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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there everyone! In & out member here, you can call me Rin. So I had a question for the trans / little community here, based off my experience as a little and how I discovered that side of me. So... how many others here only discovered, or became comfortable with their little side after coming to terms with their gender indentity? For me, when I was younger and before transitioning I only had an interest in diapers, with a passing interest for the AB lifestyle. I thought it was really cute, and would look at boards and image sites about it, but whenever I would try to be little myself I always ended up being put off during the experience(usually if I saw myself in the mirror). Which killed my mood, of course. It wasn't until I had started allowing myself to be more feminine that I tried again. I'd grown my hair out by that point because that was just how I liked it, and I had started dipping into clothes that looked more 'right' (Admittedly stolen). And for once I didn't dislike that person in the mirror, I wasn't disgusted or put off, and nothing felt like it was wrong. I felt so much more comfortable expressing my baby side from then on, and since then I've come to fully accept it as a part of me. In some way, looking back, I realize that feeling that something was wrong was my brain telling me I was pretending to be something I wasn't. It's funny how these things manifest psychologically. But yeah! So I thought this might be a nice discussion topic to share experiences, and even discuss differences. So did learning of your gender identity or coming to terms with it also help you to discover your little side?
  2. dips = femininity?

    question for other tgirls
  3. A number of games do allow, to varying degrees, to allow you to create transgender characters, but often have pitfalls. Even the much-lauded Saint's Row ties your 'gender' to your body mesh and skin textures. Today, a content patch for The Sims 4 on PC introduces a number of options to have characters present their gender. It's not totally perfect - you still have to ultimately select Male or Female, but it's decoupled so many things to the point where I can imagine the only remnants of the old system are pronouns in some text boxes, still being limited to he and she sets. But...I think it's fair to say that this is the best way I've ever seen it handled. For one, head hair (EDIT: Facial hair is still locked ) is no longer limited by your gender. Nor are clothes. You can wear what you want. All in all more than 700 items are now available to any sim, no matter who you are. But that's not where it stops. It's decoupled so many things in its dedicated 'custom gender options' menu, a menu in the sim creation screen with a bunch of options (sourcing this from a tweet of a screencap): - Physical frame: this determines your base body mesh and skin textures and you customise from there as normal. So, so happy to see this decoupled from gender. Choose between 'masculine' and 'feminine', the two pre existing ones. - Clothing Preference: as above, masc or fem. Given that your clothing is set by you, however, I assume this means it sets your pre-set outfits. When you go to school / work / gym / swimming, you'll presumably appear in the previously gender-locked set of your choosing, along with any other time your clothes might change at the game's whim. - Pregnancy: you can determine whether your sim can impregnate others, become pregnant, or neither. - Toilet use: you can choose to have the standing or sitting animation for having a leak. Pretty thorough. And whaddya know, Amazon are currently selling the digital copy of the game at 50% off, and all expansions / game packs / stuff packs are 25% off, meanwhile there's a hidden discount on origin whereby the two big expansion packs are half price. I'm all for rewarding good shit, so yeah, EA, take my money. I've wanted to get into this series again for a good while now and you just gave me a great sales pitch to try 4.
  4. Sissyboys and the FtM Community

    I identify as male but enjoy dressing up and being called a sissyboy when I wear diapers. Is it lying to put sissy on my profile settings?
  5. Diapers & Dysphoria

    Hey guys and gals and pretty unicorns, Just wondering how people feel about diapers and how it relates to their dysphoria. I'm am transitioning to male and notice some days my dysphoria is so bad that I crabe being diapered. So, my question to you all is do you notice of diapers help minimalizd that feeling in regards to your bits downstairs?
  6. DiaperLingerie

    From the album 1st