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Odd Ache


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I've noticed that when I go for periods (usually anywhrte between half an hour to several hours) of keepong my sphincters and pelvic floor successfully relaxed, dribbling or rather urinating in very small voids, often my bladder will start to ache.

It's not painful though a bit odd, are others experiencing this?

I once read that when you've relaxed enough your bladder might spasm on occasion on it's own, whether you have anything to let out of it or not, is this what that is?

Wasn't sure where to post this but I do vekieve it relates to my untraining activities!

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I've encountered this before, but the few times my bladder has ached it was quite uncomfortable. The only way to relieve the ache (for me) was to hold a bit and not stay relaxed. I haven't felt this ache in many years though, so maybe it was a one-off temporary thing...

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