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The Landlady

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The Landlady [email protected]

I had been searching for a place to stay near to a university that I had been accepted onto a course at. I was returning to education to retrain and needed to save as much on accommodation as possible. I had viewed a few places but as with the university halls they were out of my budget. I had stopped for a bite to eat at a cafe and had been reviewing the notice board to see if any rooms were posted on there when one of the staff spoke to me. "Looking for anything in particular?" a young feminine voice asked. I turned to be greeted by a twenty something blond girl smiling at me. She was gorgeous - "Yes, I'm trying to find a room to rent, close to the university," I said.

"Well, my Auntie has a room that she lets out to students not to far from the campus. I could give you her number if you like? Her name is Mrs Bell, just tell her Kim told you about it" This was great, I accepted Kims offer and took the number before thanking her.

I called the number immediately as I left the cafe and explained to Mrs Bell the conversation that I had with her niece. Mrs Bell sounded kind and sincere - she advised me to go straight over and gave me her address.

I arrived at Mrs Bells house a modest detached house. I knocked the door and waited a few seconds before Mrs Bell answered. "You must be PJ, come on in." Mrs Bell was in her late forties, she was still an attractive woman with voluptuous breasts. She had light brown hair and was dressed in a blue skirt and white blouse.

I followed Mrs Bell into her living room. We discussed my reasons for wanting to rent the room. She questioned me about my family and friends - stating that I would not be allowed guests. Fair enough, I thought its her house - she seemed happy with my response stating that I had no family and few friends (and that I would not see them anyway as they would be the other side of the country.)

We agreed a rate that was mutually beneficial. Mrs Bell suggested that I should move in that weekend to get settled in before going to university. It was three weeks before I was due to start but I was looking forward to a new chapter in my life so readily agreed.

The weekend arrived and as I stood on Mrs Bells doorstep it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't actually seen my room - what an idiot! Still it couldn't be that bad - could it?

Mrs Bell opened the door dressed smartly in a tight fitting black dress. I entered the house and put my suitcase down as directed by Mrs Bell and followed her through to the living room. " It's so good to have you finally here dear! I've been looking forward to having someone to look after!" Mrs Bell smiled. "Thank you Mrs Bell," I said. "Oh please, call me Auntie, your as good as family now," she said.

I thought this very strange but not wanting to get off on the wrong foot with my new landlady I went with it "oh ok, thank you Auntie."

"Would you like a drink sweetie?" She asked. "No, I'm fine thank you!" I replied.

My response was not pleasing to Mrs Bell. Unbeknown to me she had planned to drug my drink before "settling me in" to my new room. But Mrs Bell was a resourceful woman, she would just need to change her plans slightly. Picking up her handbag as she stood up "would you like to see your new room sweetie?" "Yes please," I responded "yes what?" Mrs Bell replied. "Err, yes please - Auntie?" I said confused. "That's better - start as we mean to go on baby." She replied. I found Mrs Bells comments very strange indeed. As we walked out of the living room I picked up my case and followed her up the stairs. On reaching the landing Mrs Bell moved past me and inserted a key into one if the bedroom doors. She stood back and opened her handbag and placed the key inside, "in you go sweetie" Mrs Bell said - I walked past her into the room which was dark. Mrs bell flicked on the light switch and a bright fluorescent light flickered on and illuminated the room. I was shocked by the vision that greeted my eyes. The room was painted pale blue with a blue fluffy carpet and bright white ceiling. Taking pride of place in the centre of the room was a very large babies crib, next to it was a large changing table and there was even a large highchair in the corner of the room.

Whilst i was taking in this most bazaar sight, Mrs Bell was busy preparing to initiate her revised plan. From her handbag Mrs Bell removed a wad of thick white paper handkerchiefs and a brown bottle. She unscrewed the bottle and poured some of its contents onto the padded hankies before putting the cap back onto the bottle and placing it back into her handbag. Quietly, she folded the tissues and manoeuvred herself behind me.

"Why? mmmmppphhhhh!" I started to question the room as Mrs Bell clamped the drugged tissues over my mouth and nose. I was taken by surprise as the thick paper handkerchiefs muffled my speech and covered my face. I dropped my suitcase in an effort to use both of my hands to try and remove the chloroform laced hankies that Mrs Bell had expertly gagged me with. I was hit by a sickly sweet smell as I inhaled the vapours through the crisp white hankies. "Mmmmppphhhh!" I cried as I struggled to free myself from my captor. "Sssssssshhhh! Sweetie go to sleep for Auntie!" I tried to prise the gag away and also twist and turn from the tissues that were sending me to sleep. But, Mrs Bell had the upper hand and was far to strong and continued to hold them tightly in place. My legs became weaker and weaker as the drug took effect - eventually unable to hold my weight I slumped towards the floor. Mrs Bell simply bent down with me continuing to hold the tissues in place. "Mmmmmpppphhh!" I again moaned into the gag as I looked into my kidnappers eyes. Mrs Bell smiled down at me as my eyes began to flutter due to the drug now consuming my body. "Good baby, ssssshhhhh!" I heard as I became more and more consumed by the drug. I made a final effort to try and escape by tilting my head backwards. But it was useless, Mrs Bell just held the crisp tissues in place "ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh thaaaatttsss rrrriiiigggghhhttt, nnnniiiighhhhhtttt niiiigggghhhttttt bbbbaaaaaasbbbyyyyyyy." My ears were ringing and my eyes were now closed, I had lost my fight and fell into unconsciousness.

I awoke dazed and confused, I felt weak and went to move my hand towards my head. It wouldn't move - I suddenly remembered what Mrs Bell had done to me and opened my eyes. I found myself secured to the cot in the middle of "my" room. I tried to call out for help but discovered a large gag filling my mouth. I tried to struggle but realised this was useless. As I looked down my body I could see that I was naked as the day I was born. My privates were exposed and to make matters even worse I could see that my body hair had been removed !

As I lay bound to the cot I looked around my new room (there was little else I could do.) the curtains had been drawn, but i could see there was daylight outside. Beside the cot was a white unit with draws. Next to this was the changing table. I could not see the highchair and cupboards I had previously as theses were behind me. I looked towards the closed door. To one side there was another cabinet and on the other I could see a very very large pram!

I heard the door unlock, it opened in walked Mrs Bell dressed in a traditional blue nurses uniform. "Mmmppphhhfff," I moaned into the gag strapped into my mouth. Mrs Bell walked beside the cot and lowered the side rail. "Hello PJ, I bet your wondering what in earth is going on sweetie, aren't you?" Said Mrs Bell as she stroked the side of my face. "Mmmmpppfff!" I again responded, to my landlady who smiled down at me. "Well PJ, let me explain. I'm sure that you have now realised that you are laying in a large babies cot - it's your cot sweetie, and this room is your new nursery. I bet that running through your pretty little head are the thoughts of your not a baby and why have I done this to you? Well, it's quite simple I want a baby and you are the perfect candidate. I'm far to old to be going through a pregnancy and with a big baby I can have much more fun!"

