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my age? my gender? my country?


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Gah!Ghost, tell me about it. I live in Jacksonville and even the few AB/DL's that are near by still lives hours from me. Even being in the northern most part of FL, traveling out of here still takes me an hour or more. Then there's Georgia. Don't try going via I-75 or that's another 8 hours of driving too.

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I don't know the actual numbers but I am willing to bet that there are at least 2 or 3 members here within an hours drive of anyone living in the UK B) Here in the US wherre I live there are 5+ members within 2 hours driving time for me and a couple about half that or less. When I first got here I didn't know that, and in the time since those numbers have doubled from what they were :D Hang around here awhile and you'll see local ABDL's popping in here from time to time :thumbsup: We are everywhere even if we try to keep a low profile :ph34r:

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everyone keeps saying its only a hour drive I know thats not that far I'm sorry :( but it feels far when you can't drive (no money to learn)

but thanx for the support makes me feel better.

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