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Actually it sounds like the biggest problem is that soft paws just don't offer case shipping. I'm always going to compare their best per-diaper pricing so if all they have is a pack then it will never be able to compare to any other diaper that comes in a case.

Also; regarding the dry24/7 "promotional pricing". You do realize that just an advertising gimic to get people to buy them- under the assumption that it will run out soon. Since it isn't going to run out soon it's quite logical to realize it's not actually promotional after all.

And; regarding my using them as a comparison, I did this since they are just as- if not more- absorbent than soft paws is among to be. In this regard I'm using them as a bench mark for quality just as much as I am for pricing. I could have used Abena, but regardless of price those don't perform as good now do they.

Edit: And for the record, I would love to be able to use a "boutique" diaper with awesome designs on them. Being incontinent though, they would need to perform good with few leaks and not cost me much more than the thousands of dollars I'm already paying each year. If Soft Paws could do that then I'd be in front of the line to use them (or any other one for that matter).

What I don't like is the added cost for no real reason (just offer case shipping really), and getting diapers that have the lower tapes positioned towards the middle (which prevents a decent fit for diapers that are properly sized).

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