Mrs Bell cupped my balls before continuing. "I couldn't believe it when Kim texted me to let me know, that she had found you and to expect your call. When you confirmed that you had no family and few friends that would miss you I couldn't believe my luck! You see young men like you can be uncaring and selfish. I'm going to turn you into a loving and caring baby - I know it will take time for you to accept your new role as my baby, but rest assured that I am fully prepared to retrain you!"

I could not believe what this mad woman was saying - Baby! I was not going to be her bloody baby! "Mmmmppphhhfff!!! Mmmmmppphhff!! " I started struggling and pulling against my bonds. Mrs Bell walked out of my view to the cabinet behind me and retrieved a bottle of chloroform and a large pile of paper handkerchiefs. She placed the pile on the unit beside me. Out if my view, Mrs Bell took some of the tissues and applied a little chloroform to them. "In going to release you gag now sweetie," she said un strapping the rubber dummy and plopping it from my mouth.

"Please let me go Mrs Bell," I said trying to reason with my kidnapper. Mrs Bel leaned over me so that I could see her. "I told you to call me Auntie," Mrs Bell said as she brought the thick white paper handkerchiefs into view and lowered then towards my mouth and nose. "Nooooommmppphhff!" I cried as Mrs Bell applied the tissues, I tred to shake my head but Mrs Bell held me firmly forcing me to inhale through the chemical laced hankies. Mrs Bell looked into my panicked stricken eyes "Ssshhhhhh! Baby everything's going to be ok, just breathe it all in and let Auntie look after you!"

I started to become woozy as the drug took effect and was now unable to shake my head. Mrs Bell removed a rubber band from her pocket and pulled it over my head to hold the paper hankies in position.

"Now then sweetie, Auntie is going to going to get you dressed. Mrs Bell walked to the changing table and opened one of the draws and pulled out a large disposable diaper. Mrs Bell opened it out and on returning to my cot released the straps securing my legs. I was aware that were now free but could do nothing drugged as I was. Mrs Bell slid the diaper under my bottom. She then picked up a bottle of talc powder and proceeded to sprinkle it over my diaper area. Mrs Bell started to rub the powder into my now bald pubic area, the tops of my legs and under my bottom. She then picked up some fresh paper handkerchiefs. "I do love the feel of tissues baby, how about you?" She said as she started to rub a few over my member and ball sack. "Mmmpphhh," I moaned as I was aware of the attention being directed towards my tackle! "It looks like Aunties new baby likes her tissues doesn't it!" Mrs Bell stated as she stated to rub my penis with the paper hankies. "Mmmmppphhhh, mmmmpphh," I continued to moan trying to complain. "Oh sweetie, Auntie knows you like her playing with your winkle!" Mrs Bell said as she continued to stroke my member with the tissues. My enforced wanking continued with Mrs Bell tickling my ball sack. "Come on baby be a good boy for Auntie and do a big cummies for me!" My body then betrayed me as I shot my load. Mrs Bell was able to catch it all in her tissues and continues to pump me until I became flaccid. "Good boy baby! There, we are all nice and empty!" She concluded as my kidnapper wiped me clean.

Mrs Bell disposed of the tissues and proceeded to talc me further - I laid still unable to move a muscle as She grabbed more tissues and laid them out over my penis and pushed some between my butt cheeks. The bulging diaper was then secured, the tissues inside and the thickness of the diaper itself kept my legs spread wild apart. "There, all nice and padded." Mrs Bell commented as she patted the front of my fresh diaper. Mrs Bell then retrieved some clothing from the wardrobe. She returned and immediately started to put my legs into a onesie. Mrs Bell then unstrapped my remaining bonds and dressed me into to garment. I was still far to drugged to fight her off as Mrs Bell rolled me over and did up the poppers at the back. The onesie had fitted booties - Mrs Bell took several tissues and tucked them up my left sleeve and did the same with my right. She then put some tissues into my right hand, closed it up and secured a leather mitten over my clenched fist before repeating this on my left hand. "There, sweetie - now when you try and move your arms and hand your be able to feel Aunties tissues every time, just a nice little reminder that you are my baby!" I looked at Mrs Bell as she re secured me to the cot. "Now I think that baby should get some rest while Auntie gets your first din dins ready!" She kissed my forehead before leaving the nursery.

I must of drifted off to sleep - not surprisingly due to the drugged tissues kept in place over my mouth and nose. But when I awoke I was aware that I was in a different position. I opened my eyes and found myself secured in the highchair. My arms and legs were strapped in place and reins across my chest kept me upright. My mouth had been gagged with the dummy once more - strapped in place it allowed no complaints from me.

I tested my bonds for the next 15 mins "mmmmmppphhhff" every once in a while trying to air my frustration. Then, Mrs Bell entered the nursery. I was that she was carrying a tray, with a bowl and a very large babies bottle. She brought the tray over and placed the bowl on the feeding tray in front of me as well as a very large plastic spoon. The tray with the bottle was put on one of the cabinets. Mrs Bell retrieved and then secured a large bib around my neck, I clearly saw the writing in it 'Aunties Baby.' "Now then sweetie, it's time for your feed! I'm going to ungag you and you are going to be a good boy and behave yourself by doing exactly what Auntie says, aren't you?"

I was extremely hungry and thirsty - it must have been the effects of the drugs. I was in no position to fight so nodded my head as tears began to form in my eyes. "Good boy!" Mrs Bell said as she removed my gag. I decided not to shout, but to try and reason with Mrs Bell. "Please let me go, I promise that I won't go to the police." I softly asked. Mrs Bell simply removed some paper hankies from her nurses dress pocket and said "Hush now baby, blow for Auntie," as she placed them over my nose. I just looked at Mrs Bell, she became very strict. "Now baby! Blow into Aunties tissues or you will regret it!!" She said. I had already regret becoming Mrs Bells lodger but decided now was not the tine to displease her and blew my nose into the tissues. "Good baby," she said wiping me clean and disposing of them. Mrs Bell picked up the large plastic spoon and scooped up some of the contents of the bowl into it. "Choo, choo," Mrs Bell said as she pushed the spoon towards my face, "open up sweetie, into the tunnel goes the train!" This was ridiculous, Mrs Bell was now talking to me as if I was a baby, as well as treating me like one. I had no choice but to open my mouth and accept the food. It tasted nice, it was warm and sweet, I had only just swallowed the first mouthful before the spoon was definitely pushed into my mouth fully loaded again. This continued and soon I was struggling to keep up, with the sloppy substance catching and dribbling out of my mouth as my forced feeding continued. Mrs Bell laughed as she looked on at my humiliation, she continued the feed, from time to time scooping the substance from my face with the spoon and shovelling it back into my mouth. Once the bowl was empty Mrs Bell used the bib to remove the remains from around my mouth before taking a few more paper hankies from her pocket and to my disbelief spitting into them and using them to wipe away the stickiness around my mouth and chin. "Get off!!!" I shouted at her as she cleaned me up. This was a mistake that I immediately regretted, a hard slap came from Mrs Bell across my face. "How dare you speak to your Auntie like that!" She scolded. "I see that I am going to have to teach you some manners little boy aren't I? You WILL learn to accept that YOU are now nothing more than a baby! MY BABY!"

