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Photos too large...?

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18 minutes ago, DaemonBratBaby said:

Hello I am quite new here ans sorry if this is one of "those" questions...lol..but how do I make pics from my desktop smaller so that they will be up loadable here? Thank you, DBB.


Put them into paint/photo software (Paint 3D or Paint.Net or any basic photo/paint software should do)

Once you'd loaded the image  into the software use the select tool and make the image smaller then crop it, and it should lessen the size.

It's worked for me in the past.

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You don't specify if you mean dimensions or file size, but you're probably trying to upload like 20MP photos taken from a smartphone, so both I guess.

Right click and open with Paint, click resize, push the button for Pixels, type in something reasonable, like say 1080 vertical, it'll calculate the horizontal so that the aspect ratio doesn't change. Click OK. Then File, Save As, and save a copy as a JPG file.

3 minutes ago, Apache Raccoon said:

Put them into paint/photo software (Paint 3D or Paint.Net or any basic photo/paint software should do)

Once you'd loaded the image  into the software use the select tool and make the image smaller then crop it, and it should lessen the size.

It's worked for me in the past.


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Go to Ninite.com, go to the images section, find Irfanview and follow the instructions to downlad and install it

Irfanview is originally an image viewer. it had then been augmented to the level of about the best freeware image editor going. One function of image aditing is image size manipulation. One method of doing this is "resampling". The Ninite version should include the plugins, which you will also install. When you learn how to call an image in Irfanview, you will see a menu bar with File Edit Image etc. When you coick on image, you will get a menue one entry of which is Resize/resample. Resampling creates a better resized image. Ultimately, you will be able to customize this app's actions, but that is for a later time when you learn the ropes. The default version will do fine. When you click on Resize/resample,, up in the upper left quandrant of the user interface you will see input boxes with numbers, those are the width and height of the iage as it is. Look in the lower left to make sure "preserve aspect ration" or something like that is ticked. To back up to the numbers select the dimension you wish to change. Put the pointer on top of the numbers and double-click, it will be highlighted. put in the number that you want and click OK and save by going to File. Save to (original) folder. You get an input, click OK and when the next screen comes up with Replace? click yes

How resize works. Say you have an image that is 600x800 and you want 150x200. If you double click one of the dimensions and put the figure you want for that diminsion, you will see the other one filled in automatically, if you put 150 in the first box, the seondc will show 200, If you put 200 in the second, the first will show 150. Then when you press OK the job will be done. The best size for the forum is a height of 500

* Keep the sizemeasurement in pixels
*For most purpose be sure Preserve aspect ration is ticked in the lower left
*If yo plan to SHRINK the image substantially, un-tick Add sharpness in the lower left. Tick it if you plan to ENLARGE the image. There is a limit to which you can enlarge an image before it starts to break down. Resampling and adding sharpness stretches that limit
*You can ignore the upper right section for most purposes
*In the lower right be sure Resample is ticked and the slowest algorithm is selected
*Tick the two boxes under the Resample section in the lower right
Using slow algorithms for reampling does not make a discernible difference in time but will give better quality

NOw in the save process you will see an input box with filetype, when you left-click on the three-letter (e.g. bmp, gif, jpg) term. a pop-up menu will appear that has a lot of 3-letter terms. Your best choice for 90% of the time is jpg. If you already have the file in jpg, you need not do anything, just ckick the OK  and replace. unless you wish to save both imignes. If that is the case, when the save interface comes up go to the filename box and rename the file. When you clidk OK you will not get the replace box and you will have both images. If you learn your way around, you will find Irfanview to be a very powerful image editor. It has an audio player and a small paint program. The Ninite installer installs any program that you get there free of crapware. Another app site is foss hub. It too, provides crap-free apps. I am a premium supporter of foss hib, which has many apps in different categories. If you wish to do art, there are two to get at Ninite, Gimp, which is "the poor man's Photoshop", Inkscape, the "poor man's Illustrator with vector graphicx and Krita, with which Age of Asparagus has used as a do-it-yourself Bob Ross painting kit. For image editing, Irfanview and Faststone will get you wehere you want to go for 95% of the work. When yo want to go big, Irfanview is compatible with two other sets of plugins. Filter Factory and the premium Filtres Unlimited. Filters do all kinds of things and effects. Irfanview has a pretty robust set of effects filters to start with, it is my default image viewer, You can find all kinds of YouTube videos about thiese apps. Unless you are going high-level pro, these will get you where you want to go

To see photos editited in Irfanview, look at my albums and posts with pictures, most were done with Resize/resample and auto adjust colr, which also manipulates sharpness, luminsity and saturation. Another very powerful tool is color correct which lets you adjust luminosity (called 'brightness"), RGB, contrast, midtone (called "gamma contrast") and saturation much better than the usual HSV controls

Access to a source of clean app downloads is almost a necessity since many app providers, as part of the Terms of Service, require you to accept whatever Potentially Unwanted Programs and even malware that they bundle in with their product. PageBreeze used to be an EXCELLENT HTML - WYSIWYG page creator that let you go back and forth between the formats like the About Me page builder at DD, until they went dirty



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