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To feel safe again aka from gifted to toddler (updated 22/8)

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*** disclaimer - English isn't my mother tongue I m sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes so please take that into consideration in your comments  


Summer vacation just started, that would be the highlight of any kids year. And it was the same for Kit till last September.

But not this summer.

This summer he was strapped into what could be described as a large toddler car seat , dressed as a toddler sucking on a pacifier as he watched the trees and bushes they passed by from the car window.

From the outside he had the idyllic life. He had 2 loving parents, a little sister, a huge house and even a dog. He was a well behaved child with good manners who always came top of his class. Ironically this is what ended up sending him down a spiral he never even knew existed outside his safe bubble . And it didn't, not until he finished 5th grade last year and his school principle suggested to enroll him in a special school for the gifted. His parents though hesitant at first to send their child so far so young eventually convinced it will give him the best chance to get as far in life as he could.

tution was no issue as both chris and Patty made good money though it did mean working long hours at their company and less with their children. 

Kit was excited about the new school . But things turned rather quickly . He was always a shy and sensitive child who was very much attached to his family , so separating from them was not an easy 1 to begin with . But as he soon discovered that would far not be his biggest challenge. The school had a very strict regime from when he got up went to bed what he ate. And his school mates were anything but mates. Vicious competitions were between the students to be the best to better than rest . The stress and the emotional abuse he recieved from both peers and teachers were showing their marks quickly . 

By Christmas vacation Chris and Patty were worried that their decision to put kit in that school may have been a mistake but as he solemnly refused to talk about anything that might be bothering him and insisting on spending his holiday studying.

then 1 fatal day in May he failed 1 of his final exams . Not being able to take the stress and faulire he resorted to taking the pills he knew his roommates were hiding . 

After getting his stomach pumped he was transfered to a child psychiatry ward. 

Luckily he didn't suffer any damage from the pills the psychiatrist concluded he did suffer a major emotional crisis. Non of the therapies and interventions seemed to work .

so 1 day dr Kate Dollen summed both parents to her office to suggest to them a new "therapy" - taking kit back to the last stage of his life where he truly felt happy and protected . 

chris and Patty looked at each other with quite a confused look as they listened to dr Dollen 

- I m sorry dr Dollen - Patty started unsure of how to pharse her thoughts 

- please call me Kate 

- Kate .. Isn't this a bit ..  Radical ? Treat him like a toddler ...? 

- I know how it sounds at first but what your son needs the most right now is to feel safe and loved and no one can give him that more than you can 

- I think what my wife was trying to ask is this sounds a bit "abnormal" sorry for the term , to take a child his age and treat him as a toddler 

- well it's quite abnormal for a child his age to attempt suiicide - Kate concluded -look  I have spent many hours in the past few weeks talking to kit and the conclusion I reached is that the last he felt completely happy was before his sister was born and he still had your full attention , - the room quited 

both Patty and Chris had quilt over not spending enough time with their kids but could that have really led up to this ?

- so what you are saying is that we shouldn't have had an other child ? - Patty asked a little mortified 

- no of course not, but you have to understand , from that moment he became the big brother the big kid who got the role of being responsible in school and with his sister and eventually all the stress that comes with always being responsible and doing well got too much for him.

- so what you are suggesting is that now he needs to be the little ..? - Chris asked as he ruffled through his hair 

- he needs to feel safe again 

- oh god - Patty cried out as she burried her face in her hands - this is all my fault 

- okay okay let's say we would try this "therapy" - Chris said unsure as he rubbed pattys shoulders - how exactly would this go ..? Was this kits idea ? Does he want this ..? 

- this is my suggestion . Not kits idea . He doesn't know actually . 

Chris squinted at Kate - so this wouldn't be with his consent..? 



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- I m not saying that ... Between the 3 of us I m sure we can convince him that this would be the best for him this summer - Kate smiled though it seemed as if first she'd have to convince Chris and Patty 

- convince him of ? What ? Playing with choo choo trains all summer ? 

- well among under things ... He would be free to be a little kid again. And be treated like one

- he can do whatever he wants to do we never really forbid him to do things unless they were dangerous but he was always such a catious little thing we basically never had to - Patty added as she was drying her eyes 

- I think I need the emphasize the treated like one with all that implies if you get where I m going with this 

kate waited for her words to sink in as Patty looked confused but Chris seemed to seemed to have an idea about what she meant as he squinted suspiciously at her 

- do spell it out - Chris said leaning forward 

Kate took a deep breath - he would essentially be a toddler , free to play with no responsibilities and you would resume your previous role of holding all responsibilities of course all pro and cons of having a toddler 

- and what would those be exactly ? 

- you would be able to play games with him again read him a story get cuddles 

- that doesn't sound bad actually - Patty added she glanced over her husband , she was more than willing to cuddle and smother her baby after everything he gone through 

- somehow I m sending a catch here - Chris added still not convinced 

- no catch 

- but ? What are the cons ? 

- well - Kate pressed her lips together - you would basically be having a toddler again 

- yeah but he isn't actually a toddler 

- yet you would treat him as if he were 

Chris and Patty exchanged looks , Kate sighed . 

- look your daughter was born around the time you potty trained kit right ? I mean I get that , 2 kids in diapers can be too many, but as I seen in the files and in our department this wasn't a smooth process right ? Repeating constipation and soiling after withholding which needed laxatives ? Occasional bed wetting ? 

