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"Alright." Olivia said.

Olivia took her time looking over the books and picked one out.

"Where are we going to sit?" Olivia wondered.


Ruth blushed as Cindy talked to her. She looked down at the floor.

"It's okay. I'll wait." Ruth answered, looking back at the book.


Lacey kept reading after Brenda, stumbling over a couple of words even after hearing Brenda read it first.


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Angela led Olivia to their seats at the desks because it was almost empty now.

"I think we'll have the most privacy there in case you can't read that well and need help."


Cindy frowned at Ruth.

"Okay, but you better not pee your pants.  If you feel it wanting to come out, you better tell me right away even if it makes you kind of a baby to do so.  Being kind of a baby because you can't hold it is better than peeing in front of your whole class and proving you are not even potty trained."


Brenda smiled when she kept making mistakes.  Now this was more like it.

She helped her read very patiently and even started to break the paragraphs down in half or in thirds to help her more.  She thought maybe a whole paragraph was too much for her since the book was a fifth grade book after all, and she was only in third grade.

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Olivia nodded and held the book so Angela could see it, then started reading.


"I won't. I'm not a baby." Ruth whined.

She started reading again.


Lacey started reading better as Brenda gave her less to read at a time.

"This is a third grade book, isn't it?" Lacey asked.

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"Who cares what grade they say the book is for," Brenda told Lacey.  "If you know the words and understand them, then you're fine.  And we are reading it together, so you can ask me if you don't get something."

She smiled at her little girl.

"You're not trying to complain about me helping you read, are you?"


Cindy frowned.

"Well, fine, miss prissy," she said sounding a little upset that Ruth got a bit snobby with her about it.  "I was just trying to watch out for you, but if you can't handle my adivce, then I won't say how you should act."

She looked over at Angela wondering if she should just find a different little one to baby.


Angela smiled and listened as Olivia read the book even better than she could.  Of course, Olivia would.  She was actually much older and had read much more difficult things just the year before.

"You're very good at reading, aren't you?" she told Olivia.  "Maybe we should ask if they have any sixth grade books you can try or something."

Angela didn't let it bother her that Olivia could read better.  There were some little kids who read a lot better than a lot of much older kids, but that didn't make them mature, and Angela didn't know how to do the fourth grade math, nor did she do very well when it came to keeping her panties dry, thus she was in a diaper.

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"I know most of the words. No, I'm not complaining. I appreciate the help." Lacey said.

Ruth looked down as Cindy chastised her.

"N-no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I appreciate your help. I guess I'm just a bit cranky. I didn't get enough sleep last night. I'm sorry." Ruth said.


Olivia smiled at Angela.

"Thank you. I do like to read. Alright. Maybe after we finish this one?" Olivia said.

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Angela smiled and nodded that they could check after they read the book they were on.


Cindy frowned deeper and shook her head.

"So, you get this way with your own mom at home just because you're cranky?" she asked.  "If you do, then someone should have taught you how to be a good girl a long time ago."


Brenda smiled and nodded.

"Good.  Trust me, I wouldn't make you read something that was too hard.  If you find it too hard, just let me know, and we can find a new book."

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Olivia smiled and went back to reading the book.


Ruth looked down and pouted.

"I guess sometimes. Mom doesn't like it either." Ruth said.

Ruth squirmed, pressing her hand against her crotch, but didn't say anything 


"Alright thank you. I'll keep trying " Lacey said.

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"So, you do this at home, too?" Cindy was now narrowing her eyes at Ruth.  "You know it's being bad when you this kind of thing to your own mom, don't you?"

She saw Ruth grab herself, and then she got an idea.

"As punishment, you are not allowed to use the bathroom until lunch time.  It's time you learned to respect people, especially your own mother."

Then she pushed a book at her to continue reading.


Angela continued to listen to Olivia read.


Brenda smiled when Lacey seemed to be happy to continue to try for her.

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"Yeah, I get grounded a lot." Ruth said.

"What?! That's not fair! I really have to pee!" Ruth whined.


Lacey read for awhile then looked at Brenda.

"How much longer do we have to read?" Lacey wondered.



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"And how fair do you think it is to your mom that you shout at her for doing her job as your mother?" Cindy smacked her leg as though she was now her babysitter or something, and she was correcting her for speaking out against her decided punishment.  "If you want people to be fair to you, then you need to learn to be fair to other people.  Now, you will either be a good girl and hold it, or I'll put you in a diaper like someone else in our group, and then you'll have no choice but to use it the rest of the day."

She frowned at her.



Brenda frowned.

"What's wrong, Lacey?  Don't you like reading?  I'm sorry, but you need to at least finish five pages for me, or we won't let you go out and play."

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"Yes I understand. How long until lunch?" Ruth asked.


"I do like reading, it's just hard when there's big words and no pictures." Lacey sighed.

Lacey picked up the book and started to read again, stumbling over some of the words. She wiggled a little as she started to need to pee.



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Cindy smiled.

"Good girl."

She then shrugged her shoulders and looked up at the clock.

"I think you have about three hours to go."

Of course, Cindy knew that if Ruth had to go that badly, there was no way she'd make it, but that didn't stop her from talking like she expected her to.


Brenda sighed.

"Well, you can't always have pictures, Lacey.  There are lots of books out there that we will have to read in life that have no pictures at all."

She helped her everytime she even paused at a word, trying to show her that she was there to give her help when she needed it.

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Ruth frowned.

"That long? I thought it would be only a half hour or so." Ruth whined.

Ruth squirmed in her chair pressing her legs together. She felt pee squirt in her pants but quickly stopped it. She started reading again, hoping Cindy didn't notice.


"I know, but it would be easier." Lacey said.

Lacey kept reading slowly, letting Brenda help her.


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Once Ruth got to the point where she couldn't sit still, Cindy smile and leaned in on her.

"You really can't hold it?" she asked her.

"Are you going to be a good girl and watch how you talk to the older girls if I take you potty right now?"


Brenda patted Lacey's back as though she was being understanding.

"I know it's hard, sweetie.  You're just a little girl, but I'll help you.  Once you can read really good, you will find that some books without pictures are actually better stories than ones with pictures because they still don't make books where the pictures can move, but in novels, when you read really well, you can imagine things much better about what the person or character is doing."

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"Yes I will. I'm sorry." Ruth said, squirming in her seat about to fully wet herself.


"Thank you. I hope that's true and I hope my reading gets better." Lacey said.

Lacey squirmed as she felt the need to pee increase.


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