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I got outed and then my Little left me

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Hello everybody, bit of a long read here, haven't posted in a while

Up until Mid-June, I had been with my previous Little for 3.5 years. Although I myself hadn't regressed/gone into my own Little Space

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Observe the following aphorism "Nothing wrecks like an ex". No shared or joint anything until you are married

1. On all social media, Block her and her friends. No shared accounts until you are married

2. sever al financial ties like joint bank accounts and see a financial manager who has experience in divorce and breakup and, no financial ties, ESPECIALLY joint accounts until you are married

3/ Do it yesterday. If there are such accounts, she might take it into her head to drain them or use shared credit cards to pile up a gazillion dollars of debt to stick you with. Do NOT think that THAT has not happened
I also wonder why you capitalized so many ordinary words

As for ABDL accounts here is what I have DD, two of my email sub-accounts and the account were I have my site and DNS name (which I have listed as Adult). I got away from ABDLPixel, DiaperSpace and Diaperbook when I saw how sloppy they were on security and pedo issues. For ABDL, DD is really all you need, for other things FetLife (which does some ABDL) and SissyKiss (which even non-Sissy LG's use) are near gold standard Also, I do not mix things I do ALL my ABD communication and ONLY my ABDL communication here. Also by using email sub-accounts, I keep the ABDL material OUT of my main account. Not only do I keep my bedroom out of the public square, I keep the public square out of my bedroom

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"We get too soon old and too late smart" is an old Amish saying.

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