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Kindergarten Regression


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Hi all,


Tight on money right now so I can't buy any new diapers, so I was thinking, I have footie pajamas and onesies. What kinds of underwear would be kiddish? I have plenty of white briefs, although I normally wear boxer briefs b/c/ I walk a lot to get around my city. I don't remember what I wore back then.


What would be some good pre-k/kindergartener things to do for regressing? Is Thomas the Tank Engine too young for them? Of course, I occasionally get to play big kid video games with blood and bad words, lol.



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I remember watching Thomas when I was like 9 or 10, maybe later. These days I prefer to watch stuff that's still cute and childish, but that has jokes and even a story that older kids and adults can enjoy. My favourite is and will always be The Powerpuff Girls, but also MLP:FiM, Bluey, Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Duck Tails, and more I can't remember right now.

Umm things that are cheap and fun when little... Play dough is fun, you can make your own easily, dye it whatever colours you want, if you keep it airtight it stores for months, it won't hurt you if you get a little overzealous playing tea party, and when you're done playing either bake your creations, or just throw it away after it has inevitably all been mixed into a brown mess.

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What kinds of underwear would be kiddish?

Thomas the tank on underwear would be cool, lots of preschoolers watch it. 

Other suggestions could be superheros like spiderman, I don't think it would be hard to find them in boxer brief style, tighty whities may be a hassle to find with child designs


What would be some good pre-k/kindergartener things to do for regressing?


I agree with little Sam, playdough is a fun little activity with minimal expense. 

As far as low expense activities are concerned.

Drawing mazes (you can find them online and print them out) and crayon colouring can also be fun, It can be enhanced with your favourite little snacks, and paraphernalia. 

Dancing is free, and it makes me feel little sometimes.


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When I was 5, boys wore white briefs. Fottsy PH's were for babies. As for things to do, coloring books, alphabet blocks and toy cars and trucks for boys Things to watch. Felix the Cat, Scrappy and Krazy Kat. Woddy Woodkpecker and Mikey Mouse and Donald Duck, Loney Tooons and Popeye from the '30's and '40's, most of which you can find on YouTube along with Gerald McBoing Boing. As for TV shows, look on Uncle Earl's Classic TV for some of the kies shows from the 50's. On YourTube, Time for Beany (the hand puppet predecessor to the 1960 cartoon). Also on Uncle Earl's you should find some of the early '50's westerns like THE LONE RANGER, RANGE RIDER and THE ADVENTURES OF RIN TIN TIN. I have not found much HOWDY DOODY TIME. You can also look on Internet Archive. They had TONS of early Felix the Cat at one time. kILL THE COLOR ON YOUR tv IF YOU CAN

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