum grabbed her big bag, helping her child to stand up. 

As comfortable as she was with peeing her pants, she did not want anyone to see what she did here sitting in the middle of the restaurant. 

She wished her mum would just help her to take her on her hips and let her cover her eyes in the shirt to feel more protected while she brought her over to the bathroom. 

“Mum, please!”, Lila begged for help as she felt all the eyes of the other guests on her wet bum. 

Finally, her mum at least put her arm around her and quickly dragged her out of the room while she could at least hide her face a little. 


“We just had an accident”, she heard her mum talk to one of the employees. And was hardly noticing the response as her mum dragged her to a room close by. The noise of the tourists slowly walking was coming to an end as the door closed. 

“Here, we have a special changing table to fit kids her age”, the man said that Lila identified as one of the service personnel of the restaurant. 

“Thanks, that is really a great help, what can we do to clean her chair?” she heard her mum asking.

“Don't worry, this happens a lot even if normally to slightly younger guests, so the chairs have a plastic cover and can be cleaned easily.” He smiled, easing the worries on her mum's face. 

Lila quickly hid her face again and just let loose when she heard the door close and Mum's arms lifting her up, sitting her on the soft plastic surface as she unpacked her bag. 

Her mum had packed not only a spare diaper, but also another dress that she could wear instead of her now wet one. 

“Oh, this is soaked, why did you not go to the restroom with me when I asked you to”, her mother grumbled slightly as she undressed her. 

She did not notice as her daughter’s eyes sank in shame. 

“Or at least you could have told me how wet you really are?” 

Lila sighed at the hard words she no longer could take. Without being able to stop it, she felt some tears running down her cheeks. 

The seconds passed. 

Was she too strict with her girl? She clearly was desperate now. Her mummy instinct took over. She could not stand seeing Lila in tears anymore, even if this meant that her daughter's potty training was on the line. 

Suddenly, her mum took a napkin and dried her tears.

“Baby it is not a problem at all.”, she quickly added as she noticed that in trying to let her be the teenager, she had overestimated what Lila could bear by a lot.

Maybe I should have checked on you as I did all the previous years. And she could still hear the feelings of worry and anger in her voice. 

As innocently as she could, Lila looked her mum in the eyes. 

“You want me to help you more, don't you”, her mum tried to find out why her daughter suddenly ditched her potty training. 

Her child nodded, while she was not even able to look her in the eyes. 

Should we step back some more to make it more comfortable for you on the vacation, she asked again, and this time she could mumble a soft yes as her answer.

Her mum seemed to notice that she was lifting a lot of weight off her small daughter's shoulder. And she simply kissed her kid to get rid of the rest of her tears.

Taking some of the wipes that were provided, she quickly cleaned the diaper area, rolled up the sodden now yellow-tainted diaper, and placed a fresh one under her bum. Just as in the airport, she was quickly back in something clean and comfy. 

Finally, Lila could smile again as her mum put the new dress over her head. 

“Mummy please, can you hold my hand”, she asked her big guardian as they left the room some seconds later. And as she grabbed her fingers to hold her mum she felt the connection to her parents again and the child in her was back, enjoying that they still could stay here while she was dancing back to their seats. 

“Thanks”, she heard her mum say as they passed the waiter that helped them out before. 

“Sure, we are here to help.”, he told her, while Lila greeted him with a big smile. 

“You are feeling better too?”, he asked her, clearly not thinking that she was thirteen. 

The little girl who could not keep her legs from tumbling in joy nodded. 

“You were really brave, so if you want and your mum allows it, you can choose a little treat for yourself from the kid's dessert menu”, he told Lila. Handing her a printed sheet that was a mixture of a menu with some fish to color in between. 

“Thanks, we would love to”, her mum said, as she took two separate sheets for herself and her husband from the adult menu stack. And with a smile, they returned to their table and ended up eating a yummy dessert as well.

While they headed out exploring in the afternoon, Lila noticed some changes. 

Her mum now ended all the futile reminders of the possible stops at the restrooms. Instead, in a much more embarrassing manner, started to check her daughter's diaper whenever she could do it without making her child sink in shame. 

And while the first checks were embarrassing, she noticed that now where the procedure no longer involved her being responsible for her diaper, she started to relax even more and just trusted her parents to be there for her.


The bright sunlight shining on the bed tickled Lila awake. The clock on the TV showed her it was just a little past six in the morning. The childlike girl felt incredibly groggy, like she had not rested at all. 

They had spent the entire last day at the aquarium, and it was a great experience. So by the time they left in the evening, every member of the family was exhausted, and the small girl closed her eyes even before her mum finished changing her for the night. 

With her feet, she pushed the covers slightly down and turned to her Mom, who was still sleeping peacefully next to her, holding her with her arm. Lila and Maria shared the same queen-sized bed, while Dad had a separate bed next to them for himself.

As she moved her legs a little, she noticed the warm and slightly squish diaper around her booty. While her pajamas were still dry and comfy. 

The girl wondered if she had a wet night, but then she remembered she peed her diaper at night as she was much too tired to get up, and she was pretty sure she did that not just once.

It still was comfy, and Lila did not see any need to get changed immediately. She actually just wanted to drift back to sleep and get at least a couple more hours of rest. 

But as much as she tried, she could not. For once the sun was much too bright and second there was this dull ache in her belly.

What should she do? All her potty training told her she should remove the sodden diaper and head to the bathroom. 

But then her Mom would have to get up from her deep sleep and change her into a fresh diaper for the rest of her night, or she would risk a wet bed in the morning when she sleeps without her protection for one or two hours. 

She thought how easy this was in the airport, what if she could just go in her diaper now and worry when her mum was up?

But no, when she goes poopy in her bed with the toilet so close by, her Mom would get angry for sure? Cleaning up after she messed in her diaper was quite a smelly work, after all. 

And while she had her mum’s approval on the trip to push it all in her diaper, that was just because they were in a hurry, and she could not hold it any longer. 

Maybe she could pretend that she pooped in her diaper while she was sleeping, but ... no, Mom would never believe that.

She rolled back facing her mum as the ache got worse. She finally had to wake her, as she was certain it was the only way out of her dilemma. 

Lila crawled closer to Mom’s side and whispered, “Mummy wake up .... Mummy please ... Mummy!“

“Good morning, dear.” she finally said with sleep still in her eyes, letting her daughter's head down on her shoulder.  “Why are you up so early? I’m still pretty tired myself.”

“Mummy!.” replied Lila in desperation as she now needed to go really urgently. “I can't sleep anymore because I desperately need to go to the toilet. My belly is aching a little.”

Mom stroked her hair for a moment as she thought about it. 

“Why don't you just go poopy in your diaper again … it's easier, and you don't need to worry.”, her Mom suggested as if that was the obvious solution for her problem, And yawningly she added. “I promise, I will change you when we both get up later.”

With her mum’s promise in her mind, Lia wiggled around to find a comfortable position for pooping herself. But this was a little hard as she was laying in bed and her

body is not used to doing that. 

Surely, she could just squat down, but she really wanted to stay in her bed, snug and close to her mum.  Her mum just smiled at her, come I help you, she mumbles and as she rocked her a little on her tummy. And as she pushed her legs slightly apart, she lost her control and she noticed a little log of poop already leaving her. 

“Just do it, and you can get back to sleep”, she padded her as she began to climb out of bed. 

Lila closed her eyes and pushed. Moments later, the tummy was soft and relaxed, and just the warm babyish feeling on her booty was a reminder of what she had done.

“I will close the curtains”, explained Mum as she got up for a moment and opened the window a little bit. Before laying back next to Lila. A scent of poop came from under their blankets as Lila opened her eyes again. 

Are you feeling better, she asked as she rolled Lila closer to herself and kissed her forehead. Lila, still embarrassed about what she just did, was enjoying her mum’s attention. And before she started to rock her back to sleep, she pulled back the waistband of her diaper and confirmed that her little girl indeed pooped herself.

You had to go quite urgently, that must have been uncomfortable all night for your little belly? She assumed, now starting to rock her softly,  “Are you feeling better now.”

Lila nodded. “At least the ache in my tummy is gone”, she smiled.

“With diapers on, it is much easier to just go if you need to pee or poop instead of holding in, don't you agree.”

“You are not mad at me for not trying harder to avoid a potty accident like that. I thought I should have taken off my diaper and headed to the toilet instead.”

“Baby no! Please don't take it off yourself. You still wet your bed. I prefer it if you wake up with a poopy diaper over changing your wet bedding. Is pooping yourself so uncomfortable for you.” She wanted to hear the feelings of Lila.

“No, using it does not feel bad at all. It pushes away the anger when something does not go as I liked it and brings back all these nice memories from when I was little and did not care. Maybe I miss being that carefree little girl.” her child in her arms confessed. 

Mum gave her Lila a kiss on the cheek. “I also would love to have my play and cheerful kid back, and I missed caring for my baby. So it is never a chore for me to clean you up when you are wet or messy.”

She slowly patted her daughter's belly.

“Can you promise your mummy to be carefree about that and just go potty in your diaper whenever you need to?”

Lila nodded with a childish smile.

“And if you want some more cuddles or something else, however childish it may seem, tell me or your dad, ok?”

The smiling girl nestled down into Mum’s shoulder. She could relax with her mum so close, and after the talk with her mother, she felt the ease of mind about her current embarrassing potty habits. Lila still felt the warm mess on her bum, and the oddly smoothing feeling again let her forget all her teeny worries, and she drifted back to sleep


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  • Annie_Austria changed the title to Lila on a family vacation (Part 2 - 5/4/2024 -9700/46000words)
  • 2 weeks later...

Hello dear readers

The next chapter is ready. This time it is the first chapter that is a complete rewrite and has more new ideas in it than the last two ones. As always I would appreciate it if you find the time to write a short comment.

This one is also quite long I hope you like it this way. I could have split it up halfway through but I like longer chapters when I read stories. So this has about 10600 Words. 



Chapter 3 -Shopping and Swimming - New friends for Lila

The sound of someone opening her diaper tapes woke her up. She was still lying in her bed, but someone removed her blanket and her pyjama. Oddly, the girl also noticed she was sucking on something. Without thinking, she was trying to get back into the warmth of her bed.

“Wait Lila, my baby, I am still changing and cleaning you up.”, her mum whispered while holding her back. And as someone took a cold and wet wipe, starting to whip her front clean, she suddenly opened her eyes and stared into Mum’s eyes, noticing it was her thumb that she was sucking on. She took it out as fast as she could, hiding it as if it was a big secret. 

“Don't be ashamed, you were doing that for the last thirty minutes or so. Maybe we should get you a pacifier.”, she explained, not sounding serious. Suddenly her legs were lifting while she proceeded to whip her bum, took the dirty diaper away, and placed her on a fresh one.

“You did not want to wake up, so I just started changing you because we really should head downstairs for the breakfast buffet.”

As her mum flipped the absorbent underwear up her belly, her daughter tried to raise her head and saw how her mum closed the sticky tapes, securing it in place. 

When done, she lovingly caressed her belly. “Remember, you have your mum’s permission to just go if you feel you need the potty. No more itchy toilets for you, at least for this week.”, she mentioned her discussion from the morning again and gave her a final kiss.

Just wearing the plain white padding between her legs, she got up and gave her mum a good morning hug. For some seconds they still stood there enjoying each other and the little teenage girl did not want to let her mother go.

“Look, I have already unpacked your stuff.”, the adult presented the cupboard filled with her kids-sized clothes. With a short smile, she also noticed that her parents seemed to have packed most of her older colorful, and childlike stuff in the front while her cool school T-shirts were hidden in the back. 

“Can you dress yourself or do you need help, my little darling?”  

Lila looked in her mother's face and without asking she felt mum's hand tucking her into a denim overall and slid on a new shirt. You are ready for breakfast, she announced, putting her onto her still sleepy feet and heading downstairs to the morning buffet. 


As they entered the big shopping mall, the little girl was astonished by the variety of shops that this air-conditioned place had to offer. At home, they headed to the same places all the time, and Mum and her daughter already knew most of the shops and were never so surprised or astonished by new products. 

Here, on the other hand, everything was unknown and exciting and for the first two hours, they ended up trying every Outfit they got their hands on. There was even a big kid and teens section with a lot of colorful and funny shirts that both of them liked a lot, even if the small teeny had to admit that such an outfit would not be the best for their coolness rating in the school community.
Her parents also got Lila some new shorts and dresses that the little girl liked, even if they were always on the childish side, and they had more space for Lila's new absorbent underwear. In the end, Lila and her mum were quite happy with their selection in their shopping cart, and her mum heard a whisper of thanks from her girl.

“Look what they have here”, Mum called her child over as she showed her some kind of Panties made of a plastic-like material. 

“What are these?”, she asked the still-excited adult. Not convinced that the Panties will be comfortable to wear in the summer heat. 

“These are baby panties, but they seem to also have them for bigger kids here.”, her mother explained. 
“They are made of an odor impermeable layer and should help to keep your poopy smell at bay when we cannot change you, or you are sleeping.”

The girl's face changed to red like a traffic light. 
“Mum!”, she stumbled, still ashamed of her mentioning her recent accidents. 

“Honey, at least it would be a great idea for the flight back.”

“Can I help you?”, a young-looking shop assistant came over, offering his help? He was still in his late teen years and clearly just some years older than Lila. 

“This is our weekly offer from the special needs section. You can have 3 for the price of 2, and we have sizes all the way up to the small adult size, with nice patterns for older kids or teens who need a little extra help.” he explained.

Please don't say they are for me. The teeny immediately wished her mum would be discreet enough to hide her current potty habits. 

“We should really try some of them”, their mum announced. “Would you do mummy a favor and choose some of them for your twin sister at home?”, she offered her child, a way to hide that the panties would be for her. 

“Yes, it's always best to have someone young to choose, the kids do know best what is nice and what they don't like.” 

“What prints do you want? Look, we have cartoon-themed ones here.”, he now showed her a big variety while his little customer suddenly noticed that the covers seemed quite soft and would maybe not be too uncomfortable. 

“I like this pattern.”, she suddenly started to talk to the young man, letting him offer some more similar items. 

Especially for the colder nights at home when she ... needed to go. But at home that would never happen, she would go back to wearing her pull-ups that barely held one of her regular bed-wetting accidents. 

Lila took three of them that she actually liked, and slowly walked over to her mum while suddenly noticing her need to pee, and when she relaxed the not-too-uncommon feeling of wetness spread just for a second. I do not even have to stop walking if I have to go, she thought. 

“That's a nice selection.” her mum praised her, putting the panties in the cart. 

“It's a pity that we are on vacation and cannot buy more today, we could also take a look at the nice sleepers over there.”, Mum complained to the shop assistant while she looked at all the childlike clothes that they had to offer. 

“Oh, sure. But we are opening stores with departments like this in every big city.”, he announced, and was clearly back to his sales pitch. 
“So you may also find us in a city nearby wherever you live”, and he handed Mum a flier with all the planned stores and how to find them. 

“Do you also have diapers on offer, I think we run low on them as well?”

“Oh sure, we have them over there next to the baby diaper aisle.” 

Lila had always walked through diaper aisles as fast as she could because she still could not risk that someone found out about her little nighttime secret, that the pull-ups that ended up in their cart were actually for her. But now she could risk looking a little closer. She was in a different city, after all, and she could always blame it on her imaginary twin sister. 

From normal baby diapers to pull-ups to teen and kid-sized pampers and plain white adult incontinence underwear, she found everything.

“You will need something to protect her skin … her mum talked to herself, seeming to forget the world around her and enjoying that she could shop for Lila. 