- yes but those were just episodes - Patty put in seeming a bit embarrassed as if it would be her fault 

- that got a lot worse in the past year . He wet the bed here on several occasions and we had to give him laxatives numerous times 

- well after everything that he been through this year I think that has an explanation - Chris said sharply 

- I m not saying it's not , but based on what kit feels he was the safest while he was still an only child 

- so you want is to what ? Get rid of Izzy ?! 

- of course not , I mean yes but just for a little bit . He needs you , just you . Take him back to that safety . Treat him like a toddler who has no worry in the world , play with him read to him bath him change his diapers ..

- diapers ?! - Patty cried out - you are suggesting we put our son back in diapers ?! 

- is that even legal ?! - Chris said mortified 

- it's not illegal - Kate said calmly - like i said you need to treat him like a toddler with everything that comes with that . And it might even resolve his tioleting issues in the long run 

- I m really not sure about this - Chris said as he crossed his arms and looked over at Patty - how do we know this crazy idea won't make things worse ? 

- I wouldn't call it crazy but in medicine there are no guarantees anything will work in every case.

- we need to think about it . 

- do that , but like the other 3 psychiatrist who seen him said , he didn't respond to any conventional treatment so I m trying something a bit unconventional . Let me know how you decide , if you refuse of course it's your right and you will be able to take him home of that's what you wish . But of you will decide to go forward with this I will help you to do it right 




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After they left the hospital Patty and Chris spent days thinking and planning . Asking kits pediactrian for her insight , who surprisingly took Kate's side and encouraged them to try . Chris was less convinced but pattys maternal guilt of not properly protecting their child and possibly getting a second chance do make things right got to Chris too . 

So with heavy hearts they eventually decided to leave the company up to their vices and take a few weeks off to travel to their vacation cabin near the lake . It seemed the perfect choice as it was quite far and isolated . 

Izzy would spend those weeks with her similar aged cousins unaware of her parents spending those weeks with her brother . 


- okay so you guys are ready to do this ? - Kate asked in a quite chirpy mood . 

- you said you made a guide book ? - Patty ask trying to seem calm and collected 

- well more like a to do and not to do list : for instance : by no means make him feel like it's a punishment or that you are disappointed in him , lots of praising , set bed time , you are incharge in making rules and following them . - she looked at the unconvincingly concerned - you have to be on the same page and show a united front ! That's very important . He has to know you are doing this for him ot because of him . You can't half heart this . 

- we won't . - Chris said with a somber expression 

- okay then one last thing I want to talk about before we talk to kit . About his tioleting issues , we have noticed that especially regarding his withholding . It's clear it's an unresolved issue since his early childhood. He seems to be generally avoiding using the tiolet unless he is alone wurh no one near by, and if he can't pass stool he won't come to us and that's the same for you based on his pediactrian . So what I would like to emphasize here is that beyond all else we are also trying to resolve these issues . So what I would like you to do are the following : don't treat him using his diaper as a bad deed, don't forget he will be fighting years of being told to do his bussiness in a potty or in a toilet , praise him when he uses his diaper . He will likely feel awkward and confused at first . Second he will instinctivly will either try to withhold or hide to pass his bowel movements . So as he is in a toddler state you must never leave him alone , I also suggest based on his history of withholding to make sure he won't have the possibility to hide when he uses his diaper . You must be very very patient with him . I know it will be testing but it's crucial . And of course never let him take the diaper off but I gave you a few tips on that .

Patty took a deep breath - okay , let's do this then the sooner the better right ? 

- yes indeed 

as they all stood up Kate added - oh and I just want to make sure from now on you as well as him only use terms you would use with a toddler such as mummy daddy poopie diapie etc . I will go get kit 

kit seemed utterly confused by the suggested plan of him going up to their cabin with his parents so he could be away from everything for a little while and carefree - you won't have to worry about anything sweetie mommy and daddy will be there to take of everything . 

Kit seemed skeptical that he could enjoy the summer in the cabin when he was told it would include him wearing diapers. Diapers were for babies. And though 1 part of him was desprate to have some time with his parents he still wasn't sure this wasn't some sort of punishment for failing.

- for how long would we go up there ? - he gazed at his parents with a quizzical look 

-for a few weeks honey - the vague answer didn't really calm him , especially as he would have to wear a diaper. Starting now . 

- but why do I have to wear a diaper it's for babies I m not a baby - his voice was near a whine 

- sweetie .. Like we .. Like mommy and daddy said you had quite a few accidents lately so we want we think this is for the best right now ok ? - Patty repeated again gently ruffling kits hair - come on sweetie let's get you ready to go you will have lots of fun I promise 

kit wasn't as sure but he let his mom take him by the hand and follow Kate to another room where they usually examined patients. His lifted him up to the table and before he could protest his mom started undressing him just like a small child. He felt himself going red as his underpants were pulled off , and instinctivly wanted to cover himself with his hands but as if Chris had anticipated that move he gently but firmly held his hands out of the way of Patty lifting his legs and bending them in 1 move pushing them up to his chest . 

- mooommmm - kits uttered whine was cut short as Patty used her free hand to quickly push something into his mouth 

a pacifier ! His eyes widened as he realized that in just the matter of a few seconds Chris shifted the hold he had on his hands to 1 hand and held the pacifier in his mouth as his mom was quickly spreading some cream over his bottom and his front . He wanted to spit out the pacifier and make it all stop but somehow he felt paralyzed . Patty quickly taped a diaper around him , as he noticed suddenly there was a whole blue bag stuffed with diapers creams and other things he couldn't even make out. 

