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REPOST: Lyrical Nanoha - A New Mama, A New Life; PLUS New MGLN Story

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Welp, I'm finally getting to starting to repost some of my fics here that were lost in the Great Crash. Let's start with this one... and maybe with a surprise at the end...

(CONTENT WARNING: Has a 10-year-old girl being diapered and babied. No sexual content/details, though - it's all very innocent and cutesy.)


Two Weeks After Final Battle of Book-of-Darkness Incident

Harlaown Residence (Midchilda) - 8:30 AM


The shy, sensitive, and very magically-powerful 10-year-old little blonde girl known as Fate sat on the edge of the big, plush guest bed, wearing just a loose yellow t-shirt and plain white panties, nervously running a hand along the dark-pink comforter that covered pale-pink sheets as she waited for Lindy. For the past month or two, Lindy Harlaown had been acting as Fate’s guardian and caretaker, to the point of recently taking Fate into her home, providing food & shelter under her own roof as well as emotional support. A bond that Fate couldn’t quite recognize had formed, gradually growing stronger and stronger as she and Lindy interacted more.


Right now, Nanoha and Chrono were away on a mission, Yūno and Arf were at work in the Infinity Library, and Fate & Lindy were both on leave together starting yesterday, just the two of them at the Harlaown home, with the cheerful mother happily taking care of the young mage, cooking meals for her, helping her wash her very long hair (though from the front or the side, as Fate still felt ashamed about the whip-scars on her back being seen by anyone, even Nanoha), even watching a couple movies together, and it gave the troubled little girl a strange, warm feeling. Yesterday evening, Fate had come upon an open holo-browser, left open by Lindy as she was busy in another room, showing a site of suggestions for helping neglected/abused children overcome trust issues, learn to relax, and other benefits, with one particular odd method on-screen. Fate had sat there, her cheeks a little flushed and her imagination active, and then Lindy had quickly returned, looking shocked and a bit panicked upon noticing. She’d laughed nervously, apologizing and saying what a strange and ‘ridiculous’ idea it was.


Imagine her surprise when, quietly, shyly, nervously, Fate had suggested that maybe they could try it. Lindy had triple-checked if Fate was really sure, and the shy blonde had, upon some thought, said yes.


They would start this morning, and continue for anywhere between two days and the whole week, depending on how comfortable Fate was with it. It had taken her a little while to fall asleep last night, due to the conflicting emotions within her heart. Now, with nervous anticipation, Fate waited. Finally, Lindy came into the room, setting a colorful box with the necessary supplies down on the floor beside the bed. She bent down to Fate’s eye level, reaching a hand out to gently cradle the little girl’s cheek; Fate was now used to Lindy’s touch enough that she no longer recoiled or stiffened from it, and in fact it seemed to relax her a bit sometimes.


“Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this, sweetie?” the mother asked, softly stroking Fate’s cheek.


In response, Fate’s little hands gently grabbed hold of Lindy’s hand, holding it as the blonde looked up at her. “Yes” she replied softly. “I admit, I’m really nervous and maybe even a little scared, but… but I’ll try it. I… I trust you, Lindy-san… Please take good care of me.”


Lindy smiled. “I will” she said as she used her other hand to gently pet Fate’s head. “I promise you that, Fate. Now, let’s get you all set.”


Fate let go of Lindy’s hand, allowing the woman to begin pulling Fate’s shirt up and off. The little blonde blushed as the garment was pulled away, leaving bare her meager breasts – just starting to bud – and her cute little tummy; previously, when she had first been ‘inducted’ into the good guys, she was skinny and underweight for her age & height, but a few months of a proper diet courtesy of Lindy had rectified that, and (to her embarrassment, despite Lindy & Shamal saying it was at a healthy/normal point, especially for a girl her age) she now had a little bit of a belly, soft and (as Nanoha and Lindy had independently discovered) sensitive.


Insistently but gently, Lindy ‘pushed’ Fate onto her back on the bed, the little blonde resting her folded hands just above her stomach and blushing as she felt her caretaker start to pull her underwear down. Fate let out the tiniest of whimpers as her privates were exposed, her sensitive bottom now in direct contact with the cool, fluffy comforter of the bed. She saw and heard as Lindy reached down into the box to grab the ‘supplies’, and then focused her eyes on the cream-colored ceiling, too bashful to look down at what was about to take place.


Fate’s blush deepened as magic lifted, bent, and spread her legs, holding them up and open. The Binds then lifted her legs and hips up off the bed, and she heard the rustling, crinkling sound as the object was opened and then carefully slid into position below her bottom. Lindy then did something that Fate couldn’t see, and then Fate let out a (rather cute) startled squeak as, for the first time, she experienced the sensation of baby powder being sprinkled onto her butt, coating it. Her hips were slowly lowered onto the open (and already powdered) diaper, and then she let out a shuddered breath, face still red, as Lindy baby-powdered her crotch, mound, the creases of her thighs, and her lower belly. Lindy then closed the diaper up and taped it on nice and tight.


“There we go, honey” she said with a little smile. “All done.”


Fate wiggled her hips around a little bit. The diaper fit snugly on her lower body, comfortably so. The soft, bulky, puffy padding supported her butt a little bit off the bed, and forced her thighs apart. As she moved, wiggling her bottom on the bed and opening & closing her legs a little bit, she heard it crinkle and felt the puffy-soft padding and baby powder against her skin. Though she felt very embarrassed, she still couldn’t deny that it felt kinda nice. She lifted her head up to have a look at the diaper; it was puffy, the bulk visibly enveloping her crotch area and forcing her thighs apart, white with a row of little pink hearts and flowers on the upper front. Fate blushed brightly, feeling very shy and self-conscious right now, especially with Lindy looking down at her with a big smile.


Lindy let out a little cuteness-struck giggle. “You’re absolutely adorable in a diaper, Fate. …Well, of course, even without it you’re one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, but the diaper just about doubles it!”


Fate’s face was red as she sat up, thought she felt the strange urge to smile a little as well that she couldn’t quite comprehend. Lindy reached forward and gently pulled Fate into a hug, the little blonde letting out a squeak as the mother’s hand gave her padded bottom a couple of soft pats. After a couple seconds, she relaxed in Lindy’s arms a little more than usual, the recently-emerged feeling of comfort and security that the woman’s hugs gave her being stronger than before. Lindy tucked Fate’s head under her chin, and began softly rubbing Fate’s back. The little blonde stiffened a bit, letting out the tiniest of whimpers; she was still a little uncomfortable regarding her back, and Lindy’s soft, warm hands could almost-certainly feel the scars. But the woman showed no signs of caring about that, and before long Fate murmured softly as she relaxed again, the gesture proving to be strangely very soothing. She closed her eyes and shyly returned the hug as best she could, causing Lindy to let out a quiet giggle and nuzzle her closer. Yes, Fate decided, this was actually kinda nice.


And, despite the embarrassing-ness of it, the diaper was actually pretty comfy, too, and as a little girl she couldn’t help but feel a little bit drawn to the cute design.


“Now then…” Lindy said as she (eventually) released Fate from the hug. “Shall we go have breakfast?”


Fate gave a little nod, and took Lindy’s offered hand. She set her bare feet down on the soft carpet, and Lindy began leading her out, moving slowly. Fate’s blush flared up again; the thick, powdered diaper felt odd (though not exactly unpleasant) as she walked, and its puffy bulk forced her legs apart enough to give her steps a little waddle, in addition to the garment rustling and crinkling as she moved. She was also embarrassed about being naked except for the diaper and the two pigtail-holding bows in her hair, though the fact that Lindy was the only other person in the house for the next week mitigated that; she would likely still automatically be careful not to let her back be in Lindy’s sight, though.