“And maybe some of them as well”, she added as she grabbed some packs of baby wipes and a tube of barrier cream, placing them into the shopping basket. 

When she headed over to get her child some more diapers, she could have easily bought the same brand they were using right now. But since the store has such a variety to offer, she wanted to take a look at all the available alternatives and if there was something better on sale.

While she was astonished by the different kinds of teenage pull-ups and bed-wetting panties that could easily be mistaken for actual underwear, she discovered something else: ‘You want your child to feel dry again all through the day or night.’ She read an advertisement that advertised some pampers-green bags with a girl, in her daughter's size, laughing and having fun. 

‘Up to 12 hours of absorbency now also for your older kids and teens’, was printed on the bag. She took it in her hands to look at it. It was unmistakably designed for older children like Lila, she concluded as she turned her bag and saw all the different prints and designs. Not too babyish, but still cute and with cartoon characters that would appeal to a little girl who still wets her bed or needs protection during the day. 

We would not even need to buy the teen version, her mum noticed as she glanced at the size indicator that was placed on the side of the package, imitating a size scale reaching from 5 years up to 18 in four additional steps. From older Toddlers, Kids, and Teens to Young Adults, this brand seems to offer tape-on diapers for all ages. We still would have time with her, going to the potty came to her mind as she noticed that Lila would easily fit into the child's size. And the price also was in the range of the medical diaper options that she wore right now.

She looked over at her child instead of hiding as she did at home, her daughter was discovering the aisle on her own. Slowly waking over from the pull-ups she bought at home to the bottles and pacifiers that they offered here. Her mum did not want to interrupt her, but she still wanted to get all their things sorted out so that they could finally have something for lunch

“Honey, look what I found here.”, Mum called her, showing her the bag of diapers. “They might be nicer and better than your current ones.”

She raised her head shyly, came over to her, and looked at the package. In contrast to her medical diapers, these did not look like boring plain white diapers for grannies. Instead, a colorful childlike design greeted Lila, while she also noticed that they were apparently a lot thicker and would suck up all her pee and there would be fewer worries about leaky accidents like she had on the trip to the aquarium. 

But on the other hand, they were much more obvious when she wore them under her normal teeny clothes. “Oh, they have nice prints on them.” she finally saw as she turned the packages and immediately fell in love with the design. There were her favorite cartoons and animals again dancing in the front and back, so she closed her eyes and smiled. 

It would be embarrassing to wear if she would be at home, but here she could slip back to being the carefree little girl she was before she was 13 and had to play being an adult. Yes mummy, they will be great for me, she responded. 

When you are on vacation, did you see that they also make swim diapers for your sister? The shop assistant suddenly was back offering another bag to Lila's mum, still maintaining the white lye her mum told despite the discussion between them which he had to be able to hear for sure. 

They were the same brand. Swim diapers for older kids - Play safe at the pool, was written in big letters announcing its content and a boy that was maybe her age or slightly younger was having fun at the pool while posting for the cover. And a little info box at the bottom informed them that they are mandatory for all diaper-wearing children who are not completely potty-trained. 

“Mum, do you really think I need them.”, she asked, thinking about our hotel pool and the fun she could have at the waterslide. “Yes honey, don't you want to worry less about going potty in your diapers?”, she insisted without forcing her daughter.

“But aren't they just for babies making poopies while swimming in the pool?”

“You had two big poopy accidents in your diapers this week, so you should use them just in case you need to go while you are having fun splashing around. And you are so relaxed, carefree, and like a little child that I actually don't expect you to try to hold in anymore.”

I was becoming red in embarrassment. Sure, I did not mind pooping in them, but she sounded like I needed them to keep myself clean. 

“It's completely ok if you still use your diapers like that, but you can not mess yourself in the pool. You are not fully potty-trained, so they are mandatory for you anyway if you want to still go and try that waterslide. This is their hotel pool policy and I have to insist on it.”  her mum explained a little strict and decided to buy the package of swim diapers without discussing that with her any further.

She looked into her eyes as if she expected another response from Lila.

Maybe mum took it a bit too far, expecting her to not have enough control over her bowel, and at the same time she in fact liked wearing her nappies. She trusted her mum and now just wanted to be loved, and safe again, and even regretted arguing with her.

Lila ignored her mum's words and just tried to cuddle up with her instead. And as her mum understood what the little girl wanted, she felt the comforting hand on her back, hugging her tightly. 

“You are a Good girl. I saw you standing at the binkies before, so I wondered do you want one for tonight?”, she offered her child and was sure she would never be able to ask on her own. 

She looked up to her. “Don't worry about childish stuff, remember?” she explained again as she pushed her to the pacifier and bottle aisle.  

“How do you like this one?” she asked as she presented a starter pack containing a slightly bigger pacifier and a baby bottle, advertised for kids six years up.

While holding the little transparent pack in her hand, she could not help but smile. Mum just had chosen one with her favorite childhood hero. She truly wanted to have them, but at the same time, did not want someone to know. She held them tight as if it would be a toy she got as a reward. 

“Baby, no one is taking them from you”, her mum finally explained with a smile, knowing that she had done just the right thing for Lila.


After having lunch at the fast food bistro in the mall, they headed back to the hotel to relax. Lila was also glad she could finally get rid of the sweaty pants that she had on for the shopping trip. 

Also, the little girl was excited to try on all her new clothes and things she got. So she lay herself down on the bed and started unpacking her stuff. As if it was Christmas Eve, and she was cheerful while discovering all her presents. She could easily unwrap her new pants and dresses and remove all the stickers they used to sell the items. 

“Baby, you are overdue for a diaper change”, her mum called her over. Just carrying the bag with her new slightly more childish diapers, her wipes, and the skincare products she bought to care for her child's skin. They would certainly avoid the wet or poopy accidents of her daughter, causing her any nasty diaper rash. 

Lila was just enjoying taking possession of all her new things and did not even notice her mum's attempt. Her mum took her time to open the bag and fluff up the first new diaper of her child. 

“LILA!” her mum now raised her voice, “we really need to change you before you go potty in it another time.” 

“Sorry mummy”, the little girl apologized, while her mum now saw the item in her baby's hand. It was the pack of pacifiers and a baby bottle that was still wrapped in thick transparent plastic and which seemed pretty childproof even for her Lila. 

“Oh, how could I forget”, taking the plastic object from her Hands, using her mommy force to rip off part of the plastic and letting the content drop back on the bed. 

“Thanks”, she spoke softly, finally holding her two binkies and the bottle in her hands. Not even noticing that her mum placed her bum back on the changing mat. 

“Do you think you can try to go in your pants for your mummy while she fills your leftovers from your lunch shake in your cute baby bottle?” She was asked with a smile that promised her more of the addicting motherly love. 

She handed over her precious treasure while spreading her legs slightly. For a moment, she had a second thought about what she was about to do. 

Was she just going pee or poop in her diaper just because mum told her to, while the toilet was just a doorstep away, and she could easily just head over?

She was thinking about asking Mum to go potty like a big kid, but she saw her motherly love in her smiling face. Mummy asked her to, and it seemed to make her happy if she did just that instead of acting her age. 

And most importantly, she wanted Mum’s love and the bottle she promised her. How would her banana-flavored shake taste from a bottle? Was it different from sucking it from an adult’s cub? Was it like the formula for a baby?

Lila closed her eyes and started to go potty, while she was just lying on the bed. As the warmth spread again, she started looking at her parents. And she just relaxed and relieve swapped over as she noticed all that pressure in her gone

“Good girl” her mum praised her as she finally stopped wetting. She took her wipes and only seconds later she found herself in one of her new colorful Pampers-style diapers. 

“You look like I have my baby girl back”, mum joyed, and even Lila smiled. Her diapers were thicker but also felt comfy and secure and the design appealed to her. No longer was she, a teeny with medical issues who wore plain white incontinence pants that could have escaped any granny's cupboard in a retirement home. 

No, that underwear was clearly meant to make any small girly kid happy. Any kid that was not ready to finish potty training and liked to watch her cartoons instead of running to the porcelain throne. A small kid like herself. 

“You like it”, her mum wanted to know. Lila was shyly glazing in the mirror, looking back at her reflection that was much more an eight-year-old child and not a teenager. But instead of the other plain white version, it did not look weird. 

“It is so hot, do you have something light that fits over this?” the little girl complained to her mum.

“Honey, you do not have to wear something over that cute diaper.” 

She sheepishly looked over to her parents. 

“It's just me and your daddy and if you go potty again or actually wet the bed, I would see it and would not need to check on you constantly. You want to cuddle some more?”, her parents offered and placed the beyond cute girl right between them, while her mum slung her head around her and suddenly had the baby bottle in her other hand. 

“You'd like to try drinking again.”, her mum offered, while Lila was sinking back into her parent's love. Hearing the breath of her dad and the warm but not hot skin of her mummy, she decided to let it happen.

She opened her mouth and began sucking her yummy shake. First, it felt kind of strange drinking again like a toddler, but not in a bad way. And like the cuddling with her mum and dad, it also triggered her mind into being like a child and feeling so incredibly secure and loved. 

And after a minute or so she just enjoyed it and also noticed that the flavor was different. It tasted so creamy, and the sweet banana milk was much more intense. 

Again she decided that like with the diapers, she also liked it, and she wished they had never put the childish drinking bottles in the back of their cupboards at home. 

“Did you like that?”, her mum wanted to know as she let the empty thing slide on the blanket while her daughter was looking happy and worry-free, as she did not for a very long time. 


“Can we try the waterslide now”, Lila asked her mum as she was getting bored lying in her bed and looking at her phone. She got out of her bed and looked down on the pool area some levels down. The children were playing, laughing, and having fun.

Her Mum looked up at her and smiled. 

“Ok, let's get you changed for swimming, then”, she announced. “Can you try if you could go potty in your diaper before we put your swim nappy on?” 

She then got up and took the package out of the cabinet. With a quick turn of her hand, she ripped it open. 

“Look how cute they are.”, she recommended them to her as showed the pull-up-styled swim nappy. A little shark was on its front and was trying to get a small fish. “Remember, fishes are friends” was printed around a little bubble that formed the pattern to make the swimming shorts more colorful.

“But Mum, can I wear anything to cover it up.”, Lila demanded. 

“Oh, you don't like it?”, she concluded with a slightly disappointed look.

Lila blushed, the swim diaper was a little childish, but she liked the prints, maybe on normal swim shorts it would appeal to her. The only problem was that you could still see what it was meant for. And she did not know how the other kids would react, would they laugh at her?

“I don't think we packed your normal swimming gear.”, her dad announced as he assisted Mum in going through their stuff, searching for anything appropriate.

Lila was feeling irritated by the conflict in her. She really wanted to go and have fun. Through the mirror, she noticed that her appearance was now much more the one of a much younger girl. She did not look odd, even with her now wet diaper in full view. It just made some crinkly sound as she turned.

“We can buy something over it tomorrow.“, her dad suggested.

“But I really want to go swimming today”, Lila complained instead.

She thought about her dilemma. Yes, just wearing her diaper was a little embarrassing for the girl, but over time she slowly got used to it. And it did feel more comfortable without having to wear pants in the hot summer heat. 

So maybe it would not be that bad wearing it as her swimming gear just for today and without feeling confident about it, she said, “Mum, do you mind if I try it on? I really want to go and cool off, and maybe it is not as embarrassing as I expect it to be.”

“Sure Thing, my cute young lady.”, she heard her and noticed as she just lifted her up and laid her back on the soft bed. 

“The swim nappy will not absorb your pee-pee that well, so you really should try to go in your current diaper some more”, she explained to her again, as she would to a little toddler. 

Lila did not know what to do, should she just try again? Here. In front of her mum.

“Just push it all out.”, her mum said, with a smile that Lila could not resist. 

She closed her eyes and tried to go and suddenly felt she started to pee. 

“You are such a good little girl.”, she praised her child. 

Lila did not want to disappoint her Mum and she still felt my tummy was filled with some fast food we had on our shopping trip. Still keeping her eyes closed, she tried to go poopy again.

But her belly did not want to, and so she opened her eyes staring back at her mummy. 

“You cannot go?”, her mother seemed to know, already having some fresh wipes in her hand and ready to change her. 

“Sorry I really tried Mummy”, Lila admitted, and she felt the soft loving hands starting to clean her up. 

Lila just laid on the bed and followed her parent's orders, while she was wiped and relaxed and forgot about all the worries in the world. 

“Look you even managed to poop yourself a little”, mum praised Lila like a baby as she found some brownies stains at her back of her protection and applied some barrier cream in order to protect her soft skin from any nasty accident she could have in the next hours.

Soon she felt the swim nappy sliding up her legs.

”Up with your booty, and you are ready to go in a second.”, came her final command. 

Lila noticed that her new swimming gear had nearly no padding in her crotch. She stood up and had a look in the mirror. 

Now she in fact looked like a bigger toddler, who was still in his diapers, nobody would think she could hold it even for a minute. 

How could she even think about going swimming in them? 

On the other hand, she really liked the outfit. The shark on the front and the nice and colorful diaper looked cute on her.

“You are so adorable!”, her mum praised their child, while she adjusted the leak guards. 

“And your swim nappy does not seem to be out of place on you at all.”, her dad added.

“Even as if it was made for you.”, her mum concluded

I turned around and looked them in the eyes. “Really, mummy, you think that no one will laugh at me?” she asked them shyly.

“Oh, Honey. Don't you agree, you look cute.”, she said, involving her daughter a lot more. “And you wanted to go and have a swim in the pool, didn’t you?”

Lila lowered her head, knowing she was right. She really wanted to go, and she didn't look too crazy or weird, just like an eight-year-old with potty training issues. 

Maybe this could also give her some confidence that needing diapers is not as embarrassing as she thought. 

“Would you come with me?”, Lila wanted her parents to accompany her today. 

“We don't have such a cute swimming outfit as you, but we still want to come and watch you”, her mum promised.  

She quickly packed a towel and wrapped me up so I didn't have to walk in the lobby with just the swim diaper on, and filled some supplies into a bag. 

“Do you want a lift?” Lila’s dad offered and took her on his hip as if she was really ten years younger.

“Hello, you want to go swimming?”, a young-looking lifeguard, greeted them as they entered the pool Area.

Lila nodded affirmatively. Look in there, you can take a shower, and you can grab some extra towels and a bathrobe for your stay.

She handed her a colorful robe with some cartoon characters on it, while her parents received a boring, plain white version. 

Without thinking about the not-too-normal swimwear, Lila put her burrito-style dress on a hanger and headed to the shower that promised a much cooler feeling on the hot afternoon.  

“Oh good, she is already wearing a swim nappy.", the lifeguard praised her parents. “We always welcome it when our guests take the pool regulations seriously.”

“Do you also have some swimming aids for her? The pool is really deep in some places, and it is much safer for kids her age.” She wanted to know from her parents and was obviously seeing Lila as a much younger girl than she actually was. 

“Floaties for her, but she already learned how to swim.”, her dad wanted to argue on her behalf.

“Especially for our younger and playful guests, we noticed that they regularly overestimate how good they are at staying afloat. So especially if she is going in the pool or on the kid's slide alone it is mandatory for kids her age.”, she explained to her parents. 

How old does she think I am? Lila was wondering. Will mummy tell her the truth? But no, it would be even more embarrassing to need a diaper for swimming at her age. 

She sent an SOS message to her parents by looking them deep into her eyes. 

Her heart was pounding like crazy, as her mum followed her in the shower. 

“Is everything OK with you?", she asked as she stroked Lila’s hair. “She thinks you are a little girl!”, mum commented in a soft voice so that only Lila could hear her. “Do you mind if we let her believe it?”

