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Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

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vampire4    6

Hey guys, it's been a few years since I tried to write a story. Bear with me if I stumble, This is a story I began writing years ago. Unfortunatley, my computer got destroyed, so it took me a bit to get the desire to rewrite it.


Just a note, while there will be diapers in this story, they really aren't a big focus. There are a lot of different themes I want to try and incorporate into the story. If you want a story with heavy diaper focus, this isn't it. Either way it's one I have wanted to share for some time.

Hope you enjoy what I have so far. More coming soon.




CH. 1

“I’m heading to work mom!†Ashley yelled as she grabbed her car keys from the table, even though she knew her mother probably hadn’t heard her. She had managed to get her two younger brothers fed and on the bus for school, now she was heading to work. As she drove to the small grocery store she worked at, Ashley mused about how easy and stress free her job was compared to her home. With her mother sick and her father dead and gone, she had to take care of her two brothers Mark and Jesse by herself. In a way she was more of a mother to the seven year old children than their real mother.

Despite how exhausted she was, she was giddy at the prospect of getting to see her friends at work, which had basically become her only form of social interaction. Being responsible for her entire family left little time for dating or fun; if anything she could use another job.

 As she pulled into the parking lot of the store, a big black SUV honked at her. Swerving at the last second, she managed to just miss the vehicle, whose driver was driving way too fast. She caught the driver giving her the finger before he turned onto the main road.

“Geez.†She thought ruefully, “He nearly killed me.†                                        

Pulling into her parking space, Ashley took a minute to catch her breath, fix her hair, and check her make-up. Placing a big smile on her face, she headed into work. “Nice try crazy driver, I’m not dying today.†She thought.


CH. 2


The buzzing of his alarm clock slowly brought Zeke back into reality, the pleasant dream he was enjoying sinking from his consciousness. Zeke was not a morning person and cursed the necessity of the early morning shifts he had to work. After a quick shower, he quickly dressed and prepared to head to the dilapidated shithole of a grocery store that had been his place of employment for the last four years.

He grabbed the book he was currently reading about the archeological discoveries of Ancient Egypt and headed out the door. He realized how tired he was as he began his drive to work. He was up most of the night finishing a research paper on Greek culture. Zeke had long ago realized he wasn’t a people person, although he was good enough at faking it. People confused him, too many emotions and feelings. His girlfriend Amy had recently gotten tired of how “insensitive†he was and broke up with him. Oh well, Zeke much preferred studying history. Dead people were so much easier to deal with.

“Just a few more months in this shithole†Zeke thought. He had been accepted to join his professor and a few other students on an archeological dig in southern Iran. Six whole months away from his family and tiny one bedroom apartment was looking more and more like a dream come true.

He almost didn’t see the small dog that ran into the road. He slammed on his brakes as hard as he could, fishtailing a bit before coming to a stop. The dog just looked over at him, took a dump right in the road, and moved along. “Screw you mutt†he mumbled as he continued his drive. “I like to study dead people, but I got no intention of being one yet.â€


Ch. 3

Erica had finally finished breakfast, placing the two cups of coffee on the table next to the eggs and bacon. She heard her husband James getting out of the shower. She smiled as she looked at the small, but tidy two bedroom apartment they shared. She was only twenty-seven, James being a year older. They had come a long way together. He managed a small grocery store, while she was a team leader for the cashiers. They weren’t rolling in cash, but they had enough to get by, and they were happy.

“Something smells good.†James said as he walked in the kitchen, adjusting his tie. “Did you order this breakfast from somewhere?â€

Erica shot him a withering look. “Very funny. I know I’m not the best cook, but I can manage eggs well enough.â€

“What about last time?†he asked, a small grin on his face.

“That was a fluke!†Erica yelled.

“Sure. Of course.â€

“Eat the damn eggs; we have to leave for work in an hour.â€

“Yes dear.â€

Erica began eating her own breakfast, wondering if Ashley was working today. She was cute kid and Erica had come to view her like a little sister. She had invited her over for dinner before but it hadn’t happened yet. Erica mentally reminded herself to grab a new kind of lipstick she had gotten for Ashley to try from her bedroom. The second bedroom was empty….so empty. She felt a crushing sadness for a second before she took another bite of her eggs.

James was staring at her with a strange look on his face. It took her a second to realize why.

“The eggs taste weird don’t they?†she asked, despondent.

“A little.†He admitted.

“Screw it, well get McDonalds on the way to work.â€

James face brightened a bit, knowing he was off the hook.

“Stop smiling you jerk.†She said with a sly smile. “You survived my cooking another day.â€

“Barely.†James mumbled, grabbing his coat and keys.

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vampire4    6

Hey guys, here is a few more chapters of the story. Just a warning, but there is a violent scene. Gotta have it to move forward. Anyway, here it is.


CH. 4


Ashley was walking into the store when she saw Zeke outside, smoking a cigarette with his nose in a book. He was probably on break, since he nearly always worked an early shift. He did a variety of work in the store, stocking and running cashier as needed. He was a pretty attractive guy, a mix of bad boy and nerd, but his sarcastic attitude always put her off. She could never tell if he liked her or hated her. Even worse was the smoking, which she found disgusting. She gave him her nicest smile and a friendly wave, to which he responded with a curt nod, barely looking up from his book.


Once inside she jumped right into the fray, trying to check out as many customers as she could as quickly as she could. When the rush of people passed, the first thing Ashley did was run to her favorite team leader.


“Erica!†she yelled, embracing the girl in a hug.


“Hey you†she replied, smiling affectionately.


Ashley beamed right back at her. “I feel like we haven’t worked together forever.â€


“We worked together yesterday kiddo.â€


“I know, but I love hanging with you.â€


Erica gave her a stern look. “Well how about dinner this Friday?â€


Ashley turned away a little bashfully. “Oh…..ummmm….. I don’t know. Maybe.â€


“That’s what you always say. You said that last week.â€


“I know, I know. I’m….sorry Erica.â€


Ashley felt really bad. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to tell Erica that she would never have time for dinner at her place. Her boss kept staring at her, like she knew she wasn’t being kept in the loop. Ashley felt a knot in her stomach under her friend’s withering gaze. Instead, her face suddenly softened. Moving a stray hair from the Ashley’s face, she brought her in for another hug. It looked like she was about to say more but she caught sight of Zeke coming back from break.


“Hey Zeke, could you bring up a pallet of the pop that’s on sale?â€


“I would, but your husband’s got me running around hanging up signs in every part of the damn store.†He replied in his usually grumbling manner.


“Maybe when you’re done? Please?†She asked


“No worries lady. I’ll get to it.â€


  Ashley smiled at her boss and her obvious annoyance. “Come on, it looks like we’re getting lines again.â€


CH 5


“For the love of God†Zeke thought angrily. He didn’t know how he was expected to get any work done when people wouldn’t leave him alone. It’s not like he was the only guy working, there were plenty of others standing around, Even worse he had the married couple from hell in charge today. They were nice, but they were always a little too happy for his liking. Anybody that walked around with big dumb grins on their faces all day made him nervous.