As he was dressed in a shirt with cartoon figures and a romper - well done honey you were such a good boy for mommy - petty cooed at him . He being praised for what a good boy he was . It didn't feel like that to him , it felt strange to sit up on the bed with a thick padding between his legs and a pacifier in his mouth it felt all wrong 

he tried to take the pacifier out of his mouth with his now free hands but it was quickly placed back by his mom - no no honey keep being a good boy and keep your pacie nicely in your mouth ok baby ? 

Kit felt himself blush even more , not just that he was now dressed like a toddler addressed by words he haven't heard in close to a decade , it all happened infront of Kate who stood at behind his parents . 


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Kit wasn't left with much time to react as his dad picked him and told him to wave goodbye to the doctor - which he did half heartedly - and he was carried out to the car. He burried his head in his dad's shoulder trying to hide the pacifier though he wasn't sure how obvious the bulk of the diaper might be to any bystander .To kits surprise the back seat had a child seat, but once again he didn't have much time to wonder as his dad quickly seated him and started to adjust the stripes of the harness . 

As chris was putting kit in the car Patty went with Kate to pick up the medications . 

- so we started him on a mild diuretic so his need to urinete will be as frequent as it can without causing any harm , it should "aid" his bedwetting meaning he will definetly be wet in the morning , however I'd like you to stop as soon as possible as in once he will start wetting his diaper during the day without any problems , it shouldn't be more than a couple of days. The more times he will use his diaper the faster he will adjust to it. But especially till then make sure he is well hydrated. Now about his withholding ... We started him on a couple of laxatives that should increase the volume and the bulkiness of his stools, so he will be well aware of having to empty his bowels. Those you should keep giving him until you feel he is pooping regularly without a fuss. Now here are some suppositories to help make sure he will definetly go as he needs. All the dosages are written down but if anything is unclear you have my number . 

- thank you Kate - Patty smiled weakly as she put the medication boxes away 

- you did great just keep it up ! Good luck 

as Patty got into the car they started driving off . It wasn't a particularly long drive but now it felt longer than usual for kit. He tried to wriggle around only to find the harnesses had a firm grip on holding him, and keeping him from being able to explore the strangely feeling thick padding between his legs. 

Kit was trying to make sense of it all, it all happened so quick he didn't have any time to really process it.  Why was he diapered like a baby when he didn't have any day time accidents , well small ones when he didn't have a bm for a few days. But he didn't need a diaper . 

He took out the pacifier he was sucking on and tried to get his courage to tell his parents now with the Doctor gone that he didn't need any of this . But as he was about to speak Patty beat him to it - what is it sweetie are you hungry ? 

- no I just wanted amm 

- here I know what you need - Patty said smiling as she reached back and handed him a sippy cup looking bottle filled with juice - here baby drink up like a good boy - he wasn't sure he was really thirsty but he still had the need to be a good boy in the eyes of his parents . Even if that meant drinking from a sippy cup strapped into a child seat in a diaper .

as they left the hospital late afternoon it was early evening when the car stopped at the cabin. 

As chris started unloading the bags from the trunk Patty undid the harnesses , clipped his pacifier to his romper and held out her hand for him to take. He felt very self concious walking to the house , though he knew there were no neighbors around to see as he waddled slightly as the diaper pushed his legs slightly apart. 

Inside he was amazed to see that the usual setting was quite different. On the living floor a puzzle carpet was layed with toys on it that seemed to fit much younger children . 

- alright sweetie mommy will get din din ready in just a few minutes ok ? - Patty said in a tone used on much younger kids than him as she led him into the living room - but first let mommy check you 

kit was puzzled for a second until he felt his moms fingers reach into the side of his romper slightly pulling  the rubber band on the side of his diaper and probe around , he felt himself go red as he tried to pull away but Patty held him in place with her other hand until she was satisfied with her check - okay baby you are dry , we will have nice din din and then a nice warm bath won't that be nice hm ? - she gently rubbed his tummy making kit realize the pressure in his bladder was starting to build up and as his dad returned to the living room after placing the suitcases in the rooms, she declared loudly to him that his little boy hasn't done any pee pee yet in his diapie - you go watch something with daddy for a little while ok ? 

It started to dawn on kit as he sat down on the carpet to watch a children's show that the fact he was in diapers was far worse than he let himself think till now ... And why are they suddenly treating him as he if we're 10 years younger ? 

When Patty called them to eat he was taken by a surprise as Chris swiftly lifted him into a booster on a chair and fastened the harness with a tray attached infront - a high chair basically ! He wanted to resist as Patty set hot dogs cut up in soldiers in a plate on his tray. Next to it the sippy cup filled with water . 

He wanted to to protest but every time he opened his mouth to speak one of his parents fed him another soilder or held the sippy cup to his mouth .  He was angry and both of them and himself but a more urgent thing started to distract him . His bladder was starting to ache for relief . Of course unknown to him he recieved several doses of the diuretic already which made it with the amount of fluid he drank a losing battle against his bladder . 

As he was released from the chair and Patty leading him back to the living room by his hand he tried to pull his hand out of his moms to run down the hallway towards the downstairs toilet , but no such luck . Patty held on to his hand firmly - no no honey we are going back to the living room - she said as she guided him back to the playing carpet .