Lindy led Fate out into the living room, over to the big comfy chair. Fate had a seat, feeling the thick, powdered padding over her bottom; Lindy giggled at how Fate’s sitting position, leaned back with legs spread, was essentially displaying and showing off her diaper, and then headed off to the kitchen. The little blonde girl sat there, occasionally shifting around in her seat a little, hearing and feeling her diaper as she did so. She cautiously brought a hand down, slowly moving it over the soft, cool plastic, and then gave it a couple little squeezes. With a blush on her cheeks, the tiniest of smiles formed on her face without her being aware of it, as she dwelled on the strange feelings of security and physical & emotional comfort.


Lindy came back into the room, now carrying a plate of food on top of a small floating rune that hovered along beside her. Curious as to why she would bring the food in here, Fate got up out of the chair and made to start moving toward the kitchen, only for Lindy to gently grab her by the arm and stop her. The woman then sat on the chair, and patted her thigh.


“Come here, Fate” she said with a warm smile. “Come up on my lap.”


Feeling very shy, Fate nonetheless did as she was told, climbing up onto Lindy’s lap, blushing from the feel and sound of her diaper as she did so. Lindy grabbed and maneuvered her into position, so that she was reclining in a semi-diagonal position across the woman’s lap; her head was comfortably tucked in against Lindy’s left shoulder and upper chest, with Lindy’s arm around her shoulders & neck supporting her head, while her torso and legs went across to the right, her slim legs bent a little so she would fit on the chair without her little feet hanging over the edge. She let out a tiny murmur as Lindy’s right hand briefly, softly stroked her bare tummy while the other arm cuddled her a little closer.


The magically-supported plate of food drifted closer, and Fate felt her mouth water a little at the smell. Lindy’s right hand reached out and grabbed a fork, spearing a piece of food on it, and then brought it up to Fate’s face. Fate’s blush deepened as she realized Lindy intended to feed her; she looked up, her innocent red eyes showing bashful confusion, but Lindy simply smiled down at her. Turning her attention back to what was in front of her, Fate shyly opened her mouth and allowed Lindy to push the food in, pulling the fork back out once Fate closed her mouth. The little blonde let out a quiet noise of appreciation as she chewed & swallowed; Lindy’s cooking always made her feel a little warm & fuzzy inside. Over the next several minutes, Lindy hand-fed Fate her breakfast, feeling the diapered blonde increasingly relax as the meal progressed, even semi-subconsciously snuggling closer to her. Finally, once Fate had eaten every last bite, she let out a sigh and relaxed, her cheeks flushing a little, as Lindy’s hand started to slowly, softly rub her bare tummy. After a minute or so of this, she gave the front of Fate’s diaper a couple of soft pats, making the girl squeak quietly, and then carefully got up off the chair while somehow keeping Fate on it, gently lowering her back onto it.


“I’ll be right back, sweetie” she said as she caressed Fate’s cheek. “Then maybe we can watch something together. Okay?”


“Okay…” Fate replied quietly, one hand held up to her mouth. Lindy petted her on the head and then walked away, and Fate relaxed as she leaned back against the couch, blushing as she looked down at her diapered crotch and rested a hand on her pleasantly-full tummy. Again, a tiny smile formed on her face, but this time she was conscious of it.


Should I try to space posts out (i.e., wait for at least one other person to post a comment after each entry), or just rush 'em out in a flood?

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This was AWESOME!:D I had a feeling I'd like this story^^ Thanks for reposting it for us to enjoy :3

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9:45 AM




Fate sat on the soft, comfy sofa, still simultaneously shy/bashful and relaxed in her soft, comfy diaper. Lindy had been treating her with such kindness and gentleness and affection all morning. …Well, she always did that anyway nowadays, but for some reason today it felt special, felt ‘more’ in some way. It made Fate feel nice inside. She still wasn’t really used to walking in a diaper, moving with a noticeable waddle whenever she did, though Lindy seemed to find that really cute.



Right now, they were preparing to watch a movie from Nanoha’s homeland called “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”; Nanoha and Suzuka had recommended it to her. As she sat there, waiting for Lindy to finish preparing snacks, Fate suddenly squeaked, eyes opening wide and cheeks going pink, as with only a half-second’s warning she began involuntarily wetting her diaper. She whimpered quietly as her body refused to obey her attempts to stop it, feeling the wet warmth continue to flow into and spread through the crotch of her diaper. After what felt to the mortified little girl like a long time, her bladder was finally finished emptying itself, leaving her in a quite warm and wet diaper. Fate’s face was red as she turned her head toward the kitchen.



“L… Lindy-san?” she called out.



“What is it, dear?” Lindy poked her head out. Then she saw Fate’s expression, and smiled a little. “Did you wet your diapie, sweetie?”



Fate blushed a little deeper, and she gave a little nod.



“Okay, I’ll be able to come change you in a few minutes, Fate. Just sit back and relax while you wait for me; being in a wet diapie for a couple minutes won’t hurt you, I promise.”



Fate let out a sigh as she tried to relax, unable to not pay attention to the damp warmth that was now spread through a good portion of her diaper. Every time she shifted position, she could feel how her wet diaper was swelled up a little, and felt ‘squishy’. It felt weird, and a little icky, but somehow at the same time the warmth was almost… pleasant, or comforting, or something. She was still blushing, as she hoped Lindy would hurry and come change her so she wouldn’t have to deal with these conflicting feelings about it for much longer. In about four minutes, Lindy finally came in.



“Okay, sweetie,” she said, “let’s get your diapie changed so we can watch a movie together.” She laid out a changing mat on the floor, placing the supplies down next to it. “Come over here for your changie, Fate.”



Fate blushed a little at the word choices, and then a little more as she realized she’d have to move in this wet diaper. Steeling herself, she scooted forward and stood up off the couch, and started over towards Lindy. She let out a little groan as the increased bulk of her wet diaper made her waddle a little more, while feeling the warm wet diaper squish and shift as she walked. It was more weird than unpleasant, though she was fairly anxious to get out of it. She came up to Lindy and sat down on the mat, lying back and lifting her legs into position. Lindy hovered over her, looking down at her with her usual warm, motherly smile, and Fate felt herself calm down a little just from that.



The positioning ‘semi-binds’ on Fate’s legs and lower body came up, and Lindy got to work, un-taping and removing the wet diaper. Fate let out little squeaks and quiet gasps as the nurturing woman gently wiped her clean, and then heard as a new diaper was prepared, slid underneath her bottom, and powdered. She again made quiet squeaks and breaths, as well as a tiny involuntary giggle, as her butt was baby-powdered, and then as she was lowered onto the diaper and the rest of her crotch and her pubic mound were coated in baby powder as well. Lindy taped the new diaper up, nice and snug, and gave the front a couple of gentle pats.



“There we go” she cooed to Fate.



“T… Thank you for the new diapie, Lindy-san…” Fate murmured, blushing with a hand held to her mouth.



Lindy’s smile grew. “Any time, Fate. Whenever you need a changie, sweetie, just let me know. So… What do you think of being in diapies so far, hmm?”



“It’s… It’s not bad, really. It’s actually k… kinda nice…” she whispered the last bit, her face red. “They feel weird, but… they’re comfy, and soft, and… stuff… The b-baby powder feels nice, too; makes it a little better…”



Lindy chuckled quietly as she pulled Fate up into a hug. “I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it on some level, sweetie. …Plus, it makes you so cute; I didn’t think it was possible for you to be even cuter, but here you are.”