Lila shook her shoulders. “I don't want to be thirteen and needing a swim nappy, and I could stop being afraid of the deep water and just have fun with the floaties” she confessed to Mum. 

She kissed my forehead. “You can be my little child, so don't worry about it.”

“So, what is your name?”, the helpful lifeguard girl wanted to know as she exited the shower and took the colorful and childlike bathrobe to cover her up a little. 

“I am Lila”, she told her shyly.  

“Nice to meet you, I am Shyen.”, she introduced herself to the little girl. Hopefully, she was not asking for my age. The little girl prayed and was at the same time much more nervous than she normally would be when talking to an adult.

“Your parents told me you already know how to swim a little, don’t you?”

She blushed again, she actually made a very basic swimming certificate, but she still did not feel safe in the water. What if she needed to prove her skills in the deep end without her parents?

“Look, we have different floaties for you here”, she explained as she showed the little girl different types of armbands, swimming belts, and pool noodles.

Lila was not sure if she wanted to wear them, but at the same time, she was glad no one seemed to mind her nappy. And surely, it would be like turning back time for a few years. 

“You are not sure”, Shyen noticed her insecurity. “With the armbands, you can play around without any worries” she decided and placed them in her hands.

“Oh, you would like to have these water wings.”, she heard her mum coming to the gate where someone chose to create a handle so high up that Lila could never ever reach it on her own. 

Her parents helped her to open the door, while her mum took her hand and led her to a free sun lounge. 

“Come have a seat”, her mum said while she lifted her on her lap.

“Mum, I really would like to try the big slide”, she announced, pointing to the big blue waterslide that ended in the kid pool.

“Sure honey.”, her mum responded while she inflated the armbands on her daughter.  

Lila felt like a little girl now, but at the same time she did not want to wait any longer, and as soon as her mum was done she ran off having fun. 

She was climbing up the stairs and saw her parents at the bottom when she heard the voice of an old man. 

“Hey little girl, sorry, you cannot slide alone here, you have to go down to the kids slide”, he explained looking at Lila and pointing down to a tiny baby slide in the really shallow part for the toddlers and at the same time not showing any doubt that he meant her.

“Me ... but I really want to.”, she tried to argue while some of her tears were making their way over her cheeks. 

“I am really sorry, but a responsible adult has to accompany you here!", the old man insisted while he was not even getting up from his chair.

Lila did not know what to do. She agreed to put the swim nappy on, was wearing her arm floaties, and she still wasn't allowed to have fun. 

“I could take her, and we could slide together.", offered a young woman who was watching her two younger brothers as she saw that Lila was in tears. 

Lila did not see that the old lifeguard nodded in approval. She only saw the hand that was taking her. 

“You want to go with me.”, the teenager offered. Lila looked up to her. She was older, maybe fifteen. 

It felt good for her to have someone taking her by the hand while she was walking over to the grumpy lifeguard. 

“He did not want to let me slide, even with the floaties on.”, she explained to her short-time guardian.

“Don't worry, together it will be even more fun.”, she explained. “What's your name?”, she wanted to know

“I am Lila.", she said while she was slowly trusting her companion. 

“I am Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex. And these are my brothers George he is a little older than you and Lukas, he is fife.”, she explained as the two boys started to slide.

Her new friend helped her to sit down in the small pool on the top and get ready to have fun on the way down.  

Patiently, they waited until the traffic light switched to green. 

“Are you ready?”, She heard the voice of her newly found friend. 

Then she pushed her down the slide. The wind was blowing through her hair while the water splashed away to all sides. She was having fun and could hardly imagine that she was questioning whether she should head down to the pool area. 

Suddenly they landed in the cold water. And only for a moment, her head was underwater while she saw all the small air bubbles around her. Then she noticed her floaties were dragging her back to the surface.

For a second, she was waiting there for her companion to reappear in the wave created by the little river that was built for their entertainment.  

She did not even need to move to stay afloat as her little swim helpers did their work. 

“Are you OK?”, Alex asked as she took Lila on her arm, moving her all the way to the exit stairs. 

“Can we go again, Please?”, she begged. 

“Shouldn't we check that your parents are not searching for you.”, Alex explained to the little girl and was clearly expecting that she was not on her own and that someone was looking for her.

“Don't worry, they are over there.”, Lila tried to convince her newly found friend that they could just go on and enjoy the water park.

“Maybe we should spend them a short visit. So that they do not worry about where you are.”, she suggested while leading me in the direction of the loungers, where she expected her mum and dad. 

“But I really want to go down the big slide one more time, and the grumpy old man does not let me go without you.”

“Hello Lila did you find yourself a friend”, mum greeted her and was clearly watching all their small steps into the world of refreshing joy all around them 

“Hi mum, this is Alex”, Lila introduced her to her parents. “She was helping me to slide down because they didn't let me go without someone else watching.”

“She was in tears when the lifeguard up there told her she was too young. So I took her with me.”, the teenager on my side explained as if she was a preteen child who did cry from time to time.  

“Thank you for your help.”, her dad, showed his gratitude.  

“Can I maybe ride a little more with her?", Lila asked, looking like a little puppy dog, from her parents to Alex and back again.

“Sure, you can come if your parents agree.”, she put her wet arm on Lila's shoulder. 

“That would be a great idea, and it would be good if she is not on her own. And if you notice that she goes poopy in her swim nappy come over to us. I will change my darling into a fresh one.”

She didn't want Alex to know that she was not using the potty on this vacation. And now her parents just talked about it as if she was a toddler.  

“OK, I thought the swim diaper was just a precaution.”

“No, she is not ready, jet. Especially on vacation, we do not insist that she is trying too hard on her potty training. You can always check her if you are not sure by looking into the back of her diaper.”

“But Mum!”, Lila complained about her mum being so open about the obvious reason for her wearing the babyish swimwear. 

“No worries, I used to wet my bed too when I was younger.”, she told them. “I will not laugh at you.”

I blushed.  

“You want to go on the slides again?", she offered to Lila, who now was really embarrassed and did not know what to say with everyone talking about her lack of potty training.  

She looked them in their eyes, but everyone seemed to accept her. “Do you want to stay with your parents?”

She shook her head, at least she wanted to have some fun in the water, and Lila trusted her new friend and ran off, heading back to the slides and to the lazy river that meandered through the hotel park like a giant snake. 

“Lila, we are going out for dinner!”, she heard her parents as she was exiting the waterslide and running towards the stairs with Alex holding her hands. 

Two unfamiliar adults were sitting next to her mum. 

“Hi Mum and Dad, what are you doing here?”, Alex asked while her brothers hugged them. 

Slowly but steadily, Lila sat on her mom's lap and enjoyed the warm skin warming and comforting her a little. 

“Do you need a change before we'll leave?", she asked in a way a mother would ask her toddler. And lifted the now wet and cold swim diaper at her back. 

“No poopies this time.", she confirmed with a smile.

“But Mum, do we really have to go?”, said the girl, who did not look any different from a first-grader. “Playing together was really nice, and I don't want to leave my new friends.”

“Oh, Alex and her family will also come with us.”, her dad announced.

Mum took a towel, helping her little darling to get dry again.  

“Can I help you if you change her?", Alex offered while she could not take her eyes away from Lila who now was lying in the lounge with the towel covering her from the shoulders to her belly. 

“She always loves to help the little ones.", Alex's mum confessed. “When our little Lukas stopped using diapers during the day, she was so sad that she couldn't care for him anymore.”

Her mother took the bag that contained her diapers on this trip.

“Do you mind if she helps us?”

“But mum!”, Lila tried to complain about what was going to happen.  

“I promise I will not laugh at you.”, Alex assured her new friend, and was looking over at her in a way she could not resist. 

She did not mind at all that I wore swim diapers and my water wings today, and was just helping her to avoid the grumpy lifeguard who tried to rob Lila’s fun on that warm and sunny afternoon.

“Do you want to be alone with me or can Alex help us?”, she again wanted to know from her daughter. 

She didn't know how to respond, if Alex wanted to help change her, she could not risk losing her just because it is embarrassing. 

In the end, she nodded in approval.  

It did not even take Alex a second to switch into nanny mode and take Lila's diaper bag and the little pile of clothes for their dinner party. 

“Wait for a second”, her mum had to slow her down a little while her mighty arms pushed her on her hips. In a short moment, they ended up in a large little kid's bathroom that also had an oversized changing table available.  

It could have been big enough to change someone even as big as Alex. So Lila who had a little immature appearance and was pretty tiny for her age felt like a toddler on this changing mat again.

“First of all it is essential that she is comfortable when you try to change a big child like her.”, she explained while she was pushing me back on the soft plastic surface while her other hand switched on a heat lamp that was mounted on the wall but still in a height that I couldn't reach even if I tried.

The warm light covered Lila like a blanket, and slowly all her resistance faded away. 

In the background, she heard her mum explaining something to her new friend while someone ripped off the sides of her infantile swimwear and cleaned her with some warm wipes. 

She stared at the ceiling and admired the colorful cartoon characters who did hilarious things up there, playing around. She even found her favorite cartoon character a little while with a yellow shirt on a broom, flying around all her childhood friends.  

As it was only yesterday, she remembered the good old days at home when she was allowed to listen to their stories before bedtime and how she closed her eyes without any worries in the world. 

Maybe this is something she missed as well. 

Suddenly, her mum placed her new colorful diaper under her bum and softly placed the top part on her belly.  “Can you close the tapes for me?”, she assisted Alex and waited until the teenager closed the sticky tapes on each side. 

Her wet swimwear was all gone. When they awoke her from her daydreams, she was dressed in one of her somewhat childish-looking evening dresses with a try diaper around her booty. 

Her Mum took her back on her hips, accidentally still showing Lila's diapers as they walked back to the group. 


“Mum, I still want to have something for dessert”, Lila said as she was sitting next to Alex and flipping through the colorful pages of her kid's menu. 

“Do you really want more? You hardly managed to eat your main dish.”, her dad argued. 

“But mommy!”, Lila protested and sounded like a sad and disappointed little girl. 

“Do you want to share one with me?” Her newly found friend offered her help again. “You know I can't eat a big desert either, but I really want to try one.”

She lightened up as she saw her Mum's approval and began to flip through the pages where every picture offered a tasty variation to close our dinner. 

The two girls agreed on a panna cotta with some berries and three scoops of ice cream.

And when the waiter brought them a big plate with two spoons, Alex suddenly lifted Lila on her lap to make it easier for them to share. 

“Hmm, that is really yummy”, the little girl cheered as she tasted the first spoon full of delicious desert. But at the same time, she felt some strange feeling in her tummy.

She had to go, but was too embarrassed while she was so close to her teenage friend. Maybe she can hold in for a little longer when she pees.

She did not even need to let it go voluntarily. Just as she did not try to hold it, she felt the warmth spreading in her pants.

She was immediately relieved. Why did she even try to hold it when she had the diapers on, Lila wondered how the rest of her potty training still made her think twice before she wet herself?

“Did you just go potty?”, Alex asked her so discreetly that Lila could hear her.

The small girl blushed in embarrassment and nodded.

“No worries, that is what you wear diapers for”, the teenager explained the obvious and tried to check her diaper, making it clear for everyone on the table that she peed.

“Oh, did she go poopy”, Lila's mum accidentally thought loud enough for everyone around to notice. 

“No, she smells fresh, her boom suddenly feels warm, but it was just a pee-pee accident.” She defended the girl on her lap as if she was three. And left her spoon on the now-empty plate. 

Lila lowered her eyes a little.

“Don't be sad, everything's going to be ok.”, mum praised her as the adults paid the bill. Alex took her hand to lead her back to the hotel. And she paid attention, so her little one didn't get lost on the now-dark streets. 

Her brothers were having fun walking on the walls and benches that lined the pedestrian zone where all the fancy restaurants were.  

“You want to play as well?”, their ten years old brother asked, while jumping down from one of the benches. Lila thought the preteen boy did look like he was having fun, and she did not want to miss out on fun activities on her vacation. But at the same time her belly complained with an achy feeling, and she did not know if she would mess herself, while she was playing with them. 

‘Don't worry, even your Mum confirmed that you do poopies in your pants. Just relax and push it all into your diaper.’, a voice in her, tried to push her forward. 

Still ignoring her need, she climbed up on one of the lower walls and instinctively held Alex's hand to help her balance on the narrow rocky surface. 

“Now jump” the young boy that was half a head bigger than her commanded, like she was a jump and run character on his screen going through a maze of walls and benches. It was a gap in the wall of a meter, Lila thought, getting excited and afraid that she could fail at the same time. 

She saw their little brother jump over the gap on the other side that was even wider than her obstacle. 

“I will catch you if you fall, just go to your knees, aim, and jump”, Alex said, while she seemed to notice the insecurity of her friend.

As Lila bent her knees, she suddenly felt the need to go potty return. She was sure that she would never make it with this needing pressure in her bowel. 

Nobody will laugh at you, she assured herself while she relaxed and suddenly lost her control. Within a second, the warm and squishy feeling in the back of her diaper returned, while the pending need to poop vanished from her mind. 

“You can make it!”, she heard the teenager on her side supporting her. 

Lila did not wait any longer and jumped. In the middle, she had doubts that she would make it. Surely she would fall and hurt herself. Just as her feet touched the other wall, someone took her and stabilized her so she could land safely. 

“You made it”, Alex cheered. 

The little girl had to confess that she had not had so much exciting fun for quite a while. All her games and TV shows could not compete with the experience of playing together with other children.

Alex raised her up and hugged her as she saw the little girl was quite still on the edge of tears. She enjoyed the security and the feeling that she is not alone. For a second, she closed her eyes. 

Her friend sniffed a little, noticing the babyish odor surrounding her, telling everyone what the little girl just did.

“Oh you had an accident.”, she heard the surprised teenager while she suspiciously checked the diaper trying not to embarrass her too much. Lila noticed Alex was looking over at her mum, not seeming too confident in her nanny role. 

“Maybe we should go to your mommy?”, she suggested, not sure how to handle her accident.  

A little tear was rolling over my cheek. Was she repellent from the messy potty mishap that she had while playing? Should she have tried to stay at least clean when she was out with others?

Suddenly, she took a small napkin out of her pocket. Don't be sad, she explained while she helped her off the wall.

“We all know that an accident like this would eventually happen sooner or later.”, her teenage friend, tried to comfort her. “But I am not sure if your diapers are still ok.” 

She took her by the hand like a little one and led her to their parents to ask Lila's mum for help. 

The adults were chatting and strolling over the wide streets. 

“I think she needs a change”, she announced. I saw the adults turning their heads. And Lila felt like a dripping wet puppy dog standing in the doorway waiting for her Mum.

In a second, she was standing at my side. With her hand, she touched her now obvious bulge at her back. 

“You really needed to go, my baby”, she concluded. “I need to check if it would not leak on your beautiful dress. 

With more tears forming in her eyes, Lila noticed that she was lifting her dress while she bent her knees to check on her daughter. 

She was embarrassed, but at the same time, her mind was sliding back into her younger age and was remembering that there was a world where all her worries lay in the hands of her parents and she was just having fun.

Couldn't it be like that again, when she forgot that diapers were embarrassing for thirteen-year-old Lila?

She covered her wet face in Alex’s shirt. 

“You are messy, but the diapers here are really secure, and you will be fine for our short walk back to the hotel.” She kissed her child's cheek, which was not covered by the soft shirt of her friend. 

All in her tears, Lila hardly noticed that none of her friends were making fun of her.