I was in shock and looked on silently as Mrs Bell picked up the bowl and spoon and exchanged them for the large babies bottle on the tray. "Now, time for babies bottle!" She removed some fresh paper handkerchiefs from her pocket, tilted my head backwards and using the tissues pinched my nose. I opened my mouth and Mrs Bell pushed the teat of the bottle into my mouth. The liquid flowed into my mouth, having no choice I swallowed it - it was warm milk and again tasted quite nice. Mrs Bell released the pressure on my nose allowing me to breathe through her tissues but I had no choice but to continue drinking the milk whether I wanted to or not. It took me about 2 minutes to consume the contents. Once finished Mrs Bell promptly wiped my mouth with the tissues and inserted the dummy gag securing it tightly in place. "Right, as you've been such a naughty little baby you can just stay in your highchair until I see fit!"

"Mmmmmppphhhff," I moaned. Mrs Bell came down to my eye level and looked directly into my eyes. "Your food was drugged by the way, so soon you will be using your diapers for their intended purpose!" "Mmmmmppphhhff, mmmmmppphhhfff, mmmmmppphhhffff!" I complained struggling against my bonds as Mrs Bell giggled, collected the tray and left the room leaving me to my fate.

It didn't take long for the drugs to kick in - maybe 15-20 minutes. First I felt cramps within my stomach, then pressure on my bladder. I tried to use my muscles to hold it in but years of toilet training went out of the window as first my bladder gave way. The hot urine filled the diaper with the tissues acting to absorb some of the dampness. Next my bowels released, the humiliation was almost unbearable as the discussing mess filled the diaper that I was trapped inside. As time passed the warmth of my diaper started to cool, I was now stuck in a cold damp diaper until my kidnapper decided otherwise.

An hour later the nursery door reopened. Tears were rolling down my face after sitting in the humiliating diaper for so long. "Has baby done poo poos for Auntie?" Mrs Bell asked as she approached me. "Mmpphhff" I managed a small grunt through my gag, defeated at this moment in time. Mrs Bell attached a leather collar and lead around my neck before releasing me from the highchair. "Down you pop sweetie and over on to the changing table we go!" Said Mrs Bell as she slightly pulled the lead. As I stood up I was immediately ordered, "on your hands and knees! Babies crawl, not walk!" I did as I was told and down I went. I could feel the mess moving in my diaper as I crawled and as Mrs Bell foretold with every movement I felt the tissues in my mittens an up my sleeve crinkle as yet another reminder of my state. I was ushered onto the changing table with my wrists and chest strapped down. Mrs Bell then opened a draw retrieved and put on a plastic apron as well as some latex gloves. "Mmmmmppphhhff!" I groaned as she quickly went to work in popping the poppers on the legs of my onesie and pulling it up under my back. On raising one of my legs ahe reached above and grabbed a strap connected to a hoist looping it around my ankle it secured my leg in a raised position. She did this once more with my other leg before using a spreader bar to keep my feet well apart.

"Now for the messy bit baby!" Said Mrs Bell as I again mmmppphhffed into my gag. She released the diaper straps and undid the diaper - "pppoooeee!" She giggled as Mrs Bell proceeded to remove the soiled diaper and clean me with lots of baby wipes. I was to humiliated to look but could smell the stench! After only a few moments she disposed of the diaper, wipes and her gloves into a pail and was sprinkling (with the much more pleasant smell) talc over my neither regions. "That's better sweetie isn't it?" Mrs Bell said. I did not respond causing Mrs Bell to again take action. She cupped my ball sack and started to squeeze "thank you Auntie!" She said looking sternly into my eyes. The pain started to hit me, I quickly responded thank you Auntie but all that escaped my gag was "mmppfff ff fuuffee!" "Good baby!" She replied releasing the pressure on my balls and rubbing the talc in.

Mrs Bell then retrieved a leather gag and a fresh pile of paper handkerchiefs - removing my dummy gag Mrs Bell immediately clamped a wad of paper handkerchiefs over my mouth and nose and used the leather gag to hold them in place. "That's better sweetie isn't it? Nice fresh tissues against babies face must be much more comfortable for you." She said as I mmmppphhffed into my new gag. As Mrs Bell put on some fresh latex gloves she smiled down at me, "don't worry sweetie, your learn to love being my big baby! But I am going to have to show you that Auntie is in charge and that it's in your best interests to cooperate!"

Mrs Bell squirted her fingers from a bottle located beside the changing station. "This may be a little uncomfortable baby!" She said as she walked to my exposed rear end. I tried to struggle against my bonds to no avail, as I realised what was going to happen. Mrs Bell placed her finger on my rosebud and slowly penetrated me. "Mmmmmppphhhff!" I moaned into my gag as she did so. Mrs Bell slowly worked her finger in and out of me as my anus became more lubricated. "Oh baby, your nice and tight aren't you!" She said as she continued her assault. Mrs Bell then upped the violation be inserting a second finger "mmmmmpppfff! Mmmmpppffff!!!!" I cried as the pain increased. "Good baby, this hurts me more than it hurts you! But Auntie has to do it so that baby understands that Auntie knows best!"

My body again betrayed me as my penis grew. "I think baby likes Auntie playing with his bum bum doesn't he?" Mrs Bell mocked me as I struggled yet again to prove my discontent. Mrs Bell picked up some paper hankies and draped them over my penis, which hardened further. Mrs Bell started to slowly stroke my member with her other hand whilst still using her fingers to deeply penetrate me. A strange sensation overcame me and I was unable to stop myself from ejaculating - it seemed to last for an age as Auntie continued to work both inside and out of my body. "Oh there we go, what a good, good boy letting all of your cummies out for Auntie!" Mrs Bell said as she smiled down at me and pulled out her fingers.

Mrs Bell then held up something for me to look at. "This sweetheart is a remote controlled vibrating butt plug, I can turn it in or off whenever I like!" Horrified I Mmmpppfffed into my gag as she pushed it into my anus. After wiping my penis clean she produced a fresh diaper and and slid it under me. Mrs Bell stuffed it full of tissues before lowering the hoist and my bottom onto the padded tissues. She then pulled back my foreskin, incased my penis with more of the thick white paper tissues and secured the diaper tapes. Mrs Bell walked up to my head and picked up a handful of tissues. From her pocket she removed a bottle and sprayed the contents into them. As she folded them into a pad she looked into my eyes. "Time to sleep now sweetie, my niece Kim will be visiting us tomorrow, so you need your rest!"

"Mmmmpppffff, mmmmppppffff," I screamed as Mrs Bell lowered the pad to my nose. There was nothing I could do but breathe through my nose gagged as I was. The chemical smell hit me immediately and I was soon feeling dizzy. "That's right sweetheart off to beddy byes for Auntie." Mrs Bell said as the drug took effect. The room started to spin and my eyes began to flutter, "ssshhhhhhhhhhh!" Auntie said as I feel into unconsciousness.

I awoke suddenly, with my bottom vibrating. I was bound but had been moved to the cot. I was naked except for my tissue filled diaper. I tried to move, to try and stop the assault inside my arse but the bonds keeping me tied to the cot were too tight. I could do nothing but "mmmpppphhhh" into the dummy gag strapped in my mouth.