A little girl, no older than six, with her mother passed by him in the aisle, giving him a small smile and he found himself smiling despite himself. “Cute kid.†He thought. “Too bad she’s growing up in this shit town.â€


He was about to hang up his last sign when he saw James motioning him over. “What now?!†he thought.


“Hey man, we got a ton of lines, I need you to come and open up.â€


Part of him wanted to tell James to piss off, but he needed his job, at least until he left for Iran.  “Sure thing boss.†Zeke replied. “I’ll be right up.†As a final gesture of subservience, he gave the older man a smile.

For a second it looked like his boss didn’t buy the act, but then he just gave his normal goofy smile and walk away.


CH. 6



James was walking back to the front of the store with Zeke close behind him when he heard the bang. At the entrance of the store was a man, disheveled, unsteady on his feet, and angry. He looked like he hadn’t shaved or bathed in a month.

And he had a gun.


“Where is that bitch?!†the man screamed, his eyes wildly searching the store. James spotted his wife, hugging Ashley to her, her own eyes scanning the area looking for him. Their eyes locked for a second as James tried to slowly pull his cell phone from his pocket.

Evidently he wasn’t as sly as he thought because the man suddenly pointed the gun at him.


“I see you there…don’t try it.† The man took a menacing step toward him. “You just…just get up here. Drop your phone on the ground with the rest. I’m not here for you.â€

James stepped closer along with Zeke and they both dropped their phones into a large pile of other cell phones.


The man was barely looking at them. “Eva!! Get out here right fucking now!†he shouted at the top of his lungs.

From the back of the crowd, a middle aged woman with a young girl with her started to step forward. She was crying, body trembling as she reached the armed man.


“Steven….You’ve been drinking again.†She choked out.


“What? A man’s wife up and leaves him, and he ain’t allowed to have a drink? Did you think I would let you leave with my daughter?!â€


“Please…..just…let us go. You need help Steven…..You’re abusive.â€


James clenched his body as the man, Steven, took another step toward his wife and daughter. He didn’t know what to do, what he could do.


“Abusive?! A few little slaps and you try to ditch me? You haven’t seen anything yet!â€


The woman sank to her knees, trying to shield her daughter with her body. “Please….Please….Just stop….Please just go away.â€


James noticed the man had tears in his eyes. “I’ll go…..But I’m taking Jenny with me.â€


With a savage grunt, the man grabbed his wife and threw her against the wall behind him. Pointing the weapon at his daughter, he took a

step to her, cringing as she backed away from him.


“Don’t worry baby. I’m gonna make it right. I’m gonna make everything better.â€


James took a step forward. “No, no, no. Don’t do this!†He screamed.


The little girl was still crying when the gunshot went off.


But it wasn’t the girl who fell to the ground. It was Zeke. He had stepped in the way.


“Oh shit…..Oh fuck. What have you done?!†James yelled. He wanted to move and check on the young man, but his legs were firmly planted to the floor. He couldn’t even breathe. Another scream caught his attention as Ashley started running to her fallen coworker. Erica was right behind her trying to keep her away from the murderer who stood, a little shocked himself, nearby.


The killer was startled by the two girls approach, and before James could say or do anything, two more shots rang out.

“No….this…..wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.†The man stuttered, looking for his daughter.


James was focused on the form of his wife, lying on the floor with a hole in her head, her arms slightly wrapped around Ashley, who lay motionless with a gaping wound right near her heart.


He didn’t even remember moving to the man but suddenly he was on top of him, punching him as hard as he could and trying to grab the gun. His ears were ringing and his chest was on fire, but he didn’t care. With a last burst of strength, James grabbed ahold of the gun and turned it to its wielder. He fired three shots before the weapon clicked empty. James slowly slumped to the ground, only now noticing the hole in his chest. He gave one last look at his wife, and then everything went black.

CH. 7



“Well…that was dumb.†Zeke thought as he lay on the ground. He couldn’t make his body move no matter how hard he tried. “What was I thinking jumping in the way….Stupid.†His sense of self-preservation had never failed him like this. He was going to die, for the sake of some girl he didn’t even know. He heard a lot of crying and more gunshots; he couldn’t tell what was going on though. “Man it’s cold. Someone musta….left the door open.†He thought as his body shivered.


Someone knelt down to him and grabbed his hand. Whoever it was just kept holding his hand. With some effort, Zeke managed to move his head a bit so he could see who it was. It was the little girl. Jenny, he heard her father call her. She was crying, squeezing his hand, and she had this look in her eyes. Zeke thought it looked a little like pity.


“Don’t look at me like that.†He thought. “I don’t even know why I did it. I didn’t mean to save you. I’m no hero.â€

Then everything became dark.

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You seem to have a good grip on it while not muddying the story telling by confusing each character's perspective. I am really looking forward to the progression on this one.

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vampire4    6

Glad you like it. To be honest, i really don't. I have a bad habit if rushing stories along and i can see that i have done that already. In future chapters i hope to slow things down so readers can identify with and maybe relate to the characters im creating. Since there are multiple perspectives i will seriously try to not mix up any names. Thanks again for the encouragement. It means a lot.

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JustJoe    10

Kudos for deciding to rewrite this after loosing it.

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vampire4    6

CH. 8


Erica woke up slowly. She was very groggy, like she had been asleep for a long time. As consciousness steadily returned, she realized she didn’t know where she was. It appeared to be a heavily wooded area, with trees every direction she looked. She was lying down on a flannel blanket and she could see the remains of some food, a half empty bottle of wine, and three people she didn’t recognize. All three were asleep as well. The man beside her was handsome. He was dressed in a nice suit, with black hair trimmed short and slicked back. Erica looked over to the two children sleeping nearby. A boy and girl, they both looked to be about six or seven. She had always wanted a boy and girl of her own. The boy seemed to be the spitting image of his father, with short black hair and similar face. He was dressed in a small suit of his own, and he had a small scowl on his face, like he was thinking of something unpleasant. Erica glanced at the little girl, whose blond hair was a striking contrast to the others. She wore a yellow sundress that seemed almost as bright as the hair on her head. Erica smiled a little when she noticed the girl had her thumb in her mouth.


She didn’t know how she got here; she couldn’t remember what had happened after she got to work. As she sat there, trying to remember anything, a lock of her blond hair fell in front of her eyes.

“Wait a second….blond?†She thought, knowing right then something was wrong. She had always been proud of her red hair. She took a moment to look at herself. She stood a bit taller than before, and like the rest of them she was dressed in very nice clothes. She wore a long black dress that fit her slim figure. Erica noticed she was also wearing some beautiful rings and a diamond necklace.


