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  1. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    @WBDaddy and @tbbuc I'd like to thank you both for helpful insight on the subject. Went back and forth on which way to handle the shipping cost. But I personally prefer that when I get to check out the price I saw is the price I pay, vs going to buy a case of diapers only to find out its going to cost another 20-30 bucks to ship. As our product line grows with more unique diapers we will be able to work out an even better deal with our manufacturer and pass the savings along to the customer. As a sneak peak there are plans for a rewards program where you earn points on purchases that can be used for discounts, faster shipping, or special prizes that wont be available for sale.
  2. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    Soft Paws Diaper Kickstarter is now LIVE! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/584547478/soft-paws-ab-dl-adult-diaper
  3. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    New information about the Soft Paws Kickstarter! http://www.littleabco.com/
  4. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    Soft Paws diaper info and prices are now up on www.littleabco.com
  5. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    The results have been tallied and the winner of the Soft Paws design poll is Design 3! Like to thank every who voted, to help us select the perfect design. Information and pricing about the Soft Paws diapers will be posted very soon!
  6. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    Soft Paws design poll ends tonight! Make sure you have voted! www.littleabco.com
  7. Soft Paws diapers from Little AB Co

    These will be disposables with 2 larger tapes per side, so 4 tapes in total. Additional info on the diapers will be posted on the site once its finalized.
  8. Hello, Little AB Co is currently running a poll to select the final design for our new Soft Paws furry themed diapers. There are 5 designs in which to choose from. So if you haven't already then go to our website and vote for your favorite! www.littleabco.com If you have any questions or comments let us know ^^ Diaper information will be posted very soon, just finalizing diaper design with our manufacturer.