Fate’s blush deepened at that comment, but at the same time it made her make a little smile as she returned Lindy’s hug, the woman’s touch and scent making her relax.



“Now then,” Lindy continued, “it’s movie time!”

12:30 PM




Fate sat beside Lindy on the sofa, the two of them relaxing and reading together. Lindy moved the hand she had resting on Fate’s far shoulder to her upper back, not really paying attention as she softly rubbed it. After a few seconds, though, she became consciously aware of Fate tensing up, and then realized her hand was following along a long, thin mark it had discovered. Feeling a flash of panic at causing undue distress, she pulled her hand away quickly, catching Fate’s attention.



“I-I’m so sorry, dear!” she said. “I didn’t mean to…”



“…It’s alright” Fate replied quietly. She was quiet for several seconds. “Um… Lindy-san…”






“I…” she swallowed nervously, taking a steadying breath. “I’ll… let you see them…”



Lindy’s eyes widened. “Are… Are you sure about that, sweetie?”



The little girl nodded. She then got up and crawled over to the far end of the couch, and laid down on her front, head and folded arms propped up on the far armrest, her legs spread open a bit by her diaper and her two pigtails out to either side, leaving her entire nude back exposed. Lindy got on her hands & knees over the girl, and let out a quiet gasp as for the first time she got a good look at her charge’s back. Thin scars of varying length and angle crisscrossed the soft, light-toned flesh. Lindy reached a hand out and began using fingertips to gently trace each scar, and she felt & saw as Fate tensed up a little in response, almost flinching, a conditioned response to anything touching her back.



‘Damn you, Precia…’ Lindy scowled.



“Fate…” she said softly, bending down a little so the girl could hear her better. “I want you to know something. I want you to know that I will never, ever hurt you like that. I promise you that, okay? What you experienced is something that no child should ever go through, and I am going to do everything I can to make it so you never do again. I offer to you my patience, my understanding, my help whenever & however you need it, my guidance, my protection, and my arms to hold you. I will protect you, Fate. You have my word as an Admiral, as a decent person, and as a mother.”



Fate turned her head to look at Lindy, one eye peeking back at her, wide and looking to be starting to tear up.



“When I look at your back right now,” Lindy continued, gently rubbing the girl’s back, “I see the pain and loneliness you endured for far too long. But I also see… the back of a shy, quiet, kind, patient, loving, brave, absolute sweetheart of a beautiful little girl.” Her smile became a grin. “Well, and her cute little diapered tushie.”



She gave the blonde’s padded bottom a couple soft pats, making the little girl blush and squeak. As she then ran her hands along Fate’s sides, though, she noticed that the girl jumped a bit. After a few seconds, she grinned mischievously. Fate was caught by surprise as Lindy gently flipped her over onto her back, hovering over her with a grin and wiggling her fingers. Fate’s eyes went wide the split-second before contact as she realized what was coming.



Lindy began tickling Fate’s belly and sides, and within seconds the little girl was giggling and squirming, helpless as minor Binds kept her from accidentally kicking her ‘tormentor’ as the tickling intensity increased, now including the sides of her ribs. Lindy felt her happiness swelling, Fate’s giggles, squeaks, and squeals filling her ears as the little blonde wriggled beneath her, eyes closed & teary and cheeks flushed as she laughed helplessly. Following an urge, she bent down and blew a raspberry on the little girl’s tummy, making Fate let out a squeal that dissolved into giggles as the tickling continued.



Lindy soon brought the ‘torment’ to an end, trailing off rather than stopping all at once, smiling as she looked down at little Fate who was still giggling sporadically as she panted for breath, twitching a little as the ‘aftershocks’ hit her. Her cheeks were flushed, and the smile had yet to leave her face. Lindy looked down and, spotting something, moved her hand to check Fate’s diaper, noticing as the girl gave a little whimper between giggles when she did.



“Did I make you wet your diapie, sweetie?” she asked.



The little blonde nodded, still panting and letting out little giggles. Lindy got up and picked Fate up, carrying her over to the changing mat and laying her down on it. She proceeded to change the little girl, who still let out sporadic little giggles that briefly ‘flared up’ when she was baby-powdered. As the new diaper was taped snugly into place, Fate looked up at her with a big smile.



“Lindy-san…” she said softly. “Thank you…”



“Anytime, sweetheart” the mother replied as she pulled the little girl into a hug, feeling how relaxed she was now. “Any time.”


I'm gone for ~5 hours; will resume reposting when I return, probably.


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Testing, 150PM my time, seeing if this becomes a separate post or gets merged into the previous one. *Hits 'Submit Reply'*



4:40 PM


Fate was lying on her front on the soft carpet as she read an e-book, occasionally leaning to the side to sip from a glass of water, legs sometimes lazily kicking in the air. She was no longer nervous or shy about Lindy seeing her back, and the woman sometimes came by and gave her random touches or brief hugs, helping Fate feel relaxed and at ease. Suddenly, she blushed and made a quiet whimper as, for the third time today, she began to involuntarily wet her diaper. She let out a shuddering breath as she felt the wetness and warmth spreading, her diaper swelling out as it soaked it all up. When it was done, she laid there like that for a few moments before telepathically ‘calling’ out to Lindy.


“I’ll be there in a minute, honey!” Lindy called out from somewhere in another room.


After laying there in her warm wet diaper for a couple minutes, Fate heard Lindy approaching from the side. The woman set down a box next to the changing mat, and then called Fate forward. The blonde blushed and let out a little groan as she crawled on all fours, feeling her wet diaper shift and squish as she did, until she reached the mat and laid down on it. Lindy got to work, removing the wet diaper and wiping her clean, but as she put the new diaper on Fate was aware that there was only a little bit of baby powder.


“Sorry about this, sweetie,” Lindy said, placing her hand on Fate’s lower belly, “but we need to get it done.”


Fate then jumped in surprise as a tingling pulse of magic was sent into her abdomen. She was then pulled up onto her knees and held close, bending over somewhat with her diapered bottom sticking out. She gasped as she felt a certain urge coming, and quickly began trying to hold it back. After a few seconds, she went a little pale as she realized what Lindy had meant. She whimpered, her lower body squirming a little as the urge to ‘go’ began to steadily increase.


“Come on, sweetheart” Lindy whispered to her in a soothing tone, rubbing her back. “Let it out. It’s been a couple days so you’ve got a lot built up inside. Come on… Be a good baby girl and make big messies in your diapie for me.”


Fate whimpered again as she continued to fight against the increasing pressure in her bottom, her diaper rustling faintly as her butt wiggled back and forth a little. Lindy continued to whisper ‘encouragement’ to her all the way, still holding her and rubbing her back. Fate’s face was now buried between Lindy’s breasts, muffling her pants and squeaks as she fought desperately. Finally, though, she lost the fight, and she let out a distressed squealing moan as the mess began to come out with force into her waiting diaper. She gritted her teeth and shuddered, her face going red, as the hot, mushy, icky mess grew and grew by the second, coming out of her and filling her snug diaper more and more, with no signs of stopping. It felt so hot, and so icky, her eyes started to tear up, and she was dimly aware that the seat of her diaper was bulging out.