“Whoa.†She thought as she looked at herself.


Now more confused than ever, she was so lost in thought she was startled by the little boy waking up.


“Hi.†Erica said uncertainly. “Can you tell me what your name is?â€


The boy looked annoyed for a second. “The name’s Zeke. Who the hell are you?â€


Erica’s breath caught in her chest. The little boy didn’t look or sound like the Zeke she knew, but it was him. Somehow, it was him. Suddenly, she remembered what had happened at work. The man with the gun, Zeke getting shot, how she tried to keep Ashley from running to him. Her last memory was a sharp pain in her head.


“Hey lady. Are you okay?†Zeke asked, staring at her warily.


“Zeke. It’s me. It’s Erica.â€


He continued to stare at her before he understood what she was saying. Then he suddenly stood up, looking around frantically.


“Where’s the girl?! Where’s Jenny?†He asked.


“I don’t know. I just woke up here, looking like this.†She explained.


For the first time, Zeke seemed to notice his body.


“What the hell?!†He asked, feeling his suit with his hands. “What the hell happened to me?!â€


“Why is everyone yelling?†a small voice asked.


The little girl stood up with a yawn, noticing her dress with a small amused smile.


Erica remembered how Ashley had collapsed against her the second before she had felt that pain in her head.


“Ashley?†She asked. “Is that you?â€


The little girl smiled again. “Yeah, my name is Ashely. Who are you?â€


Zeke stared at her before answering.


“I’m Zeke. This is Erica. Do you remember what happened at the store?â€


“That was just a bad dream.†She answered, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


Erica spoke softly. “Sweetie, that wasn’t a dream. It happened and then we all woke up like this.â€


Ashley looked uncertain for a second before she smiled confidently again.


“No, no, no.†She said. “That was a dream. This is just a dream too. Any second I’ll wake up at home.â€


“This isn’t a dream Ash.†Zeke said with a serious face. Do you remember getting shot?â€


“No, that wasn’t real. It didn’t happen. I didn’t die.†Ashley insisted forcefully, a few tears in her eyes. “It’s not real.â€


Zeke looked away from her, and then walked past her to the sleeping man.


“Hey. Wake up.†Zeke ordered, giving the man a small kick to his ribs.


“Zeke!†Erica yelled.


The man groaned and slowly stood up. The difference in height between the two males was almost laughable. Zeke only reached the man’s stomach.

“What happened?†the man asked.


Erica was afraid to ask what she needed to ask, afraid of the answer she might get, but she pressed on.


“What’s your name?†She asked.


The man looked over to her. “I’m James. Has anyone seen my wife?â€

“Oh no.†Erica thought. "Not him too."

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Cute_Kitten    320

An unexpected turn. I like it. Engaging plot, great characterization. I'm wondering what their new lives will hold. They seem to be more well off them their previous lives, with how they dressed for a picnic, Ericas jewels. The wine, too but then there's cheap brands of bottled wine out there so that could've been planted as a red herring. This is a fast paced story but it does not feel rushed. Every story has its own flow, and this one felt natural to the story for me. If that makes any sense.

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vampire4    6

CH. 9



It took a few minutes to explain their situaton to James. They had died, and woken up in different bodies. It was a tough tale to swallow. Ashley herself could hardly believe it. The proof was there though. She had only to look in the small makeup mirror Erica had found in her purse to see the truth staring back at her. The first time she had looked, she nearly laughed. She was so cute now. Well, she had always thought she was cute, but as far as little girls, went, she was a cutie.


She glanced around at the others gathered around the small picnic area. Erica was crying softly in the arms of her husband, who looked shell shocked. Zeke was standing off alone, staring into the woods, looking deep in thought.


James was the first to break the silence. "So...I thought you guys might want to know.....I think I killed that guy. I shot him a few times...before I woke up here."


"Good. The asshole deserved it." Zeke said with a bitter smile.


There were still tears in her eyes when Erica looked up at them. "So, what happened? How did we end up like this?"


"I don't know." Ashley said. "We died and now we're in different bodies. It sorta sounds like reincarnation or something."


"Wrong." Answered a female voice.


Ashley turned and saw the young woman who had appeared suddenly behind them. She was dressed in normal street clothes. Blue jeans, a red T-shirt, and a white hoodie over it. She had shoulder length blond hair with a purple streak in it and her skin was so pale, she looked nearly translucent.


"Ummm....Hi?" Ashley responded. "Do we know you?"


The woman looked down at her with a look of disgust. "You haven't reincarnated."


"Just who the hell are you?" Zeke asked.


"My name is Mirah." she explained. "I'm....well, I guess you could say I'm a spirit. My job is to help restless ghosts move on. Normally it's not a hard job either. Just my luck I got stuck with you people. Long story short, you fucked up. So I'm here to tell you what's going on and how you can fix it."


"Uh, exuse me, Mirah right? How exactly did we mess up?" James asked.


Erica spoke next. "You don't understand. We were at work, and this man came in-"


"I know about the man with the gun." Mirah interupted. "Let me explain this real slow. When people die, their souls leave there bodies and go to another relm. There, they can choose to reincarnate, or they can stay there and make a little life for themselves. Some people even choose to help people who can't reach the...afterlife, I guess you could call it. What you four did though, was forcibly insert yourselves in another family's bodies. So now their souls are trapped in there with you, unable to free themselves. You basically stole their bodies."


Zeke raised his hand in the air. "So, are you saying we could live like this? In these bodies?"


"Absolutley not!" She yelled. "Do you understand what you've done? You were so greedy for life that you possesed another person. You were supposed to move on. Instead, you all stuck together and decided to squat in the bodies of this family!" She sounded really angry, and Ashley understood that they had clearly broke some really important ghost law.


"It's not like we did it on purpose." Erica explained. "We don't even remember doing it."


The woman clearly didn't feel any pity for them. "When people don't move on, they become ghosts. Normslly it's because they have some unfinished business in the world. So whatever problems you guys have, you need to fix them. Quickly."


Zeke's eyes narrowed. "Or what?"


"I could remove you myself." Mirah explained. "However, doing so is a traumatic process. If I did it, your very souls would be destroyed. I'm trying to give you a chance here. In one years time, you will have been in those bodies long enough to take over. If that happens, the souls of the family members will be destroyed. Just to warn you. I won't let that happen."


"What are you saying?" Ashley asked.


Mirah looked down on her again. "I'm saying you guys have one year to fix your shit and get out of here. Or believe me when I tell you, I'll rip you out of existence."




CH. 10



Erica was still trying to absorb the information when Mirah suddenly vanished.


"The nanny is coming." Erica heard her voice say. "You guys better learn your new names. James, your name is Edward Blackburn, a succesful CEO of a health insurance company. Your wife is named Laura Blackburn and she runs a small antique shop, mainly out of boredom."