- I need to use the bathroom -kit finally found his voice 

Patty took a deep breath and as Kate told her ignored his request as he will soon find out his diaper was there for the porpuse of usage and Chris and her were only to respond to toddler speech . 

- mom ? I need to go to the bathroom ..  Please ?? - his pleading now more desprate made her weaver but she quickly removed his pacifier and slipped it into his mouth - Chris are you coming ? - she called feeling she could use reinforcement as she was doing her best to ignore kits pleading 

- yeah I m here - Chris said behind her . Patty glanced up at him trying to signal to him that their first obstacle has arrived 

- should we watch some bob the builder before bed time ? - Chris said as he turned on the tv and sat kit down on the carpet 

Kit was in shock , he asked to go to the bathroom but it seemed as neither 1 of them heard him . Was that possible ? Why ? What do they want ? Him to wet his pants ? Then panic hit him ... Under his pants was a diaper ... But surely they can't mean he will have to use it ?? 

He was near tears now , he despretly tried to hold his bladder from emptying but the pressure seemed to be getting stronger no matter how hard he tried squeezing his legs together and holding his tummy whimpering 

- oh what is it honey ? - Patty asked as if she only now noticed something was not okay - come to mommy 

kit was desprate . He slowly walked over to his mom sitting on the couch he was hoping she would finally listen and let him use the bathroom . 

Some wishes are fulfilled a little differently than hoped . 

Patty pulled him close kissing the top of his head as she wrapped her arm around him - yeah does your tummy hurt ? It's okay mommy will make it better shh shh yeah I know - kit wanted to tear himself from her embrace and make a run for it but as he tried to sit up from Pattys firm held as she gently rubbed his tummy in circular motions right above his aching bladder , he felt a sudden warm flow escape into his diaper - it's okay baby mommy is gonna make it better - kit felt tears steaming down his face as he realized there was nothing he could do to stop his aching bladder from relieving itself and stop the stream. - Chris I think maybe you should get his bath ready I think he had a really long day today and a nice warm bath and then a beddy bye is what he needs now isn't it ? 

Kit was beyond taking in all the babish words as he burrowed his head into his mom still crying 

- sure I will get the bath started - Chris said as he got up rubbed kits back and mouthed to Patty - did he pee ? 

- yeah - she mouthed back 

- you are sure ? 

Patty nodedd her head towards 1 of her thighs that was directly below kits bottom . Yeah she was able to feel the warmth of his pee spread and get soaked up in his diaper . 





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Patty gently stood kit up and took him by the hand leading him upstairs to the bathroom . Patty had mixed feelings on the hand she felt bad for ignoring her sons pleadings and reducing him to such an infantile state but on the other hand she had to admit she missed those times he needed her so much . 

Kit was still sniffling as he was walking up the stairs . He couldn't believe what just happened , he had woken up in a wet bed more often these days but never had he wet his pants during the day wide awake . But technically he didn't wet his pants ... He shot a few glances and saw them completely dry. The diaper however felt even bulkier than before making him waddle more . The sense of relief from his aching bladder didn't last long as he entered they bathroom  and he was forced to realize he was not going to be left to simply get on with it.

- okay sweetie let's get you undressed and into the nice bath - Patty smiled at him encourageadly as she slowly started to take his clothes off - oh ! Looks like someone made lot of pee pees in his diapie , no wonder you are cranky , let mommy get you out of this wet diapie 

kit felt his heart sink he hoped to at least be able to quickly get rid of any evidence of his accident without everyone knowing , of course he wasn't away his parents knew even before he did , now his mom was making embarrassing comments out loud.

once he was lifted into the bath he felt slightly better as the bubbles hid his most private parts even though there were toys scattered in the water that he hadn't played with in years . He wasn't in a mood to play when his parents offered him a toy .

- I think the poor little thing is really tired , let's just get him ready - Patty said to Chris 

- I can bathe myself - kit tried to object but once again as if his voice wasn't heard at all . Patty put on a bathing glove and started washing him throughly as she used to when he was little. From head to toe even his hair and to his biggest embarrassment as he was stood up Patty gently but efficially pulled back his foreskin and cleaned all around his sensitive area making him try to squirm away and almost slip .

- you hit him Chris ? - Patty asked as Chris steadied kit as she continued to wash and rinse his privates - yeah I know honey it feels strange when mommy cleans your willie but we have to make sure you are all clean 

after he was lifted out he was wrapped in a giant fluffy towel while they dried his hair and helped him brush his teeth. 

Chris easily lifted him and carried him to his room. 

Only it didn't look like the room he usually slept in...  It was a pale blue room painted with white sheep and clouds . As kit quickly glanced around he realized that not only the color and decorations changed but the forniture too ... Besides the closet that was also animal printed was a new dresser on top of which layed a mattres . On the other side there was an ordinary looking bed till you took a closer look : the head and back of the bed were pushed against the wall covered with soft padding as of to avoid any injury in case a child might bang himself into it , the sides not covered by the wall had rails that you could put on the bed to make sure a child wouldn't roll off . Next it a rocking chair ...

as Chris layed him on the mattress on top of the dresser and kit instinctivly looked around he realized it was no dresser but a changing table ! It had holders for diapers creams and other things he couldn't even make out,

before he could gather his senses and try to object , though it seemed pointless as his parents seemed like they don't even hear it , the fluffy towel was removed leaving him again completely naked laying on the changing mat. 