“But maybe can I help you to change her again”, her new friend demanded as she was stroking the back of her friend as if she was her little sister while at the same time shielding her as good as she could. 

“No this time you cannot!“, Alex’s mum insisted with a smile, “Also big guardians need their sleep, and we will be going on our tour through the city, did you forget?”

“But then Lila has to come with us tomorrow”, she now protested, and sounded like a grumpy teeny.

“That is not possible, your friend is going into the amusement park tomorrow, and we already booked all our tickets.” explained her dad. 

As he talked, she noticed that the time when Lila had to leave Alex was coming closer with big Yeti steps.

As the sadness swapped into her mind, she was fighting her freshly-dried tears again. 

“But I want to see Alex once more” she whined.

“Maybe you want to come on our trip to the national park on the day after tomorrow”, their dad suggested. “It will be a wild forestry place and empty white sanded beaches.” was he selling the idea of a reunion the next day.

“I don't know, Lila is more an indoorsy child”, her mum doubted that this would be the place for her family. And as she talked, I could see Alex's shoulders sink like a heavy stone in the water of disappointment.

“But mummy, I insisted. I really want to be with her before we ...” and suddenly stopped as the upcoming flight home came to her mind. She would be back home. Back to being a big kid, wearing undies instead of these comfy diapers, back to fighting her bed-wetting accidents in her useless pull-ups. 

“Maybe we should try it once, before she was born we were out exploring quite a lot”, Lila’s dad suggested.

“I am sure your family will have a good day.”, Alex's mum explained.

“But I do not even have a bikini with us to swim in the ocean.”, Mum complained, not completely sold on the idea of a day out in nature.

“Oh, that's not a problem at all, they have a good mini-store in the hotel. You can even buy things today if you ask the receptionist. We even got swim shorts and floaties for our fife-year-old Lukas”, the mother of her teenage friend, advertised the small store in the lobby.

Lila's Parents seemed to look into each other's eyes. 

“We will try it, but no tantrum when you are hot. At least you are thirteen.”, her mum warned, without thinking about what she just said. 

The surprise swapped over the small group. And silence fell over them like the night over the world.

“I would have never estimated you older than seven or eight”, Alex's mum stumbled. 

She was shocked and did not even notice the tears on her cheeks.

“Mum why did you tell them.”, Lila complained and wanted to turn away and run.  

“I still love you, regardless if you need more help at your age.”, Alex declared unwillingly, implying without saying that Lila may be a little challenged mentally. 

Is this how they see her now, as she is a retard. Rolled a heavy stone through her thoughts 

Alex had to hold her hand to prevent her from running away. 

“No, she is not challenged, at least not when it comes to her academics.”, her dad tried to do damage control, she is just borderline small for her age and still needs support emotionally when she is sad or stressed out like any younger child would need. 

“And she suffers from incontinence and never was dry or clean.”, her mother mentioned to complete the picture. 

“MUM I DO NOT SUFFER”, she cried out in a tantrum-like voice angry at Mum and stumped her feed in frustration.

“I know, adults are always soooo stupid.”, Alex wanted to calm her down. She leads Lila a few meters away from them to give them a little privacy to talk. 

“Yes they are, and it really sucks being thirteen”, Lila confessed that she did not like her age.  

She slung her arm around me and showed me that everything was okay. They noticed that their parents went on walking and followed them in a distance. 

Instinctively, Alex seemed to know that she had to listen to the little girl instead of just talking.

For some seconds, the silence between them was their voice. 

“I honestly hate being a teeny.”, Lila confessed. “Everything is so confusing. My classmates are just weird, and I cannot find friends anymore.” 

“I understand.” the much bigger girl said in an understanding voice and nuzzled her friend to encourage her.

“Everything was way better before. When I was a little kid, I did not need to worry about all this stuff. But now she even tells everyone that I suffer from something” she complained. 

Again, she paused for a second before she continued with her explanation. 

“You know I need my diapers and without any option to wear something over them, I did not want someone to know that I am not a little girl anymore.”, Lila confessed the reason for the outburst of emotions.

“I would not have laughed at you even if I knew.”, Alex assured her again. “But I have to confess you did not look like a teenager at all with the floaties on and the swim nappy.” 

“Do you care if I didn't even want to look my age? Strangely, I still enjoy being the little one and having someone to help me when I am sad or something is scary. My parents are always there for me when my emotions are overwhelming, and I start to cry. And for the floaties no, I already learned how to swim, but I struggle when it is deep, and I am still pretty afraid. So I normally preferred the shallow end of the pool to feel safe.”

“So your parents bought them for you to worry less when you are playing?”, she asked.

Lila shook her head. 

“Normally I don't swim that often, and we did not bring my swimming stuff, but when I watched all the kids having fun, I wanted to go too. Actually, the water wings were an Idea of the Lifeguard that we met at the entrance.” She explained with crowing concern that her friend would judge her.

“Don't worry about swimming then” Alex advised. “You can use your floaties until you get more experience, and you should bring them for our upcoming adventure. The waves in the ocean can be pretty high. You still want to come, don't you?”  

She nodded, still unsure how their discussion with Mum actually ended. 

“Do you swim in pools a lot?” Lila wanted to know. 

“No, actually we go swimming in the lake in the summer”, Alex explained and began to speak about the tiny village where they were living and about what it had to offer. 

“You know, maybe it is not so bad that you are a teeny.”, the much bigger girl finally said. 

“Why?”, Lila questioned her as if it was an insult. 

“You are thirteen, so you have a phone, don’t you? That way, we will be able to keep in touch even when we all head home at the end of the week.”

Finally, they arrived in the lobby.“, Lila, we have to start early tomorrow”, her dad announced. 

“But I still want to know if we will meet each other again this week?”, his girl insisted.

“Sure thing honey, we just planned everything while you were talking to your friend”, her mum tried to apologize. “We will meet them early in the morning, and then we can head out in their van together. It has plenty of room left for all of us and you two can all have fun together”

‘Bing’ the elevator announced that it was time to go to bed. Lila could hardly stand on her feet anymore and was yawning.

“You are still angry with me or could I carry you to get back to our room.” her mother offered. 

“Please help me, Mummy”, she confessed and was glad when she was picked up by her mummy and the conflicting feelings could finally be washed away by their love.

Now she noticed that Lila definitely was quite smelly, like a real baby girl. 

“I think we have to run you a bath to make my little Lila nice and clean again”, her mum mentioned her smell as if she really was just a toddler for whom she had to care for. 

She rubbed her eyes and could hardly keep them open anymore. 

Seconds later, Mum put her down in the shower, removed her dress, and rolled her diaper up after wiping off most of her accident. Lila wanted to grab the shower head and start on her own.

“Let me do that, you are exhausted from all the fun you had today, aren't you?”

The little girl nodded, relieved. After some seconds, her mummy turned on the water and washed away all the smelly stains on her bum while she tried to catch every drop of the warm water. 

“Can you spread your legs a little?”, she assisted her teenage daughter who now was smiling and felt so good and carefree as she just came home from kindergarten. 

The warm water and the calming feeling of her mum’s love washed over her body and made her joyfully dance around as she was washed with a soft cloth that her mum put on her hand.

“No Mummy, don't stop it.” the little girl complained as the rain of drops suddenly vanished, and a warm soft towel was wrapped around her. 

“But Baby, it's your bedtime.”, she mentioned in a soft and understanding tone, taking her up and carrying her back into her soft and welcoming bed. 

She quickly dried off her little girl and put her in her nighttime diaper. Lila touched the soft fabric of her pyjama top and the crinkly underwear underneath. She smiled because she actually felt good and safe. 

But at the same time, the reaction of her friend's family was still rolling around in her mind. Was she challenged, as they thought when they found out she is thirteen? 

When people saw her, were they assuming she was delayed in her development? Sure she was still wearing diapers, she loved to cuddle with her parents at night or if she was afraid or stressed out. She depended on her mum’s and dad's love, and she needed help for so many little things in her life. And in contrast to some of her classmates, the idea of being on her own was kind of scary for her. 

“Mummy, do people think I am a retard when I need so much help?” she innocently asked her question, fully trusting her mother to help her out. 

“Baby don’t use this word, it is rude, and it is wrong.”, she explained in a loving soft but still strict voice. “You don't have intellectual disabilities, and I don't want you to believe it.”

“But why is it so easy for me to play an eight-year-old with potty problems, while I struggle so much when I try to be a teenager. I always have low grades in my exams even if I learn all day long and struggle in sports because I cannot compete with others. Actually, I even liked that I could play carefree in the pool today with my water wings on.”, the little girl complained about the hardship of her young life while a lonely tear rolled down her cheeks.

Her mum laid down next to her, stroking her daughter's back. If she could, she would take all the worries and struggles off the kid's shoulders. And while she could not ease her life in school, maybe she could make the vacation as relaxing as possible.

“You want to drink some more”, her dad asked them as he saw his two most important humans in his life snuggling closely together 

Lila thankfully nodded, smiling all over her face. 

Her dad filled up her new baby bottle again with some tea that he quickly made in the room. He snuggled into the now overfilled bed, offering his child the teat to relax some more on his shoulder. 

She was starting to dream, long before her father put the child's bottle on the bedside table, letting his wife cover their child with a duvet and sliding the pacifier back into her mouth instead of her thumb.

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One reason is that I am currently creating a spin-off for the time Lila is back from her vacation. And she needs to find a way thought life and manage her troubles in school. It is apx 22000 Words now. With a crowing rate of +5000w per week.



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Chapter 4 Roller coaster - Having fun alone and with her friends 

Lila’s Mum did not wake her daughter in the morning when they left their hotel room. Her dad picked up the sleeping girl, wrapping her soft blanket around her diapered bum. And just minutes later, he clipped in the buckles of her child seat, ready to let her sleep for another hour while they were driving.

Finally, he also took her new pacifier out of his pocket and let it slide back between her sleeping lips and carefully to not wake her gave her a kiss. 

After being a bit skeptical about his Lila wanting to be so childish, he had to admit that she was happier now, and he could not bear seeing her stressed out or in tears anymore. 

If this small change helped her cope with the hardship of her teenage life, he was willing to go along with his wife's idea to let her be a child again.

“Is our little one still sleeping?”, her mum asked as her dad joined her in the passenger seat. 

“Yes, like a marmot in the winter.”, he smiled while they drove out in the spacious streets heading to the freeway.

Lila was waking up as they had already left the morning rush hour in the city. They were calmly driving down the rural highway, following the final signs to the parking of the amusement park. As they were closer now, the rollercoasters and attractions were slowly coming into view in the distance.

She felt so relaxed today and stretched out her arms and legs. And slowly became aware that the child’s seat was holding her in place and at the same time making it really obvious that she had a very soaked pampers-styled diaper on. 

That night she did not remember waking up, while at the same time, her mum changed her into a dry one just minutes before she finally fell asleep yesterday. This must have been one of her wet nights, she assumed. 

It was much better than waking up in a soggy pull-up that still would not even hold all her pee. She on the other hand was still feeling dry and comfy and woke up relaxed in the morning. Why could she not just keep wearing the diapers at home, at least at night, she thought to herself. 

“Fumy”, Lila mumbled, feeling her pacifier strangely stayed in her mouth all night long and made her talk weirdly now. 

“Oh, you are finally awake.”, her dad responded, noticing that she just tried talking 

The little girl took the pacifier out. 

“I wet the bed, mummy.”, she reported truthfully. For a moment, her mum was surprised. 

Normally, this was exactly what Lila said when she came into their parent's bedroom in the middle of the night, waking her mum with a wet pyjama on.

“Did you leak?”, she asked patiently as she did all the time to not bother the little girl too much with her disability to keep dry in her sleep. 

“No, I actually feel dry and good, it's just I did not go potty on purpose tonight.”, she talked about her nighttime accident.

“Don't worry, you were hardly ever dry in the last days. Just relax some more, I will clean you up in the park.”, her mother explained, glazing back, seeing her Lila just in her diaper and a shirt with the black stripped of the secure child seat hardly hiding what she was wearing underneath. 

She just looked at the pacifier in her hand, and she noticed the ease that sucking on it brought her already started to vanish. 

No one minds if I am a child today, she told herself and put the small object back in her mouth, looking out of the window, seeing the trees passing by. 

Finally, they rolled onto the big parking area. Due to the early hour, they could park really close to the entrance instead of walking through the endless rows of empty car parks. 

“Fumy, felp me” she complained again as she noticed that she could not open the buckle of her child seat on her own.

Her daddy slowly opened the door, pressing the release button. 

“Wait a second, you should slip this overall on because you don't want to wear this diaper with no pants on. Don't you?”

He let her feet slip into the legs and closed the bib on the front. “Your Mum will change you when we get in.", he explained as the little girl nodded with her head. 

For a second while he slid the pants up, she was looking like a young toddler as she was still innocently sucking on it.

“You don’t want to be seen as a baby girl using your dummy in the park, do you?”, he asked her, pretty sure she just forgot to take it out.  

Lila looked at him with worries in her eyes, but slowly took her dummy back in her hand. She did not really want to leave it in the car, while she also was afraid of just using it openly in public. 

“You can put it in your bib’s pocket.”, he said, and helped her to slide it in. She cuddled at his side while they were walking over to the entrance. They got in line for the ticketing machines and just minutes later, a beep confirmed their admission and let them through the turnstile and into the park. 

“Mum, why can't we go to the bumper cars first. There is no one waiting.” Lila begged, hoping she could drive against her parents and could finally start having fun.  

“No we need to change you first, you are still wearing your night diaper and your pyjama top”, she explained while she was keeping a firm grip on her hand leading her to the restrooms.  

They stopped when they entered a small building with a toilet sign. Her Mum tried to open the baby changing room, but the door did not move at all. 

“Can you wait for a second while I ask for the key.”, she explained to her girl, and immediately saw that Lila did not want to let her go. 

“But it may be embarrassing for you”, her mum warned her as she did not soften the grip on her mum's hand.

“Can you carry me?”, she asked shyly, touching the dummy in her pocket. She lifted the girl on her hips and kissed her. 

“No one cares, you can use your Binky, while I change your diaper” her mum assured her, and before she laid her head on the shoulder the little comforting object was back in her mouth. 

While they searched for someone who could help them, Lila felt the loving grip of her mummy, and even when she wet in her sleep, the need to pee was present in her mind.

Without hesitation, she just let it go while she was clamping on her adult. And did not even notice that her mum smiled as her hip was suddenly getting warm.

“Can we have the key for the changing room my little girl is still in her nighttime diaper, and we really have to change her into something fresh for the day”, she noticed the voice of her mum

The senior facility manager put the mob aside. 

“Sure thing, we use a code system here that no drunken guys vandalize these rooms.”, he explained, while he was looking at her little Lila. 

“It should be nice and clean in there for your little one. I just cleaned it.” he added, proud of his work. 

The little girl noticed that she would not really be embarrassed anymore, when she was wearing and using her diapers while she was pretending to be a little kid.

Suddenly, after the helpful employee showed her mum all the details of how the sophisticated system worked, she found herself lying on the soft waterproof fabric waiting for her Mum to undress her.


“Mummy ... Daddy.... I want to ride again. Please!”, she told them as they exited the slightly less steep but still exciting roller coaster, which was advertised for kids from the age of seven onwards. 

But now, as the time had passed, a lot of new passengers were already waiting in the line. And the sign told them that they had to expect at least half an hour of waiting until they could start to have fun again.

“One last time before we will have an early lunch”, her dad promised his little girl. Quickly followed by her parents, she raced through the empty lines. When they passed a corner, she was slightly disappointed as she saw the long queue of passengers waiting to board the attraction. 