Finally, after what felt for the poor girl like a very long time, it finally stopped coming. Fate let out a soft, whimpered sigh as she stayed in that position, leaning against and held up by Lindy. She could feel the weight and heat of the very big load in her diaper, kept close by the snugness of the garment, pressing/holding the mushy mess against her a little. At the same time, her body was a little limp and ‘weak’ from the relaxed relief it was feeling. She felt as Lindy’s hand stroked the back of her head.


“You’re a good girl, Fate” the woman whispered. “You made a nice, big messy in your diapie. I bet your tummy feels a little better now, huh?”


The little blonde looked up at Lindy with plaintive eyes, letting out another whimpered groan as she felt so immature and helpless right now. “Please…” she murmured. “Messy d-diapie feels icky… Please, changie…”


Lindy smiled down at her. “Okay” Her hand slid down, lightly cupping the bulging seat of Fate’s diaper, making the girl squeak. “You certainly made a big messy, sweetie… Now then, let’s get you out of this icky thing.”


Lindy slowly and carefully laid Fate down in a way that minimized the contact between the messy part of her diaper and the changing mat, so as not to squish it up against her and make it feel even worse for the poor little dear. Lindy cast a minor Air spell on the area to keep the smell contained & nullified, and got to work; Fate covered her beet-red face with both hands as her loaded diaper was un-taped.


“Oh my,” Lindy said with mirth in her voice, “it’s hard to believe such a big messy could come out of such a cute little tummy” she lightly patted Fate’s lower belly as she said this, making the girl squeak and cover her face more. The mother proceeded to carefully yet thoroughly wipe the little girl clean, finding the little squeaks the blonde made to be adorable.


“Now,” she said as she reached into the new box, “I’ve got something special for you, Fate. Up ‘til now you’ve been wearing diapers pre-produced for girls in your size & age range. But now, and for the rest of however much time you want to keep doing this, I’ve got special diapers that are custom-made for you, Fate – your measurements, your skin and sensitivity, your optimum physical comfort… These diapers are made to be as maximum-comfortable for you as they can possibly be. Now, let’s get one on you, and see what you think.”


Fate looked up at the ceiling as Lindy prepared the new diaper, placing it beneath her lifted-up bottom and applying baby powder to it. She shivered and tried to fight back a tiny tickle-giggle as her butt was amply baby-powdered, and then she was slowly lowered onto the new diaper, the rest of her diaper-area coated in baby powder as well. Lindy then taped the diaper up, nice and snug as usual.


“There we go!” the mother chirped. “What do you think?”


Fate let out a soft coo as she shifted around a little. This new diaper felt even softer than the other ones, seeming to cradle/embrace her hips and butt and crotch in amazing puffy powdered softness. It was thicker/bulkier than the other ones, the added bulk pushing her legs apart a little more; she knew that her ‘diaper waddle’ would be more pronounced in this. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at it; the diaper was mostly white, but with pale ‘baby’-pink tapes, waistband, hot-pink hearts in a row on the front decal, and tiny pale-pink hearts all over. Carefully she sat up, legs open, and looked down at her cute-design diaper as she wiggled in her seat a little. She blushed as a tiny smile formed; it really was super-comfy, maybe more than anything else she’d ever worn, and being in it made her feel strangely safe and secure and relaxed… or maybe that was partially also due to who had put it on her, she thought as she looked up at Lindy, who was smiling warmly at her.


“I… I like it…” the little blonde girl spoke softly. “A lot… It’s… really nice…”


Lindy, familiar with Fate’s habit of understating her opinions on things, smiled wider as she pulled the little girl into a hug. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetie” she replied. “Come on; let’s see if there’s anything good on.”


Lindy helped Fate up onto her feet, and led her over to the couch; Fate blushed as the thicker diaper indeed made her waddle more as it rustled and crinkled with every step, and Lindy giggled at the cuteness. Fate had a seat on the couch, and her whole body relaxed as she let the superior feeling of comfort and security envelop her.

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Is this gonna merge the posts again? Is there a way to make it not do that?


7:00 PM


Fate was being held in Lindy’s lap, the woman’s left hand supporting her upper body while the right hand hand-fed her dinner. The little blonde had a bit of a blush on her face, but this was overall rather comforting and soothing, helped by the still-attention-grabbing comfortableness of the custom diaper, as well as the warmth of hot food in her belly. As the last bites were fed to her, Fate squeaked and blushed a little more as she wet her diaper, feeling the warmth spreading again. If Lindy noticed, she paid no mind, continuing to feed Fate the last of her dinner. The little girl shifted around in her seat a little bit, and in response Lindy held her a little closer. Even when freshly wet and warm, the custom-max-comfort diaper was still comfy.


“It’s time for a little something special, sweetie” Lindy said, as she pulled something out and held it up for Fate to see. The little blonde blushed as she recognized it as a baby bottle. Lindy brought it in close, pressing the nipple against Fate’s mouth, and the little diapered blonde instinctively took it between her lips and began to suckle, taking in the warm milk.


“There we go” Lindy cooed to her. “Not too fast, honey. That’s it. Nice and slow…”


Fate blushed and let out a soft, quiet murmur in response as she kept drinking, taking it slow as she was instructed. She felt… warm. The warmth of the food in her belly and the milk flowing in, the warmth of Lindy’s body and her touch and her caring and love, even the warmth of her wet diaper. It all felt so warm, in a very pleasant way. She looked up at Lindy, her eyes big and wide, and the woman looked down at her with a gentle smile. Fate relaxed, snuggling a little closer up against Lindy’s body, feeling the woman gently rub her bare shoulder a little in response.


Eventually, she emptied the bottle, which was set off to the side, and she murmured softly as Lindy gently stroked her full tummy for a moment or so. The woman’s hand then moved down to check her diaper – which was somehow still nice and warm – and then she stood up, carrying Fate back into her bedroom, gently setting her down on the bed and beginning to change her.


“Hey Fate,” Lindy said as she wiped the girl clean, “I want you to be honest with me. What do you think of this so far? Not just today, being in diapers and being babied, but overall living with me, being taken care of by me, and such?”


The little blonde was quiet for a moment. “It’s… It’s actually really… really nice” she admitted. “You’re always so nice, and patient, and gentle with me, and you do fun things with me, and you watch out for me, and you make such good food for me, and… After today, especially, I feel like… I’m closer with you. I trust you a whole lot, your touch helps me calm down, and… there’s a nice feeling in my heart.”


“Would you say it’s like… having a family?” Lindy carefully asked.


“…Yeah…” Fate replied after a moment’s thought. “Yes, I think that’s…”


Lindy sat the now-nude little girl up, looking her in the eye with a small, nervous smile.


“I’m very happy to hear that” she told her. “I love taking care of you, Fate. I love having you in my home. That’s why… I was thinking… Fate, honey… Would you be okay if…” she swallowed nervously. “I-If I… officially adopted you? As a daughter?”


Fate gasped, holding a hand to her heart. Her head hung down, hiding her face from Lindy’s sight, as she thought long and hard about it. Lindy felt increasingly nervous, and then she heard a quiet sniffle. But then Fate looked up at her, and though her eyes were now moist, they were over the prettiest smile that the little girl had ever made.


“…Yes” Fate choked out. “Thinking about a-all you’ve done for me, h-how you make me feel… Yes. I want to be your daughter. I want… t-to call you ‘Mom’.”


Lindy let out a shuddered breath, her own smile matching Fate’s as she embraced the little one, who quickly hugged her back, the both of them shedding a few tears of joy.


“I want to be your little girl…” Fate whispered.


“You already are, sweetheart” Lindy replied. “You already are. …Hey, Fate. Do you know what day it is? I dug around a little, did some calculations, and… It’s your birthday, Fate.”


