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I got outed and then my Little left me

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Hello everybody, bit of a long read here, haven't posted in a while

Up until Mid-June, I had been with my previous Little for 3.5 years. Although I myself hadn't regressed/gone into my own Little Space in 6 years, I actually Transitioned into the CG/L role very well and actually preferred it as opposed to being the Little. She COMPLETELY embraced the lifestyle, and her Little Side was apart of her personality, as opposed to being something she discovered and got into on her own.

Our relationship had it's good times and bad times (in all aspects) and I was constantly reassured we were doing fine, despite me not taking the "big steps" like marriage and kids (which I don't want any time soon, which we discussed on more than one occasion while making my feelings known)

A few days after my Birthday, a Former Friend of hers took it upon himself to Post a Bambino Sample Link (From 2 different Profiles) in a Comment on my Personal Facebook Page naming us both and ending it with "Have fun you two babies!". It was only up for an hour before I caught it, and no other damage was done. But my initial thought "I cant get out of this on my own, I'm being FORCED out. Too many people know.". When I told her about it, her reaction was very indifferent. Did she tell him to do it? I don't know and I don't care. In the grand scheme of things, this might not fit the definition of being outed,but that's what it felt like

A week later she broke up with me, saying she was tired of waiting for me to make those "big steps" and other issues in the relationship that led to that point. She also had a variety of Mental Issues which I won't go into here which were at times a burden on me and the stability of the relationship. One of my saving graces was a video Lolly did about ABDL Relationships Safety and it somewhere encapsulates what I was going thorough at the time

A few days later, I threw away all of the Little Stuff that belonged to her (but kept mine). The rationale behind it was needing to start fresh and never try to "replace" what I had with someone else, because I don't believe in "using" people due to me being "used" plenty

With regard to where I stand in the ABDL/DDLG/etc. Community, I have absolutely NO IDEA where to go from here. If I did meet someone else that was into it/accepting of it I'd make sure that they had enough other things going on in their life that I was interested in/compatible with before introducing that aspect into everything. I had a DiaperSpace up and was outed about a year into that, I am not comfortable starting that up again even while protecting my identity, and (at this point) I'm not sure I could work up the Courage/Bravery to go to a Convention/GetTogether

Any advice is greatly appreciated, hugs to all!

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Observe the following aphorism "Nothing wrecks like an ex". No shared or joint anything until you are married

1. On all social media, Block her and her friends. No shared accounts until you are married

2. sever al financial ties like joint bank accounts and see a financial manager who has experience in divorce and breakup and, no financial ties, ESPECIALLY joint accounts until you are married

3/ Do it yesterday. If there are such accounts, she might take it into her head to drain them or use shared credit cards to pile up a gazillion dollars of debt to stick you with. Do NOT think that THAT has not happened
I also wonder why you capitalized so many ordinary words

As for ABDL accounts here is what I have DD, two of my email sub-accounts and the account were I have my site and DNS name (which I have listed as Adult). I got away from ABDLPixel, DiaperSpace and Diaperbook when I saw how sloppy they were on security and pedo issues. For ABDL, DD is really all you need, for other things FetLife (which does some ABDL) and SissyKiss (which even non-Sissy LG's use) are near gold standard Also, I do not mix things I do ALL my ABD communication and ONLY my ABDL communication here. Also by using email sub-accounts, I keep the ABDL material OUT of my main account. Not only do I keep my bedroom out of the public square, I keep the public square out of my bedroom

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"We get too soon old and too late smart" is an old Amish saying.  Love and sex can make a lot of people temporarily do things they normally wouldn't do.  Christine has it right.  "Nothing wrecks like an ex".  I am way in the closet about my DL lifestyle and I only wear 2 or maybe 3 times a week for a few hours at best.  I've never told any of my past girlfriends I like diapers (probably missed out on some really great diaper sex) but I've seen too many friends and coworkers get divorced after many years of being married.  I've always felt OK to live together, but if one gets in a bitchy mood, she can take her stuff, I'll keep mine and go our separate ways, no kids to complicate things.  Separate bank accounts.  No secretes (and no pictures!) to get spread around in a vindictive break up.  Yeah, you can miss out on some things but it's all about what is more important to you.  Having some great diaper times and diaper sex, or the possibility that pictures and experiences of your diaper life shows up on some social media where everyone you don't want to know sees it all.  In my case, better to keep it well to myself than take a chance on being outed at some point in the future.  

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