“You can not wait to ride again.”, her mum noticed as her parents finally reached the joyfully dancing girl. 

For a short moment, her mum stopped her, to check if her diaper was still dry enough for her last ride before the lunch break. For Lila, this was after so many checks from her mummy not too embarrassing anymore, and it was nice to know that she was not responsible for telling her parents when she needed a change. 

“You are still fine to go for now, but we have to change you before we have lunch”, she concluded. And they could go some meters further to the boarding station of the roller coasters because another ride has ended, and the people could hop on again.

“Daddy do you think we could have a ride at the wild river as well?”, she wanted to know, still slightly afraid that she would be too young or too small and would be sent away as she was when they tried to get on the big rollercoaster for adults and teens.

A flashback of the bad feeling came over her as she remembered the friendly but resolute guide that sent her to the measuring scale and stopped them from boarding the carts. 

“You are way too small, even if I would believe your parents that you are thirteen.”, she heard the guard explain in her head. 
“Look, you would easily slide out of the safety harness, when you would be doing the first looping.”, he mentioned the immediate danger to her parents. 

“You will see, the ride over there is still a lot of fun, and it is more appropriate for kids like you.”, he ended his denial.

Hmm yes, in the last three hours she was having a lot of fun on these slightly smaller rides for kids. And she honestly had to confess that she now was fine with his decision. She was having a great morning with exciting adventures, while now the screaming sounds of the people on the big rollercoaster were worrying her.

“You are next.”, her dad said as they moved forward another time. 

“You again young lady?”, the guard greeted the family. 

“Yes, it is our last ride before Mum and Dad want me to take a break and have lunch.”, Lila explained as if he was a friend she met on the playground.  

“Oh, then I would have something special for you if you feel confident enough to ride in the front?” 

Lila was nodding in joy and could not wait until the small train of carts stopped and everyone was getting out. Her legs needed to move, and she was running around her mum and dad. 

“You take her and head straight for the very first exit of the platform”, he told her parents as the train stopped. Just seconds later, they were sitting in the cart and had a full view on the track that was rising high up right in front of them. 

“Yes, yes, yes” she cheered as the train started climbing up the steep slope. Suddenly she noticed that the excitement made her tummy feel slightly uncomfortable, so she took daddy's hand and was glad she was not on her own.


“That was sooooo cool.”, Lila told them as they finally stopped and had to get off. And noticed that her diaper was now quite wet as she peed again while she was riding. 

“She definitely needs a change”, her mum concluded as she saw that her daughter was running along the exit walkway and was waiting on her much slower parents as if they were a couple of sloths.  

She on the other hand felt her tummy rumbling and was aware that she would not be able to hold it for much longer. But why should she even try?  

She wondered how she could go poopy without everyone noticing what she did? She tried to go while standing there waiting, but she could not. 

Then she saw the little playground and got an idea. 

“Mum, I will play for a bit”, she said, and was again running towards the jungle gym. As she was climbing and no longer wanted to stop it, she was losing her control over her bowel and a log of mess was leaving her.  

I do not even have to stop for this, she wondered while she was climbing over to the slides. Again, she pushed a little while she was crawling and finally got rid of the uncomfortable stuff in her belly without even stopping. 

When she would get used to going poopy like this whenever she needed to, nobody would even notice.  

“Lila, we really have to go, you need something dry around your bum. Do you still need to go potty?”, she asked her daughter, As she lifted her down while she slung her arms around her mum as if she was a baby sloth herself.  

“I ... I just went poopy in my pants, while I was playing.”, she confessed her babyish toileting habit.  

Her mum smiled, and she was sure she did not mind her daughter going potty like this. 

“It's ok baby, I will change your skunky bum in a second.”, her mum calmed her down and kissed her on her cheek. While she did not set her down on the walkway, she held her child close to her. Giving her the feeling of being a little kid again. 


“Mummy, can we take a picture here.”, Lila asked when they were waiting in line for the crazy river attraction and could have a great look at the artificial waterway that was meandering through a network of caves and canyons. 

The small family was posting while someone took a picture of them when suddenly a splash of water rained down over them and made the picture a perfect memory of the time they spent here together.

Some minutes later they could board their raft and the water cooled them down. As she still was pretty afraid of the wild water, Lila cuddled on her daddy's side, trusting he would protect her in the unlikely case that the raft would be shipwrecked. 

“Everything ok?”, Bernhard asked his little girl, while he knew that she loved it when he was protecting her from her fear of deep water. Even at the pool at home, when Lila tried learning how to swim, she clamped on him most of the time. And since she never became confident in her skills, she still always wanted her dad on her side when the bluish liquid was close by.

So he softly pressed the girl with his shoulder. Calming her as they were released and started to float down. And within moments the wild ride over the waves built up speed. Even his little girl cheered several times as the cold water splashed over them and when they ended up at the raft escalator, the family was dripping wet. 

“This was fun, wasn’t it?” her daddy asked the little girl as she was lifted out of the raft and took his hand for a while. 

“Yes it was cool, but also a little scary sometimes”, his young daughter added with a strong affection for her parents being back in her heart. 

“Bernhard, can we take a look at the souvenirs for a bit. I really want to get some new magnets for our fridge” his wife asked her dad to slow down. 

“You want to have a look too?”, Lila's dad proposed, as he knew his little girl probably also wanted to shop. But this time she was not able to let him go, and so both of them walked into the toys section of the store.

“Mummy ... Mummy, look, that girl also wears a diaper.” a small child, slightly younger looking than Lila, innocently commented on the colorful diaper that was now visible through the semi-transparent fabric of her wet dress. 

Lila quickly hid behind a tray of toys and found herself entangled with the legs of her dad as he did not let her hand go so quickly. 

Now her need to be loved was irresistible. She wished she could just cuddle with them, or she would be able to take her pacifier out for some moments and just calm down. 

“Sorry for that, we are just learning not to embarrass others.”, the mum of the young boy quickly apologized and added, “You should not judge other kids, should you?” 

“No Mummy.”, he answered clearly, only because his mum said so.

“Noah, can you apologize to her?”, his mother demanded as Lila was now hiding behind Dad's legs.

“I am sorry.”, she heard the little boy's words, and he took a plushie from the shelf and handed it over as if it was a present of apology. 

For a moment, the brownish-colored beaver was hanging between them. What should she do with a stuffed animal? But with all the need for love in her, it was as if the fluffy animal was enchanting. It seemed as if she saw him smile.

“Lila ... Lila”, it was as if he was calling for her.

“You can't offer it to her, it is not yours”, she heard his mum as if she was talking from far, far away.  

She saw the adult hand trying to grab the poor water animal, but she was faster. She was taking it out of the offering hand of the boy and hugged it with her arms. 

It was as if someone said thanks in her mind. It could not have been real, could it? Her teenage consciousness doubted, while the little girl in her loved the idea of talking with her new-found friend.

As his mum finally wanted to continue with her day, the two so similar-looking but also very different children were separated. Just Lila discovering her strange feelings toward that plushie toy remained. 

“I am done!”, they heard their mum, already leaving with a small bag. 

“Do you want to put him back?”, she noticed her dad talking to her. 

But she could not, as soon as she wanted to let him go it felt like treason.

“Or maybe you should choose a name for this beaver”, Bernhard suggested lightheartedly.

She really wanted to have him. But how could she tell her dad? Would he even purchase the stuffed animal for his teenage kid? 

What should I call you? Lila asked the animal in her head, and for a second the boy's Name Noah came to her mind. 

At least the name would be used for something positive. And it would always remind her of the strange encounter that started in such an embarrassing manner and ended in something so beautiful.

“Several more rides are waiting for us”, her dad tried to get his kid back into a good mood.

“Daddy this is my beaver Noah and I keep him.”, she demanded to her astonished dad stroking the soft fur of her new companion.

Her Daddy picked her up. 

“You really want to buy Noah?”, he asked, suddenly becoming aware that his daughter did not make a joke.

“Don't you want one of the cool T-shirts instead?”, he wanted to know that he should buy the brownish animal with whom his child fell in love with. 

“No, I just want Noah”, she underlined her decision now sounding like a grumpy child. She held his soft fur close and tried to look serious. 

And after some seconds, she saw her daddy smile and realized immediately that she would not lose her beaver again. 


When Lila's energy finally ran out of steam and her feet were getting painful and heavy, her dad picked her up and carried her daughter to the car. 

It was late afternoon, and the glazing sun transformed the streets and all the waiting areas in the park into a hot furnace. Even the wild river attraction could no longer cool them down enough to stand the heat for much longer. 

The little girl was glad when dad turned on the air conditioning and the air cooled down the car that was standing in the shade of some trees.

Her dad sat her down on her quite comfy looking seat and tucked her into the fife point harness. 

“Can I have Noah for the drive?”, she demanded from her dad, not wanting to be alone.

“Noah?”, her dad seemed to have already forgotten the little beaver that was packed into their day bag to keep the little guy safe. 

“My little stuffed beaver.”, she reminded him, and lovingly embraced the brownish animal as he handed it back into her hands.

With a smile, they closed her door and started driving back to the hotel. 

‘We had a really nice day.’ She started a conversation with her new friend Alex on the phone and just sent her the last pictures of the afternoon where she was having fun drifting down this artificial river in a round donut-shaped raft. 

Then she scrolled to Alex's report of her day in the city, an attraction that their mum and dad skipped due to the hot climate in the streets of downtown. 

And while this new-found friendship was new for the young girl, she was wondering if the communication between her and Alex was what the other teenies in her class found in the endless cell phone sessions. The endless staring on the screens nearly ended all normal playing interaction in class and made Lila's life in school not only rather boring but also quite lonely.

As the monotone drive was creeping on the little kid, and she was getting tired, She let her phone sink, closed her eyes, and started to cuddle the little beaver in her hand. The fluffy feeling on her skin, his soft fur, and the presence of someone rolled over her. 

She could not even get enough of the soft touch, and it felt as if the little animal was there to protect her in her sleep. 

He was just there for her. She knew as she drifted away to dreamland. 


When she woke up again, she noticed the padding in her crotch was suddenly getting warmer and warmer. For a brief moment she thought she wet her pants before she noticed the diapers were soaking up the wetness, just leaving her warm and dry. 

Did she just wake up while having an accident?

Maybe, but she did not care at the moment. Her diaper at least made waking up like this much more pleasant. She was looking at her parents, who were talking to each other and discussing if they could go out today and have another parent's only dinner. 

Mum wanted them to stay in the hotel as her precious Lila was already pretty tired. She knew the little girl upmost hated being on her own, and a babysitter was not an option in a city where they did not know someone who could help them out. 

Her dad on the other hand wanted to find a way and wanted to ask Alex mum and dad if they could babysit their teenage child. 

Lila normally did not interfere in her parent's discussion over such topics and would just go back playing with what she just did. But this time a thought was put in her mind. Her parents surely would both love to go to a dinner party together, and she had the feeling that she was the reason her mum did not want to come. 

She did not want to be a burden for her parents, and she expected them to have fun. Further now with her babyish potty habits they had so much more work with her anyway. 

At the same time, she was afraid that they would leave without her and the nightmare of loneliness was creeping through the back of her mind. 

She was never good at being on her own. At school, she was still attending the afternoon program, just to avoid coming home to an empty house and waiting for her mum or dad without any company. 

‘Bing’ her cellphone called for her attention. It was a picture of Alex with her brothers. I am taking care of my brothers again because my parents are out shopping for our trip tomorrow. Do you want to come and play with us, she asked?

Would that be a solution to her dilemma? Should she just suggest that to her parents? When she would be able to go on a playdate, her mum and dad could have fun, at least for some hours. 

Her memories of play-dates she had in elementary school flashed back into her consciousness. She remembered laying on the floor and building with Legos all day long with her friend, and how sad she was when he moved away. 

‘Bing’ you don't want to? Her teenage friend demanded a decision.

I have to ask my mum and dad, she quickly replied. 

Should she just start a conversation with them while they were talking? And of course, playing with her new friends all night long would be an additional benefit for her. Maybe she should ask dad, he wanted to go out, so he may be on her side too. 

Finally, she decided to just drop in. 

“Daddy?” she asked while her heart was beating in her chest. 

Both adults suddenly noticed they were not alone in the car, and her little daughter was already listening to them for a while.

“Alex invited me to come over”, she explained. “She is watching her brothers, and they surely have a lot of fun.”

“No Honey, I don't think so, you should have an early bedtime today, you were busy all day long at the amusement park.”, her mum replied.

“But maybe this would be our chance to go out. Maybe Alex could be watching her and even bring her to bed when it is time.”, she heard her dad, not letting the decision of her mum become final.  

“You mean, she could be her babysitter for tonight.”, her mum said, slowly accepting the opportunity that their evening together could become possible after all. 

Lila on her side was frightened from hearing the word. Alex was her friend not her babysitter after all, wasn't she?

“If she can handle her two small brothers, our child should not be too much effort.”, he argued.

“She is not using the potty at all, and if she goes poopy in her diaper she is even more work than their little five-year-old Lukas, and I don't think Alex could handle that.”, her mum insisted on her doubts. 

“But mummy, I promise to go with you and really try to go to the potty. But could you at least talk to Alex.”, she said while she was sniffing a little and noticing the tears flowing down her cheeks. 

Her parents looked into each other’s eyes. 

“You have Alex on your phone, don't you”, her dad asked. 

“Sure, I will call her so we can talk together.”, she quickly replied and hit the dial button to create hard facts. 

“Hello Lila”, she heard the teenage voice of her friend right before the first ring. 

“Hi Alex. My parents still have doubts that I could come.”, she said in a sad voice. 

There was a second of silence. 

“Do they hear me?”, she wanted to know. 

“Hello Alex we can hear you.”, her dad was first to take action and with a piercing glance, he took her phone. 

“We actually wanted to go out tonight, but we cannot leave Lila on her own, because she is always desperately afraid and very lonely when she has to.“

“Oh, I would never leave her alone, she will be with me, and you can pick her up when you come back.”, she argued. 

“Do you know how to handle her when she has an accident?” her mum wanted to know.

“Hmm ...” I heard Alex talk in an unrecognizable voice with someone in the background.  

“Hello Maria” now Alex's mum joined the call. “Actually, my daughter really wants to learn how to babysit younger children. She is quite experienced with our little Lukas, and she did quite well when she changed him.”

“And I am sure I can take care of her too, and she will have fun with us.”, the teenager assured her mum. 

Actually, Lila did not want to be babysat. She wanted to just go on a playdate. But at the same time, she felt that she no longer was a burden for her parents and the feeling of being safe and protected, was something she never could get enough of.

So the idea of her needing someone who took care of her was worrying and wonderful at once, and at least knowing that Alex was the one to help her was good.  

At least, even if having a babysitter was strange, it was Alex, one of her few teenage friends whom she could trust. 

“I think we can approve that Lila can stay over for a trial run of babysitting.”, Dad concluded and ordered child care for her precious teenage daughter at the same time. 


Thirty minutes later, the family was standing at the door of Alex's family's hotel room. The closed door was feeling strange for the little girl, and she could not help to see it as a portal to her new world.

Her mum had a big bag with her that contained not only the diapers of the thirteen-year-old kid but also her pyjama and her toothbrush. The plushie her parents just got her in the park was mounted at the side, fixed with the straps of the backpack.

Her feelings were right in the middle between her embarrassment that she needed someone to look after her and the anticipation of joy that she was expecting when she could play with her friends. 

Her daddy just knocked one time when the door swung wide open while her teenage friend was standing there, just greeting them and letting her daughter inside. 