Chris and Patty assumed their usual positions , Chris by kits head making sure his hands won't be in the way and when he was protesting or tried to skipped a pacifier into his mouth, while Patty was at his feet bending his legs to his chest , making him horribly aware that he was helplessly exposed and to add to that as his legs pushed on his tummy he felt that though his bladder was empty his bowels were not , adding to his already uncomfortable situation . 

Patty though hasn't had to change diapers in the past years did still have the skills of a trained mother so after rubbing a good measure of antirash cream all over and even going a bit further and using baby lotion on most of his body kits diaper was fastened and Patty began to work on his sleeper . - there now you are all good to go to beddy bye all snug in your comfy diapie and pj 

it was of course no ordinary sleeper but one designed to make sure "little hands " could not remove it , kit was taken by surprise as he was stood up on the carpet and his mom quickly pulled up the zipper on the back and fastening it into the lock .

- okay baby mommy is gonna get you a nice drinkie while daddy tucks you up in bed 

patty already had the milk mixed with the medicines ready she quickly warmed it in the kitchen and returned to the nursery .

she gently propped kit up laying his head on her lap as Chris opened a story book and started to read out loud .

kit was trying to remember the last time it was just the 3 of them and especially the last time he was cuddled and was read a story to but he was not happy as Patty coaxed another rubbery nipple into his mouth he realized it wasn't a pacifier as warm sweet milk started drinking into his mouth he pushed it away several times even kicking Chris with his legs but eventually Patty kept trying to get him to drink "his nice warm milky " and eventually managed to to get most of bottle into him . 

Eventually they both kissed him good night pulled up the protective rails and put his pacifier back into his mouth , which he spit out immidiatly , as they turned on the night light and slowly backed out if the room .

kit wasn't sure what he was feeling , angry ? Scared ? Frustrated ? He set up trying to make a plan of what to do now as he was finally alone , he tried to get his sleeper off in vain then looking around trying to find something to aid until he spotted the  baby monitor , the type that didn't just had a microphone but a camera too ... So his parents might have left the room but he was sure they were watching his every move . 

Evetually he tried to settle down to sleep , he wasn't sure what the time was but he sensed it was still quite early definetly not his usual bed time. After much turning and trashing he did fall asleep .



He woke up to gentle rubbing of his tummy and chest as he slowly opened his eyes he saw his mom smiling down at him 

- did my sleepy boy have nice dreams hm ? Yeah ? Come on let's get you up 

Patty lowered the rails and untucked kit allowing him to slip out of the bed . He looked at the bed and felt proud as it was dry ! He didn't wet his bed ! 

Of course his joy was short lived as Chris entered the room ruffled his hair and went to open the blinds while Patty removed his sleeper uncovering his soaked diaper .

- oh little boy had lots of pee pee during the night didn't he ? Yeah your diapie is soaked with pee pee come on baby boy lets get you changed for the day , you are such a good boy aren't you ! And you like pacie don't you sweetie ? 

Only then kit realized that his pacifier was in his mouth . He didn't even remember putting it back into his mouth after spitting it out 

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He was quickly lifted onto the changing table with the usual arrangement . He wanted to protest he didn't need diapers but with his hands held down and the pacifier held in place  he didn't get a chance while he was wiped thourghly , rubbed with antirash cream ,diapered and dressed ( in a Disney printed t shirt and shorts ).  The only time he got a chance to complain was when he was led to the bathroom to have his face and teeth washed . 

- I don't need diapers ! I can use the tiolet ! Mom ! Mooommmm 

but once again it seemed like his mom was deaf to his bitter complains as she ignored his cries and led him down to the kitchen where he was strapped into the seat and held by the harnesses as the tray was pushed infront of him with a colorful bowl on it containing oatmeal. He wasn't the greatest fan of oatmeal though he didn't exactly dislike it either. But on that particular morning he had more than 1 reason to be cranky - he was dressed and addressed as a much younger child , he was diapered , he felt his bladder slightly strain as it was not empty despite soaking his diaper during the night but he was not given a chance to use the tiolet . His bladder was not the only thing bothering his tummy his bowels felt unfomfortably full. He recieved the hated suppository at the hospital just a couple of days ago and though since he didn't poop nor even tried to , it usually took much longer for him to get to feel this uncomfortable .

of course unkown to him he was given medication to increase the need of both his bladder and bowels emptying .

as Patty tried to get him take spoonfuls of oatmeal he kept pushing her hands away 

- come on honey mommy made you a nice breakfast eat nicely for mommy 

- nooo !! - kit tried to push the entire bowl away but his attempt was unsuccessful as Patty caught the bowl before it fell removed his tray setting on the table 

- okay I see you are in a tantrum mode today have it your way then - she said as she took his right hand and attached it to restrain hanging from one of the harnesses , repeating the process with his left hand then pushing the tray back in from of him essentially locking him into the chair in a way that the only way of resisting left for him to try was turning his head away . - you have to have breakfast open up now 

Chris frowned at Patty from across the table. He felt that tying him down was too much . Though as slowly and tediously as it went kit was forced to swallow the offered food. Of Chris knew why , quite a lot of laxatives were mixed into the oatmeal. 

