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Watersports questions

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New here.

I'm medically incontinent and trying to accept and integrate my incontinence and nappies into my love life.

I'm in a longterm, committed, monogamous relationship - and happy.

Posting here because I'm trying to be sexy the other night, whilst wearing my nappy - which is a new thing - and seeking a lot of reassurance from my partner that they aren't grossed out and he say's "it's fine, it's just pee, I'm kinda into watersports..."

But then nothing happened just vanilla - admittedly I didn't understand until I googled it - I thought he meant shower sex or something.

Anyway, do I raise it now? And how? Now that I've done some reading and have some idea, what next?

I want to support my partner and I'm open minded enough to try it - I just have no clue how to broach the subject.


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There has to be communication, by him mentioning it, sounds like he’s open. You’ll never know until you ask. 

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Thanks for replying Dookey.

I did bring it up with him. It wasn't what I was hoping for but it opened the door to talking about kinks and turn-ons and we decided to do a kink questionairre to see what we each like/dislike and then trade. We haven't done it yet but will soon.

He confused watersports with bloodplay, or rather thought of watersports as an umbrella term for edgeplay involving fluids.  Anyway, he's not into watersports, or pee play etc but said he isn't bothered by pee (I kinda knew that since I'm incontinent) it's just not a turn on. His hard limit would be drinking or anywhere near his face.

I don't really understand the bloodplay stuff but I can see how vampires etc are kinda erotic.

Anyway, not really the right forum to go into depth but I wanted to put an update up.


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Perhaps you could try sharing a bath, say you need to pee, perhaps he'll be ok with you letting go in front of him in that scenario, and maybe build up from there?

An ex I had was shy about pee, and we started off like this, it wasn't long before she got into letting go while I was going down on her, and taking my stream into her mouth,,,


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