For a second it seems as if Lila was somewhat reserved now that the only slightly older, but much bigger Alex was her official guardian. The fact that she was her babysitter, was kind of strange.

Then suddenly, she put the arm around the childlike girl. “We will have fun together like yesterday.”, she promised while she allowed herself to cuddle a little bit with her friend. 

“Hi”, her brother, Georg, came over to greet her as well. “Do you want to come and play with us? Alex and Lukas created a strong fortress from the bed’s blankets, and I tried to take it, but I don't stand a chance and desperately need reinforcements.”, he declared if she was his young recruit for the pillow fight of Cape Dorm.

“Have fun Lila.”, she heard her parents as I ran off, not noticing that her mum also handed over her bag that contained some fresh diapers and her new plushie. 

Their room was much bigger than their own and was a little apartment on its own. It even had a little kitchen built in and a separate bedroom for the parents and the kids. 

She was hardly aware of her mummy and daddy leaving when the door was closed. 

“You are Ok?”, the big teenager asked her as she let her backpack drop on the couch and noticed that Lila suddenly was not so sure about staying just with her friends. 

“I want to have Lila!”, the little brother, Lukas, emerged from the omnipresent pile of blankets and pillows on the floor. He was just wearing a shirt and a dry pull-up, which she clearly recognized as the same brand that she used at home. 

“Collect all you can carry and follow me.”, he advised her, trying to pack three pillows in each hand. Lila also stocked up with the white and fluffy ammunition and followed him into the tiny hideout that was created under the table. 

“You are ready?”, Alex asked, also bristled with weapon-like pillows. 

“Yes!”, Lukas yelled, firing the first fluffy shot on his brother. While the others also started to bombard them with an armada of flying pillows. The fight was nearly over when Lila took her first one and fired it at Alex. She seemed to allow her to score a hit, but instantly returned the pillow to its origin. 

“We won”, Lukas declared, while Lila was sure the two opponents had hit their little hideout pretty hard. He quickly repaired the structure and packed all the pillows before starting the next round.  

Fifteen minutes later she was exhausted as the fight had quickly drawn all her energy. So instead of helping them to get ready for the next round, she just looked over at Alex. 

“Do you need a break?”, she realized that Lila was done with playing for the day. “Can you help me put everything back on our beds?” 

“Mmmm no, I don't want to stop now”, Lukas protested while he was yawning but was clearly just as exhausted as Lila.  

In moments, the battleground disappeared and they found themselves back in the bedroom. With the action and the excitement slowly ebbing away, the need to be close to someone crept back on her. 

“I am thirsty.”, the little boy that just fought side on side with her, declared as Alex cleaned up. 

“And I am hungry.”, the much older Georg declared, expecting that his big sister would bring them something to eat.

Lila on the other side just wanted to be cuddled. Should she just go and hug her? Could she just ask for help?

But Alex seemed to know what she was doing, she prepared something to drink for them and even filled a baby bottle for her little Lukas. 

Lukas took his bottle, jumped on the bed, and seemed so happy with his drink, while they stayed in the kitchen area for a moment.

She carefully sipped on her glass, feeling the cold touch of the taped water.  

“Our mum will bring us something to eat when they are back shopping for our picnic on the beach tomorrow.” 

He still looked at her with his puppy eyes. 

“And no, we can not eat sweets before we have dinner!”, she seemed to read what was on his mind, as the boy who appeared older than Lila walked away disappointed. 

“You need my help too.”, she noticed that she could not raise her concern as the siblings could.

She finally put her arm around her and Lila instantly cuddled on her chest. 

“You miss your parents?”, she asked, slowly padding her little head and even drying one of her tears. She nodded, still finding it hard to talk. 

“Come, I will carry you.”, Alex said softly, lifting her up as her mum and dad did. 

“Thanks.”, Lila mumbled, as she finally got the love that she desperately needed like water in the desert and gave up all her teenage reservedness, and accepted that she needed her as a babysitter. 

She let her friend down as she sat on the bed. 

“I also want to cuddle with you.”, her little brother demanded.

Lila noticed as her babysitter placed her on her side and her little brother on the other, while  Alex had to dry another tear that rolled over her cheek. 

“Why is she so sad?”, he innocently asked. 

“I think she is missing her parents.”

“Oh, but what can we do?”, the boys worried. “Maybe I could introduce her to my stuffed lion plushie.” 

“She doesn't have stuffed animals like the two of us anymore. She is thirteen, remember.”, Georg said.  

She looked at Alex and begged her for help.  

Indeed, the little beaver could really do something for her. 

“Georg, having a stuffy is not something only little children do. I have one, even if I don't sleep with her every night anymore. You have a cute beaver, don't you? Do you want to have it?” She offered. 

She thought if she could confess her need for more help.

“Yes, I need my Noah.”, Lila finally mumbled sheepishly.

“Then we can celebrate a tea party for our stuffed animals.”, her little Lukas cheered, jumped up and ran over to the children's bedroom and returned with his Simba-like lion and a dark green turtle before he finally picked up the brownish Noah.

She could not help but as soon as he let the brownish animal fall on the bed, she grabbed it in midair and pressed him on her free side. She closed her eyes for a second. 

“Sorry Noah, I missed you so much”, she mumbled as if he could actually understand her and stroke over his soft face. 

“I love you too, and you really don't have to be afraid.”, came to her mind, and she could not say if she wished he had said that or if the stuffed animal could really talk to her in her consciousness.

Then she noticed her crotch was suddenly warm and wet, and for a second she was not sure if she deliberately peed herself or if she paid so little attention to her blather that she actually had a daytime accident in her diapers.

Especially when she was dreaming, it definitely seemed to become harder to not pee herself in the last days. 

“Alex, can we watch TV while we are waiting for our parents.”, Georg wanted to kill some time and had the remote controls already in his hand.

“You cannot watch your action-loaded TV shows with Lukas, and I don't think they are good for Lila either.”, she explained to her younger brother and sounded just like mom to the little teenage girl. 

“Why can't I?”, he moringed grumpily.  

“We could watch some little kids' shows. So all of us could have fun, don't you think so.” Alex insisted.

“But I am not a baby, and it is so boring.”

Lila was not too keen on watching anything. But a movie for a five-year-old could not be that bad, could it? Maybe it would be more fun than she anticipated if she could engross herself in the stories and characters, while still being sure everything would be ok?

“You want to choose?”, Lila asked the little boy that was lying on the other side of her babysitter's chest. I really want to see Bobo, it is my favorite, but Georg always complains that it is for babies only.

“Yes, and Bobo does not even talk like a real kid.”, Georg complained, “He just uses that simplified two-word sentence language.”

“But I still love him, and he is always sleeping in the end.” The little five years old Lukas proudly explained. 

“I have never seen this movie”, Lila confessed.

“Two against one - Bobo it is.”, Alex decided, switching on the television 

“Thank you”, I heard as Lukas smiled into my face. 

Bobo was indeed a very simple show, clearly created for toddlers, with Lukas being on the highest end of the possible age scale. But while Georg rolled his eyes on every clear and foreseeable move that the story took. Lila and Lukas were really watching it. 

Sure it was very babyish in Lila's eyes, but she was also quite busy cuddling with Noah and strangely also talking to him in her mind, and she started to feel a bond between her emotions and her beaver Noah.

And on the other hand, as she trusted her little fluffy companion. He made her more and more open to the little kid's TV show and the limited safe boundaries, which the stories were not violating once. 

When she heard their parents return, Alex and Georg got up, while Lukas and Lila found each other after their babysitter left the bed, and they did not want to be alone. 

“Everything ok in your growing babysitting business?”, her mum asked her 15-Year-old daughter. As they brought the shopping bags in together.

“Yes, Georg is a little hungry, but I did not allow him snacks before our family dinner and the other two are watching Bobo together.”

“Lila watches Bobo?”, her mum wondered. 

Her daughter nodded and added, “You should have a glance at her before we tell them that dinner is ready.”

They both stopped for a second at the door 

“I still can not believe that she is thirteen, she even seems much younger than our Georgy.” Alex whispered. 

“Maybe this is a lesson you have to learn about caring for kids.”

“What lesson?”, she wanted to know. 

“Kids grew up at their own pace. And you should never judge someone only by their age.“

Her mum noticed that her oldest teenage child needed to talk 

“Actually she was a little homesick when her parents left”, Alex reflected with her mum. “I let her cuddle with me a little so that she could calm down.”

“She is not as developed emotionally as you. Maybe she even has more needs than Georg, but you should not see her as dumb. She is just different and, as her mum said, not ready to be on her own. Maybe you should see her as a very intelligent eight-year-old girl.” 

“I have one more thing.” Alex now mumbled to ensure that only her mum could hear her. 

“When we were watching Bobo, I saw that she has a pacifier in her bib’s pocket and I think she is afraid of using it. Should I maybe offer her a bottle to drink when I bring her to bed?“

“You should be careful not to hurt her. It could be something that she carries like a security blanket.” Her mum warned her.

Alex nodded. 

“But what if I just offer her one when it's her bedtime and I just make two baby bottles, one for Lukas and one for Lila. Maybe she would not be afraid of using it when she needs help.”, she suggested. 

“Try it, maybe she trusts you so far.”

“You don't think George would laugh at her when she is so little and innocent?”  

“No, I would not tolerate it if he is making fun of her. I think I did a wonderful job on raising you without thinking bad of others, and he will learn that lesson, too.”

“You know, I am really proud of my professional babysitter.”, her mum smiled at her and gave her a tab on her shoulder.  

“Could you check on the two little ones, I don't want to have them with a soaked or smelly diaper on our dinner table.”  

“OK”, she confirmed that order from her mum and headed to the two youngsters on the bed still watching one short movie after the other.  

“Are you hungry?“, she invited them to the dinner table when the screen finally was switched off and they both just became aware that the movie time was over? 

“Lukas are you wet?”, she asked her little brother and without waiting for an answer she put the long shirt up and checked the front of his pull-ups. 

“You are still pretty dry, good job.”, she praised him, “But you will hop over and go to the bathroom really quick.”

He nodded and smiled. 

“And what about you?”, she asked Lila. Not waiting for her answer, either. She knew she was not dry anymore, and she was actually so used to being checked and changed by her parents that she did not pay any attention to her diapers. 

“Can I take a look?”, she demanded as it became clear to her that her little but still teenage friend must have wet herself several times.  

Petrified by Alex, who seemed to take the babysitting tasks seriously, she just nodded in approval, she let her open her pants that hardly were doing anything to cover the thick diaper bulk between her legs.  

“You really need a change into something dry.”, she insisted, sliding the sweaty pants down her legs.

“Alex took Lila on her hips. But you are not messy, aren't you?”, she asked and lifted the waistband of her diaper. 

The little girl who was mindlessly watching TV just some seconds ago now was becoming aware that she just peed in her diaper whenever she needed to go. But now with her teenage friend finding out how wet she really was, she was kind of embarrassed.  

“You don't need to be embarrassed around me, I know you cannot help it.” She wanted to calm her down. “And I think you are actually kind of cute with your diaper on and just going potty in it like this.”  

With a quick hand, she grabbed her bag with the spare diapers and unfolded a changing mat on the bed. And sliding it under her little friend's bum.

“It's ok for you if I do that?”, she wanted to assure herself that she did not hurt Lila’s little soul. 

She saw her little head nod as she opened the Velcro strips in the front. 

“You don't forget to use some cream after you cleaned up her accident. She will probably sleep in it all night long.”, her mum advised, as she was coming to check that her daughter was doing well with the change. 

“Sure” she said while whipping her clean in the front. She used some baby oil and made the now fresh skin soft and comfy.

“And now I have to clean her bum.”, she explained as if it was an exam in class. She lifted Lila’s legs in the air, started to wipe her clean, and removed the old sticky white cream.

While Alex was caring for her, she had Noah in her arms and was not thinking about the childish procedure that just happened to her. Instead, she was worried about how this all would come to an end when their vacation was over. She actually did not want to go back to all her stress in her quickly changing teenage life. 


“You already had enough?”, Alex asked Lila as she was having dinner with them and was sitting comfortably on Alex's lap like Lukas did on his mommy's. Yes, she confirmed the food they brought from any takeaway restaurant was delicious, but despite the early hour, she actually was pretty tired. But no, she could not confess that to her babysitter. It was not even Lukas's bedtime jet, and when she started heading to bed, it would make her appear even more like a little child. 

As she leaned back on her lap, she yawned and could not help but rub her eyes. 

At least Lukas was tired too, his mum had moved him to her lap as he started getting grumpy while he was eating alone in his place. 
“It's bedtime for you soon, Lukas”, her mum had announced as she cleaned his face. 

“I don't want to and Lila does not have to go either”, he protested, immediately comparing him to the in fact much older girl.

Instead of arguing, Alex and her mother were looking at Lila. And with a blink of their eyes, they understood each other.

“Actually, I think it is time for Lila as well, look at her.”, Alex's mum suggested to her babysitting daughter.

“No”, the small teenager in her lap, complained without really meaning it.

“You would have to go to bed in an hour anyway.”, Alex explained. “I promised that to your mummy.” 

“But ...”, she tried again but did not find words and was just too tired of fighting any further. 

“Bedtime it is, for Lila and Lukas at least. George can watch some cartoons for an hour or so.” Alex's mum said strictly to avoid any further discussion with their five-year-old son.

The fifteen-year-old babysitter on the other hand noticed that the actual teenage child on her lap relaxed and seemed to have accepted that the day for her was over and started cuddling with her as if she would embrace the peace and rest that it would bring when she is finally tucked in bed. 

For Lila, it was kind of strange, the strict words that sent her and the little Lukas to bed were comforting. She no longer had to argue with her teenage side if it would be appropriate and with the ease of mind that she would be safe she accepted it. 

“You two go and brush your teeth?”, Alex commanded them into the bathroom as if they were both small kids. Handing out the toothbrush that Maria packed in her backpack.

“Can you help me?”, the little Lukas asked Lila instead of his sister who was watching them right at their side as if any of them needed help. 

“Sure, I can do that”, she cheered, glad she could at least be a little help to them. She put some of the funny-looking toothpaste on his brush before she took it over to her own. She had a short look at the tube in her hand. It was for little kids 3 to 7 Years old, as it was mentioned on the package. 

“You can use it if you want,” Alex explained, ”It is just a little sweet and does not have the fresh smell as the adult toothpaste.” 

Why not, Lila thought, put it on and proceeded with her nighttime routine. 

“Mummy, do I have to wear a diaper tonight?” Lukas protested, when he was back from going to the potty, and was put on the Changing Mat with one Pampers Overnights Diaper right by his side. 

Everyone could see that he was slightly embarrassed to have to wear a diaper when sleeping next to his new friend Lila. 

“You actually never wake up at night to go pee or poop, so you cannot wear the pull-ups.” his mum said in a strict voice.  

“But I don't want to, I am not a baby anymore.”, he protested again 

What could she do to help him, she asked herself while holding Noah tight on her Chest. 

Just tell him, came the answer from Noah in her mind. 

“I don't mind you needing diapers ...” she said to calm him down. “I am not potty-trained, just like you, but I even need them during the day.”, she confessed not knowing if this was the truth now or if she just lied to him, and noticed that the young child finally gave up the fight and let his mum put his diaper on. 

As the last tape was fixed and Lukas was changed into his pyjama by his mommy, he cuddled right next to me.

While Alex brought us a glass and two baby bottles. Looking into my eyes, she shyly mumbled “I saw your pacifier when you were watching TV, so I wondered if you want a baba too just like Lukas?” 

“I ...“, she stumbled, not knowing if she should share that secret as well. And did not even notice as her hand graded the childish drinking glass and pressed the warm object on her chest. Then slowly she took the nibble in her mouth and started to drink the warm, yummy tea.

