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Basically I stumbled across my partner's interest in diaper porn when using his laptop & it came up in the search bar. 

At first I was very taken aback and unsure how to take it. I waited until I was at home & messaged him as I simply didn't know how to approach it at all. 

He stated he only likes viewing women in diapers & that it's mostly 2d fetish art that he enjoys, such as on Tumblr etc. & that his other fetishes (bbw & farting which I already knew about) he's more into. 

He's very distressed that I discovered this, despite me trying to reassure him. & he's become a little distant.

I'm still a little confused, but I'm willing to understand & hopefully I can find helpful information here 



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He is likely feeling embarrassed and maybe ashamed. I'll work under the assumption that he let you use the laptop and that you weren't snooping (I'm not suggesting you would do that, it's just if you had done that he would probably be feeling annoyed and that would explain the distance)

This fetish has a lot of shame attached to it for some people. The fact that he told you about the other fetishes but not this one may show that he's a little more embarrassed by it.

Communication is always the key to these things but if he doesn't want to talk about it you should consider just giving the topic some space and focusing on other things whilst things settle down. He might just want some space and time. Maybe just say you don't judge him for it and that it's no big deal before letting it drop until he wants to talk about it.

As long as he knows you are fine with it he should come around eventually.

You'll find plenty of information here regarding ABDL things. I hope you find the info you need for yourself and your partner :)

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He did let me use the laptop, I kinda think he wanted me to stumble upon it as he had joked the day before that "there may be some embarrassing stuff on there". 

I shall definitely try giving him some space, it's just awful to see him so down about it. Like he refused to pick up my calls this morning despite messaging me at the same time (to say he feels exhausted and needs sleep). & I just wanted to reassure him.

Hopefully he comes around about it. But thank you for your response, I'll definitely have a gander through the posts. 

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He may have wanted you to find out about this, but still has feelings of shame and guilt. I think, what has already been said, is good advice. Learn all you can, and educate yourself as much as you can, here and or elsewhere on the net. But, as far as bringing up the subject with him, big NO! Let it lie with him, and let him come to you with any discussion about it. But, do let him know, nothing has changed, your relationship is same as same. Give him time, to kinda calm down, get over the embarrassment. Then, he might come back and want to talk about it. I think, just your being here, is evidence you are open to the subject. You could let him know you came here, once he wants to talk. That might help, to convince him of where you stand on this. Also assure him, this is between the two of you. Good luck! I hope things work out, and you both can feel like before. And if you have other questions, feel free to come back and ask.

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The most powerful words ever spoken or written are "I love you no matter what." Put that out to him when he's not responding, and let that be enough till he comes back into the picture. If this reaches a point where you can mention it, tell him you want to talk more about this but you'll wail till he's ready to do that no matter how long it takes, then do just that. In time he will come around. Until then just go on as if nothing ever happened. Time and love together always wins the day!


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