After a minute or so, the vibrations stopped and the nursery door opened. "Morning sweetie!" Mrs Bell cheerfully said as she breezed into the room carrying a large babies bottle. "Did my baby have a good nights sleep?" She enquired as she loosened the straps to the dummy and removed it. "Your mental! Let me go!" I demanded as my speech was again available to me. Mrs Bell immediately slapped my face causing me great discomfort. "Such a naughty baby!" She said, as she pushed the teat of the large babies bottle to my lips and pinched my nose. I had no choice but to open my mouth. The warm sweet tasting milk trickled into my mouth and down my throat.

Mrs Bell continued to hold the bottle in place forcing me to drink the warm milk. After a few minutes I had consumed the contents. Mrs Bell removed the bottle. She removed a tissue from her pocket and wiped my mouth with it, before reinserting the dummy gag and securing the straps. Mrs Bell then untaped my diaper and slid her hand down the front of it. I could feel her hand rummaging through the tissues to find my penis. "Mmmpppphhhff" I complained as Mrs Bell inspected me. "Hush now sweetie, I'm just checking that your dry!" Auntie said, before I felt her tug at the butt plug, removing it and taping my diaper up.

'Ding Dong' the sound of the door bell rang. "Oh baby, that will be Kim! Don't go anywhere will you!" Mrs Bell said before leaving my nursery and closing the door behind her.

It was not long before my nursery door reopened. Mrs Bell entered followed closely behind was her niece Kim carrying a medical bag. Just like Mrs Bell, Kim was dressed in a nurses uniform, except hers was not blue, it was a starch white dress.

"Oh Auntie, he's adorable!" Kim cried in delight as she placed her medical bag on the changing table and looked me up and down. "Mmmmmppphhhfff!!" I struggled and cried in realising that Kim was not going to be helping me to escape. Mrs Bell walked beside me and stroked my check, "calm down baby, you must behave otherwise we will have to sedate you again!" She warned. I took note and stopped struggling for now.

Mrs Bell leaned toward my face, "I know that you briefly meet Kim the other day, but now I'm going to leave you in her capable hands, so that you can get to know her much better. Kim is a qualified nurse you know! And she is going to be your personal nanny nurse and look after baby with Auntie!" Mrs Bell said before kissing my forehead. She then turned to Kim, "There you go dear, he's all yours! Have fun!" Mrs Bell then walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

I looked into Kim's eyes as she stood smiling down at me. "I am so sorry that I tricked you into contacting my Auntie, but you do make a wonderful adultbaby!" Kim said as she proceeded to untape my diaper and pull it downwards. Kim removed the paper hankies around my penis and retrieved a fresh pile and placed them on my chest. "Now then sweetie, Auntie has told me that you are making good progress - especially how you respond excitedly to the tissues against your skin!" Kim said as she started to pad my diaper with the fresh paper hankies. Immediately my body betrayed my as I felt the crisp paper hankies against my manhood. I could feel my member start to react as Kim took her time to pad around it. She also slid a wad of paper hankie underneath my bottom and used her finger to push them between my cheeks. I tried to struggle at this point and as I tested my bonds I "mmmpppphhhffed!" Into my gag.

"Owwww poor Baby!" Kim mockingly said. "Does Baby want Nanny to play with him? ........ Very soon sweetie, very soon!" Kim then opened her medical bag and retrieved a case, she opened the case and took out a syringe and a bottle. I struggled profusely against my bonds knowing that this was not going to be good for me at all!

Kim looked at me as she inserted the syringe into the bottle and extracted the contents "just a little jab sweetie to help you produce more cummies for Auntie and Nanny! Now hold still! Kim said as she moved toward my genitals! Kim definitely took hold of my balls with one hand and although I did not want any type if injection I was both too frightened and immobilised to do anything to stop her. I felt Kim wipe the area with an alcohol swab, then the needle penetrated my ball sack and entered my left ball. I screamed into my gag "Mmmmmmmppppphhhhffffff!!!" But Kim just kept hold of my balls, as tears started to roll down my face. She continued and injected the drug into my ball. The sensation was very strange my ball started to get very warm and then a tingling sensation in that ball overtook me. I hardly had time to realise the procedure was not over, before i knew it Kim had refilled the syringe and was injecting it into my right ball. Exactly the same sensations occurred, I was now lying in the cot with my balls tingling all over. As Kim put away the syringe, tears were still running down my face as I sobbed into my dummy gag.

Kim again wiped both of my balls with an alcohol swab and then covered them with some fresh paper hankies. She taped up my diaper and came close to my face. "There, there sweetheart all done." She said reaching into her pocket and retrieving some more fresh tissues. She placed them over my nose, "Blow your nosey wosey for Nanny!" Kim said. I had no choice but to blow into Nannies tissues as I lay bound and gagged unable to breathe without doing as I was told. "Good baby! I'm going to have a nice cup of tea with Auntie before we carry on with your treatment, just rest up babykins!" She said wiping my nose and tear stained face before turning around and leaving the nursery - shutting the door behind her.

I lay in shock as I had no choice but to do so! I moaned into my gag with no response. My balls continued to tingle but not hurt now as they first did. I waited for what felt like an age before the nursery door reopened.

As a Mrs Bell entered she was closely followed by Kim, both were still dressed in their nurses uniforms. "Hello Baby!" Mrs Bell cheerfully said as both my kidnappers put on a protective plastic apron and pair of latex gloves each.

"Lets see if the procedure has worked shall we?" Mrs Bell asked Kim. Certainly Kim replied as she started to untape my diaper smiling down at me. Mrs Bell went to the cabinets behind me and returned moments later, placing two large piles of paper handkerchiefs and a bottle clearly labelled chloroform on the unit beside me. Kim pulled the diaper down and moved the tissues covering my penis exposing it for both her and Auntie to see. Meanwhile Mrs Bell picked up some of the fresh paper hankies, unscrewed the chloroform bottle and applied the sleepy drug to them. Kim then started to stroke my member - even under these circumstances it did not take long for me to become erect. I "mmmmmpppphhhhfffed!" Into my gag to try and stop my abuse but again this did don't stop my predicament. In fact it compounded it. "Hush now baby! Just relax," Mrs Bell said as she placed the chloroform laced tissues to my nose. I tried to struggle and move my head away but Mrs Bell just held the tissues in place allowing me no escape. With Kim now stroking my member in rhythm I was forced by the pleasure to breathe through my nose and inhale the chloroform. "That's right baby, good boy!" Mrs Bell said as she observed me inhale the drug. After a few breaths from Aunties drugged tissues I was completely docile and as such she removed them from my nose. I lay in a drugged state quietly moaning into my dummy gag, while Kim wrapped my penis in tissues and continued to pump me. Unable to do anything but enjoy the stimulation, albeit forced I eventually spurted my load into the waiting tissues. However, my ordeal was not over. Kim wiped my penis clean, while Mrs Bell unsecured the dummy gag and the straps securing me to the cot. I had no hope of escape and both ladies were easily able to roll me over onto my stomach. I felt my legs pushed forwards and I was slightly lifted before a large bean bag was put under my upper torso leaving me on my knees with my rear exposed. I realised that I was completely at my kidnappers mercy and tears started to form in my eyes and roll down my cheeks as Mrs Bell lubricated her gloved fingers. "I'll be gentle sweetie!" She said disappearing from my view. Kim picked up a few tissues and wiped my tears. She then picked up a large quantity of the paper hankies and folding them in half she gagged me with them holding, them firmly in place. As Kim applied my gag I felt Mrs Bell pulling my butt cheeks apart. Slowly she pushed her index finger in to my hole, she was then sliding it slowly in and out to lubricate the area. "Mmmmmppphhhfff" I groaned into Kim's tissue filled palm as I felt the intrusion. Although I was still very drugged from the chloroform which gave me little movement I was still able to air my protests - or I would have been had Kim's gag not prevented me.