Erica was even more nervous now. She didn't know anything about running a business. She worked at the grocery store because she lived in a small town and hadn't seen any better prospects. "Wow, it's depressing referring to myself in the past tense." She thought.


Mirah's disembodied voice continued. "Zeke, your new name is Alexander. Your friends call you Alex. Finally, there's Ashley, known in this form as Maria. I'll be in touch soon. Fix this."


"Uh...I just wanted to make sure I heard her right. Did she say a nanny was coming?" Zeke asked.


Almost as soon as he asked, they heard another female voice. "Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn? Where are you guys? Maria?"


Erica figured it was best to answer. In a loud, clear voice she yelled. "We're over here!"


Through the trees appeared a young woman with long brown hair. She looked to be about 23 or so. Very pretty if Zeke's approving look was any indication. "Yeah right. Like anythings gonna happen there." She thought. The girl was actually wearing a maids outfit. Erica thought it was a little silly, but then again, they had all been dressed up for a picnic.


"I've been looking all over for you guys. I get this whole spontaneous picnic in the woods thing, but it's been nearly two hours." She complained. "I fell asleep in the car waiting for you."


"Jeez, we had a picnic and didn't even bother to let our maid join us?" Erica thought. "I guess these people were jerkbags."


Another problem had presented itself. The girl was still standing there, her employers were just staring at her moitionless. Even worse, Erica had no Idea what her name was and couldn't ask out because it would seem suspicious.


James bought her a little time. "Yeah, sorry about that, we just lost track of time. We're ready to leave now."


"Good." The girl replied with a smile. "It's getting late, and I still need to get the kids to bed before I go home. Come on, I think I remember how to get to the car."


Suddenly, a name popped into Erica's mind. The girls name was Tara. She didn't know how she knew that, but she did.


"Thank you Tara." She said, giving the maid a warm smile and ignoring the surprised looks from the others.


It seemed like they walked for ten minutes before they came across a very fancy black towncar. Once they were all in the back, Tara got into the drivers seat and started the car. Erica was excited to see her new home, since apparently this family was rich enough to hire a maid.

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vampire4    6

Ok, I have got to stop copying and pasting from word. I swear it seems like theses chapters should be longer. It seems like it my document.

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Seems Good, Really looking forward to the next chapter

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vampire4    6

CH. 11



The car ride was a quiet one. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts. James sat holding his wife's hand, a somber look on his face. He had been really quiet since Mirah had left. Ashley couldn't blame him. It was all so much to take in. Just the idea that she was basically dead, or her old body anyway, was overwhelming. She couldn't help but worry about her family. What would happen to her brothers? Would her mom be able to take care of them without her?


She was snapped out of her thoughts by Zeke elbowing her.


"Check it out. I just saw a sign saying we're in Chicago. How the hell did we get from Ohio to here?"


"Beats me." Ashley admitted. "I don't think questioning things has gotten us really far."


To be honest, Ashley really didn't feel like talking about their situation while Tara was just up front driving. While the car was long enough to nearly guarantee the maid wouldn't be able to hear them, it still made her nervous. She wasn't sure how things could get any worse, but she figured it would if Tara found out what they were saying.


The next thing that took her breath away was her new home. When the car pulled up to what could only be described as a mansion, it took another elbow from Zeke before she stopped staring with her mouth hanging open. The house was at least three stories, a long white monolith that seemed to light up the night sky with the lights from it's windows. Ashley couldn't even imagine how many rooms it had. The others managed to keep a nonchalant attitude, except for Erica, who had a silly smile on her face.


The inside was even more amazing. The first floor was huge, with a staircase spiraling up to the second floor. Tara led the family left and through the first door. The room appeared to be a lounge of some sort. There was one of the biggest flat screen T.V.'s she had ever seen, a pool table off to right, and a couch that was bigger than her old bed at home. Tara was smoothing out her uniform, waiting for any orders the Blackburns might give. When none came, she addressed James.


"If there's nothing else sir, I think I'll get the twins ready for bed and then head home." She said with an enthusiastic smile.


James looked like a deer in the headlights. "Oh, yeah that's fine. You're going to get them ready for bed?"


Tara blinked rapidly a few times before answer. "Yeah. I need to get their diapers on for the night. I'd rather not wash sheets if I could help it. Remember?"


Ashley was shocked at what she had heard, but before she could say anything, Zeke elbowed her again.


"Of course we remember Tara. Edward is just a little tired tonight." Erica said with a small smile one her face.


Before Ashley could even catch her breath, Tara was leading her and Zeke by the hands, taking them up the stairs. She stopped briefly at a closet, pulling out two disposable diapers and some baby powder.


"Ok Alex, go wait in your room and I will be right there once I take care of your sister." Tara said, pointing to the hallway on the right.


Ashley could only watch mutely as her brother, her twin apparently, started heading to his room. She was then lead down the hallway to the left to her room.As much as she felt like crying, seeing her room was amazing. It was huge, with pink carpeting, and an absolutley incredible looking bed. The whole room was decorated in pink, and it brought back memories of her room in her old house before her brothers had been born. And the stuffed animals! There were so many, all neatly sitting up in a corner. Ashley saw a pink bunny rabbit that was really wanting to grab, although she couldn't say why.


"Ok Maria. You know the drill, lose the dress and lay on the bed." Tara cheerily ordered. Then, maybe sensing the young girls discomfort, knelt down to look her the eyes. "What's the matter sweetie? You feeling okay?"


Ashley couldn't keep quiet any longer.


"Tara....um.....do I have to....wear a di...diaper tonight?" She asked in a shaky voice.


Tara looked concerned now. "Well, yeah honey you do. You know how heavily you sleep.Don't you want to wake up with dry sheets?"


Ashley was really crying now. "I don't want to wear one. Please?"


"Honey, we've done this routine for quite some time. Why is this upsetting you so much now? It's not a big deal. We just have to do it ok?"


Feeling defeated, Ashley slowly nodded her head. Tara gave her a small hug, then helped her out of her dress. Before she knew it, she was laying down naked on the bed while Tara unfolded the small plastic undergarment. Ashley lifted her bottom when prompted, wanting to run away as soon as it came back down on the diaper. Oddly enough, the smell of the powder that Tara sprinkled on her was somehow comforting. Clearly skilled at diaperong, Tara quickly pulled up the diaper and taped it into place. Then Tara pulled a small pink nightgown over her head.


"There." Her maid said with a smile. All ready for bed. See? That wasn't so bad."


"Speak for yourself." Ashley thought as she stood up, hearing the infantile garment crinkle when she moved. She didn't even think they made diapers with a plastic covering anymore. She slowly lifted her nightgown, examining the diaper in greater detail. While the Sesame Street characters on the front were cute, they only served to make Ashley feel even more silly.


