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I'm feeling really depressed at work lately

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Warning, long rant ahead

Long story short I have this habit of whistling at work, and there is this coworker that is pretty much always at the department I like to work in (he is disabled and can only do certain jobs because he has to be able to sit, and a lot of the jobs require standing up and having a normal amount of mobility); he likes to complain so much about the whistling that everyone gets mad at him for complaining way more than they care about me whistling.

But apparently this guy has pull with the supervisors and HR, because if he goes to them, I get talked to about it, warned, and potentially written up.

They even issued a warning that whistling has apparently became a fire-able offense.

Well, that was a long time ago, so I had to be annoying (to the one guy) and whistle (it's how I deal with an overly stressful job that pays NYS minimum wage), and the guy complained again, so they put me in another department they knew I hate as a means to to punish me, and I'm stuck in this situation until further notice.

I guess they determined that cant really fire me and it's better to keep me around and have me do the worst jobs that nobody wants to do.

I don't get how one person who isn't line leader or supervisor has so much pull they can have me kicked off one production line, and I hate it because now I'm on production lines that are slower and make the day feel like it's a lot longer.

I guess I'm mistaken for thinking work should be about doing your best to make numbers so the company can make money and you keep making a paycheck; but it seems im wrong in this regard as the company is more akin to Kindergarten (without the naptime), or a middle school drama club (he said, she said, I heard, etc etc); there is so much complaining at this factory as a whole, usually about petty problems.

I guess its rule by majority at this company and when people basically join into a mob against you there is nothing you can do about it.

For an example I've had multiple people complain about my music back when we used to be able to listen to our music through a phone/mp3 player/speaker - we just couldn't use earbuds/headphones

They said I was raising the volume just to be obnoxious and make people mad; mind you you cant listen to every song at the same volume, some will be a lot more quiet, others will be a lot louder.

I wasnt playing offensive music, and other people had the same right I did; but it's easier to complain up a storm than to buy and use a cheap speaker I guess.

Needless to say people keep complaining about other people's music and now employees cant decide what music they want to listen to, we are stuck with what the office puts on and the company has a pretty crappy stereo system you cant hear at all in much of the factory and if left on one radio station eventually your hear enough songs repeated that it gets old and boring (theres a few Beatles and Ozzy Osbourne songs that get played a lot more than other songs if it's on a certain classic rock station).

More and more between most employees getting rolled back to minimum wage (since minimum wage keeps going up) and everything getting worse because people have to ruin a good thing by complaining the worse things get at this company, that's why after I get my 1 week vacation done with I'm going to another factory.

I will have to start as a temp and theres a little risk there, but after a couple months I can start making a lot more than I do now and even though the company has had a few layoffs, they have all been temporary and lasted 2 or 3 weeks tops and then they brought back the people that got laid off, they have even asked people if they want the layoff and for how long, and the extra pay plus overtime hours can result in checks probably 3x what I get regularly now.

Its make it or break it and I will always barely scrape by at the company I work for now.

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Sounds to me that your the kind of person that needs to work alone. There are plenty of jobs out there that can be obtained with very little effort.

As far as drama in the work place it's only drama if you allow yourself to get wrapped up in it. And drama causes so much unnecessary stress in the workplace. Ignore it. You'll be better off and much happier.

As far as the music goes, good for the company.  One type of music cures all. Technically they have the right to eliminate music all together. That's something that they are allowing the employee to do hoping for more gainful production. Apparently that didn't work so they stepped in and took control of the situation.  

As far as the whistling at work. Man I would have snapped. And it's not because of the whistling it would have been the distraction it would have caused to the other employees.  You have to understand from an employer's point of view you are not the only employee. Maybe the guy who complained about the whistling has an issue with background noise. It can be very frustrating to try and do your job to the best of your ability when you have a piercing, distracting noise going through your head. It's like putting a strobe light next to an epileptic and demanding they be productive. It's just not gonna work. 

From what I  read in the past your a line supervisor, that means your supposed to conduct yourself in a different manner than those of which your in charge of. You as a supervisor should be gaining production and eliminating distractions, but you seem to be the distraction or the cause of the distraction. 

You've been complaining about this job for months now, this post and a few others.  Why are you still there? 

This country is made up of 48 lower states, you work in 1. Move on already. After reading this post, If I were you, I'd do it before they do it for you.

I know you feel like your stuck in this job doing menial tasks but really your not. There is so much more outside of the little world your living in. It's time to explore!! From your profile your 26 yrs old and you have so much life ahead of you it would be ashamed to waste it at this one place and if allow yourself to get stuck at some dead end job for the next 10 years than you only have yourself to blame. You have options. 


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I was a line supervisor for about a week, I only had to take the position to cover the regular line supervisor while he was dealing with a family emergency.

I actually get along with basically everybody too, the only one that ever really complains about me is the one coworker because of whistling.

And I have plans to go to another factory soon after I take a week off for a vacation; once I start that new job at a new factory I won't have vacation time for quite a while.

I really didn't even hate the job that much, up until this minimum wage increase thing started happening in New York State which has the company not giving out raises anymore.

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