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Really Locked Up Good and Tight

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Any one been locked up by a partner this could only be done with someone with the use of hands ?

Start with a chastity device and then double triple padded diapers and locking plastic diaper cover.

Next add lacy anklet sox with locking mary jane shoes with attached locking leg/ankle chain.

Add a short baby doll dress with locking collar.

Then a pink rhinestone collar with pacifier gag - why locking of course.

Next up locking bondage thumbless gloves/mittens.

One step more a locking bonnet with horse blinders or hood with potential of blindfolding partial or full.

Now the challenge to get free before diapers are timed out - the keys are out in an open space that

is out of common view find them and solve the puzzle.

The puzzle could be interesting if the pump is primed with suppositories or other laxative !

An interesting conclusion all the keys and locks are keyed alike - one key fits all.

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:D Love the way your mind works BabyLock. A very interesting scenario, which no doubt will end in tears.

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I've been nearly 24/7/365 in a Holy Trainer V2 White and a variety of diapers for over a year now. Willing to answer any questions, but generally speaking the smallest ring and cage is the best if possible.

Abena M4's work particularly well for a medical diaper over a Holy Trainer if you are trying to keep up appearances at work.

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