Tara pulled her into another hug. "Ok sweetie, why don't you go brush your teeth and say goodnight to your mommy and daddy?"


Still sniffiling, Ashley walked out of her room and began searching for the bathroom.

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Seems really good so far!, looking forward to see the next chapter :)

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Cute_Kitten    320

Enjoying this ^.^ I wonder how Zekes diapering is going to go, since he's more headstrong than Ashley.

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vampire4    6

CH. 12

Zeke/ Alex Blackburn


It didn't take him long to find his room. It was a spacious room, as he had expected, with more toys than any kid could ever need. Toy robots, remote control cars, action figures, and whole bunch of other crap Zeke could care less about. The small bookshelf in the corner of the room caught his eye, but he faced only dissapointment when he saw the contents. Childrens books, all of them. They made his skin crawl. Zeke made a mental note to get to a bookstore as soon as possible. If he was going to be stuck in the body of snot nosed rich kid, he mind as well use some of that wealth to make himself comfortable.


He had a more pressing concern at the moment though. The extremley hot maid would be here any moment. He could faintly here Ashley crying from down the hall.


"What an idiot." he thought to himself. Sure, it was less than ideal to have wear diapers, but the there didn't seem to be any getting out of it. He certainly didn't see any point in getting weepy over it. Ashley needed to get it in her head that they had to keep up appearences in order to fit in. Well, he at least would get through this trial with some dignity intact. Well, with as much dignity as a kid about to be diapered could keep.


Tara walked through the door, still beautiful, still holding a diaper in her hands. "Oh well." he thought. "At least my nanny is nice to look at."


"Ok Alex. Go ahead and lay down on the bed." Tara ordered.


"Ok. Let's get this over with." Zeke said in a stoic voice as he took off his clothes and got on the bed.


Tara looked concerned. "What's the matter with you, grumpy? First your sister gets hysterical over getting ready for bed, and now this. I swear, you two are acting weird. Where's all the smiles I'm so used to? At least you have a few weeks before school starts. It's still summer! Come on kiddo."


"It's been a long day." he said, still laying on the bed minus any pants. He could feel how red his face must be.


Tara wouldn't give up. "Are you sure that's it? Everything ok with your dad? I know he has his days." she said as she slid the diaper under him.


"Everything is fine. Could we speed this up a bit though?" he asked.


"See, that's what I'm talking about. You're acting so weird. I know this is akward for you, but we've done this for years. Why the attitude?"


"I would just like to put on some goddamn pants already." He said before he could stop himself.


Tara looked like he had struck her. Without another word, she sprinkled some powder on him, pulled the diaper up, and taped it into place. The diaper forced his legs apart slighty and certainly felt alien to him, but he stood up without complaint as Tara wordlessly held out a pair of blue pajama bottoms for him to step into. Her eyes bored into him, the fury just bubbling up under the surface.


"Ah shit. Me and my stupid mouth. So much for fitting in." Zeke thought.


Once he had a shirt on, Tara grabbed him firmly by the upper arm and led him out of the room. Zeke had a feeling he knew where she was taking him.


"Alexander Blackburn, I cannot believe what just came out of your mouth." She started in, as though she couldn't contain it anymore.


"Look, I'm really sorry. I just-"


"I know you know better mister. I don't know what's gotten into you tonight, but you bette belive your parents are going to hear about it."


Ashley popped her head out of the bathroom, toothbrush in her mouth. Her eyes were still red from crying, and she was visibly startled by the maid angrily pulling him down the hall. As soon as Tara looked in her direction though, the little coward retreated back to the bathroom.


"Shit. This is not good." Zeke thought again.



CH. 13

James/ Edward Blackburn


With Zeke and Ashely going throught their ordeal, James sat on the couch, his wife in his arms. While he knew it was his wife, the embrace still seemed akward. She didn't feel like the wife he knew, didn't smell like her. It was as if he was holding another woman in his arms. It felt....wrong. The events of the grocery store plauged him as well. It kept replaying in his head, the gun in his hands, his bloody hands pulling the trigger again and again, watching the life flow out of the mans eyes. He had actually killed someone. He didn't know what he should feel, righteous or guilty.


His wife looked up at him, her eyes now a different color. "Are you ok?" She asked. "I know we haven't had alot of time to digest all this. Do you wanna talk?"


"I don't know what to say Erica. I keep thinking about that man. I...killed him. My god, I really killed him." James mumbled.


He felt her hands rush up to hold his face. "You didn't do anything wrong honey. It was a chaotic situation. It's not your fault."


"Easy for you to say. You didn't pull the trigger. I did."


"I know. It must have been horrible." She said. "But you can't beat yourself up about it. You're the best man I've ever known, and I know it's not something you wanted to do."


James felt himself tearing up a little. "I saw you there, after he shot you. I saw your body there....and I just.....I just lost it."


Erica wrapped her arms around him tightly. as though she could shield him from his own actions. He hugged her back, just as tightly, feeling thankful that they had still had each other at least. He barely had time to compose himself when Tara came crashing threw the door, holding a nervous Zeke by the arm. The boy had a slight look of shame on his face.


"What's the matter?" He asked quickly.


"Your son was not only increadibly rude tonight, but he also cussed at me while I was putting his diaper on." Tara said, with a dissaproving glare.


James brought his hand to his head, running it through his hair as he tried to figure out what to do next. Zeke, to his credit, kept his eyes on the floor.


Erica spoke up first. "Ze- I mean Alexander! You apologize to Tara right now young man."


"God, she's a good actor." james thought. "She would have been a great mother."


Zeke looked amazed for a second, as though he had expected them to take his side. Then he slowly looked up to his young nanny and mumbled out "I'm really sorry Miss Tara."


The maid still looked angry, but accepted the apology nevertheless, bringing the boy in for a hug and sternly telling him to watch his language. James had to keep himself from laughing. Both from the situation, and how uncomfortable Zeke looked during the embrace. James also saw that Ashley was poking her head in nervously, watching the scene unfold with her hands clenching the bottom of her nightgown, afraid perhaps that her diaper would somehow be on display otherwise.


"We will have a talk with him Tara, I'm so sorry." Erica continued. "We need to speak to Maria as well, so why don't you head home for the night? Will I see you tomorrow?"


"Of course you will. You guys are going to work tomorrow right?" Tara asked.


James groaned quietly. How was he supposed to know how to be some bigshot CEO? He could already see tomorrow ending in disaster. He was more surprised when Erica told the maid that while he would be going to work, she was going to take the day off.


"Say what?" he asked.


Erica didn't miss a beat. "Yeah, I think I need to be with the kids tomorrow. Don't be jealous dear, I'm sure work won't be that bad." She looked over at Tara and asked her to find someone to open her store, the maid nodding all the while.