Mrs Bell went in deeper and started to move her finger around. I continued to moan "mmmmpppphhhffff" "Good baby!" Kim said as she smiled at me whilst making sure I was still effectively gagged. The was no let up now as Mrs Bell continued her assault on my rectum. I screamed into my gag "mmmmppphhhfff, mmmpppphhhhfff!" as again I ejaculated only this time I didn't stop cumming for about 30 seconds. It was unbelievable that my balls could hold so much spunk!

"Your such a messy baby! But it looks like Nanny Kim's little injections have done their job haven't they?" Mrs bell commented as she removed her finger. Kim removed the tissues from my face. "Please let me go! I'm not a baby, this is kidnap!" I cried. Mrs Bell came into view on my right hand side. "Your right about one thing - it is kidnap! But we won't be letting you go anywhere! Will we Kim?" Mrs Bell asked her niece. As I turned to Kim in my left hand side I was greatest by her thrusting a thick wad of paper handkerchiefs into my face immediately covering my mouth and nose. "No Auntie! Our new baby boy needs much more training yet!" She said - "mmmmpppphhhffff" i screamed into the thick white tissues. Unbeknownst to me Kim had laced the paper hankies with chloroform and once more and I was incapacitated. I moaned into the tissues as the drug slowly overtook me.

The gag was then released and both women lifted me from the cot onto the changing table. They went to work wiping me all over with baby wipes, "dirty boy!" Mrs Bell said as she wiped up the spunk she had moments before forced out of me. I was in a sort of dreamlike state - I was aware of what was happening but my head was fuzzy and I was finding it very hard to concentrate. Once they had completed cleaning my front my kidnappers took a leg each and lifted them into the air. My rear was thoroughly cleaned before I was lowered back down onto the changing table. Then I felt the sprinkle of baby powder all over my body, four hands then rubbed the sweet smelling powder into my skin, again my legs were raised as the powder was rubbed over, in and around my rear. My butt cheeks we parted and I felt the now familiar feel of paper hankies wedged between them. I was then lowered onto a fresh diaper that had been placed below me and then I felt the four hands packing my groin area with more thick tissues before it was pulled up and taped in place.

Next I felt the women put my legs into a onesie. I was still far to drugged to fight them as they pulled it up over my body and forced my arms in. Again Mrs Bell took several tissues and tucked them up my left sleeve and while Kim did the same with my right. They then put some tissues into each of my hands, closed them into a clenched fist before securing the lockable leather mittens in place.

"Can I take baby to visit Mistress Beth please Auntie?" Kim requested. As I lay drugged and incased in my new outfit I looked up at Mrs Bell as she replied "Yes ok dear, but have him back for one o'clock for his lunch." I could do nothing as I saw the large pram pushed over to the changing table beside me by Kim. Mrs Bell then unzipped the cover and pulled it back. Both women then slid me off of the changing table into the pram and proceeded to secure me into it with the straps connected. My feet, arms and chest were all secured and then Mrs Bell zipped up the cover so only my head was visible. "I think that you should sedate him a little more before you leave Kim and I would also take some chloroform with you, just incase." Mrs Bell advised. "Ok Auntie," Kim replied as she lightly doused another wad of thick white paper hankies with the bottle before approaching me. "Just a little something to relax you sweetie!" She said before clamping the tissues over my mouth and nose. I could tell that the dose was not strong as I could not smell the hospital odour much through the tissues, but being drugged already it sent me further to the edge of unconsciousness. Kim applied the leather gag over the top of the tissues to keep them firmly in place. I felt a kiss to my forehead "See you soon babykins!" Mrs Bell said as the hood of the pram was pulled up and I felt the pram start to move.

My eyes were struggling to focus but I could make out my beautiful Nannies figure pushing me. We must have gone down in some sort of lift as the stairs would have been far to awkward for a pram this size. I was blinded by the sunlight as we went outside.

Drifting in and out of my dreamlike state, I had no idea how long we had been traveling, but I was suddenly more alert as the pram stopped and I saw Kim lean over me, (and the pram) I heard the sound of a door bell ringing. Moments later I heard a door open,"Hi Kim, you made it!" I heard a female voice say, "come on in."

"Mmmmmppppffff!" I moaned into my gag as I was pushed into the building. We went through some kind of corridor before going into a well lit room. I looked up at Kim as she spoke "Hush now sweetie I've brought you to see my friend Beth, but that's Mistress Beth to you my darling!" Just then a leather clad redheaded female came into view "So this is the baby slave is it?" She enquired. "We're soon have him brought into line," Mistress Beth stated as she gave me a wicked grin. "I have to have baby back to Auntie by one o'clock Beth," Kim advised her friend. "Well, we better start his first session straight away then hadn't we? I was thinking perhaps the doggie bench today, what do you think?" Said mistress Beth. "Oh what a good idea, he's been given the drug I told you about, let me just refresh his drugged tissues and then we can get started," Kim said as she opened the baby bag attached to the pram and lightly doused a fresh wad of paper hankies. "Mmmmmpppphhhf" I moaned as the leather gag straps were released by Mistress Beth, I had no time to talk before the fresh white drugged tissues were forced over my mouth and nose by Kim "Mmmmpppphhhffff!" Was the only sound that escaped my lips. I tried to my my head away from the chloroform laced tissues but with Mistress Beth holding my head still I had no chance. The familiar dreamlike state started to invade my senses as Mistress Beth re-secured the leather gag holding the tissues in place. The ladies then went to work unzipping the pram cover and un-securing me from it, they then undressed me by removing the onesie but left my mittens on. Between them they easily lifted me out of the pram and moved me over to the 'Doggie' bench. I was strapped in the 'Doggie' position with lots of leather straps, my chest was supported by part of the bench. "Mmmppphhh!" I managed a soft groan into my gag. As Mistress Beth started preparing items for my training Nanny Kim untaped and removed my diaper. "Good baby still dry!" She said as she reached under me and stroked my penis until it became hard.