As he was now almost unable to move kit felt his bladders growing need for relief but even he could see by now that trying to talk to his mom was pointless. Every fiber of his being wanted to resist relieving himself in his diaper but it seemed like there was no choice , he squirmed around as much as he could but he was held in place firmly. He was used to peeing standing up so trying to pee in a sitting position was not easy.

he tried to pee but his brain was telling him he was doing something that was wrong,

he struggled for a few minutes until Patty took a wet wipe to wipe his face clean then as he tried to get away from his moms hands his bladder finally compelled and let a warm stream flow into his diaper .

- Well I hope you will be better behaved today than just now - Patty said in a motherly but stern voice as she removed the tray and slowly started to undo the harnesses - otherwise you end up in the naughty step 

kit didn't reply , he didn't think his mom was expecting him to ,

she handed him a sippy cup as she took him by the hand to the living room where cartoons were playing ,

he sipped the juice out of the cup as he was sitting on the carpet with his somewhat soggy diaper.

his parents were sitting on the couch behind him , he heard them wishpering but couldn't make out the words . Somehow he felt they were having a row. That was never a big row but always made him anxious .

he was wrapped in his own thoughts so he didn't realize the wisphers stopped and his mom walked over to him until she stood him up .

- well done finishing your drinkie , now let's see your diapie - she felt his mom pull his shorts and diaper back - no poopie - she declared as she wasted no time and probed her fingers into the leg hole of his shorts and diaper - oh but looks like someone went pee pee in his diapie ! Alright let's get you upstairs and change you into a clean diapie ! Chris can you start lunch ? It's really late. Hopefully our little boy won't give mommy any trouble while I change him into a clean diapie 

While he was changed he was wondering wether he should tell his mom , his bladder didn't fully empty but he deduced she would simply ignore him again . And though he could spit the pacifier out as his hands were restrained by a harness around his chest he decided it was pointless .

lunch went in a similar manner as breakfast. He ended up having his hands restrained as he didn't want any food . Firstly breakfast wasn't too long ago and secondly his bowels felt even more full now .

he was able to hold on with his peeing till he was led to the living room, he figured standing might be easier than sitting.

it was , but standing still concentrating immidiatly drew attention to his deeds .

and his mom was quickly there to give him a diaper check .

- mm still no poopie ... But we have lots of pee pee in this diapie . Okay I will go change the diapie can you clean up lunch ? 

As kit was laying on the changing table with the harness around him , feeling tighter than the previous change he felt like his mom was taking longer than usual to wipe him and apply the cream. The clean diaper was already ready to be fastened when he felt more cream being applied to his poppie hole .

he caught a glimpse of a bullet shape object being unwrapped.

he spit out his pacifier and started screaming with all his might 


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Kit screamed and bad tried to trashed barely even hearing his moms words 

- shh it's okay baby mommy is just going to give you a little medicine in your bum bum to help you make poopies

his words were barely understandable as he was crying - no noooo I don't want it no mommy please no mommy noo 

despite his begging and crying he felt his mom lift his legs even higher firmly gripping his ankles making sure that wouldn't be able to kick her while with her other hand she guided the bullet shaped medicine to his thightly clenched little hole , passed his spinchter deep into his intestines . 

Kit screamed as he felt his moms invasion. 

Chris entered the room running 

- what happened ?? what's wrong ?!

- nothing - Patty lifted up her index finger which she used to insert the suppository , covered in brown , she wiped it off with the wet wipes - no kicking mommy , that's a no no - she said as she grabbed his ankles again . 

Kit screamed and trashed as he anticipated the intrusion of a second medicine  - no no I don't want another no please no mommy no dadddyy 

- okay that's enough for now - Chris said though kit didn't even hear him over his own wailing 

- it was just 1 - Patty said with a slightly annoyed look , she was the 1 dealing with the "no poop" situation at home the last few years , she didn't appreciate Chris overruling her opinion 

- that will do - Chris said as he tried to calm kit who obviously had no intention of stopping his hysterical crying while he was restrained to the changing mat - we said last result - his voice was stern especially as he looked down at the harness that restrained him unable to move something they also agreed not to use yet Patty broke that agreement 3 times today 

Patty though not happily , taped up the fresh diaper and pulled up his shorts while Chris removed the harness .

kit was crying as Chris sat him up trying to give him a hug to soothe him but he was far too upset to be soothed . Even without the current predespositions a suppository was always a cause for tears wailing begging and generally trying to do everything possible on his part to escape the little bullet entering his back passage . It has been like that since he was a toddler and didn't change over the years.

Pattys patience with his constipation treatment related hysteria did however decrease as the years gone by. To be fair to her it was becoming exhausting to deal with a child kicking screaming and crying at least once a month over "giving him something that will help him go ". With all the usual fight he put up she decided to try to cut the whole thing as short as possible this time. Without telling him what's coming , as she would normally , but now treated as a toddler she saw no reason to try to bargain and reason . She was the mom the 1 incharge to do whatever was needed to get done. 

She knew Chris was not happy with her decision though.

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Patty it’s right ! It’s her that deal every time with his constipation soo Chris don’t have the right to judge her !!! Let him try once to see how frustrating is to deal with a toddler who holds his poop !! 

Wonderful chapter and now I want to see kit finally accepting his new status and maybe having fun and love from his mommy and daddy

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Patty glanced over to the changing table where kit was still crying and trashing as Chris tried to calm him .

he is not going to calm down , she thought , not from the second he knows he will get a suppository ( normally more than 1 ) till he finally poops. Even after that he tended to retract to his room and curl up on his bed and snivel. As if this whole thing was some sort of a punishment or abuse. It wasn't exactly a fun thing for either.

she was determined to follow Kate's instructions - the sooner he he messes the better it is for all.

but Chris was always the 1 he kit could bid the time with begging for just 1 more drink of water first , just 1 more story first. Patty has long stopped trying to prolong the scene, the faster she got the meds in him the faster he'd poop and the faster it will be over. She knew Chris hated seeing kit bawling so did she but it's been years since Chris handled his withholding so she was much more immune to his endless crying and begging than he was.