"No problem Mrs. Blackburn, I'll make sure to do that. Mr. Blackburn, your car should be here to pick up at 8. Bye everyone." Tara said cheerily, before she walked out the door.


Finally. They were alone.

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vampire4    6

CH. 14

Erica/ Laura Blackburn


As soon as Tara had left, James began laughing at the situation Zeke had found himself in. The little boy however, was not amused.


"It's not funny! I'm not exactly used to watching my language you know." Zeke said with a slightly pouty expression.


"You better get used to it. Shit, that girl looked like she was gonna spank the daylights out of you." James laughed.


"As fun as that sounds, I think I need to watch myself around her." Zeke said.


James continued to laugh. " When she gave you a hug, your body tensed up so much that I thought you were made of glass."


Zeke gave him the finger, the act looking ridiculous with his tiny body. "Yeah, well my family has never been all that comfortable with displays of affection. It's just how we are."


Erica couldn't help but notice that Ashley was still standing akwardly in the doorway, her face red. It looked like she had a deathgrip on the bottom of her nightgown. When Ashley noticed she was being stared at, she blushed even more, looking to be on the verge of crying.


"Ash, are you ok sweetie?" Erica asked.


"I guess. This is just.....humiliating." Ashley said.


Zeke made a small snort. "So what, we have to wear diapers at night. big deal. We died earlier today, I'm sure you can manage this." Erica noticed a small bulge around the boy's crotch as he said this, proving that he was also diapered.


Erica was a little irritated by how bluntly Zeke spoke to Ashley. Didn't he understand that not everyone was dealing with this as well as he was? Erica knelt down and gave the small girl a hug, slowly taking the girl's hands from her nightgown.


"Can I see? I promise I won't laugh.?" Erica promised.


As nervous as Ashley was, she obeyed, letting her friend see the diaper she was now confined too. Erica smiled, kissing the girl on her forehead.


"I think it's cute." She said with a smile.


"You...you think so?" Ashley asked nervously. " I mean, it is a little cute I guess."


Their conversation was cut short by Zeke turning on the big T.V. mounted on the wall. Both Zeke and her husband had grim looks on their faces as they found what they were searching for. Slowly, Erica and Ashley both went to join the boys on the couch. The news was featuring a big story about a shooting in a small Ohio town. Erica grabbed her husband's hand as the blond woman on the T.V. continued speaking.


".......seems that the assailant was a man named Steven Sulivan. According to eyewittness reports he arrived in the small grocerey store at around 11 this morning, drunk, and threating people with a gun. He had gone there searching for his wife Eva, who had taken their daughter in order to try and escape his abuse. Witnesses say that as he was about to shoot his daughter, a young man stepped in the way, and was killed instantly, saving the girls life at the cost of his own."


"Erica looked over to Zeke, giving him a small smile, but he just looked away from her with a small scowl. Erica thought he would have been proud of himself. It was a brave a selfless thing to do after all. Ashley looked at her and shrugged at Zeke's behavior.


"......The assailnt then shot two more victims, one being the wife of the manager of the store, before being wrestled to the ground by the manager himself. In the struggle, both men were shot, and were succumbed to their wounds before police and rescue forces arrived on the scene. Eva Sulivan was unavailable for comments, but funeral services for the victims have already been scheduled for later on this week."


A small scheldule was then displayed on the screen.


Zeke Wilkins.........Friday, 12. p.m.


Ashley Griffith......Saturday, 3 p.m.


James and Erica Sandler.......Sunday 8 a.m.


".....for more information on the victims of this tragedy, you can visit our website. In other news, the 15th annual dog show is coming to Chicago this Thursday..."


James quickly shut off the television. They all sat there in silence for a while. Somehow, seeing the times of their own funerals cemented the fact that everything that was happening to them was real. As crazy as it was on paper, it was all really happening. James gave her hand a small squeeze, giving her a sad smile. Erica noticed that Ashley had curled up closer to her as well. Zeke had stood up, pacing back and forth a bit, his diaper crinkling ever so slightly as he moved.


"This is ridiculous. Yesterday I didn't even believe in an afterlife and now there is one and I can't even get to it." Zeke said, his face glowing with irritation.


"I want to go to my funeral." Ashley suddenly said. "Can we?"


Before Erica could say anything, Zeke once again put in his two cents. "Why bother? What would be the point?"


"I have to see my family. I need to make sure my mom is ok." Ashley said quickly.


"I'm sure she's fine." Zeke said dismissively. "Her daughters dead. Boo freaking Hoo. We have bigger problems."


Ashley stood up. "What's wrong with you?! Why can't you act ike an actual human being for five minutes?! You saved that little girl, so why can't you act decent for even a little while?!"


"Saving that girl was stupid. It got us all killed in case you didn't notice." Zeke said angrily.


Erica had to stand up and seperate the children, forcing them both to sit back down on the couch.


"Enough. Zeke, you might not want to see your family one last time, but I think the rest of us would like to. Now, it's Sunday today, so if we leave early on Thursday morning, we should be there in time for yours if you want go. We can spend the weekend in Ohio and be back by Monday." Erica said sternly.


Zeke looked even more frustrated, closing his eyes and laying his head back against the couch. Ashley smiled at her, silenlty thanking her for her defense.


James spoke up, looking a little nervous. "Not to change the subject here, but why am I getting stuck going to work? I don't even know what my job is."


"You should remember. Like instinct. It's how I learned Tara's name. It just popped into my head, like I had always known it. I'm pretty sure it will work for you too." Erica said.


"And if it doesn't?"


"It will. Besides, you skipping work might be suspicious."


"But not you?" James said frowning.


"I'm a bored trophy wife. You're the big CEO. Just trust me. We need to see if this works."


James still looked unhappy. His frown only dissapered when he noticed what had happened on the couch while they had been speaking. Both Zeke and Ashley had fallen asleep, their small forms no doubt drained from the excitment of the day. It wasn't even 10:30 yet. Erica couldn't help but smile at them, nearly forgetting that they actually weren't six year old kids. They looked so cute though. Innocent. James hadn't said anything, but Erica was sure he knew what she was thinking.


"Stay here. I'm going to put them to bed." She told her husband, who gave her a small nod.


She picked up Ashley, being careful not to wake her. As she took her up the stairs, she thought about how proud she was of her friend, how she was handling such a traumatic event. Erica just wanted to cry, but Ashley kept on going despite everything. She was such a strong person, even if she didn't believe so herself. Erica carried her to her room, gently laying the girl down before tucking her in. She saw a pink stuffed rabbit in the corner and, suddenly thinking that Ashley needed it for some reason, walked over and retrieved it. She nearly laughed when Ashley hugged it fiercly in her sleep, her thumb going into her mouth before settling into a deep sleep.