Fate pulled back a little to look at her, a teary smile on her face. “T-This is the best gift ever…” she replied.


Lindy stroked her hair. “Eight days from now, when Nanoha and Chrono and Yūno and Hayate and Arf and everyone else are all free, we’re gonna have a birthday party for you. I’m sorry if it’ll be a little late, but everyone should be here for it.”




“And I don’t know what your last few birthdays were like, but around here, little girls’ birthdays are supposed to have presents, and cake, and friends & family there. This’ll be your first ‘proper’ birthday, I think. Now, then…” she pressed her forehead against Fate’s, tapping the little girl’s nose with her fingertip and earning a tiny giggle. “You’ve just been born, sweetie, so we should get your diaper on you.”


Fate let out a sniffle and a giggle, trying to wipe away her tears only for Lindy to stop her and do that for her. “‘Kay…” she whispered.


She lay back, and Lindy leaned over her, looking down at her with an expression of pure motherly happiness on her face.

“My sweet, beautiful little baby girl…” she whispered.


Fate looked up at her, eyes big and shining with love, an unbearably adorable flushed-cheeks smile on her face. “Mama…” she said softly.


At that, Lindy had to wipe away another tear of joy, before she then moved back and proceeded with putting the little one’s new diaper on her. Fate let out a heartwarmingly adorable little baby-giggle as her bottom was baby-powdered, and after the rest was done and the diaper was taped nice and comfy-snug, she cooed softly as she wiggled around a bit, a smile still on her face. Lindy pulled her up into a hug, which she gleefully returned, and when Lindy gave her the usual diapered-butt-pat, she made a little happy noise and snuggled closer, basking in her new mother’s love.


“Shall we go back out into the living room?” Lindy asked.


Fate looked up to meet her gaze, still with a big smile, and then snuggled close again. “Okay, mama”



10:30 PM


The past few hours, Lindy and Fate had been inseparable. More often than not Fate followed Lindy everywhere, waddling in her wake, though Lindy did not mind this at all and in fact found it absolutely adorable, all too happy to be close to her new daughter as much as possible. They spent a fair amount of time just cuddling together on the chair or sofa, Lindy holding her new baby girl in her lap, snuggling and hugging her, or laying down on the sofa with Fate laying on top of her, the little girl feeling truly relaxed and happy, more so than ever before (except maybe when she was with Nanoha and Yūno). Hugs, snuggles, pets, back rubs, diaper-pats, kisses on her forehead, a little tickling here & there… Fate was receiving more gentle physical affection than she ever had before, and she was loving it. She even allowed herself to act and talk a bit more ‘babyish’ – crawling to get around for short distances, hugging onto soft things whenever she couldn’t do so to Lindy, smiling and laughing more, even briefly sucking her thumb a few times without fully realizing it… And oh, her reaction when Lindy gave her a little chocolate cupcake, her first ever; after the first bite, her smile had lit up the room, a sparkle in her eyes as she gleefully devoured it.


Right now, as the two sat next to each other on the couch, Fate looked over & up at Lindy, who after a few seconds looked back and smiled at her, which Fate quickly returned and then scooted closer. Lindy let out a quiet chuckle as she wrapped her arm around her little girl. Suddenly, Fate let out a quiet squeak, and blushed as she fidgeted a little, leaning against Lindy, who quickly ascertained that the little one was wetting or had just wet her diaper. After several seconds, Fate let out a cute little yawn, and Lindy found herself following suit soon after. Looking at the clock, she decided that both she and Fate had had an eventful day.


“Okay, sweetheart,” she said, “I think it’s time for bed.”


She stood up, and then scooped Fate up into her arms, carrying her into the bedroom and setting her down on the edge of the bed, which now had the comforter and top sheet pulled back to reveal the cool pink base sheet.


“Alright, sweetie,” Lindy said, “I’ve got special night-time diapies for you. They’re meant to last all through the night, since you’ll probably end up going two or maybe three times while you’re asleep, so they’re super-thick. They’re also nice and comfy just like the daytime ones, so you can fall asleep easy.”


“Mmkay, mama…” the little girl replied, assuming the position, and holding a knuckle to her mouth as she blushed. “N… Night diapie, please?”


Lindy giggled. “Sure thing, baby girl.”


Fate relaxed as she lay on her back, feeling and hearing the usual things but this time also watching as Lindy undid her diaper and started gently cleaning her, smiling at her the whole time, and she blushed as she returned the smile as best she could, Lindy’s presence and gentle touch soothing her. Once that part was done, Lindy got out the new night-diaper (obscured from Fate’s view by her own lower body, magically lifted and held up) and positioned it beneath Fate’s lifted-up bottom, powdering it. The little girl giggled a bit as her butt was baby-powdered, and when she was lowered onto the diaper she could already tell that her bottom was farther up off the bed than normal. The rest of her diaper area was powdered, and the diaper was then taped up nice and snug.


The new, nighttime diaper was very, very thick and bulky all the way around; it forced Fate’s thighs apart to a degree that she knew she wouldn’t be able to walk in it. It was also really super-comfy, and combined with the baby powder just being in it made her relax a little more. Lindy helped her sit up, and removed the ribbons holding her pigtails, leaving her long blonde hair to fall free.


“You have such pretty hair…” Lindy said. “Anyway, I’ve got another little present for you.”


She bent down and pulled a small object out, and Fate felt a bit of surprise as it was promptly pushed into her mouth. She blushed again as she realized it was a pacifier, pink and yellow, though after a few seconds she began shyly, slowly sucking on it.


“I’ll be right back in just a couple minutes, honey” Lindy said as she began to leave. “Just wait for me.”


“Mmkay, mama” Fate mumbled around the binky in her mouth. As Lindy left, Fate sat there like a good girl, looking around a little bit. She shifted and bounced in her seat a bit, feeling the super-thick diaper padding under her butt and between her legs, and she continued to lazily suck on the pacifier. After a few minutes Lindy came back, now with her hair down and wearing a nightgown.


“You can say no, but… would you be okay if mommy slept in the same bed with you tonight?”


Fate’s cheeks were pink, but her smile was visible behind her pacifier. She nodded, and then scooted up & over (as she thought, the nighttime diaper was so thick it was hard to move in), making room and laying her head back on the pillow, letting out a happy sigh as she lay on the comfy bed, in her comfy diaper. Lindy crawled into bed beside her, lying half on her front so that her arm and hand could reach Fate, softly stroking the girl’s cheek as she bent up to kiss the girl’s forehead. She triggered the lights to go off, and then settled down right next to Fate, her hand comfortingly resting on the little girl’s tummy, slowly and softly rubbing. Fate let out a quiet murmur as she continued to lightly suckle on her new binky, the combination of that, Lindy’s touch, the bed, and the diaper working to soothe her to a wonderful degree. In less than a minute, she was asleep, a happy smile on her lips as she continued softly suckling.

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The following is supposed to be a separate post from the end of Baby Day 1; once I submit the post, we'll see if this unpredictable post-merging thing happened.


7:56 AM


Fate woke up to a feeling of blissful comfort and contentment. Her cheeks flushed a little as the memories of yesterday flowed through her mind, but a little smile formed on her face as well, and she gave the still-present pacifier a couple suckles. Lindy was lying on her back right next to her, breathing softly, her hand on the bed right next to Fate’s head. Fate moved her legs & hips around a bit, and made a quiet unhappy sound; over the course of the night she had wet her diaper twice, maybe thrice, and by now it had lost its heat, feeling cool and clammy and overall fairly unpleasant, in addition to puffing out and spreading her legs open even more. After a few seconds, she felt a soft, warm hand gently stroke her cheek.