- alright come on come here - Patty pulled her crying child out of Chris hands and off the changing table - let's go back to the living room until the medicine works and you can make a poopie

kit wailed at the words "medicine" and "poopie" .

chris stood still at the changing table watching Patty lead off the crying child.

how long has it been since he actually handled an episode like that ? He got angry at himself admitting it was probably years. Though at first he used to be the 1 coaxing him for hours to poop in the potty then the tiolet as Izzy was just a tiny baby and Patty was an exhausted mother after birth. But Patty always said him letting kit carry on for hours at a time was just making it worse . So he let her do it. Fairly he had to admit she was more immune to his crying than he was. Even quite recently he would come home to hear him sniveling in his room after having his holding back cleared up . His instincts were to go and try to comfort him but Patty refused saying he would be rewarding him for a tantrum.

he sighed , Kate said this was their chance to break the circle and fix the problems well for now it seemed like it was all going in its usual pace. Unless something changed ... It won't be kit and knowing pattys feelings it won't be her either 

as he walked down to the living room he saw kit huddled up on the carpet still sniveling and Patty watching him from the couch. Once again he had the urge to go to kit and try to comfort him but pattys glance stopped him .

he sat down at the couch, but not too near her 

- 1 won't be enough - she said under her breath with mustered anger 

he felt 1 was too many - he is on full dose laxatives - he wishpered back just as angrly 

neither 1 said anything more as Patty watched the minutes go by and kit starting to fidget more and more.

without a doubt with the amount of oral laxatives he was given with the addition of a suppository his full bowels started to cramp and crunch trying to get rid of the unnecessary  load inside , while kit on his behalf tried his best to clench his little hole and buttocks to make sure everything that was inside him would stay there. 

After 15 min have passed Patty briskly stood up and walked over to kit who was still sniveling softly and squirming to find a position which would reduce his impending need to empty his bowels .

- upsy daisy - Patty pulled kit up and pulled the back of his shorts and diaper - still no poopie ha ? - she glanced at Chris with an I told you so glance - honey mommy knows you need to go poopie and the medicine will help you get the poopies out ok ? 

Kit shook his head . Though he was desprate to get rid of the steadily growing unfomfortable pressure in his tummy he was not willing to do what his body was telling him to.

he sat back down despretly trying to prolong what even he knew was coming 

Patty had a sudden thought - sweetie everybody goes poopie mommy daddy everyone - Patty set down on the carpet behind him pulling him into her lap - everybody has to go poopie 

chris realized pattys plan wasn't to coax kit to calm down and give into his urge to but reduce his ability to fight that urge as much as she could. As she pulled him onto her lap in a way that his bottom was in the air between pattys 2 legs as she strategically spread his legs .

of course kit screamed and stated despretly to trash immidiatly as he also realized what's going to happen. 

- it's okay just give a big push for mommy and you will feel a lot better once the poopie is all out come on big push 

Chris jumped up from the couch and picked kit up . He sat back on the couch holding the still screaming child. But unlike Patty he had no intention in using his body strength to over come his . It took kit a few minutes to realize his dad was only trying to hold him not restrain him and slowly started to calm down a bit as he was still fighting the growing urge inside .

patty was furious as she shut a glance at Chris - what did you do that for ?! She mouthed at him 

he didn't even bother to reply as he kept talking in a low voice to kit who slowly started to calm down a bit 

as the minutes went by pattys frustration grew. Had Chris let her have way , either with double suppositories or by holding him in a position where he would just poop this would all be over .

she shot another angry glance at Chris as he walked upstairs to retrieve another suppository 

it would have been so much faster if I had done this originally she thought as she returned to the living room where kit was sitting on the couch while Chris was retrieving a sippy cup . Perfect she thought 

without a notice she walked over to the couch and started undressing kit 

- no mommy no no please no mommy 

- ok no ! We are not doing this I mean it ! - Chris's angry voice took Patty by surprise as he put him sled between her and the couch she was holding kits shorts in her hand as kit tried to crawl away to the edge of the couch 

- so what is your plan ? Do this till nightfall ?! 

- I will do it for as long as it takes ! Okay ? I will do it . 

Patty watched as Chris coaxed kit into letting him hold again as he was still convinced he will be held down for another round of medicine - you are not going to get more medicine ok ? I promise you shhh it's okay 

Patty walked into the kitchen trying to think what to do .

just then she saw the screen of her phone flashing a msg - hey how is it going ? Do you need any help ? Kate 

as if she sensed it Patty thought and hit dial 

- hi is everything okay ? - Kate asked 

- well not quite - Patty replied as she tried to keep her voice low so it wouldn't be audible in the living room 

- what happened ? 

