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Nicole had recently turned nineteen years old, and was really still at the home for replacement of orphans because she had not finished high school yet, but as of two weeks ago, she had finished high school, and so she was given an old tattered suitcase at the time, twenty dollars, and a taxi that would take her anywhere she wanted to try to start in the city.

Almost penniless, and on the street, Nicole had not known what to do at the time.  She spent the first two nights on a bench in a park, but then she met someone who would change her life, and the lives of her little sisters who were still at the replacement home.  

The sisters met up three times since Nicole was out, and during those two weeks, the person she had met had been letting her stay with him.  His name was Jim.

After Nicole had told him about her sisters, about the system, and about her fears of losing contact with her sisters when the state decided to move them again, Jim proposed a bold plan to help her keep her family together.


The sisters had arranged to meet in the back of an old shopping mall that had closed down about six months previously due to a better one being open on the otherside of town.  Of course, there was no way to get inside, and the little sisters were not to be seen, so Nicole had planned to meet them in the ditch that ran along behind the old mall.  


When Nicole had caught up to the place where she was to meet her heavy set fourteen year old sister and her much lighter twelve year old sister, she sighed in relief that they had been waiting for her, and so were not held up.  She pulled out a bottle of water for each of them, and then whispered the plan to them.


"We need to get to the highway out of town," she had told them.  Once we get to the right spot, that Jim showed me last night, then we will have to wait in the ditch again until his car pulls over at the side of the road.  That's when we'll know it's the right car."

She tried to smile reassuring to her little golden-skin sisters, but it was hard to be reassuring when your hair was wet from from walking in fog, your clothes were a bit messed up so that people didn't question that she was still on the street.  They couldn't give the police any reason to connect Jim to their getaway if Jim's plan were to work.  And finally, Nicole was just tired from all the walking thus far, but she had to press on and encourage her sisters to come with her.

Eventually, after another near three hours, and it coming upon about nine-thirty in the evening, they made it to the spot that Nicole said they would meet Jim.  

She then looked her sisters over the best she could in the dark to see that they weren't too buised up from crawling about in ravines, mud, and brambles to stay hidden from anyone that might recognize them.  There were light scratches, a poke or two from thorns in each of the girls, mud all over their arms, their pants or legs, and their shirts.  Olivia, being the one in a skirt, even had mud all over her panties and some inside her panties, but there wasn't much they could do about it at the moment.

"He'll be along soon," Nicole said to her sisters trying to keep them calm.

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Olivia and Lacey had waited for their older sister at the assigned spot. They were relieved when she showed up. The next three hours were rigorous, climbing about in mud and brush, following their sister Nicole closely.

When they finally reached the meeting spot both girls needed to pee. 

Olivia scrunched down next to Nicole and nodded.

"I hope he gets here soon. I'm tired of running and hiding." Olivia whined.

Lacey leaned closer to Nicole.

"Sis, I need to pee." Lacey said.

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Nicole bent down and felt the back of Lacey’s pants to make sure she didn’t already go enough to make it a mute point, and seeing her pants felt dry, she turned her to look her in the eye. 

“We are probably about thirty or forty minutes from a bathroom at best. It’s probably best if you pull your pants down here and do it in the ditch where no one else will see you.”

Nicole looked over at Olivia. 

“You too, if you’re holding it. It’s uncomfortable to go here, I know but wearing wet pants because you can’t wait until we get somewhere better will be even more uncomfortable, girls.”

Nicole then waited to see if Lacey or Olivia would do as she suggested. 

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Olivia blushed. Surely she could hold it for another half hour or so.

"No, that's okay I can wait." Olivia told Nicole.

Lacey debated in her mind for a minute and then shook her head.

"It's okay. I don't have to go that bad." Lacey lied, not wanting to pull down her pants outside.

Lacey and Olivia turned their attention to the road, looking for Jim's car.

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"Lacey, I don't know how long it will be.  It could be more than an hour, before we stop.  Once we are in the car, there will be no place to pull your pants down in private.  Are you sure you can hold it until we find a toilet?"

She frowned at her.

"I'm pretty sure Olivia can hold it a while if she has to, but you're still in your last year of elementary school, sis.  Even if you can hold it for a couple of hours, I'm not sure that's good for you, and we do have a private place where only Olivia and I can see right now.  But you need to hurry because Jim is going to wonder if we are coming if we don't hurry up."