“Good morning, sweetheart” Lindy said softly, looking at her with a smile that made Fate feel warm inside. “Sleep well?”


Fate nodded, and Lindy scooted closer to her, her closeness making Fate feel safe and relaxed. As Fate shifted a little again, she let out another little unhappy whimper/groan from the feel of her cooled, clammy diaper. Her right hand reached up for her face to pull her pacifier out, but Lindy gently grabbed her wrist and stopped her, taking the little hand in hers.


“Let me guess…” the woman said. “You’ve got a really wet diapie, and it’s cooled so it feels kinda icky and you want out of it?”


Fate nodded again, more emphatically this time. Lindy giggled and ran her fingers through the little girl’s hair.


“Alright” she said. “Just give me a minute, and I’ll get you out of it, bathe you, and put you in a nice, dry, comfy day-diapie.”


They laid there for another minute or so before Lindy got up, picking Fate up, gently pulling the pacifier out of her mouth to set in a ‘gentle sterilization’ field on the nightstand, and carrying her into the bathroom; the little blonde made a quiet groan as Lindy’s arm pressed her cold, swelled-up diaper against her skin. She was carried into the bathroom, letting out a relieved sigh as the soaked diaper was removed, and soon her body was being relaxed by the flow of hot water.


Lindy was thorough yet wonderfully gentle in bathing little Fate, making the young blonde feel relaxed and safe, especially since she no longer felt the need to hide her back from the woman. Before too long the bath was done, Lindy drying herself and Fate off quickly and expertly, and then carrying Fate back into her room, setting her down on the bed. Lindy quickly got dressed, though braless and leaving her hair down for now, and then got out Fate’s supplies, and the little girl lay back with her legs up.


Mother and daughter shared a smile, and then Fate’s hips & butt were magically lifted, allowing Lindy to slide the new diaper underneath and powder it. Fate made an adorable baby-giggle as her butt was baby-powdered, and then as she was lowered onto the diaper and her privates, pubic mound, upper inner thighs, and lower belly were powdered as well. Lindy taped the new diaper up nice and comfy-snug, and Fate cooed as she wiggled around a bit, her cheeks rosy as she smiled. After several seconds she sat up, and opened her eyes just as Lindy put something around her neck.


“Here you go, Fate” her new mother said, holding up the pacifier that was now attached to a silk ribbon to form a ‘necklace’ that currently was around Fate’s neck. “Now you can take it out or suck on it whenever you want, without worrying about losing it.”


The little girl gave a blushing smile. “T-Thank you, mama…” she said softly.


Lindy then pushed the pacifier into Fate’s mouth, letting out a quiet giggle as the diapered little girl immediately started softly suckling on it. She sat on the bed next to her new daughter, petting the little one on the head.


“How about we cuddle for a little before I do your hair and we go out into the living room for breakfast?” she suggested.


Adorably, Fate’s smile visibly grew a little at that prospect, and the two of them laid down side by side facing each other, and Lindy pulled Fate up against her, hugging the child close and feeling as her little arms returned the hug. She kissed the top of Fate’s little blonde head while giving her diapered butt a few soft pats, and Fate let out a happy little murmur and snuggled closer, eyes closed in contented bliss and face innocently half-buried between Lindy’s breasts as she suckled her pacifier. Lindy hugged her closer & tighter, one hand stroking the little girl’s hair and the other rubbing her lower back and occasionally patting her padded bottom, feeling the child relax as she radiated happiness and comfort.


“Love you, mama…” she mumbled out from behind her pacifier.


Lindy’s smile grew. “I love you too, my cute little angel…”



5:00 PM


Fate was very much enjoying the day so far. She and Lindy-mama were hardly ever apart; Lindy-mama was always ‘petting’ her or holding her in her lap, or sitting right next to her as they watched a movie or read something together, and though Fate was still a little embarrassed by being held in mama’s lap and hand-fed, she’d come to enjoy it, too. Whenever Lindy-mama changed her diaper, she gave her tummy a little tickle, because she loved Fate’s laugh. Just as Fate felt happy as can be being babied by her new mama, Lindy was having the time of her life bonding with and babying her new daughter. Fate seemed to all but crave her touch, and dimly she was aware that after the week was up, she might have to gently “wean” Fate off of her to avoid serious separation anxiety, but right now she didn’t care about that. She just wanted to shower her baby girl with love.


Right now, Fate was seated on the floor, legs spread with diaper on display, pacifier hanging from the silk ribbon around her neck, blushing with a little smile as she succumbed to a rather babyish urge and played with a set of blocks Lindy had ‘accidentally’ left out. Suddenly, her blush deepened and she let out something between a whimper and a shuddering sigh as she wet her diaper. When she was finished, she sat there almost in a daze, a part of her shamefully enjoying the spreading warmth.


“Did you just wet your diapie, sweetie?” Lindy asked. When Fate nodded, she got up off the couch and went over to the changing mat, having a seat beside it. “When you’re ready for a changie, come on over here, honey.”


Fate nodded, and then went back to shyly playing with her blocks. After a couple minutes, she got up and started waddling toward Lindy. However, she stopped as she felt a ‘rumbling’ in her belly, and instinctively got down in a squatting position, hunching over. With a surprised and distressed squeal, she began messing her diaper, trembling and whimpering as the big load continuously forced itself out, wrapping her arms around herself and squeezing her eyes shut as she balanced in a somewhat precarious position. Her face was bright red by the end of it, her wet and messy diaper feeling very hot and icky, as well as rather heavy. Panting lightly for breath, she moved to carefully stand up, only to lose her balance and fall back. With a squish and a squealed yelp, she landed right on her messy-diapered bottom, smushing the mess around. She let out little gasps, and then whimpers as tears came to her eyes, the horribly icky feeling overwhelming her.


“Oh, sweetheart…” Lindy cooed to her as she got up and came closer, kneeling down and hugging her just as she started losing the fight not to cry. “It’s okay” she whispered. “Don’t worry. Mommy’s here. Mommy’s gonna make it all better. Come on; let me take care of you.”


She very carefully lifted Fate up, carrying her over to the changing mat and laying her down on it. She put Fate’s pacifier in her mouth, the little girl’s whimpers being muffled as she started suckling on it. Lindy then got to work, removing her new daughter’s thoroughly-used diaper and proceeding to gently, soothingly clean her up. She put the new diaper on, using lots of baby powder, and gave the front a few pats after taping it up.


“There we go, all better” she cooed to her little girl, wiping a few tears off her rosy little cheeks. “No more icky; nice and clean and dry in a comfy new diapie.”


Fate gave one last little sniffle. “‘ank you, mama…” she mumbled around her pacifier. She then giggled and squirmed as Lindy tickled her tummy and sides. Lindy pulled her up into a tight hug, which she happily returned.


After a few minutes of hugging, Fate pulled her binky out of her mouth briefly. “Hey, mama? What… does Chrono think of… of you adopting me?”


Lindy smiled. “Actually, I talked to him and Arf about it before they left on their respective missions, and they’re both all for it. I think Arf saw it coming before anyone else did, really. And Chrono… well, you know how stoic he is, but I’m his mother, so I can tell that the thought of having you as a baby sister made him really happy; he kinda already has been playing the big-brother role for you since you started living with us…”




On another world, Chrono Harlaown, 14-year-old Enforcer (though he was such a ‘late bloomer’ that he looked and sounded closer to 10 or 11) was gathered with the squad he was working with, when he received an e-message from home. With his squadmates (to whom he’d explained the family situation already during R&R) hanging over his shoulders, he opened it to find a simple typed message:


‘Fate said yes; Chrono, you are now a big brother.’


