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Fab Sense City Print by AgeComfort

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So, I just got a bag of these. Like Bobby said, they're not as thick as I expected. I like the colors and the print is cute. I'm a little skeptical about the sizing...I usually wear an xl but they supposedly fit up to 59" and I do fall within that range so we'll see. I'll update after I try them out.

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Okay, here are my thoughts so far.

They do indeed fit. Tapes don't come quite as far across as I would like, but they fit comfortably and securely. Speaking of the tapes, I don't have anything on hand to compare them to but they do seem a bit wider than the tapes on most diapers and maybe a bit shorter? They are holding very well, even after repositioning a few of them.

Lengthwise I'd say these are a bit short. I rather like that, but if you need a longer diaper or like them to come up high, this probably isn't the diaper for you.

They don't absorb very fast or wick particularly well. Twice I tried flooding and had to cut it off halfway through because it felt like it was going to leak. I waited a minute then slowly finished. No leaks. After two big settings the middle was soaked and swelled up pretty good, but the front and back were bone dry.

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I only wear at home, for fun. My go-to diaper lately has been North shore supreme. I haven't tried any ABDL diapers aside from Bambinos but it's been at least 5 years since I've used those. Before the North shore supremes I used the plastic backed Abenas.

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I only wear at home, for fun. My go-to diaper lately has been North shore supreme.

How is the the thickness of these compared to the NorthShore Supreme (my normal diaper too)?
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Definitely thinner than the North Shore. They look kinda thick in the package, but it seems to me they aren't compressed as much as other brands. When you squeeze them, they feel thin. I really wish I had something else on hand to compare it to. The padding in the front and back doesn't seem to be as wide as other brands, but without seeing it next to another brand I really can't say for sure. They do swell up quite a bit and will have you waddling after one good wetting.

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