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  1. LuchaBoyD2

    SNL "Camp Wicawabe" Diaper Reference

    Season 39 Episode 21
  2. Hello everybody, bit of a long read here, haven't posted in a while Up until Mid-June, I had been with my previous Little for 3.5 years. Although I myself hadn't regressed/gone into my own Little Space
  3. LuchaBoyD2

    SNL "Camp Wicawabe" Diaper Reference

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6lOWsqiCd4 The full Episode is on Hulu, but here's the Blooper from it
  4. Hey everybody I was searching on YouTube for SNL Bloopers and came across a sketch called "Camp Wicawabe" that featured Kate Mckinnon & Aidy Bryant as 10 year olds at summer camp reporting the "news" at Camp They featured their "background music" Joseph who introduced each segment in a toddler voice to which Aidy Bryant's character replied "That's Joseph, he's only six and he still wears a diaper" Kate Mckinnon looked adorable in her nerd glasses and overalls. I gotta say, putting the ABDL side aside for a moment, she takes every sketch she's apart of and knocks it out of the park, maybe one of the reasons it's still watchable currently
  5. Hello everybody I'm about 2 years into my current relationship with my baby (we reconnected after 8 years apart) and she recently did something that put a strain on our relationship because it so closely mirrored how my last one ended. The ABDL side of our relationship is very strong and very close but we haven't really delved into discipline yet, sometimes I think I let her "get away with" too much when she's in Little Space. She apologized very sincerely. but I think it will take a little longer for the wound to heal on my end My question is, is it considered fair to punish Littles for mistakes they make that effect the relationship as whole? Or only acceptable when in Little Space and they make what could be considered a Little Mistake? Thanks and hugs to all!
  6. Hello everybody! I was wondering what the best way to clean plushies/stuffies is? My baby girl comes to visit from a home with a lot of animals in it and sometimes the odor stays on the plushies she plays and sleeps with She suggested febreezing them, and letting them sit for about a day to dry, any other ideas? Hugs & a Happy & Safe Halloween to all!
  7. LuchaBoyD2

    FLDiaperGirls done?

    I cant help but notice FLDiaperGirls (formely FLBabyGirls) hasn't updated their C4S in quite a while If they are done, hats a shame because they brought a uniqueness to the paysite dynamic and the overall ABDL community. Girls like Rachelle, Kimmie, Mandy, Ann, Tiffany & Gidget knocked it out of the park in terms of the ABDL/Regression aspects of their content. However this turns out, they'll still remain one of my favorites sites to visit. I'm curious as to everyone else's thoughts as well, because their content has shifted directions multiple times generating different opinions from all sides, but I think they have left their mark on the scene in their own way if they're in fact done Thanks, hugs and happy holidays to all!
  8. Hi everybody! I've recently entered into a relationship with someone I've known since college (dated for 11 months the first time) and we just recently reconnected and celebrated our 6 Month Anniversary. She discovered her little side in College (for which I was a catalyst) and is really in tuned to the ABDL side,and the community (which I'm continually teaching her about). The fact that she embraces her ABDL side makes our relationship (as a whole) stronger and more fulfilling for both of us. It's sort of a long distance relationship (like the one I spoke about previously except much better and a lot more trust and honesty). When we're not able to see each other over a given month,we play a lot on Facebook Messages and txt play, and recently started calling me "Daddy". I do assume the Daddy role a lot of the time because she has MG (myasthenia gravis) and needs me to take care of her when were together most times,but this was the first time she'd used that word. She then went on to day that I would "have to get used to it" I had told her I had an issue with that because she suffered a lot of trauma in her childhood (Divorce,abuse,neglect and worse circumstances I wont get into here) So there's only 2 thought processes I think I can go about here: Am I right to feel this apprehension about being given the Title of "Daddy",and right to feel concerned that repeated use of the title/word will cause those painful repressed memories to come back and manifest themselves in an ugly/harmful way? OR Should I feel "honored" and "privileged' that she feels so comfortable,at ease,trusting and has invested enough emotion into
  9. Hey guys & girls, havent posted in a long time, hope everyone is doing well
  10. I dont,honestly it's a fear because the whole process took me almost 13 years to get down due to my disability,i just simulate with water but thats it...and strangely enough it works for me
  11. FYI,ive gotten a lot better since the original post I've distanced myself from her for now and am just keeping my AB/DL side on my own Tommorow is 2 weeks without a drop of Mt. Dew,progress! Coherant enough?
  12. LuchaBoyD2

    Best White Tiger Plushes?

    Very helpful,thanks so much!
  13. My day at work was so much better,head is 95% clearer,only a few mistakes. I'm willing to try this again I currently have a 10'' Aurora White Tiger Plushie...with me so far? Cool,moving on This XMAS i'm looking for another White Tiger Plush thats bigger To anyone who has a more extensive stuffed animal collection,is it better to cuddle with one who's posed on all fours. To some it wouldnt make a diffrence but i toss & turn a lot and want to have something to hold to see if it helps The one i have right now,name's Tiggy or one thats laying down as well Thoughts? (Hope mine were a lot clearer this time,if not i need a break)
  14. Hold on a second This has happened 3 times this year Basically the consensus is what i'm typing right now as i sit here isnt understandable by anyone unless broken down into the simplest terms? And yes,not a single drop of that stuff now that i know what it's doing to me Not sure if anybody got that,or this,you guys are confused and for me,yes....yes,it's all very confusing! :/
  15. Yeah,seems like i'm having trouble explaining stuff again. I dont view it as selfish,i meant PHYSICAL harm to those who practice it. That side of my personality is also one more thing in a list of roles and responsibilties so i agree.