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Pokemon Violet: Question about maps


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Good evening all:

I just wanted to ask a question to see if there are DD Members that play Pokemon Violet Scarlet on the Switch.  I have been knocking off objectives, leveling up Pokemon, (Highest level I have is a 85, lowest is a 60), and when I hit an objective, sometimes the person that I talk to marks destinations on my map:


1.  How do you See EXACTLY where a point is, as well as the name of the marks:  I get a bunch of colored markers, and it does NOT tell me what it is, unless it is a BLUE check point that I can fly to, and then I am trying to get to a specific base or objective, and I need to see these so I can get there, and complete the objectives:  I want to complete Violet, and that would make me VERY happy :)

2.  How do you KNOW that you have been to a base, or completed an objective, so you don't waste time circling around and then think you got somewhere, and it isn't the right base, or objective.

I want to complete the LAST base, but I need to know which it is, and where the marker is, but it does NOT identify the location when you hover over it - If I can't ID the base location, I can't complete the quests.

I want to then take out the Titans

Then, I want to go after the colored stakes, and get the ancient pokemon

I have already beaten all gyms, and gotten all 8 gym badges, beaten the Elite four, and now I am a champion after beating Geeta, and then I had to fight Nemona.  So I need help to figure out the map to see if I can figure out how to see what I have to do before I take the quest in Area Zero :)

Any assistance that anyone can provide me, or guidance would be helpful :)



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Well I finally figured out some of what was going on with the Pokemon Violet game. About 70% of the game is complete or at least 80% now. Is missing was I was missing the water tighten and the Earth Titan to be able to beat them both and then be able to get the Herba Mystica. Once I have the hybrid mystica then I can have all of the powers of the maridon working properly. As I was going through the game I quickly realized that there were times and places that you couldn't reach without a lot of help. What I mean by this is: when you deal with mountainous regions, your pokemon right on will climb the wall with you going straight up. There are several different areas that I could not see like area one, on the top of a mountain or area 6. Once I got a hang of it I was able to see different bases and different Pokemon that were harder and harder to beat. I actually love this game cause it has the ability to change on the fly and be a lot of fun depending on your level of play. Have several of my pokemon that are level 85 or higher, and I wouldn't have it any other way because that takes the fun and makes it fun for everyone. Now that I can relax it'll be easier to do it but I still wish my head would stop pounding sometimes.

So I ended up dealing with the elite 4, and then I dealt with fighting with different people clive and his pokemon and others too. Now that I've played through most of it it is interesting to note that even with the help of a climbing Pokemon you only get some of his powers back and you have to keep on finding out where the rest of the herbomystica is. I still have to find the sweet stuff but at least now I've done a lot more than the game and I'm able to go into area 0 when it's ready

I shall keep you advised, I have a feeling that now that I've done most of the heavy duty missions, the only one that's left really is the 1 in area 0, then I'll be able to get to the ancient pokemon that are behind the round disks. Still don't know how to open those because it seems as if every time that I grab one of those colored steaks they disappear and I'm not even shorter what I have available but I can figure it out eventually it just will take a long time, but I'm a patient man and with most of the storyline complete it'll be easier now, because we'll be able to work together instead of fighting all these pokemon all the time because they're new to me, whereas seasoned pokemon are easier to use because they respond to you love you and care for you in other ways.



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Just an update:

yesterday I completed pokemon violet as far as the main storylines. I believe there was about 5 of them. I completed them, then I had to fight a few more battles with several people. Then once I got that completed, I was then told to go find some of my friend, which would help me in the next area which would be area 0. Area zero is one heck of a mess because you end up having to go all over the place and you end up having to find 4 research stations. The stations are easier to find if you know where you're going, but the map is useless because all it does is put the flag pointer at 0 gate and you can't figure out where the hell you're going and you try to move closer to zero gate, or you try to put your marker where you think you want to be, which is impossible. Once I was able to figure out what was going on and I was able to get into area zero, the professor and my friends were able to guide me as I went from place to place. I had to unlock four particular locks on the zero lab, and then I spent about 45 minutes trying to find zero lab, and then I ended up battling several pokemon, ancient pokemon or futuristic pokemon depending on which game it is, and once you do that apparently you're supposed to enter zero lab, but that was something that was escaping me, and I finally realized that I had to enter zero lab.

So I get to the final few battles and these are really big ones. Luckily I had pokemon that were in the 80s and 90s as far as their level, because most of the ones that I was fighting were in the 60s or 70s common but most of them were in the 60s area. Then I ended up using Miridon, And because it has all of its abilities, when I get to the bottom of area zero it can now transform to its fighting stance, and in the end when all of my pokey balls were locked, I was able to use him to be able to beat the bad guys, and it gets to be pretty interesting.

Now I've returned to uva academy, and I've completed the main storyline and now I'm doing things that are postgame. Able to watch with pride the credit knowing that I had completed the second game that I've done since I've owned my switch.  Sometimes games are hard to follow sometimes games make no sense, and sometimes what you have to do is take a break from them in order to be able to figure out how you can do what you're doing. I've also done this with animal crossing and I've completed the main storylines and gotten my particular island to a 3 or 4 star level I can't remember, but it was good enough to bring KK in to be able to sing, and now that my island has made that particular rank, I don't have to worry about it too much. Now I just have to go around and be able to do different things such as pay off my house. Got all like maybe 321,000 or something on it maybe more than that, but I'm not sure. It was over 500,000 when I bought it, meaning that the last update was 500,000 or so. It was to add a basement to my house I now have a three level house that I'm paying off. Try to do certain things and get money, that's what I'm trying to do is to pay off my house and be have fun with my game.

It makes me feel good to be able to finish a game storyline. Is the second game that I've been able to finish since I've owned my switch, and the 3rd game that I was able to finish was teenage mutant ninja turtles the cowabunga collection. When I did that it was pretty fun, and I knew what I was doing because I'd played it many times. Now I can play any of the games in the system and I know what I'm doing and it's fun. Many people play and play to be able to finish a game, in the last game that I think my brother finished was one of the Zelda series, and he played it for hours on end and finally was able to finish it. I never thought that I would enjoy a role playing game, but this is the second one that I have actually enjoyed, and I actually have pokemon scarlet which I want to also do as well. The only difference between Scarlet and Violet is the fact that in Scarlett you're dealing with the older ancient Pokemons, while in Violet you're dealing with the newer future Pokemons it's the same story but just with that particular change in some pokemons are not available in one's game when they are in the other. There are awesome games I love them and I'm glad that I was able to stick to it and be able to learn. Stuck a few times but my pokemon scarlet and violet book has helped me as well. I just have to level up my pokemon and make sure they have the abilities that they need so that if I should need to use them for something else I have them available.


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