“You want to hear a bedtime story?” she offered and as if this was their normal nighttime routine she took the storybook, laid herself right in the empty spot between the two children, and began to read.

“It was in a time maybe a thousand years ago ... “, was all she really could remember before she drifted back to sleep. 


Lila opened her eyes a little bit as she noticed some strange voices. “Just try to sleep some more”, her daddy mumbled as her mum opened the door to their room. 

But it was much too bright, even with Dad tucking her back in the bed. She did wake up a bit. 

“Mummy Daddy did you have fun tonight.”, she asked them, noticing that she had not seen her mum so happy, and it seemed that her mother was still dancing deep down in her heart. 

“Oh, yes we were in one of these nice restaurants and afterward your dad took me out dancing.” her mum cheered and after a second she was looking at her, she added 

“Thank you so much, Lila. Thanks for staying with Alex for tonight.”, she gave her a kiss on her cheeks. And now try to sleep some more. 

“It was fun for me too”, she told them and glad to see her parents happy. 

She rolled from one side to the other, trying to find back to sleep. Even when the light was out, she could not. Something was bothering her and after some moments she felt the slight need to poop in her belly.

Just poop in your diaper and go back to sleep, she heard the easy solution in her head and as she relaxed she noticed the first log of mess leaving her even before she pushed everything out and immediately fell back to a good night's sleep. 

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Chapter 5 - Out in Nature - Hiking and swimming with her friends

“Good morning, my cute little sweetie.”, her dad greeted her as she opened her eyes. The morning sun just greeted them as her daddy picked her up and sat her on his lap. 

“We think you should take a shower before we leave for our nature adventure.” 

Still very sleepy, she let her daddy help her with the pyjama and with just her poopy diaper on, he brought her into the bathroom, where her mum already waited with the shower head in her hand. This morning, Lila was actually not embarrassed anymore when her parents saw her in diapers, so she just stretched her arms and yawned while her dad opened the tapes and did a quick pre-clean-up on her bum, so her mum could wash her down.

As she stepped in the shower, she remembered the good feeling that she had when mummy was washing her after their dinner party two days ago. And how she loved the soft care she experienced. 

“Ready?”, her mother asked in a brief moment when she set the water temperature and checked if it would be just right for her girl.

“Thank you mummy”, Lila mumbled as the warm liquid washed away the brownish accident she had tonight from her bum. She actually felt so refreshed and ready for their day when she was clean and after mum dried her with the hotel's towel, she didn’t notice when she put her into a fresh diaper while she was just standing there.  

‘Knock, Knock’ they heard someone at the door. 

“I am just packing our stuff, can you open the door”, her dad asked his wife Maria. 

“Oh, I cannot, I am just cleaning the bathroom.”

“I can do that.”, her little girl replied after she was just sent to dress herself with a soft pat on her now diapered booty. Without waiting, she happily danced over to the door and turned the handle. 

“Good morning, Alex”, she joyfully greeted her friend without minding her infantile outfit. And actually jumped on her hips as she was welcomed with open arms. 

“We will be ready in ten minutes, so my mum sent me over if you need help to get everything settled.” She announced as she had entered our room and saw Lila’s parents still occupied.

“Thank heaven you came to our rescue. Can you make sure she gets dressed in something more appropriate for the trip”, her mum begged her to stay.

“Where have you put your clothes?”, Alex changed into her babysitting mode and helped Lila find something that would help her to not get too hot or uncomfortable when they were exploring the national park together.

And so they really left just a minute or so late and were just arriving in time. They swapped Lila's child seat over to the big minivan and installed it next to Lukas's on the rear bench. 

Actually, with her still using the five-point harness they looked quite similar and were both made to keep a small child safe even if they would fall asleep once more. 

Just moments before they all left, the little, still sleeping Lukas was carried downstairs and put into his seat. Trying not to disturb him and still showing she was a big girl, Lila sat next to him and sat in her seat on her own for the first time on this vacation. 

“Can you help me with the buckle?”, she asked her friend, who was taking the free seat next to her. 

“That is nice, I get to sit next to you.”, Alex smiled and with a ‘bing’ buckled her in. 

The adults took their place in the front and on the first-row bench together with George, who seemed to be quite busy with watching some cartoons on his tablet with headphones. After everyone was settled, she felt the car starting to move, and they were on their way. 

With Lukas sleeping next to them, they had to be quiet, but the ride of an hour still provided enough time for the two teenagers to talk. 

So, mumbling only in soft voices, they started to get to know more about each other. And while Alex led the conversation for the first minutes, Lila opened up and told her about school, and that she was not happy in her class. 

When she finally mentioned the town where she lived in, Alex interrupted and cut her off. 

“That's pretty close to our place, Mum takes us there sometimes when we need something that is not sold in the little store in our rural community. It's just a drive of an hour or an hour and a half on public transport.”

“Oh”, Lila was stunned, still knowing that her parents would never ever allow her to travel such a long distance on her own. She even doubted she would make it that far without missing them so much that she would not be able to go on. And probably with her childlike appearance, everyone would also think she was a little child running away from home for some crazy reason. 

“That means we will be able to see each other after we get back home”, Alex explained. 

“I am sure my parents would never let me travel that far”, she replied. 

“You don't need to, I could come”, she suggested. “Like for a sleepover. And when we do the bus route together a couple of times, maybe then they would let you try it too, and it would not be too scary for you, would it.” 

“I would love to welcome you for a sleepover.”, she offered. “Until it suddenly stopped after primary school, I loved to go on play dates with my friends.” 

“Actually, we teens in the countryside also do sleepovers in our town. Because there is nowhere to go out and celebrate, and the bus service stops at seven in the evening.” 

Lila was not sure if a play date in her eyes was what Alex meant with a sleepover. But as it was the first time she had been invited to anything in the last three years. As she felt that with their friendship she was not alone anymore Alex was willing to invite her. And together with her, life would be fun and interesting instead of lonely and sad.

“And are you sure nobody will laugh at me”, she stumbled, still not sure if she would embarrass herself on the first occasion to be with other children her age.

“No we are not too picky, there are not so many young people in our town, and when I am with you, you can always come to me if you need help”, she offered. “Sometimes when we make a bonfire, even Georg and Lukas are there for the first hour or so before mum puts them to bed. And if you worry because you need diapers, no one will know and if they find out, they will already like you.” 

Lila did not share her optimism about that, but in the end, it was a great thing she could look forward to, after she got home. And if Alex thought it was a good idea, it couldn’t be too strange and scary. At least not like the teenagers that were partying in the streets while she passed them, holding her mum’s hand as if it would be dangerous for her.

“The ocean is finally in sight.”, the adults declared with the intent to wake everyone who was still sleeping or watching cartoons, as they were finally coming close to their destination.

“Ahhh”, Lila heard Lukas next to her, finally stretching his legs and arms. 

“Good morning my little brother”, the sister greeted the sleepy boy. 

He groggily turned his head away from the bright window, rubbing his eyes. 

“Did you sleep well?”, Lila asked him, and saw that he was suddenly awake as he heard her voice. 

“Hi Lila!” he cheered so loud that everyone now knew the five-year-old was awake and had finally noticed that he was sitting next to his teenage friend with whom he had so much fun yesterday. 

Suddenly, the car began to shake them as they left the highway and turned onto a bumpy old road. They parked at a big unpaved opening in the trees that seemed to serve as an entry point for all excursions in the area and was just a few hundred meters away from the sea. 

“Who wants to climb the hill with me?”, Alex’s dad asked as they all climbed out of the car - the two older and more experienced hiking kids already had their backpacks on. 

“I am ... I am.”, Lukas declared excitedly. Lila was not too sure about the 40-minute walk up the hill to reach the lookout point. 

“You will easily make it”, Alex, calmed me down as she looked at her with concern in my eyes. “This is a hiking trail for kids, it will not be too steep and not too long. And if you cannot walk anymore I can always carry you for a bit”, she assured her with a loving smile as she put her hand around her friend.

She cuddled on her side and as Lila was trusting the teenager more and more, all doubts vanished as they walked the first meters of the trail.

Immediately she noticed that the temperature dropped when they entered the forest. The smell of trees and the fresh humid soil was new for the little girl who held Alex's hand and was astonished by all the new impressions she had missed all these years. 

“You want to try something?” her babysitter from yesterday offered her another experience. 

She nodded. 

“Close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of the forest”, she advised her friend. She questioningly looked back, wondering if this was a good idea? 

“I will take care that you will not fall, trust me.”, she insisted that this would be possible,

For the first steps, she held on close to her side as she tried her friend's advice. 

With her eyes closed, she suddenly noticed a lot more in what for Lila was a still unknown environment. The smell of the mossy earth, the soft spongy trail under her feet. Some birds were singing in the trees as if they would perform in a concert. And even the wind that blew through the branches let the leaves rustle and made her feel so small but also special in this big world.   

“You like it?” Alex asked her as she opened her eyes again, smiling at the quite pleasant experience. 

She never would have expected a trip into nature to be so exciting and with so many impressions that it was not boring at all. The fresh, humid air of the trees was at least as pleasant as air-conditioning that cooled her down. 

“Lila, come over here!”, George yelled over to them, looking down into the high grass next to the bushes. Quickly looking over there, he pointed into the maze of green branches and leaves, where the girls could not see anything. 

After some seconds of staring, she saw some movement. It was a black lizard-like animal with yellow dots. “Don't disturb him,” Alex warned them as Lukas wanted to get closer. 

“Are they dangerous?” Lila wanted to know whether she had to be concerned. 

“No, but they are quite rare.”, after some seconds the little guy was hiding in the high grass again and vanished from their eyes before they could show them to their mums and dads. 

The adults were slowly walking and talking to each other and seemed to always lag some hundred meters behind.

“As always, you have good eyes”, their teenage companion praised her little brother. With a smile he blushed. 

Alex started a small lecture from what she learned in her school's biology class that these animals were protected and due to the loss of habitat they were driven close to extinction.

“What is extinction?”, George wanted to know. 

“That is when a species of animals disappears because all of them are dead.”, answered Lila sadly, remembering it from her own class. 

For a short moment, he seemed not to expect her to know something like that. 

“Let's run over there to the jungle gym”, Lukas suggested and took Lila by her hand as he started running full speed toward the maze of bars and joints. It promised some minutes of fun while their parents could catch up with them. 

First she did not want to spend her energy in such a futile but still fun way, but as she followed him she was eager to not let the ten centimeter smaller five-year-old win the race. He was quite fast for his age, she had to confess, and so they nearly touched the cold metal bar at the same time. 

“I won”, he declared, and Lila realized that she had to let him have his small victory. Lukas had not yet learned that losing sometimes was part of life, and still needed his success to feel good. 

You won, she congratulated him as if he would have won by a high margin, and at the same time she felt the love for the little brother as if he was her own sibling. Was she feeling good because she saw him so joyful, even if he was not her brother? 

Or was he a friend of hers too, like Alex and maybe George. Maybe finding friends was not so difficult after all? 

After the sprint, she needed to go pee-pee quite urgently. But a relaxing thought came to her mind, ‘that's what I wear my diapers for,’ she decided as she felt the warmth spreading another time.

From time to time Alex, Lukas or George seemed to take her, and they ran together having fun. The time passed unnoticed, and before Lila could realize it, they had reached their destination. 

“I am so proud of you”, her Dad said and embraced her for a moment. Indeed, she had no idea that walking such a big distance could be that fun, and relaxing. She had to confess that she had doubted that she could make it so far.

The children were sitting on the benches that invited every member of their family hike to have a rest. They enjoyed the view from this rocky viewpoint, from where you could see the long moon-shaped beach and the waves as they crashed over the golden yellow sand.

The parents in the meanwhile had opened the backpacks that were closed during their hike and now revealed their yummy contents. 

After some seconds, each of the little ones had a sandwich in their hand and a bottle with water was passed around for the children. All their needs for food and drinks soon vanished, and they were chatting cheerfully as their parents took some photos. 

Even the four kids and teens got one victory celebration picture together, where Lila perfectly fit in the height spot between the little Lukas and the tweeny Georg.

What if she had a family like this? With siblings and just being a kid. No, she would never leave her parents, but why can't they stay together like this even if they had different parents?

Maybe like cousins? She dreamed, knowing that her days here were limited, and that she would have to return to being the teenager Lila in two days. 

Two days until all her hardship would suddenly return, just as it had vanished only some days ago.

The way back to the car did not even take them half as long as the way up. They were rushing downhill and their feet and the kids seemed to know that a nice day on the beach was waiting for them.

“We are back” Lila cheered as they finally returned to the playground that was created in the shade of the trees. She sat on the swing next to Lukas and just relaxed for a moment, swinging herself higher and higher into the air. 

She felt so incredible on the swing. Loved by her parents, who were slowly catching up with them. And with her friends all around her, she was still on her own, at least on her swing. 

Yes, sure, she noticed that her feet were hurting a little from the walk. But this time she was proud of herself. She could not remember that she ever hiked that far. Even if it was a trail for kids, it was a great experience.
As she relaxed to the repetitive acceleration on the swing, she felt the need to pee again. She realized her diapers were much more convenient in nature where no toilet is close by. She just let it go and felt the slight warmth return as her uncomfortable need vanished. 

“LILA, come here, you can play afterward.”, her mum yelled as the adults finally made it back to the car parking 

She slowed down with her feet and ran over to her parents, embracing them as if she missed them for a long time. Her mum picked her up on her hips and tickled her until both of them were laughing. 

“You are so cheerful, so I assume you liked our little excursion?”, her dad concluded. 

She smiled at him and nodded.

“And your little feet are not hurting?”, he added another question

“Only a little, but hiking with my friends was so much fun!” she said joyfully.

“But we really have to change you into a fresh diaper when we arrive at the beach.”, her mum announced as she noticed the now bulky diaper between her daughter's legs. 

She finally was able to let her mum and dad go.

“Lila, we want to move on and hit the beach”, Alex yelled over while she already buckled in her brothers. She rushed over to her teenage friend and also helped her to get into her child seat. 

“How long will we drive like this?” she asked, the accumulated heat from the closed car making her uncomfortable.

“Only about fifteen minutes, but the other spot will be much better for you kids. It is a protected bay, where the waves are not as big, and you can go swimming too. At least with floaties on and accompanied.” Alex's Dad answered from the front. And while the Air Conditioner howled, she wished she could be back in the dense, dark green forest with its cooling trees and meandering rivers and creeks.

But her dad kept his promise, and they quickly arrived in another shady parking spot with the big blue sea just in sight. 

The adults again had heavy backpacks, and Alex's dad had a cooler in his hand. Even Alex and George helped out with carrying light stuff. The tweeny brother was taking Lukas by the hand so that he would not run off while the cars were still present. 

Should she help them as well, she questioned herself. When she suddenly felt the hand of Alex grabbing her. 

“You better come with me”, she announced with a loving smile, as if she was one of her siblings and needed to be watched like Lukas.

In the far distance, she could already hear the breaking waves, and feel the breeze of salty water in the air. 

Would she be able to go swimming here? She did not even know if her parents finally got her a swimming outfit or floaties? 

But Alex’s grip on her hand was calming her down. She was with her parents, and Alex was watching her as well, so nothing bad could ever happen to her like this. 

The ten-minute walk down to the beach led them over a narrow street that they never could have managed with their minivan. And the cliffs were so steep that she actually gripped Alex's hand as hard as she could to just make sure she was safe. 