Chrono felt a strange warmth and happiness swell up in his chest, a smile forming on his normally-stoic face, as his squadmates congratulated him, gave him pats on the back or head and such.


----Back at the Harlaown Residence----


“Would you like to e-message Nanoha, Yūno, and Hayate and the others, or wait until they come back for your birthday party so you can tell them in person?” Lindy asked.


“I… I want to tell them face-to-face, mama” Fate replied. “I-If that’s okay.”


“Of course it is, sweetie. Whichever you pick is fine by me. Now, wasn’t there something you wanted to read with me, right?”


The little girl smiled and gave a nod, nuzzling against her mother again.



10:30 PM


“…Aaand, there we go.”


Lindy finished taping up Fate’s super-thick nighttime diaper, looking down at the rosy-cheeked, smiling face of her little daughter, loose golden hair fanned out beneath her. Preparing herself for what she had planned, Lindy then climbed up onto the bed, helping Fate sit up and then having seat beside/across from her. Mentally, she triggered the lights to dim but not go all the way out, and reached out and gently stroked her little girl’s face, loving how Fate adorably leaned into her hand with a calmed smile.


“Are you hungry or thirsty, Fate?” she asked.


“…Kinda…” the little girl admitted. “How come?”


“Well… If you’re okay with it, there’s something we could try, baby girl.”


With that, Lindy took off her shirt, leaving her in just her teal panties, her sizable breasts exposed. Fate blushed, and after a couple seconds she got Lindy’s meaning and blushed quite a bit more, looking a bit unsure.


“You don’t have to, sweetie” Lindy said. “If you don’t want to, don’t try to force yourself. Just… let me know, however you want to.”


After several seconds, Fate crawled closer (with difficulty, due to her super-thick diaper). Slowly, bashfully, she laid herself across Lindy’s lap. Lindy smiled as she gently took hold of her little girl, one arm supporting Fate’s neck and head, the other resting on her tummy. She gently maneuvered Fate’s head closer to and against her left breast, and the instant the nipple brushed against Fate’s lips she immediately instinctively took it in and began to suckle. She was still blushing, but soon her pretty red eyes were half-closed as her whole body relaxed, the warm sweet milk already starting to become a lovely warmth in her tummy. She looked up at her new mommy, who had a beautiful smile full of love being directed right at her.


As the little one nursed, something amazing happened between Fate and Lindy. It was something that usually did happen between a mage mother and her baby when ‘feeding’ like this. Invisibly, Fate and Lindy’s Linker Cores formed a special connection, a little of Fate’s Core Mana flowing into Lindy’s Linker Core, mingling and joining/merging with it alongside some old bits of Chrono’s mana from over a decade ago, while a ‘chunk’ of Lindy’s Core Mana flowed into and around Fate’s Linker Core. Their Cores would forever carry some of each other’s Core Mana mixed in; this sort of special connection usually was seen between some biological mother-child mage pairs, as breast-feeding was generally required to forge it. It also brought through a flood of emotions and sensations, the bulk of which affected Fate; in addition, an empathic link was open between the two of them, transmitting warmth, happiness, contentment, comfort, trust, and love.


It was always the nursing member of the pair who got the ‘most’ of this flow. In nearly all cases, as the nurser was a baby, they didn’t – couldn’t – dwell much on it. But for Fate, the effect was more profound. The incredible, wonderful warmth and happiness and comfort and security and peace and so many other things and love, so much love, was so great, so overwhelmingly powerful and wonderful and right, that it brought tears of joy to her eyes. She let out a soft coo as she kept suckling, a feeling of pure peace, happiness, safety, and love overwhelming the last of her emotional barriers.


“Fate…” Lindy murmured to her. “My precious little girl… My sweet, kindhearted, brave, pure, patient, gentle, loving, delicate, adorable, beautiful little baby girl…”


Fate didn’t really pay any attention to the passing of time, beyond content to simply stay in her mother’s arms, eyes closed in sleepiness and bliss as she suckled, her belly as full of warmth as her heart. Eventually, she was pleasantly full, and slowly stopped and pulled back to let her new-mama know. The pacifier was pushed back into her mouth, and she suckled on it as she slowly opened her eyes, looking up at her mama with eyes full of love. Lindy smiled and pulled her close while laying back, now lying with Fate partially on top of her, her shoulder and breast acting as the little girl’s pillow as she magi-psychically turned the lights all the way off.


“Mama loves you, Fate” she whispered, softly rubbing her baby girl’s back as the girl sleepily suckled on her binky. “Mama loves you very much.”


“Mama…” Fate mumbled through her binky, an angelic smile on her cute little face as she was already drifting off to sleep, feeling her mama’s warmth inside and out, being soothed by the lullaby of Lindy’s heartbeat, and all this while wearing an extra-thick super-max-comfort diaper. It would turn out to be the best night’s sleep she had ever yet had.


And that's it... for the repost part, that is...

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And here we go with something new! Though, taking place in the same timeline.


Cranagan Hospital

Two Years After Book-of-Darkness Incident

Some Time [Days or Weeks] After Nanoha’s Near-Fatal Accident

9:00 AM


A little 12-year-old girl with upper-back-length brunette hair lay in a hospital bed, bandages wrapped around her lower torso. To be blunt, Nanoha Takamachi felt like crap right now. She had been here for some time now, and only recently become in good enough shape to (with effort) sit up without someone else’s help. What surprised her was that, of the two simultaneous calamities that befell her body, the one that she – as a Terran – expected to be the more horrific and long-lasting one was actually healing much quicker than the other. Being impaled through the torso was definitely no fun, sure, but thanks to TSAB medicine and healing magic, she was quickly recovering from that; her kidney was healing well, as was her liver (helped by the fact that, even without magic, the human liver had potent regenerative abilities), and even the entry and exit wounds from the impaling spike had already been sealed over. Sure, they would leave a pair of ugly scars, and her skin & muscles in that area still felt stiff (as well as quite painful if she tried to bend them past a certain point), but she was mostly out of the woods in that department.


The real damage had come from the severe Linker Core Hemorrhage that happened the same time as (actually, about two-thirds of a second before) the impalement. Her nervous system and muscles had taken a bad hit from that, particularly for her lower body. Moving her legs was very difficult and more often than not fairly painful; according to the doctors, she would have to undergo rehabilitation to be able to walk again, once she’d recovered enough. What scared her most, though, was the possibility of permanent damage to her Linker Core’s ability to channel mana into and through her body; the way it looked now, there was a greater-than-50% chance she’d never be able to fly again, and a slim chance she wouldn’t be able to use magic at all. That terrified her, right down to the core (pun not intended). Shamal had explained to her the reasoning behind the LCH, how Nanoha’s dangerous training methods had led to the dangerous accumulated stress, so the young girl knew she had no-one but herself to blame for this whole mess. If she came out of this with her magic intact, she was going to implement some serious changes to her magical workout regimen.


Her friends and family hadn’t taken the whole situation very well. Her entire family had come running, jumping from Earth to Midchilda as soon as they possibly could, and even now her mother had not yet left, choosing to stay with her youngest daughter for a while longer. Fate and Yūno had been in a bad state, too; Yūno hadn’t slept much due to worry, trying very hard to keep control of himself and not quite succeeding, while Fate was a total wreck for a little while after the incident, having slept by Nanoha’s bedside for days straight until she woke up, and responding to Nanoha’s awakening by bursting into tears and (very gently and avoiding her lower torso) embracing her, praising every deity she knew of that Nanoha was alive and conscious.