Jim looked around wondering where the girls were.  He hoped they were coming soon, and didn't run into any problems on the way.

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Lacey frowned. She didn't really want to pee out in the open, but she didn't think she could hold it for an hour.

"Alright, but keep your eye out for Jim." Lacey said.

Lacey moved a little away from Olivia and Nicole and pulled her pants down. She squatted down to pee. Lacey let a stream of pee out and then felt something touch her bottom. She shrieked and stopped peeing. She pulled up her pants and ran over to Nicole and Olivia.

"Are you okay, Lacey?" Olivia asked.

"Yes. I don't have to pee anymore though." Lacey lied.


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Nicole sighed and nodded.

"Okay, I see his SUV.  Let's go girls."

She was sure that Lacey had rushed a bit, and probably had not finished, but what could she say or do?  It was her sister's choice to wait or not.  She just hoped she went enough that she wouldn't need to stop until Jim could stop for her.

Jim sighed as he looked around.  He didn't see the girls anywhere.

"Hurry," Nicole told her little sisters.  "He's expecting us to be waiting for him, so if we don't turn up quickly, he might give up and think we got held up or we changed our minds."

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Olivia and Lacey looked at the road and saw the SUV several hundred feet away. Olivia and Lacey started to run  towards the car. Neither of them made a sound, except the sound of their feet on the ground.

Olivia looked to the side to see if Nicole was still with them.


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NIcole waited a minute, and let them start running, then she squatted pulling down her pants so she wouldn't have to wait a long time.  She was supposed to be the oldest, so she didn't want her sisters to see her pee.  They might think she's weak if she peed like she told them to do.

Jim saw two little girls running towards him.  He couldn't believe his eyes at first, when they first came upon him.  Nicole said that they were fourteen and twelve years old, but he could swear the older of the two didn't look much older than eleven.  She was short, and well, while he was no expert on how big her bust should be, he still thought something should stick out in her shirt, but she looked rather flat in his opinion.

Not really thinking too much about it, he slid open his door and directed Lacey in first so she would be sitting right behind the driver side front seat and then he directed Olivia in so she would be sitting right behind the passenger side.  He then looked down into the darkness just in time to see Nicole finally catching up.

"What happened to you?" he asked.

"Oh, I just dropped something and had to go back for it," she lied.  Then she got in.

"Okay," Jim said as he turned to make sure they put on their seatbelts.  "Here is the plan.  We don't stop for anything for a couple of hours.  If the home people are looking for you, they are first going to be looking around the city and then directly outside it because they don't know you have access to a car.  The further we are from this place when they start looking for you, the better."

He then turned the radio on for some quiet music.

"You girls rest some," he told the little ones in the back.  "It's going to be a long ride."

He and Nicole then started talking about the next phase of the plan in the front while he drove.

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Olivia didn't see Nicole, but kept running. She was taking Nicole's word that this was Jim's SUV. When she reached the car she stopped and took a deep breath.

Lacey had trouble keeping up with Olivia. She wasn't used to running and they hadn't done any until now. Even so, she was only seconds behind Olivia as they reached the car. 

When Jim opened the door, Lacey, and then Olivia climbed inside and took the seats Jim told them to. Olivia reached over and fastened Lacey's seatbelt, getting an evil look from her sister, then fattened herself inn.

Olivia was relieved when she saw Nicole finally reach the car.

Lacey heard Jim say that it would be at least two hours until they would stop. She groaned a little.

Olivia wasn't any happier, but she didn't want to appear upset. She made herself as comfortable as possible and closed her eyes.

Lacey did the same, but pressed her legs together. Maybe a little sleep was just what she needed.


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As Jim and Nicole drove along, the night growing late, there seemed to be no noise coming from the front other than the quiet radio music and a very low hum made by Jim and Nicole trying to decide on a permanent plan to keep the girls together.  It seemed that the second phase had not been really worked out, and he was trying to give Nicole a say in it, but everything either he or she suggested was rejected by the other.

Time seemed to slow down as though every minute felt like five.  