After the short walk, the beach rewarded them. The waves that were crashing actually broke at a reef that lay some distance out on the coastline. The golden sand under their feet ended in the turquoise sea. They placed two blankets next to each other on a spot where some small tree protected them a little from the blazing sun. 

They were not the only ones who were already enjoying the beauty of this location - some kids and teens were already running around, playing and having fun. 

“Can we try the sea?”, she suggested to her teenage guardian, who still held her hand as if she needed supervision like Alex's little brother.

“Lila, no, I really need to change you into your swim nappy. And you would also need some sun cream and your floaties,” her mum Maria stopped them.

I looked at her. She did not really want to change her diaper here on the blanket, while she was laying there right in public.

Her mum saw the doubts in her eyes and embraced her in a cuddle. 

“But you need to change, and I can only offer you that we walk twenty minutes back to the car and do it there.”

“But Mommy!”, the little girl moaned, looking over to the neighboring blankets where a four-year-old was sitting next to his mum. He was just wearing a swim diaper, a sun protection shirt, and a pair of arm floaties.

“There is no need to be embarrassed baby,” the caring adult assured her, and once again she missed her Noah and her Paci to just slip back into her little girl role and forget about all the rules and needing to go to the potty.

You want to go swimming with your friends, don’t you? She brought back to her mind what she really wanted.

“Mum I just need... my”, she stumbled desperate, her mum opened the backpack and suddenly her little beaver's face came into view. 

‘I will calm you, and you will have fun again’ he seemed to promise to her. As if the brownish stuffed animal was vitally important for her soul, she grabbed it and nearly let the backpack fall over in her futile attempt to free the fluffy soul of her friend. 

“Wait, I will help you.” she heard the adult for whom she had so much love in her heart.

“Will you let me change you?”, her mum asked again, still hiding Noah behind her back. Clearly wanting to exchange the cuddly beaver against her daughter's approval

Her daughter nodded, hugging the little beaver and finally letting her lay her down on the blanket. With incredible speed, her mum removed the wet diaper around her hips, cleaned her, and slipped on the fresh swim nappy.

“That wasn’t that bad, was it?”, she asked as she prepared the sun protection shirt. 

Lila was stunned at her mum's speed that came from years of practice, and just sat there and enjoyed that her mum was there for her. In a few more seconds, she noticed her mom already had her sun shirt on.

“Look, we also got you some new little swimmies so that you can have just as much fun as in the pool” her mum explained once more. She unpacked the orange package of water wings that were advertised for kids from six to twelve years. 

Again she could not help but feel embarrassed as she got them on too.

“Lila, you keep them on while we’re here, these are for adult hands only”, she insisted and pointed to the valves to release the air. 

“Thanks, mummy” she mumbled and wished that her fear of the open water could have actually stayed at home. 

“You know that they make these for kids your age, and even adults”, she whispered so that only Lila could hear it, while all others could still believe that Lila was a large pre-school child with potty issues. 

She gave her daughter a kiss as she knew that she really wanted to head off with her friends and have fun. 

“Even if you really love him, Noah must stay here. I am sure he can’t swim either, and he does not have floaties as cool as yours!” her mum stopped her another time and took the animal out of her hands. She was right, the little teenage girl noticed that her beaver could not swim after all. 

With a sad look, she placed him back in her mum’s arms. “But will you look after him? He doesn’t deserve to be in this dark bag,” she demanded, as it would hurt herself to pack him like that.

While Lila was being changed, Alex's mum helped Lukas. The two bigger ones also had their beachwear on. With a smile, she recognized that Lukas even had a matching shirt on that was kept in light blue and with fishes on, while hers had a reddish one with a seahorse hopping over the bottom of the Sea. 

As they walked into the cool, blueish water, she took her guardian's hand. 

“Don't be afraid. I will be there for you and nothing can happen with the floaties on”, Alex said in a soft and understanding voice as she walked into the ocean with two little kids in her hands, looking like a young mother herself.  

As the small waves suddenly tickled her belly and slowly swabbed up to her chest, she let the soft sandy ground go and actually floated effortlessly just with the help of her little swimmies right next to Alex. 

“Look what I have found,” said Georg, drawing their attention to one mussel shell that he found while diving some meters out, in an unreachable depth for Lukas and Lila. 

The little girl wanted to swim over to see what he had got. The waves were not that big and while she was enjoying the safety and the confidence that her armbands gave her, she now was eager to start exploring her newly found freedom in the water. 

“I want to try to swim over to George. Can you ...” Lila stumbled, ready to let go of Alex's arm and at the same time hesitant to leave her side.

“Don't worry, I will be watching you, you are always safe with us. Lukas and I will come when he is ready. Ok?”

“Thanks” she whispered, not sure if the big teenage girl could even hear her. Then she used all her courage and let her hand go.

For a second, she just drifted with the waves until she remembered the movements her dad and the swimming instructor in her class so desperately tried to teach to her. Would they work even with her swimmies? 

She just tried remembering the rhymes that they used in her class. 

Arms in the front 
Legs like a frog
So we do it, 
Not like a dog. 

Some moments later, she pulled through the water and noticed that she was actually coming closer to Georg. She needed five seconds to get back in position and was wondering if doggy-paddling would be more efficient. 

“Super Lila, one more stroke”, Alex praised her.

She pulled her arms back and kicked her feet, and once more she gained speed. 

“One more and you are here”, she now heard George, who already had come a little bit closer to make it easier for her.

Another time, she pulled her arms back before she could finally grab Alex's brother's hand. 

“Look at them”, he showed the mussel shells he had already brought back up from what seemed to be the bottom of the ocean for Lila. She turned the shell in her hand, the outside was rough and looked more like a rock than anything else. On the other hand, the inside shimmered and twinkled in all the colors of the rainbow. 

It was beautiful and while some teenage thoughts told her that it was just a shell, the sentimental value was much different. It was a shell George gave her. He seemed to be her friend as well, and It was a present from him.

She turned around, searching for a container that would be good for her treasure and saw her mum and dad now already dressed for swimming standing on the beach

“Mummy! Daddy! We need something to put it in”, she demanded, while she was floating next to the boy who seemed to float so effortlessly on his own. 

“We need a bag for the shells”, Georg yelled as loud as he could, still unsure if the adults understood his new playmate's inquiry for help. 

He was satisfied when his dad turned back to the blanket and came back with a mesh fabric bag. It contained two little children-sized snorkel masks and could easily be used as a container for all the precious treasures of this beach.

And just moments later he stood next to them and Lila noticed that he still could stand comfortably, and his shoulders had not even got wet. 

“Look what Georg found”, Lila now showed him the treasure of the sea that she held in her hands. 

“They are really nice”, he honored them with a smile. And showed her how she could put them in a small side pocket of the mesh bag. 

“Do you want to try snorkeling too”, he asked Lila now, who already had used the arm of George’s dad as her personal anchorage. 

She looked at him as if he was mad. She had not even mastered swimming and just was confident enough to drift around with the orange armbands on. How could he even think about snorkeling and diving? 

“You can do it, I promise”, he assured her. 

“But I ... I don't want to take them off”, she explained her resentment and touched the little swimming helpers on her side. 

“Your floaties will stay, at least for now”, he pointed out while he opened the bag and took a snorkel mask out. 

“I think Georgie's older mask would fit you easily. Do you want to try it?”, he added.

Lila was curious about it. She admired Georg’s courage to dive deep down, and if his dad said it would be easy she was eager to try it out.

But at the same time, some little devil in her was singing the same old song about all her failures when she had tried to learn to swim.

On the other hand swimming with water wings was nice, and so she nodded in approval. 

He pulled the head band over her head and fixed the mask over her eyes and nose.

“Try the snorkel before you put your head underwater. Take it in your mouth and calmly start breathing through it.”

Lila nodded again and the excitement made her heart beat so fast. She tasted the salty plastic object before she took the first breath from the long tube.

Although she felt a little uncomfortable and her tummy was already grumbling from the stress of her new experience, she now really wanted to try it.

“I will lift your legs a little, and you just put your head in the water while I push you forward.” He explained before she broke the cold surface of the water that had given her such a hard time in all those years when she had wanted to learn how to swim.

All her courage was rewarded as she now could clearly see what was below her. There were fish, mussels, and rocks and Georg was just diving in the middle of all that. 

She was so stunned that she even forgot to breathe at all the first time. 

“Hi my little one”, she heard her daddy standing right in the water next to them when she ran out of air and had to leave the underwater world again. 

“You are finally back having fun in the water, don't you?” he wanted to know. The smile on his daughter's face told him everything he needed to know. 

“We can make a snorkeling circle for her,” Alex’s dad said. “You just take her and push her back to me.”. She heard them talk and felt a push before she could put the head back underwater. With the push, she slid over to her own dad and was slowly turning back, when she first inhaled the salty air that she needed so desperately to keep her head in that wonderful fish world. 

As she enjoyed the game that the adults had in mind for her, she felt the pressing need in her tummy once more. Why did she not poop herself while they were walking down here? At least she could have tried when her mum was changing her. 

Could she just go right here while she was playing? 

Would they even notice if she used her swim diaper to relieve herself? 

Anyway, she would not dare to interrupt her fun at the moment and was just using some of these froggy strokes to become faster again as the two adults slowly increased the distance between them.

She was getting cold when she slowly swam back to her daddy, showing what she learned. Suddenly, another cramp in her tummy hit her, and she noticed a log of poop escaping her control and being captured at her bum by her swim diaper. 

What should she do? A second later, she arrived at her daddy and suddenly was stopped. Bernhard lifted her up on his hips. 

“You had a tiny accident”, he said calmly, as if nothing happened at all. Lila hid her face in his shoulder as she felt the embarrassment swap over her. 

“She went poop”, her daddy declared as discreetly as he could, given his sudden change of plans. And as if she always went potty like this when swimming. 

As they walked her back to shore, she could not do anything as she noticed more mess was leaving her. Suddenly she remembered her mum always encouraging her to let everything out so that there is no need to pee or poop anytime soon again. 

When her dad put her down on the changing mat, she noticed all the need to go potty was gone. Her daddy was surely calling for her mum to do the change, wasn't he.

“Relax”, she heard his soft deep voice as he ripped open the sides of this pull-up styled diaper for the sea. “Just close your eyes for a second, and we will be ready to go once more.” 

“Your daddy changed you a lot when you were younger and still in diapers all the time”, he told her, reminding her of their past as she squirmed a little on the blanket. 

For a second she was dried with a towel, and the little beaver Noah was back on her belly.

Lila immediately smiled at him before she finally closed her eyes. She noticed that her daddy was just as experienced as her mum in whipping her messy butt and even was doing it without demanding any help from her. While she let him do her daddy's work, she felt the same love and the safety of his hands as he slid up another one of her new disposable swim pants. 

He finally kissed her on her forehead.

“You probably should warm up a little before you head out to the sea once more”, he declared. 


“Doggy, doggy, where is your bone? Somebody stole it from your ... home. You can guess three times who got your bone in her hands.” Lila proudly sang the rhyme she just learned from Lukas and some of the neighbor kids played the preschool game.

She sniffed up in the air to imitate the behavior of a first-class Bello and did it once more as the young kids around laughed cheerfully. She crawled over to one of the Kids and sniffed again. 

“Do you have my bone?”, she wanted to know from the four-year-old boy. 

“Noooo.” he said, while he seemed even a little afraid of her imitation of the doggy Bello.

She sniffed over to Alex, who despite being actually much too old for this kind of playing, had joined the game.

Again she sniffed.

“Alex, do you have my bone”, she asked, pretty sure the smile already told Bello the truth. 

“Yes, here is your bone, she said”, actually looking forward to being the doggy herself. And she crawled in the middle, lying down while imitating the wagging of her doggy tail with a dance-like wagging of her bum. 

“Doggy, doggy, ... “, the kids again cheered as the adults finally started to pack their things. 

“You will have to stop after this round.” her Mum Maria finally said as she was watching her daughter Lila denying that she had the bone while Lukas was actually keeping the wooden bone hidden behind his back. 

“Lukas, my little doggy brother, you have my bone.” She finally noticed and crawled over to him to give him another sniff. 

Before they could swap places again, the adults declared that the game was over for today. 

“Oh Mummy, why do we have to stop right now?”, Lila complained as everyone was getting up, and the kids were heading back to their own parents. 

“Because it is already late, and we should be ready for our last day tomorrow,” her mum announced with a smile, knowing that her child had a very nice long day and had not missed out once when it came to playing like a little kid.

“Can you take her while we walk back to the car?”, Lila's mum Maria asked Alex for another favor.

“But I can take her too”, George offered, eager to also show some responsibility to his parents, and took her hand so that the little girl had no chance to run off anymore. 

While they walked the first meters in silence, she remembered all the fun she had today. There was swimming and snorkeling. They built the biggest sandcastle ever, while she could freely cool off with her friends whenever they wanted to, and finally Lukas taught them the Doggy-Doggy game that he knew from preschool. 

And all this time, no one had said anything about her peeing herself whenever she felt the slightest need to go. Even when she pooped in her swim diaper, her daddy just cleaned up her mess and she was ready to play again in no time. 

“Did you like what we did today?” Georg tried to start a conversation with her and to cheer her up from her sadness that the day was over.

Lila smiled. “Actually, I think maybe I am not an indoorsy child after all. At least when we can have so much fun together as we did today. “

And maybe if you get more comfortable being outdoors, we could do many more fun things together. We often play together after school in our village, or we go into the forest and build fortresses together. 

But you don't go outside in the winter or when it is raining, she now started to want to know more about his life in the rural village.
“No, we don't, we usually visit granny's house if the weather is too bad outside. She even has an indoor pool that we can use sometimes.” 

“So is she your grandmother?” she wanted to know. 

“No, she is not.”, Alex laughs at her idea. “Granny is just a rich old lady who lives in our town, and she watches out for us kids and wants to give a little back to society after spending her life all out in public.”

“She is the reason we actually have a school, a little shop, and a childcare place for little ones in a village with just over a hundred people. Everyone just calls her Granny, just as if she is family.” 

Lila needed to think about that a little, as they made their way back to the car. 

In school, it just came out that she, despite her age, still attended the daycare for younger students just to avoid being on her own. And as it came out, everyone was making fun of her for being such a baby. Was life out in the countryside so much better, or was it just special where Alex’s family was living? 

But her parents wanted to stay in town, and just because she was not doing well, coping with her teenage life, they surely would not consider moving. But surely she would love running around with George and Lukas and maybe even be able to come for a sleepover. 

“Lila, don't worry so much.” Alex said. “You will see everything when you come for a visit.”

“Oh, yes like yesterday she will have a sleepover with me,” Lukas cheered, completely ignoring the age difference. And Lila was glad that he now knew she peed and pooped in her diaper like he did, at least while he was sleeping. 

Lila yawned the first time they were halfway back and the last meters over the now busy car park, Alex had to take her up on her hip while she was fighting with her eyes getting really heavy and desperately avoiding falling asleep. I think she will be asleep in no time, their teenage babysitter alerted her parents about her dangerously low energy level.

“Oh yes, let's hurry to get her into a fresh diaper and into her seat so that she can sleep.”, She said, hugging Lila, who now as all the excitement was gone seemed to lose her battle every second. 

“Just rip her swim nappy open” her mum advised the teenager what to do before she took a fresh nappy out of her bag and started to clean her with some wipes.

She helped her into a shirt and placed her in her car seat. She didn’t think about it in her groggy state - she just was glad she was not too hot, and the air-conditioning cooled the car pretty fast.

And before they were back on the main road Lila’s eyes were closed, slightly snoring with every breath she took, and looking small just like Lukas, who was sitting in the seat next to her.

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