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Spokane Girl

Disability Fetish?

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Sometimes I wonder if I have a minor fetish for people with various disabilities so that I can take care of them. I am not a Caregiver (I consider myself to be a little girl into Ddlg, even) but I do have strong maternal tendencies. A 'disabled' partner makes it easier to fulfill those needs to comfort, console, and assist.

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im actually Autistic, & i'd love to be punished by a normal women roll playing as a teacher, & be whipped with the cane, while wearing a Dunce Cap & be punished for being a stupid retard who cant learn properly, i love being degraded & bullied by all the normal superior perfect school girls, & normal women in general (but only in role play), i love being spoken down to & called insults like retard boy, ass-burger...ect, the meaner the better

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I am really glad to see this!

In the newbie forum I posted asking if I'm alone in my fetish. You guys are not exactly the same as me but you're the closest I've seen.

I'm turned on by the fantasy of causing a mental/neurological disability in someone. Usually some mix of incontinence, difficulty speaking, difficulty dressing/undressing, cognitive impairment, and sometimes paralysis. (But with no loss of sensation.) I generally visualize myself either as the one doing this or as an observer or caregiver to the person.

(I'm also on the autism spectrum myself, and while I'm aroace, I'm platonically drawn to other autistic people - anywhere on the spectrum.) 

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