"This is going to hurt you more than us babyslave!" Mistress Beth said as she lubricated my rear end with lube and also lubricated 'the machine' (that I could not see.) Still drugged I again moaned "mmmmpppphhhhf!" As I was expecting more fingers invading my rear. "Here we go baby!" Nanny Kim said excitedly as I heard a vibrating sound. Imagine my surprise as I felt a large dildo press to my hole and quickly away, then again and again. Each movement was causing it to invade my rectum that little bit more each time. The machine incorporated a large vibrating dildo attached to a metal shaft that moved back and forth. Soon tears were starting to form in my eyes as each thrust raped me further. Nanny Kim was standing in front of me and started to giggle at my discomfort as Mistress Beth took some of the paper hankies from my diaper into her right hand and grabbed my erect penis with them and started to pump me. "Mmmmpppphhff! Mmmpppphhhf!" I cried into my gag. Even in my drugged state I could feel both the pleasure and pain. "Dirty Men Need To Be Trained To Worship Women!" Mistress Beth said as she pumped my penis. "Look at you, nothing but a baby, a big big baby who has to rely on women to look after him!" "Mmmmppphhhffff!" I moaned into my gag - it's not as if I choose this was it? "There's no point in complaining baby! You just let the 'Adults decide what us best for you!" At this point I exploded "Mmmmmpppphhhhfffff!!!!!! Mmmmmmpppphhhhffff!!!" I cried into my gag. Nanny Kim started laughing at me as an incredible amount of spunk exited my body. Mistress Beth wiped my penis dry but the probing dildo kept going. "There, phase one complete," she giggled. "Shall we have a quick cuppa Kim, while the machine finishes off raping baby?" "Yes good idea, we're be back shorty baby!" Said Nanny Jim as they left the room, leaving me to my fate. The dildo continued to rape me as I moaned into my gag, after five minutes or so it retracted and stopped. I was now crying real tears at my treatment, but still, only muffled sounds escaped my gag.

After a further five minutes the ladies returned, "Phase two completed I see baby, did you enjoy that?" Questioned Mistress Beth as she approached me holding some fresh tissues - I just grunted at her through my gag before she wiped away my tears with her tissues. "It's time we got you back to Auntie," Nanny Kim said as I watched her remove a wad of tissues from her uniform pocket and apply a generous amount of chloroform to them. "Would you mind removing his gag Beth?" She asked her friend. "No problem," Beth replied as she unbuckled the leather gag and removed it. "Noommmmpppphhhhh!" I cried as Nanny Kim clamped the chloroform laced hankies over my mouth and nose. I tried to hold my breath, but that was short lived as Mistress Beth noticed this and promptly inserted her gloved finger into my bottom. "Mmmmmppphhhhfff!" I gasped forcing me to take a lungful of the drug which would soon render me unconscious. Mistress Beth continued to assault me moving her finger around inside me. This caused me to take s'more breaths and as such I could feel myself slipping into dreamland, with my head spinning and ears starting to ring. All of a sudden I ejaculated - I could not stop it. "Such a dirty baby!" Mistress Beth giggled as Nanny Kim started making shushing noises as I "mmmppphhffed" into my gag - that is the last thing I remember before darkness took over.

I awoke very disorientated - as my eyes started to focus I became aware that I was back in the nursery. I was strapped into the high chair and was wearing only a diaper. I had a large dummy gag strapped in my mouth which was connected to a tube. Once my head started to clear I was able to test my bonds but unsurprisingly they remained tight. The more alert I became the more evident it became that I needed to pee. I tried to hold it for a while but eventually I had to let go and the hot urine filled my diaper. Just as I had finished peeing, I heard a humming sound from behind me and moments later I observed a light brown substance moving up the tube connected to my dummy gag. It reached the gag and started to fill my mouth, the substance had a paste like texture and tasted sweet. I had no choice but to swallow it, the pressure of more paste entering my mouth saw to that. I continued swallowing the paste for almost five minutes before the humming eventually stopped and the pressure forcing the sweet paste into my mouth also subsided. I was now very full due to the feed and had to sit still in my now wet diaper due to my bonds "mmmmpppphhhfff!" I screamed into my gag - the nursery door remained closed with me locked in.

Almost an hour passed before I heard the door unlock and I saw Mrs Bell dressed in her nurses uniform breeze into the room. "Mmmmppphhhfff!" I complained as she approached me. "Oh sweetie, my poor baby, you've had an eventful day haven't you?" She remarked as she attached a collar and lead to my neck before removing the feeding gag from my neck and released the straps holding me to the high chair. "Come on baby over to the changing table!" She said pulling at my collar and forcing me onto my knees. I followed her over to the changing station and climbed up as directed. Mrs Bell secured my arms and chest to the table before proceeding to release my diaper and clean me up. "That's better isn't it!" Mrs Bell stated as she finished wiping me and sprinkled baby powder over my genitals and rubbed it in. "Mmmpppphhfff, mmmmppphhhff, mmmmppphhhhfff!" I cried as my legs were raised and a fresh diaper slid underneath me. My buttocks were parted and Mrs Bell placed some tissues between my cheeks lowering my legs she padded my balls with more before pulling my foreskin back and wrapping a pile over it. My bulging diaper was then done up and my legs secured to the table. My dummy gag was removed, "please Mrs Bell let me go," I pleaded. Mrs Bell put some tissues to my nose and pinched. "I've told you that you must refer to me as Auntie! Now blow your nosey wosey for me like a good boy," she said whilst looking deeply into my eyes. I did not want any punishment so did as I was told and blew into 'Aunties' tissues. Auntie then wiped my nose clean. "Good boy, we must make sure that your little nose nice and clean darling," she said throwing the dirty tissues away. "Why are you doing this to me? I've done nothing wrong, I'm a nice man!" I whinged in a croaky voice. Mrs Bell calmly walked out of my view and prepared yet another chloroform laced wad of paper handkerchiefs. "What are you doing?" I asked in fear not knowing what was to come. From nowhere the tissues were clamped over my mouth and nose. "Mmmmppphhhffff!" I cried into the gag. "You might think of yourself as a man but your road to babyhood has well and truly begun. Why you? Well as I said before I want a baby and you, my dear fit all of my criteria and just happened - for you - to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Auntie whispered into my ear as I struggled to break free. "Mmmmpppphhhfff, mmmmmppphhhf!" I cried before inhaling some if the chloroform. Auntie moved her free hand to my diaper area and started to rub my penis through the thick tissue filled diaper. "Mmmmppphhhffff!" I moaned again as my penis started to harden and I took another intake of the drug. In no time it was rock hard and I could not help enjoy the sensation of the tissues rubbing against my most intimate parts. "Aunties baby likes her tissues doesn't he!" Mrs Bell said as she could see me withering at her touch. "Mmmmppphhhfff!" I groaned into the gag as my senses started to invade me. My ears begun to ring and my eye sight became blurry as Mrs Bell continued to rub my penis through the diaper. My manhood strained to try and break free from its tissue prison, but the diaper held them firmly in place. The room started to spin as the drug went deeper and deeper within - and then I spurted into the tissue filled diaper. Again my climax went on and on with the tissues and diaper doing there job to contain my mess. "There you go sweetie, there's a good baby for Auntie. Now it's time for a nap babykins. That's right breathe it all in for Auntie."

Her words filtered through as my eyes started to flutter. I was still trying to fight the drug but having just ejaculated my breathing was deeper than ever and I was fading fast. "Night, night baby, thhhaaatts riiiggghhtt .............. Ssssssshhhhhhhhhh!"

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wow harsh women.  but loved the story so far.  cant wait to see his further fall into babyhood.  keep it coming :)

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Yes, a good start. Please write more!