Erica returned downstairs and picked up Zeke, listening to his gentle breathing as she started back up the stairs. Sure, he could be combative at times, But Erica knew that deep down, he was a good guy. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he had saved that little girl. She couldn't imagine how much courage that would have taken, to walk right in front of a loaded gun. Zeke had always been a loner though, always trying to keep others away. Erica thought maybe that was why he read so much, he used it as a sort of defense so that people would leave him be. As she put him in his bed, his hand suddenly grabbed her own. While he was still asleep, it appeared that he might have been dreaming. Erica gently took her hand back before covering Zeke up.


Erica returned to her husband, who was still sitting on the couch. As they cuddled up together, both of them feeling a little akward, Erica thought about how lucky the two of them were. They still had each other, while the others had been ripped from everything they ever knew.


" I want to be there for those kids." She thought. "If I can do that....."


Erica sighed again as she hugged her husband more tightly and hoped that tomorrow might bring better tidings.

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vampire4    6

Sorry fir the short chapters. Part of it is due to the time constraints i have while writing. Hoping to do some serious updating this weekend.

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CH. 15

Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn


Zeke was in his old room from his childhood. He could tell by the dark blue carpeting and the toys that were scattered on the floor. He recognized some of the stuffed animals laying on the bed.Zeke looked around, noticing that he was a child again. But it was his body. Why was he here? The whole house was quiet as he left his room, wandering the old home he had left for so long. Zeke had never felt he was a person who enjoyed nostalgia, but there was a strange sense of comfort in this place.When he reached the living room, he jumped as the heavy front door suddenly swung open on it's own. He couldn't see outside, there was just a bright white light. Zeke slowly walked to the door, but he couldn't shake a small feeling of dread as he got closer.


As he stepped into the light, he saw another figure. A girl. He knew who it was. Why was she here? He tried to speak, but no words would form. The girl looked down at him for a second, then slowly turned her back on him, her distinctive coat flowing behind her. Zeke tried to follow her but he couldn't move. She wasn't supposed to leave. She had promised that she would stay. Why was she leaving?


"Where are you going?!" He heard himself cry out. "You promised you'd stay! You promised!"


The figure kept moving, gradually getting farther and farther away until she vanished in the light. Zeke heard crying, only barely understanding that it was his. He was alone now. Alone.


"You promised me! You're a liar!"


Zeke woke up, barely keeping back a scream. His whole body was shaking and he was covered in sweat. He sat in his bed for a few minutes, letting his brain understand that it was back in reality. He looked around the large room, the unfamilar bed  he was in, that bookshelf with nothing good on it. He looked at his small hands and realized that everything that had happedned yesterday was real. This wasn't a dream he would be waking from. His crotch was warm and Zeke looked down, finding that his pants were still dry. Slowly, he pulled down the pajama pants he was wearing. The diaper he had been placed in last night was twice it's size now. Swollen to it's capacity, but still holding. His sheets were still dry.


"Well that's just fucking great." He muttered.


As he waddled out of his new room, wondering how he had gottten there in the first place, he glanced at a clock above his door. It was only 3 a.m. It seemed like the others had all gone to bed after he had fallen asleep. That meant someone had carried him to bed. 'The humiliation continues.' he thought bitterly. He found a bathroom with a shower, quickly shedding his soaked diaper and stepping into the warm water, letting it cascade over his head. The nightmare was still fresh in his head, refusing to be forgotten. He hadn't had that dream since he was a small child. He wondered what it meant, that it would suddenly begin again. Stepping out of the shower, he got himself dressed again. As he wrapped up the diaper and threw it in the waste basket in the corner, he wondered if he should put another on. But he didn't really know how. After some thought, he decided against it. With the nightmare still in his mind, he had no intention of going back to sleep. With a sigh, Zeke walked back to the big living room downstairs, turned on the giant television, and tried to forget.


CH. 16

Ashley/ Maria Blackburn


Ashley woke up, feeling very comfortable. She saw the pink rabbit in her arms and hugged it tighter. She looked at the clock beside her bed, seeing it was only 7 in the morning. She could faintly hear the others downstairs. Normally, she would have been scrambling to get her brothers dressed, fed, and on the bus. She felt a guilty sense of relief that she didn't have to do that today. Ashley sunk a little further into her giant bed, stretching her legs a bit at the same time. She didn't have to get up this morning. She could just relax in this bed and enjoy the warmth.


She shot up suddenly. "Oh my God." She said out loud. She had noticed that she was very warm indeed....down there. Jumping out of bed,she pulled up her nightgown to discover that her diaper was indeed wet. 'No, no, no.' She thought. 'I actually used it.' Ashley felt a wave of disgust and shame. She did think, with all that had happened the day before, that it was a little silly to be crying about waking up in a wet diaper. She couldn't help it. Tears were streaming down her face. "How could this happen?" She muttered, feeling a scream starting to rise in her throat. She half ran, half waddled out of her room, running to the sound of Erica's voice. If there was ever a time she needed a girlfriend it was now.


Erica was in the kitchen, along with James, sitting in a nice suit. They both looked at her with concerned looks on their faces, sensing her distress. Ashley became even more frustrated when she noticed Zeke standing with them, his sharp eyes searching her for an explanation. Why couldn't he have been asleep still? Now, as she stood there, with everyone's eyes on her, she began to regret running down so quickly.


Her legs started to give out and was afraid she was going to fall. To her surprise, Zeke grabbed on to her shoulders, keeping her upright. This close to his face, she could see the dark circles under his eyes. He looked over to the others with a small frown of annoyance.


"Anybody wanna take this?" He asked, gesturing to her with his head.


Erica rushed over to her, wrapping her in her arms, and then Ashley began to cry harder. Zeke stepped back, joining James near the kitchen table.


"Ash, what's wrong sweetie?" Erica asked.


Ashley couldn't find any words for a few minutes, trying to relax as her friend rubbed her back, every once and a while sushing her gently. Finally, she was able to choke out a word. "Diaper." She said in a whisper. Erica looked at her for a second before understanding, slowly sending her hand to the now swollen garment. Ashley was mortified. It felt so warm and gross. Even worse, she felt like a toddler, crying in a wet diaper in front of everyone.


"Oh, sweetie. It's ok. It was just an accident." Erica said, a little louder than Ashley would have liked. Ashley glanced over at James, who had sympathetic look on his face. Zeke had a knowing look on his face, but was nice enough to avert his gaze when she looked at him. 'They know.' she thought despondently


"It's not ok Erica!" She whined. "This is horrible. I.....wet.....oh, I can't believe this."


"Sweetie calm down. Everything's going to ok. Let's go and get you cleaned up." Erica said.


By this time, Ashley felt so numb she could only nod as she was led by the hand. They were almost out of the room when Zeke stopped them.


"It's not a big deal Ash. It happened to me too.." He said, blushing only a little. " I already showered earlier. Just.....clean up and move on. These aren't our bodies after all. It wasn't our fault."


