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LPG's first forced accident


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So I've recently started playing with a switch/Big friend in a server. And today they decided to issue a holding challenge where I couldn't pee without asking permission. And after about 4-6 hours and getting to pee once I was extremely desperate the second time and lets just say none to happy about being teased and denied the bathroom... 😅🤷‍♀️I started to get a little mouthy and may have sent a pout GIF which got me three minutes corner time... At that point I was really starting to panic and decided to do it in the shower in case the worst happened but not before further back talk got me another minute... What broke me though was when they psyched me out by pretending to have to deal with something at work... I lost a good amount but the coup de grace was being ordered to finish going in my panties sense "I couldn't hold it like a big girl..." I must have peed a good liter and left a puddle in the tub with my stream shooting through my panties.. So I'm currently sitting in here in a towel after showering and the worst part is I can't stop blushing and smiling... Stupid embarrassment kink... 😆🙈💀

@Alex Bridges Thought you might find this interesting in light of our previous discussion... *blushes and giggles*


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