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Mom Speaks On Teen Forced To Wear Diapers As Punishment

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<h1 class="StoryTitle">Mom Speaks On Teen Forced to Wear Diapers As Punishment</h1>A York County mother spoke exclusively to CBS 21 News about why she made her teenage step-son sleep on the concrete floor and wear diapers to school.

Stephanie Hughes, 35, was sentence Monday to house arrest and probation after she pleaded guilty earlier this summer to endangering the welfare of a child.

Prosecutor, Amy Eyster told CBS 21 News that Hughes forced the boy, then 13-years-old, to sleep inside a chalk circle on the concrete basement floor while nearly naked. Eyster said Hughes also made him wear pull-up style diapers to school, and withheld food as punishment for acting out.

According to court documents Hughes forced the child to stand outside in the cold and even change his clothes outside.

Eyster said the abuse happened over a three week period back in 2007.

"Many of those statements are false," said Stephanie Hughes. "Like the starving of the child, those were completely false."

Hughes told CBS 21 News that she feels like she is being 'thrown under the bus' by the courts and the boy's father. Hughes said the teens father, Jeffrey Hughes, was fully aware of the punishment. She said they came up with the rules together.

"I've always felt ashamed and guilty," said Hughes. "I have huge guilt."

Hughes, who has filed charges against her estranged husband in the past, said she was affraid of the boy's father and felt this type of punishment would be less severe than the other alternative.

"He either had to be punished or his father was going to beat him," said Hughes. "I spent my whole life being abused and that's all I knew."

Hughes said that she spoke with a therapist while she was enforcing the punishment and she claims that she was told it was not child abuse.

Eyster told CBS 21 News that she is confident Hughes knew her actions were wrong and the deputy prosecutor believes Hughes deserved to be punished.

"His (the victim's) biggest humiliation came when he had to wear diapers or pull-ups when he went to school," said Eyster. "He is a teenage boy going into gym class, made fun of while he was there as far as why he was wearing a diaper at that age."

Stephanie Hughes has completed counseling and drug and alcohol treatment. She was sentence to six months of house arrest and 36 months of probation.

The victim's father, Jeffrey Hughes, will be sentence in September. He told CBS 21 News that he was 'unhappy with the whole thing.' Hughes said he had no comment otherwise.

The boy was removed from his father's custody after the allegations came out. Hughes has also undergone treatment and the boy has now been placed back in his care.

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Did I read that right? The boy is now back in his father's care? How is the father not already prosecuted for this? He was there too, right? Maybe I'm missing something. The wonderful US court system and child welfare at work...

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sad, sad, sad... yes, the parents should be punished and the boy taken away and place in a good home.

now, its ok to force some of US into diapers, but when it comes to an innocent child (even teen) that's a totally different story!

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had to catch myself there for a second, I thought ''wow i wish i was made to wear diapers like that" then I put 5 more seconds of thought into it and realized thats horrible. My perversion precedes me occasionally.

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There was a case simalar to that here where I live, the kid go so bad he starved to death, it's a sad world where this stuff can happen.

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