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Excellent as usual, chlorobaby!  Love your stories!

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The Landlady Part 2 - Chlorobaby

I slowly regained consciousness, as I did so, I realised that I was in a different position. I could feel that my wrists were tied behind my back and my feet were secured. My knees were tucked towards my chest and also strapped together. I was laying on my side and felt as if I was being held somehow. I managed to prise my eyelids open and was greeted by the sight of Mrs Bell looking down at me. "Hello sweetheart!" She said realising that I had awoken. I started to struggle and wriggle realising I was laying on Mrs Bells lap. "Get off! Let me go!" I shouted, trying to make the most of my new found voice. My struggles were to no avail as my kidnapper easily held me on her lap."You can't do this! Let me go!" I again screamed. However, this outburst was short lived as, from above my head, I saw Mrs Bell lower some paper hankies towards my face. "Nnoommmppphhffff! I cried as my protests were silenced by my captor. "Hush now baby, just relax and breathe in through Aunties special tissues!" She said as I tried to pull and shake my head away. "There's a good boy, That's better isn't it, the comfort of Aunties tissues makes baby all nice and happy!" Mrs Bell said as she used her other hand to rub my diaper. My penis immediately responded to her touch, but as I took in a lungful of air I was aware that the tissues covering my face were again laced with chloroform. Mrs Bell made sure that my mouth and nose were fully covered by her tissues. I could feel the thick wadded gag covering my face giving my no choice but to inhale through them. Mrs Bell continued to rub the front of my diaper causing the tissues within it to stimulate my member. I was now docile, although still conscious. Mrs Bell stopped rubbing my diaper and removed the tissues from my mouth and nose, allowing me fresh air once more. I was vaguely aware of her reaching for something before I felt a rubber teat offered to my lips. "Drink your ba ba baby," she said as I felt the teat forced between my lips and then tasted the warm milk trickle into my mouth. Drugged as I was, I had to swallow the milk. "Good boy!" Auntie said as she wiped a dribble of milk from my chin with some tissues as I continued to drink the bottle on offer.

Once empty Auntie pulled the bottle from my mouth and wiped my face with the tissues. Still in a drugged state I felt her lower me onto the floor. I was aware of something being forced into my mouth and strapped behind my head. I could make out the blurry image of the dildo protruding from my gag as Mrs Bell spoke. "Time for Auntie to have some fun!" She said as she slowly lowered herself onto the double ended dildo gag. "Ohhhh!" Mrs Bell moaned as it entered her. I "mmmmppphhhfffed!" Into my gag, but that was my only protest as Mrs Bells legs kept my head from turning as she pleasured herself. She continued to move herself up and down increasing her speed as time passed. "Oh good baby! What a good good boy," she screamed as Mrs Bell continued pleasuring herself. "Mmmmppppffff, mmmmmpppphhhff" I cried, but I could only watch Mrs Bell raise from me and then lower onto my face. After a few more minutes of this Mrs Bell reached an orgasm and shuddered "aaaahhhh baby!" She cried before slowing her thrusts and eventually stopping. Mrs Bell climbed off of me and cleaned herself off before returning to me and wiping the gag and my face with some fresh tissues. "Your such a good boy baby, i'll have to tell Nanny Kim wont I?" Mrs Bell said as she attached a collar and lead around my neck. "Come on baby, back to your crib!" She said removing my restraints and then tugging the lead. I had to follow Mrs Bell by crawling along the floor. My hands were still incased in the leather mittens but apart from those and my padded diaper, I was completely naked. I reached the crib and obediently climbed into it - I had no choice, I was still very weak and with the lead pulling at the collar I had little options.

Mrs Bell quickly secured me and then released the collar. "There we go all nice and safely in our cot!" She coed as she took some tissues from her nurses pocket and put them to my nose. "Come on sweetie, blow for Auntie!" Mrs Bell ordered. With the gag still firmly strapped in place again I did as I was told and blew my nose into her tissues. She wiped my nose and the walked out if my view. "Nmmmppppffff Mmmpppfffed!" I cried. Although I was in no position to escape, I still knew that I must not give into my Babification - I was a man and I was not ready to give up on that fact. I could hear Mrs Bell moving around behind me, but was not able to see what it was, that she was doing. However, I did not have to wait long to discover what she had planned. Upon returning to my crib Auntie held yet more fresh paper hankies which she placed next to the chloroform bottle on the unit beside my crib. In her other hand she held a leather gag that she placed on my chest. Mrs Bell picked up some of the tissues and poured some chloroform onto them. "I'm going to sedate you now sweetie, just for a little while, so Auntie can get ready!" She said releasing the dildo gag and removing it. "No please, no more drugs, I'll be good I prommmmmpppphhhfffff!" I tried to reason before the drugged paper hankies were forced over my mouth and nose. I tried to pull away from the thick white paper handkerchiefs but Mrs Bell easily held them in place forcing me to inhale the chloroform vapours. "Mmmmmppphhhffff," I continued to complain as more of the drug entered my body. "Hush now sweetie, you must have your medicine, Auntie knows best," Mrs Bell said as she placed the leather gag over the thick white paper handkerchiefs and secured the leather straps behind my head. Now shaking my head side to side had no effect as the tissues stayed in place. Mrs Bell started to rub my diaper, again my penis responded to the feeling that the tissues gave me within it. "There's a good baby, Auntie knows that her tissues make her special little boy all excited don't they?" Mrs Bell teased as she continued to stimulate me. "Mmmpphhff mmmpphhff!" I groaned unable to stop her, even in my drugged like state, I was getting more and more aroused. "That's right baby, do a cummies for Auntie!" She said as I started to near orgasm. Mrs Bell smiled down at me as I looked blurry eyed up at her, "Is baby going to do his cummies?," she questioned me just before I exploded into my tissue filled diaper. I gasped for air as I ejaculated forcing more chloroform into my lungs. "There we go! All done precious!" Mrs Bell said as she removed her hand. She moved closer to me. "Now then sweetie, you have a nice little nap for Auntie while she goes and gets ready, I have a couple of friends coming over for a glass of wine or two later and I'm sure they'd love to come and meet you! Night night!" Mrs Bell said as she bent over me and kissed my forehead. My ears were starting to ring now and my eyelids were struggling to stay open as I started to drift off into unconsciousness, "Seeeeeee yoooouuuuuu lllaaatterrrr baaaaaaaabbbbyyyyyyy."

