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Spokane Girl

Disability Fetish?

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Sometimes I wonder if I have a minor fetish for people with various disabilities so that I can take care of them. I am not a Caregiver (I consider myself to be a little girl into Ddlg, even) but I do have strong maternal tendencies. A 'disabled' partner makes it easier to fulfill those needs to comfort, console, and assist.

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im actually Autistic, & i'd love to be punished by a normal women roll playing as a teacher, & be whipped with the cane, while wearing a Dunce Cap & be punished for being a stupid retard who cant learn properly, i love being degraded & bullied by all the normal superior perfect school girls, & normal women in general (but only in role play), i love being spoken down to & called insults like retard boy, ass-burger...ect, the meaner the better

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