James looked at the boy. "So that's why you were awake before us."


Zeke looked at the floor, a sad look on his face before muttering. "That's one reason....I guess."


Ashley wanted to ask him more questions, but Erica was pulling her along out of the room and up the stairs. Ashley felt better knowing that she wasn't alone in wetting her diaper. She was thankful that Zeke had told her, and surprised at how he was abe to take it in stride. She barley noticed that the shower was running. Her nightgown was quickly lifted over her head, being thrown down on the ground by Erica, who was humming a small tune. Ashley felt even more nevous now, standing there naked, her diaper sagging around her waist. Erica continued to take charge of the situation, untapping the wet diaper from Ashley's waist and rolling it up.


"Ok." You ready to jump in?" Erica asked with a small smile.


Ashley, now aware that she was totally naked, nodded quickly before jumping in the shower. She felt a lot better as she cleaned herself with more soap than she probably needed. She could hear Erica humming as she left the bathroom. "What the hell is she so happy about?" Ashley wondered aloud. As she stepped out of the shower, she was surprised that Erica was back again. Before she could protest, Erica began drying her off with a big, soft towel. Ashley noticed that an outfit had already been picked out for her. Ashley blushed as her friend continued to dry her off.


Sensing her discomfort, Erica stopped suddenly, blushing a little. "Oh. I'm sorry Ash. I just thought you might need a little help this morning. I picked out some clothes for you too. Do you want me to leave?"


Ashley wasn't sure what she should feel about this. She could have dryed herself off and gotten her own clothes, but it was kind of nice to be taken care of. Blushing, she shook her head  slowley.


Erica broke out into a big smile, grabbing the clothes from where they were sitting. "Ok. Lets get you dressed."

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The reactions of the characters are good so far. You can see the little inkling of Erica's wish for children spilling over. It should be interesting to see if there are any metaphysical consequences to going to the funeral or seeing loved ones from another life.

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vampire4    6

CH. 16

James/ Edward Blackburn


While Erica was helping Ashley get cleaned up, James was sitting at the kitchen table with Zeke trying to choke down his wife's breakfast. She had made pnacakes from scratch and while she was proud of how they came out, the two men were having difficulties.


"Dude, these are awful. How did she manage to screw up pancakes?" Zeke asked as he tried to force himself to swallow another bite.


"I think their good." James lied.


"They taste like cardboard dipped in cat piss. We have any coffee?"


"I don't think kids your age drink coffee Zeke."


"Well this kid does. I need something to wash down the cardboard I just ate."


James looked at his half eaten breakfast, deciding that coffee would be a good idea after all. He got to making some, all the while thinking about his upcoming day at work. He really hoped that Erica was right, and that he would just be able to do his job on instinct. As he was finishing the coffee, he saw Zeke scraping their plates into the trash, his eyes looking over his shoulder in case Erica should return.


James sat down the coffee as Erica returned, carrying Ashley in her arms. Ashley had been dressed in a pink shirt that had flowers on it, decorated with glitter. She also had a small black skirt, tall white socks that went to her knees, and a pair of nice black shoes. She looked nice. Erica held her in her arms as they walked into the kitchen, looking very happy.


His wife looked beautiful as well, even in a different body, she was clearly the woman he married. Her smile, the way she moved, even the soft gaze of her eyes. He rose from the table giving her a kiss on her cheek. Ashley looked at him from her vantage point, giving him a big smile.


"I see you guys liked the pancakes." Erica said as sat Ashley down into one of the empty chairs.


"They were great honey." James lied.


"Nope. They were awful. We dumped them the first chance we got." Zeke said, not looking up from his coffee.


James was horrified, as he looked at his wife glare at his traitorous co-conspirator. "Ummm....He's just joking." James said weakly.


"At least he's honest. Unlike some people." Erica said, shooting her husband a knowing look.


James cursed under his breath, looking over at Zeke and seeing a satisfied smirk on the boy's face. The dark circles under his eyes making him look like a raccoon.


James was trying to think of a way to get Zeke back when Mirah appeared, the sunlight coming in  through the window making her shine like some kind of angel.


Zeke frowned. "Great. It's Casper the Unhelpful Ghost."


Mirah frowned, shooting Zeke a disgusted look. "I'm not a ghost."


"Hi Mirah!" Ashley said in a chipper, childish voice.


"Why are you here?" James asked.


"I thought of some things I should tell you." Mirah replied.


"Lay it on us Casper." Zeke replied before taking another sip of his coffee.


"Like I explained before, the souls of the family members are still in there with you guys. Basically their asleep. Anyway, I should warn you that there is a chance they might resurface from time to time. Normally in times of weakness. That probably won't be a problem, but it might be a little surprising."


"That's good to know." Erica said as she poured herself another cup of coffee. "Anything else?"


"Since you all stuck together after you died, it's likely you won't move on until all of you are ready. So you all need to settle things together before a year is up." Mirah explained.


"I've been meaning to ask about that." Zeke said. "When we all pass on, won't these guys be a little shocked that they blacked out for who knows how long?"


Mirah smiled. "The human mind is a fasinating organ. When you leave their bodies, their minds will just act like nothing abnormal had happened. They will remember what their bodies did while you occupied it, but they'll believe THEY did it. It's an interesting coping mechanism."


"So if we donated a massive amount of their money to charity, they would just think they did it?" Erica asked.


"Exactly. They might wonder why they decided to do it, but they will believe they did it out of the kindness of their hearts."


"Works for me." Zeke said. "I plan on spending some of their wealth today."


Mirah ignored him, looking at the clock on the wall. "Well, I'm needed elsewhere. I'll stop by another time."


Zeke had one more question though. "Hey, so....this kid  in here with me....would he be causing any...umm......nightmares?"


James looked over at the boy, who looked like he hadn't gotten very much sleep. Was he having nightmares?


"It's possible. It depends. If you had nightmares as a child, then it might just be you." Mirah said. "Anyway, I gotta go."


Zeke looked a little dissapointed with her answer but didn't say anything.


Ashley stood up. "Mirah. I wanted to say....thanks for all the help."


Mirah gave her a small nod, still frowning, and then vanished.


"Bye Casper." Zeke muttered.


At that moment, Tara came into the kitchen. "Hey everybody. Good morning!" She said, looking a little too cheerful for how early it was. "Mr. Blackburn, your car just pulled in."


James closed his eyes for a moment. The moment of truth had arrived. "Thanks Tara." he said as he stood up, fixing his tie.


Erica walked up to him, flashing an encouraging smile as she wrapped her arms around him. "Don't worry honey. Everything will work out. Trust me." she whispered.


"Yeah. Lets hope so." James replied nervously.

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Lil_Eevee    17

Despite lack of comments, I would love to keep reading :) so long as you can keep updating :D

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