I awoke to the sound of giggling women. As I opened my eyes I could see that I was still in the nursery. I was strapped face down, bent over the changing table, with my naked rear exposed. "Mmmpppphhhffff, mmmmppphhhffff!" I cried through the dummy gag that had been strapped in my mouth, as I looked at the three women in front of me. Mrs Bell stood dressed on a blue latex nurses uniform. Either side of her stood her two friends. Both of whom were wearing black latex fetish wear which scarily included strap-ons! They also looked to be around the same age as Mrs Bell. "Hello baby, this is Mistress Nikki (pointing to the lady on her right,) and this is Mistress Nicole," Mrs Bell said pointing to her other friend. Nikki was very petite and had black bobbed hair, while Nicole was much more voluptuous and had blond hair in a similar bobbed style. "Hello precious, your Auntie has told us so much about you, we just had to come and play with you!" Said Mistress Nikki, as Mistress Nicole moved out of my view. "Mmmmpppphhhffff, Mmmmppphhhfffff!" I cried looking at Mrs Bell as I did so. "It's ok baby Aunties here!" Mrs Bell replied as she stroked the side of my face. "It seems baby doesn't want to play ladies," Mrs Bell joked with her friends before they all started to laugh. "We'll that's just too bad baby!" I heard Mistress Nicole say from behind me as I felt a dollop of cold lubricant rubbed onto my exposed rosebud and then immediately the sensation of her strap-on pushing at my rear. "Mmmmmmpppppphhhhfffffff!" I screamed into the dummy gag as the strap-on entered me. "Mmmmppphhhfff, mmmpppphhhfff!" I continued to cry as Mistress Nicole fully entered me and started to pump in and out. "I don't think he's enjoying it very much!" Mistress Nikki said as she picked up a thick wad if tissues from the unit beside me. "Lets see if I can help you enjoy it a bit more sweetie!" She said as she moved behind me. I felt her take hold of my penis and incase it with the tissues. She then started to rub it slowly and I soon became hard. "There we go baby, your Auntie told us how much you love the feel of her paper hankies."

"Mmmmppphhhfff, mmmmppphhhff, mmmmmmppphhhffff," my moaning continued, and tears started to roll down my face, as the pain being inflicted by Mistress Nicole was too much to bare. Mrs Bell was on hand and wiped my eyes with a tissues as I started to sob into my gag. "There, there sweetie, don't worry in a few weeks your be much more used to it!" She said smiling down at me. After a few minutes of my ordeal, I could not help but spurt into the tissues that Mistress Nikki was using to rub my penis. "Wow baby, you really are a dirty boy." Mistress Nikki said as she wiped my member dry. Mistress Nicole continued to pump a few more times before pulling out her strap-on.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm," I mumbled into the gag as the pain subsided. Mistress Nikki moved in front of me and looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry sweetie, we're not done just yet, it's my turn now!" She laughed standing up straight and walking round behind me. "Mmmmppphhhhffff!" I cried as I braced myself for yet another assault. I did not have to wait long, as Mistress Nikki pushed her strap-on home. "Mmmmmpppphhhfff" I cried as I tried to struggle free. The strap-on was definitely bigger this time and was even more uncomfortable. I kept trying to struggle free and Mrs Bell was not best pleased with me. "Mmmmppphhhfffff" I moaned as I watched her retrieve a pile of paper hankies and douse them with the chloroform. "If you would!" Mrs bell stated to Mistress Nicole, who promptly unbuckled the dummy gag and popped it from my mouth. "Aahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhh, no please stopmmmmpppphhhfff!" I pleaded before Mrs Bell clamped the paper hankies over my mouth and nose with one hand and held the back of my head with her other . "You must learn to behave baby! Auntie knows best!" She said as I tried to struggle free with no joy. I inhaled the chloroform as Mistress Nikki continued to pound me. I then decided that I was almost grateful for the chloroform tissues being held firmly over my mouth and nose, as the more drugged I became the less pain I felt. Involuntarily my penis leaked again. Mistress Nicole noticed this and was quickly on hand with a wad of tissues, to catch my mess from dripping onto the floor. "Such a messy baby!" She commented as she wiped my penis dry again. "Mmmmpppphhhhfffff, mmmmppphhhhffff!" I groaned as Mistress Nikki withdrew her strap on. I looked into Mrs Bells eyes as I felt myself giving into the drug. "There, there baby, Aunties here, I think it's time for a nap now sweetie isn't it? Mmmmm? That's right close your eyes baby, let Auntie take good care of you!" Mrs Bells words drifted into my head "Mmmppphhh mmmppphhhh," I tried to respond as my eyes started to flutter. I felt my rear being wiped dry as I fell into unconsciousness.

I awoke and soon remembered my situation. I tried to move, but this was restricted. I opened my eyes and found myself lying in my cot. I was wearing a hooded onesie and was strapped down into the cot. "Mmmmpppphhhh!" I cried finding a leather gag holding a wad of paper hankies over my mouth and nose. As I tested my bonds I found each restricted movement rustled my onesie - it was full of paper handkerchiefs that rubbed against my skin, even the hood was full of tissues rubbing against my ears and forehead. I could feel the thick tissues packed into the onesie all over my body, legs and arms. In addition I was of course wearing a well padded tissue filled diaper. I could feel that my rear end was filled with a foreign object - most likely a butt plug. Desperately I tried to struggle free from the bonds keeping me in the cot, but with each movement, I was reminded that I was wearing the tissue filled onesie. I did not see the nursery door open as the hood restricted my vision. "Stop struggling baby!" I was ordered by Nanny Kim as she breezed up to my face. "Mmmmpppphhhffff mmmppphhhfffff!" I cried pleading with my eyes to be let out of my nursery bondage. "Calm down baby, I know you've had a rough few hours, but Nanny is going to make you feel much better!" Kim said looking deeply into my eyes. She moved out of my view and then returned moments later holding a remote control. "This is a special remote just for you baby!" She said holding it up for me to see. "It's connected to both your butt plug and also the ring that is fastened around babies balls!" She smiled as she pushed one of the buttons. Immediately I could feel the butt plug start to vibrate, causing me to pull against the straps securing me and also moan helplessly into my gag. "See sweetie, clever isn't it," she giggled before pressing the other button. The stimulation from the ring was immense as it also started to vibrate sending a tingling sensation through my balls. "Mmmmpppphhhffffff!" I cried in pleasure as I could not help but become aroused. As my manhood grew it fought against the tissues within my diaper. I could feel the thick paper handkerchiefs rubbing against the tip of my penis, my foreskin had obviously been pulled back and my helmet incased with the hankies. "Mmmmppphhhfff, mmmppphhhfff, mmmppphhhfff!" I moaned into the gag as pleasure overtook me. No longer was I thinking of my babified state as all I could now think of was the pleasure my body was receiving. Nanny Kim put her hand over my groin and started to fondle my penis through the onesie and diaper. Not that I needed more stimulation, but this further excited me. "Mmmmmmpppphhhhffffff!!!" I cried into the gag as eventually I exploded into my well padded diaper. "Good baby, lots of nice baby cummies in your diaper, your such a dirty boy or baby I should say!" Nanny Kim said as she turned off the vibrators, tapped my diaper and then turned and walked out of the room. Not five minutes had passed before Nanny Kim returned. "Ready for more cummies baby?" She said, switching the vibrators back on. "Mmmmpppphhhhhff, mmmppphhhfff!" I cried as the vibrations started me off again. Kim walked behind me to collect a fresh diaper and more tissues, leaving me to deal with the pleasure once more. When she returned beside me she leant down to speak to me. "That's right baby, enjoy yourself. Nannies going to clean you all up in a minute and then we can start again!"

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wow so cruel but yet so fun ;)  loving this story so far.  please continue

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good installment - Chlorobaby, I can always rely on you for an excellent story. I wait eagerly for another chapter.

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