The hummed along on the pavement, a little bump jarring the car up and down maybe every half an hour or so, if that.

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Olivia fell asleep in a few minutes, exhausted from the days activities. Lacey had a nearly full bladder and was having trouble falling asleep. She would close her eyes and get close to going to sleep and the car shaking her awake.

Finally though, Lacey did go to sleep. About twenty minutes later she wet her pants. She stayed asleep, moving about in her seat slightly.

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Jim finally stopped, not two hours later, becasue the younger ones were asleep, but rather, four hours later.

He went in and got some water, sodas, and snacks for the girls.  Then he came back and told Nicole she could take the girls in to the bathroom one at a time.  He had not realized that Lacey had peed herself yet.

Nicole opened the back door and looked in on them seeing Lacey was soaked.

She sighed and started to gently shake her sister to wake her up.

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Olivia was still asleep, but her pee was building up. She opened her eyes and looked over as Nicole woke lacey up.


Lacey woke up as Nicole shook her. It took her a minute to fully wake up. She sat up and felt her wet pants. Lacey couldn't believe she had wet in her sleep. She hadn't done that in a few months now. She looked at Nicole and started crying.

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Nicole sighed and patted her back.

"Are you finished peeing?" she asked Lacey.

She then looked over at Olivia.

"Since Lacey is already wet, how about I take you to the bathroom first.  You didn't even pee earlier when I told you to, so yo must have to go by now."

Nicole looked back at Jim.

"Lacey wet in her sleep.  She used to do that all the time, but I thought she stopped doing it."

He smiled and reached in and picked Lacey up as if she was a little girl.

"No harm done," Jim said trying to pat her back and rock her in his arms to calm her down.  "It's just pee."

He walked with her taking her into the store just the way she was.

"Let's get you something you want to eat," he told her.  "I already got some snacks and drinks, but I haven't gotten any candy yet.  Would you like that?"

It was like he was trying to use candy to distract her from the idea she had peed in her sleep as if she was a little kid and not twelve years old.


Nicole let him take Lacey to try to distract her since she was already wet, and she reached for Olivia's hand to walk her to the bathroom.

"I want you to go," she told Olivia sternly.  "No leaving the toilet stall until you go.  Matter of fact, i want to check after you are done to make sure."

Somehow, Nicole seemed to think Olivia might be too scared or something to want to pee, so she was going to check on her.  If she had checked on Lacey earlier and had insisted Lacey pee in front of her, she somehow felt like the bedwetting might not have happened.  Four hours, after already having relieved yourself was a bit strange to be already wet-- even if Lacey still had trouble once in a while making it through the night dry.

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Lacey nodded when asked if she finished peeing. She didn't feel anymore in her. Lacey flinched when Jim picked her up and blushed. She couldn't remember the last time anyone other than Nicole had picked her up, and that had been awhile ago.

Olivia undid her seat belt and climbed out. She took Nicole's hand and allowed herself to be taken to the bathroom, nodding as Nicole talked to her.

Lacey blushed as Jim carried her into the store holding her like a toddler in wet pants. 

"Y-yes sir." Lacey answered, wiping her eyes.


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Nicole took Olivia right into the stall, and she looked Olivia in the eye.

"I know you're a big girl, but Jim thinks we should treat you two like little kids for a while.  Now, I am going to give you a minute to pee, but I don't want you flushing the potty until I make sure you peed or did whatever you need to do.  It's important other people, if they come into the bathroom, they seem me talking to you and treating you like a little kid.  I'll explain it better later, after I understand exactly what Jim thinks is best."

She then closed the stall door and gave Olivia a minute.


Jim put Lacey down when they got into the convenience store, and he directed her towards the candy aisle.

"Your little kid have a little problem?" a man asked him who had his son with him.

"Well, what are you going to do?" Jim asked the stranger.  "Eight year old wets in her sleep, she wets in her sleep.  We hadn't planned to be this late, so we didn't bring her any extra clothes along.  That was poor planning on my part, huh?"

The two adult men exchanged a laugh.

"Don't worry about it.  I've made the same mistake myself at times with my own kids."

Jim then waited for Lacey to pick out some candy.


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Olivia listened to Nicole. She frowned but nodded. It sounded crazy but she guessed she had to go along. After Nicole closed the stall door Olivia reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She sat down on the toilet and started to pee a few seconds later.

