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Boots adult slips

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I am not from the UK but I hear they were designed especially with ambulatory patients in mind


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The four-tape ones were plastic-backed when I last bought some six years ago.  In fact the ones with one tape on each side were PE-backed too.  But it's been a long time since 2014.

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How about that MST3K movie "Girl in the Golden Boots".

I've tried some Boots undergarments, just to give me mind some peace when out and about there.  Only around the hotel did I use them and then it was only a bit.


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On 7/4/2020 at 8:09 PM, Forced2wet said:

Does anyone in the UK buy and wear the Boots adult slip nappies?

Are they plastic backed and any idea what their absorbance levels are? 

reading the reviews on boots website i think they have changed from plastic backed to cloth and now only have two tapes. People in the reviews are not happy with the new product they much prefer the old plastic backed four taped ones. I looked because i was going go try them out but i think i will give it a miss now. drylife slips are extremely good on ebay for £13.99 for a15pack and they get cheaper the more you buy i use them alot, high absorbancy, plastic backed and pure white just like a baby nappy ?

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I find the slips don't fit well but the boots nappies with tape fit a whole lot better. The slips seem to big.

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