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BeDry Night


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I'm intrigued by this - I just tried their BeDry standard version ("BeDry Day", I guess you could call it), and I found it to be a decent diaper, virtually indistinguishable from their Incontrol Essential product, which I liked - a good, day-weight midrange diaper. The price point on those is very attractive, not far off $2 CAD per unit.

I'll throw the ISO capacity claims on the trash heap where they belong, because no diaper is going to "contain" 12 kilograms (26.5 lbs!) of liquid, unless you can spend your day sitting in a bathtub, but IF, comparatively speaking, the Night version lives up to the absorbency expectations set by that lofty number, they will be priced very competitively. Rearz' Incontrol Mega Inspire+, while not actually holding 11,000 ML's reliably, is still one of the highest-capacity products I have ever tried. If these are similar in performance, they will be a strong offering for the price. 

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