Lacey started walking after Jim set her down, blushing as she wss even more exposed. She wondered why Jim treated her like a little girl, but then big girls didn't usually wet their pants. She wasn't paying attention as Jim talked to the father as she was looking at the candy.

Lacey studied the candy for a few minutes, then picked up some gummi bears and showed them to Jim.


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Jim smiled and nodded.

"Good girl," he said.  "Get something your sister likes, too, honey.  We want to get back on the road, so it's better if we get the candy all in one stop, okay?"

He waited to see what she'd get for Olivia.


Nicole waited for Olivia to finish going, and in the meantime, someone had come into the bathroom bringing a little girl and a little boy with her.

Nicole smiled.

"My little girl will be done in a minute," she said instead of saying little sister.

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Lacey nodded and turned back to the candy. She tried to remember what kind of candies Olivia liked. They didn't have very many treats at the home so it was hard. Finally she took a package of jelly beans and handed both candies to Jim.

Olivia finished peeing and waited a few seconds to wipe herself and was about to flush when she remembered what NIcole had said. She stood up and pulled her panties up. She heard Nicole call her her daughter and frowned. Something was going on.

Olivia unlocked the door and looked out, embarrassed that someone else was there beside Nicole.

"I'm done." Olivia said softly.


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Olivia went in and checked and then smiled at Olivia.

"Good girl," she said to her as if she was a child.  "Now, let's go wash your hands."

She reached in and flushed for her middle sister, and then took her to the sink to wash her hands while one of the little kids with te other lady went into the empty stall.


Jim smiled once Lacey handed him the candy to be bought.

"Come on, sweetie," he said taking her hand with one hand and holding the candy with his other one until they got to the counter.

They rang it up, and then Jim gave Lacey five dollars.

"How much change do you think you should get?" he asked her before the candy was rang up.


"She has trouble with math, so I'm teaching her whenever I can," Jim told the cashier.

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Olivia let her sister flush the toilet then followed Nicole to the sink, half expecting her to wash her hands for her. Olivia reached over and squirted soap on her hands and held them under the faucet.

Lacey walked with him Jim to the counter and was surprised when he handed her the five dollars. She looked at the total on the register but was flustered.

"Umm, one dollar and fifty cents?" Lacey asked.


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Nicole let Olivia wash her own hands.  As far as she knew, she wasn't to treat Olivia like a toddler.  She just had to make sure that she went like a scared little girl might be.

When she thought Olivia was done washing her hands, she took her hand to lead her back out to the car.


Jim smiled and shook his head.

"Honey, don't guess," he said patiently.  "It says you spent one dollar and sixty five cents.  Starting with five dollars or think five hundred, take away one hundred and sixty-five. ..."

"Okay, let's do this.  What is 500 take away 100...?

Then what is 400 take away 65?

100 take away 65 is....

then you still have three hundred you didn't touch.  So you have...."

He tried to go as slowly as he needed to as if she really was an eight year old child rather than a twelve year old that should know how to add and subtract on her own.

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Olivia took Nicole's hand and walked back to the car with her.

"What's going on, sis? Why are you treating me like a little girl?" Olivia wondered.


Lacey listened to Jim. It was hard to think right now. She tried to subtract the numbers that Jim have to her. 

"500 minus 100 is 400, of course. Let's see, 100 take away 65 is 35, right? So 300 plus 35 would be three dollars and thirty five cents?" Lacey asked, looking up at Jim.

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Jim smiled and nodded at her to look at the change she got and see if it was right.  Of course, it was.

He then presented her with a dollar.

"And this is for you for being a help with getting you and your sister some candy," he told her.  "Now be a good girl, and get in the car when I take you out to it, okay?"

He smiled at her and patted her back.


Nicole sighed.

"I don't know everything yet, so just ask me later," Nicole told Olivia.  "But the jest is, Jim wants us to act a little differently than we really are so it's hard for someone to find us if they are looking.  He thinks that might mean we should tell people you are younger than you really are, and treat you like little children.  I know it's unhandy for you, but it's for the best if we want to stay together, right?"

She hugged her little sister.

"You don't mind it, for just a little while, do you?"

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