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Wearing for first time right now!

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I am pretty much wearing my first adult diaper ever!

If I was honest with myself, I always wanted to wear a diaper. I frequently wear them when I dream at night. When I was eight , I got my mother to buy me a pack of Goodnites. My father caught my in them and he may me take them off. I didn't wear again.

I am now 24. When I was 22, I started to find BDSM appealing. As time went on, I found myself fantasizing about being dominated more and more. Some of those fantasies involve wearing diapers, being spanked, and being told I'm naughty.

A few days ago, I started making 'diapers' using multiple pads (like ten thin ones). Wearing that felt good, but I didn't know I should have avoided flooding the 'diaper,' and the results were not good. Since I wanted to try out 'the real deal,' finally decided to order some Tena heavy protection underwear and some Tena serenity overnight pads early yesterday morning. I requested one day shipping. They came and I'm wearing a diaper and a pad right now!

I decided to dribble a bit, and it seems as if I were to pee more, urine might spill over the back of the diaper's pad. I will most likely try again while sitting on the toilet and I may move my pad back a bit.

I'm surprised by how relaxed I feel. I thought it would just feel nice to be padded, but

I never expected to feel so relaxed.

I will be posting some pictures wearing the diaper underneath some jeans and sweatpants. Though I'm aware one kind of diaper may fit everyone differently, I think it might be helpful for others to see what the diaper might look like under pants.

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Whoa, you asked your mom to buy you Goodnites and she did? Did you need them or did you just want them? I asked my mum to buy me pull ups when I was a kid but she never would.

Congrats on getting your first adult diapers, you must be really excited :D

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Same here. Stay away from any pull on or cloth like "diapers". For flooding or heavy wetting you're going to need a good premium plastic diaper. You won't find these in most stores, if you're lucky a real medical supply store might have Molicare Supers in Stock (they are purple by the way).

Your best bet is to just go online and order them.

Take a look at xpmedical.com. I'd recommend the Abena xplus, a plus Supers, or Dry 24/7 diapers (my personal favorite). Alternatively you can get Northshore Supers from Northshore . com.

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My mom did get me the Goodnites because I wanted them. XD

I started wearing about 30 hours ago. I decided to take them off at like 8 am yesterday because I thought my friend was coming over. She then texted and told me she would be coming at around noon. I decided toput another diaper on. A few minutes passed, and then I decided to put on two more over the one, and then two more, and then one more! I didn't feel like I was going to leak!

Sadly, I took them off before my friend got here, but I'm put two back on last night. That made me very happy.

I'm going to be alone today, and I'll be staying in these.

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I might eventually try a real diaper. I do like the purpleness of the molicares. But pull-ups are easier to deal with and seem more discreet.

I might wear a pull-up under my jeans today if I go out, but we'll see.

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