Patty was trying to shortly summerize the events to Kate 

- aha I see , yeah I know the nurses said he screamed down the place here too 

- well the longer Chris is letting him carry on the longer this whole thing lasts ! If it would been up to me he'd been long changed and put down for a nap 

- look I get your frustration I really do but as we talked certain habits need to be broken and you guys need to find a way to get him to poop without creating such a drama every time 

as Patty listened to Kate trying to get her frustration and anger to subside she glanced towards to living room where kit was wrapped in Chris's arms but seemed like Chris was able to subside his crying .

patty slowly took a a few steps towards the living room door as if to try to hear gat Chris was saying to kit as she still had Kate on the phone 

- everything is going to be just fine , you have nothing to be afraid it of, I m here with you okay ? I m not going anywhere 

- it will hurt 

- no honey it won't I promise you it won't - of course based on past experience many times his poops were hard as he struggled to pass them pushing him back into holding back to avoid the pain , but now he was given high doses of stool softeners that he wasn't aware of - did I ever promise you something I didn't keep ? - kit shook his head slowly - then I need you to trust me okay ? You don't have to do anything just don't fight it okay ? 

Patty was about to take a few steps back to the kitchen to tell Kate the coaxing him plan isn't getting results either 

when she saw kit shakely stand up though still holding Chris's hand 

as an other cramp hit he whimpered softly as he tried to unclench and felt a warm soft poop exit his bottom into his diaper 

- it's okay it's okay you are okay - Chris's voice was still surprisingly calm and reassuring - I m here with you , everything is okay honey 

kit felt an other wave of cramps coming without realizing he crunched down next to the couch with one hand holding his dad hand and with the other he grabbed the couch as his knees bent and he instinctively pushed and grunted as his warm semi solid poop started to fill his diaper . Chris kept holding his hand while with his other hand he gently rubbed his back still encouraging him in a calm voice . 

- I think it is working - Patty wishpered to Kate - I will call you back 

by the time she walked into the living room kit seemed to have stooped pushing though he was still squatting.

chris kept rubbing his back as kit felt his bladder let loose and warm pee mixed into his just filled diaper 

for a minute no one said anything . 

Chris was still rubbing kits back as kit was still trying to make sense of what just happened . 

Patty had to smile . They were trying to treat him as a toddler and now he looked just like 1.

wearing nothing but Disney printed shirt and a soiled diaper .

the smell already gave it away but she decided to "check" him anyway - well I see someone did a big poopie in his diapie didn't he ? - she said as she pulled the elastic back of the diaper and seeing the brown poop smeared all over even up his back - you feel a lot better now don't you? - Patty asked as she took his hand and stood him up 

Kit nodded uncertainly .  His tummy wasn't feeling full anymore and he didn't have any cramps but he was growing red as he felt the poop push up against his skin . Not to mention the smell .

- let's go upstairs and mommy will get you changed . It wasn't so bad to make a poopie now was it ? 

Kit tugged at Chris's hand looking at him in fear . 

The last remark from his mom was definetly the wrong one. He didn't want her changing him. What if she tried to give him more medicine cause she felt he didn't poop enough ? Wouldn't be the first... And how bad was it ? His eye lashes still had a few tears on them and both his cheeks were smeared .

- no ... daddy - he looked at him pleading stretching his arm towards him 

- okay let's get you upstairs and daddy will get you changed - chris said as he picked him up and carried him to his room 

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 I was rereading this story ! And now I liked more ! But I have two questions 

what size and how much weight kit since his parents easily can overpower him ! And since he s 12 I was a little intrigued 

and what diaper he is using is pampers size 8 ? Or is a youth size since the diaper fit so well and don’t leaked even after a full poopie and pee !

sorry for the bother ! And please continue this story !!

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4 hours ago, Pierry Louys said:

 I was rereading this story ! And now I liked more ! But I have two questions 

what size and how much weight kit since his parents easily can overpower him ! And since he s 12 I was a little intrigued 

and what diaper he is using is pampers size 8 ? Or is a youth size since the diaper fit so well and don’t leaked even after a full poopie and pee !

sorry for the bother ! And please continue this story !!

Sorry I relized I wrote finished 6th grade when I was intending on making this summer being after his 6th grade in school ( I changed that now ) 

so I didn't really want to go into the description so much ? But since you asked and seems like you are the num 1 fan of this story

age is around 11 height about  140 cm so around 4'6 

weight around 29-30 kg so around 66lb 

brown hair brown eyes ?

In Europe we have "baby" diapers that fit up to 32 kg ( lots till 30kg) so yeah I'd say he is small for his age slim so it should be a fit 

his parents just as a compression  

chris : is around 188-190 cm so 6'2-6'3 I guess weight is 90-95 kg so 210lb ?  Brownish blond hair brown eyes 

Patty - is around 166-167 cm so 5'4 weight is around 60 kg so 130lb but she works out ? Wavy brown hair blue eyes 

Hope picturing is better now ?

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Thanks for the picture and for putting in kg and cm since here in Brazil we use this method ! I never understand the Eua way of height and weight rsrsrs

so basically he is using pampers rsrs I could imagine now him using a Elmo shirt with a Elmo pacifier with pampers matching hehehehe because we all now that a toddler without pampers and a pacifier matching  it’s not really a toddler hehe and since his parents want to him to feel like one rsrs

And just FYI if  both his parents have a blue eyes he should have too since the gene that gives blues eyes are recessive 

Sorry for the bother rsrs 

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1 hour ago, Pierry Louys said:

And just FYI if  both his parents have a blue eyes he should have too since the gene that gives blues eyes are recessive 

My bad it was meant to be brown  eyes 

I m a bit off today xD 

patty has blue eyes Chris has brown ?

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