Hayate had been forced to take leave by her new superiors because they could tell she was too emotionally shaken by what had happened to focus, and she had quickly joined Yūno & Fate at Nanoha’s side. Nanoha’s CO from that mission was badly shaken and rather guilty over this having happened on his watch (and having been the one to carry her battered, bloody little body up to the ship and into the medbay, trying desperately to staunch her bleeding), though Nanoha did not blame him for it; Tiida was a really cool guy, acting as almost a big-brother mentor for her (speaking of which, she still really wanted to meet that cute little sister of his he’d mentioned), and it had happened so fast there was nothing he nor Vita could’ve done. Speaking of which, Vita – being the only one actually with Nanoha after the six-person group split into three groups of two to cover three target zones – was taking it even worse; she was beating herself up relentlessly over this, over not being fast enough or for not noticing Nanoha’s deteriorating condition and growing strain. From what she’d heard, Vita now spent her time alternatively isolating herself in her room, gloomy and often crying, and going out on dangerous solo missions against non-sapient targets and unleashing her pain in the form of terrible ferocity and rage against whatever poor beings or droids she’d been sent to deal with. The little immortal redhead had not actually visited Nanoha more than once, feeling so consumed with guilt and regret and shame and the memories of that night’s horrible sights to even look Nanoha in the eye, much less come visit her; this made Nanoha very guilty that her own recklessness and mistake had hurt her friend so badly.


All in all, it was a rather unpleasant situation. And little did Nanoha know, it was about to get a little worse…


Two women entered the room; Nanoha turned to look as her mother and Shamal came in, with Momoko Takamachi giving a warm smile as she looked at her little girl (Nanoha, Fate, Yūno, and Hayate’s bodies hadn’t changed much in the past 2 ½ years, only gaining about an inch or so in height for each, the three girls’ chests still small; they were presumably “late bloomers”, like Fate’s adoptive older brother Chrono, though in the past year he had finally started showing the effects of puberty - really, he was starting to grow like a damn weed). Shamal was carrying what was colloquially called a “subspace box”, though “box of holding” was also occasionally used.


“Hi, mom” the young girl said weakly.


“Hey there, sweetie” her mother replied. “Listen, Nanoha, there’s… something Dr. Shamal and I need to talk with you about.”


“Nanoha-chan…” Shamal spoke up. “You know how we have a spell in place inside you to take care of your bathroom needs, right?”


The young girl nodded, the faintest of pink coming to her cheeks.


“Well… Those are only meant to be temporary; they’re going to dispel soon. And… it turns out that the LCH dealt damage to the muscles that allow you to control those functions. They will recover, but it will take a few months, so until they do, I’m afraid you’re going to have to…”


Shamal opened the subspace box and reached in, soon pulling out a folded, soft-looking object. It took Nanoha a couple seconds, but once she recognized it and put two & two together she looked quite shocked and upset.


“I’m sorry, Nanoha-chan, but we’re going to need to keep you in diapers until those parts have fully recovered.”


“What?” the little girl squeaked. “N-No, that’s… I can’t… I-I don’t w… M-Mommy~!”


“Shhh…” Momoko reached out and gently stroked the face of her little daughter, who was close to tears. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I know. But it’s gonna be okay, Nanoha. I promise. It’s not for the rest of your life, just a few months, maybe a year. And I, and Dr. Shamal, and Lindy-san are all gonna take very good care of you the whole way.”


“I d… d-don’t wanna be in diapers for a year…” she murmured with a bit of a whine.


“I know, honey, but there’s nothing else we can do about it. I’m sorry. Like I said, I promise that we’ll take good care of you. Honey, I need you to be a good girl for mama and let us do this. Can you? Please, for mama?”


Little Nanoha sniffled, looking at her mother with sad helplessness in her eyes, her lip actually quivering a little. But after a few seconds, she gave a tiny nod, and Momoko smiled and petted her head.


“Good girl” she said as she carefully helped her injured little girl lie down. “Now just relax, and let mommy take care of everything.”


Nanoha whimpered as the sheets were pulled down to fully expose her body, and soon her plain white panties were pulled down & off of her, leaving her nude except for the bandages still wrapped around her lower torso. Special rune-binds formed around her ankles, shins, and thighs, and proceeded to lift, bend, and spread her legs; she blushed as her privates were bared & exposed to her mother and Shamal, though she was also thankful that pain only happened when she tried to move her legs herself, and not when other people moved her legs. She squeezed her eyes shut, blushing and looking fairly unhappy still, as she heard her mom unfolding and preparing the diaper.


She then felt as her hips and butt were magically lifted up off the bed, wincing at a split-second sting of pain from her injured lower back. Momoko expertly placed the open diaper in just the right spot beneath the little girl’s bottom, and then applied a coating of baby powder all over the inside of the diaper. Then, Nanoha squeaked as her mama began baby-powdering her raised-up butt, applying a generous amount of it all over her cute little bottom. The young girl’s lower body was very gently lowered down onto the diaper, and she then squeaked and shivered as her mama baby-powdered her privates, her mound, the lower edge of her tummy, and the creases of her thighs. Momoko then finished by taping the diaper up nice and snug, and gave the front a little pat.


“There we go, sweetie” she said.


Nanoha carefully raised her upper body up and looked down, and her face went bright red. The puffy white diaper had little pink butterflies on the front, its soft bulk supporting her bottom and forcing her legs apart a little. She wiggled her hips around a little as she sat up, feeling the baby powder and the soft, puffy padding, and hearing it rustle and crinkle a little.


“Uuuuu~” she whined. “Mommy, it feels weird~”


“I’m sorry, honey; there’s nothing else we can do. You’ll get used to it.”


“Don’t wanna get used to it…” the little girl murmured.


“Come on, Nanoha-chan, it’s not that bad, is it?” Shamal asked. “Isn’t it even the least bit comfy?”


Nanoha somehow managed to blush even more, if only a little. “A… A little…” she mumbled. “Kinda…”

“Kinda?” Momoko had a tiny smile.


“Kinda comfy an’ soft, yeah… B-But I don’t want to like it! I don’t want to find it soft and comfy and nice! I… I don’ wanna be a baby!”


Momoko hugged her as she sniffled and tried not to cry, stroking her hair. “It’s okay, baby girl” she whispered. “It’s gonna be okay. You’ll get through this. It’ll take a long time, but everything will be okay. No matter what state you’re in, you’re still my little girl and I’ll always love you, and I won’t think any less of you. And Nanoha… You’ve been putting so much responsibility on your little shoulders, putting yourself through so much stress and strain; spending some time being a ‘baby’ and letting others take care of you will probably do you some good. Just relax, okay sweetie? I promise, everything’s gonna be alright.”


After a few more moments, Nanoha calmed down again, and Momoko very slowly released her and pulled away. Nanoha whimpered a little as she shifted around in her seat and carefully laid back down, feeling the diaper’s baby-soft, comfy padding and the ample amount of baby powder. To be honest, it did feel nice. She let out a sigh as she gradually relaxed, and a soft murmur as her mother’s hand gently stroked her head and the side of her face.


“If you wet your diapie and need a changie, just let us know and within a few minutes we’ll come take care of you” the woman said.


Nanoha blushed at the wording used, and nodded.

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